The Flight Attendant (2020) s02e06 Episode Script

Brothers & Sisters

1 Oh, my God.
Fuck, Cass? Cass, fuck, are you okay? Are you hurt? Are you - Mm-mm.
- Oh.
Um Uh, we're gonna need a minute or, um, many minutes, and, uh, maybe very strong coffee.
Okay, Annie, listen to me.
I do not need the why-are-you-fucked-up face that you're making.
I just Please don't.
I can't do it right now.
Okay, well, you can't see my face 'cause your eyes are closed, so you don't know what my face looks like.
Okay, can we just maybe skip to the you're-disappointed-in-me conversation 'cause that's what I deserve right now.
And I that's just please, just get there and move on.
I know, how about we let me decide what's going on in my own brain.
- Annie.
- Mm-hmm.
I need you to get out of my house.
- No.
- Get out! - No.
- I'm not fucking around! Get out of my house now! I'm not going anywhere.
I thought if I quit drinking, all my problems would go away but they're all still here.
And I just ended up drunk on a beach.
Well, that explains why you're all sandy.
So, mystery solved there.
Okay, look, you fell off the fucking wagon.
That happened.
Now what? You know what? I'm gonna make a list of all of the things that you can do.
There's a lot of Imperial Atlantic pens, Cassie.
Are we stealing pens again? I don't deserve to joke around right now.
Jesus fucking Christ, Cass.
No one expects perfection.
Okay, you made it a year.
That's huge.
I did not make it a year.
I've been lying.
I've slipped many times.
- Did you hear what I said? - Mm-hmm.
I heard you.
Okay, so, uh, number one, tell the truth about drinking.
Number two, clean up your super fucked and trashed apartment.
Number three, trust your best friend, Annie.
What else? Guess I have to apologize to Marco for being horrible.
There's also this whole person-impersonating-you- and-doing-criminal-shit thing.
Well, see, there are other people that can solve crimes, not just me.
I'm not a CIA agent.
I'm not real.
I need to just focus on being sober.
I can't do this anymore.
That's huge.
Decide to make a huge life change.
I mean, that's a lot more than I can say for myself right now.
What do you mean? After everything last year, I, um, just Fuck, I just don't trust myself anymore.
I don't know, I'm constantly afraid I'm gonna make the wrong choice, you know, like about the job and Max and, um, just everything.
Um, but, you know, I'm looking around this apartment right now and thinking that we do not need to be talking about me.
Annie, you're the best person I know.
You're the best in the whole world.
I mean, just go with your gut always.
Life advice from someone who just kissed their entire security deposit goodbye.
I really fucked up.
"Oh, Annie, you're such a good person.
" What happened to you? Okay, "What happened to you?" Aren't you supposed to be all nice and kind and "perfect like me"? Oh, "All perfect like me.
" No, that idealistic bitch is dead.
See, every time you ignore her, she feels more and more useless.
And so now I get to be the nightmare that you need.
See, when you wipe away all the lies and the bullshit excuses, I'm what's left.
This is what you look like.
God, if I were you, I'd wish I was dead.
Okay, I would like to sleep for like a thousand hours.
Oh, my God, what time is it? I'm supposed to fly back to New York with Davey today.
I'm doing the the clean out my mom's house, you know, and doing the weird forgiveness letter - The thing for your dad? - Yes.
But I can't go, right? I can't do that now.
You absolutely can go.
You should go.
It's gonna be super cathartic.
No, I smell like the floor of a bar.
Well, that's correct.
But look, Cass, this is good, okay? If you aren't here, the double can't pin anything on you and investigators can investigate and you can just go have some time and be Cassie.
I'm way too hung over to even think about that right now.
Cassie, this is Benjamin Berry.
That's my handler.
What the fuck is he doing here? Is that the one you slept with? There's only one that I slept with.
Okay, okay.
Shh, shh.
You need to get the fuck out of here and I will handle him.
Oh, I left my car at the beach.
- Get a fucking Uber, Cassie.
