The Fosters s05e09 Episode Script


1 Previously on The Fosters This could be ABCC's last prom ever! Olivia's actually here that weekend.
- So, maybe we could all go? - - - MARIANA: Yeah, that'd be fun! I had feelings for you, romantic feelings.
It was a long time ago, and honestly, it wasn't that big a deal.
I mean, it's not like I had those feelings for you, so, you know.
Stratos doesn't even care about Anchor Beach Academy.
He just wants revenge against Anchor Beach cause of Nick.
If anyone deserves revenge, it's you and me.
So, I come in today and I find this.
Your kids were the last ones in the building.
EMMA: We're too young to be engaged, Jesus.
If you don't want me forever, then I don't want you at all.
My dad, he's trying to update our family plan.
Like if any of us get deported.
Gabe! AJ: Shiloh McCullen, she's the devil.
She's speaking at the university tomorrow.
We're gonna block her.
CROWD (CHANTING): Two, four, six, eight! Our university's anti-hate! Two, four, six, eight! People do sometimes like to take advantage of these emotionally charged situations, create chaos.
Go back to Mexico, you Third World trash! - Stop that.
- Build a wall! CROWD (CHANTING): Say it loud, say it clear! Immigrants are welcome here! - Say it loud, say it clear! - Let her speak! Let her speak! - Immigrants are welcome here! - Let her speak! Let her speak! Say it clear! Immigrants are welcome here! Say it loud! Say it clear! Immigrants are welcome here! Say it loud! Say it clear! Immigrants are welcome here! We teach free speech! We teach free speech! The real enemies of free speech are flamethrowers, like Shiloh McCullen, who seek to normalize hateful ideas that lead to violent actions against vulnerable communities.
I know! I am an undocumented immigrant, and cruel xenophobic language has taken a toll on me and my family.
This is a learning environment.
Where a student's humanity should not be challenged as some excuse for free vicious speech.
Go back to Mexico! CROWD (CHANTING): Build a wall! Build a wall! All over our country, people like me are scared.
That is not my America.
And you don't need to be a citizen to recognize that.
- (POLICE SIREN WHOOPS) - (CROWD CONTINUES CHANTING) SEAN: Okay, everyone, link up! Right, hold the line.
United we stand.
CROWD (CHANTING): Love, not hate! Makes our university great! Love, not hate! Makes our university great! Love, not hate! - Makes our university great! - Thank you.
Thank you all so much for coming, and thank you for expressing your right to protest, although I'm not sure what all the controversy is about.
I hope you'll all join me for my speech later this afternoon.
Thank you! Thank you so much, everyone.
Thank you.
(CHANTING CONTINUES) POLICE OFFICER (ON PA): Move or you will be moved.
You need to clear this area immediately.
Make a path to let her through.
This is your last warning.
Move or you will be arrested.
(CHANTING CONTINUES) POLICE OFFICER (ON PA): Everyone needs to clear out of here! (SCREAMING) - We have to go! - No! - You can't get arrested.
- Hold the line! (INDISTINCT SHOUTING, SCREAMING) - Come on! - What? What are you doing? Wanna go to the art school? (THEME MUSIC PLAYS) It's not where you come from It's where you belong Nothin' I would trade I wouldn't have it any other way You're surrounded By love and you're wanted So never feel alone You are home with me Right where you belong MARIANA: He's a man of few words.
(SCOFFS) Yeah, he couldn't even say it to my face.
Look, I've learned to not expect much from Gabe and Ana.
They're not our parents.
Okay, you guys, I'm gonna ask one more time.
I didn't break the model.
- We had nothing to do with it.
- Nothing.
Okay, we believe you.
It's not gonna be as easy to convince Drew.
Especially after you hacked the paper, and flew the drone over the school.
The board is voting next week.
They can't delay any longer because our lease is up.
Okay, well if we have Monte's vote, and we all vote no, how close are we? We'd only need to turn one more board member to save the school.
But, there is something you're not gonna like.
Drew is canceling prom.
