The Flash (2014) s08e20 Episode Script

Negative, Part 2


You were dead.
I saw your body.
And yet
here I am in the flesh.
How's that possible?
The Negative Forces
brought me back
because they were too weak
without a fourth member
of their merry band.
Didn't I tell you
that finding ways to kill you
is my life's work?

Here's what's really funny
killing your mother
led to the birth of the Flash,
and killing Iris
led to the rebirth of me.
So I guess you could say your mother
and Iris
were good for something.
Dad, stop! He's not worth it!
He killed your mother!
Ha ha ha!
Dad, if you do this, you'll
be just as bad as him!
[LAUGHS] What's the matter, Flash?
You can't finish the job?
You better finish the job!
'Cause if you don't
They're next.
Dad! Don't listen to him, please.
Even if he did kill Mom now
in 2022, we're still here.
Don't you see? We're still alive.
She's right. We haven't been erased
from the timeline yet, which
means Mom isn't dead yet.


They're both hurting badly.
Okay, so what do we do now?
We find Iris, and we bring her home.
Then we find a way to take
down the Negative Forces,
'cause if they come
back for a rematch
I don't think they will.
They already got what they came for
the last Thawne in existence.
What do they need him for anyway?
There's only one way to find out.
I have to find a way into
the Negative Speed Force.
Dad, no offense, but that's insane.
I don't have a choice.
As long as Thawne's out there,
everyone's in danger.
Chester already ran
a satellite search. Thawne's
nowhere on the planet.
The only place left to hide
is the Negative Speed Force.
- If I can find a way in
- No, look.
I can feel all of the anger inside you,
I can, and I know that you've been
to hell and back today,
but we need to think
our next move through.
He killed Iris!
Barry, how can you possibly be so sure?
Because I am.
Guys, we need to talk to our dad.
I'll call Joe and tell him
that we're all okay.
Look, assuming we can find our way
into the Negative Speed Force,
let us handle this.
We will make sure Thawne
gets back to Iron Heights.
Dad, we promise.
You weren't there.
You didn't see what I saw.
Iris died in my arms
before her body disappeared.
You say she's alive,
but for all we know,
she's already been erased from
this timeline, only the changes
haven't caught up with us yet.
It's happened before.
You still wanna kill him,
don't you?
Is anybody here?
Hello, Iris.
If you're here, does that mean
that I'm dead too?
No, it doesn't.
What happened to you is far
more interesting than that.
We have a lot to discuss.
Going inside is
the only way to end this.
Barry, it sounds dangerous.
'Cause it is.
Fine, so how exactly
do you get inside
the Negative Speed Force?
The first time I went into
the Positive Speed Force,
Harry hit me with a concentrated blast
of dark matter and lightning
that generated a tachyon reaction.
Well, I could rig the
tachyon harness to do the same.
Only, if you're trying
to get in a negative place,
you're gonna need
a negative source of lightning.
Like me.
Meena, I-I don't think that's
such a good idea right now.
We need to find a way in.
I'm the key.
Chester, go ahead and get started.
You wanna tell me how you're gonna deal
with all of that anger?
I can feel it pouring off of you.
What are you planning?
Oh, my God.
You want revenge.
But why? Bart and Nora said
- that Iris is alive.
- And I know she's not.
[WHISPERING] Cecile, Cecile
- What is it?
- Someone's calling my name.
And now I-I'm picking up desperation.
You have to find us.
You're the only one that can help us.
- Who is it?
- Bashir, what happened to you?
Where are the other Forces?
- He's gone.
- Was it our Bashir?
Yeah, and he's in pretty bad shape.
He said that I'm the only one
who can help them.
I think he wants me to help
bring back the other Positive Forces.

[WHISPERS] This timeline's gone.
I love you.
Well, we wanted you to feel at home.

You, uh, you know who we are?
Beings who can do all this.
I'm guessing you're the Negative Forces.
Why am I here?
You never wondered where
your speed really comes from?
I built a machine
that taps into the Negative Speed Force,
allowing me to siphon it for my own use.
Oh, you didn't tap into it.
No, no, no, it tapped into you.
It's true.
The Negative Speed Force
has always existed.
It chose you as an avatar,
because it feeds off
your hatred for Barry Allen.
The other Thawne forgot that.
No hate, no Negative Speed Force avatar.
That's why he had to go.
I don't know what you're planning,
but if you think I'm gonna stand here
and play your stupid game
Relax, we're not gonna hurt you.
We're just gonna transform you.

