The Flash (2014) s07e17 Episode Script

Heart of the Matter - Part 1

1 [Godspeed.]
Infinite Velocity will soon be mine.
And once my ascension is complete, all will bow before the might of Godspeed! Gideon, let C.
know I've got Heart.
I'm bringing him in now.
Guess you couldn't run away forever, Heart.
Argh! [Godspeed.]
Never anger a god, little one.
[electricity crackling.]
Whoo! [laughs.]
Yo! That was so crash.
What the hell was that? You just phased through a speedster.
- Who didn't see me coming.
- Your molecules could've conjoined on a quantum level.
Do you not know what that means? No, I don't, because I'm a freshman in college and I don't learn quantum physics till my junior year.
- You remember that, right, sis? - Whatever.
Bart! You have to stop pulling these crazy stunts, you're still learning how to control your meta-abilities.
My meta-abilities just saved the day.
You saw that.
Also, I'm expanding my boundaries.
Right? Who knows what else you could do, if you actually push yourself? Seriously? Did you not just see my lightning lasso? Okay, that's really bad.
August Heart, now located at 5724, Fontana Drive.
The Flash Museum.
You're too late.
Now the future belongs to Godspeed.
- If he gets away - We'll never find him, but - Mom and Dad'll kill us so - Screw it.
Wait, the guy we chased through time, August Heart, has no speed and no memory now? And he has dozens of clones all fighting each other? Maybe even more now.
Hey, that was an amazing story by the way.
The whole phasing through the baddies like that.
Dude, that phasing Bro, I've been working on that move for So epic! - Thanks, bruh.
- Also, I'm Chester P.
Team Tech Guru and it is an absolute pleasure to meet the kinder of Flash and Iris.
Chester, we've already met.
You improved my gauntlet's efficiency by, like, 2,000%.
You're also the smartest person we know.
- I am? - Yeah, my God, absolutely.
Dude, you helped me with my differentials of mathematics homework all the time.
All the time.
Don't forget that.
- Grammie Cecile! - Grammie Cecile! - Hi! - [laughs.]
Hi! Oh, my God.
I feel so much love from you two.
I can't wait to get to know you both.
- Oh, hey, Caitlin.
- What up, Cait? Hi.
- It happened again? - Yeah.
- Just wish Iris was here to meet them.
- Dad.
Mom's going to be fine, it's okay.
Well, with Nora and Bart here, at least we've got the extra muscle that we need.
West-Allen family rule number one, protect the timeline at any and all cost.
We can't stay.
Actually you can.
- Really? - What? Look, the Godspeeds are recharging themselves in the Speed Force, so as long as that's the case, there's no way back.
So maybe you are safer here with us.
- Oh.
- [Bart and Nora chuckle.]
And, I don't know, maybe you're the advantage we needed to finally end this war, once and for all.
Cecile's helping me with the MAD 2.
0 so we can unlock August Heart's memories.
But no luck yet.
- Okay, Barry, uh - [Barry.]
Yeah? I think I got something.
Okay, so I was going through my pop's old schematics and I found this.
It reconverts the atomic mass of nutrinovoltaic energy cells.
Pops called it a solar encryption engine.
What does it do? It neutralizes artificially-created kinetic energy sources.
Like Godspeed's artificial speed.
And I already built the prototype.
I just need to charge the battery with an electromagnetic source.
Hey, have you seen Allegra lately? Uh, no, not since yesterday when she said goodbye to Esperanza.
I'll find her.
With any luck, the S.
E Mmm S.
, get it? Will be fully charged and functional within an hour.
All right.
Dad, with this we can stop Heart and his clones in his tracks.
We can win this war.
[Bart belches.]
[both chuckle.]
It's okay, Dad, we don't bite.
Check this out.
- I got one more.
- [Nora.]
- Oh! Gross.
- [Bart.]
Whoo! Nora, you can just ignore the family rules for a minute and rewind that? Oh, sure.
How would I do that? Wait.
Is this about the other Nora? You know about her? - Totally, I mean - Yeah.
You and Mom told us a ton of stories about her and I'm so glad that you did.
I feel like part of her is still alive in me.
[alarm beeping.]
Barry, we've got more Godspeed clones southwest of City Hall.
Time to go to work.
Let's go.
"Let's go"? You mean all three of us? Go? Yeah, you ready? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
All right.
Okay, secure the area.
Make sure there are no civilians in harm's way.
What about them? Let 'em kill each other, then clean up the mess.