- Sorry.
- Okay, but you can't - Go! Okay, I'm going out of the back.
Well, um, excuse me.
You can't just come into someone else's home.
- Who the fuck are you? - My name is Benjamin Berry.
I work with Cassie.
- Is she here? - No, she's not here.
Um, and you can't just, like, come over in the middle of the night to discuss "airline" business.
I thought she lived alone.
Oh, you thought she lived alone? That's interesting.
Well, you guys must be very close as colleagues, if you're so intimate with her living arrangements.
Do you have some sort of ID or badge that could verify who you are as a human? - No.
- Okay.
But there was an incident at work, and I thought I'd So are we done? I I I I need ♪ I need you ♪ I I I ♪ Hey, Rick, are you looking for Davey? Uh, no, actually I was calling to talk to you to make sure you're okay.
Oh, that's so sweet, but what do you mean? Oh, maybe I'm not supposed to know.
But when Davey said he was extending his trip in L.
longer again, he dropped some hints that you were really going through some stuff.
Is that what he What he told you? I just wanted you to know that the girls and I, we're here for you, too in spirit.
- Thank you.
- Okay, well, uh talk soon.
And you packed your letter, right? Do you need me to go over it or maybe proofread it for you? Okay, stop.
I don't need you to proofread my letter.
It's fine.
It's not a school project.
Come on.
Come on.
Bro, really, it's clean.
And you're good to go to Mom's after, right? I guess.
I'm fine going to Mom's to clear out whatever she needs cleared out as long as she's not there like we talked about.
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
We've gone over this.
She's away at her meditation retreat.
I mean, that's hilarious, right? Someone should tell her it's not working.
How would you know? You talk to her once a year at Christmas.
Just Would it be so bad if you two just, you know, sat together and talked? Oh, Davey, can we please not talk about Mom right now? Come on.
Like, that's like way too much.
- You can't fix everything.
- Okay.
Flight attendants, doors for departure, cross-check and all call.
Okay, so we are boarded and strapped in and pretty much stuck together for the next six hours, so you cannot get mad at me.
Uh, I drank last night and it's not the first time I've slipped and I couldn't sit here and not tell you 'cause I just can't do that and I'd feel like shit about it.
And that's what happened, and I'm sorry.
The fact that you waited till the doors were closed really Are you all right? No.
But I'm not gonna drink again.
At least I'm not gonna drink right now.
Why? We shouldn't be going on this tri Why are we going on this trip? Well, according to FAA regulations, we can't exactly change our mind.
And, um I don't know, fuck, maybe maybe it's gonna be good for me, you know, like, clearing out our childhood stuff, throwing things away.
It's like a new start, clean slate, I don't fucking know.
Something like that Carol - Whoa.
- Hi.
I'm like your lucky rabbit's foot following you around.
No, you're not lucky.
You're a bad penny.
You're also in C and E.
You need to be in your ticketed seats.
There's no one in this seat.
Sir, do not do not raise your voice at me.
I am not your adversary.
By the way, this is the reason we don't invite you to brunch.
I hate you.
It's I'm just It's frustrating, you know.
It's heartbreaking.
You just threw away all that work.
Everything you're feeling and everything you're saying is right.
So Ladies and gentlemen, this Imperial Atlantic flight to New York's John F.
Kennedy Airport will be departing shortly.
Come here.
Baby! You sent me a note with a customer.
Oh, he doesn't know who I am.
Are you even allowed to be here right now? Yes.
Of course I am.
That's why I came to see you.
Can I give you a hug, please? Oh.
Oh, my God, I missed you so much.
- You have no idea.
- Yes, I do.
Mwah, mwah, mwah! How'd you, uh How'd you know I worked here? Oh, I stopped by your swim practice and your friend Jake told me you were here.
- You talked to Jake? - Yeah.
- Fuck.
- Eli.
- Sorry.
- And don't worry, okay? I bribed him and I threatened him.
Um Okay.
I mean, I quit the swim team so I could pick up an extra shift at work.
