The Flash (2014) s08e15 Episode Script

Into the Still Force

1 Hey, you hungry? I was thinking blueberry pancakes for breakfast this morning.
Or I could get us something fun from that Brooklyn's Best Bagels place.
They just opened a new location downtown.
♪ Iris.
Thanks for the company, Cecile.
Any time.
You know, I figured you'd be working this time of day.
Oh, I was.
Yeah, I'm actually avoiding a new meta-client.
So I figured I'd get out of the office, come over, see what Team Flash is up to.
Ah, well, we're all good here.
Yeah, the town is quiet, no alerts, no crisis, just sweet, sweet, - silen - Okay.
Barry, what's wrong? Yeah, should we be worried? It's Iris.
She's missing.
♪ Satellites aren't picking Iris up anywhere in the city.
I'm gonna expand the physical search radius.
Cecile, anything? [TENSE MUSIC.]
I can't sense her either, and I've reached out across a five-state radius.
It's like Iris's mind has just vanished.
Same here, only worse.
Barry, Iris isn't registering anywhere on the planet.
How's that even possible? It's just like last time, she's not here anymore, at least not in this plane of existence.
She must have had another attack.
Now she's lost in time.
Okay, well, then we need Deon to find her.
No one's seen Deon since he disappeared, and I can't access the Still Force without him.
Okay, so so what do what do we do? Okay, okay, it's a long shot, but look, when Iris was in Coast City, it wasn't just her time sickness that caused her to vanish.
Tinya Wazzo's powers did too.
♪ I can't believe you're serious.
You really want to try and bring Frost back? And I already have a plan I'm gonna repurpose Eva McCulloch's R-CEM chip to replicate Frost's cryogene so I can create a new body for her.
Caitlin, I know you're hurting, and so am I, but listen to yourself.
It worked before.
It will work again.
And what about the thing that makes Frost, Frost? I have already identified her latent empathic genes on my DNA.
I'm talking about a soul and you give me brainwaves? I'm also going to extract her active imprints from her own DNA.
Look, I've already got the sample.
Unfortunately, the keratin in the cells is decaying a little too quickly, so I'm gonna need a better sample.
You talking about grave robbing? It's called an exhumation, and I am a doctor as well as the next of kin, so getting approval won't be a problem, we just we need to do it quickly.
I-I know how this sounds.
Oh, like that old horror movie, "Frankenstein Created Woman?" Does Team Flash know what you're planning? Didn't think so.
- They wouldn't understand.
- Neither do I! Caitlin, have you forgotten that you literally just tried to resurrect your dead husband, and it was a complete disaster? No, I haven't, but that thing was never Ronnie, okay? Deathstorm used a physical form that I loved to try and trick us.
Look, this is different.
The science is solid, trust me.
Mad science.
Mark Mark, Frost was supposed to live a full and complete life.
You both were, together, and now that's been taken from you.
Don't you want that back? What do you think? You can process losing Frost in whatever way you need to, but as far as all of this is concerned Count me out.
♪ Tinya, um, can can we talk? Why? I don't know you.
I'm Barry Allen.
You know my wife, Iris West-Allen.
I'm really sorry, but she's missing again, and I don't Again? Whatever, I don't care.
Your other half ruined my life.
You have every right to be angry.
I need your help.
The first time Iris disappeared, she was with you.
You mean when I wiped her out of existence, like she did to my mom? Are you okay? What the hell? Mom! What did you do to my mom? Tinya, she never meant to hurt anyone.
Well, I did, which is why you should back off.
Do you even understand how your powers work? Examining how they work could help us answer what's really happening to Iris.
I don't care about Iris.
God, what is wrong with you? You know, I was fine until Iris found me and started spewing all that crap about family and having faith in people.
She made me believe that I could have the life that I always wanted.
And now that's gone, and it's never coming back.
So welcome to the club.
Deon, thank God.
Iris is missing.
Yeah, I know.
Yeah, she's in the Still Force.
I've been trying to track her down, but - [GROANING.]
