The Flight Attendant (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

In Case of Emergency

1 You can call me the Good Time Girl ♪ When I said it out loud, it didn't sound as good ♪ I couldn't be as proud of my original thought ♪ I'm trying to whisper what should be pop ♪ But I can't imagine being out of control ♪ I knocked off the top my head and I ♪ When I'm all alone but within my prime ♪ Don't want the throne when I'm doing just fine ♪ Just as long as I'm having a real good time ♪ But I'm having a very good time ♪ You can call me the Good Time Girl ♪ TRAIN ANNOUNCER (PA): Ladies and gentlemen, this is Broadway Junction.
Transfer is available to the Hill and AQ trains.
Ladies and gentlemen, because of construction, - two trains between - Shit.
[mysterious music.]
Just go ahead and brush your teeth, 'cause we're running a little late today, okay? Davey, hi.
Listen, I really can't talk.
- I'm gonna miss my flight.
- Oh, yeah.
I just, uh just wanted to check in about the New York trip real quick, 'cause, you know, - Rick's getting nervous.
- Nervous? What are you talking about? And it's like weeks away, isn't it? Yeah.
This it's 4 days away.
CASSIE (PHONE): Oh, shit.
Really? Four days? Are you serious? Yeah, and the girls are excited to see their Aunt Cassie.
They're too young to realize she's a terrible planner.
You put those knives away right now.
That is not fair.
You admit it.
You're probably standing in your kitchen right now, you're just so jealous of my super fun life.
But not when you throw it in my face like that.
I know that was very, very hard for you to admit.
So I love you so much for saying that.
- Listen, we're gonna have the best trip.
- ETHAN: Hey.
- Oh, fuck.
Who are you? - ETHAN: Whoa.
- I'm I'm Ethan.
- What? - From last night? - Cassie? - Well, how how did you get in here? - Cassie.
- We we met at the bar.
- Well, yes.
Your words.
- ETHAN: Yeah, I'm Ethan.
- How'd you get in my apartment? - You texted me, right here.
- Hello? You told me to use the key above the the door thing, - the doorframe - Okay.
ETHAN: That we were supposed to meet here at two.
Oh my God.
I'm starting to remember.
- I think I was very, very drunk.
- Cassie? That's on me.
Okay, I'm sorry.
I remember you now.
Davey, hi.
- Hey.
- Sorry.
I'm okay.
That was that was very loud.
- I'm I'm fine though.
- Are you okay? I gotta go.
I'll call you - I'll call you later.
- Okay.
But I I gotta shower.
- Okay.
- No, no, no.
Not in a fun way.
I think you gotta go, because I gotta leave.
But thank you for the effort.
Good job.
[music playing.]
[non-english singing.]
- Good morning.
- Good morning, Megan.
We were taking bets to see how late you were going to be.
Oh, I want in.
Is perfectly on time still available? Wow.
I win.
[coy music.]
ATTENDANT (PA): The captain has illuminated the fasten seatbelt sign.
Please take your seats.
It's Erica, right? I'm Cassie.
Are you okay? I'm worried that if the plane falls out of the sky, everybody will die.
That was dark.
That is not going to happen.
Okay? You are very, very safe.
But you know, if something goes wrong, between me, my flight attendants, and the captain, we're gonna take such good care of you.
How? Can you fly? Okay.
I'm not supposed to tell you this, but yes, I can.
Don't tell anyone.
I was just looking for you.
Oh, I Is there something I can get you, Mr.
Sokolov? It's Alex.
And you're Cassie.
Someone was paying attention when the captain made his announcements.
Good job.
I I was just wondering if I could get a scotch on the rocks? Yes, of course.
You know, we have little buttons there that you can push and we'll just come and bring you anything you want.
- Oh, you got buttons for - Mhm.
You don't have to come chase us down.
I knew that.
I just wanted to stretch my legs.
You know, these long flights they can get a little tedious.
You know, that might have something to do with your very depressing reading material.
I mean, "Crime and Punishment"? - This book's amazing.
- Okay.
Tell me how it works out for any of the women in that book.
I just am more of a "Doctor Zhivago" kind of girl.