Why? Listen, don't worry about it, okay? I'm gonna stop by the house and I'm gonna talk to Dad, and we're gonna figure all of this out.
Dad had to sell the house.
To pay the legal bills.
Lost his job.
I didn't know.
Are you gonna disappear again? Absolutely not.
Okay? - I promise.
- Okay.
- Can I get another hug? - Yeah, Mom.
Missed you.
Hey, dummy.
It's too late.
He's already dead.
While you're here, why don't you do something useful and dig a fucking hole for yourself? Take the fucking shovel.
- You all right? - Mm-hmm.
"Dad," "you taught me how to make eggs" "and how to start a campfire" "and how to hunt.
" "You were fun and funny.
" "You were my best friend in the whole world.
" "You were also an alcoholic.
" "You introduced me to drinking" "and it made me feel so special.
" "Then you died.
" "And all I had left of you was the alcohol.
" "That's the only part I had to remember you.
" "So here I am as an adult" "an alcoholic adult" "reading a letter in a fucking graveyard.
" Fuck.
"Your little girl turned out just like you," "and I hate that.
" "I hate it.
" "You kept going back to drinking," "and so, I do, too.
" "And it makes me hate myself.
" "I forgive you for hurting me," "forgive you for hurting Davey," "and I forgive you for hurting Mom.
" "I love you," "but I will not be you.
" "I will not be you.
" "Goodbye.
" I think we should probably go before I drink the gasoline out of the car.
Then let's go.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
You should try the tea.
Hmm, tea? Uh, yeah, it's, um, fennel.
I don't know, the stupid fucking package said that it was good for calming the nerves, so Oh, we're tea people now, huh? I don't know.
I just thought, after the whole breaking and entering thing and then, you know, finding Cass in full-blown "Brokedown Palace" mode that, um, I'd give calm nerves a shot.
She's got some stuff to figure out.
So, not for nothing, but, um, I kind of feel like we have some stuff we need to figure out, too.
I I Yeah, I'm I'm sorry I lost my temper in the car.
I really am.
But can we focus on the Diazes for a sec? There's a lot of info on this laptop and I'm just really trying to get through it.
These people are a piece of work.
I mean, different identities, different appearances, multiple addresses, multiple records of people they've tortured.
There's nothing here that pins 'em down to who they really are.
They're just fucking ghosts and we fucked with them.
So, it's kind of the part we need to know.
Well, no matter how bad a person I think I am, I guess there's always gonna be some insane couple out there kidnapping and torturing people to make me feel better about myself.
- Hey.
- Hmm? You're not a bad person.
Um, okay.
It's just I need you to know that I know that the ring is important to you.
And so, it's important to me and that's why I was wearing it.
Um So, yeah, that.
I loved that you were wearing it.
I love you.
And the other stuff, that's just that's just stuff we're gonna figure out.
And, you know, like my, um, crippling indecisiveness isn't about you.
You know, it's not about, um, you.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Okay, um I'm done talking about feelings now, so, um Yeah, can we change the subject? No, I love this awkward side to you.
This is beautiful.
Um, I love that you can go fuck yourself.
Um, so I am gonna go cook us lunch in that, uh, kitchen, where people make food, um, or dinner, you know, depending on how long that takes.
We'll see.
But you can't cook.
You want to take that back? I mean, you don't often cook.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- It's fucking on.
- Can't wait.
Yeah, I'm gonna blow your mind with what I'm about to cook.
My stomach is awaiting.
- It's, "Mm-mm.
" - Yeah, better be.
Contact name and ID number? Evans, 11-7-53.
Hold for connection.
People are waiting for answers because the optics aren't good.
The optics.
So I'm looking for answers, not for the fucking optics, but for the families of our colleagues who were murdered on US soil.
So how is the investigation going? Do you have any leads? Yeah, I'm actually circling a person of interest right now.
So, you're sleeping here, but you're not actually getting anything done.
Nothing work-related, anyway.
I don't know what you're implying, but I am doing my job.
