The Fosters s01e01 Episode Script


You're getting out today, huh? That's what we heard.
Why are you so quiet, huh? Who was all mouth the other day when I confronted you in the showers? Lost my yard privileges 'cause of you.
Hey, it's Stef, I'm either working or avoiding your Hi, Lena? I'm David.
Uh where's Bill? I just spoke with him, he's supposed to meet with me here.
Um, yeah, Bill.
One of his cases Well, a kid in one of his foster homes OD'd, so he had to rush to the hospital.
- Oh my God.
- Yeah, it's terrible.
- I take it he told you about Callie? - Yes.
Yes, well, it seems that she's been having a few issues with male authority figures, of late.
- Which is - That's why he thought of us.
- Right.
- So, she got into a fight with her foster father? And damaged some of his property, which is how she landed here in juvie.
Damaged his property.
Uh Wow.
David Bill and I have known each other for a very long time, and he's been a friend of the family ever since he placed the twins with us, but I cannot bring someone violent into my house.
I've got my own kids to think about.
No, this was just a one time thing.
Listen, it'll only just be for a few weeks.
- Oh my goodness.
- Um When the kids get out, some of the other inmates get jealous and pick fights.
- One second.
One second? - But Callie? Callie, hi.
I'm David, I work with Bill at Child Protective Services.
Um where's Jude? Do you know where he is? - I don't know - I need to speak to him.
Where's Bill? Why isn't Bill here? We'll have to talk about that later.
I just, I don't understand why I can't talk to Jude.
That's enough.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Callie, this is Lena.
Lena, Callie.
I guess I could take her to one of the group homes.
It's just for a few weeks, right? Ok.
So, Mariana and Jesus were in the foster program, too.
They came to us about eight years ago, and we formally adopted them five years ago.
- Foster system sucks.
- Jesus He's right.
It kind of does.
- Ok.
- What happened to your face? - Get in a fight? - Uh Callie's kind of had a rough day.
So, how about we cool it with the third degree.
Is there where's the bathroom? Yeah, it's right through there.
You'll see it.
So where'd she come from? Um I, I talked to Bill from Child Protective Services, you remember him? To talk to him about something and he you know, he was in a bind with Callie.
And he needed some place for her to stay.
She's had a rough time lately, so, I really need you guys to be extra nice to her.
- Please? - What were you talking to Bill about? Guess.
All right, so I was going to wait till everyone was home to talk to you guys about this.
Have a seat.
I was calling to find out when we could set up a meeting with your birth mom.
I thought you would be more excited.
This is kind of all you've been talking about for the last six months.
Yeah, I know.
I did, just I don't think so.
Did Jesus talk you out of this? - Just because he doesn't want to go - Don't look at me.
No, I just changed my mind is all.
Ok, so did you guys do your homework? What? Why you gotta look at me like that? Just 'cause you get straight A's and you don't have to study? Jesus, everyone has their strengths.
- Hey.
Hey, guys.
- Hey! How was the audition? It was good, it was good.
I made the finals.
Oh, my God! - That's fantastic.
- It's not that big of a deal.
It is a huge deal.
Are you kidding me? That's like a 5,000 dollar scholarship, isn't it? - When is it? - It's tomorrow and we're all going So, homework right after school, please? Who's this? Oh, this is Callie.
She's going to be staying with us for a little while.
Oh, ok.
Staying with us.
Um, nice to meet you.
What about him? What? How'd you get him? they have everything there.
Um, Brandon is my partner Stephanie's biological son from her previous marriage.
- Hey honey.
- Hi.
It smells great.
Delicious, thank you.
- How are you, honey? - Good, how are you? Hi babies! What? Nobody told you our mom's a cop? See, this is why no boys ever want to come over.
- As it should be.
- So, you're dykes.
They prefer the term "people," but yeah, they're gay.
And he's the real son.
And who's this? I tried calling you several times.
Yes, I know.
You never left a message.
What was I going to say in a message about this? What do we know about this girl that we're bringing into our house, with our children? What happened to her face? She got beat up in juvie.
- In juvie? Lena - I know, I know! I talked to Bill.
She's not violent, she's not dangerous in any way.
- This was a one time thing.
- Honey, we can't save them all.
It's just for a few weeks.
I'm telling you, if you had been there, and seen the way this girl looked at me.
Honey, I know you only did this out of the goodness of your heart, and I can't get mad at you for that, can I? Oh, mushy.
