The Gates s01e01 Episode Script


I told you, no skateboarding without your helmet.
I'm running late right now.
The wife wants me to move the shower.
Stop! She doesn't approved the plans or care about the money.
She's a friggin' nightmare.
- Baby.
- I'm sorry, mommy.
It's okay, baby.
Everything's okay.
- Are you all right? - Yeah.
I think so.
Maybe not.
- Claire, are you okay? - It's fine.
Everything's fine.
Though I might have to bring Emily a little later.
- No, mommy.
I wanna go now.
- Are you sure? I can take you.
No, I wanna go to school.
Come on, Emily! We should get you inside.
I should probably call your client.
Let them know what happened.
That their contractor crashed on his way out of the Gates? Probably not the best idea.
Well, is there anyone else I can notify? Wife? - Girlfriend? - Neither, actually.
In fact This may be the closest I've been to a woman all year.
I'm sure it's just a matter of time.
I hope so.
I don't know how much longer I can wait.
Well, I'm afraid you'll have to wait a little bit longer, because I am married.
The good ones are always taken.
It's funny.
I didn't think you were the type to give up so easily.
What about your husband? - He's out of town.
- For how long? Long enough.
I kind of have a thing for kitchens.
John117 et MiniBen314 The Doormat 1x01 - Pilot Pretty intimidating gate.
- I think that's the point.
- The developer, Frank Buckley, said that no expense would be spared when it came to security.
The gates were hand-forged in England 12 feet tall, 11 tons of steel.
They've never been breached.
What about the people trying to get out? - Welcome to the Gates.
Nick Monohan.
- Howdy.
Name, please? Chief.
We've been expecting you.
Here is your welcome packet.
Directions to the house, keys, everything you need.
I'm Eddie Barnes, security, main gate.
- Eddie.
- Yes, sir.
Here's my ID, Eddie.
Future reference, you might want to see that before handing over the keys to a house.
- Of course.
My mistake.
- Hi.
I'm Sarah.
What my husband means to say is "Thank you".
It's okay for the chief of police to be liked.
I didn't know they had all these little shops.
It's more than just a place to live, mom.
That's their slogan.
I got it.
Looks like a nice little town.
Is this the right address? It's huge.
Look at this place.
Are you sure this is ours? Look, look! Look at this kitchen! - There's a pool! - And a jacuzzi! Come here.
Things are gonna be better here.
I promise you.
Come on.
It's incredible! Can we swim before school? Come on, dad.
How bad could this be? No graffiti, no metal detectors.
Huh? You have everything? Sends more kids to the Ivy League than any school in the state.
- See you, dad.
- Love you.
Keep an open mind? Have fun.
I'll see you later.
Forget everything but OJ.
All part of the vast conspiracy to keep us healthy.
Black and blue.
- Morning, sir! - Morning.
- Chief.
Marcus Jordan.
- Marcus.
- I'm Leigh.
- Leigh.
Where is everyone? Old chief liked to start just a few of us off in the mornings.
- And the old chief is - Retired.
In Mexico.
Couldn't handle the fast pace? This is a hell of a setup you have here.
Yes, sir.
We monitor the entire perimeter 24/7.
Over 200 infrared-sensitive motion-detecting cameras, 15 kilometers of interlocking pressure-triggered ground sensors.
A 50-terabyte redundant stripe raid-5 array for data processing and storage.
Couple of sweet patrol cars.
Try to stay green.
- Crime must be nonexistent here.
- Almost.
We lost picture on three cameras yesterday in sector 4.
But it's most probably vandalism, so maintenance is gonna look into it.
Before the camera went down, it did pick up something of interest, though.
- It's not really that interesting.
It is right here.
Driver okay? - Yeah, he's fine.
He walked away.
say for sure.
, but get out.
The vehicle's registered to a contractor Mark Woodbury, from Franklin.
And, it's gone.
But there's no record of it actually leaving the Gates.
Call Franklin PD, see if they can track the guy down.
I'm Claire Radcliff.
Please tell me you eat carbs.
Sorry about the mess.
Coffee? Tea would be fine, or - whatever you've got.
- No, I think I have some in here.
- Don't worry about it.
It's in one of these.
I think Sorry.
- Things are just a bit - Overwhelming? A big change can be hard sometimes.
? You should go and see Peg.
She's a doctor on main street.
She's a little holistic, but she has herbs for everything Even stress.
So, is your husband in one of these boxes? Actually, he left for work early First day and all? I do hope there's enough to keep him busy.
Didn't I read that he was a detective in Chicago? - Yeah, actually, homicide.