- Really? - Yeah.
Yeah, well, that book's messy.
What's wrong with messy? [music playing.]
[non-english speech.]
Oh, sorry.
You're laying it on pretty thick with 3C.
My name is Cassie.
You must be one of those nosy, overly interested people I've been hearing all about.
And don't you have the full cabin, not just that one seat? Okay.
It's harmless.
He is harmless.
Plus, I am seeing someone now.
- Oh, really? - Uh huh.
Really? Who? - No.
- Yes.
- Oh, he's hairy.
- Please.
No, absolutely not.
I would take them all home if I could.
My apartment doesn't allow pets.
And you have a backyard.
- You would be so happy.
- No.
I am not adopting a rabbit from that shelter.
His name's Elvis.
- Elvis? - Elvis.
What is your obsession with rescuing every single animal on this planet? No one knows.
By the way, Shane, you cannot live off those nuts.
Let me be me.
So what is your deal with 3C? Shane, can I get a scotch on the rocks and vodka, please? Oh, just because you didn't answer my question doesn't mean it isn't happening in front of all of us.
Shane, can you make Jada stop harassing me, please? I'm sure they have a lot in common.
I mean, they're both on this flight.
Aren't you supposed be in economy plus on this flight? - Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
You could be nicer.
What? She started it.
I am totally nice.
I am professional.
I am kind.
Don't drink th Cassie? Cassie.
- You poured that for her.
- I'm so sorry.
She asked.
Here you go, sir.
I don't know how to follow up the - The - [chuckles.]
Will you have dinner with me? Okay.
That was like a super cute moment, but we're really not supposed to do that.
So Okay.
Well, Bangkok can be really magical.
Will you think about it? - Thank you.
- Watch your step, ladies.
Bye bye.
Thank you.
My cell's on the back, if you decide to break the rules.
Thank you.
- You are so professional.
- Oh, please.
- You think I'm gonna call him? - Bye bye.
I don't need a man to show me - the magic of Bangkok.
- Mhm.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- [Abba, "Voulez-Vous".]
- Voulez-vous ♪ Ain't no big decision ♪ You know what to do ♪ La question c'est voulez-vous ♪ Okay.
[Karen O & Danger Mouse " Woman".]
If you want it, then you take it ♪ Forget what you see when you close your eyes ♪ Girl, you'll make it ♪ I'm a woman, what you see ♪ I'm a woman, what you see ♪ I'm a woman, what you see ♪ What you see, ain't what I be ♪ You don't want it? ♪ I'm a woman, what you see ♪ I'm a woman, what you see ♪ I'm a woman, what you see ♪ It run through me, it run through me ♪ I'm a woman, what you see ♪ It run through me, it run through me ♪ I'm a woman ♪ Yeah, eh, eh ♪ I'm a woman ♪ Yeah, eh, eh ♪ I'm a woman ♪ Yeah, eh, eh ♪ I'm a woman ♪ Yeah, eh, eh ♪ [Wham! "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go".]
Wake me up before you go-go ♪ Don't leave me hanging on like a yo-yo ♪ Wake me up before you go-go ♪ I don't want to miss it when you hit that high ♪ Wake me up before you go-go ♪ Vodka.
Alex, what did we do last night? [ominous music.]
[Wham! "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go".]
Wake me up before you go-go ♪ Don't leave me hanging on like a yo-yo ♪ Wake me up ♪ [theme music.]
Wake me up before you go-go ♪ Don't leave me hanging on ♪ Okay.
[phone ringing.]
Guest Service.
How may I assist you? Fuck, fuck, fuck.
What are you doing? What are you doing? Fuck.
Wake me up before you go-go ♪ Don't leave me hanging on like ♪ Okay.
[phone vibrating.]
Mother fucker.
Work phone.
And I'm literally about to just crush so much fish.
- Can it wait? - What? No.
Hey, hey, uh, I was trying to remember I was trying to remember, who's the girl, the Italian girl, like she was an American girl She was in Italy and uh, the murder thing, but she was she was she was always she was innocent.
Are you talking about Amanda Knox? CASSIE (PHONE): Yeah.
Did she call the police, the Italian police? Did they come? Do do you know the - what happened there? - Mm-hm.
