The Glades s01e10 Episode Script

Second Chance

2 Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! It's a fate worse than death.
Every time I take my car into the F.
garage, they give me a squad car.
A squad car, Carlos.
Can you see me in a squad car? Not in the front seat.
You don't strike me as Mr.
Well, it's not rocket science.
I can figure it out.
Well, then hurry up.
We got a floater.
Any signs of foul play? Play at least.
Vic's still in the pool.
Oh, shit.
She's back.
- Who's back? - Neighborhood Girl Scout.
Bought a box of Do-si-dos the other week.
Now she's stalking me.
Hang on.
Let me shut her down.
- You're not a Girl Scout.
- You're changing your own oil? Why? You don't think I can handle it? Ah, you just don't seem like the handy type.
I'm getting that a lot today.
Is that why you came over here? Just to insult my manliness? Right.
Like you don't know why I'm here.
I don't, actually.
Maybe I do.
Jim, we kissed.
You know, like kissed.
Don't you find that really distracting? You don't.
Well, you're Oh, yeah.
I've Yeah.
So, when were you planning on calling? Calling? Oh.
I I guess I just, uh, thought that you'd drive that bus you know, with the whole marriage and kids thing.
And an anatomy midterm next week which I have to study for.
And clearly my life is messy enough as it is.
I don't need complications or drama.
I just want to focus.
- Yeah.
Uh, no.
I get it.
- Good.
So, in the interest of me not flunking out of med school in my second semester Now I can focus.
All right.
I'm happy to help.
Some say I don't play well with others.
I was a damn good detective in Chicago until a disagreement with my boss encouraged me to pack it up and make a change.
So I put the Windy City in my rearview and headed to the Sunshine State.
Kick back.
Play some golf.
Work on my tan.
Maybe write the occasional speeding ticket.
Well, that didn't work out.
- He drowned? - Cardiac arrest.
No wounds or signs of struggle.
Rigor in his jaw, but not the body.
I'm putting time of death at around 6:00 a.
- He had a heart attack? He's built like Michael Phelps.
- Yeah.
On the outside.
My guess, he got coked up last night, overdid it this morning, ticker gave out.
His lungs filled with water, took him under.
That's the pool cleaner over there.
Her name's Gabby.
She jumped in the water to cool off, her impact shifted his body the gas in his guts brought him to the surface.
Detective Longworth.
You know this guy? His name's Kevin.
That's all I know.
He had his own keys, and he stayed here a lot.
And he seems nice enough.
Was he the caretaker? Beats me.
The owners are never here.
She lives in Ocala.
- Ocala? - Horse breeding country.
What, does the owner breed horses? Uh, I don't know.
I just know she has a lot of money.
Check it out.
Found it in the pool skimmer.
Obviously not the victim's.
- The killer maybe? - Yeah.
If the killer's a horse.
Looks like horsehair, doesn't it? If it is, it must have fallen in this morning 'cause, uh, I cleaned the skimmers yesterday.
I ran out of filters, so I had to come back and change them late yesterday.
Um, I, uh, also found a duffel bag of clean clothes upstairs.
Still looking for his wallet and keys.
- That the owner? - Patricia Dixon.
She used to be a pretty hot model back in the '90s.
Oh, yeah? Hot, rich ex-model.
I'm guessing the old guy's a dead husband.
The pot's still warm, and there's two cups on the dish rack.
You thinking he had company? This power's been off, but everything's now back on.
Someone flipped the breakers.
So? Maybe it went out in the neighborhood.
Gabby cleaned next door.
She would have mentioned it.
If he was electrocuted, that would look like a heart attack, wouldn't it? I thought of that.
Checked pump and lights.
All grounded.
There's nothing in the pool, amigo.
Not anymore anyway.
An outdoor vac? - They're made to suck up water.
- Yeah, but not to be submerged in it.
Plus the water was dirty.
Mineral content increases conductivity.
- I'm just sayin'.
- Death by vacuum cleaner? I mean, possible, but highly unlikely.
I mean, sometimes a banana is just a banana.
Sometimes it's a murder weapon.
Ocala sheriffs showed Patricia Dixon the vic's pick.
She said it was Kevin Kehoe that used to work for her.
- She say what he did? - No.
But she runs a breeding farm up there owns a thoroughbred named Second Chance.
Ran the Gator Derby two weeks ago.
Was a long shot, so it made a lot of people rich.
