The Flight Attendant (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

Conspiracy Theories

1 Your attention, please, ladies and gentlemen.
This train is now arriving at Yonkers.
Please take this time to look above and around your seat and gather all personal belongings.
Have a good day.
Excuse me.
There's a woman chasing me.
I think she might have a weapon.
She is right - Where is this woman? - What happened to your shoe? Wha no, she was Annie? Annie, it's me.
Will you buzz me up? I-I lost the the extra key.
Oh, like your ID you didn't lose 'cause you don't lose things? What? That was totally different.
And I-I'm sorry I stopped messaging you today.
It just it got so crazy.
You have no idea.
You have no idea the strings that I pulled to get you out of that house, Cass.
Wait, what? Annie, wait, what do you mean? What did you do? I'm sorry.
I didn't know you were this upset.
Cass, I thought you were in real danger.
Do you get that at all? I'm sorry.
I Hi, c-could you let me in? I'm staying with my best friend.
I lost the extra key.
It's a whole thing.
- Mrs? - Hassler.
- Yes.
- It's no problem.
Thank you.
Oh, dear, where are your shoes? Mrs.
Hassler, this is Annie Mouradian from 4G.
Please don't let that woman in.
I do not know who that is.
Oh, no, no, she knows who I am.
She's Okay, we're gonna Yep, we're gonna do that, okay.
Annie, I saw her.
I saw Miranda.
Okay, so you got chased by a dangerous criminal, and now you're holding a bag of stolen trash in my face.
No, I have no idea why I was worried.
Listen, it's evidence, okay? I was I was improvising.
I thought maybe if we, like, taped it all together, we would have an answer.
And what's on your feet? Oh, my friend Shane gave me his socks.
- I did a weird thing.
- Can I? Yeah, cool, thanks.
- Yeah.
- We sh we should Yeah, hey, babe, listen, um, just for a sec.
Uh look, I know you're going through a lot right now.
Um, hear me out.
I think you might be suffering from a little bit of PTSD.
Okay, Annie, really, I'm not.
Look, you saw some really fucked-up shit in Bangkok, and we have barely talked about it at all.
Cass, you know that you can talk to me about more than just, like, psychotic women and the FBI, right? Try telling her how you feel.
I mean, she's your friend.
She'll get it.
Alex, I don't know Where would I even begin? Well, you could start by telling her that you're already talking to me.
No, that would not go over well, okay? Plus, everything I'm feeling is just so fucked up.
It's just, Annie, I can't deal with more than one problem at a time.
Like, that's all I can do right now.
No, I got it.
I got that.
Come here.
Thank you.
I love you.
I love you.
Yeah, okay, stop crying.
Okay, listen, Miranda, right? She is not the person that we thought she was.
Well, I mean, she is still a murderer who broke into my apartment.
Okay, if she's not a psychotic ex, then why is she specifically targeting you? I don't maybe she thinks I know something from Bangkok I don't know.
Babe, these aren't even cross-shredded.
Taping these together wouldn't be the craziest idea.
- Look! - I found weirder things in other people's trash.
- Max thinks it's a good idea.
- No, I don't think it's good.
I just don't think it's crazy.
He's supportive, though.
I like that.
Okay, listen, you guys, we're gonna need some, like, properly legally acquired evidence that isn't stuck together with Scotch tape, you know.
Okay, listen, I was thinking, if Miranda got off that train, there has to be cameras somewhere on the platform, right? Okay, look, - I have a guy at the MTA - Yes! Who might be able to pull some tapes.
I don't want you to get your hopes up.
- Okay.
- Holy fuck! I got a match.
The crowd goes wild! I want to see that.
- Oh, okay.
- You're a killjoy, see? - I am not a killjoy.
- Look at that, it's a match.
- Max.
- Hmm? Are you coming to bed, or? Great.
No, cool.
Okay, have fun! - Hey.
- We need tape.
- Yes, good idea.
- Now.
Tape, all right.
- Oh, shoot.
- No, Cassie, no one ever calls back from a text unless it's bad news.
- She called back from a text? - No.
Everything is fine.
Everything's fine.
We can't meet at my apartment tomorrow morning.
- What? - It is fine.
Someone kind of kind of sort of broke in.
That's not fine.