What? He thinks that if someone is upset enough to deface school property, that things could get out of hand at a party where some kids might be drinking.
- Oh, that's bullshit! - Mariana.
Okay, well, what if we throw our own prom? Raise the money ourselves.
How can he stop us? So, my mom is making me move back with her.
To Marin? Why? She's worried about me.
Here, on my own.
What about what about school? (SIGHS) I try to transfer my credits, I guess.
Well, I mean, you don't have to go.
I mean, you're 19.
I know, but she pays for everything.
School, my apartment.
Yeah, but you have a job.
I mean, you could apply for financial aid.
- You know, live on campus? - I can't, Brandon.
Well, is (SIGHS) I mean, do you wanna go? No.
- I wanna stay.
- Then do, stay.
I don't have a choice.
I heard some people got arrested, and Ximena hasn't answered any of my calls or texts.
I shouldn't have left her.
Considering her status, she took a big chance not leaving herself.
- So, um, who all was there? - (DOOR OPENS) MARIANA: Well I saved the prom! I just talked to Ximena and she's gonna let us rent out the derby warehouse.
- You talked to Ximena? - Yeah.
So you have to go.
As an act of defiance, if nothing else.
No bailing.
Hi, Aaron.
Well, I guess Ximena's okay.
She's just mad at me.
Uh, you don't have to go, by the way, to prom.
Well, I don't mind.
Well, unless you don't want me to.
No, of course I do.
- (KNOCKING) - Hey! - Your mom let us in.
- Oh, hi! - Come in! - This is Olivia.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Hi, I'm Callie.
- Hey.
- Uh, it's so nice to meet you.
You're so pretty.
I love your jacket.
OLIVIA: Thanks! I love your room.
Is that where you were lying with your shirt off? - Uh yeah.
- That was for you, of course.
Of course.
Thanks so much.
Yeah, so we just came over to talk about the prom.
Right! Um, change of venue.
We're doing it at the derby warehouse now, so So, is the theme, like, Derby Dolls? Should I wear hot pants and torn fishnets? Um, no.
It's still semi-formal.
And derby's actually a very serious sport.
Well, Logan tells me we're your prom date, which you shouldn't be embarrassed about.
The kids at my school who don't have boyfriends go in groups, too.
Oh, no! I have a boyfriend.
LOGAN: You do? Yeah, it it's new, and old.
He's my ex, but we just got back together.
So, I do have a date.
LOGAN: Cool.
Yeah, I can't wait to meet him.
I can't wait to introduce you.
(SCHOOL BELL RINGS) Wyatt! Hey, so listen, do you have a date to the prom? - Uh, no.
- Great! Wanna go together? I wasn't really planning on going.
What? No! You have to! It's your senior prom.
Also, I need you to pretend you're my ex-boyfriend, and that we just got back together.
Uh, why? Well, my next-door neighbor's girlfriend thinks that I'm trying to break them up, so I need her to think that I have a boyfriend so she doesn't bash my head in.
- Hmm.
- Which I think she's definitely capable of, cause she's a little cray-cray.
And also, you owe me.
- Do I? - Well, you did take my virginity on the beach, so.
Grace isn't here, but I'm expecting her back in just a few minutes.
You know, I'm not some overprotective mother.
I'm taking Grace home because she needs me.
She can't take care of herself.
She's been taking care of herself.
Grace isn't well.
What do you mean? She seems fine.
She's not, so let's just leave it at that.
Oh! Well, um, uh I'm sor I don't know if I can.
She doesn't want you to know.
Know what? Alright, well, I'll I'll ask her then.
No! Please.
Grace has leukemia.
A very aggressive form of leukemia.
She first got sick when she was nine, and then again, when she was 13.
It went in to remission.
But it's back now.
And the prognosis is not good.
So I'm gonna take my daughter back, and she's gonna undergo a few rounds of chemo.
And we're gonna hope for the best.
Please don't tell her I told you.
The limo is here you guys.
Let's go, chop-chop.
(SIGHS) I forgot to tell you who else is chaperoning.
