The Girlfriend Experience (2016) s02e12 Episode Script

Bria: Ep6 - Making Amends

1 BRIA: We're not safe and that's why I need your help.
And that's why I need us to move in with you, okay? DONALD: Follow Mr.
Paulson home, make sure he's all right.
Ye-yes, I'd like to report a accident.
IAN: You're here because the trial's happening and you are a key witness.
Like, you are not innocent, not by a fucking long shot.
Do not try to fucking play me.
That's a bug, man.
That's a fucking bug.
KAYLA: Who put this here? BRIA: We don't feel safe.
This was the best place for us to come.
- Please.
- Nobody is calling the cops.
DIANE: We're calling the cops.
BRIA: You better call the cops, Paul! [SIREN BLARING] COP #1: Put your hands in the air! Put your hands in the air! [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] COP #2: Get your hands up! COP #1: Put your weapon down! Do you have any more weapons on you? - I need a verbal no.
- No.
On the ground.
Now! Face down! Don't move! Don't move! [INDISTINCT CHATTER] You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
- That's my daughter.
- Excuse me, ma'am? BRIA: That's my daughter, she didn't do anything.
She should come with me.
Did you hear what I said? That's my daughter.
She should come with me.
COP #1: You don't get to make the calls now, ma'am.
KAYLA: Get off of me! Fuck off! Get off! - Get off of me! - She's a kid.
- That's my daughter! - Stop it! Get away! Are you listening to what I'm saying to you? IAN: I'm Marshal Ian Olsen.
I'm gonna need you to release her into my custody.
COP #1: We can't do that, sir.
She fired a gun.
- Residents say she was tres - Yeah, I wanna go with you.
We've got to process her before we can release her to you.
Even then, we will need a court order.
- I don't wanna go with him.
- I need her to come with me.
- This is above you.
- I don't wanna go with him.
I wanna go to the station.
IAN: Well, she's obviously not thinking straight.
Can you just keep her in the car while I do my due diligence? Please listen to what I'm saying.
I wanna go with you.
We need to call it in before I can release her to you.
- I don't wanna go with him.
- By all means.
Thanks, man.
Please listen to what I'm saying, I wanna go to the station with you.
I don't need to go with him, okay? KAYLA: Bria.
Bria! Look at me! Look at me! - Bria! - It's gonna be okay, Kayla.
I promise.
You're safe now.
We're safe.
It's gonna be okay.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER ON RADIO] MAN ON RADIO: 'B as in Bravo, R as in Romeo' 'I as in India, A as in Alfa.
' [INDISTINCT CHATTER ON RADIO] COP #1: You're all clear, sir.
Sorry about that.
IAN: It's no problem.
Just doing your job.
- Have a good night, sir.
- Good night, officer.
No, don't go, Bria! You can't leave me! Bria! - Sh-she gonna be safe? - Since when do you care? I do care.
Is-is she gonna be safe, I just wanna know.
Yeah, so you can cash in.
IAN: Yes, sir.
Yes, sir, I realize that, sir.
I made the call myself.
Yes, sir.
I'm sorry.
I had to make a split-second decision and I didn't mean to go over your head.
With the trial date so close I just didn't want any complications.
Yes, sir.
I understand.
I was worried she'd try to squirm out of testifying, sir.
Yes, sir.
I understand, sir, it won't happen again.
Get the fuck out.
You like this place, huh? Seems nice.
I, I-I don't know what you mean.
Is this where you bring the men you whore yourself out to for money? Are you mad because I had a boyfriend? IAN: A boyfriend? That's what you call it? There were more.
How-how many more were there? - I know at least one.
- I don't Actually, shut up.
Shut up.
I don't wanna hear another fucking lie out of your mouth.
I don't want to hear you manipulate your words about who you fucked.
Who you fucked for money.
He paid for your company.
You're paid to accompany me.
That's my fucking job.
I have let you off the hook so many times and you violated every fucking rule that we've put into place, and I keep letting you do it.
I don't know why I keep letting you do it.
What, you think I don't know every fucking move you make? I don't want you near me.
Play the victim.
You're gonna have to deal with me 'cause I have a responsibility to put your ass on the stand.
Just take me to the nearest police station.
OFFICIAL: We have reason to suspect that your guardian, Bria Jones kept you in custody as a means to secure her own financial gain.
I don't understand.
OFFICIAL: Shortly before you and Bria were placed into witness protection your father set up numerous trusts in your name as the beneficiary.
Not only is Bria the trustee and in control of the accounts she's a beneficiary alongside you.