Are you okay? Yes, yes, I am, and it was weird.
They didn't even take anything.
Okay, um I-I just have to ask um did someone really break in, or do you just not want us at your place? Oh, my God, Davey, I would not lie - about something like this.
- Right, okay.
So we'll, um we'll just meet at the aquarium, then.
Great, yes, I'll see you guys at 12:30.
At 12:00? 12:00.
That was a test.
Okay, bye.
I love you.
I'll see you then.
Popular, huh? Oh, that was my brother.
He's just He's a lot.
I don't know.
- Yeah, I got another match.
- Wow.
I think this is gonna go pretty quick.
- I like your optimism.
- Yeah.
Oh, you know what? We should have gotten some flower.
This would have been so much better if we were high.
Okay, I'm impressed.
Nothing here is problematic or even worth getting fucking murdered over.
I mean, it's just a bunch of stuff about Lionfish.
It's a holding company.
The only crossover I see with Alex Sokolov is that he was on the board of one of their companies Minute Jets.
I remember that name.
Yes, yes, Minute Jets flies from Teterboro to Portland, Maine, every single day.
New Jersey and Maine? This conspiracy got less sexy.
- I mean - Wait.
Look, also on the board - Oh, my God.
- Bam.
M-I? That could totally be Miranda.
Okay, so what's the big deal about this particular flight? Okay, let's see, let's see, it takes off at 3:00, lands at 4:55, takes off again at 5:11.
I mean, why would it just refuel and turn right back around? It's not a crime, but it it is strange.
You know, when you make a mess in here, it affects both of us.
Your mom said these specific Lionfish documents could make you look guilty.
Is there something about those weird flights - that got you killed? - Wow.
If I got killed over a refueling pit stop in Maine Okay, okay, maybe it's about what happens during the four hours in the air.
They could be performing ritual sacrifices.
How do we know? Well, I do know exactly where they'll be at 3:00.
I was joking.
What, you're going to New Jersey today? What about your brother's visit? Okay, look, I could get arrested tomorrow or attacked by a crazy stalker.
Time isn't really on my side.
Besides, I got to know exactly what those people are doing on that plane.
Now you're getting on that plane? You cannot do that.
The plane is where whatever is happening on the plane is happening.
And maybe you'll get yourself in trouble.
And maybe find out exactly why Miranda thought you had to die.
Wow, this is a reckless and manic plan.
Okay, but if everything goes to plan, you know, I should make it back just in time for my dinner with Davey.
Shit, is that the time? I got to go.
- Well, what about this? - Yeah.
No, you're great.
Thank you for your help.
I like you.
- Hey, you.
- Hey! - What's going on? - Uh, Megan, quick question do you moonlight for Minute Jets? Uh, no, I'm with Jetset.
You're probably thinking about Nate.
Nate? Really? Ugh.
He flies with them all the time, but I guess when you gamble as much as Nate does, you need the money.
- Oh.
- That man is way too young to be such a mess.
Thanks for the info, and, um, for what it's worth, really glad we're back to normal, huh? I am, too.
Me too.
I-I gotta go.
Hon, go to the car.
- Can I have the keys? - Yes.
No driving.
Hey, Nate, it's it's Cassie.
Sorry to bother you.
I've got kind of a weird favor.
It's actually a long story, but Can't do a long story right now, Bowden.
Also, you still owe me an apology for that full 180 in Seoul.
Okay, I'm I'm sorry for kicking an ice bucket.
Guess that counts.
If you need to talk, I'll be done at Muscle Doctrine at 11:45.
- Come by.
- Yeah.
No, actually, this doesn't need to be an in-person thing.
I'm meeting my family at Coney Island.
Listen, quick question you moonlight for Minute Jets, right? Do you ever take the Maine route? Yeah, every day I'm free, - like today at 3:00.
- Oh, um, okay.
Well, is there any way you can get me on your flight crew? Okay, that's a weird ask.
Yeah, I guess I could.
We can assign our own crews.
Depends on the reason.
Um, actually, I can't really say.
It's not an important reason, so Then, no, I'm not crazy.
I won't jeopardize a solid gig that pays more than it should for you.
I can make it worth your while.
- Oh, yeah? - Money, Nate.
How much does that gym cost you, huh? $300 a month? Got any other expenses, maybe gambling debts? Damn it, Megan.
