The Frankenstein Chronicles (2015) s02e04 Episode Script

Little Boy Lost

If you dare to raise your head up above the pulpit, the Dean will come along and knock it off for you.
I'm configuring a clockwork figure, wearing that gown.
We will be unveiling her at Mr.
Dipple's party.
You said the Dean wanted to sell Pye Street.
That land is worth a hundred times that value.
If they cleared the slums, that is.
The plagues doing that for them.
- Do you know him? - No.
I can show you where he came from, though.
God weeps for us, here in Westminster.
Where the pale horseman wanders.
Where the sword of the devil strikes out against us.
Where his foul and malignant plague seeps into the souls of all who turn their backs to Heaven.
Take this to the Vicar of Saint John's in Pye Street.
Where the devil's sword strikes out against us.
Where His foul and malignant plague seeps into the souls of all who turn their backs to Heaven.
For it is the devil at work here.
That which God cast out.
And that when God, in His sorrow and His vengeance, has unleashed - to punish our corruption - Enough! I've heard enough of this.
You say that we, ourselves, are to blame for all of these horrors that surround us? You say that God Himself punishes us for nothing more than living our lives? No! This disease is not the hand of God.
It's not the work of the devil.
This poison, here in Pye street, is in the water itself.
The well has been deliberately poisoned by human hands! These are not the words of God.
These are lies, spoken in a house of lies! No more! No more! What did you find out? A ship was due in port three weeks ago, carrying timber and ice.
It never arrived.
It's under quarantine as a plague ship.
It's the one our dead friend was on.
They brought the plague into London on purpose.
Where are the crew? Taken ashore to be quarantined.
And where were they landed? Come, I'll show you.
This is not a place to quarantine men.
This is a place to forget them.
They are up there.
The Lord is my shepherd.
"Yea, though I walk through the valle of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil.
" Show yourself.
Your words in the pulpit today could not be ignored.
By the Dean? By God almighty.
It's always one of two sounds a man makes when he knows it's over.
There's the whimper of defeat.
Not even a scream, just a sob in the throat like a child that's lost its mother.
Then there's the other noise like a man trying to climb from a well, but the more he pulls on the rope, the faster that rope spins loose.
Your heart is a strong one.
Move! Here, you.
Back row.
Back row! Would you? Come here! Oh, no.
Oh, no.
No! Was the fault mine? Murder! Murder! - Call the Parish Watch! - Up there.
- Where is he? - He is on the roof! There! Go, get him! Come on! There! What did you see, Sergeant? I saw the killer.
I saw his face.
I saw him.
I saw the man fleeing, Inspector.
The killer we're looking for is John Marlott.
You listen to me.
You will not repeat this to anyone until you've repeated it to yourself - and considered the sound - I saw him with my own eyes.
- It's John Marlott.
- This is obsession, and I'll not tolerate it from my best man.
Now go home, Joseph.
You're off duty until further notice.
Hello? I heard a noise.
I'm sorry, Mr.
It's my fault.
I'm to blame.
Are you well? I scared myself in the dark, sir.
That's all.
Good night.
Good night.
I know it's late, but the strangest thing just happened.
Joe, what's wrong? I saw something tonight that They think there's madness in me.
Come on.
Sit over here.
Now Tell me what you saw.
I saw John Marlott.
- John Marlott? - I know how it sounds.
But Marlott lives again, and murders again.
I have I have no explanation beyond my eyes and ears.
If you say it, Joe.
I believe you.
Three years since Flora was murdered, - and all that time it's been - It's been bottled inside you, Joe.
Every time you say her name, you put it behind you, but it isn't the same as putting it to rest.
I failed her, Queenie.
I failed her.
- It was my job to protect her.
- You failed no one.
It was a terrible thing.
But you couldn't stop it because nobody could stop it.
But this time, I can.
- This time, I can stop him.
- Well, good.
And then you free yourself.
Because you've blamed yourself for too long, Joseph Nightingale.
You said something happened tonight? It's nothing.
Just the wind in the dark and my silly imagination.
Think no more of it.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Thank you.
I have a favor to ask of you.
Yes? I have been invited to a grand occasion tonight.
The invitation is for two, and I thought you might be able to accompany me.
I hardly possess the skills to pass in such company.
Nor I, Mr.
I'm somewhat overwhelmed by the thought of it.
I feel you might be the only one to understand my nervousness.
If you lack the appropriate clothing, I can provide for you.
You make it hard for me to refuse.
I shall be in your debt, then? Sir Robert.
My dear, Mister Dean.
- Mr.
- Home Secretary.
It's very unfortunate that the sad business of these murders seems to hamper us in our parallel endeavors.
I blame the newspapers, fanning the fires of public alarm.
In truth, we are close to apprehending the guilty man.
I believe another murder has taken place in Pye Street only last night.
Is that not correct? As I say, you can be assured an arrest is imminent.
Deo volente.
We shall all sleep safer in our beds.
Deo volente.
My friends, I believe that to grasp the future, one must be sensitive to both the realities of history and to the possibilities of what may come.
To that end, I ask you to keep an open mind about the implications of what you will see here tonight.
Sometimes, in life, you meet people who understand that beauty does not lie in the eyes of the beholder, but somewhere much deeper.
Beyond the tepid assumptions of convention.
Found contained in a place that, quite beyond expectation, removes one's breath.
Excuse me, sir.
Are you lost? What are you doing in here? This is Mr.
Dipple's private room.
My mistake.
But for all this bright future, our city still finds itself corroded by the ravages of poverty and plague.
And we, who sleep safely in our beds, have a duty to those who do not.
