The Flash (2014) s08e13 Episode Script

Death Falls

1 Eddie? Iris.
I've missed you so much.
This is not possible.
You're Whoa.
You okay, babe? You look a little flushed.
Yep, that's a fever.
Can I get you something? Some water? No, I'm fine.
No, I know what you need.
Your favorite: chamomile tea.
Oh, and don't worry.
I know I've been gone a long time, but I'm not leaving till you're all better.
Okay? Uh, Iris? Why is there an attractive, blond man in your kitchen? Oh, hey.
I'm Eddie.
Eddie Thawne.
Iris' fiancé.
CCPD has ordered a citywide curfew after the shocking massacre that happened earlier tonight.
The mysterious assailant remains currently at large No sign of Deathstorm anywhere.
- How's it going here? - Good.
The Mental Augmentation Chamber is just like I remembered, not that I could forget six weeks of living inside this thing.
So we're seriously gonna turn Frost into an Anti-Deathstorm? We-we know Deathstorm is made up of pure thermodynamic energy, so we use the M.
to harness particles from its home dimension and then beam them into your consciousness.
The reaction should transform Frost's body into a being like Deathstorm.
You'll be able to create fire, defy gravity And consume Deathstorm's fuel source.
Once you absorb all that "grief energy" out of Deathstorm I'll be able to snuff him out for good.
Well, it's official, this is the craziest plan we've ever had.
Then let's get crazy, 'cause I'm not letting that Skeletor put another bony finger on my sister.
I just gotta finish the M.
's cryo-circuits, and we should be good to go.
Guys, I need you in the Med Lab.
It's Caitlin.
- Is she okay? - I don't know.
Her biometrics are stable, but I just felt another huge wave of grief from her.
I just keep picturing Dad dying.
It's all I can see, over and over again.
Him on the floor What is wrong with her? Remember, when Deathstorm took Caitlin, it was trying to change her into something else its bride but it still needs her to experience more grief before the transformation is complete.
It must've dialed up one of her worst memories.
You're gonna be okay.
We've got a plan.
What if it doesn't work? What if I'm stuck like this forever? Don't even think like that.
Just get some rest, and I'll be here when you wake up.
How much longer until Chester has the cryo-circuit ready? I'm not sure.
Maybe an hour.
We don't have that kind of time.
I'm gonna call backup.
We still need to find Deathstorm.
- I know.
- Can you feel anything? No.
It's like he's disappeared.
Oh, frak me.
I still haven't identified the cause of Iris West-Allen's temporal ailment.
Keep trying, Gideon.
In the meantime, could you run a search for any extra-dimensional energies or cold fusion anomalies in the area? Of course, Barry Allen.
Search Gideon? - He's here.
- Actually, I'm everywhere.
And nowhere.
I was born a long time ago before Maltus, before the stars, during that lonely, blackest of nights.
I was there when the first gas cloud sank and collapsed.
I was there when the first beings drew their final, hissing breaths.
I am decline.
I am entropy.
I am the master of death and all of its inhabitants.
Oh, my beautiful boy.
Guys, it's my dad.
He's back.
Esperanza's here.
I need backup That's better.
Where I'm from, there's not so much noise.
If you take one step toward Caity, I will send you back to the hell you came from.
Oh, my home is much farther than Hell.
It's a lonely place, or at least it was until Ronnie died in the Singularity.
His mind found me, his grief became my hunger, and his love became my guiding light.
So, you're trying to take my sister 'cause you're lonely? Ronnie's feelings showed me how to end my suffering.
I'll show you suffering.
You can't hurt me, but you're still fighting back just like your father intended.
So what, you got my dad hiding in some other room so you can sic his grief ghost on me? My phantoms only appear to those who can grieve them, which is why you won't be having any visitors.
- What the hell does that mean? - It's simple.
You don't have anyone to grieve because your grief isn't real.
Hmm, I wish I knew that all those nights I was drinking away my pain at O'Shaughnessy's.
The sadness you've experienced in your existence is just a copy, an echo of real emotion.
Like all of your feelings.
Like you.