So, you think that's why she took me with her? For money? OFFICIAL: Look, I know this is hard it's my job to figure it out, okay? So I need you to be honest with me.
I just want you to be safe.
Nobody's gonna hurt you.
OFFICIAL: Has Bria Jones, formerly known as Sarah Day ever threatened your well-being? No.
No, she hasn't.
She hasn't.
Come up to your room.
All right.
- For what? - Just pack.
Pack like you're never coming back here.
Just pack.
I don't need anything.
There's nothing to pack.
Come on.
Come on.
I need you to clean up.
[WATER GURGLING] No, I can't do anything with these on.
Fucking get in.
[SOBBING] I'm sorry, Bria.
I have to do this.
And I didn't mean, I I don't mean to say hurtful things to you but you keep lying and pushing me around and You don't understand the position that that puts me in.
I put my job on the line for you.
I wanted to.
You don't, you don't seem to appreciate that.
I understand.
Do you? BRIA: I do.
And I'm sorry.
Here, put this on.
Can't do anything with these on.
I wanna go away with you, Ian.
We could go to the mountains.
We could go to an island, we'd just disappear.
- I know how to disappear.
- I know you do.
We should just go now.
I want that.
I want that too.
[BRIA GASPS] MAYOR: The man of the evening, Donald Fairchild invited us here, and at some point you're gonna have to get your checkbooks out so I hope you know you're not getting off the hook.
But for now, let's welcome the man who's welcomed us into his home to raise funds for IDC.
Something I know you all understand will greatly help our men and women who've served.
Donald, would you like to take the stage in your living room? [LAUGHING] - Hi.
- Hi, there.
Sarah, hi.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] Red or white? [INDISTINCT CHATTER] Who told I don't know.
Who told, Sam? Now, if what you're saying is true then I can't have any of these accounts linked to me.
This states that you are the legal descendant of Donald Fairchild, and the beneficiary and trustee of board of trust.
Please sign here.
DONALD: Sarah, will you follow Mr.
Paulson home make sure he's all right? Samuel, I-I don't know what came over him.
Don't even talk to me right now, Sarah.
Just [INDISTINCT CHATTER] [CAR ENGINE STARTS] LAWYER: Katie Fairchild and you are each entitled to 50% of the trust.
Katie on her 18th birthday, and you're entitled to the, uh, full amount of the trust, currently.
And you understand that Donald Fairchild has the right to monitor any account activity until he's deceased or rendered incapacitated? Yes.
You know what you do.
You know you want to undermine me.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Don't play dumb.
TOM: Like I said before front to back pressure, like this and you are the safety.
Never put your finger on the trigger until you're ready to shoot.
Keep your fingers clear from up here.
I don't wanna see you bleed.
- You feel good? - Yeah.
- So like this, right? - No.
Um I'm kidding, Tom.
What time does Donald get home? [GUNSHOT] What would you do if I died? [DONALD LAUGHS] What's funny? DONALD: Are we really fucking doing this? Are we really having this conversation? Could happen.
DONALD: What do you want me to say? That I'd be devastated? What would you do if I died? I'd be devastated.
[LAUGHING] But you're the kind of man that dies.
[CLEARS THROAT] Of course I'll die.
That's the way life works, dear.
[SIGHS] IAN: Yeah.
How far to the courthouse, my good man? DRIVER: We're only a few minutes away.
You need something? IAN: I just gotta take a leak.
That's all.
- Where are you dropping us? - The back entrance.
There's a bathroom two doors down from the entrance so not long.
[ELEVATOR DINGS] DEFENSE LAWYER: Given the recent evidence provided by the court and my client, that the witness you're about to see has been deemed the legal descendant of Donald Fairchild she should not be forced to testify.
PROSECUTION LAWYER: There is proof and testimony that the witness we're about to see has had sexual relations with Donald Fairchild.
Therefore, she is in violation of the statute prohibiting intercourse with anyone with whom they share lineal consanguinity.
JUDGE: Given these bizarre circumstances, I understand but the witness is not protected under any national law.
- Motion denied.
- Thank you, Your Honor.
I'll risk everything right now.
Blink if you'll come with me.
That's you.
Raise your right hand.
Do you solemnly affirm to tell the truth the whole truth, and nothing but the truth under pains and penalties of perjury? - I do.
- Please be seated.
JUDGE: Prosecution, your witness.
Please state your name for the record.
Please state your name for the record.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] I need I'm sorry, can you speak louder? I need a minute to myself.
I'm Just not, I'm not feeling well.
Fifteen minutes, okay? The witness needs a moment.
We'll take a 15-minute recess.
I'll tell you where I'm going.
Straight, just go straight.