The Gates s01e10 Episode Script

Little Girl Lost

Previously, on "The Gates" Oh Just take what you need from me.
It's the only way you'll get your strength back I told you it would work.
- I love you.
- I don't love you, Christian.
I love Dylan.
We're friends, man.
What are you doing? Goodbye, Christian.
Come on.
Emily? Where are we going again? It's gonna be fun.
You didn't find her? You checked the bar? And Christian's apartment in the city? I thought he might've taken her to the woods where I burned him, but there was nothing.
This is my fault.
I should've done a proper job and finished him.
Look, all we can do is keep searching.
Where else would he have taken her? I don't know.
But we can't do this on our own.
We can't go to our own kind.
It'll be the end of us.
But we need help.
Chief Monohan.
We need your help.
Emily's been kidnapped.
I should issue an Amber alert.
Bring in the FBI.
You cat.
If he even so much as smells them, he'll kill her.
You're the only one who can know.
Please, Nick, you're the only one we can trust.
Did he take anything? Toys or clothes? Her stuffed lion is missing.
A half a dozen outfits.
Well, that's a good sign.
What I don't understand, though why would your friend take your daughter? You don't talk to me, you don't you don't tell me everything you know, then there's a good chance you're not gonna see your daughter alive again.
Tell him.
Christian violated my wife.
So I tried to kill him.
You don't look very happy.
I'm fine.
You didn't happen to see your father leave this morning, did you? Ah, he was gone when I woke up.
Have you tried calling? Yeah.
He didn't answer his phone.
Speaking of which Uh, did Andie get ahold of you? She phoned here last night looking for you.
She did? Yeah, but she didn't want to leave a message.
Uh, o-okay, well, you know, I'll see her at school.
Uh, listen, Charlie.
If you ever want to talk about Andie or just girls in general, you could try me.
I'm pretty good at this stuff.
Yeah, mom, uh, not gonna happen.
All right, when we first met, he called himself guy Morton.
Okay, also try Liam McGregor.
Jack Quinn.
No hits in the immediate area.
Try Terrence hill or Shane Healy.
We've got a Shane Healy from Concord county.
And that was 20 years ago.
Here's the picture.
That's him.
I've seen this guy.
Inside the Gates.
He was with Buckley's wife, Vanessa.
Vanessa said he was looking for a house inside the Gates.
Called himself Steve Saunders.
Gave an address in Lancaster.
That's only an hour's drive.
Well, then, we should leave immediately.
We will, as soon as I make sure this checks out.
But, Claire, I need you to stay here.
You can't be serious.
She's my daughter.
I understand that, but Christian could come back to your house, he could call.
Talking to him, negotiating with him that's how I know to get Emily back.
I understand.
So, what if he calls? You keep him on the phone.
Leigh will monitor it.
We'll get a trace.
Most importantly, I need you to stay calm.
Do you understand? All right, let's go.
Everything's gonna be fine, okay? Hi.
You called my house yesterday? Um, yeah.
I was, um, just Wonder what our English homework was.
I forgot to write it down.
You forgot to write down homework? Yeah.
Andie If there's something that you need to talk about, you just have to tell me.
Hi, Andie.
So, I just wanted to see if you were still into the name of my band um It has some definite possibilities.
Um, but maybe we could talk about this later? Sure.
I'll find you.
So Uh, you good with the homework thing? Uh, yeah.
Yeah, I'm good.
So, what's up with you and Charlie? Is that really any of your business? He's my friend, and I don't want to see him get hurt.
I think you already took care of that.
Look I know you're into Brett.
It's obvious.
But I'm not trying to get in your way.
We're not getting back together.
So you don't need to use Charlie to try to make me jealous or whatever it is you're doing.
If you're not getting back with Brett, then what are you doing? We're just Hanging out.
I got to get to class.
I-I saw Leigh dropped you off in her patrol car.
I just wanted to see if everything was okay.
Okay, y-you're scaring me.
What happened? Come in.
It's Emily.
She's been kidnapped.
If it comes down to it, head or heart? Straight through the heart.
And don't miss.
I won't.
Something's not right.
Police! Hands up! Hands up! It's Emily's.
It's probably the real Saunderses.
He left them here for us.
Chief Monohan, my name is Christian.
May I call you Nick? Okay? I understand your anger.
What can I do to fix this? You can skip the psychotherapy.
I called to warn you to stay out of this.
It's a private matter between Claire, Dylan, and myself.