So tonight, it is my privilege to invite you to participate in the most extraordinary of opportunities.
To join me through the magnanimity of the Dean of Westminster in purchasing of an acreage of land encompassing the blighted Pye Street and surrounding thoroughfares to invest in a remarkable program of works that will see this so-called "Devil's Acre" transformed and returned to the people of London cleansed.
Thank you.
Yours is a noble goal, Mr.
But I cannot help notice that you speak of estates belonging not only to the church, but to the crown.
Well, the King has put his seal to it and granted Royal assent.
Has he? This business of the murders has placed a question mark on your ability to accomplish a complex range of social reforms.
Where, in plain, he feels that Mr.
Dipple's ambitions are of a more achievable nature.
It is a matter of the King's confidence.
No more.
Hey, I've some news you can print.
Is there any corner of London from which you are unlikely to emerge? Dipple and the Dean of Westminster are conspiring to clear Pye Street ahead of the sale of the land.
The water supply has been deliberately poisoned, and they both know it.
It is my belief the church has been feeding me false information.
If that is the case, then do you think Lord Hervey is still playing a part in all of this? I don't know.
Marlott, I feel we could help each other.
Excuse me.
Please, let me take you home.
You are not leaving now, I hope? No, of course not.
Frederick Dipple.
Jack Martins.
Jack Martins.
Rose, I have to speak to somebody, but would you wait? I have a matter I'd like to discuss with you.
Of course.
Please, Mrs.
- What has become so pressing? - We'll just leave.
Dipple's endeavors have criminal intentions.
Dipple harbors nothing but good intentions, I'm sure.
I am not in the habit of choosing between my friends, but I do not wish to leave yet.
Please excuse me.
He is in need of some refinement.
A collar, perhaps.
Rose? I'm sorry I did not know he would provoke such emotion.
When my husband died, he left me with our three-year-old son.
And when Sam was seven, he was taken too.
But life is full of such things.
My grief is not special.
Your grief does not define you.
I see your strength.
You are not one to push it into the shadows to let it fester, to poison you.
You are wrong.
I am completely poisoned by it.
I understand.
All my life I have been surrounded by death.
I have seen more than any person alive.
But to know your grief is to have power over it.
I live with my grief every day.
Yes, but you think your grief as a weakness.
I have to leave.
I can't look at you anymore.
It's not fair to her.
Esther, I cannot wake up tomorrow morning, knowing that you will never return to this house.
I will return.
Look who is awake.
Have you found what you're looking for, soldier? I was wrong about Daniel Hervey.
About everything.
There you go, my handsome boy.
Never a chore when it's over so fast, right? I came across him in Dublin.
The tallest man in Ireland.
You bought him? I saved him is what I did.
But not before the bastards had cut out his tongue.
Do you have children? A daughter.
I have a daughter.
Would you like to see her? There's my joy.
God wanted to take her, but I wouldn't have it.
So I saved her.
She seems so alive.
She is alive.
I talk to her every night.
How old is your daughter? She was three-month.
Was? She died.
But she seems so alive to you.
I can't help myself, Mr.
The unwanted, the freaks I'd save them all if I could.
Why? Because no one else will.
Good morning, Sergeant.
I thought you might need something healthy for breakfast.
I can't eat fried eggs, Queenie.
Never said you were getting them fried.
What scared you the other evening? It was just a noise in the dark.
There's this room where he keeps all his contraptions of his.
And there was a strange book and a door that can't be unlocked.
Scared me, that's all.
Scared in the dark like you were every night in the Foundling house.
No, this was different.
Last night, during the party, I saw this odd fellow, and it seemed like he just appeared right where the door is.
Like he was trying to get in.
Wasn't he a guest? - Where's my other boot? - No.
He wasn't a guest.
He seemed lost.
And he looked none to healthy neither, like the sun doesn't touch him none.
A bit like you, actually.
What? You.
You could do with getting yourself out in the fresh air.
Doesn't do you no good being cooped up in here.
Yeah, well.
Doesn't do you much good either.
Look at us, Joe.
Two sides of the same coin we are.
Go on.
Drink your egg.
All right, lads.
This is the beast we're after.
Westbrook, you'll be leading the charge.
Every man out on the cobbles.
With me! You're the last person I want to see around here today.
- I want to be put back on duty.
- Not a chance.
Go home.
What's going on? They're arresting the sideshow giant for the murders.
He's camped out about half a mile from Pye Street, they say he matches the description, sir.
This is not right, Bircher, it's not him.
It's John Marlott.
It seemed like he just appeared right where the door is.
He seemed lost.
A lost soul.
What's wrong? Are you scared of your shadow? You're Daniel Hervey.
Who are you? Marlott was right about you.
Marlott? You killed Flora.
Did you kill Flora? Did you? All right, boys.
Bring him back.
He's just a child! Leave him alone! Thomas! He is innocent, and you know it! I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Be at peace.
It was you.
If it brings you peace, yes, she died in my hand.
What do you see? Tell me, what do you see? Forgive me.
I can't hear you.
I can't hear what you're saying.
Forgive me.
Where are you, Joseph? Where are you? He lives.
We've had some information regarding the death of one of our Sergeants.
Lord Hervey is alive and back in London.
Does the name Daniel Hervey mean anything to you? If I tell you, I'm a dead man.
We've had some information, sir.
We'd like to ask you some questions.
- You're leaving? - Come with me.
- As what? - As my wife.
Only Hervey is sick enough to think of this.
Only he would take the hearts.
This is your choice to make.
- To die? - To be reunited with your child.