They arrested her.
Cass, why are you asking me about Amanda Knox? Oh, no re no.
We were on the plane.
We were talking about how funny it would be to be arrested in a foreign country we were it was funny.
We were laughing really hard about it.
ANI (PHONE): Yeah, no.
That sounds super funny.
I mean, you know, how I love to help you with late night trivia, like when the internet exists.
Where are you? Uh, I don't know this this place is so pretty.
Yeah? No.
That's not an answer.
What city? Bangkok.
Oh, speaking of getting arrested in foreign countries, do not get arrested there.
The laws are like Byzantine.
Well, how did you how did you know that I'm in Bangkok? Oh, when we all, um, took that girl's trip to Tulum, we turned on our Find Friend thing, 'cause like kidnapping.
And um, yeah.
You just never turned yours off so Listen, you're not, like, actually in trouble - or something, are you? - No.
I'm just hungover in Thailand.
You know me.
Just Yeah.
Listen, babe, I have to go.
But I love you.
Uh, so call me when you get back.
Okay? Safe travels.
MAID: Housekeeping.
- [door opens.]
- No, no.
- Hi.
Please open up.
- No, no.
He's he's still asleep.
You can come back later.
MAID: Thank you.
[phone ringing.]
- Oh, fuck.
- Hey.
This is not really a good time.
Hey, I was thinking of ordering all of us passes to the Natural History Museum.
Go ahead.
I mean, no.
What are you I'm I'm doing that.
I'm taking the kids to the museum.
What are you talking about? DAVEY (PHONE): Right.
I just would feel better I think I think it'd be funner if we all went.
Do we have to make a big deal out of it? No.
You're right.
Y-you should just you should probably just get them.
I'm pretty busy.
- Okay.
- Okay.
[mysterious music.]
I need a I need a scarf.
Do you have like a [knocking.]
You ready? Why do you look like Norma Desmond? [scoffs.]
You know what? I adore you and your charades, but I'm not missing the van again.
My God.
My God.
[non-english chatter.]
My God.
Where are you gonna take me next? Here's to not playing hard to get at all.
Why would we? [sirens.]
- [hyperventilating.]
- [inaudible.]
- Miss, are you all right? - Yes.
Thank you.
Look who decided to show up.
Looking good, Bowden.
Get a load of this guy.
And maybe we shouldn't miss the flight.
- Should we go? - Yes.
Let's go.
- Great.
- Let's go.
Let's go.
PILOT (PA): The tower has us on a delay.
Hopefully, we'll be moving shortly.
Why is there a delay? That's odd, right? There's always a delay.
Who knows? Yeah, but yeah, that's true.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
There is [rumbling.]
Here we go.
Oh, God.
You have got to fucking calm down.
[breathing heavily.]
You made it on the plane.
Get to Seoul, back to New York.
And then, you're free.
All right? Because you did nothing wrong.
ALEX (VOICEOVER): You honestly can't think of one thing you did wrong? [echoing.]
What the what the fuck? Where am why am I in why why am I back in this room? Where's the where's the plane? How do you think you're getting away with any of this? What? I'm not I'm not trying to get away with anything.
- I didn't do anything.
- Oh.
Well, even if you didn't kill me, you at least broke a few laws CASSIE: Wait, wait.
I did not kill you.
Okay? I am not that kind of drunk.
I am I am public nudity yelling in the subway - kind of drunk, okay? - [sighs.]
I'm not I'm not violent.
I know.
You can't remember what happened though, so you're also a blackout drunk.
Ex excuse me.
You don't even know me.
I know you didn't call the police to tell them something happened to me.
I woke up covered in your blood.
No one was gonna believe anything that I said.
It is a lot of blood.
Why would someone want to kill you? You did read that article online about that guy who got sentenced to five years in Thailand for littering? I did read about that.
Oh my God.
- Oh my God.
- Also, you cleaned up the crime scene.
So that's another strike against you.
W-what? No.
I didn't.
I did.
Just a little bit, just a tiny bit Just my parts, I didn't mean to.
I just I really did a terrible fucking job.
Oh, fuck! [knocking.]