- Homicide? Really? I know this is gonna be kind of an adjustment for him, but I'm really hoping this place will slow him down a bit.
He tends to get caught up in it.
I imagine that all good detectives have at least some of that.
Just, unfortunately, he's got a lot of it.
Did anyone notice a unifying theme to Flannery O'Connor's stories? Brett, let's kick things off with you.
For one thing, the hero character is usually disabled or disfigured in some way.
I mean, I think what O'Connor is saying is that what we see on the surface isn't who we are.
It's what's beneath the deformity.
The rest, it doesn't matter.
I think there might be more to it.
- Excuse me? - You guys have talked about how O'Connor had lupus, right? Well, I don't know if I'd call lupus a deformity.
Maybe not.
But it is latin for "wolf.
" Because as it attacked healthy cells, the skin and muscles in the face would thin, making its victims look more like an animal.
So while some readers might think she was saying appearance doesn't matter, the fact in her work might indicate that, at least to her, it mattered very much.
So, you're a pretty smart guy.
Sorry, I was just trying to make my point.
That's okay.
- Is that something you enjoy? - Enjoy? - Take pleasure or delight in.
- I know what "enjoy" means.
You evade well.
You'd be good on cross exam.
Am I on trial? You could be.
Mock trial.
I think you should join.
- Why? - Because You're new, and you don't know anyone.
And, it could really help us get to state.
- Do you even know my na - Charlie.
From Chicago.
I'm Andie.
From Seattle.
- Exiled to the Gates three years ago.
- "Exiled.
" After my mom died, my dad somehow thought it would be best if I were raised in captivity.
So Anyway One last thing.
All members need to help with the booth, for the fair.
We'll be by the football field after school.
See ya.
- So, what was that about? - Mock trial.
I want him to join.
- You know he likes you, right? - What?! - Shut up.
- I know the look.
- I had it four months ago.
- And guess what.
You still do.
Okay, thank you.
Just got off with Franklin PD.
Missing persons report just got filed for the owner of that pickup, Mark Woodbury.
Son of a gun.
All right, let's go see the Radcliffs.
Why are you back so early? Well, because one part of being a CEO is that I have not mastered is golf.
And I missed you way too much.
I missed you, too.
- I hate it when you're out of town.
- Well, I'm here.
I'm home.
Did something happen to the garage door? It won't open.
It won't? Must be my remote.
Thank you.
What's wrong? It tastes fine.
I'll get another bottle.
Where is it? Where is it? It's in the wine room.
it didn't requires stitches, go to the hospital.
? - County General.
Did he happen to mention who he was meeting, what it was about? He was a contractor, so, I'm guessing maybe another client? Far as we know, he had no other clients in the area.
You know, I hate to even suggest the possibility, but, if the guy had a concussion, he could've passed out or something? Yeah, that's possible.
Are you a doctor, Mr.
Radcliff? No, I've got plenty working for me.
I run a biotech company.
Well, 99 times out of 100, these missing-person things, they turn out okay.
We had an agreement.
- I know.
Then you would know what could happen to Emily if we are forced to leave the Gates.
Adopted little girls, they do not survive out there, not with our crowd.
I'm sorry.
Highly toxic to some, harmless to others, but I usually get it right.
Were you looking for anything in particular? Actually, I was on my way to see Peg for some herbs.
Peg's fantastic.
But I've got teas here that do the same thing for half the price.
- I'm Devon.
- I'm Sarah.
Why don't we have a seat and figure out exactly what you need? You know, this move would be a lot easier on the both of us - if you were a football star.
- Doesn't seem so hard on you.
Are you really that slow? I'm masking my true feelings with enthusiasm, so dad doesn't feel so bad.
You should try it.
You're late.
How can I be late when I haven't even joined? Answering a question with a question.
You're a natural.
I don't mean to rain on your parade or anything, but it kind of looks like an interrogation room.
Yeah, that's kind of the point.
- You have an actual lie detector? - Not yet, but, Mia's making one.
So, people are gonna pay money to be caught in a lie? No.
People are gonna pay money to catch someone else in a lie.
And if that someone doesn't want to be caught Well, then We won't have any customers.
Please, do me a favor.
Don't say anything.
It was Mia's idea, and, everyone's really excited about it.
Yo, Brett.
Your girl hooking up with the new guy? - No, she wants him for mock trial.
- Yeah, she wants him for something.
Crezski! Sorry, coach.
I just In my office.
Now! Medics, get over here.
You okay, son? Try stay still.
Hey, I heard about what happened at practice! It's not like you, Crezski.
To violate the code.
Yeah, you're one to talk.
