The Glades s01e13 Episode Script

Breaking 80

Oh, this is ridiculous.
We're never gonna find it.
- We're gonna find it, okay? - Just take the penalty stroke.
Look, the ball's not gonna bite you.
No, but a snake or an alligator might.
Look, your ball is totally lost, so just take the penalty stroke.
Not so fast, okay? Look.
Oh, ye of little faith.
- Oh, it's just Oh, my God! - Son of a bitch! What the hell? - Oh, my God! - Mister, are you okay? Help.
You never struck me as a read-the-labels kind of guy.
You never struck me as an Axium Aftershave kind of girl.
It's for Jeff.
He's going to sleepaway camp.
- Oh, I didn't realize he - No, he doesn't.
He just wants to smell like he does.
- That's smart.
- Callie.
Um, oh, Jim helped me move some boxes out of my garage today.
So I'm making him my grandmother's famous lasagna.
Straight from the old country.
Why is it that everything from the old country just sounds so much better? I know, right? Hey, hey, I found the one that you wanted.
No sugar.
Not a speck.
Oh, great.
I'll go meet you at the register.
- Yeah.
- Sorry.
I just Oh, yeah, right.
Her great-grandmother used canned tomatoes.
- Callie - You know what? You don't have to explain.
I have no claims on you.
If you want to date Heather, date Heather.
We're not actually dating.
That was a little awkward.
Carlos, hey, man.
Uh no, not a bad time at all, um Right.
I'll be right there.
- I'll see you - I'll see you tonight.
I've seen some golf courses in my time but this is a work of art.
Home base for the rich and famous.
So on your salary, take it in while you can.
I've never seen fairways so tight.
Did you see that approach shot on 12? No.
No, no.
But did you see the dead body in front of me? - Douglas Packard.
- Mm-hmm.
Looks like he's having a bad day.
Night, actually.
He was found barely alive, but died right after.
Still trying to determine the time of the attack and what he was attacked with.
Well, one of these would be my guess.
It does kind of match the size and depth of the impression.
But he wasn't wearing any golf shoes, so he wasn't here to play golf.
That didn't stop someone with access to one of the most exclusive golf courses in the world from teeing off on his head.
Some say I don't play well with others.
I was a damn good detective in Chicago until a disagreement with my boss encouraged me to pack it up and make a change.
So I put the Windy City in my rearview and headed to the Sunshine State.
Kick back.
Play some golf.
Work on my tan.
Maybe write the occasional speeding ticket.
Well, that didn't work out.
If the murder weapon was a golf club, I can't find it.
I've had a lot of experience finding golf clubs that have been thrown out of anger into the reeds.
What's this reddish brown stuff on his hands? It's not blood.
I don't know.
I'll have to check.
You know I have done this before.
I ran Douglas Packard's name through our system.
- It turns out he was just let out of prison four days ago.
- What was he in for? He served nine months for administering a controlled substance to a woman which resulted in a near fatal car accident.
So any idea when he was attacked? Based on the swelling and the color of his bruises the injuries occurred sometime between midnight and 2:00 a.
His last phone call was 11:03 p.
Let's see who this is? Hi.
Uh, who's this? Terry Evans? Jim Longworth.
- Called you earlier.
- Uh, yeah.
Come in.
Nice place.
Thank you.
But it's not mine.
It's Mine.
Scott Winters.
It's you.
You're Scott Winters.
This is Terry, my business manager.
I am such a big fan of your game.
I would kill to have your touch on the green.
Kill? Is that a joke? - My friend is dead and you're clowning with me? - Oh, no.
But, uh, hey, sorry about your friend.
It's just that Terry was the last person he called.
So I thought I'd start with you.
How'd you know him? Uh, we were all friends since high school.
Doug was Scott's caddie.
Oh, you mean until he was convicted of drugging a woman.
Roofies, right? The date rape drug.
Yeah, I mean, what, he lacked the charm to get into her pants the old-fashion way? Maybe slipped her a little something to get things moving.
Oh, sorry.
- I don't know why he did it.
- Oh.
But she got into an accident on her way home, ruined her career.
Yeah, her golf career.
And by her, we are referring to, uh, Kim Nichols.
I spoke to the D.
in Doug's trial on the way over, so Doug felt terrible about that.
Yeah, not so terrible that he tried to blame Terry for it.
The D.
said that Doug kept saying that it was you that drugged the woman, right up to his plea deal.
That was Doug being Doug just looking for a card to play so he could plea down.
- I didn't drug anybody.
- Or Doug was actually telling the truth and he got out of prison super pissed that he did your time - and then you had to beat him to death when he attacked you.
- That's crazy.
Oh, you're kidding? Your own private putting green? Gotta get me one of these.
So what'd he call you about last night? He was drunk.