- Hey No, don't don't don't.
I've been infected by Iris' time sickness too.
I need you to find the isotopic sensor.
It's the only way we can track down that particle that I placed inside Iris.
We? Barry, I can't find her alone.
I-I'm going to need your help.
Okay the sensor's damaged.
We're gonna need to repair it first.
Okay, do it fast.
I'll come back for you after.
♪ This is how we get Iris back.
So you're saying that Deon wants to do that by bringing you into the Still Force? Well, both of us, together.
I thought he said it was too dangerous for anyone to go in there who wasn't, you know, a god? It's risky, but I trust Deon, and he wouldn't suggest this if there was any other way.
Well, Deon's right about one thing.
Our satellites can't trace isotopic particles across other planes of existence.
That's why we need you to repair the sensor.
It's the only thing that can locate Iris' temporal particle inside the Still Force.
But once we find her, we bring her home.
Amen to that.
Not to question a god, but why would Deon need help tracking a particle that he created himself? Deon's not at full strength.
Iris' time sickness has affected him too.
Uh, Chester, how long will it take to get the sensor running? Uh, an hour, maybe less, but Barr, how are you gonna get inside the Still Force in the first place? Deon's gonna come back for me as soon as he can, and we need to be ready when he does.
And you ran this plan past the other forces? Nora, Bashir, Alexa, they're all on board too? Uh, no, I haven't been able to contact them any of them.
And Iris' sickness, it could have spread to them already.
Which would explain why they've been radio silent.
If that is the case, then maybe we should all slow down and figure it out before we launch you into a place where we know nothing about, Barry.
There's no time.
Look, Joe, Deon is our only chance at finding Iris.
If he says going into the Still Force is the answer, then I believe him.
I-I'm gonna get the sensor from the Starchives.
I'll meet you in your workshop.
I should get back to CCC.
Got to keep the lights on until Iris is safe.
♪ Barr, hold up! - What? - Look, I'm willing to do whatever it takes to bring Iris home, but something don't feel right about this.
Look, it's dangerous, but we've taken greater risks Yes, we have, but are you sure about the facts, because you seem to be putting a whole lot of faith in Deon's plan.
Because I know it'll work.
That's what Deon thinks you should do.
What do you think you should do? - That's just it, I don't know.
- And Deon does? Look, Joe, I owe Deon this.
As soon as I learned about Iris' time sickness, I should have spent every waking moment trying to find a cure, even when she told me to stop pushing.
But I didn't.
Now it's worse, plus Deon's affected too.
If there's a chance I can find Iris and make up for all this, I have to take it.
- Parliament Runkadelic - It's Captain Kramer.
Uh, yes yes, ma'am.
How can I help? Chester, I need a full analysis on an unknown device we found at a crime scene.
You're not busy, uh, saving the world, are you? No no, Captain, your timing is perfect.
Barry's gone to where no man's been before, so I'm free to fly solo.
Great, thanks, I'll see you soon.
Oh, you heard it, Chester P, the crime-fighting world needs your mojo! Mojo.
Seven out of ten.
Oh, damn, moving through dimensions is getting harder.
Is that it? Are are you sure we can find her? There's just one thing.
Where we're going, there's only one way in and out, and it's a bumpy ride, so hang on.
'Cause things are about to get real weird.
Don't worry, you'll get used to it.
I've been here before.
- When Iris - First got sick, yeah.
Place is like a doorway.
I call it my front porch.
I can see everything from here.
This place is different than before.
Yeah, that's 'cause it's more dangerous now.
Welcome to the Still Force What's left of it.
Sorry about the mess.
How bad is it? Ever since Iris got lost here, things have been mad disorganized.
I mean, night becomes day in the blink of an eye, and just as fast, it's night again.
And now it's getting worse.
♪ You see, past, present, and future all exist here simultaneously, but now the balance is all out of whack.
See what I mean? All right, now, stay close to me, 'cause if we get separated - I could get lost too.
- Or worse.
You could get trapped in the dead zone where time just repeats itself indefinitely.
