The Fosters s05e20 Episode Script

Meet the Fosters

1 Previously on The Fosters Brandon Foster, Musician's Institute! I can't believe she's gone.
- (SOBBING) - LENA: Callie Adams Foster, UCSD five-year law program.
As much as I care about you, I think I need to see where things go with Amanda.
Jesus Adams Foster, San Diego Community College.
EMMA: I'm gonna go to college.
JESUS: Then I'll go wherever you're going.
Emma got an abortion.
You didn't give Jesus a chance to tell you what he really wanted.
LENA: Mariana Adams Foster, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
We'll both be in Boston, - so maybe we can grab a cup of coffee or something.
- You're on.
Jude Adams Foster, UCLA.
(AUDIENCE CHEERING) I think it's time for a career change.
It's not like we're done.
I swear they need you more in their 20s than ever.
He has a a kid who needs a home.
What should I tell him? Grace, y you loved her.
What makes you so sure? Because I've been loved by you, Brandon, and it is a powerful thing.
Eliza and I are engaged.
That's amazing.
(INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) Everyone, everyone, just Thank you.
Umm, Lena and I would like to thank all of you for coming tonight to help us celebrate our recent college grads, Brandon and Mariana, Callie.
And Emma.
And Emma, our beautiful Emma.
(ALL APPLAUDING) And also to congratulate Jude on finishing up his first year at UCLA.
Way to go, bud.
Whoo! Thank you.
Uh, which reminds me, we still haven't seen your final grades yet.
Uh, neither have I.
- The moment you get them - You will be the first to know.
We would also like to congratulate Jesus on getting his contractor license.
He and his friend Wyatt have started a custom tree house building business.
So if any of you are in the market We just got business cards actually.
And it's called "Out on a Limb.
" - (ALL LAUGHING) - GIRL: Nice! And last, but certainly not least, we are celebrating Eliza and Brendon tonight who in less then a week are getting married.
JESUS: Yes! (ALL CHEERING AND APPLAUDING) Standing ovation I guess.
Standing ovation from Jesus alone.
(STEF LAUGHING) Umm, we are also all very excited about the destination wedding at Beaches Resort in Turks and Caicos, courtesy of Jim and Diane - (APPLAUSE) - Our pleasure.
Uh, we want to welcome Eliza's brothers, Carter and Jamie.
(APPLAUSE) And I don't think that everyone knows our foster son, Corey.
- (APPLAUSE) - WOMAN: Hi! So we also thought this would be a great chance for all of our friends and families to get to know each other better.
It's kind of crazy that our kids have been dating for two years and we barely know each other.
Not for lack of trying.
DIANE: Oh, that's on us.
We've we've been so busy traveling, - with Jim's projects - Yeah.
all over the world.
We've barely even been on this continent.
(NERVOUS CHUCKLE) Well, we, uh, we will have lots of time to bond at the wedding.
- DIANE: Yeah.
- LENA: Um, so here's to our - (SPITS) - (LAUGHS) LENA: Here's to all of us and the blending of our two families.
- Hear, hear.
- Cheers.
ALL: Cheers.
(GLASSES CLINKING) So, my sister tells me you got your BA and JD in just five years? Yeah.
I'm impressed.
Uh, it took me seven.
Yes, I heard you're a lawyer.
I feel sick.
How are we gonna tell your moms? We should just elope.
- (SCOFFS) - I'm serious.
Don't worry.
They'll understand.
(THEME MUSIC PLAYING) It's not where you come from It's where you belong Nothin' I would trade I wouldn't have it any other way You're surrounded By love and you're wanted So never feel alone You are home with me Right where you belong (MUSIC ENDS) - Jesus? Thanks.
- (INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) JAMIE: Uh, so where are you looking for a job? East Coast, West Coast? Yeah, so I have multiple job offers all over the country, but I'm going backpacking all over Europe for a couple months before I start work.
