The Flight Attendant (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

After Dark

1 Max, come on! Max! You couldn't just invent a narrative about me.
You're doing it to yourself as well.
Annie, is Max okay? I know you're probably mad.
But seriously, is is he okay? - We were only trying to - We? We? Okay.
Uh, where are your injuries? Oh, none.
You don't have any.
Great, okay.
I told you you could leave.
Annie, please, you gotta listen to me.
Alex stole a ton of money from Lionfish and from his own clients.
And my picture was on their computer and so was Miranda's but it said that her name was Elena - Then maybe it wasn't her.
- No.
Can can you hear yourself right now, Cassie? You've you've totally lost it.
- No, li - You've Listen to me.
Max literally saved my life.
He pushed me out of the way of a So I just got a call from a friend at the local precinct, and he told me that they're holding a 17-year-old girl who just learned a pretty fucked-up lesson in driving while high.
So no one was chasing you, and there's no conspiracy.
No, that's impossible.
That's not what that was Oh, really? Because that's the part of the story that sounds insane.
Annie, please.
This is way bigger than any of us even thought.
So, uh, in the entire history of our friendship - is that what we're calling it? - What? Are we calling it a friendship? Anyway, uh, in all that time, you've never seen me mad.
So I'd back the fuck off if I were you.
Did they find a flash drive? Listen it's a "Hello Kitty" flash drive.
Max had it in his pocket.
It was really small.
But it has all the information you need.
There is proof on there, I swear.
As long as you swear, Cassie.
Annie! Wait.
Where is Max? Surgery.
Do you understand the severity of this situation? Yes.
I'm sorry.
I didn't see them wheel him out, okay? But where are his clothes? Wh he put the flash drive in his back pocket.
I watched him do it.
So can you check th Yeah, okay.
- There's nothing.
- Okay, yeah, um - There's nothing? See? - He did.
He put it in There's nothing, no.
You don't have any proof, Cassie.
All you have are impossible stories about stalkers and women on trains and rich parents with guns.
You're the one who told me about the Sokolovs, okay? And the proof you need is on the "Hello Kitty" flash drive.
Don't you dare say fucking "Hello Kitty" to me one more time, I swear to God.
There is no drive, Cassie.
We were trying to help you, okay? We were trying to get information that didn't come from you because you said the FBI was on Oh, you were concerned about me! - Yeah! - Oh, my God.
That's great.
Ask me about my day.
So I can tell you about the fucking hell that I went through for you before I even found out about Max.
- I don't what? - Ask me.
What are you talking about? Do you know what? Just shut up.
- You just told me to ask you! - Shut up! Okay.
Um So Max is very injured.
And all you can talk about is you.
That's not true.
I did CPR.
I called 911.
Oh, my God.
Congratulations, Cassie, for being a human and doing the right thing.
- That's amazing.
- What else was I supposed to do? I am sorry.
I did not mean for him to get hurt.
I'm done.
Get your shit out of my house.
I'm done.
Cassie? Uh, it's pretty late.
Oh, God.
I didn't even realize how late it was.
Um I so I just thought we should, like, connect more.
I'm sorry.
Are you asking me to, like, hang out with you? We should we should do something, you know? Yeah, I'll see you on the Rome flight.
The Rome flight? - What? - In two days? Girl, you are such a mess.
You got Shane.
Leave a message.
Hi, Cassie.
Hey, Megan.
Whatcha doing? Are you gonna call every person you know? Are you pathologically incapable of being alone? Are you? I do not wanna be in this room, okay? I wanna be in the real world with my real friends.
Well, good luck with that.
You've alienated everyone in your life.
Yeah, you're crazy.
My friends love me.
I was thinking do you wanna go get oysters? Just me and you, like a little a little girl's oyster night.
- You okay? - Yes.
I'm totally fine.
In fact, I'm really good.
I'm sorry.
This is, like, super last minute.
But, um, you always say we don't hang out enough.
So I thought, what let's hang out, right? Okay, Cassie.
We're both adults.
And I can tell the difference between real excited and fake excited.