You're on thin ice, Mr.
Look, if you're emotionally compromised, we can provide access to counselors for you.
Dot, I really appreciate that.
Thank you so much.
But please don't give me the counselor speech like I'm some new recruit.
Then stop behaving like one, or I'm noting it in your record.
Oh, and about Cassie Bowden? Leave it alone.
Call me when you land? I love you.
We have a lot to think about.
Justin, I was going to tell you, I swear to God.
It's not even about you not telling me that you're, like, frickin' Jason Bourne.
It's that all of a sudden, I'm deep in a relationship with a dude who could like die.
Okay? I am gonna try not to die.
I'm sorry.
Shane Evans.
Agent Evans, it's Benjamin Berry in the LA office.
You were Cassie Bowden's recruiting agent.
Do you know her personally? Yeah, well, she's not my favorite person in the world right now, but yes, I I I know her.
Are you aware of her involvement with any radicalized political groups? Of course not.
No, no.
Why would I know that? No.
So, her history suggests she's prone to mental illness, substance abuse.
I'm asking because she's an unusual and unpredictable person.
Well, now that we've established that Cassie is different, I can't provide any further illumination into her character.
- Listen, I gotta run.
- Evans.
Max pull yourself away from your laptop and come eat your words along with this epic meal that I prepared for us.
It's sort of too late for lunch, and it's too early for dinner.
So, is this supper? Did I make supper? - Hey.
- Success.
Babe, um Okay, I said pull yourself away from your laptop, not pull your laptop into our first horrifyingly domestic moment together.
This is not good.
Okay, I certainly know you're not talking about this epic meal that I slaved over.
It's Cassie.
That's my least favorite answer, so what does that mean? The Diazes were sending progress reports with, like, stalker-level info on Cassie to some Korean group.
They have her flight itinerary to New York, information on Davey, and an address for a Lisa Bowden? Fuck.
Cassie was stopping by her mom's house.
- Great.
- You know, how about a root beer float? I've been craving a root beer float.
You know, kind of like we used to do, you know? A little root beer, a little ice cream, come on.
Stop talking about root beer floats.
We'll get one later, okay? Seriously.
- No, you can't - Let's go.
You know how completely useless I am when I'm hungry.
So, let's just You know what? I'm just gonna come back.
I'm gonna do this by myself sometime.
- I'll take care of it.
- Davey, stop, listen to me.
It's okay, it's okay.
I am fine.
I'm fine, I'm fine, and you're you're fine.
We're both fine, and, you know, I'm at least functional enough to deal with this right now.
This whole starting-over trip has really been a punch in the face.
Yeah, well, it wasn't supposed to be a starting-over trip.
That's what Ugh! God! That's what I'm saying.
I'm sorry, and I just would like for one thing to go as planned, you know? No weird surprises.
Oh Hey, Mom.
Jesus, Davey.
You might have given me a heads-up.
I I I I need ♪ I need you ♪ I I I I need ♪ Voicemail.
Cassie, the Diazes are feeding information about you to their employers, and they know where you are.
You need to go somewhere safe immediately and you need to call me, okay? Call me.
- She'll call.
- Mm-hmm.
I've got laundry in, the oven's on and This is a mess.
Sorry, Mom.
When I heard you scratching at the door, I thought it was another break-in.
Wait, what? You had a break-in? Why didn't you tell me? Oh, 'cause, you know, they didn't take anything and just came in and made a big mess, and probably just a bunch of kids.
Yeah, my apartment got broken in to, so I I know the feeling.
It can be really scary.
Oh, yeah, that's right.
You had that, you You had that break-in, too.
Did they ever find who did it? Yeah, we did.
We're good friends now.
Davey, did Cassie ever tell you about her "good friends" who used to come in here, lock the door, blast the music? Always a few bucks missing from my purse.
Mom, didn't that happen like twice? Well, now that we're all caught up, what are Cassie and I gonna talk about on our Christmas phone call? Jesus, Mom! I didn't know about Davey's little plan until now, either, okay? But I'm managing to not be mean about it.