- Dad - Okay, split up and keep moving.
We'll run out the clock until they have to go back and recharge.
None of the Godspeeds are behind me.
- Nora, how many are following you? - [XS.]
None here either.
- Where the heck are they? - [Impulse.]
Found them! [Godspeed clones.]
Kill the Adversary.
Strike him down.
Kill the Adversary.
Circle back.
We'll fight them together.
I'm gonna lead them away from the city.
No, you're not.
Now listen to me [grunts.]
You all right? Uh Yeah.
I mean, yeah.
They couldn't keep up with the fleet-footed wonder.
They went to recharge, you idiot.
What's your problem? You were supposed to circle back.
Bart, why did they all follow you and not us? What are you not telling me? All right, which one of you is going to tell me what's going on? All those clones just tried to kill you, Bart.
They were calling you "The Adversary.
" Why? What's going on? Dad, we can't talk about this.
Look, right now, I don't care about what kind of rules I have in the future.
I want to know why every Godspeed out there just tried to kill Bart.
Because he's my Thawne.
Dad, Godspeed is my archnemesis.
Okay? He's my one Big Bad to Rule Them All.
Just like you and Thawne.
Thawne devoted his entire life to destroying mine.
He murdered your grandma.
You can't just throw his name around without knowing what it means.
- I know what it means! - [Nora.]
Bart, it's okay.
Why don't we all just try and take a breath? Maybe we should go train? If we want to take on those clones again, we gotta work on our Fathwoom Boom.
We'll be in the Speed Lab if you need us.
Oh, thank the universe.
I've been looking for you everywhere.
Look, you are not gonna believe what went down while you were gone.
Barry and Iris' kids showed up.
From the freakin' future.
Now, it's like we've got two Marty McFly's.
- You okay? - Yup.
Need something? Well, the Godspeeds left to go recharge again.
But the intervals between their attacks are getting shorter and shorter.
So I need this ready for when they come back.
Ta-da! It's my pop's solar encryption engine.
I mean, I still gotta do a few final tweaks, but I also need a way to charge the battery.
So you came to the human charger, got it.
Fine, let's go.
You forgot your java.
- It's fine.
- Yeah, but you can just take it to-go and hit it with a microwave blast later.
I already nuked it, Chester.
I just don't want it anymore.
Now, can we get this over with? Nuked it, huh.
That's when the suspect confessed to the bombing in Polokistan.
Did Creyke say anything else? 'Cause Kristen Kramer died in that explosion.
And that means you're dead.
That was everything.
[FBI officer.]
That should be it on our end.
- The car you asked for is out front.
- Great.
I'm having a hard time trying to reach anybody in Central City.
It's like the whole town lost cell service.
You tried C.
? Multiple times, no answer.
And I need to get in contact with Cecile.
Hey, anything else you wanna say to the Feds? I've said all I needed to say.
Let's get moving.
Bhikkhuni Amala confirms Wally West is in deep meditation, handling unrest on the psychic plane.
Which means we're out of speedsters to call.
Iris? - Hey.
- Hi.
How are you here? How is this possible? Deon was able to stabilize me enough to come back until he can find a permanent cure.
[sighs with relief.]
Thank God.
I've missed you so much.
It's been impossible without you here with me.
I'm here now.
And I'm gonna be fine.
With everything that's happened, the war, you needing to heal in the Still Force - Is everything okay? - Yeah.
Now that you're back, it's perfect.
Feels like you wanted to tell me something.
It can wait.
Iris, uh So much has happened.
Um, you're not gonna believe this, but Our son and daughter are here.
- How did you - I was watching from the Still Force.
Deon let me see everything that happened.
And Yeah, they are amazing.
I mean, Nora, she's all grown up and Bart, he's already a young man.
It's incredible.
- You were with me the whole time.
- Yeah.
So, you know who Godspeed is to Bart and how much danger he's in? Bart knows what Thawne's done to me, the pain that he's caused, so if Godspeed is Bart's Thawne Then what did he do to Bart? Iris, those Godspeeds quit fighting each other to go after him.
I don't think they're gonna stop until they've killed our son.
Then we can't let him go out there until the war's over.
Barry's never gonna believe this.
I can barely believe it either.
In the last 40 days, Speed Force saturation in your body has gone from zero to a hundred, Jay.
You know, a year ago I thought I'd never run again, but then I hit the jackpot.
And just in time, too.