You're going to Europe? Yeah.
With who? Who? No one.
Um, I'm going by myself.
(CLEARING THROAT) Yeah, right.
Why does no one think I can do anything alone? 'Cause you went to college with your best friend, and you've never done anything alone.
Says the guy who still lives at home.
I live in the garage, and I pay rent.
A hundred bucks a month is not rent.
Well, I'm moving out.
Emma and I found a place today.
It's a studio but after four years apart, who needs doors, right? JUDE: So, are there, like, a lot of, you know, tech jobs here in San Diego? It's not a major hub.
But I'll be working at a small start-up, so who knows what it might turn into? JAMIE: So what're your plans? Uh, well, I'm interviewing for a couple clerkships with judges.
What sort of law do you practice? Corporate.
I'm in downtown L.
at Hoff, Braverman, and Tensley.
Oh, well, those disenfranchised corporations need all the help they can get.
So who are the judges? That you're interviewing with? Lisa Engleman and Curtis Wilson.
I'm guessing your choice is Engleman.
- Why do you say that? - Well, she's progressive while Wilson's conservative.
I am hoping to get the job with Engleman.
I'm not sure I could work for someone whose values I don't share.
Well, even if that's your job as a lawyer? How is that my job as a lawyer? Well, it's your job not to let your interpretation of the law be clouded by ideology.
Which I'm guessing you cashed in at Hofferman, whatever? Why do you assume that all corporate lawyers are charlatans? Why do you assume you need to mansplain what my job as a lawyer is? - Hey.
- Hey.
- Sorry I'm late.
- Oh, it's okay.
Umm, Aaron, this is Jamie, Eliza's brother.
- Nice to meet you.
- Yeah, you too.
Aaron's an attorney also.
He works at the Juvenile Justice Center.
It's a non-profit.
So, how did your interview go? Fine (SIGHS) until I said I was sorry.
0 GPA, amazing recommendations from your professors, editor of the law review.
And I found your sample legal arguments well-reasoned and researched.
You're an impressive young woman.
Thank you.
That means so much coming from you.
I have such admiration for your career and rulings.
It would be an honor to clerk for you.
I also believe I could be an asset to you.
As a former foster kid who found herself, like so many foster kids, embroiled in the juvenile justice system, I've personally experienced our judicial process from all sides, and I believe I could provide a unique point of view in researching case law and helping shape your opinions.
Well, Brandon invited Mat to dinner tonight even though we totally just broke up, and he's a bag of dicks.
So, do you have any questions for me? (ALL LAUGHING) Well, at least she'll remember you.
Not what I was hoping to be remembered for.
So, why is he a bag of penises? Well, we dated in high school and then broke up.
And then we both went to college in Boston, so we got back together.
But then he graduated and started playing bass with this band called "Dark Veil.
" Oh, I've heard of them.
They're great.
Uh, except for their bass player.
I hear he sucks.
Big time.
Anyway, he went on tour and, long story short, he came back and gave me crabs, so bag of dicks.
Real classy, Mariana.
(INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) Should we open another bottle of wine? I think so, yes.
I cannot believe that you're finally home.
(CHUCKLES) No more counting down the days till break.
And no stupid fighting on the phone.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) Now, I can finally roll over and kiss you goodnight every night.
Uh, Lena how are you finding being on the public school board? I I'm enjoying it.
You know, she got 79 percent of the vote, which is unheard of.
- Oh.
- But you're still the principal of that charter school, right? Anchor Beach? Yes.
And you don't find that a conflict of interest? On the contrary, it's important to have educators who are actually in the trenches.
And, Stef, you're in social work now? Yes.
I run a non-profit child welfare agency and, uh, shelter for homeless families and abused women.
JIM: Well, it's important work.
You must be so proud of your daughters.
MIT and law school grads.
Yeah, well, we're pretty proud of all of our kids.
It's pretty impressive that Brandon got his BA in three years and then his masters from USC.