What is that flight worth to you? - Annie is here.
- Oh.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Our firm has a policy to never approach our clients for favors.
Diana, listen, I know that I shouldn't have contacted one of our clients with a personal request.
- It's just - Everything was sorted? I'd hate for this to fall on your shoulders for nothing.
Yes, uh, the issue was resolved.
I had a law professor who referred to the law as a shield.
Right, of course, to protect our clients.
And to protect us from our clients, but you made that call.
You dropped your shield, and now you owe these people.
Listen, Diana, I never meant to put the firm in any The client will call you shortly.
I can tell you from experience that whatever they ask you to do will not be pleasant.
And I never want to know about it.
Understand? Oh, fuck, I was gonna be early.
Hey, girls.
Aunt Cassie! Oh, no! Come here! Oh, my God, you're so big! What happened? Where have you been? - Hi, bro-bro.
- Hi.
- It's good to see you.
- Yes, you too.
- Sorry I'm a little bit late.
- Oh, that's okay.
- Hi.
- Ah, don't worry about it.
Oh, my goodness, did you miss me as much as I missed you? Come here.
Hug me.
Don't let me go.
- Dad, can we have one? - Ah, I don't think so.
Oh, let let me get one for you.
Auntie Cassie will get you a little gift.
Oh, no, it's not it's not about who buys it.
It's just we're trying to teach them you don't need something just 'cause you want it, right? We think it'll be good for them in the long run, but it ain't easy.
No, 'cause, guys, remember, the gift today is Remember? Is the experience of being here together.
That's a pretty existential gift for little kids.
Ooh, you're so mean.
Can you believe all those fishies, guys? It's so nice.
- It is.
- They're beautiful.
Aren't they? Oh, hold on, one second.
You guys sit right there, okay? I don't want to see them on the floor.
Hey, Megan.
Oh! You're there.
Hey, sorry about that.
Listen, I was thinking about you and Nate, not you and Nate, but, um why do you need that info on those private routes? Yeah, I can't really talk about that.
It's a little bit personal, so If it means that you're shifting over and you're not gonna be my bid buddy anymore, it affects me.
Listen, I get it.
I hear you.
I totally do.
But I cannot talk about this right now.
I'm actually watching my nieces.
Girls? Maya, Eve? Where did the girls go? They were here two seconds ago.
Kids are always running off for attention.
I remember when I was little, this neighborhood girl Daphne ran off in a supermarket, and her mother freaked out and no, that's a bad example because Daphne actually was kidnapped.
Can you believe that they found her body by the Long Island Expressway? Girls? Hey.
Just breathe.
Oh, my girls, you scared me half to death.
You cannot do that to me ever, ever again.
Do you hear me? - Oh, my God.
- Hey! - Dad.
- Oh, what - is everything all right? - Yeah! - You okay? - Let's, um let's keep going.
- Uh, okay.
- Come on! - Let's go.
- Yeah.
Okay, let's keep going.
Well, we saw the sharks.
How much are these whales? Girls, girls, listen, I could not let you guys leave New York without a little souvenir from your auntie, okay? Turn around.
I'm putting these in your backpack.
Shh, don't look! This is going to be our little secret, okay? - Thank you.
- I love you both so much.
All right, hold hands.
Let's go.
Secret, secret.
Will you watch the girls? I want to talk to Cassie.
Hey, so what's the deal with the apartment? Did you call the police? Oh, God, this isn't Denver, okay? We only call the police if we're getting, like, decapitated or something.
Oh, well, then you wouldn't call them.
- That's all.
- That'd be dumb.
Don't call the police.
I'm totally fine.
I'm staying with Annie.
I'm getting the locks changed.
You don't have to worry.
- Oh, okay.
- I swear, it was no big deal.
Do you want to come back to the hotel, kill time with us until dinner? Oh, God, I would love to.
I have to go do this stupid work thing, but Oh, no, of course.
This was so much fun.
- It was.
- Oh, my God.
- Thanks for making the time.
- I love you so much.
- You had fun today, too.
- I did.
I saw.
You were laughing.
- A little bit.
- You were smiling a lot.
- Love you - I'll see you at dinner.
I can't wait for dinner, okay? - Yeah.
