The Fosters s05e11 Episode Script


1 Previously on The Fosters - The board is voting next week.
- MARIANA: How close are we? We'd only need to turn one more board member to save the school.
JUDE: I heard back from the people at Eminent Power.
They only want me.
I told them I won't do it without you.
Well, I'm not gonna drop outta school.
- You will probably get a - A para-professional.
It's an educational aide.
- Are you drunk? - WYATT: Mostly high.
I've been meaning to talk to you.
MARIANA: I got a text from Nick.
He told me that he can help us save Anchor Beach.
I did have those feelings for you.
What if I'm gay? You used to do that all the time when we were married.
You'd forget to breathe.
It used to scare the bejesus out of me.
There is a new treatment we offer here for recurrent adolescent leukemia.
I wanna do it.
We need to take a big step back.
CALLIE: Ximena can't leave until her DACA is sorted out.
- Have you found Poppy? - We're fostering her.
Everybody is home for dinner tonight, yes? Um, I should be.
Uh, I'm taking Poppy to her house to get some more clothes and stuff for Ximena, but we won't be that long.
Any news on her DACA status? - Not yet.
- JUDE: What about their parents? No, I still don't know where they're being detained.
JUDE: How can they do that to people? STEF: Hey, B? How's Grace doing? Uh, good, yeah.
She's going home today.
Really? When they putting her T-cells back in? Uh, I guess it takes the lab a few weeks to, like, recode them.
And then what do they do? Uh, they're supposed to attack the cancer cells, and kill them.
- So she'll be cured? - Hopefully.
Your para, David, will meet you in homeroom.
Uh, Poppy, you're going to be in Jesus' class and he'll show you the way, okay? Okay.
And I'll walk you to the rest of your classes.
What am I supposed to tell people when they they ask me who this guy is that's following me? Honey, you're gonna tell them that he's an in-class aide who's there to help you catch up on everything you've missed.
Listen, a positive attitude is gonna go a long way to helping you here, okay? You have to manage your frustrations - so you won't have another - Outburst.
Yeah, Mama, I know.
You already told me.
Okay, don't forget to write things down.
- Your short term memory - Sucks.
- I know.
- Honey, it doesn't suck.
- It does.
- You just you're just recovering.
And don't worry, all your teachers know what to expect.
- Poppy? - Huh? - How are you feeling? - Uh, fine, thanks.
I know it's nerve-wracking going to a new school, but I hope you understand that the logistics of getting you to and from your old school every morning, it was just a little tricky.
Yeah, no, it's it's cool.
I'm, uh, excited to start school on the beach.
Wait, does this mean that she can vote "no" on Anchor Beach Academy? I don't see why not.
Yay! Not that I'm worried about Drew or anything.
He can put up all the professionally printed posters he wants.
- I've barely heard of anyone who wants ABCC to go private.
- (POPPY CHUCKLES) It's cool they're actually letting the kids get a vote.
All we need is one more board member and we win.
What's up with Monica Davis, Mama? She still hasn't decided, but don't worry.
I'm working her.
Whoa! Uh, it doesn't look like Drew put that one up.
Okay, so a few misguided souls are willing to betray their classmates for a swimming pool.
Big deal.
Here we are! Oh! And here you are.
Aw! Locker buddies.
BOY: Hey.
What's up? Come on now, these are the middle school lockers.
I'm sure that's all that was open.
You'll be with us senior year.
This is ridiculous.
- What are you doing? - Just in case.
Here's your locker combo.
Good luck.
I'll see you at lunch.
You're gonna do great.
- Everyone's gonna love you.
- Thanks.
And you? Don't be an asshole to your para-professional.
- Word, thanks.
- Wait, so what does para-professional mean? Uh, I don't know.
It's like almost professional or something.
- You ready for this? - As long as I get to sit in the back with you.
- Yeah, just - Jesus! David.
Nice to meet you.
Got us a couple seats right up front.
Uh, do we have to? I mean, we want to be focused, don't we? - Yeah.
That's great.
- Great.
I'll see you after class.
(POPPY SIGHS) (THEME MUSIC PLAYS) It's not where you come from It's where you belong Nothin' I would trade I wouldn't have it any other way You're surrounded By love and you're wanted So never feel alone You are home with me Right where you belong WYATT: Hey.