Racehorse and a dead body.
Any odds they're related? I'll bet the house on that.
What the hell? Looks like you stripped your drain plug threads.
In English? You have a screw loose.
Oh, you got one of these.
Heated seats? Really? In Florida? Yeah.
There's a couple of days in winter where it gets pretty cold.
Cold? Cold? - Yeah.
- Right.
That must be a Southern thing.
You wouldn't last a day in Chicago.
Are you done? Thanks for driving me.
No problem.
The second you said Ocala, I was in.
I love this part of the state, and I never get up here anymore.
Anymore? I was a hot-walker and exercise girl when I was 19 one summer in Ocala.
Oh, I bet you were a hot walker.
A hot-walker helps the horse wind down after exercise.
Do you know anything at all about horses? Well, yeah.
I can usually get the front and back end right.
Thoroughbreds have to be conceived under natural live cover.
There's no artificial insemination.
"Natural live cover"? - Copulation.
Actual sex with another thoroughbred.
- Oh.
Artificial insemination would be too easy.
It'd be You could breed any two horses anywhere in the world.
Uh, isn't easy a good thing? It's harder to prove a foal's lineage.
Live cover is witnessed.
A vet can verify the foal's parents and breeding is all about bloodstock who sired who.
You learned all this being a hot walker? Well, for a minute and a half I wanted to be a jockey but there was me and Ray, and then we had Jeff and I went on a very different ride.
Here we are.
Glades Ranch.
Oh, my God.
Darcy Owens? I was hoping she'd be here.
So Jeff is 13 now? Please.
I can't even talk about it.
- This is the champ? - Yep.
- How is he? - He's a good boy although I'm just getting to know him still.
It's our first morning together.
- So what brings you back? - That would be me.
Jim Longworth.
- Hi.
- This is Darcy Owens.
We used to work together.
- Aha.
- A cop, huh? You know, Callie always went for the bad boys.
I guess with age comes wisdom.
I can't We're not really I'm investigating the murder of Kevin Kehoe.
Did you know him? Kevin? Oh, my God.
- What What happened? - That's what we're trying to find out.
- He worked here, right? - He ran the stables before Patricia fired him two weeks ago.
Yeah? Why is that? I I have no idea.
She's in the breeding barn if you want to talk to her.
- Here? - Yeah.
Come on.
Let's go.
- Is it supposed to rain? - Detective Longworth.
- They said you would be coming.
- Yeah.
Patricia Dixon.
This is my vet, William Meadows.
We heard the horrible news.
Who'd want to kill Kevin? That's why I'm here.
I'm sorry.
I I have an emergency.
Dosher lose another one, Doc? I should go.
I hope you catch the son of a bitch who did this.
- When did you last see Kevin? - Two weeks ago.
- When you fired him.
- He bought and sold horses for me.
But he was a kid.
He needed seasoning.
- Why'd you hire him then? - Kevin was a barn rat.
He knew just about everybody in town, which was helpful at first.
I didn't want to fire Kevin, but he had his demons.
Sometimes they got the best of him.
Demons? Like what? He loved horses.
As much as anyone I've ever known.
People People he could take or leave.
And when Second Chance won the Gator Derby dealing with the press, fans it all became a much greater part of the job.
He hated it.
He refused to play along, so I just decided that I could do a better job myself.
And save a bit of cash.
Oh, no.
You're loaded.
Or your husband was.
The last time I checked, he couldn't take it with him, Detective.
- So you took it with you.
- I'm a pragmatist.
To some people, that makes me a cold bitch.
I gave Kevin a generous severance and he and I ended on good terms.
Good enough to have a key to your house.
- Did you make him caretaker of your property? - Not officially, no.
But he knew that I was spending all of my time in Ocala these days so I didn't mind if he made himself at home down there.
Now, if you'll excuse me, uh, she's in heat.
That's kind of kinky.
- What's that for? - Oh.
It's, uh It keeps her from kicking the stallion.
Breeding can be very dangerous to a stud's health.
I'm getting that.
Thanks for inviting me.
It was really nice to be around horses again.
And I have to study.
And I have to catch a killer.
- Yeah.
You should do that.
- Yeah.
So, I'll, um I'll call you later? Great.
What? What? While you were cavorting with your consultant, some of us were working.
Give me that.
Kehoe's liver was singed.
- So it was electrocution.
- Which triggered cardiac arrest.