Because an army of evil speedsters is attacking Central City? Joan, I know I'm rusty, but Barry needs all the help he can get.
Fine, but I've got a patient going into surgery at the clinic.
So, when you're out there, please remember Be careful? Watch your head.
Doctor's orders.
All right, old man, time to get in on the action.
What the hell do you want? [Godspeed clone.]
You, Jay Garrick.
We want you.
What gives, Bart? You can throw stars with your lightning, but you can't catch a ball of it in under 20 seconds? Nora [panting.]
it's a lot harder than it looks.
Well, maybe you should stop focusing on being a badass parkouring off every wall you see.
So, you agree? I do look badass.
- Ugh.
- That's it.
That's all that I've ever wanted from you.
You don't understand.
I can do all the stuff.
Not like Mom! Hi! [laughing.]
I told you she'd be okay.
I'm just glad our family's finally together.
I am so happy to see you guys.
I'm so sorry I couldn't get here sooner.
Oh, it's all good, seriously.
Deon already told us about what happens when Never mind.
Uh, what's up? - We need to talk to you.
- Oh, can it wait? We're working on a new move that we're actually gonna use on Godspeed.
I think you're gonna like it a lot, it's kinda of old school Bart, you won't be going into the field.
[Iris West.]
Yeah, Bart.
Your dad told me everything and I saw the rest in the Still Force.
Look, it was one thing when Godspeed was just some meta that you two were fighting in the future but He's your Thawne.
Which means it's personal.
Yeah, I mean Okay, Dad, I'm sorry for how I reacted earlier, but you don't know me like that yet.
I can keep my cool, I promise, I can.
Tell them.
I can keep my cool, right? But you can't.
Bart Dad I know Bart can be a bonehead, but he's right.
You've only known him for a few hours.
I've known him for 19 years.
I got this.
Trust me.
They are so incredible.
- We make great people.
- Yeah, we do.
Thought I'd find you moping in here.
- You always come here when you're angry.
- How could you turn on me like that? You're supposed to have my back.
I still do.
Look, I get why you're angry.
After what Godspeed took from you, from us.
Godspeed didn't Nora, Godspeed didn't take Uncle Jay.
He killed him.
[voice falters.]
He killed Uncle Jay.
Right in front of me.
Yeah, sure, Dad and Uncle Wally taught me how to run and how to meditate, and all that's great.
Uncle Jay understood me.
He was the first person that saw my impulsiveness as a strength and not as a weakness.
He would literally tell me, he'd say, "Bart, sometimes you have to take a risk.
Sometimes you have to go with your gut.
It is impulsive, maybe, but sometimes it's right.
" He got me.
And now he's gone.
I know.
But you still got me and Mom and Dad.
How can Can't we just tell them what Godspeed did? I feel like if Dad knew, he would understand why it has to be me who takes him down.
Because if we did that, we would be breaking the most important rule.
I know, I know, I know.
Bart, Uncle Jay did say that stuff, about taking risks.
But if he were here now seeing what we were up against, what do you think he would want to do? [sighs.]
He'd tell me, "Sometimes you have to take your hat off.
" See? I'm always right.
Someti You are sometimes right.
Look, I will take Godspeed down for the both of us.
I promise.
But you just gotta stay here, okay? [sighs.]
Since the MAD 2.
0 isn't working, we need to try another tactic.
Does this remind you of anything? This seems so familiar.
Are you all right? Ever since I lost my memories, I've been trying to understand who I am, how I ended up like this.
Figured I must have had a breakdown.
Maybe somewhere there's a wife and kids wondering what the hell happened to their dad.
I don't know.
Am I ever gonna know who I am? [sighs in frustration.]
Come on.
What's wrong with me? So, I finally finished the last tweak to the S.
Now, all that's left to do is to finish charging the solar panel.
And mwah! Voilà.
Oh, man, my pops would be so jazzed to know that this baby's maiden voyage'll be take down psycho-speedsters.
- You're almost done, right? - How should I know? Battery's not even 10% charged yet.
With your output capacity, it should be almost 89% charged by now.
Allegra - Are you okay? - Yeah.
Are you sure? 'Cause like you've been acting Chester, I'm fine.
[alarm beeping.]
More clones just showed up.
Is your father's device ready? Chester's gadget, yes.
But the battery needs recharging.
It needs kinetic energy to power it, right? - Yeah.
- Could it be any source? - Theoretically, yeah, but - All right.
Stand back.
Hot damn! Yeah, it's ready now.