So what do you need? Why do you always think something is wrong? Well, maybe it's because it feels like you only call me when you need something.
Does it really? That's interesting.
Because I thought you wanted me to call you more.
You know, the way you call me all the time, leaving me so many messages.
Cassie, I already apologized for calling so often.
You even left me a message in Korean.
So you're leaving me messages in other languages, but I just wanna simply call you but I guess I can't do that, so.
Korean message? How? Yeah.
You and some guy.
I don't Uh, you know what? It was actually Bill and I.
Yes, we had this, um, weird sex thing.
And it's just totally embarrassing.
So could you just delete that for me? Nah.
I think I'm gonna keep it.
I'm gonna keep it for fun.
Gonna translate it later when I feel like it.
That no, no.
Uh, you know what? Where are you? I-I'll meet you for that drink.
You know what? Nope.
I'm over it.
I'm over it.
Vibe ruined.
You ruined it.
I should've should've fucking known.
Eh, Cassie? C Cassie! I need ♪ I need you ♪ I-I-I-I-I need ♪ Hi.
Well, that was a quick answer.
Are you lonely? Do you wanna see me? - Yes, and absolutely yes.
- - All right.
See you at my place.
- Okay.
No, no, no, no, no.
I do not wanna be in this room.
I am leaving! Uh That's never happened before.
Cassie You gotta stop lying to yourself.
No, no, no, no.
You you stay in there.
And I-I'm gonna I'm gonna stay out here.
So here's what we're gonna do.
We're just gonna talk this through like rational adults.
You can't ignore me, Cassie.
I'm hungry.
Do you wanna get breakfast? Excuse me.
Can we get some more bottomless mimosas please? - Yeah.
- No, no, no, no, no, no.
Can we keep those? You know what? I can't see the bottom of this.
This is, in fact, bottomless.
You know what's also bottomless? What? Hm.
What are you doing? Oh, my God.
Hi, everyone.
Oh, she she didn't like what she saw.
- Come here.
- Yes.
So unfortunately, we have this weird policy where we require people to stay fully clothed.
You need to pay and go.
So Cassie went to Alex's apartment, then came here.
That's right.
I saw the guy she was with pick the lock to get in.
Why is an empty warehouse so important? Maybe they stole all the stuff.
You know, if they had access to a big truck maybe.
If they had a big truck, you would've seen it when you were following her.
Isn't it time for your next shift? What? Uh, what's with the federal raid of Lionfish? Well, thanks to the blonde woman, they had to clean everything out overnight.
Hold on.
How the fuck do you know about that? Because I'm watching it happen.
God damn it.
You told Victor you were back in London.
Why are you in New York? And why does everyone have to listen to him except for you? I just need to clean things up before Victor realizes I'm not in London.
'Kay? Good luck with that.
Oh, come on.
Outside of this, we're friends.
Jesus, I even let you take care of my cat.
For two years.
It's not your cat anymore.
It's my cat that I never wanted just like these fuckin' phone calls.
Yeah, okay.
If Victor asks, I just need you to tell him that you've seen me in London.
Okay? Would you do that for me? I'll pay you.
A few more days.
But that is it.
Feed my cat.
- Ooh, hey, girl! - Hi, Mick! Hey, babe.
Hey, can we get two please? - Of course.
- You a regular or? Uh, you know, just a little.
You know I love this song.
I know you do, Cassie.
- It's my favorite.
- What song is this? Here you come again ♪ You know the words too.
Sing it.
To get myself together ♪ You waltz right through the door ♪ Just like you've done before ♪ And I wrap my heart ♪ Around your little finger ♪ Here you come again ♪ Just when I'm about to make it work without you ♪ You look into my eyes ♪ And lie your pretty lies ♪ And pretty soon I'm wondering ♪ How I came to doubt you ♪ Cassie Ca-Ca-Ca-Cas This is not funny.
The hell are you doing? Just leave it up to you and in a little while ♪ You're messin' up my mind ♪ And fillin' up my senses ♪ Here you come again ♪ Cassie! Lookin' better than a body has a right to ♪ That all I really know is here you come again ♪ Hey.