- Oh! What is this? - That's apology fruit.
For getting hammered at prom.
And telling everyone that you took my virginity? Yeah, and that.
Although, it did get me thinking.
I'm not sure it's exactly feminist to talk about a man taking a woman's virginity.
Like taking.
Feminist or not, keep your trap shut.
Heard that! (CLEARS THROAT) Wanna read that card? "Sorry I got so strunk.
" Stoned and drunk.
"Which is what I definitely won't be if you let me take you out for real.
" - Are you serious? - As a melon ball.
(CHUCKLES) Monica, you helped form this charter.
You and I wrote the first draft of the mission statement together on construction paper at our kids' playdate.
And we made a promise to nurture and motivate and challenge our students.
Now, I know that things have been bumpy recently.
But that doesn't mean that we should go back on that promise for those kids who can't afford a private school.
We need to look to that original mission statement and get back to work.
You're right.
- You're right.
- Really? So we have your vote? Like I was gonna vote against Norma Rae here.
(RELIEVED LAUGHTER) - I will see you at the meeting.
- Thank you.
This should be fun.
Thank you.
(WHISPERS): Yes! (SIGHS) Okay, so all we need now are the students.
Is there any way I can convince you to stay if we win? No, I'll stick around until the vote, but I'm not gonna stay here and wait for them to find some reason to fire me.
What are some of the similarities you see in the tales of Winesburg's residents? - Yeah? - Loneliness? TIMOTHY: Good.
And what's the primary cause of that loneliness? FEMALE STUDENT: No one talks to each other.
- You write that down? - Uh, no, I I mean - Uh, I will.
- TIMOTHY: Which begs the question - are they trapped by the town? - I-N.
- I I got it.
- Or are they trapped by themselves? You don't got it, 'cause you're not writing down what he's saying.
I can't hear what he's saying because you keep talking to me.
(SCHOOL BELL RINGS) TIMOTHY: Okay, so for tomorrow, I want you to read the next three stories.
You can use my notes, but you need to focus.
TIMOTHY: Have a good day, everyone! Jesus, good to have you back.
Look, um, don't worry about reading three stories tonight.
Okay? Just try and get through one.
Less homework and some guy takes notes for you? Wish someone'd hit me in the head.
Ready? CALLIE: So I took your advice.
About UCSD.
I'm gonna apply for social work, and then transfer to Art later.
And that way I can take my time with my portfolio and everything.
That's cool.
And who knows, you might like social work.
I know you don't think I should be an artist.
What?! That's not true.
Do you remember when we first met? What did I say when you told me that Sorry.
When Cameron told me that you that you wanted to be a photographer.
You said it was brave.
Yeah, well, I want to be brave, but I really want to go to UCSD.
So I think I just have to play it safe for now.
Honestly, I don't see how I could possibly finish my portfolio in time with everything that's going on with Ximena.
It's like a relief to have the pressure off.
Then, uh social work it is.
I think we might have to talk about what friends do.
- What? Friends don't hold hands? - No.
And they don't surprise their friends with picnics on the beach, either.
Oh, come on.
I do this all the time for the guys in my study group.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) (CLEARS THROAT) GRACE: Feels good to be back.
Home again.
Home again.
And I got you a surprise.
You you bought me a new TV! - SUSAN: And cable.
- Grace.
Heh! Um are are you staying here? Well, I can't afford to stay in a hotel indefinitely, and you need someone with you 24/7.
- (PHONE BEEPS) - So Ah! The delivery guy's here.
You know, at first, I thought I would get a blow-up mattress, but then I thought that'd be too much work, so I just got a pull-out couch.
(SIGHS) Did you know anything about this? No! When are we ever gonna be alone? Well, I mean, we can still go out.
- For sex? - Um Sex is out of the question.
So, where do you want the couch? Mom, you gotta be kidding me.
No, Grace, I am not kidding you.
In your condition, sex is very risky.
GRACE: Mom, it's not up to you! And and I can decide whether it's risky or not.
- Brandon is a very considerate lover.
- Oh, God And we're gonna continue to have sex whether you like it or not.
So, you ever heard of Declan Rivers? Yeah! His live streams are hilarious.
I know, right! Well, uh, that's who Eminent Power wants me to play with.
So, I'm supposed to meet him tomorrow.