I need you two on comms with Iris.
Wait, Iris is back? You heard him.
Let's go.
- I'm in position.
- Nora, are you ready? [XS.]
On my way with the guests of honor.
Now! Holy shrap! It worked.
[both laughing.]
Uh, guys, sensors are picking up a massive increase in the clones' kinetic energy.
They're recharging.
Nora? Nora? Flash, we gotta go.
You sure you're okay? Dad, Mom, I'm fine.
I swear.
So how did the Godspeeds recover so fast? Let alone recharge themselves? It's like they got stronger all of a sudden.
I think I know how.
Okay, so the S.
battery needed 700 nanometers of microwave energy to power the device.
But the battery wasn't charged by Allegra.
It was charged with My lightning.
Which is equivalent to five billion nanometers of energy.
So Barry's lightning supercharged the S.
? Yeah, when the Godspeeds were blasted, they got a super dose of his Speed Force Energy, too.
Barry, I'm so sorry.
Look, I should have seen this coming.
No, you did everything right.
This is not your fault.
Okay, so, how long until the next batch shows up? Forty-five minutes, tops.
I'll see if I can get my pop's device working again before then.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
What are you thinking? Even if we get the S.
working, we're still outnumbered.
We need reinforcements.
Hell to the yeah, you do.
How long were you listening? Not long.
Not long.
I mean, just long enough to hear that Dad finally realized that he should tag me in.
- He meant me, dumbass.
- No, I didn't.
What? Nora, we almost died out there.
I couldn't protect you.
I'm not putting you in that position again.
Yeah, but we didn't die.
And I can help.
Mom, a little backup here, please? Nora, this war is unpredictable, and it's getting more dangerous.
What do you think Bart and I deal with every day in 2049? Yeah, I mean, come on, we're heroes.
Danger's kind of part of the job Not this time.
You don't just get to decide that.
I'm about to turn 30 in four years.
The point is, unlike Bart, I'm the real adult.
Yeah, we're your parents, and we're saying right now you're still not going out there.
- You can't stop me from fighting.
- Me neither.
Mom? Your father is right.
You can't just send us back to 2049, that's not an option.
And we're not gonna go watch TV at Grandpa Joe's.
We could always lock you in a pipeline cell until this is all over.
- You wouldn't.
- [snickers.]
We will if we have to.
[both sigh.]
So, uh battery's not the problem.
I checked the spectrum readings and You're not emitting microwaves.
You've been blasting ultraviolet light.
Like your cousin.
As far as I know, you only hit that range from channeling negative emotions.
Like anger or pain.
Allegra, what's going on? Nothing.
Before you said you nuked your coffee it was ice cold.
Then you called me Chester.
You never call me Chester.
Did you get in a fight with Esperanza? 'Cause you can always patch that up.
Not this time.
Because she's dead.
Allegra, I'm so sorry.
It's not your fault.
It's mine.
Esperanza was my family, and I should've been there for her.
Just like I should be able to charge this stupid thing, but I can't.
And now more people are gonna get hurt and it's all my fault.
It's not your fault.
This whole parenting thing is different this time around.
Yeah, I know.
I always knew our kids would have a hard life being speedsters.
But I never thought they'd have to deal with a Thawne of their own.
It's like there's a curse on our family.
Tragedy follows us everywhere.
Maybe that's our real legacy.
You don't believe that.
This all started the night Thawne killed my mom.
And I might not know where he is now, but our fight still isn't over.
In the other timeline, Nora's Godspeed killed her best friend, Lia.
And now I think this Godspeed killed someone Bart loved.
History is repeating itself.
Iris, if we beat the Godspeed clones here in 2021 the real August Heart will never get his powers back.
Which means that when Nora and Bart go back to 2049, there won't be a Godspeed there to endanger them.
We have to break the chain.
We will.
[alarm blaring.]
Hey, the Rebel Godspeeds managed to hack S.
's communication systems and send a transmission.
What does it say? [Godspeed clone.]
Flash, turn over The Adversary now.
Or else the one he loves will die.
Jay Garrick.
What did Joan say? It's true.
Jay got his speed back when the Speed Force was reborn.
And then those clones took him.
They're gonna kill Jay.
- I won't let them.
- Bart, we've got this under control.
No, you don't.
Okay, we're working on a plan.
Just give us some time.
We don't have time, Dad! Uh Guys, I'm triangulating the Godspeed's comm signals now.
It came from Zauriel Cathedral on Morrison Ave.