- Okay.
- Hey.
- You're late.
Galley and lav left.
Up front's my wingman, Howie.
So you want me to, like, I don't know, duty-wise, make drinks, or what do you want? Well, everyone on the manifest is here already.
So just do your preflight and buckle in, and we can go.
There's no no one here yet.
I said I don't know how they stay in business, and I don't want to know.
So I see all eight passengers, don't you, Howie? And if a curious FAA rep should ask, you see them, too, right? Okay, great.
Your own private flight.
Okay, where are all the people, Alex? Where are the people I'm supposed to be eavesdropping on? There's no one on this plane.
Okay, I can tell you need to relax.
So why don't we just dance for a bit? Well, what happens when we land? We'll just have to wait the duration of the 2-hour flight, and then we'll see.
You can either grind your teeth or dance with me.
Okay, but there's no music.
I don't want to 'Cause I'm leaving ♪ Oh, my God.
I hate this song.
Don't know when I'll ♪ Feels like you're trying to distract me.
Maybe it's working a little.
I'm on one of your planes, Alex, doing something illegal.
We were doing daily flights to Maine.
Why why is that necessarily illegal? What are we, picking up crates of lobsters? I mean, come on, we can't - Have you done this before? - Oh, yeah, so many times.
Every place I go I'll think of you ♪ I'm a guy you met once.
Why am I so important? When I come back, I'll bring your ♪ I'm not gonna say I'm falling in love with you, because you're dead and that would be insane.
And smile for me ♪ Attention, Cassie Bowden.
In a few minutes, we're gonna be taking this bird down to Portland Airfield.
Expecting a few whips from the tail off this jet stream, so buckle up.
Oh, Jesus Christ al-fucking-mighty, Victor! Ha! How long have you been sitting there for? Only a few minutes.
I have dinner plans.
So I was gonna leave and come back tonight and scare you, but, uh, it all worked out.
Well, what a what a nice surprise.
Bangkok what a fuck-up.
Right? Don't I pay you to make sure such things don't become a headache? Yes, but I didn't want to bother you with the details, and I'm already into fixing it, so We'll circle back to that.
It is so odd to me that you never unpack.
Yeah, I suppose it is, but, you know, I just hate to leave anything behind.
Did you get back what Alex took? Did you find out who this woman works for, what she knows? Victor, it has only been a few While you've been busy not cleaning up Bangkok, oh, and publicly chasing people on trains, things have become complicated.
Janet Sokolov is threatening to freeze our remaining cash.
Miranda, you used to be much better at managing things.
So, quickly tell me what you have so I'm not disappointed.
Cassandra Bowden American, flight attendant, but she has multiple passports and has been to Unisphere and the Sokolov home in the past week.
So I'm I'm not buying that story.
And does she have my personal property? I don't know yet.
It's not your problem anymore.
You're on the way back to London fun.
Victor, don't sideline me.
This is my fuck-up to fix, and I have I already have a contingency plan in place.
Listen, Miranda, if I ever see you near that blonde again I'll be unhappy.
Do not make this one of your obsessions.
Take your well-packed bag, get on a plane.
Good chat.
Travel safe.
Easy money, huh? Uh, yeah.
What are in those containers? Well, they pay us not to care.
You pay me not to care why you really wanted to be on this flight.
Okay, here.
Wheels up in 15.
Fuckin' guy.
Okay, okay, okay.
Ah! Oh, God! So what do you say, Bowden? You want to finish what we started in Seoul? Jesus Christ, you scared the shit out of me.
What are you doing? Stop! - Relax, I was just kidding.
- God! No big deal.
You shouldn't have gotten off the plane.
Okay, I have dinner reservations at 8:00, and I intend to be early, so get back in the cockpit so we can leave, okay? Oh, hey, uh, where are we with the MTA footage? Right, your friend in the transit authority called and said he wouldn't be able to pull that footage without raising red flags.
Great, I'm gonna need a different answer than that.
Have a good night! Hey.
- Annie! - What's up? Are you still at the apartment? Everything okay? There is no one on the plane, okay? That's the whole point no one on the plane.
- Okay, I think I think I might know - Cassie.
what Alex was doing that got him killed.
Okay, I literally can't hear you.
I think Alex and Miranda were using jets to move things.