What? Why? Look, I know I said I wouldn't do it if you didn't want me to.
But I really want to.
And I think you should be happy for me! You know, as my best friend.
Well, as my best friend, I think you shouldn't want to do it without me.
(SCOFFS) I don't want to do it without you.
But they're not asking you.
(SCOFFS) Fine.
But FYI, I would never treat you like this.
Wait, so does he, like, go to the bathroom with you? Yeah, only when he needs to change my diaper.
AIDEN (THOUGH MEGAPHONE): Listen up, everyone! Tomorrow's our vote to decide the fate of Anchor Beach.
And what we decide is extremely important.
Anchor Beach Academy is going to have an advanced STEAM program, - (CHEERING) - an Olympic-sized pool, - a media center, a state-of-the-art auditorium.
- (CHEERS CONTINUE) They're gonna hire college counselors with connections to the Ivy League.
- (SCATTERED APPLAUSE) - This could change our lives.
How do we know that they're gonna fulfill all of these promises? Look, we have the opportunity to make Anchor Beach a great school.
And for the students who already go here, we're being offered a huge cut in tuition.
Okay! Well, what about the families that can't afford to pay anything? How many of you or your friends are gonna have to leave Anchor Beach? What makes this school so special is that we all come from different backgrounds.
No amount of money can buy that! - STUDENT: Yeah! - Don't be fooled.
A private education is not necessarily a better one.
Vote "no" and save our school! (CHEERS AND APPLAUSE) Hell, yeah! Are you really gonna film everything we do? Yeah, I need good stuff for your web page.
Um, so how are you feeling today? Like an animal at the zoo.
I mean, everyone at church is really nice, but I'm starting to lose my mind in here.
Anything from your lawyer? Not yet.
(SIGHS) HELEN: Hello? XIMENA: Helen! Is that for me? Mm-hmm.
Not gonna let a little immigration snafu get in the way of your studies.
- Thank you.
- You may grab these.
I still expect you to finish all your work on time.
Mm! Don't worry about that.
All I got is time.
How's the portfolio coming along? Yeah, I actually wanted to talk to you about that.
- Let's chat.
- Yeah.
So, what's up? Um, so I'm not applying for the art school.
- Really? - No.
Not right away.
I just wanna take the time to get my portfolio in decent shape.
And when it's ready, I'll transfer in.
(GROANS) The thing is, the program really frowns on that.
They want students committed to art from the beginning.
There are a lot less spots for transfers.
Callie, if you want a real chance of getting into the art school, you need to apply now.
Hey! How was work? Oh, you know, another day, another pimp, another child prostitute.
You okay? Yeah, somebody's gotta do it, right? Hey.
It's alright.
So, uh, I I was looking online - (PHONE BEEPS) - Hold on.
Sorry! Oh, it's a text from Tess.
From Girl Bar? - Ha ha.
- (LENA GIGGLES) No, she and Dean are at the airport going to Cabo.
Would we mind checking on Logan this weekend? That's interesting.
Maybe they're trying to work out their issues.
Maybe, but what about what she said to you at prom? I don't think she's a lesbian, Lena.
I think she's just having a mid-life crisis maybe.
STEF: Hey, bud! How was it? Hey! What'd you think of David? Um, he's fine.
He's kind of annoying, though.
LENA: Well, he's there to help you.
You gotta have some patience with him.
Isn't it his job to be patient with me? I'm sure he is.
Give him a chance.
So any outbursts or any problems I should know about? No.
It's fine.
So, uh, I was looking online, and I found a support group for people with TBIs.
So I though maybe it's something we could do for Jesus.
Yep, yep.
Are you sure you're okay? Yeah! Yeah! I just I just wanna get out of all this, you know? Alright.
(SAFE BEEPING) (GASPS) (GASPING) (FAINT HEARTBEAT) - Hey! - Oh! Hey! What are you I was just gonna go for a run.
Was wondering if you wanted to join.
Oh, I I can't.
I have to email all of Anchor Beach and remind them of their humanity.
Which, apparently, is for sale.
Okay, cool.
Well, I'll let you get to it.
I, uh, just thought you should know that Olivia and I broke up.
So you shouldn't be getting any more angry DMs from her, I hope.
Oh, um I'm sorry.
You know, for the record? She had nothing to worry about.
It's not like I was, like, trying to get with you or anything.