Whoever did this knew what they were doing.
Most M.
's wouldn't have looked at the liver, including me - if you hadn't been such an A-hole.
- Just doing my part.
I found a burn mark between his shoulder blades.
He was wearing something around his neck.
A Saint Christopher maybe? Oh, the patron saint of travelers? So much for his guardian angel.
Also ran a tox screen on the horsehair from the pool.
The horse was juiced with Winstrol.
It's an older steroid still used by bottom-feeders.
They'll buy a cheap horse, pump him up with cheap steroids and put him on a claims race.
- The purses are small, so nobody tests the horse.
- Oh.
Just got Kehoe's voice mail.
Phone company gave me the code.
Hey, Kevin.
It's Bill.
Call me.
- Is that our guy? - Warm.
Call me, Kevin.
We need to talk.
Hey, man.
Call me by tomorrow, or I'm coming after your ass.
Got it? Boiling.
Call the D.
Get a number trace.
Already done.
Phone company's G.
'ing it right now.
The caller's Doc Meadows, the vet for Second Chance.
- Oh.
Carlos, lend me your keys.
- Why the hell would I do that? - My car's in the shop.
- So? That's not my problem.
- Fine.
You drive.
- Yeah.
Wait a second.
Uh - That's our guy.
- What's he doing here so late? Let's ask.
Uh, no.
- I don't have a gun.
- Use your finger.
It's dark.
He'll never know the difference.
Two hands.
Mean it.
That's pretty good.
Hands in the air.
Out of the car.
- Step out of the Get the hell out of the car.
- Okay.
All right.
- Up against the car! - What's the problem? - Hands above your head.
- Ow.
Come on.
What's this about? Okay.
What's the meaning of all this? Funny, Doc.
I was gonna ask you the same thing.
You can put that down.
- I've known Kevin since he was five.
- Why would I kill him? Well, I know you're coming after his ass, and now his ass is dead.
Kevin's mom was a groomer.
Ran off to Mexico with a jockey when he was a baby.
His dad was a stable hand with a Vicodin problem.
- O.
'd when Kevin was 16.
- Doesn't sound too stable.
We all got him jobs.
But the kid loved to party.
I guess it was in his blood.
I keep an office at Dosher Ranch the biggest breeding barn in Ocala.
They're hosting the blood auction this weekend.
- They auction breeding rights? - Best studs in the world.
Invitation only.
All the heavy hitters are there.
Kevin came by and asked if I could get him in, so he could network.
That night, someone broke into my office stole Valium, ketamine, Boldenone, a steroid and some Butorphanol, a synthetic narcotic.
I have a D.
audit next weekend.
I-If If I didn't report that theft, I'd lose my license.
You think Kevin robbed you? He was broke, and that stuff is gold on the street.
I called him, tried to talk to him, but he blew me off.
I got mad.
So I called Agent Dyson at D.
I didn't want to get the kid in trouble.
Maybe you would have got him out of bigger trouble.
Hey, Daniel.
I need you to contact an Agent Dyson from D.
A so we can find out about this drug theft at Dosher Ranch and I need you to pull Kehoe's financials.
- Is this from Patricia's pool? - Solar-powered robot skimmer.
Sucks up dirt from the bottom.
Goes for over two grand.
- But it's jammed.
- It's jammed? And they say I'm not handy.
- What is it? - It's a sobriety chip.
He's been sober for two years.
That's it.
Must have fallen off when he got zapped.
confirmed the theft.
Said Dosher was robbed of some of his drugs last year too.
Kehoe wouldn't be wearing a sobriety chip while he was swimming if he wasn't actually sober.
What if Kehoe wasn't using his meds? Maybe he sold them on the street like Dr.
Meadows said.
Well, I have Kehoe's financials.
He had a lot of debt.
- Collection agency was coming for his car any day.
- He's got a brand-new Mustang.
If he was selling meds on the street, why didn't he pay off his car? - You think Meadows is lying? - Maybe.
Although blaming a dead guy for the theft is a good way for a dirty vet to hide his own nefarious drug dealing.
Forty-two dollars for Lyle Diagnostics? Lawsuit lab.
They sell cheap drug tests in the back of magazines.
Maybe Kehoe was getting tested to prove he was clean.
But Kehoe was sober for two years.
So maybe he was testing for something else.
And that something else got him killed.
Thanks again for driving me.