Uh of course.
- And you must be so proud of Eliza - DIANE: Hmm.
being asked to join the L.
Philharmonic full time.
DIANE: Oh, we are.
Though we have no idea where she gets her musical talent from.
(LAUGHTER) So, uh, how do you feel about Brandon's job prospects? How do you mean? Well, you know, the entertainment business, it's just so I mean, it's so unpredictable, right? How many jobs are there scoring television and movies? Well, there's are also documentaries and training films and commercials and gaming videos.
There are probably less career opportunities in classical music, and yet Eliza is succeeding.
Well, yes, of course.
But with daughters, there's much less pressure to provide.
Is everybody ready for some dessert? 'Cause - Hey - Hey I didn't know you were coming.
Jesus told me to come back for dessert.
Just in time to help me.
Heard you're going to Europe.
You know, when you run out of money which you will did you know that you can cook in a hostel in exchange for a bed? How about I just budget? Suit yourself, but, you know, I did that for a month in Lisbon, and I learned how to cook a killer Caldo Verde.
Why don't you just come with me, be my tour guide slash bodyguard.
Probably help my moms sleep at night.
- Here you go.
- Oh, thanks, man.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Oh, thanks for the cookie.
Hey! So, you obviously haven't told him the news yet.
I don't know how to.
This wasn't part of the plan.
And this is totally gonna change everything.
Look, you didn't mean for this to happen but it did.
So what if it changes things.
Well, it's a big step.
What if he's not ready? You've been here before and he was on board then.
And now he's older and more mature.
He can deal.
Or I could just not tell him and he'll never have to know.
So, how do you feel about being a groomsman? I hear you look very handsome in your suit.
Yeah, I'm excited.
Uh, thank you for asking me.
So, uh, when did this happen? All my brothers are groomsmen.
What do I have to do exactly? Just stand with me at the altar.
And walk one of my pretty friends down the aisle.
Oh, I can do that.
- (ELIZA CHUCKLES) - I'm fly with the ladies.
- Yeah? - (LAUGHTER) - LENA: Thank you.
- Here you go, my love.
(GROANS) You think we should tell him about his mother? I think we should wait to see if we have something to tell.
You think Jude's okay? STEF: Why do you ask? I don't know.
He just seems not himself.
I just don't get what the hurry is.
I think, maybe, after losing Grace, he's afraid of wasting any time.
Plus, I don't think her parents would approve of them just living together.
You still on the fence about her? I don't know.
I thought Brandon would end up with someone more mature, I guess.
Why? How's she immature? Like, there's this whole thing with the bridesmaid's dresses.
Well, isn't there always a thing with the bridesmaid's dresses? Oh, my God.
Are you guys talking about the bridesmaid's dresses? ELIZA: So, I had to tell my parents that I'm sleeping in your room this weekend.
So, if it comes up, just Sure.
Do they still think you're a virgin? - Mariana.
- What? (LAUGHS) No.
No, they're just traditional.
Um, you know, when Brandon comes home with me, we're not allowed to sleep in the same room.
So what do you think? They're pretty, right? Lovely.
Really s sharp.
And to tie everything together we have these.
Wow! You guys look fancy.
I forgot the shoes downstairs.
Listen, these were the dresses that her mom wanted, okay.
So let's just pretend that we like them? Why's her mom picking out the dresses? - It's her wedding, right? - Mariana.
Some things aren't worth a fight.
Okay? And Eliza's parents are paying for everything.
So if they're happy, she's happy, and if she's happy, I'm happy, so I hope these fit.
Oh, uh, it's a I is it a beach wedding? You know, it's totally fine.
We will walk on the balls of our feet.
(LAUGHTER AND INDISTINCT CHATTER) Why does it feel like your sisters are talking about me? I'm sure they're not.
Has Callie ever said anything to you? About marrying me? What would she say? Don't? (SCOFFS) Eliza, she likes you.