- Hmm? - Tess.
(CHUCKLES) Well, I'm sorry I can't make it, but it's not a school sanctioned dance, so Yeah.
I'm sure that you're very, very sorry.
Maybe Tess can tell me more about how straight she is.
I don't understand why this bothers you so much.
You're the one who always points out that that the crush you had on her wasn't reciprocated.
Hello, handsome! You look like you're going to a firing squad, not a prom.
- Hey! - I don't have a date, I can't dance, and I'm probably gonna see Emma, - so I wish I was going to a firing squad.
- Funny.
Woo-hoo! Here they come! You're the next contestant on "Who's Going to the Prom?" - Wow! - Come on, ladies! - Okay, pictures please! - You look great! Uh, so, just so we're clear, you're not riding in the limo with us, right? Just to be clear, you're welcome for chaperoning your rebel prom.
So, that will be torture enough.
- I will drive myself.
- (KNOCKING) - Hi, guys, come in! - Hi! - Hey.
- Oh, hey, you guys! Come on, come on, get in the picture! - Pictures! - Take a picture.
- Perfect timing! - My man.
(KNOCKING) - Hey, Aaron, come on in! - Hey.
- Is that your boyfriend? - Uh, no, that's Callie's.
Mine's meeting us at the prom.
He did get me this beautiful corsage though.
LENA: Okay, Aaron, get in the picture! Stef, should we take one car? Sure! Sounds good.
Okay, everybody, say cheese! ALL: Cheese! - STEF: Jesus, you didn't say "cheese.
" - Cheese.
- STEF: Jesus! - Beautiful.
The little moments You look amazing.
So do you.
This is for you.
Here! I'll take it.
Written letters It's beautiful.
- Oh, wait, this one.
- (ALL CHUCKLING) Let me get a picture, okay.
Here we go.
You ready? Well, your limo awaits.
- You got a limo? - Yeah.
But it turns into a pumpkin at midnight, so we should get going.
Have so much fun.
- Thank you.
- I love you like crazy.
I'll be at the hotel if you need me.
- Bye.
- Bye.
(GIGGLES) (UP-TEMPO MUSIC PLAYS) One, two, three, four Anything you want, I got Anything you need and more You've never had anything so sweet Welcome to my candy store Welcome Welcome So, is your boyfriend late? Oh, no, um, he's here.
Somewhere around here.
This is gonna backfire on you.
Okay, I'm not gonna let some unstable creature ruin my prom.
So, you're just gonna ruin it yourself? Oh! Look, there he is.
My boyfriend's here.
Excuse me, I'll be right back.
PHOTOGRAPHER: Who's next? Do you wanna take a picture with me? Uh, yeah, sure.
Come to my sugar shack If you want a little more Hey, do you Do you think your moms might let us take a road trip this summer? Well, what about your internship? I decided not to take it.
- Why? - I just decided.
Knock on my candy store Smile! You got a beautiful girl on your arm.
That's it.
Knock, knock, knockin' on my door Hey! There you are.
There you are, my current former ex-soon-to-be-ex again.
Oh, my God, are you drunk? Mostly high.
Want some of my secret water? No! Ugh! This is not gonna work.
(SCOFFS) I gotta find another boyfriend.
What, it's over already? Girl, we just got back together! I'll have some of that.
Mmm! I knew I liked you.
Just keep it coming.
- (GAGS) - I should have warned you about the punch.
Wow! At least it's not spiked.
Although, kinda 'bout now, I wish it was.
(CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) Stef, is (SIGHS) Ever since that talk we had, I'm sensing that things aren't There's a tension I'm feeling, I guess.
Did I do something wrong? No, you didn't do anything wrong, Tess.
- Just - Did I say something? It's just you made a couple comments about our "alternative lifestyle.
" When I told you how I felt in high school, you went out of your way to make sure that I knew you didn't have those feelings for me, and (SIGHS) Are you homophobic? Well, I'm sorry if you feel that way.
Okay, we're not.
We had gay friends in Baltimore.
(SCOFFS) You know, that's like me saying that "I'm not racist.