- Let's go sit over here.
- Okay.
We never go into the city on our weekly dates.
This is fun, huh? Mom, where are we going? Oh, I gotta make a quick stop.
But I thought that we could go to Big Gay Ice Cream.
Hm? Sound fun? Yeah, I guess.
Stop where though? Oh, uh, Cassie has something of mine that I need to pick up.
And she's not answering any of my texts, so Oh, my God.
Can't this this wait until I don't know - I'm not involved? - Sorry.
I need this right now so please get over it.
Cassie is the absolute worst.
Why do you even like her? Uh, 'cause she's my best friend.
Thank you.
It's kind of sad how you think this, like, party monster girl is your best friend.
Well, you know what? I like her, okay? She does whatever she wants and revels in it, and people love her.
And Eli, that is I just hope that you never have to experience feeling unseen or unwanted in your life, okay? 'Cause if someone was to make you feel that way, it's just terrible.
Are you even listening to me? I found Cassie.
- What? - Here she is.
At a bar singing Dolly Parton songs 28 minutes ago.
That is genius.
How did you do that? So we're going to a bar.
I'm going to a bar.
You are going to wait in the car, young man.
Oh, come on.
Cassie? Cassie! Um Behind you, do you see that guy over there? Uh yeah.
The one with the checkered tie? Okay.
You can see him too? Yeah.
Okay, good, 'cause, um He's been following me.
This is not the first time.
So you've you've got a stalker? Brag.
Thing is - hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Hm? I think he's an assassin.
Is this is this some sort of fantasy role play thing or something? Okay.
Fuck it.
You know what? I'm gonna go.
I'm gonna ask him.
I can't take this anymore.
Wait ask to see his, uh his passport.
Or or his license to kill.
Hey, hey.
Are you stalking me? Are you trying to kill me? Because I know all about Lionfish.
And I know you've been following me so what's up with that? Hm? Wait a minute.
Are you FBI? Oh.
Just tell me you're FBI, and then I'll leave you alone.
I would love that because that would mean I was safe! I okay.
This is good.
Just give me, like, a Just give me a wink and then I'll know.
Then I'll know.
It's like a sign.
That was not a wink but it was something.
You're FBI.
Nah, I'm just Yeah.
I knew it.
You're nuts, lady.
- Drinks? - Fresh drinks! Okay.
Move it over, buddy.
- Hey.
Come on in.
- Okay.
- So? - What? How'd it go with your stalker? Oh.
Oh, no, no, no.
Everything's totally fine.
It's no big deal.
It's the FBI.
They're watching me.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
I-I mean, I didn't know I was dating someone who was so important.
Are we dating now? - Is that what we're doing? - Yeah.
Okay, okay.
What if I, um what if I say we should just run away together? Just just run away from everything right now? What would you say? Um, that's It's a good question.
I'm gonna I'm gonna think about that answer.
- And I'm gonna come back - Okay.
- And I'm gonna tell you.
- Okay.
I'll tell you my answer when you get back.
Oh, my God.
This is such bullshit! You can't run away from me.
I'm in your head.
It's just me and the mess.
Fine that's fine.
You you can be here.
But I don't wanna be in this room.
I thought I made that pretty clear when I physically ran out the door.
Well, I don't know, but unlike everyone else, you can't seem to get rid of me.
Well, you said no one would wanna spend time with me.
- Ah.
- You were wrong.
It's been a great night and day with dead cat guy.
I was obviously talking about people who know you.
Oh, great.
Share your wisdom please.
I'm not telling you anything you don't know, Cassie.
You get it? I'm telling you that even though your life is in real danger, your only wish is that anybody literally anybody had answered your call because Annie cut you off.
That's just sad.
It's not Annie and I we'll we'll make up.
We'll be fine.
We're always fine.
She's done.
I saw it.
- I was there.
- No.
I'll prove you wrong.
Hasn't happened yet.
You're the worst.
Hey, hey, hey.