I know how busy you are.
- How would you fix a racehorse? - There's a million different ways.
Vets use steroids, stimulants, doping with E.
It's a kidney hormone and increases red blood cells so they run faster and longer.
Human cheaters use it too for marathons and bike races.
Well, that would explain how a long shot won the Gator Derby and why Meadows was threatening Kehoe.
Yeah, but the problem is the state tests for E.
before and after a big race.
- Doc Meadows wouldn't be that stupid.
- Or maybe he's that smart.
When it comes to doping, the bad guys are way ahead of the good guys.
Kehoe maybe knew something that the state didn't.
If Kehoe could prove that Second Chance's blood was dirty, what would happen? Meadows would lose his license, and Patricia would lose a million-dollar purse.
So, not good.
Not good.
Definite bach pad.
Isn't that your friend? Darcy.
- She grew up in Ocala, so it makes sense, I guess.
- Huh.
Really? That's evidence? People he hung out with? She fell in a race in Maryland and just shattered her shoulder and it looks like her confidence as well.
- Well, she's riding a champ now.
- Yeah.
Well, she's healthy again.
She was a rising star at one point.
What's this? You got me.
It's on backwards.
Well, maybe it fell off, and he was in a hurry, so he just threw it back up there.
Or someone did.
What is this? Dry ice? Maybe he wanted to keep something cold if he was on the run? And Feels like Styrofoam.
Why would he have dry ice and Styrofoam in his freezer? I mean, we use it at the hospital to transport organs and blood and stuff.
That doesn't really lead us to Patricia or Meadows.
This might.
- You know what that is? - Two tickets to the bloodstock auction.
"See you Saturday.
Dying to catch up.
" Who's W.
? Wallace Dosher? Uh, yes.
Go on.
Uh, Detective.
I bet you're here about Kevin Kehoe.
And your relationship to him.
I found this in his apartment.
- Yes.
I sent that.
- Well, what were you two dying to catch up about? Oh, horse talk.
You know.
Meadows says Kevin was stealing from your drug safe.
Oh, well, it's his safe, not mine.
But if he says so, yes.
That's Meadows's grandfather was my grandfather's vet.
You want a drink? No.
All in the family, huh? Yes.
Well blood's the only thing you can trust, isn't it? - So, you built all this? - Uh, no, sir.
He did.
Sire of Sires.
" He won 12 million in races.
He sired 20 stakes winners and one year he made $25 million in fees.
Now, that's a record that'll never be broken.
He made more from breeding than racing.
Yes, yes.
Well, a good horse can win you a million dollars on a race but then when he turns four and he's not racing anymore you can put him out to stud and sell his covers for 50,000 a pop.
Now, a good stallion can cover a hundred mares a year.
Five million dollars.
That's a lot of buck for the bang.
And a true stud, like Kingmaker can make, oh, 300,000 a cover.
$300,000 every time he has natural copulation with a mare.
We'll never see the like of him again.
- What about Second Chance? - Oh.
He couldn't stand in Kingmaker's shoes.
$300,000 a cover.
Isn't that what Kingmaker was asking? That's what Patricia's asking.
That doesn't mean she's gonna get it.
Well, if she does, you make 10% of every live cover fee she sells in your auction.
- That's a pretty good stake in a horse you don't own.
- Well, I wouldn't want to.
I mean, Second Chance is a front-runner.
It means he only runs as hard as it takes to win.
See, character is everything.
A true champion is born, not made.
Well, he hasn't lost yet.
I mean, I know he hasn't raced in the big races, but Yeah.
He'll lose.
He was sired by Miami Joe, who was sold for dog food.
- Blood doesn't lie.
- Unless it's doped.
I mean, you'd lose a lot of money if Second Chance was cheating at the Gator Derby.
Is that what you and Kevin were getting together on? I spoke to Ed Dogra uh, ex-cop, and he's working security out at Arlington Park racetrack in Chicago.
Oh, yeah? What did old Ed have to say? He said you were shot in the ass for being a jackass.
Like I said, character is everything.
I thought you were just a rich, old blowhard.
But someone like you doesn't look into someone like me unless you got something to hide.
We're through here, Mr.
It's Detective Longworth.
And actually, we're just getting started.
That would be amazing.
- How'd it go? - Well, he kicked me out, so, pretty good, actually.
People insure racehorses, don't they? Yeah.
Most owners have mortality insurance.