So let me guess
the last thing you remember
is figuring out that the Negative Forces
used your time sickness
to rebirth a new avatar.
Yes, but if I've had this
time sickness for months,
- then
- Why now?
The Negative Forces used
your body as an incubator.
And yes, it's a dastardly scheme.
Reminds me of my bad ol' days.
Okay, so if I'm alive,
then where am I?
You're here inside my Time Stone.
The talisman that you and Barry used
to wipe out anachronisms
during Armageddon.
I can't feel my connection
to Barry anymore,
and if it's the same for him,
then Damien, I have to get out of here,
and I need your help, even if you're
A remnant of my old consciousness
imprinted on a stone,
bearing witness
to all timelines for eternity.
Are you saying that
I'm stuck here forever too?
Oh, no, no, no. No, that's up to you.
See, unlike me, you aren't
supposed to be dead,
which is why the moment
that the Negative Forces
annihilated your body,
the stone spared you.
It senses that you still have
something important to do.
Question is are you up to it?
Okay, y'all ready?
Harnesses are good to go.
What's happening?
- Oh, God.
- I'm shutting down
- remote ignition.
- Keep mine going!
- But Barry
- Do it!
Uh-uh, I'm calling it.
- Why didn't it work?
- I-I don't know.
If this won't work, we can't access
- the Negative Speed Force.
- Then we need to find
another way.
Eobard would've known what to do.
But now he's gone.
Because of me
and that damn machine.
Meena, you don't wanna do this.
Yes, I do!
This machine ruined my life!
No, it didn't. Thawne did.
There is nothing we can do about it!
Not anymore.
Yes, there is.
Look, Meena,
I know exactly how you feel.
You're the only one who
understands, who knows,
how this has to end.
That's why you can't destroy your work.
We need it.
What for?
So we can get you charged,
and you can share your
speed again with me.

Your speed's at 100%.
Promise me when you find that bastard,
you'll never let him hurt
anyone else ever again.
You remember what you did
when you shared your speed
with Eobard?
He told me I had to share the
most important parts of myself.
Baby girl, wherever you are
Please, please
come back home soon.
Jay, Joan, what are
what are you doin' here?
We've been following
Iris's particle trail
across the timestream,
and it led us here.
When Cecile called, she said
that Iris was still missing.
Not anymore.
Come this way.

- What is that thing?
- It's a Time Stone.
I've heard about it in my travels.
Where did you get it?
Damien Darhk gave it to me.
He said I might need it one day.
But why is it glowing now?
Those particles that were left behind
they're Iris's consciousness,
and now, I think they've
somehow ended up
inside the stone.
How do we get her out of there?

I can't believe we're doing this.
Look, Allegra, we have to
bring the Positive Forces back.
This is the only way
we can help Flash do it.
Who cares about him?
Yeah, we just want our powers back.
Okay, look, both of you
are now ex-psychics,
but you know exactly
the way that this works.
Now start concentrating,
and help me focus in.
I will do all the heavy lifting.

- You found me.
Oh, my God, are you okay?
Wow, this is a nice office.
What happened?
Iris's time sickness, it
it spread to us.
So we needed to tether ourselves
to someone in this reality.
- I chose Cecile.
- Why?
Because of your boundless potential.
I opened the floodgates of your mind.
That's how you were able
to absorb the gifts of others.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on.
Wait, wait, wait. So, you're the guy
- who gave her all of our powers?
- Mm.
You're welcome?
So you now have the strength
to bring back the Forces
that is if you're willing to help us.
Of course I will.
What do you need me to do?
Your biometrics are spiking.
We thought the bad Forces were back,
but now you're going into
the Negative Speed Force
without us.
We're too late.