Sorry I had you wait out here, but I found Cassie, got what I wanted Cool.
Whatever, Mom.
Well, thank you for your help.
I gotta go fix things with my girlfriend, Annie, like, right now.
Oh, yeah.
She's your lawyer friend.
- Right? - Yeah.
Come on.
We're leaving.
- Where's my phone? - Okay.
Are you sitting on it? - No.
- Where is it? It's on the fucking floor.
I mean Wait.
Where are you taking me? Do you really care where I'm taking you? No.
I would go anywhere with you.
That's what I thought.
Let's go.
Oh! You didn't mention Bowden brought up Lionfish - when you interviewed.
- Are those my notes? It's your field report.
It didn't really register.
Is it completely lost on you that the warehouse we were standing in earlier is leased to Lionfish? How am I supposed to know that one of the crazy things she's said is even tangentially relevant? Bowden was in that warehouse.
And at Unisphere and at the Sokolov's.
And all those things, she's linking in her statement.
Try this.
Bowden and Sokolov knew each other in New York.
So they were flirting on the plane because they were already involved.
Something went bad in Bangkok during their marathon love fest.
She snapped.
She killed him.
And everything she's been doing since that moment has been cleaning up any proof that they knew each other before the flight.
What about everything she said outside of Sabrina Oznowich's apartment? If you wanna look into her crazy statement, then great! That sounds like a really fun project for you.
I'm staying focused on Bowden.
Being your partner is really infuriating sometimes.
Come on.
So Do you always hang out in your friends' apartments when they're not home? No.
They gotta come home sometime, right? Here.
You take that one.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
She's home.
- Holy fuck.
- Hi.
- Are you for real? - I we need to talk.
And this was the only way it was gonna happen.
- I had to come here.
- Who's this? Yes.
This is, um this is Buckley.
He is a guy that I am Buckley.
No, you're right.
You gotta go.
You gotta leave for a second.
- But we just got here.
- I know.
- He's gonna leave.
- Okay.
Nice to meet you.
- He's leaving.
- I'll be right here.
You should leave.
Annie, I am so truly sorry about what happened.
- You have to know that.
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, no.
You said that already.
And I got it.
And I want you to leave.
Any time you and I get bad, we always we always we fix this.
Okay, so the man that I love Fucking fuck.
Yep, okay.
Uh The man that I love is laying in a hospital bed and it's your fault so.
- You love him? - No, no, no.
This is not with this is.
It's not a sharing moment.
Um I'm really sick of having to excuse you and forgive you 'cause I'm not the answer, Cass, to whatever crazy thing it is that you're trying to drown out with, like, partying and booze and Buckleys.
And what the fuck kind of name is Buckley? - It's a family name, he's - Okay.
Can you go away? Hold on.
Let me get this Let me get this straight.
You're sick of forgiving me? Yeah.
How about me having to forgive you? I'm sorry.
What? I have forgiven you for so much shit.
It's I mean, let's think.
This oh, yes! Our trip in Cabo when I fell asleep in the bar, and you left me there! Yes? Yeah.
That was how about, um, the trip to Palm Springs? That bed remember you broke the bed - and then you blamed it on me? - Mm-hmm.
I paid for it.
Like, what was what was that? Okay, so, Cassie, you got Max hit by a car.
I know.
I know.
I It's hor I feel horrible about it.
- Uh-huh.
- I'd never but friends, you know, we we mess up, and then we forgive each other.
And I am only asking for just one more Okay, you know what, Cassie? Let's just be honest.
Our friendship doesn't work.
It just doesn't work, so You want you want honesty? So I-I come to you as a friend, right? And I tell you you want me to tell you things.
And I tell you someone's stalking me.
And you didn't believe me.
What do I do with that? What about your honesty, Annie? Huh? I still don't know what the fuck you do for work and why you have a creepy third cell phone from 2004.
And I didn't even know Max existed! - Y-yeah, you're right.
- Yeah.
- What? - You're right.
That's maybe, um maybe our friendship only works because, uh we don't show each other the messy bits.