- I mean, just in case something happens.
- Could anyone trigger it? - Like insurance fraud? - Yeah.
You hear rumors about it but you'd have to be a really evil son of a bitch to do something like that.
All right.
And if I was an evil son of a bitch? Well, you'd want to make it look like natural causes.
- Oh.
- It's sickening.
You sure you want to know? Wow.
You really know how to clear a room.
Twenty years of this that was the most disgusting session I've ever had.
- So, what do you think? - I think you're a bastard for making me exhume a horse in the back of a rendering truck.
- But? - You were right.
He didn't die of colic.
He was electrocuted.
Just like Kehoe.
Your farm went public two years ago but since Kingmaker went to the big barn in the sky, you haven't had any winners which means your stock's worth pennies, which means the buzzards are circling.
Your last, uh, three no, no, sorry four horses they all finished out of the money at the stakes races which means they're worthless to stud.
Two weeks later, they all die of colic.
But luckily, they're all insured.
Guess they're worth more dead than alive, huh? That kept the buzzards away for a while.
Well, you Good for you.
You've been on the Internet here.
What does this have to do with, uh, Kevin Kehoe? He was shaking you down.
Found evidence he was keeping something genetic in his freezer.
- Ah.
- I'm thinking it was tissue that proved that you killed your horses for insurance fraud.
So you electrocuted him, just like you electrocuted those horses.
Our lab exhumed Kingston, the horse that died two days ago.
He's got singe marks on his ears and tail.
Well, that could be mange.
Well, I am guessing that a more objective expert say, uh, head of equine physiology at A&M would just take your little theory and shoot it all full of holes.
And that other business Listen.
The insurance investigators they paid all those claims.
Now, unless you know something they don't But I'll tell you what.
I know something you don't.
And that's that Kevin Kehoe was shaking down Patricia Dixon.
You know what I think? I think you just hate a woman coming along and crashing your rich old white guy club.
Let me tell you something.
She offered me one million dollars to cover with Kingmaker.
I turned her down because I didn't want to sully my winning line with her second-rate stock.
Now she's got her own Kingmaker Second Chance and your barn's on the ropes.
She beat you at your own game, huh? Are you gonna charge me or not? I was nice enough to come in here.
- Now I got an auction to run.
- Yeah.
I'm gonna have to get back to you on that.
Wally Dosher.
There's one pompous ass.
You know, I came here as an outsider walled out by arrogant rich men like Wally Dosher.
Only way I was able to get a seat at the table was to let 'em take my money.
But now you're here.
So why are you selling Second Chance's breeding rights so soon? I mean, he's only two.
Right? Unless you're hiding an injury.
Maybe make some cash before he hurts himself.
Ah, don't be ridiculous.
People love his legend.
He's overcome humble origins.
- Like you.
- What is your point, Detective? If you get what you're asking for at auction Second Chance makes $30 million a year in stud feeds.
If he becomes a sire of champions well, then you make $300 million, lifetime.
- That's $100 million more than Kingmaker.
- Hmm.
Never crossed my mind.
Problem is is it's Kevin's victory, not yours.
Kevin bought Miami Joe.
That's Second Chance's father.
The one horse that everyone but Kevin thought was worthless sired a champion.
- Kevin got lucky.
- Yeah.
So you got lucky.
So you think I killed Kevin out of ego.
You paid millions of dollars to prove to a bunch of rich, arrogant white guys that you're smarter than they are, why not kill Kevin? Especially if he was shaking you down for some reason.
And what reason might that be? Yeah.
I don't know yet.
Well, that is a very interesting theory, Detective.
Be even more interesting if you had some proof.
So, how did it end with you and Ray? With him getting four and a half years for armed robbery.
I'm sorry.
I I shouldn't have asked.
How could you know? And honestly, it made me realize that I needed to do something with my life.
Well, you could do a lot worse than dating a cop.
I mean, not a whole lot worse, but Thank you.
Someone who doesn't think it's weird that I have issues with cops.
And actually, I'm still married to Ray and I don't really know what's going on with me and Jim.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Go on.
- Come on, boy.
So, how about you? Were you dating that Kehoe guy? Oh, Kevin? No.
His dad and my dad worked together.
So, he kind of grew up in my house.
I was like a big sister to him.
I'm glad you're back in the game.
Oh, it must be so nice to just wake up and get to ride.
Well, it's different now.
Now it's an actual job.