I have a black friend.
" We We used to sleep in the same bed, Tess.
And and scratch each others backs.
We would cuddle on the couch and watch TV.
We would have three-hour talks in my car when I would drop you off.
Just did you do that with your other girlfriends? Was that normal behavior for you? Wow.
You know what, um I really didn't mean to open up this whole can of worms and this isn't the time or the place.
Excuse me.
If you wanna get next to me If you wanna get next to me You better be mine forever If you wanna get next to me You better be all in If you wanna get next to me You better be mine forever - Hey.
- Hey.
Uh, congrats on saving prom.
You're a force to be reckoned with.
When you want something, there's no stopping you.
Is that a bad thing? No, I've always admired that.
Not always.
Is that Mariana's boyfriend? Uh, no.
That's that's her ex.
They're back together.
- They are? - Oh, yeah! They're totally back.
That's her prom date.
Wait, really? She's back with Mat? - That's not Wyatt? - No.
Why don't you two face each other and put your foreheads together? - We're good this way.
- Okay.
Okay, we're good.
Thank you! Hey! - Hey.
- Hey.
You know Dawn? Yeah.
I love your dress.
Um, well, have fun.
I've been meaning to talk to you.
I'm sorry for how I ended things.
And I want you to know that I still Hey! Hi.
Uh Can I talk to you for a minute? - Right now? - It's important.
I'll catch ya later.
What is so important? Jesus told Olivia that Mat's your ex.
So, she thinks he's your prom date.
Well, maybe he will be.
Well, he's hot.
So, ask him to dance before some other girl in heat does.
Didn't think AJ would be here.
Why not? He's a senior.
When's the last time you saw him? I see him at school all the time.
Um, Ximena's here.
I'm gonna try to talk to her.
I was hoping you'd be here.
Well, I gotta keep an eye on the place.
I'm really sorry I left the protest.
You did what you had to do.
You're mad.
Wanna know what I'm really mad about? My dad's got two jobs, and my mom works six days a week for me and Poppy to have opportunities, like going to college.
Now these people that say we take away their jobs? My parents do the jobs that they don't want to do.
All we want is to be citizens.
But with all these hateful people coming out of the woodwork You know, this is what America stands for? Then, maybe this country was never great.
(SLOW MUSIC PLAYING) The lights are so pretty.
It's like being in Heaven.
Thank you for bringing me.
There's no one else I'd rather be at my senior prom with.
I'm gonna miss you.
Let's not talk about anything sad tonight, okay? Alright, now.
I want you guys to hold each other real close.
Smile, for God's sake.
You kids are all so serious tonight! PHOTOGRAPHER: There we go.
How'd it go? Great.
I feel even worse.
So why didn't you tell me that AJ was at the protest? - How did you know - I was there.
I saw him.
I thought you weren't going.
What? So you went with him? No, I didn't go with him.
He came on his own.
I don't appreciate being spied on.
I was worried about you.
I can take care of myself.
And if you saw me with AJ, all you had to do was ask what he was doing there.
You don't have to play games or try to trap me in a lie.
And you don't have to be threatened by him.
Is that why you're not taking the internship? Cause you don't trust me? Well, it was pretty easy for me to steal you from him, so how hard could it be I am not a piece of property.
You didn't steal me from anyone.
If that's how highly you think of me, then this is done.
- Hey.
So, I'm back.
- Hey.
- I was wondering if you'd like to - Aren't we gonna dance? Uh, yeah, sure.
Oh, hey, Mariana.
It's a great party, by the way.
Oh, uh, thanks.
Sorry, you were gonna ask me something? Yes, I was wondering if you'd like to, um buy a ticket for the raffle that we're having later.
- Sure.
How much? - Uh, ten bucks.
I'll get one for each of us.
Um I'll be right back with your tickets.
Rush, thrill seeker Danger is never enough Danger is never enough You okay? Is that girl Jesus' date? What girl? The the girl the yellow Big bow.
Looks like a present? Who? Poppy? No, she's my friend from derby.