I ought to bring kids home more often.
Oh, please do not, 'cause any more kids, it's gonna be like The Brady Bunch around here, and we're we're definitely not The Brady Bunch.
The curfew on school night is seven.
You must ask permission from Lena or myself before leaving the house.
Also, you'll go to school while you're staying here.
Lena is the Vice Principal of Anchor Beach Charter School, - All the kids go there - Where do I sleep? Excuse me? It's not my first time in a foster home.
Where do I sleep? Let me show you.
One pillow or two? Ok, I'll leave them both.
I left some towels for you in the bathroom and do you have a toothbrush? No, I don't have a toothbrush.
How would I have gotten a toothbrush? Ok.
Callie, we're on your side.
You can take it down a notch, ok? Yeah.
I noticed you were really upset when you were talking to David earlier.
Who's Jude? Look When I went into juvie Hey, here are some clothes for you to sleep in.
Tonight, if you want to leave your clothes outside of the bathroom, I'll wash and make sure they're clean for tomorrow, ok? Good night.
You were saying? You have that toothbrush? __ Oh, hey, you guys know the rules.
__ - Ah, very good.
- Gracias, senor.
Hey, you two know that it's not true what Callie said, huh? You two are every bit as much our kids as Brandon is, yes? - We know.
- Miss Thing? Ok.
- I love you, my babies.
- Good night.
Mm, 15 minutes till lights out, ok? - Hey baby.
- Hey.
B, listen.
Um I really need you to step up while Callie is in this house, all right? Um, I don't want to make a big deal about this, especially with Mariana and Jesus, but between you and me, Callie was in juvie for a little while.
Then what is she doing in the house? She's fine.
Lena and I would not have her in this house if she was not, you know that.
So, I just need you to, I don't know Ok.
All right, well, I'll be sure to "I don't know" as much as I can.
Are you sure you're not Lena's biological son? I've got so much homework to do now, Moby-Dick waits for no man.
Oh, which reminds me, do you need condoms? - Oh, my God.
- You and Talya are using condoms, yeah? Yeah, the door is right there.
What? Protect and serve.
That's my job.
- Mom.
- Ok.
My little baby is growing up.
He's such a - Get out.
- handsome young man.
I needed some water.
Thank you.
Ok, so I've been thinking and I know how mad I would've been if you would've made such a huge decision without consulting me.
- I'm sorry.
- It's fine.
All right? I'm ok.
She's not exactly the the warmest kid I've ever met.
I really appreciate you making the effort.
It means a lot to me.
Of course, my love.
You know, I just think that poor girl has just been through so much.
I'm just really glad we can give her a place to stay.
You know, that's safe.
- For now.
- For now As long as she doesn't mess with our family.
It's all good.
Now get off my side, please.
Ok, mama tiger.
Do you want to hear something strange? Sure.
I talked to the twins about arranging a visit with their birth mom, like we talked about.
Mm-hm? And now, neither one of them wants to do it.
- Not even Mariana? - Nope.
She says she's not ready.
Hey, hey baby, it's me.
Yeah, I'm out and I I'm coming.
I promise, Jude.
I just, I got to figure out how to get there.
Did you take your pill, sweet knuckle head? - I'm on it.
- Really? Like you're on the toast? - Let's go, let's go.
- Thank you.
Whoa, whoa.
I know you got a sweater to go over that, baby.
- Yeah.
- Good girl.
Good morning, sunshine.
Orange juice on the table, help yourself.
Make yourself at home.
Ok, backpacks? Backpacks? - Yes, I saw Mariana's.
- Can everyone give me a yes? Jesus? Backpack.
Where is it? - Mm.
- Good job, baby, good job.
So, you nervous for tonight? I'm not nervous, I got it.
You totally are.
It's all good.
I heard that pep talk Would you like some cream? Uh, can I have some coffee, too? No.
Hey Brandon, why don't you show Callie around? She's starting the day in Timothy's class.
You have your class list, Callie? You're going to love Timothy.
He's a lot of fun.
You go to school here? Yeah.
Um So, Timothy's room it's over there, you'll find it ok, right? I got like, 20 minutes before class.
So I wanted to go practice.
Practice for what? The music finals for the competition tonight.
- Right.
- All right.
Well, see ya.
Hey, wait up! - What is that? - What? The song? - Oh, I wrote it.
- You wrote it.