You lied to me.
Are you kidding me? You give me shit for lying to you and then you bring me here and bombard me with Mom? This is not good for my life right now.
- Do you understand? - I'll talk to her.
Oh, you'll go talk to her? Oh, that'll make it better.
Oh, shit.
- Mom.
- No.
- Please just - I don't trust her.
I know.
I'm sorry, I just I don't have the emotional space for her right now.
I I'm sorry.
I just I don't.
- You should see the - Okay.
So, I'm not just gonna stand out there and listen to you guys talk shit about me.
So here I am, I'm right here and - I'm just gonna - No, you're not.
You're staying.
Here I am.
I burned the sweet potato fries.
I'm sorry you burned the sweet potato fries.
Actually, um, no, I'm I am sorry for being a shitty daughter.
How about that? Especially after Dad died.
It was terrible.
I was a dysfunctional alcoholic teenager and I'm the one that stole money from your purse.
I'm the one that did that, not my friends.
I did that.
I know.
You knew that? You knew that? She knew that.
All right.
Um, taking responsibility for my life and my actions is a big part of my journey now.
So, um, Mom, I'm so sorry that I was a sad, angry kid.
I should have been nicer to you.
I should've been kinder.
So, I'm sorry.
That's it? Well Is that it? Because if that is it, I don't really think that we are addressing the issue here.
Okay, well, if you're not gonna accept my apology, how are we ever gonna move on with our lives? - Your apology? - Yeah.
For being a kid in a fucked-up household? Nobody's mad at you for what you did when you were little.
Your father died.
Nobody knew what to do.
I could have been better.
Nobody's mad at anybody for what you did when you were little.
It's what you do when you're an adult that matters, all right? You convinced me to come and see you in the city.
So I came and you forgot about me.
I didn't know where you were.
I didn't know if you were passed out in an alley or if you were dead.
I spent those days with your doorman.
Then you came here, turned on the burner, passed out in the living room and nearly burned my house down.
- Okay - Then, you go out and you get a DUI - Okay, stop.
- After your father - Stop.
- Kills himself - Stop talking.
- Driving drunk - Stop talking! - As a skunk.
I don't want to hear Just, I don't - You don't what? - I don't.
You don't want to remember, you don't want to talk about it, you don't want to hear about it.
Why? 'Cause you're just like your father.
He's sorry.
He was always sorry.
Do you think an apology is just gonna wax it all away? I am exhausted! Let's just cut to the chase here, okay? Cassie.
Cassie! When was your last drink? Well I guess that clears that up.
You know, Mom, there are things that when you're a kid, you learn and they get really lodged in your brain and it's really hard to just get rid of them and turn it off, okay? I had a lot of years with Dad learning to do the wrong thing, and no one really stepped in to say otherwise.
Oh, oh, okay.
So this is why you brought her here? So she could blame me for her bullshit? Davey left you! I stayed! I might have been an asshole but I stayed.
He left you.
Why is he your favorite? Why does he have a pass? Why? - David is an adult.
- Oh, my And that is what you are supposed to do.
You're supposed to grow.
- You're supposed to learn.
- Really? And you're supposed to move on.
Well, I am dragging all this shit with me, okay? That's what I've been doing.
Mom, I don't blame you.
I don't blame you for not stopping Dad.
I don't blame you.
I know that you can't do that.
I know that people have to try and stop themselves.
You cannot force anyone to stop.
Okay, I hid the booze.
I drove you to counseling and I waited so that you didn't run out the back.
And I negotiated with the school so that you could stay in school.
Now it has been 20 years since then.
Are you just gonna drag this bullshit around with you for the rest of your life? Dad made me feel special.
Okay? Not super fucked up.
That is true, and I know the more that I Time that I spent with him just kept disappointing you.
And that's horrible, and I'm sorry.
Do you know what a relief it was to leave here and not be a constant disappointment for you? Do you understand? To not be a constant fucking disappoint for you? So I avoided you.