You wanna get that? [gasping.]
Don't you work here? Yes.
Yes, I do.
Tell me you weren't drinking in there.
I don't know what was going on in there, - but I was definitely not drinking.
- Okay.
That's hardly reassuring.
- Can you just get it together? - Yeah.
It's just have you seen that bald guy? Who who is he? He keeps staring at me.
He's really creeping me out.
That's just the new Air Marshal.
It's his job to stare at things.
You are so out of it.
What the hell did you do with that guy last night? I didn't do I stayed in the hotel.
Okay, if you don't believe me, call and ask them.
I [phone ringing.]
[speaking Tagalog.]
Hi, yes.
I am trying to reach one of your guests, Alex Sokolov.
Just a moment, ma'am.
[phone ringing.]
I'm sorry, ma'am.
There is no answer.
MIRANDA: Yeah, well, I was supposed to have a meeting with him this morning.
Could you please have housekeeping - check on his room? - GUEST SERVICE (PHONE): Of course.
Sokolov? Thank you.
- [screams.]
- [gasps.]
- I hope so.
- What's going on? - Hi.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to scare you.
Can I can I help you? I asked for a soda.
This is vodka.
Oh, sorry.
I misunderstood you.
I thought you said I thought you wanted both.
Can I just get a soda, please? Absolutely.
- Yes.
- We'll bring it to you.
What is his fucking problem? Okay.
Are you seriously trying to get the Air Marshal drunk? Cause that would be crazy and highly illegal.
I am not.
I heard him wrong.
He needs to just chill out.
Okay, Cass, that's literally the opposite of his job.
What is up with you? Okay.
Listen, I did go out last night.
I'm a little bit hungover.
I don't want to get into it.
- It's not a big deal.
- That you went out with the guy in 3C? What? No.
Well, Shane said that he and Jada both think that you went out with 3C.
I Oh my God.
You're talking about this? - Why are you talking about this? - Don't be stupid, Cassie.
Of course we're talking about this.
- What else are we gonna talk about? - Here's the thing.
I'm never gonna say I went out with 3C, because I didn't.
For the last time, I didn't.
I didn't go out with him.
- What? - Calm down.
- Okay.
- All right.
It's not like it's the end of the world - if you went out with him.
- No.
- It doesn't even matter.
- I know, 'cause I didn't.
I'm staying at this hotel.
[mysterious music.]
[phones ringing.]
- Sokolov residence.
- Yes, hello.
This is Special Agent Kim Hammond with the FBI.
May I please speak with Edward or Janet Sokolov? This is Janet Sokolov.
May I ask what this is regarding? Yes, ma'am.
I know this is hard, but I have a few questions for you about your son.
I'm sorry.
What about Alex? I'm so sorry.
I thought I thought that the State Department had informed you.
What happened to Alex? Is he all right? Is he hurt? Tell me.
CASSIE (PA): Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Incheon National Airport.
We will be taxiing on an active runway for the next few moments.
So please stay seated with your seatbelts securely fastened.
But feel free to use your approved electronic devices at this time.
We'll give you more information when we reach the gate.
Thank you so much for flying with us.
On behalf of your friendly crew here at Imperial Atlantic, welcome to Seoul.
It said, Alex Sokolov.
3C was Mr.
It ain't rocket science.
I'd like for it to not be someone that was on our flight.
Thank you.
Well, people aren't immune to unfortunately things just because they fly Imperial Atlantic.
You will never work in marketing.
Cassie, you talked to him a lot.
Give us some details.
No, I didn't.
I mean, I served him.
He wanted a scotch on the rocks, a bunch of them.
Oh my God.
I thought he was winking at you earlier.
But now, I see it's just a series of small strokes.
I was nice to him exactly one time.
- You okay? - What? Yeah.
Just like need to take a bath or something.
SHANE: No, no, no.
Come to dinner with us.
I'm gonna make Jada buy you the drinks that you like.
Will I though? I'm a little bit tired.
I really should just get some sleep.
You know, I could stay in if you like.
No, no, no.
You go.
Just, uh, bring me back some yummy food.
- Okay? - You sure? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's fine.
Thank you.
Thank you.