What's the $20 for? - The raffle.
- Ooh! There's a raffle? No.
It's a long story.
Basically, Logan's girlfriend thinks I'm after him, so I asked Wyatt to be my pretend ex-boyfriend who I'm back with, but he's loaded.
So, I thought, then, maybe Mat? But he's back with Zoey apparently.
And this is the worst prom ever.
What if your ex-boyfriend was really your ex-girlfriend? Hey, uh, do you have that box I gave you to hold? Yeah.
What is it? Uh, nothing, it's just something for Grace.
- You having fun? - Yeah.
Wait, what's wrong? Grace is sick.
Her mom told me.
I guess it's pretty serious.
I'm so sorry.
She doesn't know I know, so don't say anything to anyone, okay? I won't.
Well, what are you gonna do? Make sure she has the best prom ever.
Hey! Okay, so I know I told you that I had an ex-boyfriend, but that's just because I didn't know how you'd feel about the fact that I'm actually kind of fluid.
This is my real ex, Emma.
And I go flying Images forever, ever Yeah! Um, okay, let's go dance.
I'll never have to let you go Images forever, ever You and me together, gether Got a minute? Sure.
I'll never have to let you go Is that the girl you just broke up with? Uh, how do you know that I just broke up with someone? Because you're so miserable, and I'm so hot, you haven't even noticed.
(CHUCKLES) Um, sorry.
- You look nice.
- Gee.
I didn't even know that they were friends again.
(DOORBELL RINGS) - Hey! - Hey.
- Come on in.
- Yeah, sorry for just dropping by, but I need to talk to you about something important.
(DOOR CLOSES) So, when did this happen? Well, they approached me last week.
And I didn't say anything then, because it wasn't a firm offer.
But it is now.
It's a new charter.
The head of the board is amazing.
Progressive, young, and it's a great education model.
And it's more money with total autonomy.
I I I don't know what to say.
Well, it's not on the beach, but come with me.
What? They said I could hire my own vice principal.
Um, no, we could even be co-principals.
This is an amazing opportunity for both of us.
But if we get the student vote, we would only need to turn one more board member unless you lea.
Well, let's say we win.
The board still wants me fired, and they're after you, too.
And then we're both out of a job.
Lena, I don't want to go to work every day with a target on my back, do you? What about my kids? I can't just jump ship on them.
They can finish out the year, and then come to the new school.
Lena, if we don't jump ship, we're gonna go down either way.
Your kids'll understand.
I know that if you had a prom of your own, you'd be prom queen.
It's not too corny, is it? Oh, it's super corny.
But you're lucky cause I like corny.
How do I look? Like a princess.
Thank you.
Shall we dance? What's that about? I have no idea.
Wherever we are Why are they slow dancing? Because it's a slow song.
Wherever I go (BELCHES) - (GAGS) - Oh my God, gross.
I I think I need to throw up.
I'll be right back.
I can feel you falling I can feel you Moving back to San Diego, and moving next door to you it brought up a lot of feelings that I think I I think I repressed.
The answer is no.
I I was never like that with any of my other girlfriends.
Thought you left.
Do you wanna talk about this? I don't know.
I'm just really tired of having these stupid fights with jealous boys.
Well, if you change your mind, I'll be waiting in the car.
Watching you bathed in light JESUS: Hey, Emma.
So, are you and Mariana friends again? We're lovers.
Just pretend lovers, so your neighbor's girlfriend doesn't think that she's after him.
(LAUGHS) Whatever.
I have to get back to my girlfriend.
Hold on, Emma.
Hold on.
Look, I I love you.
I love you, and I am an idiot.
Okay? I I don't care if if you don't want me forever.
All I care about is right now.
And I I know that I haven't been myself lately, but I want to be me again.
For me.
And also for you.
I I want to be the man that you deserve.
Would you please just give me another chance? Hey, you okay? Yeah, yeah.
I'm just a little tired.
- Do you wanna sit down? - No, no, I wanna I wanna keep dancing.