What the hell?
Eobard can't come
to the phone right now.
He's going through some changes.
What are you doing to him?
Helping him reach his full potential.
If this was all about Thawne,
why'd you attack us?
Oh, man, you came at us first
for Armageddon when you cut off
the Negative Speed Force
from his avatar.
Now, see, we
we've been pulling the strings
ever since.
Finally ready now.
See, this is on you, Flash.
You tipped the scales.
We're just puttin' things
back to normal,
and-and-and then some.
This all started the day that
you severed Thawne's speed
the day that you upset
the cosmic balance.
Something we didn't know was possible
until you showed us how.
And that was also the day
that we realized
we could do the same.
Time to tip the scales.
Dad! Are you okay?
[PANTING] It's all my fault.
- What about Thawne?
- Negative Forces
they were transforming him somehow.
So he's still alive?
But they already gave him
his speed back.
What more could they want?
- Guys,
I'm picking up a huge influx
of negative kinetic tachyons.
Right over Downtown.


There's no point in running.
[BASS VOICE] You're all going to die.

Holy shrap, that's Thawne.
Who's his new tailor?
Guys, I'm not just picking up
negative kinetic isotopes
reading temporal, geothermic,
electric chemical ones too.
He has the power of all the
four Negative Forces now.
To tip the balance
of power in their favor
turn the entire world
into a living hell.
You said I had unfinished business.
What is it?
It's Barry, isn't it?
Where is he? What's happening?
If you wanna find out,
you have to get out of here yourself.
How? Damn it.
Oh, come on, Iris.
Look at your life.
Look at everything that
has happened to you
since Barry went into that coma.
You were destined to die,
held captive in another dimension.
Hell, you faced certain death
over and over and over again,
and every time, you should've
died, only you didn't.
Because I always had help? I
[IMITATES BUZZER] Thanks for playing!
Wrong answer!
Come on. It's right in front of you.
You're a survivor.
You always will be.
I haven't reached my limit.
No, you haven't.
But what about the spark
between Barry and I?
Just because you can't feel it,
doesn't mean it isn't there.
So what are you gonna do now,
spend the rest of eternity
hangin' out with Damien Darhk?
That-a girl.
I'm gonna reignite it.

Say hi to your old man for me.

You're outnumbered four to one.
You're gonna pay for
everyone you've hurt.
Especially Eobard.

Is he gonna be okay?
If that's Impulse, where's Thawne?
Right here.

What did you do?
I sent them back in time
a billion years, to be precise.
We only have one chance.
Okay. What do you need me to do?
Put it on.
There's a reason you were
given all these powers, Cecile.
The powers you absorbed were enhanced
by the one thing that I lack
your ability to care about people.
That's why you were chosen.
So take it.
The mask will reabsorb
your psychic powers
and transfer them to me.
Don't even think about it.

- Wait.
She has to go through this.
Cecile, are you okay?
Did it work?
I sure as hell hope so.
Ha ha ha.

Well, well, well.
Who's faster now, Flash?
How does it feel, Flash?
How does it feel, knowing you
could've prevented all this,
if only you'd killed me
when you had the chance?
Believe me [CRACK]
that's a mistake I won't make.
Who's doing this?
[SHOUTS] Who's doing this?
I am.
You're too late, because your
pathetic avatar is powerless.
You call that power?
This is power.

This is impossible.
No, this is the end.

We're equals now, Thawne.
I have always been, I will always be
better than you.

This is for Iris
for everyone you've killed.

What is it?
Some kind of temporal disruption
coming from inside the stone.
Baby girl.
- Oh.
- Dad.
[SOBBING] It's okay.
It's okay. Damien Darhk showed me
the way back.
That felt like an earthquake.
Or something a lot worse.
Again, our top story,
the deadly new speedster
who has already taken dozens
of lives, has been engaged
by the Flash.
But fallout from the fight
has turned the city into a warzone.
Residents are advised [STATIC]
Barry's doing more harm than good.
They started Armageddon.
Jay, I need you to take
me Downtown fast.
- Barry, you have to stop.
- No, I have to finish this.
No, Barry, listen to me.
The city can't take anymore fighting.
That's why I have to end this.
You can't!
She's right.
We'll never stop
until one of us is dead.
Time to tip the scales.