[somber music.]
ALEX (VOICEOVER): Being a flight attendant seems like fun.
It is.
- Right? - Mhm.
Good, I feel validated.
- Do you? - Yeah.
It is fun.
You know, I get to see all these beautiful places and I don't know, look at passengers right in the eye and say the word trash.
It's great.
But with all the new, you must get lonely sometimes.
What? No.
Was that an awkward question? I think it's it's okay.
I'm gonna get us some more.
- No.
Don't - Don't go anywhere.
I'm not.
I don't want no.
I I don't know.
Maybe you're right a little bit.
I guess it does tend to get lonely.
It's just I am so used to it.
I just don't get too close to people and keep a distance and you know, it's it's a lot of first dates.
I'm jealous.
Really, I I I never date.
And when I do, I make bad choices.
Well, your streak continues.
I don't think so.
If you are bad at first dates, then the fact this is going so great is is Wait, did you say it's going so great? Shut up.
I need ice for that.
You do not need ice for this.
You do not need ice for this.
You you just don't want to be alone right now.
So you trying you are [heavy breathing.]
Oh, God.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
But I do need I do need ice.
[mysterious music.]
This is not gonna be good.
This is really bad for you.
- This is not [sighs.]
- Hey.
Ice, huh? I was just at the gym.
Just got to keep it tight, in case In case what? In case that a fun thing that happened last time when we were in Seoul happens again.
I was very drunk.
So Sure, sure, but I mean, when aren't you drunk, right? Got it.
I'm sleeping alone.
- Okay.
Get in.
Just just go.
- What's wrong? I've been thinking a lot about my dad today.
He's dead, so I think my ice is melting.
Almost there.
Can you just I'm gonna straighten up real quick.
Just give me one minute.
You saw a man you slept with bleeding from the throat, dead today.
Very, very dead.
Oh, Go [exhales.]
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
I'm fine.
But God, everyone keeps asking me that.
It's like hysterical.
Am I okay? I'm yes.
I'm fine.
I just dropped my I just dropped my ice.
But you know, I think I should probably like I should probably just chill for tonight.
- So I'm gonna - W-wait.
But you and me we were gonna That thing just looked at me.
And you still want to hook up? I I really I really don't think that we should do that.
So yeah, I'm just gonna [panting.]
[ominous music.]
You can't do this anymore.
You are going to go home.
You're gonna be a new person.
It never happened to you.
So [phone ringing.]
Where's my ID? No, no, no, no, no, no.
Where's my ID? Where's my fucking ID? No.
ALEX (VOICEOVER): Are you gonna read it again? [laughing.]
Oh my God.
Why am I back in this fucking room? Maybe you're not done with it yet.
I am 100% done with it.
So are you.
Are you are you doing this to me? Did you did you do this? ALEX: Well, I don't know.
I'm just laying here.
Are you even Alex? Because I ALEX: I mean, you think I am.
So uh, yeah.
I'm Alex.
You are being way too casual about this mindfuck.
Where's my ID? And why am I holding your stupid book? You don't remember? You drank just as much as I did.
Stop judging me.
If I left my ID in this room, I am so screwed.
Oh my God.
I cannot remember - Yeah.
- anything after dinner.
Like what the fuck did we do? It's just these little flashes in my memory.
ALEX: That's good.
That means you didn't totally black out.
- That's a positive, right? - You were there that night.
Can't you tell me anything? Cassie, I think we both get that I'm not exactly the Alex you were with that night.
Wait a minute.
Where's the W-where's the blood? - Where's all the blood? - MEGAN (VOICEOVER): Cassie.
Cassie, it's me.
Yummy food.
Missed you tonight.
- If you want it.
Call me.
- Annie.
Annie, Annie, Annie.
- [line ringing.]
- [phone buzzing.]
Please pick up, Annie.
Hey, fancy lawyer, we're ready for you.
Come on, Annie.
ANNIE (PHONE): It's Annie.
That's all you get.
All right.
So, Alex Sokolov, Vice President of Operations at this Unisphere asset place.
- Wall Street, huh? - Van, please, space.
So lots of to travel to China, Cyprus.
Foreign agent, foreign asset.