I know.
But for the record if you were I wouldn't mind.
You make me wanna shake shake shake shake shake shake shake And shout it There ain't no other wa-a-a-a-a-a-y (KNOCKING) - Hi.
- Hey.
Grace happy to be home? Uh, yeah, I think she'd be happier if her mom didn't move in with her.
Yeah, overbearing parents are the worst.
(BOTH LAUGHING DERISIVELY) Hey, Mom and I just wanted to tell you that we're very proud of you.
The way you are supporting Grace.
But? No "but.
" And we want to make sure that you are supporting yourself.
Okay? You really need to start making a plan for next year.
I'm not going to college, Mom.
I want to spend as much time as I can with Grace.
I hear you, B.
I do, but you're 18.
And this is a lot.
I mean, it's a lot for Grace to deal with, you know? I'm not the sick one here.
B, taking care of someone with cancer, is incredibly stressful.
And it's not always easy to navigate.
Just ask Mama.
When I had my, um, my cancer scare um you know, I wasn't exactly feeling very sexual.
You know, it's not nice to read over people's shoulders.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) (KEYBOARD CLACKING) Two guys in one day? You're practically the Bachelorette.
I know, right! So, who gets the final rose? The charming, athletic boy next door, or the funny, quirky, stoner blast from the past? I don't know.
I mean, Logan's hot, but look at this pineapple.
It's a flower.
(EXCLAIMS) Did you email the wrestling team? Just now.
- What about Mat? - Oh.
Already sent.
No, I mean, have you talked to him since prom? I feel like I was just a pity dance.
Like he's never gonna get over the whole Nick of it all.
Has he texted you again? Nick? - I texted him.
- Mariana, seriously?! Okay, just to find out if he really knows something that can actually save the school.
Of course he said he couldn't tell me over the phone, so I'd have to see him in person.
- Oh, come on! - Don't worry.
I'm not ever gonna text him again.
I was just stressed about Anchor Beach.
- JESUS: Hey! - Hey! How was the first day of school? Well, the only people who talked to me live in this house.
Emma talks to you, doesn't she? Well, yeah, 'cause she's dating someone who lives in this house.
Well, yeah, well, I mean, if you wanna make more friends, then you should avoid wearing the Yeti sweater.
(LAUGHS) Yeah, it's it's actually my dad's.
Yeah, I I found it at the house today, and It still smells like him.
I'm sorry.
I I didn't No, no, it's it's okay.
(CHUCKLES) I just I miss him so much.
- Hey! - Hey.
She's just going through a lot.
You know with her sister and her parents.
I get it.
(MOTORCYCLE STOPS) (BRANDON SIGHS) Um I'm doing a still life.
Of the toilet? (CHUCKLES) Okay, I guess that's a little less weird.
Well, I just found out that my chances of getting into the art program are worse if I try and transfer in.
So I only have two weeks to finish my portfolio.
Why would you transfer when you can just apply for what you want? That's really easy for you to say, Brandon.
You've been a piano prodigy since you were, like, five years old.
(SCOFFS) You gotta have more confidence in yourself.
Well, I've only been pursuing art for, like, three months.
So, I don't.
- Yeah, but Callie - I don't wanna talk about it.
That's all the ballots? Okay, let's get started.
(LOCKER RATTLING) (SCHOOL BELL RINGS) (GIRL GIGGLING) (RATTLING) Jesus! Why aren't you in class? - What are you doing? - Uh, nothing.
Well, you're late.
Let's go.
Victim is aged 13.
She had minor head wounds.
Bruises on her back and legs.
- An ultrasound reveals she's eight weeks pregnant.
- (GASPING) - (HEART BEATING) - Of course, she's claiming that her pimp had nothing to do with any of this.
(TRAFFIC NOISE) Hey, everything alright? Yeah, I just I left my phone in the car.
I'll catch up with you.
(SCHOOL BELL RINGS) Why don't you give that back to me by start of class tomorrow? - Okay.
- Hey! No worries.
- Sit down.
- What? You need to finish.
He literally just said that he's cool with it if I turn it in tomorrow.
Well, I'm not cool with it.
It it's lunch.
I'm hungry! We can get food in a little bit when you're done.
(PA SYSTEM BEEPS) DREW (ON PA): Attention, everyone.
We have the results of today's vote.