That happens? I'd never get you out.
Sensor's picking up Iris' signature.
All right.
Let's ease on down the road, man.
Don't don't.
- We're getting close.
- Yeah.
My decision Oh, one thing, once we find Iris, let me try and stabilize her first, before we do anything else.
They need to know what you've been hiding.
- All right.
- Taylor, don't.
This is my life, my decision.
It's not what you think.
- I know those voices.
- They need to know they they need to know what you've been hiding.
Taylor, don't don't don't.
This is my life, my decision.
It's not what you think.
They need to know what you've been you've been hiding.
Taylor, don't.
Taylor, don't.
Ugh! This is my life.
- What is this? - My decision.
They need to know been hiding.
Future moment, stuck on repeat.
Hiding they need to know they need to know They can't move onward and become part of the past.
- My my decision.
It's not what you think.
They need to know what you've been hiding.
Taylor, don't my my life.
My d-d-decision.
Taylor, don't.
This is this is my life.
How do we stop it? We can't.
Not till we find Iris and fix this whole place.
Help me.
Someone, please help me.
Help me.
Please, I don't know what's happening to me.
I have to get back to my daughter.
Renee Wazzo.
You're Tinya's mom.
Do you know where she is? I have to find before be-be-before She's trapped in here too, just like Iris.
- Mm.
- We have to find her again.
Tinya thought she'd lost her, but if her mom's alive Uh-uh, she's fracturing just like me and Iris, all right? We need to stick to why we're here.
Deon, we have to help her.
Renee's been lost in all this for weeks.
Hey, what we need to do is keep moving, or else Iris is history.
She's the key to everything, man.
Iris is close.
I can feel it.
Hey, thanks for coming in.
Oh, always happy to tech consult for Central City's finest.
Also, I am in love with the artwork in here.
- Is it, uh - Indigenous, yes.
Reminds me of home.
♪ Nice.
So I'm guessing this is our mystery machine? There was an explosion at a halfway house downtown this morning.
Fire department secured this from the rubble.
Apparently, it was attached to the water heater.
Was anyone hurt? Well, that's the strange part.
CCFD got a call about an imminent explosion.
By the time they arrived on scene, everyone had already been evacuated.
Then this released an energy wave that took out the entire building.
Folks could have died.
How many people were living there? 37 at the time.
We got lucky.
Halfway house staff have no idea who led the evacuation, so this device is our only lead.
I need to know what it is, what it does, and who built it.
Oh, I'm picking up traces of radioactive particles.
This thing was packing serious kinetic energy before it went kaboom.
Maybe it's some kind of Some kind of like, EMP.
That's quantum coiling.
Captain, whoever built this got mad skills.
♪ Everything all right, Chester? Huh? Oh, oh, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm as good as a hydrogen-phat sunrise over Jupiter.
Yeah, um, I'm just I'm gonna take this back to my workshop and do a full diagnostic, you know, just to make sure that everything's totally cool, if that's fine.
Of course.
I'll authorize it.
Runk, are you okay? Yeah, yep definitely.
I'm five-by-five by the wayside.
Just gonna pack up my things.
♪ Vanya's the editor-in-chief? [SENSOR BEEPING.]
This can't be right.
Where is she? - Stop.
- What? Tracing that particle should have led us right to her.
Yeah, I know, I know, just just hold on.
What are you what are you doing? What are you doing? Deon! We needed that to find Iris! Sorry, Barr.
Gotta bounce.
♪ What the hell? I'm back home again With no way out.
♪ Shark Stadium erupted in cheers after XS' heroic save.
Even without Impulse, her partner in crime-fighting, who was too busy partying to answer his alerts.
You are so disgusting! It is clear that XS is the most daring speedster to appear in years.
Good afternoon, Nora West-Allen.
How can I assist you? Gideon, I need another word for daring that isn't too flowery.
Of course.
I have found twenty-sev twenty Gideon? Gideon.
Where'd you go? [DISEMBODIED GASP.]
♪ Nora! Deon? I-is that you? Barry's trapped.