I still avoid you and I drank, a lot, because I love to fucking drink.
And I have clocked every bottle in this fucking kitchen, but I'm not touching it, I'm not drinking it.
I'm doing better, I'm doing better.
What else do I have to do to show you that I'm doing better? Oh.
- Cassie - Hmm.
I love you.
I do.
But I don't like you at all.
- Mom.
- David.
Mo Now, I'm sure neither one of you have eaten.
There is food in the fridge.
Just put it in the microwave and press 2.
Okay? I'm going to work.
- Eli.
- Hi.
What's the matter, are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm fine, Dad.
Ah, I'm okay.
Geez, man, your message scared me.
I know.
I know.
I'm I'm really okay.
It's okay.
I just, uh, kind of had to get you to come down here.
Mom kind of has to stay off the radar.
Hi, Bill.
Go back to work.
What? No, it's fine.
I Go back to work.
Aw! You're so fucking awesome.
You just can't help yourself, can you? Jesus, Megan.
Why? Why did you do this? I don't think the answer helps.
I asked.
So I'd like an answer.
I wanted to feel special, to be seen.
I guess I wasn't feeling that from home, and and I'm not blaming you, Bill.
I'm not, okay? I want to be super clear about that.
You are the sweetest man ever and incredibly kind, but we were on autopilot.
We weren't We weren't unhappy.
You weren't unhappy, Bill, but I was.
You And this time being away, it made me realize that the only thing that I need, the only thing that I want is you and Eli.
The, uh The FBI has told me that I need to call them if you come back.
- What? - Or they're gonna prosecute.
And Eli is, you know, just I have to protect our family.
How is it "our family" without me in it? I love you.
And if I could start this whole thing over again, I would.
Oh, baby, at the drop of a hat, I would.
- But we can't.
- Please.
Please, baby, listen to me, listen to me.
You don't have to do this.
You don't Please.
Just don't Bill! Please! Please! What are you doing in here? What? I'm doing what we came here to do.
Really? Fireworks? You know, I can tell you as a flight attendant, they're probably not gonna allow those on the plane.
Yeah, I don't know why I stopped loving fireworks.
Oh, I remember.
I remember Dad once had you hold a Roman candle and you burned your hand.
Are you just gonna stand there? I thought you were gonna help me with this.
Uh, no, that was before you ambushed me, so I'm pretty sure I'm just gonna stand here.
Yeah, I'm gonna take them with me.
And if the TSA wants to wrestle me to the ground, then let them.
- Oh, you're mad at me now.
- I'm not mad.
Oh, okay.
I had one just like this as a kid.
I had one, too.
Santal 33 Okay.
I thought it was another break-in.
I I I I need, I need you ♪ I I I I need, I need you ♪ Fuck! Dot, hey.
So, um, I'm sorry, I owe you a huge explanation.
- Um, here's the thing.
- Look, I'm trusting you here.
I've been digging, and what you witnessed in Berlin is connected to the analysts killed in LA.
And now, to be honest with you, I'm having real doubts about our mutual acquaintance, Mr.
Wait, no, Benjamin? He was actually just at my place with this, like, cloudy-eye guy from Berlin.
Officer Jones? That's Benjamin's errand boy.
What? Wait, you saw him in Berlin? - Shit.
- He was also at Echo Park Lake.
Okay, we can't talk about this on the phone.
Can you meet me in, say, half an hour? Uh, yeah, no, I'm actually in New York till tomorrow.
You need to get back here.
And, Cassie, be careful.
Okay, Annie, what the fuck I I Cassie.
There's a car outside and it's just idling.
All right.
- Oh.
We gotta go now.
- What? Just We got to go right now.
Let's go.
- What? - Let's go.
Come on.
- Shh.
- Where are we going? - Just be quiet.
- Why? - Who are those guys? - Davey, shut up! What is this? What's happening? Okay, so one of my friends may have sold secrets to the North Koreans, and then my other friend might have killed one of the North Koreans' friends.