Yep, it's for the contest.
You need one classical piece, and one original composition.
It's about the night Mom and Lena asked me if it was ok for the twins to come and live with us.
How is it about that? Doesn't have any words.
Ok, so That's me.
And These are my moms.
This is all of us.
This is me, mom, Lena, the twins See, how it all works better? Nice.
Yeah I don't know.
I still think it's missing something.
No, I like it.
Wait, they asked you if the twins could move in with you? Were you going to say no? Nah, I mean, I don't know, I figured there was enough to go around.
Enough of what? Everything.
Hey baby.
- Hey, what's up? - How are you? I'm good how are you? I'm good.
Who's this? Uh, this is Callie.
Callie, this is Talya.
She's going to be staying with us for awhile.
- Welcome to Anchor Beach.
- Thanks.
She's actually in Timothy's room with you, T.
So, if you want to show her where it is.
Oh yeah, of course.
But we should go.
Have fun.
Did he participate in his own transformation? Did he will it? Did he want it to happen? Or, was it something that happened to him? How about you, Callie? Callie? I know you haven't read the material yet, but what would you do if you suddenly woke up and found yourself living a nightmare.
- Hey.
- Hey, so I've been thinking and I'm going to go with you.
- What? - To meet Ana.
I'll go with you, if you want.
But, you don't even want to meet her.
Yeah, I know.
Look, I told you, I don't think I'm ready.
Yeah, I know.
That's why I'm trying to go with you.
No, thank you.
Hey! Hey! - Hi, what's your name? - Aiden.
Aiden, right.
Nice to meet you.
- Uh, you new here? - Yeah.
New girl.
Just moved here, actually.
I could really use someone to show me around.
That can be arranged.
- You have a car, right? - Yep.
Um, well, I was actually thinking about checking out San Ysidro this afternoon.
San Ysidro.
Down by Tijuana? Yeah, I hear it's cool there.
What? Are you like, looking to party or something? No I just have someone I need to see there.
Yeah No thanks.
Good luck.
Hey, is there a Metro stop somewhere? I'll be right back.
You going somewhere? Got to meet your pimp? What is your problem? Take too many of your brother's pills? Don't worry, I'm not going to narc on you.
I mean, your mom's a cop.
That's got to suck.
I guess.
So, are you leaving? Don't worry.
I'm not going to narc on you.
I just have some stuff I've got to take care of.
Sorry, it's better if you don't know.
That way, if your mom moms start asking you questions Wait.
If it were me, I'd make sure to go out the back way.
Lena's office looks out over the front entrance and there's a bus stop three blocks from here.
very long list of people who want to get involved with this school.
It's very parental driven, we want the parents involved in the process.
We want them We want them involved in every step - Real good, all right? - Captain needs to see you.
All right guys, take it easy.
I'll see you later.
- Hey.
- Hey, you all right? - Yeah.
- You're not going to cry, are you? No, with all due respect, screw you.
- Well, Vasquez was a pain in my ass! - Amen! Sacramento can have him.
Right now, since both of you are partnerless, starting tomorrow, I'm going to pair you up with Mike here.
- Ma'am.
- Is that a problem? No, that's not a problem.
- May I ask why? - I asked.
- You did? - Is that cool? Uh, can I have time to think about it? - No.
- All right, I think it's very cool.
- Good.
- It's a great idea on your part.
- All right.
- Get out of my office.
Mike, it's not going to go well for me.
Hey, I need some money.
Um, rude much? No, you've got your own money.
I left my wallet at home.
Come on, I didn't eat lunch.
I'm really hungry.
- Too bad for you.
- I'm just going to take five bucks.
I promise, I'll pay you back tonight.
- Jesus, stop! - What is this? - Nothing.
- Where'd you get that? Don't worry about it.
Here Here's five dollars.
Now go eat and leave me alone.
- Who's that? - I I don't know.
Well, my parents are going out of town this weekend.
- Oh yeah? - You want to stay the night? I'd have to sneak out.
Or, just tell them you're staying with Aiden.
- Brandon Hey.
- Yeah, hey.
- Do you want to come? - Two seconds.
Can you give me two seconds? So, uh where you going? I've got some stuff to take care of.
Stuff to take care of? Like, right now? - It's important.
- Ok.
You won't be able to take care of it if you end up back in juvie.
I mean, my mom's a cop.
You seriously think she won't track you down in a minute flat.