You never had to call me a liar and I never had to call you a drunk but that's what we are, Cass.
I am not a drunk.
You can barely stand up straight.
If you wanna call me names and not believe what I tell you, that's fine.
But you you are not better than me.
I didn't say that I was I just called myself a liar.
God Okay.
You know what? Um So I don't have the emotional bandwidth to fight with you today, 'cause I'm a little tapped out.
So I'm done.
And, um I'm gonna need you to get your puppy from the hallway and, uh, leave please.
Wow! 'Kay.
You know what, Annie? You know what? I did not think this would go like this.
Did your plan go wrong? I'm so sorry.
My heart breaks for you, Cass.
Grow the fuck up, okay? You know, you're gonna feel really bad when I wind up dead.
Come on.
Let's go.
Let's go do something crazy.
Yeah! Crazy.
What the the hell is this? They think this is funny? What This pony is completely chained up here.
It's fucking animal abuse.
It's not a real pony.
Symbolism? Ever heard of it? I don't like what this represents.
The world is a messed up place.
But what if what if we set him free? And we're back! Look, I-I get that you're in denial but do you realize what you are about to do in broad daylight? Do you know why Buckley is so much better than you? Because he he wants me to be me, you know? He doesn't, like, judge me or He doesn't question every fucking move I make! Yeah, what do you mean? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
You wanted to do something crazy.
- Yes! - Let's set him free! What do you mean? What do you mean? Just help me, help me, help me, come on, come on.
- Shh.
No, we can't.
- If we get bogged down in logistics, we'll never do it.
- Just do it.
- Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Wait, wait, wait, hold on.
Too hard.
Just You're about to steal a ride that's designed for children! Okay.
You know what? I got a I'm gonna tell you a thing.
You ready to hear a thing? - Yes.
- Here it is.
I am not gonna always think about you.
Okay? I feel like I should but I'm not going to because I can't.
Because if I keep thinking about you, I'm gonna go I'm gonna go insane.
Do you want me to go insane? Let's go.
Um Let's go.
Let's go.
- Wait, what are you - Just go! Oh, my God.
Hurry! Hurry up.
- Wait, wait, hold on.
- Hey! Oh, my God.
- Oh, fuck.
- Go, go, go, go, go, go! Wha! Shh.
- What the - Look at his dumb face.
I am so sorry.
I have - I didn't mean to - It was it was Hey.
They stole my horse! - No.
- No, no.
Fuck! Fuck.
- We are justice! - Hell yeah! Um, Annie? How's Max? Jessica, um He's fine.
Uh He's fine.
You got my message.
Thanks for coming.
I just didn't wanna be gone for too long in case, um In case I don't know.
Oh, um I brought you something you can't kill.
I mean, uh, something that won't die.
Oh, my God.
I just didn't think you'd want flowers or anything.
It's fine.
Thank you, Jessica.
It's fine.
Please take this to give to Diana.
It's my letter of resignation from Davis & Carlisle.
Oh, wow.
Why? Sorry, I mean, shouldn't you give it to her yourself? No.
Yeah, no.
If I go in there, she'll convince me to stay because I, um, want to.
Uh, but I realize that I can't, so.
I don't understand.
Is it the firm? I mean, you're so good.
This is cute.
Um Your name isn't Jessica, is it? It's Jennifer, actually.
That's Cassie was right.
Wow, I fucking hate that.
Um Why would let me call you Jessica? You know what? Don't answer that.
Just you shouldn't let people tell you who you are.
Um like, for instance, my name's actually pronounced Ah-nie.
Um, it's Armenian.
But when I was little, kids, uh, just started calling me Annie and so my name just kind of changed.
Do you not like Annie? Look what people call you is important, okay? Like, I don't know.
Say they call you an ace lawyer.
And one day, you You just fucking withhold discovery.
Uh, or start meeting with clients in meat lockers.
And then suddenly a woman eating a rare steak is just, like, asking you to murder a man.
And that happens.
Oh, my God.
What? Um Wow.