- Oh my God.
- The students have voted "no" to Anchor Beach Academy.
Board still has the final vote tomorrow.
This isn't over.
Yes, but with Monica Davis' vote, and the students' vote, we have enough to stop you.
I guess you do.
I understand you have a job offer from Livingston Charter.
Uh, yeah.
The head of their board, Maggie Thornton, she was my sorority sister at UCLA.
What was your point? LAUREN: Well, if you have one foot out the door your vote really shouldn't count.
But it does until I resign.
That's true.
Although, I was thinking of giving Maggie a call.
Just to fill her in on some of the drama going on at Anchor Beach on your watch.
I'm fairly sure the offer will be rescinded.
You'd really do that? Unless you resign before the board meeting.
(SCOFFS) If you leave, Drew gets your vote.
Lena, I need that job.
(SIGHS) (WHISPERS): I want you.
What if your mom gets back? (STAMMERING) I told you, she's gone for a while.
Yeah, but how how long? Long enough.
Okay, not that long, Romeo.
Let's just let's just get to it.
You okay? Yeah.
No, I I I just I realized that I, uh I have to get to work soon, so.
- What? - Nothing! You don't want to have sex, we won't have sex.
I don't not want to have sex with you.
Just admit it.
You're not attracted to me anymore now that you know I'm sick.
DECLAN: Jude! So chill to meet you, man.
I'm Declan.
Hey! I I I'm a big fan! I pretty much learned how to play Eminent Power from watching your streams.
They're, uh really informative.
I mean, I I kinda go for, like, more cool and funny, - but that - No, no, no, they're that too! Uh, I love when you use your cudgel against the Mage.
And you yell, "By Grabthar's Hammer!" - (BOTH LAUGHING) - Yeah, that's, um - It's actually - A "Galaxy" "Galaxy Quest" reference.
Totally! You know, I may have looked you up, too.
You did some pretty cool stuff with Vainglory.
You and, uh, you and that girl.
Grace, come on.
How could I not be attracted to you? GRACE: Uh, maybe because you don't want to have sex all of a sudden? We were just having sex! That was not sex, and you know it.
Okay, I I just I I don't want to hurt you.
Don't flatter yourself.
I'm not.
I I read something that it it said that, you know, it can be an issue with bleeding.
I'm not some fragile thing that you're going to break, Brandon! (SCOFFS) This is exactly why I didn't want you to know I was sick.
Yes, but you are sick, and I do know.
So if there's something that we should or shouldn't be doing Then I will tell you! I'm not gonna do anything that doesn't feel good.
Now let's do this thing before my mom gets home.
XIMENA: You know, my dad always said that Poppy and I were his American dream.
That made me always want to do my best, you know? Just to be worthy of the sacrifices my parents made.
I don't know how you do it.
What? Just like the way you live.
You're so unapologetic, and bold.
Just yourself in the face of all this shit.
You have so much courage.
I don't feel real courageous right now.
I'm hiding out in a church.
- Well, you should.
- Alright! Would you stop filming? Come skate with me.
- This right here.
- Okay.
So, what are you gonna do about your UCSD application? - (CALLIE GROANS, SPUTTERS) - Have you decided yet? I don't know.
Do I play it safe and go to the school I want? Or do I take a chance and go for the major I want? Who says you can't get both? Yeah, but what if I get neither? Maybe I'm the wrong person to ask, but, my whole life is full of risk.
So I say go for it.
I don't have your confidence.
I mean, not as an artist.
XIMENA: You don't have to have confidence.
Just courage.
And you've got plenty of that.
Trust me, girl.
I know what it looks like.
- (CALLIE LAUGHS) - You are a natural, see? CALLIE: Oh my God.
(DECLAN AND JUDE LAUGHING) Listen, man, I don't know about you, but, like I'm good here.
I think Eminent Power was right.
I think me and you are gonna work really well together.
So, uh, I'll keep doing my thing.
And you can be, like, the cute, nerdy sidekick.
What would you do if you wanted to do something but it meant you might lose a friend? Um I I'd pick my friend.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) (SUCKS TEETH) That's why I'm not good here.
That girl, Taylor? She and I started streaming together.
And then Eminent Power approached me, but not her.
And it just it doesn't feel right to do it without her.
So I gotta Yeah, okay, um Then why don't we just do it all together? We could be like a like a "throuple.