I guess things aren't as simple as they were that summer, huh? No.
I have a question.
And I hope it doesn't sound obnoxious.
But is there any way that you could get me into the auction tonight? - Yeah.
Not a problem.
I'm-I'm showing Second Chance.
- Really? - Yeah.
I'll put you on the list.
- That would be awesome.
I've been watching all of Kevin Kehoe's DVDs.
It's simple.
These are both Gator Derby races.
And guess which one is Second Chance.
- Nice try.
They're both Second Chance.
- Wrong.
This one is Kingmaker in 1994.
Weird, right? Kehoe had hours of video on both horses.
So, I wondered why.
Once I started watching them, it jumped out.
They're identical.
Not just how they run, but the way they run.
They're running just fast enough to stay ahead of the others.
They're front-runners.
That's why Second Chance was such a long shot in the Gator Derby.
He'd only run against weaker horses and never put up fast times.
Once he ran with the big boys, he rose to the occasion, just like Kingmaker.
It's in their nature.
You're not gonna believe this.
I got Kehoe's It's not a drug test.
It's a paternity test for a horse.
- Okay.
How did you know that? - I had a hunch.
- So, how do we know that? - It's simple.
The test compares D.
from patient "X" and patient "Y.
" If enough genes match, it shows paternity.
I know who they are.
Patient "X" is Second Chance.
Patient "Y" is Miami Joe.
Yeah, but if Miami Joe isn't Second Chance's dad, who is? - Kingmaker.
- How? By immaculate conception? - Dosher refused to let Kingmaker cover Patricia's mares.
- By artificial insemination.
Maybe Patricia paid Dr.
Meadows to steal Kingmaker's sperm before he died then say Miami Joe was the sire.
But Miami Joe's dead.
How'd he get his D.
for the test? Yeah.
That's easy.
Kehoe managed the barn, right? He could have kept a strand of Miami Joe's tail, or a mane from one of the groom's brushes.
I mean, this guy grew up in this world.
He knew the kind of ruthless bastards he was gonna be dealing with.
- He was covering all his bases.
- Hmm.
So, if you're right Second Chance isn't a true thoroughbred.
And if that gets out, Patricia's $30 million stud is worthless.
That's a $30 million secret worth killing Kevin Kehoe for.
Only we have no proof.
And it's time to see a horse about a man.
A paternity test for a horse? - Why would Kehoe do that? - To prove Second Chance was an impostor.
So he could blackmail Patricia.
Or Meadows, the vet that signed Second Chance's fake birth certificate.
Or he was trying to sell the results to Dosher, who he knows hates Patricia but the evil bastard just zapped him instead of paying for it.
So, how do you know who the killer is? Well, we just sit back and watch.
"Sit back and watch"? Oh, yeah.
Cop cars.
I meant to, uh Uh, Jim, you're using my invitation to do your job? - Well - Jim, I've waited 13 years to come here.
Cinderella, I'm not gonna spoil your ball.
Callie Cargill.
Thank you.
You have a wonderful afternoon.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Of course.
- Really beautiful.
- Oh.
- Thanks.
- Do you mind? I'll just be a sec.
- We just got here.
- I just want to let her know I'm here.
I'll only be a minute.
How you doing? Great party, huh? Hey.
Can you give us a second? - Certainly.
- Of course.
- Did you get your proof yet? - Ah, it's a work in progress.
Is that why you're here on my big day? Maybe.
And maybe I want to see Dosher's face when you break his record.
After spending a little time with the guy, I can see why you hate the smarmy bastard.
- It's been a long time coming.
- I intend to savor every minute.
- Enjoy the show, Detective.
- Oh.
I will.
Count on it.
Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Dosher Ranch.
The next horse up is Old Faithful.
And what will you give for Old Faithful? Somebody just start me off.
Thank you.
Seventy-five, and $100,000.
- We're at 100.
Hundred and a quarter.
- What a gorgeous animal.
- You really love them, don't you? - Well, look at 'em.
What's not to love? Ever wish you could wind the clock back? A little.
I I have Jeff.
He's the best thing I've ever done, no question.
So everything turned out the way it was supposed to.
Well, everything's turning out the way it's supposed to.
patiently waiting for.
Your chance Don't get too ahead of yourself there, mister.
The great Second Chance.
Here's our boy.
- Owned by Miss Patricia Dixon of the Glades Ranch.