So I may not be a model citizen.
But I've never revealed what I am inside the Gates.
There's too many around that would kill for privacy.
I know how it works.
Yeah, but you don't know how the pack works.
- Otherwise, you wouldn't be with Andie.
- Look, you want to go, we'll go.
We're just trying to help.
You tell him, Lukas.
Anyone other than coach turned you around today, you wouldn't be standing here right now.
I think you should come run with us sometime.
Well, last time I checked, running was a violation of the code.
Inside the Gates it is, but on the outside all bets are off, bro.
You really want to do this.
We gotta find the car.
But we're not gonna find the car.
You know why? Cause the car's not here.
Chief thinks the Radcliffs are hiding something and I trust his instincts over yours.
You know the chief killed an unarmed guy? A guy about to go down for rape and for murder.
Either way, we don't know the circumstances.
My friend in the Cook County DA's office does.
him for questioning, claims he sees him reach for a gun, and shoots.
Department rules it justified, but the chief still retires.
It's kind of suspicious.
I think we don't know the whole story.
The kids were so cool about it.
Three different groups invited me to sit at their table.
Seriously, weren't they like that with you, too, Charlie? - They weren't so bad.
That's good to hear, guys.
I got this welcoming gift from this woman, Devon, who has this amazing spa on main street.
I don't know if the wife of the police chief should be accepting gifts.
Sometimes people just give gifts, and they don't expect anything in return.
was a gift from our neighbor Claire.
- Claire Radcliff? - Yeah.
How'd you know? I interviewed her today for a case I'm working on.
I think she's great.
She couldn't have been more pleasant.
I thought the same until her husband started answering questions for her.
And that makes them suspects? It does make me suspicious.
Good evening.
A little treat for my favorite officer.
Thank you, Mrs.
What's the occasion? Trying a new recipe.
You drive safe, now.
What happened? It has to look like wolves.
I hope it was worth it.
You see the problem here, Eddie? Our missing man just drove out of the Gates.
I don't know how this happened, sir.
I never fall asleep.
- Maybe I ate too much.
- You ate too much? are looking for this guy, and that's your answer? You ate too much.
In my defense, sir, I don't think anyone could eat one of Mrs.
Radcliff's cookies and not have 10.
- Claire Radcliff gave you cookies? - Got it right here.
She did that every now and then.
You know, holidays and stuff.
Last Xmas, she made these incredible snickerdoodles.
Rewind it to before she comes into frame.
Slow, slow, slow.
Stop! Right there.
You see that? She's looking for the camera.
Let's get a search warrant on the Radcliffs, okay? - Who's the covering DA? - I will check on that.
You never drew up a warrant before? - Well, the old chief was very respectful of the residents' privacy.
That's the old chief who's retired in Mexico, right? Get me the warrant.
So, you're really going through with this? Mia's committed, and, we do get a customer, it works.
get mock-trial buddies? It works best if the operator and subject are unfamiliar with each other.
- And why's that? Cause the effect that lying has on the body is similar to other types of emotional response.
So, here we go.
- Is your name Charlie Monohan? - Yes.
- Okay, Charlie.
Do you like prunes? - Yes.
You were supposed to answer "No.
" So I could see a difference between a yes and a no.
I hate prunes.
- It really works.
- Great.
So we're done.
No, we're not done.
- And why are you so nervous? - I'm not nervous.
The machine disagrees, and your heart rate's up.
Yeah, because I'm late for class.
I gotta go.
This is ridiculous! Like you said before, it picks up on all sorts of other stuff.
Other emotions.
Am I making you nervous? You know what? You're right.
This machine is all over the place, and no one's gonna come to the booth anyway, so, thanks.
Did something happen with the new guy? What? We were just testing the lie detector.
You seemed upset.
Did he say something to you? You're lying to me.
Hello? You okay in there? What's up? It was like this when I came in.
So How you like this place? I'm figuring it out.
So I guess you "figured out" that Andie and I are together.
Those warrants? - The DA sent it for judge Hendricks.
Stay on that.
I meant to be here yesterday to meet your family, but I got stuck on our expansion out in Seattle.
No problem.
How's the house? ? - Just about.
So I understand the missing person just drove out of here last night.
We haven't been able driving the car.
It looks like we need more cameras at the gate.
We can't go searching people's homes every time we screw up.
Actually it's the DA who decides if we can search a house or not.
Look, Nick.
When I built the Gates, it attracted all sorts of people, and, the one thing that they all had in common is that, for one reason or another, they just didn't feel safe.
Now, they're willing to pay a premium to have a place they can come home to at night and feel protected from the dangers of the outside world.