You're so full of it.
Then why can't I sense any loss inside your mind? Why can't I smell those hormones dancing along your neural receptors? It's because when Thomas built you in his lab, he gave you everything you'd need to protect Caitlin cryo-kineticism, healing, rage but as for the rest of you, he just copied what was inside her.
He cloned a few scraps of her feelings, tinkered with her personality traits, but he never gave you any authentic emotions.
He never built you your own consciousness, your own soul.
- That's not true.
- Grief and pain.
Those are the things that make people truly alive, - and you don't have them.
- Shut up.
Because you are not a real person.
You're a faulty experiment, a broken mirror who can't aid me in my cause like the others.
I said, shut the hell up! Come on! Come on! In here! Let me guess, your ghost dad is back too? Oh, yeah.
I lost him in the hall.
Wait, I-I don't get it.
These things can walk through walls.
Why the hell aren't they coming in here? I don't know, but is it getting - kind of toasty in here? - Yeah.
Oh, crap, the doors.
There's-there's no way out.
They chased us in here on purpose.
No, this isn't real.
You're not my mom.
- Please, sweetie, stop.
- You're gonna hurt yourself.
This is just another manipulation.
You're some part of Deathstorm trying to screw with my head.
Why would you say this about me? - I'm your mom - No, you're not! I came here to help you because I love you, oh, so much.
You have to believe me.
I've been watching you, your life, what's happening to Iris.
There's no cure for her temporal sickness, no secret answer.
You're going to lose her, forever.
That's not true.
Her condition's stabilizing.
I can still save her.
Like you saved me? I'm trying to warn you, Barry.
You can't have a family.
Your father died, I died, and now your poor, sick wife is gonna die too.
And there's nothing you can do to stop it.
Sure I can't get you a cup? Oh.
No, thank you Eddie.
Um, you know what sounds great right now? - Some soup! - Soup? Really? Why don't I whip up some of Uncle Robern's famous chicken noodle? Oh, yeah.
Yummy, babe.
Okay, I'm gonna need some chicken stock.
Um, you know what would be great with that too? Some chipotle chilies.
Do we have any? Uh, yeah, I'm sure they're in there.
Just keep looking.
Nope, not seeing any chilies.
But I do see you, Sue Dearbon.
Ahh! Come on.
Let's go.
Ahh! Come on, guys.
You know nobody's leaving till Iris is all better.
The team's trapped.
How's Caity doing? It feels like she's getting worse, and I have no idea why.
Oh, God.
There's something coming.
- Okay.
Hold on, ma'am.
- Ah, It's more grief.
- Ma'am.
- Caity, no.
Her vitals are spiking and she's burning up.
She keeps changing and Deathstorm is nowhere near.
No, it's not Deathstorm.
I've felt this grief before.
It's the team's.
It's Barry's, and Allegra's, and Chester's, and even Iris.
I can feel all of their pain and their sadness flooding out of them and pouring into Caitlin.
That's why he sent the ghosts after them.
The more grief they feel, the more goes into Caity.
And the sooner she becomes his bride.
Burn for home.
Please tell me you can do something stop this grief, or you can use your powers to help her somehow.
Frost, I am sure as hell gonna try.
Everybody decent? Oh, finally.
What took you so long? Hey, the cryogenics department at Fast Track Labs has really improved their security recently, just not as much as they thought.
And voilà, madame, your very own cryo-circuit.
Wow, you must be the infamous Mark.
This baby here should modify the M.
, no problem, and then we can temporarily transform you into Sorry, what are we transforming you into again? - The Anti-Deathstorm.
- Right.
Man, you kids on Team Flash do some crazy stuff.
Is Caitlin gonna be okay? Yes, as soon as we get the M.
Let's go.
I got her.
Trying to blast a hole in the door is out.
What the frak is this thing made of, titanium? Actually, yes, and all of my tech just bricked from the heat.
And then, the thermostat died at Great, so not only are we trapped in here, but we don't know how hot it is? Humans don't go hyperthermic till 200 degrees Fahrenheit, give or take, which means that You've got about 20 minutes.