Yeah, and an innocent little girl.
Collateral damage.
She doesn't have to be.
Your grudge is with Dylan and Claire, right? You can settle it with them.
And just leave Emily out of this.
Oh, afraid it's too late for that.
Christian, you tell me where my daughter is.
Or what? You'll kill me again? Put your friend back on.
Christian, I'm telling you put him back on, or I will slit your daughter's pretty little throat.
All right, look, Christian, you proved your point.
Where's Emily? How do you know she's not already dead? 'Cause if she was, she'd be propped up with these two.
I think she's alive, and I think you want something.
Just tell me what it is.
You know, it's funny you think Dylan and Claire are the saintly, suffering parents That they deserve their little girl back.
Why don't you ask them about St.
Louis? What? What did he say? He said to ask you about St.
Louis? I don't know what he's talking about.
Maybe you should sit down.
I can't.
It's bad enough that I'm stuck here by the phone instead of out looking for my daughter.
Especially when it's my fault that she's missing.
How can you think this is your fault? Before Emily came into our lives Dylan and I were different.
We only thought of ourselves And what we wanted.
But Emily changed that.
At least, she gave us reason to change.
Listen, Claire, having kids changes everything.
You and Dylan are good people.
I can't imagine better parents for Emily.
I've tried.
I really have.
To be the perfect mother.
And the perfect wife.
None of us are perfect.
I just want another chance.
I don't want to be that person again.
I need Emily back.
Hello? You did? What did he say? But she's alive? I'll see you there.
They made contact.
Dylan and your husband are headed back to the station.
They said that I should meet them there.
I'm driving.
Your girl Andie's up to something.
I don't know what you're talking about, Lexie.
Trust me.
That girl's got an agenda.
I can smell it.
And I don't know what it is, but it's not about getting back together with you.
You need to stay out of it.
Dude, she's not over Charlie.
She pretty much told me so.
He can't give her what I can.
She'll see that eventually.
What does that mean? What are you talking about? Brett? Andie's she's sick.
When we kiss, it makes her better.
Kiss? W-what are you saying? Is she a bloodsucker? No.
Something else.
What else could she be? I mean, she needs you to kiss he? Is she some kind of, like, succubus or something? Brett.
Brett, this is dangerous.
She could kill you.
Lexie, it's worth the risk.
I love her.
So, plea just - just stay out of it.
Please? What does he want? Please wait in my office.
Honey, why didn't you wake me? You should have told me about Emily.
Sarah You cannot be here right now.
Wh I don't understand.
There's a child missing.
Why isn't this place swarming with police? Shh! I mean, w-where's the Amber alert? W-why aren't there search parties? Why are you the only one working on this? Because I've made contact.
Now I need to tread really carefully here, do you understand? Go home.
Let me do my job.
Everything comes out.
So Do you want to tell me about St.
Louis? St.
Louis is where we found Emily.
What do you mean, "found"? What happened to her parents? I met them.
We socialized.
And then I murdered them.
You killed Emily's parents? Nick, it's it's not that simple.
It was eight years ago.
Dylan, Christian, and I were still friends I get around.
I do a little bit of this Companions of the chase.
Oh, yeah.
I'm in prospecting, actually.
I'm searching the country looking for just the right vein, tapping into it.
Quite the thrill.
Can I get a cognac on ice, please? Don't play with your food.
Best part of it.
Claire, relax.
We will hunt.
Until then, just enjoy the evening.
What about them? They smell of amphetamines.
I thought that was your modus operandi finding prey that merits our attention People no one will miss.
Well, the night is young, and We have forever! We have forever! I can't wait forever.
So if you will excuse me Ah, she'll be fine.
More whiskey? More whiskey.
Claire was right.
The couple she'd spotted, they were e perfect targets.
But Christian and I, we were more interested in our boys' night out.
Still, after 20 minutes or so, I decided to join her.
It was already done.
Claire? Claire! No! What have I done? Something rare and unexplainable happened to us in that moment.
We realized we had an opportunity to make things right.
For the child and - and for ourselves.
We named her Emily, after my mother.
And then we moved to the Gates.
And over the years, in many ways, for better and for worse Emily has made us human again.
That doesn't justify what you did.
No, it doesn't.
You're right.
You know, I used to tell myself that they deserved it For leaving their baby in all that filth.
This was my doing.
I'm the one who took their lives.
And I will offer myself to any course of action you deem appropriate.
But, first, please help us find her.