Cassie? Right? I only saw a battery, but I kept clicking.
Annie, they make rocket launchers.
Can you hear me? Hello? Cass? Okay, what if Alex and Miranda were were partners in some sort of smuggling scheme? Okay, your connection is terrible.
Can you please just call me when you get on the ground? Annie, Annie - Hi, honey.
- Hi, sweetie.
How was work? Listen, um, do me a favor.
From now on, no eBay with my laptop, all right? I'm trying to work on this thing.
It's just gotten ridiculously slow, and I think it probably has a virus and - Really? - Yeah, it's Well, then maybe you should speak to your son about that, Bill.
Why? Do you know what I saw him watching on that? - What? - Porn, highly graphic porn.
- What? No.
- Yes! Come on, he's not even old enough - to know what that even is.
- Oh, God, he's 15.
He's been watching porn for at least 5 years now.
And if it wasn't him, that means someone else left that browser open on that porno site.
Well, then I will definitely Talk to Eli.
Come here, my bad boy.
Come here.
Eli, where are you? Oh, hello! You are a few minutes late.
You're gonna have to work on that.
Oh, my God, calm down.
It's one drink.
Where's Rick and the girls? - They're back at the hotel.
- Really? Why? Everything okay? I'm s I'm sorry.
Are you mad that I bought a gift for my nieces? Well, did you hear me tell them no? - We did talk about it, right? - Jesus, yes.
- I mean, yes or no? - Yes! I didn't think it was that big of a deal.
It's just you think Aunt Cassie can just fly in on her magic umbrella one day a year, break all the rules, there are no consequences.
Okay, come on, don't you think you're overreacting a little? I mean, my coworker lets her kid ride on the front of her car when it's hot out.
Well, that person should be arrested.
So don't go crazy on me.
It's stuffed animals, come on.
No, it's a secret that you asked my kids to keep from me.
You know, I thought this would be a nice little gift for my nieces.
You think I don't get it, do you? Oh, my God.
You and Dad had your secret little codes and your friendship.
It made you feel special, and I but making my kids like me less isn't going to make them love you more.
All right, you want love, you should just probably get a dog.
Wow, you are that is you're always out to make me the bad guy it's crazy.
I mean, it's so sad 'cause I felt so close to you today.
You showed up drunk, smelling of mouthwash instead of liquor, but, you know Dad used to pull the same shit.
- Shh! - Oh, he did it better.
Are you kidding me? Fuck that.
I wasn't drunk today.
Plus, you throw drinking one vodka in my face every time you're a little mad.
So I'm kind of immune to it by now.
One drink, when the other glass is sitting right there.
God, you twist everything I say to make your fucking point.
Cassie, were you drunk at the aquarium today? You know what? That is such a Shit.
Oh, my God, I'm so sor so You know what? Fuck that.
Everyone is drunk to you.
Hi, I am gonna have to ask you two to keep your voices down, or you can take your conversation outside.
- Okay.
- I'm sorry.
We're done.
Yeah, I'm going to cover the drinks, okay? Here, this should cover the the bottle that I'm sure you're gonna get on the way home.
Hey, you just leave right in the middle of a conversation? Conversation? Is that what that was? Well, thanks for the advice, Dad.
Oh, my God.
Jesus, stop making everything about Dad.
God, well, maybe you should stop acting like him.
You have so many fucking issues with him that you just keep throwing on top of me.
What, Dad drunk and referring to you as the son he never had right in front of me, while you're sitting there laughing, sitting with him, drinking his goddamn beers? How do you think that made me feel, huh? Davey, I'm I'm sorry.
I didn't know that was I didn't know that happened.
I don't remember that.
I don't remember that.
Well, history lesson from someone who can't even remember how today went, so.
Uh don't you think if I knew that happened, I would have obviously been on your side? Wow.
You just have rewritten our childhood neat little storybook, haven't you? Dad's great, and I'm just an OCD asshole, no reason at all.
Hey, did I rewrite the part where you abandoned me when you were 18? You left.
I had nobody.
- No, you got that right.
- Yeah.
I got out of there as fast as I could.
Yeah, you did.
How do you think that made me feel? I ca I can't.
I-I'm so I didn't know that that happened to you.
I don't remember any of that.