Can you just mind your own damn business? Your whole freakin' family? - We're just trying to help you.
- Stop.
Somebody's been calling me from this number all day.
Hey baby, it's me.
What's going on? What do you mean? Jude, what are you saying? Let me talk to Jude.
Put him back on the phone.
What's going on? Who was that? Why are they calling my number? I borrowed your phone last night.
I gotta go.
So, who was that? Was that like your boyfriend or something? - No.
- Then who was it? How do they have my number, Callie? - Who is it? - It was my brother.
Whoa, whoa let me call my mom.
- Stef? - Yes, she's a cop.
- She can help.
- No cops.
- She's not like that.
- If you call your mom, she's going to look in the system and find all of these complaints that my foster father made against me.
You're going to get me sent back to juvie, and Jude is going to be stuck in that house.
I gotta go.
Wait, didn't you have that music thing tonight? Uh, yeah.
It's don't worry about it.
There'll be others.
So, what happened? At the house? Well, my foster father caught my little brother wearing one of his ex-wife's dresses.
Started beating the crap out of him.
Seriously? He hit him? Yeah.
I mean, he used to hit me all the time, but, you know, whatever.
But, when I saw him going after Jude I just well, I tried to stop him, but he kicked me in the stomach.
So, I went outside, grabbed a baseball bat, beat the hell out of his precious Trans Am.
The cops came.
He told them that I went crazy, and he was defending himself.
Nobody seemed to care much about my side of the story.
Hey sweetheart.
You ok? I just I don't feel so good.
My stomach hurts.
I don't think I'm going to be able to go to Brandon's thing tonight.
What, you feel like you're going to throw up? No, I just I think I just ate something bad.
I really need to lie down.
Well, yeah, go lie down and we'll see how you feel later.
Hey, so, what's going on with Mariana? - What do you mean? - Um, why is she pretending to be sick? I don't know.
Maybe she's actually sick? Or it could be that time of the If you say "time of the month," I'm going to sign you up for a women's health workshop at my OB-GYN.
Don't ever say that in a house full of women.
Ok, ok.
Jeez, well, if it's not that than I don't know what to tell you.
- Ok.
- I'm home! Hey, put that away.
You need to get changed for Brandon's - I just came down here! - I know.
Now, Jesus.
Go! Where is everybody? - Hi! - Hey.
What's wrong? Everything all right with Callie? No, I haven't even checked on her yet.
I just walked in.
I just something's up with the twins.
- Meaning? - Well, Mariana's pretending to be sick.
- Uh-huh, stomach ache? - And Jesus is all clammed up.
He's not saying something.
Do you think it's about Ana? Do you think maybe I'm putting too much pressure on Mariana? Absolutely not.
I think she has just changed her mind.
They're not ready yet.
Really, it's ok.
You keep me sane.
I don't know how sane you're going to feel after you hear what happened at work today.
Now that Vasquez is leaving, you're never going to guess who Roberts is partnering me up with.
- Who? - Mike.
Apparently, he asked for me.
Oh please, do not go all non-verbal on me.
- It is not a big deal, honey.
- Hmm.
- It's really not.
It's - Mm.
Now who's all clammed up.
Come on, honey.
It's Mike.
- It's just Mike.
- It's just Mike.
- Hey Mike.
- Hey.
You guys ready? Brandon, your dad's here! It's time for your competition! He'll be down in a second.
I think he's nervous.
Brandon? So, I hear you and Stef are going to be back on the beat together.
Oh, yeah.
Stef says you asked for her.
I did.
Look, it was either me or a rookie.
I was never comfortable when she was working with Vasquez, I Look, I just feel better knowing I'm around.
Ok? And we got the kids to think about.
- Ok.
- Ok.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hm.
I mean, as a feminist, I'm totally offended and everything, but as her wife, you know, thanks.
Yeah, just don't tell Stef I said that.
God, where's that kid? Brandon, shake a leg! We're going to do this thing! Hey Mike, you clean up nicely.
Hey, why aren't you changed? - Hey, he's not here.
- What? Yeah, they didn't walk home with us.
I just thought he was showing her around.
Her who? Her, Callie, her? Yeah.
That's not like him.
He knows he has the music thing tonight.
- I know it's not.
- I don't know who this girl is, or why you guys feel like you have to take in strays like some damn homeless shelter.
- Ok.
- So, where the hell are they? He's not answering.