That's all we ask.
Chief, I I.
'D the phone Christian used to call you.
He bought it on main street.
Inside the Gates.
He's here.
Thanks, Vanessa.
So, I showed him six houses, total, but we came back to this one several times.
Anything peculiar about him? I knew he was one of us, but he never made an offer.
So I didn't order the full screening.
Well, thanks for this.
You should probably go.
Leigh, go around back.
If need be, you aim for the heart.
Got it.
Get her off! Get her off! Where is my daughter?! After what I've done with Emily, you're never gonna get her back.
Where'd you get all the Dylan? You saving up for emergencies? Or are you and Claire just getting kinky in your old age? This is your last chance.
Where's Emily? I've had decades of last chances, and I've survived them all.
You won't survive me.
"Eyes nothing like the sun.
" You're stunning.
That's my girl.
Claire! Claire.
If you kill him, we don't find Emily.
Calm down.
Take a minute.
We do this the right way.
Charming, aren't they? Really makes you want to help.
Lexie! Hey.
I was hoping we could talk.
About my band name? 'Cause it's pretty awesome, you got to admit.
Uh, more about yesterday.
Running into you and Andie kind of made start to think.
Yeah, you're not over her.
I guess I'm not.
Well, I hope you know what you're getting yourself into.
What does that mean? She made you sick, Charlie.
I had mono or or whatever.
You don't get over mono that fast.
She's dangerous.
She kept secrets from you while you were dating.
Important secrets.
I don't know why you're doing this.
Y-you're making things up.
You said you weren't into all this drama.
Don't believe me.
But when you go back to her and get hurt, just remember that I warned you.
Is she alive? What do you take me for - some kind of monster? Does she have food and water? Yeah.
Speaking of Dylan, I'm a little thirsty.
Perhaps some whiskey? I got to ask you something.
How do you justify helping these people? Well, you took their kid.
They're murderers.
We're not like that anymore.
We've changed.
I'm not so sure about that.
Claire certainly hasn't.
She's been out hunting with me, for a start.
Oh, you didn't know about that? Ohh.
And, you, Dylan, can you honestly say that you haven't killed anyone since you abducted Emily? My God.
Oh, God, you got to be getting a little sloppy My wife knows about it.
Used to be that we didn't leave loose ends.
This conversation is about Emily.
You're missing the point.
You think that vampire Or that vampire Is somehow better than this vampire, that they're civilized? I'm telling you, you're wrong.
I can assure you That we are nothing like him.
I'm ready to start negotiating.
Dylan, I'll tell you exactly where your daughter is.
All you have to do Is kill him.
All that we've done together, all that we've been together, and this is what I get?! You chained me to a tree and you let me burn, Dylan! 'Cause you're a monster! And you're not?! Huh?! The only difference between me and you is facade.
You want to know how many people you've murdered over the years, huh?! Give or take a few hundred?! He's right, you know.
You're really good at hiding it, the both of you.
But for a second A split second You thought about killing me.
You haven't been honest about who you are or what you've done since I met you, Dylan.
But you know something? Now I want to know the truth.
All of it.
You cannot listen to him.
Why not, Claire? Has he lied about anything? No.
Then I want to hear what he has to say.
The shipyards.
E first time I ever saw Dylan kill a man.
Lexie told me that you somehow made me sick when we were together, that you're dangerous? What is she talking about? She told you that? What is she talking about, Andie? How could you do this to me? What are you talking about? You told Lexie about me after you swore you wouldn't tell anyone.
Andie I'm I'm so sorry.
I-I know I shouldn't have done that.
But I know Lexie.
She's not gonna say anything.
She already told Charlie.
Why do you care so much about what Charlie thinks? You know that I'm the one that's here for you? I'm the one who can give you what you n I don't need you! I needed a friend, someone I could trust.
Andie, please I want you out of my life.
He'll never accept you.
He will never accept what you really are, Andie.
Well, there was a dozen or so murders in Bermuda.
And there was five in Miami.
There was six on long island.
That was fun.
There was the road trip down south about a dozen more there.
Sarasota, Atlanta, Houston.
It goes on.
We thought it was the only way to survive.
"Oh, I'm sorry.
We didn't mean to kill you.
We just " you see, Dylan has always refused to acknowledge just how many lives he has destroyed, and I'm the opposite.
You revel in it.
At least I recognize who I am.
I even go to the funerals once in a while.
I see the grieving relatives face-to-face.