Does she know about my parents? I how would she know any It just seems like you tell her everything.
Okay, well, I don't tell her everything.
So you didn't tell her? No.
I think someone has a crush on you.
He's not my type.
Because he's a corporate lawyer? Because he's not my type.
Well, you don't have to marry him.
When was the last time you got laid? - Oh, my God.
- What? I'm just sayin'.
You worked so hard the past five years.
I mean, seriously, did you date anyone? Well, after a certain someone broke my heart Okay, that is not how that went down.
Look, weddings are like Vegas.
What happens at them stays at them.
(BOTH CHUCKLING SOFTLY) I'll have one of those.
Princeton? Shit.
That must be tough.
- What's your major? - Classics.
Like, uh Latin and Homer and stuff? Yeah.
It's a good foundation for law school, which is what my brother, Jamie, did, and he's the golden boy, so In what world is the boy at Princeton not golden? My world.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) How do you like UCLA? It's good.
Best part about going to Princeton is that it's all the way across the country.
Yeah, well, L.
's not too far.
- Do you come home much? - Not really.
I don't have a car, and, you know, it's fun to party on the weekends.
For sure.
Brandon's in L.
You must see him? Not so much.
Um, everyone's really busy.
So, what're you studying? I don't know.
Maybe psychology? Although I hear good things about the classics.
My girlfriend's a psych major.
- Refill? - No, I'm good.
Drinking out my cup Liquid courage? I'm guessing you haven't told Moms yet? I don't think now is the time or place.
As long as it's before she's walking down the aisle.
It's not Eliza's fault.
And, by the way, she thinks you don't like her.
I don't really know her, Brandon.
No one does.
Whose fault is that? I guess hers - and yours? - (SCOFFS) You haven't brought her home much.
She's very shy, okay.
And she's an artist.
She's spent most of her life practicing cello.
She's not comfortable around people she doesn't know.
Well, we're not just people.
We're your family.
(SIGHS) Yes, but our family is loud and kind of in your face sometimes.
And you can be intimidating.
What do you want me to do? Make her feel accepted.
(CHUCKLES) You of all people should know what it feels like to not belong.
I accepted her friend request on Facebook, and I'm very generous with my "likes.
" (SCOFFS) If I were you, I would get it over with.
LENA: So excited you guys asked us to do this.
Um, we know you met at USC, but Brandon's not really great with details and we never really asked you exactly how, so you know, was there a cute story or Well, um, I had just seen him around the music department, and I thought he was really hot I mean handsome.
(LAUGHING) It's okay.
It's okay.
Uh, anyway, I I heard that he was looking for musicians to play a score he wrote in a student film, and I figured it was my chance to get him to notice me.
Oh, I'm sure he noticed you.
It sure didn't seem like it.
(CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYING) ELIZA: Brandon was all business.
I don't think he looked at me once.
- Okay, uh, violins and viola - (MUSIC STOPS) let's do a little more of crescendo in the triplet section in the middle just so it helps really build, okay? All right.
(MUSIC RESTARTS) I didn't even think she knew who I was.
Why? She was the star of the music school, and she was already playing with the L.
Phil part time.
(MUSIC CONTINUES) BRANDON: I couldn't imagine why she wanted to waste her time - playing in some stupid student film score.
- (METALLIC CLINK) - (MUSIC STOPS) - Uh, that was really good.
Uh, let let's just go again and try to put more crescendo in the triplet section in the middle.
But, uh okay.
(MUSIC CONTINUES) BRANDON: And the way she plays, I mean, she's so confident, so intense.
And of course she's beautiful.
I was so nervous that she wouldn't find my score challenging.
And then when she wouldn't even look at me, I assumed she hated it and me.
His piece was so beautiful.
I couldn't believe how talented he was.
But, obviously, he wasn't into me, so After the session (CHUCKLES) I I started to leave, but then suddenly, I marched over to him and heard myself asking to get coffee.