I understand that.
I do.
What if the problem's on the inside? We both know you don't answer to me.
You answer to the town council.
And I explained to them, after what happened in Chicago, that your approach here was gonna be more cautious.
Now, that's the police chief they're expecting.
I didn't misrepresent you, did I? Not at all.
I'll have those landscapers out to your house this afternoon.
- Appreciate it.
- All right.
You alone? I was.
You know why I'm here.
A facial, perhaps? She's the police chief's wife.
And in one simple twist of fate, she walked through my door instead of yours.
You lured her in.
Just like all your other clients.
Devon, we are supposed to help people with their problems, not exploit them.
I owe you the world.
When Frank and I divorced, you were the only one who saw me as more than Buckley's wife.
You saved me.
You taught me to empower myself through the craft, and I will never forget that.
But I'm not your pupil anymore.
And unlike you, my clients aren't complaining about anything I do.
Because they have no idea what your tea is doing to them.
I do think you worry too much.
May I suggest a little lotus root? I'll get it.
I'll get it.
- This is Nick.
We just got the fax.
Search warrant's been denied.
Insufficient evidence.
Sorry, chief.
Okay, Leigh.
What was that about? It's nothing.
I'll set the table.
- That's a good way to get shot.
I believe you're the one trespassing.
We got reports of a prowler.
A prowler? In the Gates.
Probably some kid, but we had to check it out.
This way.
The side gate's locked.
So you would have killed him? The chief of police.
We can't do this anymore.
I'm gonna pack you a bag.
You're leaving.
I'll stop.
Really? What, like last time and the time before last? You don't know how hard this is for me.
? I get us all the blood we need from the lab.
It's not about the blood! It's about the car pools and the school committees and the dinner parties and the book clubs! No matter how hard I try, I'm never gonna assimilate like you want me to.
Not with these people.
I know you're struggling.
Okay? But we have to try.
Because there is a little girl upstairs who is counting on you and me to be here when she wakes up, to love her and to protect her and to be her family.
Now, if you can't do that for her, then I will.
You always blame me.
You never take responsibility.
You did this to me.
You made me who I am.
Where were you? I was on patrol.
At 3:00 in the morning? Please tell me this has nothing to do with the Radcliffs.
My instincts tell me that there's something going on with those people.
Your instincts nearly cost us everything.
That's not fair.
Sorry, but you weren't the only one - who suffered through the past year.
- I know.
Every time that case was in the paper, your kids had to go to school.
- I know.
- Then act like you know it.
Act like you know what we went through.
Our fear.
The worry.
Not knowing if you and I were even gonna make it.
Nick, you promised.
You said this was our second chance.
Now, we've got a beautiful home and kids who actually seem to like it so far, but it's not gonna work until you understand that you are not just a cop.
You're a husband, and you are a father, too.
The Bianchis called again about book club.
It's every Thursday night.
Once a month.
They're starting with Middlesex.
I think it would be a good way for me to keep busy.
I think that's a great idea.
Lie detector here.
Is she really satisfied? Does he honestly like that outfit? Find out the truth! $5! Come on.
- What do you think? - We're not gonna make a dime.
Can we talk for a second? Look I didn't mean to freak you out yesterday.
It's just I didn't want to leave Chicago, and I really didn't want to come here.
And the one thing that's been cool about all this is Well, is you.
Now Now I know where you are, and Brett made it clear how he feels about you.
get in the middle of anything.
already have.
I don't want whatever that lie detector may have picked up on to make you { eel like you have avoiding me, so just Listen.
Look, I I didn't freak out because because of how you feel about me.
I freaked out because of how I might how I might feel about you.
What am I doing? - I didn't think you could make it! - I wouldn't miss it.
Is everything okay? I closed the Radcliff case.
- Really? - Really.
Is everything all right? - I'll stop by the office tomorrow, but is there anything you could suggest in the meantime for cravings? - And so can you.
- We can discuss this later.
I think it's a little more urgent.
Jessica Cooper saw you put that contractor's truck in your garage.
Don't worry.
I helped her forget, but who knows how long that will last? I could end you and you would never see it coming.
But that wouldn't really solve your problem.
Now, would it? Let's go, Claire.
Enjoy the fair.
So So I really - I'm not very good at this.
- I'm not good at it, either.
I wasn't sure where you wanted to meet.
It's just easier.
Someplace more private.
- What was that? We should get out of here.
Not now.
Not like this.
They said there's a vehicle right up here.
You got an ID? John Doe for now.
But maybe he's your guy.
Not our guy.
What? That's Phelps.
That's our old chief.
The Doormat