I don't I'm sorry that you choose to remember things that way 'Cause I had hoped that you'd finally see things the way they really were.
I love you, but Maybe I was just lying to myself, too.
You got this.
Just breathe.
Hey, hey, let her win.
What are you doing, man? Let your sister win, okay? - Shut up, it's my son.
- What No.
None of this is I won that race.
My dad was super proud of me.
We had fun.
Well, this doesn't look like fun.
She bumped into me.
She bumped into me.
Oh, shut up, all of you.
I mean, none of I just thought about this earlier today, just today.
This is this is not how that went down.
Then why is it here in your head? This is not what happened.
It's Annie.
That's all you get.
You got Shane.
Leave a message.
Just when I thought I was getting ghosted.
- Hi.
- What are you doing here? I didn't say anything.
I mean, I did, but I was drunk, so No, no, no, Sabrina, it's all right.
I just stopped by for a chat about the woman you had drinks with.
You mean Alessandra Ricci? Oh, okay, that's that's her name.
Yeah, yeah, let's talk about her.
I want to know everything, yeah, and I brought some very expensive cupcakes that we could share.
I don't think now is a good time.
You're not gonna invite me in? - Give me your money! - Mm! Oh, my God! Are you serious? What, is this what it's like to date an actor? Oh, wait, I'm sorry.
Are you dating an actor? Uh, no, nice try.
That's not what I what I meant.
Um, hey, you have a lot of animal stuff around.
I'm all for it, but, you know, inquiring minds want to know.
Where did that come from? Sure, right, because you have a thing for animals, too.
That's right.
Okay, I don't remember anything I told you in that bar that night, so just heads-up.
Okay, well, anyway, yes, um, I've always been one of those people who's obsessed with animals.
In fact, I can't even watch a movie where a dog gets hurt.
I wish I could have pets in this place.
You know, when I was a kid, I, uh I took in all the stray cats on our street.
Oh, I bet your parents loved that.
"Hey, uh, Buckley, do you know - the price of a gallon of milk?" - Aw.
Yeah, I think there were five or six of them.
- Wow.
- Yeah, but, uh Ah, never mind.
What is that face? Something embarrassing? Come on, you got to say it.
It's not fair.
- Come on.
- No, it's, um There was a giant oak tree in our front yard, and I came home from school one day.
Someone had hung all the cats from a limb.
What the fuck? Who would do that? Nobody ever knew.
And I tried, you know, playing Hardy Boys for a little bit, but I was so young, what if I found the nutjob? You know, I was ten and Oh, my God.
Yeah, my dad used to hunt How do you rebound from me to him? Maybe it's not about you.
Jesus Christ.
Can you imagine a world where not everything is about you? Look who's talking.
You know what? You're just jealous.
No, I get it.
You're mad at your brother, and you're trying to drown out his words with Dead Cat Guy instead of figuring out what happened to me.
Okay, you know what? At least Dead Cat Guy doesn't have his name all over some Jersey-to-Maine smuggling conspiracy.
Oh, you don't even know if that's what's going on.
Okay, after what I saw today, I mean, were you and Miranda involved in some illegal shit? - Because it sure looks like it.
- Oh, you're asking me? I don't know.
How am I supposed to know? Just ask somebody who knows something.
Ask Sabrina.
- Sabrina.
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, maybe she'll talk now that I have all this new info.
Um, I'm sorry.
I just remembered.
I have a I have to be somewhere.
I have a thing.
Yeah, I got to see my friend Sabrina.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have told you that story.
That was a terrible story to tell you.
No, no, no.
It's okay.
Well, I mean, yes, the story was absolutely horrible, but, um, that's not why I'm leaving.
I wish I thought of this sooner, but I'm sorry.
Um, it's, uh I'll I'll text you.
Sabrina? Sabrina? I can hear you.
Listen, hi.
It's Cassie Bowden or Alessandra Ricci, whatever.
I-I got to talk to you.
Can you Will you please open up? - Miranda! - Sabrina? Sabrina? - Did you say Miranda? - Hey! Sabrina! Keep it down.
Call the cops, okay? And tell them to come here right now! - 911.
What's your emergency? - Hi.
Yes, um, I need help - Ma'am, can you repeat that? - My friend What's the nature of your emergency? She's up and there's someone in the
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