- GIRL: Thanks.
- Bye.
Do you want to grab a cup of coffee? After the session, she was about to leave when (INDISTINCT CONVERSATION) BRANDON: When I suddenly just walked over to her and asked her if she wanted to get coffee.
Do you want to get some coffee? ELIZA: I think we were both nervous at first.
Oh, do you not like your coffee? Oh, I don't drink coffee actually.
Me, neither.
I hate it actually.
(BOTH CHUCKLING) ELIZA: But once we broke the ice BRANDON: We had so much to talk about.
It wasn't just about which professors we liked ELIZA: Which dorms smelled like soup BRANDON: Or music.
But life, you know, and other big things.
ELIZA: I told him how much I loved the score he wrote.
BRANDON: I told her how brilliant she played it.
Oh, I love the way you play.
ELIZA: Then he told me about Grace.
- (SOFTLY) I'm so sorry.
- Yeah.
He was just so vulnerable.
I I knew he really knew how to love someone.
Her name was Grace.
BRANDON: And I thought, from afar, that maybe she was full of herself, but I realized that she's just shy.
ELIZA: Sensitive.
BRANDON: Sensitive.
ELIZA: Caring.
BRANDON: And caring.
ELIZA: He wasn't like any other guy I'd ever met.
Thank you.
For the coffee, by the way.
Which you didn't drink.
Well, it looked nice.
It looked good.
It was Yeah.
You I'm worn through BRANDON: After Grace, I didn't think I could feel that way again, but I do.
I love her.
I love him.
- And that's the story.
- (BOTH LAUGH) It was a good story.
Can't believe my baby boy is getting married.
- And so young.
- I know Ah, listen.
Your mom and I are really glad that you found happiness again, es especially after losing someone that you loved so early in life.
We're absolutely thrilled and honored that you and Eliza have asked us to marry you.
I really hope that we can do you justice.
You will.
Thank you for saying yes.
It means a lot to us.
- I love you, B.
- I love you, Mom.
(MOANS) You think they'll blame Eliza? I think they'll be disappointed.
You need to tell them they're not doing the ceremony before they hear it from anyone else.
Oh, you don't have to do that, sweetheart.
Oh, I don't mind.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, Corey.
You're welcome.
He seems like a nice young man.
How long have you had him? Oh, we've been fostering him for a year.
We plan on adopting him.
- Oh! Isn't that wonderful? - Hmm.
I so admire how you've taken in all these kids.
You know, Eliza loves animals.
She wanted to take in every stray she ever came across.
Hey, what're we talking about? My mother was comparing foster kids to stray animals.
It's not what I meant.
JIM: I'm, uh, sorry your father and Ana couldn't be here tonight.
Oh, yeah.
They are, too.
Ana's, uh, eight months pregnant and on bed rest.
So I just told him to stay with her.
Yeah, well, please give them our love.
We had dinner with them a couple weeks ago.
- They are absolutely lovely.
- Yes.
Ana's really bummed that she can't make the wedding.
But, obviously, she can't travel, so.
And your grandparents can't make it either? Oh, and here we thought a destination wedding would be a treat.
Oh, no.
It is.
It is.
And we we are so looking forward to it.
You know, I actually prefer a small, intimate wedding with just immediate family.
It's so much less stressful than having to entertain all our friends.
Plus, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't much like our friends.
(LAUGHING) Oh, yes? Why why is that? Oh, they're really traditional.
They're not nearly as interesting as all of you.
(NERVOUS CHUCKLE) DIANE: So, at weddings (CLEARS THROAT) we like to do a family dance.
Basically, each person from your family gets matched up with someone of the opposite sex from ours.
JIM: Yeah.
Well, normally, uh, the bride's parents would dance with the groom's parents, but in this case, I thought maybe Jim could alternate between the two of you - so it wouldn't be awkward.
- Yeah.