" I already tried that.
They said no.
(SCOFFS) They won't say no to me.
- Really? - Yeah.
I'm used to getting what I want.
Hey, X? I'm gonna head out.
What happened? My lawyer just called.
Um, my DACA hasn't been renewed yet.
And now it may never be.
I mean, unless I get a special hearing.
If I walk out of this building, I can be detained.
Like I can't I can't live in this church forever.
You're not gonna have to do that.
We're gonna make sure of it.
What if I never see my parents again? Hey.
We're gonna figure this out, okay? - Hey.
- Hey! Congrats on saving the school.
Well, it wasn't just me.
Like I said at prom, you're you're a force to be reckoned with.
There was something else I wanted to tell you at prom.
What's that? That I made a mistake.
Breaking up with you.
I was a jerk, I was jealous, and insecure.
Keep going.
And I definitely should have been more understanding about the whole Nick situation.
I really miss you.
Is there any way in hell you'd give me another chance? Now we're falling apart Do I have to answer you now? No.
No, not at all.
Take all the time you need.
How fast we would fall You say nothing's wrong Well I'm alright I know Dreams are darker in the night - - I say - - Don't let it go, let's hold on tight I'm proud of you.
What? Who was that girl yesterday? Um, the one on the motorcycle? I stopped by to try and talk, but Oh, um yeah.
That was my friend Gabriela.
I mean, you have nothing to worry about.
We're just friends, like, for real.
It's fine.
You know, I don't really have a right to be worried.
I'm the one who put the brakes on us, so we're just friends.
You can date whoever you want.
Well, I don't really wanna date anyone else.
Yeah, but, like, say you do.
Like, down the road.
I guess I'll have to tell you about it.
I mean, friends are honest with each other, right? Um, what if you meet someone? The whole point of us being friends is 'cause I don't think I should be seeing anyone, like, right now.
Can friends hug? - Is that allowed? Okay.
- (LAUGHING) Yeah! MADISON: I had this, like, blowup with a friend over, like, nothing.
We were playing a board game and I totally lost it.
This is pointless.
Can we get outta here? Please.
Just give it a chance.
MADISON: I tried to explain that it wasn't me.
That I sometimes, literally, can't control my emotions, but people, and even my own family, who spent all those days in the hospital with me, they still don't get it.
Because I look fine, they think I should be like I used to be.
They don't understand.
Because the disability you have is invisible.
So they think that you're either being defiant, or not trying, or faking it to get off easy.
They end up talking about you behind your back.
Not sharing stuff with you, because they think that you can't handle it.
It makes you feel even more alone and isolated.
Uh, I don't want to tell anyone when I don't understand things.
Or when I forget where I parked my car.
- (GROUP LAUGHS) - Which happens a lot! Sometimes I just wish I could fade away, because it's easier to be alone than it is to constantly be misunderstood by the people I love the most.
Honey? What would I do without you I feel like I'm walking with eyes as blind as a man Without a lantern in a coal mine What would I do without you That's what we're doing to you, isn't it? I know you guys don't mean to, but Love, you don't have to say that.
Okay? - We've been, uh - We've been doing this wrong.
And I'm so sorry.
We really thought we were just helping you.
I know.
It's just every time that you guys try to help me, it makes me feel like I I Like I can't do it, or like, I'm I'm bad or I'm broken or something.
(SOBS) Honey, you're not broken.
You're not.
And I promise you, that we're gonna stop making you feel that way.
So, there's really nothing more we can do.
So she's resigning? Well, she can't risk losing that new job.
Well, what about the job she already has? What about her loyalty to you and to Anchor Beach? Mariana, I'm really sorry, sweetheart.
I know how hard you fought.
So we lost? I mean, unless some board members change their mind before tomorrow.
What would I do without you You got your sunshine, I got rain clouds You got hope and I got my doubts What would I do without you (PHONE CLICKING) (DOORBELL RINGS) I understand you have some information that can save Anchor Beach.
Listen, all of you asked me out, and it's all new, and nothing serious yet, or, again, and and, you know, I just I don't see why I can't date all of you.
Not like at the same time, but like, one-on-one.
OK, if you're not cool with that, I totally understand, but I'm not ready to be tied down.
- I'm cool with that.
- Yeah, I'm down.