When your internal temperature reaches 105 degrees, blood flow starts to decrease.
At 107, organs fail and brain function slows.
By about 109, you'll believe in quitting.
Don't listen to him, Chuck.
Nothing he says means anything.
"Chuck"? You let her call you that? No.
No, she's right.
You're not real.
I'm getting that door open.
Why do we love science, Chester? Because regardless of who's conducting the experiment, the results are right and wrong, black and white just like this situation.
Whether I'm real or not, you care about each other.
And here you are, trapped in a room forced to watch each other die.
And when you do I'm-I'm done with your games.
You could burn me alive right now, but you won't.
- So tell me, what do you want? - I want to prepare you, Barry.
Iris' impending death won't just mean that she's gone.
It will mean that Nora and Bart will never exist.
I'm not trying to be cruel, but the truth is, your legacy isn't heroism.
It's heartbreak.
You know what people like you will never understand? Love is a strength, not a liability.
The heartbreak that I've suffered? The people I've lost? They don't hold me back.
They make me fight that much harder, and I'm gonna fight for Iris.
Then why didn't you fight for me? Why did you stand by while Thawne stabbed me in the gut? Thawne didn't kill you! He killed my mom.
And as much as it hurt, I have accepted her death.
And what about the rest of them? - Your mother and I love - No! Thank you for everything.
Have you accepted all their deaths too? Barry told us about Deathstorm and the ghost he sent after Chester.
You're one of those apparitions, aren't you? And where's your precious Barry now? Nowhere to be found, as usual, while you're laid up in here, waiting to die.
Iris is not going to die.
Trust me.
As a dead man myself, she's toast.
And she knows it.
Just like I knew.
I thought my sacrifice would mean something.
That I could erase the Reverse Flash from existence.
That, finally, I could be a hero.
But then Eobard Thawne came back, again, and again, and again, and again.
What I did didn't matter at all.
I died for nothing, and now you've made the same mistake.
You sacrificed yourself for nothing.
I saved Barry, and I helped stop Armageddon.
And then, what happened? The timeline got reset, but you're still suffering the consequences.
Can't you see? Your death is gonna be just as pointless as mine.
Something's wrong.
Why are you happy? Who, me? Oh, well, that's easy.
I'm young, I'm rich, I'm a total dime.
Oh, and before you so rudely destroyed another one of my brand new phones, I hit the panic button.
Hey, Detective Pretty Boy.
Come on, before it wears off.
Come on! Nana? No! Please don't go! Chyre? Chyre, hold on, man.
Chyre What did you do to them? I showed them the deaths of the people they love.
And now, with the help of their grief, the bride's transformation will be complete.
All right, cryo-circuit is functional, ready to merge your cold fusion cells with Douche-Storm's dimensional particles.
This has to work.
Hey, master cryo-geneticist over here, not just a pretty face.
Trust me.
Okay, cryo-circuit is alive.
Activating augmentation receptors.
Deploying dimensional particles.
Hey, are you okay? Did it work? Are you Anti-Deathstorm? Only one way to find out.
What's wrong? I'm just me.
No fire powers, no nothing.
This stupid machine didn't work.
Well, I mean, that doesn't make sense.
It should work on anyone any organism or sentient being with a consciousness.
Or anyone who's truly alive.
I guess we know what the issue is here then.
It's me.
How can you be the problem? I mean, that doesn't make any sense.
Well, you said it yourself, the reaction depends on the M.
being able to put particles in someone's consciousness.
What if that person doesn't have one? What are you talking about? I mean, of course you have a consciousness.
Not according to Deathstorm.
He and I had a little chat about why everyone on Team Flash got visited by a ghost except me.
He said that I couldn't experience grief because when Thomas created me, he just gave me a copy of all of Caity's emotions.
Oh, well, he's obviously just messing with you.
Don't let that fire-freak get in your head.
What if he's not? Do you know what my earliest memory is? It's not of Carla singing me a lullaby or Thomas throwing me on his shoulders.
It's of Caity being hit by a car.
'Cause that's the first time I woke up, to take the hit.