That, um Please just don't let people like Diana or like me, um, tell you who you are.
Okay? I don't think I can just become a Jessica, but I'll miss working for you.
And I'll give this to Diana.
Breathing is so important.
We can forget to be present and just experience this moment.
- This now.
- Oh, shit.
It's happening to you.
It can seem elusive Fuck you.
That are beyond your control.
Every breath becomes a wave of comfort washing over you washing over your present circumstances.
You have the power to stop You're doing it right now, you know? You don't even realize it.
You don't even realize it.
You don't even realize it.
Why is it changing? Let's go.
He's not coming.
Yes, he is.
He's probably getting drunk somewhere.
Shut up, Davey.
If he cared, he'd be here.
He just doesn't care about you because all you do is complain.
In fact, he hates you.
And so do I.
Stop! Whoo.
Hand cake.
Don't do that.
What's going on with your memory? No, you're doing this to me.
Stop doing this to me.
Whatever this is, you're doing it.
- Double fist! - Dad.
- Come on.
- You're gonna ruin it.
- Come at me.
- Dad What's wrong with you? Come on! We were playing around.
It was an accident.
You two are so uptight.
And you're too full of beer to know what you're doing, Hank.
- Jesus.
- Get up.
You're not hurt.
Get the hell up.
- Why did that change? - I think this is what really happened.
This is not what happened.
We were having fun.
It was okay.
That was my fault.
I started that.
I don't wanna see this! What the hell is that noise? No.
This is what really happened.
- Hi.
- She's just a child, Hank.
You act like she's your drinking buddy.
I'd drink with my son if he wasn't such a little fag.
Little fag.
God! No, no, no.
Hello? This is a collect call from the 120th Street Correctional Facility in New York.
To accept, say "Accept".
Uh, I'll accept.
Cassie? Uh, hey.
This is my my one phone call.
- So - I'm your phone call? Yeah.
Wait, uh isn't there someone closer that you could like Annie? No.
I'm just, um I just need to talk to you real quick.
Don't worry.
Well I wish I could, like, I wish I didn't have to w are you all right? I'm fine.
Cassie, you're not fine.
This is not a fine phone call.
So here's the thing, um All these years, I thought you were so crazy.
Like, I I treated you like you were crazy, you know? Your version of our childhood was just so unreal.
Like it was it was not real to me.
And I-I can't change what Dad did, you know, and how he acted but, um I think I was part of it.
And I was so wrong.
I was so wrong.
I am so, so, so sorry, you know? I'm starting to think that it was kind of my fault.
- No.
- And I'm so sorry.
I never I never thought that.
I just remember Dad being so good.
I really wanted him to be good.
I know.
We all do what we can to To listen.
Do you, um Do you wanna tell me what's going on? Because I know something is going on.
Just so maybe I can help.
Just, you know, ruining my life one person a time.
- I can't drag you into that.
- You can.
You can, yes.
You can drag me into this 'cause what's the point of having a big brother if, you know gotta be good for something.
I just have to figure some stuff out.
It's gonna be okay.
Cassie You know I love you.
It's not okay how Dad treated you.
I know.
I know.
But it's not okay how he treated you either.
I gotta go now.
I love you.
I gotta I gotta go now.
You know, I didn't realize when you joined the swim team, it meant that I would be waking up with you.
Thank you for that.
- Here.
I made this for you.
- Thanks.
And don't chug it all at once or else you'll be bouncing off the walls, okay? Ma, for what it's worth, I actually had fun playing detective with you yesterday.
You can be, uh, pretty cool.
- Good luck today.
- Thanks.
What are you doing up so early? Ah oh, there's some computer issue at work.
They need me now.
Right now? Yes, right now.
- What comp - No.
I don't know.
I'll call you later.
- Okay.
- I love you, baby.
Love you too.
Hey, Bowden.
Wake up.
You posted bail.
I really? Who who posted it? Was it the, um Buckley, that guy I came in with, the B I don't even fucking know his last name.
He's still being held.
Uh Get up.
Let's go.
Whole world's waiting.
We need to talk.

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