Get Iris to safety.
Good luck.
I'm done fighting you.
You think I won't kill you?
I'll slaughter you where you sit!
I just need more power.
Do you hear me?
I just need more power.
We're not meant to tip the scales.
You won't survive, Thawne!
You lie, Flash!
This is the moment! [SCREAMING]


It's not supposed to end like this.
Ah ah ah


What is that?
It's the universe resetting itself.

Barry, your Force particles are gone.
And as for you, Iris,
there's no sign of your
time sickness anywhere.
You're completely cured.
And Gideon says there's
no Thawne anywhere
in the timeline.
Then it's really over,
all of it.
Bart, Nora, about the way
I behaved today
Uh-uh. No,
not after all of the things
that you have helped us with.
He's right, Dad.
At the end of the day, all that matters
is you did the right thing.
And on that note, I think we
should all go back to our lives
in 2049.
Great work today, Flash, as always.
Thank you.
Guys, guys.
- Thank you for everything.
- Don't sweat it, Pops.
It was all "aster", no "dis".
I have no idea what that means.
- That's all right.
You don't need to.
- All right, love you, Pops, Mom.
- See you guys.
We love you.
How are you feeling?
Like there is so much I don't know.
But more importantly,
BLOC is no longer working.

It was never my idea, was it?
No, it wasn't.
The Negative Speed Force
used the machine
to pick its avatars.
You were a means to an end.
I'm sorry you lost your speed.
Don't be.
It was never my dream to be a speedster.
I know I never got to meet him, but
Eobard seems like a very special person.
He was.

I wanted to give you this.
We found it at STAR Labs.
Thank you
for everything.
I should go. [CHUCKLES]
Meena, look, if you need
anything, just call us, okay?
- We're here for you.
- I know.
Oh, and if Team Flash ever
needs a helping hand,
as in the technical kind,
you know where to find me.
Good news your brain's back
to its old empathic capacity.
Dillion has her powers back.
The Queen, too, who's
back in Iron Heights.
I'm gonna miss being leveled up.
I'm just glad we all survived this.
Yeah, yeah, I guess I should be happy.
I mean, we did bring back
the Positive Forces,
and then there was
saving the entire city.
That should be good enough.
Is that a humble brag?
- Go ahead, girl I see you.
Look, here's to saving the world,
friends, Team Flash, or, or,
as I like to call it Team Badass.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- BOTH: Team Badass.
- Come on.
- Mmm.
Mm! Mm-mm.
- Mm.
- [GAGS]
Okay, that is not a decaf latte.
And this does not have three sugars.
Cecile, I'm sorry. I guess
we mixed up coffees.
- I already, uh
- No worries, it's fine.
- Uh
Cecile, did you do that?
Uh yeah?
But, okay, all I did was think
I really wish I had the right
coffee, and then I kind of saw
it in my head, and then
all of a sudden, it was
Oh, the force is strong with this one.
Well, that's new.

Well, I never thought I'd see you again.
I don't mean to be rude or whatever,
but why am I here?
Mom? It's really you?

I didn't know if I'd ever
get out of that place.
I just knew I had to see you again.
I how did this happen?
When Iris beat her time sickness,
it cured the Still Force too,
and then Renee showed up
back at home in Coast City.
We have so much to catch up on.
[SIGHS] Thank you.
You're welcome.
Chamber malfunction?
What do you mean chamber malfunction?
Frost, are you okay?
Who the hell are you?
A friend,
I think.

I never wanna let you go.
Then don't.
I mean, I could stay like this all week.
- That works for me.
- Mm-hmm.

Iris, last night, I thought
I lost you forever,
'cause I couldn't feel our connection.
Yeah, when I was in the Time Stone,
I couldn't feel you either.
That's why I knew
I had to get back to you.
So I reignited our spark.
You're my lightning rod too.
Thank you.
I mean, I know I've been
gone for a while, but
For reminding me that
even the Flash has limits.
Thawne couldn't
accept that about himself,
which is why he didn't survive.
Barry, you know the Negative Speed Force
will need to find a new avatar.
I know.
'Cause the universe
is all about balance
Which means that one day,
the Negative Forces
will have to pick one.
I wonder who they'll choose.
We won't know until it happens.
But whenever that day comes,
and whoever that avatar is
We'll be ready for them.

Greg, move your head.
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