- Here we go.
He is sired by Miami Joe and the foal of Lucy's Goal.
Ah, what a noble carriage.
You can see why everyone wants a piece of him, can't We will begin bidding at 300,000.
What do I hear? - That you're under arrest.
- What? Along with Patricia Dixon and Dr.
William Meadows.
What - What? Is this some kind of joke? - No.
It's a warrant.
You're under arrest for conspiracy to commit fraud.
You can cuff 'em.
Well You're making a hell of a mistake here.
Well, it wouldn't be the first time.
Darcy, this is Ted Barnes.
He's with the, uh, veterinary service for the F.
He'll be taking care of Second Chance.
- You're gonna take my horse? - Yeah.
- What for? - As evidence in the murder of Kevin Kehoe.
Thanks, guys.
Are you kidding me with all this? Callie, I'm just trying to work it out, so By embarrassing me and everyone else? Not to mention the stress that you're putting Second Chance under.
Do you have any idea If that horse hurts himself you're looking at a $30 million lawsuit.
- Really? - Yeah.
- Well, I didn't factor that in.
- You didn't really factor that in, did you? - Where are you taking him? - To an F.
barn in Gainesville.
An F.
barn? An F.
It's a barn.
Well, can Darcy at least go with him? He trusts her.
- I'll keep him calm, okay? - Really? - I'm not really getting calm from you.
- Jim.
All right.
You know what? Yeah.
- Thanks, Callie.
- Yeah.
- Knock yourself out.
- Well, I guess that's the day over.
- Yeah.
Thanks to you.
Did Dosher really kill all those horses? Yeah.
I think so.
I just needed the leverage to confirm it.
Then get the son of a bitch.
The horse calmed right down.
- She actually does know what she's doing.
- Yeah.
Do you? Guess we'll find out.
Think we can still use his D.
from the bit? - Well, it doesn't matter what I think.
- Then why are we doing all this? You know what? Walk this past that cop car on the way to your truck.
How's the reception? On the laptop it's great.
In the backseat, ah, not so much.
Why don't you shake your booty at him? Get him off our tail, for God's sake.
Not all men are so easily led around by their dick as you are, Wallace.
- Are you sure this is legal? - Yeah.
It's an old trick I learned in Chicago.
The Supreme Court ruled there's no expectation of privacy in the back of a cop car.
- So we can use what they say in court? - Straight from the horse's mouth.
I gotta pee.
He's got Kingmaker's bit.
He knows about Second Chance.
What does Kingmaker have to do with Second Chance? Kingmaker sired Second Chance.
I harvested him while you were away.
You stole my horse's sperm? Oh! Now we're talking.
You son of a bitch.
You - After everything I did for you- - After everything I did for you.
After years of cleaning up after you killing horses.
Both of you just shut up! Both of you! As much as I'm enjoying this, I'm not hearing anybody confessing to the murder.
Well, we got Dosher on insurance fraud, we got Patricia on intent to defraud investors.
I'm sure Meadows would testify against both of them.
But who killed Kehoe? Patricia, right? Uh, maybe.
There's one piece of the puzzle that doesn't fit yet.
- What's that? - The horsehair in the pool.
But it could belong to any of the three.
They all work with horses.
And once I found out who it belongs to, we'll find out who the killer is.
- Come in.
- Hey.
Uh, is that the last guy that screwed you out of a horse auction? This is Sam.
He's actually helping me with my anatomy midterm next week which, because of you, I'm behind in.
I kind of wanted to apologize to you for that.
And to tell you that we got Dosher on animal cruelty, insurance fraud and tax evasion.
That was mine.
Hope that's sort of like a consolation.
It's some sort of consolation.
- What a sick bastard.
- Yeah.
So he killed Kehoe, right? I mean, it's the same M.
"? Well, I don't know, Detective Cargill.
Shut up.
You earned the nice already.
I don't know.
There's still one piece of the puzzle missing.
"Arkin Ranch.
" Where'd that come from? Darcy loaned it to me.
It was a little chilly in the morning when we were riding.
Arkin Ranch.
What is that, like a big stables? No.
It's like a mom and pop.
They do mostly claims races.
I can drop it back to her place when I'm in Ocala.
I need to pick up some more evidence from Second Chance and probably apologize for being a jackass to her.
That's a first.
I'll go and get her number for you.
Mind your own business.
You got a sec? - Not for you.