- What? - Yeah.
Jesus, Cassie, make better friends.
Oh, my God.
Davey, are you okay? - Yeah.
- Are you sure? Jesus.
Get up! - Okay.
- I'm fine.
I know where to go.
What do you mean, you know where to go? - Follow me! - Oh, God.
- Where are you going? - Oh, shit.
This way.
What is this place? How do you even know about this place? We used to camp here for Eagle Scouts.
It was near here and then I used to sneak here - to make out with Evan Casters.
- What? How did you not tell me about this? I mean, even for you? The North Koreans? Okay, how about the surprise meetup with Mom? And hey, should I mention Rick? I told Rick that I needed time because I just didn't want to go home yet.
Rick and I are taking some time apart.
- Wait, wait, what? - You want to know? My OCD is getting worse.
And I snapped, okay? I snapped at Eve.
One morning she spilled an orange juice and I screamed at her.
I screamed in her face, and you should have seen the look on her face.
So, I came here to LA.
Instead of dealing with my problems, I started working on yours instead.
- So, you happy now? - No, I'm not exactly happy.
Can we just agree to not wait for the other person to fall apart - before we help each other out? - Fine.
- Miss Bowden.
- Shh! I apologize if we startled you.
We only want to ask about our good friend, Mrs.
So, let's chat.
- What do we do? - Okay, shh.
- What are we gonna do? - Stay.
Stay right there.
Really, what are you doing? - Hold this.
- Why? I don't want this.
Hold it.
I think if we stay here, we're gonna be sitting ducks.
I got the If there's gas in this thing, I think I can create a diversion.
Maybe Davey's little plan will go wrong and it'll kill you.
Problem solved.
Oh, my God, watch your face.
Watch your face.
Watch your face.
- Oh! Oh, my God.
- Okay, run! Run.
- What? - Come on, come on.
Davey, calm down.
We made it.
- I know.
- Listen, I texted Annie and so she sent me back a skull and crossbones, angry face and prayer hands.
- So we're good.
- Okay.
- You all right? - Uh, um You know, my problems back home, they don't seem so bad anymore, so as soon as we land, I think I'm gonna book my return flight to Denver, if that's okay with you.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I think I'll be okay when I get home.
LA is now my home.
That's insane.
What is Does that have something do with what North Koreans were after? Davey, my life is insane.
Not everything is about the North Koreans.
Keep your voice down.
What's up with the boat registration numbers? What? The boat reg When I went on the whale watching trip with Jenny and she couldn't stop talking about her boyfriend, I went and hung out on the bridge with the crew, and I was asking 'em about the numbers on all the boats.
Boat registration number.
Oh, cool.
I I I I need, I need you ♪ Just one um Hey, Shane.
Are you still mad at me about the whole Justin thing? I'm so sorry.
You better be alone right now.
I'm alone, I'm by myself.
You Cassie, fuck.
Look, I'm gonna put a brief moratorium on that conversation.
You've got a bigger problem.
Your handler called me today to quiz me on you, and I thought to myself, "Hmm, that's strange.
" And then I saw an internal memo for a person of interest in connection with the recent CIA-related murders.
A blond woman, slim build, travels internationally.
- Sound familiar? - Mm, yeah.
- That sounds like me.
So, yeah.
- Yeah.
That's a big flashing billboard, "Find Cassie Bowden.
" Shane, I'm just glad that you believe me and what's going on, but Dot Karlson wants me home now, and she knows I didn't do any of this.
No, the agency is not your friend right now.
That guy Benjamin is poisoning the well.
And even if Dot is in your corner, you and I need to meet before you go anywhere near the CIA.
Okay, one more thing One of the slides on the View-Master, it's It's a boat registration number.
Yeah, I just found out.
If we can find this boat, maybe we can get ahead of this whole thing.
You know, it's like just when I think we're on the same page, you go and say something even more bonkers.
Have we met? Okay, I'm gonna text it to you, okay? Okay, bye.
- I don't want to know, do I? - Nope.

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