And then, I just drifted back into her subconsciousness, locked away there for years, watching Caity live her life and have friends.
And, you know, so when I finally started coming out more, I wanted to make up for lost time, you know, finally live a life.
Boy, was I stupid for ever thinking that was possible, because it doesn't matter.
Doesn't matter how many life coaches I get, or if I get my own body, or do a bunch of art, or get my own boyfriend, because I'll always just be a copy of the original.
An echo.
'Cause I've never been really alive.
And now, that's gonna get Caity killed.
Frost If you are not really alive, where does that leave me? You're the only person I've ever cared about more than myself, or at least equal to myself.
I guess we're both screwed up then.
Yeah, that's definitely true.
Look, the way I see it, you and I have been through a lot, right? And through all of those ups and downs, I, for one, have seen you have loads of emotions all kinds especially when it comes to Caitlin.
You love your sister like crazy.
And wherever that love came from you know, whether you were born with it, or your dad gave it to you, or you put it together yourself over time, built it with pain and heartache that love is as real as it gets.
Believe me.
Then why didn't Deathstorm use any of my grief on me? He said he couldn't even find it in me.
Well, maybe he couldn't find it because you've got it buried so deep in that foxy head of yours.
maybe because you love so damn hard that you know the flip side would totally suck.
Yeah, I mean, I have been a little closed off lately.
I'm sorry, Snowflake.
Grief is a necessary part of life, and you are very much alive.
Whoa, that's it.
Yes! Frost, the M.
's been working fine all along, but the chemical reaction was missing a necessary ingredient.
Frost, I think I know how to finish your transformation.
Sue, Dad, it's not real.
You guys, you're stronger than this bastard.
That's no way to talk about your fiancé.
I know you want our grief, but you're not gonna get an ounce from me.
I know you are not the real Eddie.
No, I'm not, because he died.
Just like you're gonna die too.
No, it's not real.
Yes, it is.
Now you're gonna lose everything, Iris your family, your future, everything you worked so hard for.
It hurts, doesn't it? You and I, we had history, but you and him had a future.
And that's so much worse, isn't it? Because you're not just watching him die, you're watching everything you could have shared die too.
You can try all you want, but you'll never get out of here, son.
And neither will she.
She's gonna die because you're not smart enough to find a way out.
All that time tinkering with machines, building countless gadgets, and the one time you need to come up with a big idea the one time it really matters you can't do a damn thing.
I've got you.
It's okay.
It's not okay.
It's not okay.
I'm so sorry I can't fix this, Allegra.
No, don't feel bad.
That's how they want us to feel.
But Chuck, the truth is, right now, with you, I feel happy.
Happy I met you.
Me too.
Me too.
Oliver traded his life for yours.
- Stop! Stop it! - No.
You stop fighting, Barry.
Give in to the pain, the pain you still feel.
Let your sorrow wash over you.
so the bride may be reborn.
I can see them.
Stars, endless stars.
Hey, Caity.
I'm not even sure if you can hear me, but there's something I need to say.
You know, I used to be afraid that because we shared a body, I was only gonna get to live half a life, that I was only gonna be half a person.
I realize now, that isn't true.
You didn't take anything from me.
In fact, it's just the opposite.
You make my life complete.
I gotta be honest, I'm a little worried that we're not gonna make it out of this and that I might lose you forever.
And I can't handle that.
I would die.
I love you more than anything.
Is that supposed to happen? Ahh! Ahh! The M.
's been working fine all along, but the chemical reaction was missing one ingredient.
The spark that gave Deathstorm life grief.
Frost just had to let herself feel it.
Damn, I've never felt this warm before.
It's all that power.
Frost, I can feel it radiating off of you.
That's 'cause I'm not just Frost.
I'm Hellfrost.
Sue, Dad, you guys okay? Yeah, I'm okay.
We're okay.
The team, they're all okay.
So, Hot Stuff, what do we do now? We kick some ass and save my sister.
- You look totally badass.
- Thanks.
I feel badass, but Caity's not okay.
In fact, Cecile says she's worse.
Then this isn't over.