Well, we wouldn't want it to be awkward, would we? (SIGHS) And, you know, as far as the ceremony goes, Stef and I had a chance for some one-on-one time with these two a couple days ago, and we got some cute stories out of them, but if there's anything else, you know, you want us to add, just let us know.
Well, we've already spoken to Reverend Nelson, - but - JIM: Mm-hmm.
DIANE: I'm sure he would be happy to include a few anecdotes from the parents of the groom.
So, Eliza thought they were cool with you marrying us, but then they dropped this bomb on her today, and she feels terrible.
But I guess it's just important to her parents that we get married by an actual minister.
I thought you guys could do like a special reading though.
I mean, a toast or something.
I mean, you guys could say everything you were gonna say.
It's just the "I do" parts, I guess.
We can we can do a reading.
That's fine, right? Yeah, yeah.
You know, toast sounds good.
All right, great.
Thank you for understanding.
I love you guys.
Come here.
Ohh! Now, you better go out and tell Eliza that everything's okay.
(EXHALES FORCEFULLY) - You okay? - Yeah, I'm You think a minister is that important to them? Or is the ceremony just another thing we're too "interesting" for? You think they're homophobic? Well, what was all that about dancing with the opposite sex? It's their family tradition.
They're from Orange County.
Probably voted for that orange man.
The Twitter twit.
The one whose name shall not be spoken in this house.
I'm serious.
I'm this far away from giving them a piece of my mind.
Do not ruin this wedding for B.
He would never forgive you.
She's the bride.
And the bride's parents always get to run the show, right? Yeah, right.
And when Callie and Mariana get married, you and I get to be Momzillas, so there's that.
STEF: Yeah.
You want it, boy We gotta do it my way JAMIE: Where's your boyfriend? Aaron? He's just a good friend.
Oh! He's a nice guy.
- Yes, he is.
- Mm-hmm.
So, I don't know if you've heard of this family dance my parents are insisting on, uh, at the wedding.
Apparently, you and I are partners.
Baby, baby, look to me, I know I want you Okay.
I haven't been looked at with that much disgust since fifth grade Cotillion.
That's not a thing.
You thought this charm and grace came naturally? Oh, no.
I learned it all at Cotillion.
Also the waltz, foxtrot, and how to deal with massive rejection.
Oh, rejection builds character.
It can't have happened too often.
You know what, I think there was a compliment in there somewhere.
(BOTH LAUGH) Uh, actually, I learned to only ask a girl to dance if I know she'll say yes.
Or, you know, if she's required to out of familial obligations.
So what do you say, waltz or foxtrot? (CLATTERING) MAT: Whoa! You all right.
Excuse me.
Close your eyes just take it slow What are you doing? Chill, you drank in college.
That night you spent puking after UCSD homecoming? We had to throw away the bath mat.
How many have you had? So Eliza's brother says that he has a girlfriend, but do you kinda get, like, a gay vibe from him? Okay.
You're cut off.
And you're going to bed before Moms see you.
(SCOFFS) I'm fine.
No, Jude.
You're not.
- I'm fine - Jude (GROANING) It's all yours.
A actually, um I'm not waiting for the bathroom.
I need to talk to you about Emma.
(RATTLING) Party's over? Uh, for me.
I got a lot of work in the morning.
You know, convincing the court that corporations are people, too.
- Good luck with that.
- Thank you.
I'll see you at the wedding.
Oh, and for the record, I'm more of a waltz guy.
That you got a job offer in India.
I'm I'm not gonna take it.
Why did you apply in the first place? Bangalore is like the Silicon Valley of India.
It's a really big deal, and I didn't think that I would get it.
We had plans.
Right? We had plans.
And I've been waiting for you for four years.
Do know how hard that's been? Did you think that it was easy for me? Having a boyfriend back home while all my friends are dating and hooking up and having fun? Wow, I'm sorry that I ruined your college experience.
No! No, no, that that That's not what I'm saying.
- Hey.
- (SIGHS) I want to be with you.