Well, that's where I'm going.
Bart, wait.
Dad, they knew how Bart would react if they took Uncle Jay.
He knows he's running into a trap, but he doesn't care.
You have to stop him.
You have to save him! We have to save him.
I won't let it happen again.
[breathing heavily.]
[Godspeed clone.]
Your inability to suppress your rash nature shall be your undoing.
[Impulse screaming.]
[continues screaming.]
You want more speed? Come take mine.
- Nora, what are you doing? - Buying you some time.
Save Bart.
[Godspeed clone.]
His primal impulses killed him.
And now he's killed you, too.
[The Flash.]
Bart! Can you hear me? Bart! They're right behind me.
Bart! - Let's get him outta here.
- [Jay.]
Okay, that way.
All right.
Put him down.
I say we give 'em heck, Flash.
On my mark.
I leave Central City for two seconds That won't hold them much longer.
Dad, Bart won't wake up.
I should've stopped him from going.
- Nora, this isn't your fault.
- Yes, it is.
I'm his older sister.
I'm supposed to keep him safe.
This is what Godspeed always does.
He always goes after the people we love the most.
How's he doing? He's still unresponsive.
Bart's in some sort of deep comatose state.
The Godspeeds were feeding off me when Bart turned up.
And by the time they turned their sights on him, I had nothing left in the tank.
How did you know how to stop them? Actually, it was my son's idea.
[Impulse whooping.]
I guess sometimes it pays to be impulsive.
Can't argue with that.
Why hasn't Bart's speed healing kicked in? It has, but his Speed Force saturation is so depleted that whatever speed he has left is being used to keep him alive.
I'll keep monitoring him, but unfortunately all we can do now is wait.
I don't know.
Maybe if I would have gotten there faster, Bart would be okay.
No, you saved our butts.
She's right.
It's good to see you, man.
It's good to see you.
Digg filled me in, I figured you could use a helping hand.
Jay Garrick.
- Look at you getting your speed back.
- Hey.
- And good timing, too.
- I'll say.
Listen, guys this war isn't over.
Now there could be dozens or hundreds of those things on the way.
I'll keep working on the S.
Hey, how about we use those gauntlets to fire another entropy trap? Uh, synthetic entropy trap.
Unlike Time Trapper, mine are temporary.
And the stronger these clones get the faster they're gonna break out of them.
So we don't have a way to depower them, we don't have a way to capture them.
- What do we have? - We have August Heart.
And we know he went to The Flash Museum in 2049.
We just don't know why.
But it must have something to do with why this war got started in the first place.
Which means Heart has the answer locked inside his mind.
I need to unlock it.
What about the neural hyper collider? We used it to project my consciousness into the future.
So maybe it could project your consciousness into Heart's mind.
So, you wanna go inside the mind of a psychopath? It's the only option we have left.
If I readjust the tachyon booster with a neuro-fiber housing I think it could work, kid.
Can you guys take care of things in the field while I'm in there? Of course.
Central City's my hometown, I'm not losing her that easy.
Me too.
I'm ready to kick some fakester butt.
All right, good.
I need you guys to protect this city while I finish this fight.
So are we gonna talk about it? Talk about what? - That Creyke said that he saw you die.
- Just drop it, West.
I spent years letting Adam haunt me for the pain that he caused.
The lives he took.
Now I can put it behind me, get back to doing my job.
[car horns honking.]
My God What the hell? Looks like the whole city's trying to leave town.
Kramer, watch out! [tires screech.]
That was close.
As soon as I flip the collider, your synaptic pathways will open.
And then Ms.
Horton will guide your consciousness into his.
Don't worry.
I'm gonna be right here with you the whole time.
Barry, I know this August Heart seems harmless.
But the real August Heart is locked away inside of his mind.
- From what we know - He's a monster.
Be careful.
The collider is primed.
Horton? [clears throat.]
I'm ready.
August If you're not comfortable with this, you don't have to do it.
It's okay.
I need to know who I am.
Even if it's someone I despise.
[electricity crackling.]
Barry's synapses are ready for transference.
Barry, follow my voice.
[The Flash.]
I've been here before.
No, you have not.
This is my mind.
My place.
My future sanctum.
Heart? Congratulations.
You finally found me.
Well done.
You knew I was coming.
Actually, I expected you a lot sooner.
But, hey, we can't all be overachievers.
You must have so many questions.
Good thing I have all the answers.
[distorted voice.]
This is gonna be so much fun.

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