I can't help him, but you can.
Where? How am I [GROANS.]
Uh Oh, schrap.
♪ Iris, come on! This brunch reservation ain't gonna get any later.
Joe, don't worry.
I'll make sure we're on time.
You guys got any resolutions for 2022? I know mine.
More family time.
♪ Holy schrap, thank goodness I found you, Dad.
Nora? This place is messing with me.
Dad! - Nora? - Hi.
You're really here.
Oh, my God, I'm a super villain.
Seriously? That's what you're worried about? Okay, then where's your meta hunting dagger or your purple head fan? No, no, I'm I'm serious, okay? I'm the bad guy in all of this.
- No, you're not.
- Oh, yeah? Allegra, the microchip that I found inside that thing was hardwired with a one-of-a-kind energy converter that I created.
But you didn't build this one.
So so what? I still went live with the designs on my blog last month.
What is this anyway? It's a quantum coil transformer, which means it's extremely powerful and dangerous if used for the wrong application.
You know what, you were right.
You're ri I should have never put my designs online.
I never will again.
Chuck, you're overreacting.
I should have vetted my online posse.
Your posse could be anyone, but, Chuck, you inspire people.
You don't send them to the dark side.
Think about it.
You said there were no casualties because the person that built this evacuated the place before it detonated.
Does that sound like a supervillain? Or his accomplice? No, Allegra, but I Then believe me when I tell you, we're missing the real story.
And you're one of the good ones.
So have a little faith in yourself.
♪ Dad, how are we supposed to get out of here? I don't know.
You shouldn't have followed me here.
You were safer in 2049.
But Deon told me you needed my help.
Deon? Deon's the reason I'm stuck here.
I never should have trusted him.
I mean, you and Mom created Deon.
Of course you're gonna trust him.
I know.
Joe tried telling me something was off and I didn't listen.
I was so focused on trying to find your mom, I ignored the signs.
She's counting on me, and I I keep letting her down.
I want to tell you something.
I mean, you're gonna find out in a few decades anyways, but you know how the other Nora was a CSI and was following in your footsteps? Well, I kind of did the opposite.
I'm a reporter.
And even though I love it, I-I'm just starting out.
And sometimes I'm, like, how does Mom even do this? I'm proud of you.
So you're not mad I didn't join CCPD like you and Grandpa Joe? No, of course not.
I'm just I'm glad you found a path that's right for you.
So, um, the thing is, is that I'm having a really hard time finding my voice as a reporter.
But Mom is teaching me to have faith in myself and listen to my instincts.
And if she were here right now, she'd tell you to do the same.
And that everyone loses faith in themselves sometimes, even heroes.
But learning how to keep believing in yourself when the whole world is telling you the opposite, that's what makes a hero.
You really are your mom's daughter.
Well, I'm yours too.
Maybe it's our belief in each other that keeps us connected just as much as the other stuff.
You're right.
We are connected.
But not just our family.
Me and Iris, to the Still Force.
It's like you said, we created it.
Nora, I heard your voice before you got here.
I think somehow, just for a moment, I connected to the future before it became a part of the present.
Or the past.
You must already have a piece of the Still Force inside you.
If I can figure out how to connect to it again and control it this time, I can get us out of here.
♪ Okay.
I'm ready.
Okay, remember, whatever remnant of stillness is inside me won't be there for long.
You look like Uncle Wally when he taught Bart how to create lightning constructs.
This is also how Wally taught me how to make contact with the other forces.
♪ Nothing's happening.
♪ Focus on Mom's brush.
She still has it in the future.
You can use it as an anchor.
♪ What in the world in the world in the world? Barry, Nora, what are you two doing in my living room? [ECHOING.]
Grandpa Joe, you can see us? Plain as day, only you're glowing with some kind of green light.
Barry, I thought you were in the Still Force with Deon? Dad, whatever you're doing, it must be working, because if Grandpa Joe can see us too, the present must be stabilizing.
Barry, can you hear me? Barry! [VOICE ECHOING.]