Deathstorm is back in his home dimension, which means he can still put guilt inside of Caitlin.
Or send more ghosts after you guys.
Yeah, I talked to Iris.
Deathstorm sent one to the loft.
You saved the whole team.
And now, I'm gonna save Caity by extinguishing this son of a bitch.
Well, hey, when that thing comes back, - you're gonna need some backup.
- No.
I'm the only one who can do this.
Even Barry's lightning can't stop him.
And if anything goes wrong You'll get me out of there in a flash.
Okay, wait.
"Flash"? "Lightning"? Are you saying that he Whoa.
But if he can't help you, you gotta let me try adjusting the gauntlets and pump up the cryo-kinetic outputs.
There's no time.
Then maybe we need to make some time.
Look, I told you, I was born for this.
But I'll give you something to remember me by.
Uh, damn.
There's more where that came from.
I Did I break you? No, I-I Go save your sister.
I'll be here when you get back.
You guys do this all the time? Yep, that's the gig.
How do you stay so calm, man? This is nerve-racking as hell.
Welcome to Superhero-ing 101.
This is it.
I can sense all that precious grief inside you, Cait.
You're almost ready.
I've waited so long to end my solitude.
It's time to start our honeymoon, my bride, because I want forever to start right now.
What have you done? Now, let's party.
You sure she can do this? We have to trust her.
I will burn you to ash! You first! Come on, Frost.
Give him hell.
You can't keep me from my bride.
Who do think you are? More than you can handle.
Go to Hell! Now it's time for me to feed.
No! That's it, party people! All traces of supplemental cold fusion and barometric anomalies are gone! What happened? Frost saved you.
Hellfrost, you did it! Hell yeah, I did.
That's my gal.
How's Caity? - She's doing fine.
- Thank God.
Hey, I have a bourbon straight up waiting for you when you get back.
Sounds great Guys, I'm not feeling so hot.
- Her vitals are crashing.
- What? Frost! You just woke up from a coma.
Are you sure you're up for this? I have to be.
- What the hell happened? - Mark.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Why isn't she moving? We don't know.
We don't know.
But Caitlin is working on her, and she's going to save her.
- Okay, I can help.
- No, you can't.
I'm sorry, but you need to leave.
- I can't just - Mark.
It's gonna be okay.
Caitlin has to focus.
Let's give them some space, yeah? - Okay, her pupils are dilated.
- Her heart rate's spiking.
Talk to me.
Tell me what happened out there.
We manipulated her cryo-powers in the M.
so she could absorb Deathstorm's energy.
- It's what saved you.
- But Deathstorm has been doing this for a millennia, so I'm guessing he can handle a lot more power than she can.
She's going into cardiac arrest.
Um, okay, I'm going to inject her with cold fusion.
That'll bring Frost back, and that'll kick in her ice healing.
Come on, Frost.
Come back to me.
You did it.
- No.
No, no, no, no, no.
- That's impossible.
Her ice healing's not kicking in.
She's flatlining.
Get me the paddles.
Clear! Clear! Caitlin.
Caitlin, hey.
CCPD has lifted the city-wide curfew after confirming that, as of an hour ago, the mysterious mass-murderer plaguing our city is no longer a threat.
Citizens are cleared to fully resume their Well, Deathstorm's finally gone.
Frost is a real hero.
Caitlin and Barry have been in there forever.
Frost is gonna pull through.
You doing okay, Mark? Yeah.
Thanks, man.
I'm doing a lot of thinking, you know? Frost and I had a lot of plans.
Like, I scored this trip to the Himalayas, where you jump out of a chopper and snowboard down.
And at the bottom, at base camp, they have this cute, little restaurant where every dessert is made of ice.
I know she's probably gonna say it's stupid but then secretly not hate it at all.
Kind of like how she feels about me.
I just want to make her smile.
There's nothing better than that.
She's lucky to have you in her life.
We all know I'm lucky to have her in mine.
Something something happened.
Where is she? Where-where is she? Frost died.
That's not possible.
I'm sorry.
She didn't make it.
She's gone.

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