- Know what? I talked to Doc Barnes.
He said you were a great help with Second Chance last night.
It took me all night to calm him down.
- Is he all right? - Thanks to you.
Can I get a glass of water? It's a really long drive back.
- I'm in the middle of working out.
- It'll only take a sec.
And I thought I'd drop this off to you as well and apologize for being such a pain in the ass.
I didn't know you and Kevin were neighbors.
A lot of horse people live here.
The owner rents month to month.
Well, that makes sense, with the whole feast and famine thing.
Especially you, being a female jockey with a bum shoulder.
You haven't really ridden a contender in years, have you? Oh.
Thank you.
As a matter of fact, you were riding claims races last week.
So, it's kind of amazing that you're even riding Second Chance especially 'cause you weren't on him for the Gator Derby.
Which is kind of weird.
Why would they change riders after a big win like that? - I really need to get back to my workout.
- Can I get some ice in that? Yeah.
I'm out.
I used it all on my shoulder.
- Really? You know what's funny? - Mmm? Kevin had exactly the same clipping on his freezer.
- Yeah.
So does half of Ocala.
- You know what else we found in his freezer? Dry ice.
Which meant he was keeping something in there that specifically needed to be frozen.
I'm thinking million-dollar horse semen.
Which wasn't there, 'cause it's in your freezer, isn't it? - It's time to go.
- You guys were friends, right? Close enough for him to tell you about Second Chance's paternity test? So you wanted in on the deal.
Figured if you got one of Kingmaker's "shots," you could call your own shot like riding Second Chance a horse which would make you a star again.
You can't prove any of this.
I can prove enough for a search warrant.
Kevin gave it to me to keep safe, okay? He He was trying to blackmail Patricia into giving him a share of Second Chance.
What? For money? He wanted credit.
It was all Kevin's idea.
Patricia needed better bloodstock.
Kevin knew that.
If she could get a good horse for her barn a stud it would give him a name too.
Only problem is is that Patricia wanted all the glory for herself.
So, when Kevin threatened to go public she killed him.
Well, that makes sense.
Except we found a horsehair in the pool skimmer box.
Horse it came from was dosed with Winstrol.
Vets only give that to nags that are on their last legs.
So that rules out Patricia's horses and Dosher's horses but not the kind that you ride at Arkin Ranch.
And you rode that morning before you went and killed Kevin.
We found a horsehair on your hoodie that matched the same one in the pool.
Darcy, it's over.
I got him job after job.
He always messed up.
Then when I needed a break, and I went to him and asked for a shot to get on Second Chance, he wouldn't do it.
He wouldn't put his neck out.
He said I wasn't good enough to ride Second Chance.
He wanted a winner.
So, yeah.
He jumped in the pool.
I got pissed.
I pushed in the outdoor vac, but it was an accident.
But not afterward.
You flipped the breakers, cleaned up.
You took his keys, and Whoa.
You stole this.
Oh, that's just gross.
I hope you're happy.
Second Chance was a king, and you just destroyed him.
You did that.
You used the truth of his lineage to extort Kevin so you could get back in the race.
What's gonna happen to him now? Beats me.
But I do know what's gonna happen to you.
You like bracelets? I left the cell phone charger hooked up overnight.
It drained the battery.
Let's have 'em.
- I can jump my own car.
- Oh, like you can change your own oil or apologize for being a jackass? - So you are pissed.
- Amazing powers of observation, Detective.
- Was she formally charged? - Murder one.
Good job especially since you took advantage of my friendship.
I didn't take advantage.
Well, maybe a little.
But I didn't know Darcy was guilty.
I had a hunch.
- Why didn't you tell me? - I couldn't.
For your own good.
Ray used to say things like that to me.
I've really gone from one extreme to the other.
Why don't you try it.
Next time I won't be so stupid with the car either.
Neither will I.
- What's that mean? - You know, I was stupid with Ray.
I went along for the ride, I didn't ask questions.
I'm not gonna do that again.
I'm a cop, Callie.
It's what I do.
I'm sorry your friend was involved.
- That's not the point.
- Then what is, exactly? You didn't trust me enough to tell me the truth.
I was trying to protect you.
Well, don't.
I'm not a kid and I don't want to be in a relationship where someone treats me like one.
- I'm going home.
- Callie.
Keep your motor running.
Let it charge so you don't mess it up again.
- Come on.
- Bye, Jim.
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