Which is why I am not gonna take the job.
Oh, even though it's a really big deal? You could come with me.
Now you want me to come with you? I wanted to go with you to Boston, and you said no.
It would have been too much.
For you.
It would have been too much.
- You didn't want me there.
- Uh You know what, Emma? I don't want to go to India.
I I know that you don't take me building tree houses seriously.
But me and Wyatt, that's this is what we are gonna do, and we're gonna succeed.
I said I wouldn't go.
I'm choosing you.
If you were choosing me, you never would have applied for this job in the first place.
- (SCOFFS) - Just be honest.
Okay? If you stay in San Diego with me are you going to regret it? Go to India.
Jesus, I Go to India.
(SOFT ROCK MUSIC PLAYS) You're not ready for this, Emma.
It's obvious.
But I can't wait for you anymore.
I'm done.
(DOOR CLOSES) What are you doing here? Friends and well wishers of the family.
So this is like high school all over again? Just gonna run back to Wyatt? Dude, take it down a notch.
Don't you see who you are? You're her plan B.
I am a plan B who is going backpacking through Europe with her this summer.
Wyatt, I am sorry, you're going backpacking to Europe with Mariana? No, no, no.
Wait a minute, where did you get that idea? You asked me to go with you.
Dude, you're gonna be bailing on me too? No, man, it's not like we have jobs yet.
We start in a month.
I was kidding when I asked him.
Oh, you are such a selfish bitch, Mariana.
You know that? Some people never change.
And some people do.
Big time.
See you at the wedding.
(SIGHS) Well, that was fun.
Yeah, it was.
Thanks for a great night and congrats again, Brandon.
Thank you, Jim.
Eliza, honey, walk me to the car.
Goodnight, Brandon.
CARTER: See ya.
So I had my attorney draw this up.
It's a pre-nuptial agreement.
I think you'll agree it's fair.
I'd like you to read it and sign it before the wedding.
We have thrown so many great parties in that backyard.
I can't believe that might have been the last tonight.
When you are gonna talk to the kids about what's going on? (HEAVY SIGH) When I'm ready, I guess.
(KNOCKING ON DOOR) Just wanted to say goodnight.
Hey, come on in, bud.
Did you have fun tonight? Yeah.
Anything else? Have you heard anything about my mom? Uh we know that she had an appointment with the judge again.
Did she show up this time? Umm, we haven't heard yet.
Does she know you wanna adopt me? Your social worker knows.
I hope she didn't show up.
I want you to be my moms.
We do, too.
Hey (GROANS) it's not that she doesn't love you, you know that, right? She just loves drugs more.
Honey, she's sick.
She has a disease.
But you have us.
Okay? And we love you, and we always will.
Hey, come here.
Come here.
- Ohh.
- Hmm.
Faint gleamings peg - Through midnight's womb - A rain-sheathed blade - A toddler's view - - Give away a slighted moon - Your understanding isn't truth - Hey, what you looking at? Nothing.
(SIGHS) So this wedding should be fun.
Jesus isn't even speaking to me.
You know, maybe I will go to Europe with Wyatt.
Just to spite Mat.
Or you could just go by yourself.
Not play games.
Okay, are you mad at me? No.
'Cause you have been throwing shade at me all night.
This This isn't high school anymore and you don't have to shock everyone by announcing that you've got crabs.
Had crabs.
I missed you, too.
Look I'm not trying to play games.
It's just I don't know, Brandon's getting married and I just (INHALES DEEPLY) I thought that would be me and Mat one day.
It just kinda hurts.
Well, yeah.
Of course it hurts.
We all think that we're gonna end up with our first love.
You know, I just realized your first love is getting married this week.
Is that weird at all? Well, I have loved Brandon, as my brother lot longer than I loved him as more than that.
I guess, yeah, maybe a little.
I'm not ready for this.
Is that why you don't want him to marry me, 'cause you still have feelings for him?