I'm going to try Talya.
Look, I'm sure he's fine.
He probably thought we were going to meet him at the contest.
Why don't I just head over there and check it out? - Hey, have you seen Brandon? - Wait a minute, wait a minute.
I had this app installed on all of our phones because that one kept losing his.
She says the last time she saw him, he was talking to Callie after seventh period.
Maybe he's right.
Maybe we're just overreacting.
If we're overreacting, what are they doing in San Ysidro? What? - Are they going to Tijuana? - I'm going to kill him.
This is exactly what I was worried about.
- Let's go.
- I'll drive.
Hey, Brandon and Callie are missing.
What do you mean "missing?" They never came home from school.
Oh, huh.
Hey, you didn't take any of my pills, did you? What? No.
Why? Well, Mom just got me a new bottle, and now they're almost gone.
What are you looking at me for? - I was just asking.
- Well, ask Brandon or Callie.
Excuse me, I've got to go.
Is that how you got all that money? - You selling my pills? - No.
'Cause I know sure as hell you didn't get all that money from Mom.
Or maybe you did? Maybe we should ask her.
Why? Why would you do something so stupid? You could go to jail for that.
What do you need all that money for anyway? I've been talking to Ana.
Ana? Our birth mom? She got back in town last month.
I found her online.
You said you didn't want to meet her.
No, I just I didn't want Stef and Lena sticking their noses all up in my business, ok? They wouldn't get it.
Ana needs some money You're giving her money? For what? Why? - See, I knew you wouldn't understand.
- Understand? You want me to understand that this woman is not our mom? She left her two kids so she can run off with a dumb ass and screw who ever she wanted.
She abandoned us.
She left us.
Well, she came back.
I thought you were supposed to be the smart one.
Hello? Is anybody home? I need help.
Hang on! Are you deaf or what? - Can I help you? - Uh, yes sir.
I, um, I was looking for the Metro.
- The Metro's a few miles from here.
- I got kind of lost.
- You're lost.
- Yeah.
All right, man.
You got to go about six blocks that way Whoa, hey! What the hell are you doing here? - I just want to talk to Jude.
- No! Shut up! No! - No, you get out of this house! - One second - Hey, shut up! - Ok, look.
I am sorry about your car - No, get out of here! - Hey, don't touch her! - I can pay for it! - Calm down, man.
- Ok, shut up.
- Ok, ok, ok Gun! - Call 911.
- Lena, stay here.
You know what, buddy? Just shut up! Police, freeze! Freeze! Get down on your knees now! - Whoa! Whoa! - Get down on your knees now! Put the gun down! Put the gun down! Don't shoot! Don't shoot! - Honey, are you ok? - Hands on your head! - Don't move! - Man, this is my house.
Shut up! Shut up! And who is that? That's her brother, Jude.
Look, I was just trying to do the right thing, ok.
I'm sorry about the scholarship.
- I know we could've used the it - Brandon.
I don't care about the scholarship.
That guy had a gun.
Get in there.
Hey, Skippy.
My brother used to have that backpack.
I would really like you to understand how this, tonight, could've ended very, very badly.
Look, if you want to send me back to juvie, then you just promise me Jude will be somewhere safe.
You're not disposable, Callie.
You're you're not worthless.
Come on here, let's go, let's go.
We'll take them home for now, Bill.
It's fine.
It's fine.
I will call you tomorrow.
You know I'm going to kill you, if your mom doesn't kill you first.
I love you, B.
I love you, too.
I'm sorry.
But you didn't have to come.
Yes, I did.
Mariana? Hey Wow.
You're so pretty.
So are you.
How've you been? Good.
Good back in town.
And, uh, you know, I'm just trying to get back on my feet.
So, you got anything for me? Oh, uh Here, I hope this helps.
Trust me Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Don't worry about it.
So, you probably have to get back home, huh? Folks probably wondering where you are.
- My moms.
- What? My moms will be wondering where I am.
Thanks again.
I'm going to make sure this guy has a terrible night.
Yeah, feel free.
And, I'll get a ride back later.
- All right.
- I'll I'll see you at work tomorrow.
I talked to Bill.
He's going to make arrangements to pick up the kids tomorrow.
No, no, no.
- What does that mean? - That means that we are not sending these kids back into that system right now.
All right? Not yet.
Are you sure? We really don't have the room.
Then we'll make room.
Ok, we'll make room.
Buckle up!