Instead you wanted to go To a place You've never seen A place that's out of this world Another space Just you and me I remember every moment I remember every breath I remember all the things They probably forget MAN: You guys seen this girl? No.
You sure? Take a good look.
You know her? No.
Hi! You guys having fun? - Yep.
- Where's your girlfriend? Oh, she's in the bathroom.
Is that your girlfriend kissing your brother? My own damn brother?! This is the worst prom ever.
WYATT: Baby, baby.
I been looking for you all night.
- No! - (WYATT CHUCKLES) So tight, I'll never let you go Sorry.
Sorry, we just got back together.
Can't keep my hands off her.
No, no, no, no, no.
He's kidding! I hardly even know him! Is that any way to talk to the guy who took your virginity? Gonna be your hand to hold So tight and cold I've been unhappy in my marriage.
And I've been trying to figure out why.
And maybe it's because all this time, I've been living a lie.
I did have those feelings for you back in high school.
And I've been denying them ever since.
And maybe that's been the problem this whole time.
You know? What if I'm gay? Mom, have you seen Ximena? ICE is looking for her.
Excuse me, where are you taking her? I'm taking her in for underage possession of alcohol.
Ximena Sinfuego, you were at a protest where you made threats to the security of the United States.
No, I didn't.
Alright, listen, you guys.
You gotta take your turn, all right? ICE AGENT #1: We have jurisdiction.
No, you don't.
I know that, and so do you.
Don't be scared.
I'll call your parents as soon as I get you out of here.
You okay? - What's going on? - Immigration's here for Ximena.
Guys, guys, guys Look, as soon as you process her, she's ours.
So, why draw this out? Love feels good (PHONE BEEPS) On a scorching winter afternoon - - Love feels good As the soft steamy summers in late June Love feels good - Love feels good - So, what happened to the raffle? There is no raffle.
This is our song and I sing it Sorry, it's a little sweaty.
I was gonna ask you to dance, and then Zoey.
- I didn't know you guys were back together.
- We're not.
We're just friends.
And the answer is yes.
I would love to dance with you.
Life ain't bad When the brown leaves fall to the ground Life ain't bad Even flowers, they flower downtown Life ain't bad You are welcome to follow me to the station where you can hash out this this turf war.
But I have got a job to do, so if you wouldn't mind letting me through.
Thank you.
- (ENGINE STARTS) - Do you have your DACA card on you? Are those those same kids? South exit, check the vehicle heading your way.
(PHONE RINGS) (SIGHS) Where are you? They said they were gonna take her after you process her.
- I didn't know what to do.
- They're on us.
ICE is following us.
- Where's Ximena? - She's down in the back.
AJ's driving.
Okay, they're not sure that you have her, or they would have pulled you over.
Just drive carefully, please.
Under the speed limit.
Do exactly as I say.
- Just promise me you'll think about it.
- I will.
You're really gonna bail on Anchor Beach? (SIGHS) Honey, I might not have a choice.
And without Monte's vote, I don't know what chance we have of saving the school.
- Hello? CALLIE: Jude, I need you to call Noah's mom.
Ask if her church will give Ximena sanctuary, okay? She has her DACA card, but Immigration is after her.
I'll call her right now.
Sorry I'm so tired.
I know boys like to get laid on their prom night.
That's okay.
You know, we could still go to Coachella.
For sure.
If if for some reason, I can't go you promise me you'll go? We'll go together.
I love you.
I love you, too.
JUDE: Noah's mom will get there as soon as she can.
She said that the doors on the west side are always open.
Okay, thank you.
You should've just loaned me your car.
I wasn't gonna let you do this alone.
Wait, there's the church.
Take your shoes off, okay? We're gonna have to run.
- Ready? - Yeah.
Go, go, go! (SIRENS WAIL) Come on! - Go, go, go, go! - Come on! Go, go, go, go! Go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Go, go! They really won't come in here? They don't come into churches.
Shoot! (ALL PANTING) I'm sorry I got you into this.
It's okay.
So what now? We don't leave until Ximena can walk out of here without being detained.