I look at the parents crying over their poor, little lambs.
I look at the siblings who'll never see their long lost sisters, their messed-up brothers again.
Why are we listening to this? It has nothing to do with saving Emily.
This has got everything to do with saving Emily.
How so? You're risking your life To save the happy Radcliff family, to give a human girl back to a pair of vampires.
Believe me, she's better off where she is now.
You mean, with her relatives? I don't know what you're talking about.
Speaking of talking, you can talk.
And you go on and on and on about grieving relatives, Emily being in the place that she belongs.
I think I know exactly what you did with her.
It doesn't matter.
You can't undo what I did.
Leigh, I want you to pull a missing-persons report for St.
Louis, eight years ago, for any infant under the age of 12 months.
Let me take the lead in there.
What? This is where it happened.
This is where I killed Emily's parents.
Mommy! Emily! I need you to let go of my niece.
Now! Christian left a note He said he was bringing Emily home.
That's how we found the house.
Well, it was our parents'.
I mean, Lindsay inherited it after they died.
And And when she disappeared, we Unh Nancy and I, we moved back here to look for her.
Never left.
So, this man, Christian Y - You knew him? Yes.
Although we had no idea how unstable he actually was.
Well, he said that coming to - To visit us was an early birthday present for Piper.
You didn't call the police.
Well, no, we, uh we were just we were very happy to have her back.
Mommy Is this what my other mother looked like when you knew her? Darling, I never actually met your mother.
She's really pretty.
She was.
And when - when Lindsay was little, she looked a lot like you.
Sweetie, why don't you go and play in the other room? Your mother and I, we need to talk with your auntie and uncle.
So you never met my sister.
It was a closed adoption.
Look Lindsay was Was trouble With the drugs and the loser boyfriend.
But when she had pipe Emily.
After she had Emily, we hoped that she would she would turn her life around, but Y-you know, but that's who she was.
And then she disappeared - No trace.
I mean, did they did they tell you where Lindsay went? Did they even know anything about us? And why did no one tell us that our niece was still alive?! All we know is that she was abandoned, neglected, and underfed, without even so much as a name.
And we gave her a life.
And now we're going to take her home.
This is her home.
We've got her adoption records if you'd like to look at them.
I don't care about any of that.
Piper is our blood.
She's all we have left of Lindsay.
And she belongs with us.
I'm sorry.
But in the eyes of the law The Radcliffs are Emily's parents.
John, do something.
There's nothing that he can do.
Now, I think we've all been incredibly patient.
And we need to take our daughter home.
So, please For Emily's sake Let's not make this ugly.
For letting me stay here.
Come here.
I hope I get to see you again soon.
Oh, don't you worry.
We know where you live now.
And we can't wait to visit the Gates.
Come, little one.
Let's get you to the car.
Emily, aren't you forgetting something? The photo album? Oh.
Don't be sorry.
As a matter of fact, why don't you keep that? Your mother would've wanted you to have it.
Thanks, aunt Nancy.
See you soon.
Charlie! Hey.
I need to get inside.
I got it from my mother.
You've probably read about what she was and never thought it was real.
But she was.
And I'm just like her.
Andie, I don't understand.
Succubi paramour.
What does that mean? I need the life force of others to survive.
And so Yes, I did make you sick.
But I'm better now.
I have this medicine, and it gives me everything I need.
It's under control.
Charlie We can be together.
This is crazy.
I don't even understand what you're saying to me, that you're some kind ofThing.
It doesn't even make sense.
I'm still me.
I'm sorry.
I can't do this.
Leigh says Emily is okay? Yeah, she's on her way home now.
Nick, something this big Happens to our friends In our community.
And you don't share it with me.
Why? Oh, my God.
I know that look.
I really know that look.
I was just hoping I never had to see it again.
Sweet dreams.
Do you think she loved me? My real mom? Of course she did.
You were the most beautiful baby in the world.
Good night.
This is exactly what Christian wanted to hurt us in a way that will never end.
Well, we have Emily back.
And she's safe.
If we can get through this, I'm sure we can get through anything.
Do you really believe that? I do.
So you're just gonna leave me out here in the middle of nowhere? You are out of my jurisdiction, which works for me.
You never did tell me who ordered my release.
No, I didn't.
Thank you for visiting the Gates.
Don't come again.
Drive carefully, sweetheart.
Well, I should have known.
I thought you knew me better than anyone.
Why, Christian? Why did you do it? Alone.
Couldn't be alone.