Or maybe he just Yeah, go ahead and draw that straight line connecting China and Cyprus for me.
I'll wait.
Bangkok police are checking 17 million security cameras.
I'll have to go through state though.
So we get the fun job of quizzing - the flight crew when they land.
- [sighs.]
I got a pal at CIA who says flight attendants are the most likely to be foreign assets, because of the unfettered travel.
One of these Imperial Atlantic employees is secretly a spy with all the answers.
Come on, Kimmy.
You Do you have a desk? Yes, I'll tell her.
Watch your step.
Thank you.
- MEGAN: Thanks.
- Oh my God.
I'm so happy to be home.
So they would like the first class cabin crew to wait at gate B31 after we're clear.
Apparently the authorities would like to speak with us.
Um [clears throat.]
The police? That's usually what the authorities means.
Why would they want to speak to us? I mean, we're just we're just flight attendants.
[mysterious music.]
WOMAN (PA): Paging Cassandra Bowden.
Cassandra Bowden? Cassandra Bowden, may I ask where you're heading? WOMAN (PA): Cassandra Bowden, please report to gate B31.
Did you, like, try and flee? Fuck off.
[ominous music.]
- Should we get more? - Yes.
I think so too.
Can we get more? VAN: Megan Briscoe.
Honestly, I don't think I even spoke with Mr.
So So wait, was he some kind of weird sleeper agent for the Russian government? [russian speech.]
JADA: This is, um I'm tired.
Can I go? I studied Russian.
Are you allowed to say how he was killed, because I'm so curious? If I had any pertinent information pertaining to this case, I Of course, I would tell you, but no.
Well, he's the type that would order an extra olive, if you know what I mean.
Pure downtown fluff.
Oh, Cassie? Cassie.
Yes, he spoke a lot to Cassie, 3C.
Cassie? Yes.
I believe that Cassie did take care of him.
I mean, not take took care him.
She dealt with him more.
Yes, yes.
She she spoke with him more.
He was really hot.
So I don't blame her.
They were flirting, heavy, a lot.
Yes, she's my best friend.
You should take that.
I I don't know where she went after we landed.
So um, you know, that's basically, that's none of my business.
So but All right.
So what is this room used for? I think it's some kind of security office.
Dolphin's kind of creepy, huh? Ms.
Bowden, I'm Special Agent Kim Hammond.
This is Special Agent Van White.
Let me start by gently pointing out that fleeing an interview is not the best way for us to meet.
Oh, no.
I I wasn't fleeing.
I The rest of the first class cabin crew waited as requested.
I know.
These international flights, they just turn my brain to mush.
I was on autopilot.
But I'm here now.
We appreciate your time.
Do you think I need my union rep or anything? Do you think you need your union rep or anything? This is just a simple cursory interview to get some background information on Alexander Sokolov's travel to Bangkok.
And frankly, we could just really use your cooperation.
Oh, of course.
I don't know why I'm so nervous.
- Mm.
- I I want to help.
So Good.
So you spoke to Mr.
Sokolov? You know, we spoke a few times, like drink orders and that kind of thing.
Did you see Mr.
Sokolov after the flight landed in Bangkok, outside of the airport? Why would I ha I think they know you're lying.
Not now.
ALEX: So tricky.
What would your lawyer friend What's her name, Annie? What would Annie say? Okay.
What do you mean? What do How do you know about Annie? Oh, there's all kinds of information tucked away in here.
Listen, I blacked out.
I blacked out.
If I don't remember, then it didn't happen.
Okay? That's the answer.
That's just what it is.
I Hey.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Um, um.
What? I I didn't know you could do that.
Well, I'm dead.
I'm not missing my legs.
Seriously, what is this? Am I going fucking insane? Where are we? [ominous music.]
I Oh, no.
I think you remember more than you think you do.
See? You do like squid ink pasta, or you're pretending.
- Thank you.
- It's very good.
Thank you.
Squid ink.
ALEX (VOICEOVER): Business associate might stop by later tonight to reach out about our meeting tomorrow.
Oh my God.
There was someone else there.
[glass clinking.]
[glass clinking.]
Who was that woman?
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