♪ Grandpa Joe's gone.
And so is the brush.
Dad, are you okay? [ELECTRICITY CRACKLING.]
Nora, the temporal stream I can feel the pure Still Force energy moving through me.
I can see the past, present, and future all at once.
I can see Jesse and Harry.
Cisco and Frost too.
I can see Bart's children, your wife.
Nora, you're all so happy.
I see Max? I'm getting married? Who's the lucky lady? Actually, don't tell me.
I can already feel the spark inside me fading.
Take my hand.
Oh, this feels seriously weird.
Let's get the hell out of here.
Where's the exit in this place? Memorial Park.
It's the only way in and out of the Still Force.
Schrap! What the hell happened? It's a temporal barrier.
We have to hit it with everything we've got while trying to phase through it.
♪ We're caught in a temporal loop.
Dad, we're never gonna get out of here.
You see, the past, present, and future all exist here simultaneously.
Yes, we are.
This isn't a time loop.
It's the Still Force pulling us back into the past every time we're about to escape.
Why would it do that? Deon said the past, present, and future all coexist here, so if we've already escaped, the only way to stop us Is to keep us stuck in the past.
Nora, use the spark I gave you to focus on the moment that's already on the other side of that barrier.
The moment you and I get back home.
♪ Focus on the moment you and I get back home.
We get back home.
I get back home.
♪ Wait, so you're telling me that you were able to get out of there 'cause you already knew you had? I know, it's totally surreal, right? Barry, is there still a spark of the Still Force inside of you, because if that's the case, then maybe we can use that to help find Iris.
Not anymore.
I tried to tap into it again as soon as we got back, and I must have used every bit I had to get us out of there.
We'll have to find Iris another way.
And we will.
You know, guys, there's one thing that I still don't quite get.
Barry, why would Deon want to trap you in the past? Yeah, I don't know.
I'm really worried about him.
I'd better get back to 2049, make sure Mom's still there and that she's okay.
I'm gonna miss you guys so much.
- We're gonna miss you too.
- Sweet one.
But you're right, we need you there to keep our family's future safe.
I miss her and Bart more and more every day.
And my baby girl.
Joe, about earlier, I should have listened to you.
You know, you were right about everything.
It's okay, we all stumble.
I'm just glad you picked yourself up.
Look, there's there's something else.
When I was in the Still Force and I tapped into a tiny bit of it I could feel Iris, almost see her.
It was like a spark of stillness was inside her too, that I could sense.
What do you think it means? I'm not sure, but somehow I know, wherever she is right now, she's okay.
♪ No problem, just remember, you can message me anytime you need help with a project, day or night.
You're feeling better.
Yeah, yeah hey, you were right.
Yeah, there was more to the story, and once I started digging, I remembered where I'd seen this circuitry before.
Wookielover77 posted this in the comments of one of my live streams.
He was asking the Chester Posse for tips on renewable energy.
It was all an accident, wasn't it? Yeah.
Wookielover77 volunteers at that halfway house.
He was just trying to provide the residents with unlimited hot water from a clean source.
Someone's a believer again.
Thanks to you.
You're welcome.
So I was thinking, you know, Marco's birthday drinks are in ten.
How about I buy you a root beer? You know, to say thanks, and I could use one myself, actually.
I would love that.
Yeah? Okay.
It's me, open up.
Go away.
Sorry about that.
I think you're gonna want to hear what I have to say.
What is wrong with you? First, you blow me off, and now you break into my home.
What, I should I should call the Flash? Well, that's your choice, just like this one's mine.
I'm gonna help you.
And don't worry, I'll pay for a new lock.
Now, you wanna know why I changed my mind? Because you were right.
Frost and I were just starting to build a life together, and thanks to her, I was finally becoming the man that I didn't even know I'd always wanted to be.
Losing her broke me, but losing her twice? That'd kill me.
That's that's why I was so afraid to help you.
So if we do this, I need you to promise me one thing that we won't fail.
We won't, I promise.
Then let's get to work.
♪ Greg, move your head.

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