He rambled on about old times and he apologized for trying to blame me last year.
In my experience, no one dies over an apology.
Maybe a lack of one.
- Where do you live? - In a house two blocks down.
And did either of you see Doug last night? - No.
- No.
But Doug called me as soon as he got out.
I invited him over and he said he'd stop by but I never heard from him after that.
Where were you at midnight last night? - In a live chat room with my fans.
- At midnight? My fans in Dubayy.
I'm playing there next week.
Scott gets a million dollar appearance fee from his sponsors in Dubayy.
A million dollars for a round of golf? Get out! Huh! And you? I was at my house watching Hot Tub Time Machine on pay-per-view.
Now that is a good alibi.
No one would lie about that.
Look, Doug wasn't perfect, but he was a friend.
So if there's anything I can do to help, seriously, just call.
Oh, trust me.
I will.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Look, Callie, I'm not trying to get in the middle of anything here.
- It's okay.
- But clearly I am.
I realize that you and Jim have something there for each other but it's not happening for you right now, so You're really not asking me if you could date Jim, right? You mean like permission? No.
It's just that my job has me in and out of this hospital so we're obviously gonna be running into each other.
I just don't want things to be weird and uncomfortable.
Well, they're weird and uncomfortable, so So that's all you've got to say? That's all I can say about it.
So it's okay then? I thought you weren't going to ask me for permission.
I'm gonna take the stairs.
Hey, here's the file from Doug Packard's criminal investigation and his victim, up-and-coming golfer Kim Nichols.
Oh, and, uh, find out if Scott Winters dot backslash whatever see if he was online doing a chat on the night of the murder.
And Terry Evans? Find out if his taste in pay-per-view is really that bad.
- You establish cause of death? - Massive head trauma.
- Murder weapon? - Thinking golf club which we haven't been able to locate yet.
Oh, and I need those boxes of evidence as soon as possible.
Do you want to take that one too? I'll take care of it.
Says here that Kim was so angry during her testimony against Doug she had to be restrained by court security.
Looks like I need to have a talk with Kim Nichols.
Oh, and call me as soon as you get Doug Packard's financials.
Or should I be talking to you? Me? No.
I don't do financials.
I get you two mixed up all the time.
- Dr.
Sanchez? - What? As you know, I've been an intern here for a while now.
- And while I'm grateful for the opportunity - Get to the point, Daniel.
I put a request in with Director Manus for a paid internship.
- Paid, huh? - Yeah.
So that's what all this ass kissing is about? I was wondering if you had any advice on how I could persuade the director to, you know, pay me.
I'll tell you what.
The director loves initiative.
You know those boxes she was asking me about? - The ones stacked all over your office.
- Mm-hmm.
If you were to take those witness statements alphabetize them, log them by year and organize them according to investigating officer, that would seal the deal.
- Uh, yeah, yeah.
Okay, when does she need them? - Day after tomorrow.
- But you can't drop the ball on your other duties.
- I won't, Dr.
Kim Nichols, Jim Longworth, F.
That is the single ugliest thing I've ever seen in my life.
No, seriously.
They're not ugly, they're adorable.
But unfortunately, they're orphans.
Yeah, 'cause they're ugly.
What the hell was that? A bang stick.
An alligator broke through the netting last night.
A wounded manatee is like ringing the dinner bell for them.
Kill a gator to save a manatee, huh? Yeah, well, we only use a single.
But they're usually blanks.
We've had to use live ammunition before but the goal was just to scare them off.
Is there anything I can help you with? Maybe.
Doug Packard was clubbed to death last night at the Fountain Bay Golf Course.
What? He got out of jail? Yeah.
Four days ago.
You weren't notified of his release? I, uh, knew the date was approaching.
- I guess I was just, uh, trying to forget.
- That's understandable.
Where were you last night? At a fund-raiser until 11:00.
Then I went home.
You friends with Scott Winters? Only professionally.
We were on tour together.
Kind of hard not to run in to each other.
Is that how you met Doug, Scott's caddie? Both he and Terry, Scott's business manager.
You know, I understand the whole entourage thing but I don't get why a nice guy like Scott has to hang out with those two parasites.
- So you've got no issues with Scott? - No, none.
You know, he encouraged me early on in my career, kinda took me under his wing.
Well, you testified that Doug drugged you at Scott's house.
That wasn't Scott's fault.
It was a party.
A lot of people there.
Doug got wasted, starting calling me Yoko.
Thought I was gonna break up their little band or something.
I had a beer and I drove home.
The next thing I know I wake up in an emergency room and my golf career was over.
- And you blamed Doug.
- Hey, I didn't blame Doug.
He confessed.
In fact, you had to be restrained in court when you were testifying against him.
- Yeah.
I was angry.
- Yeah.
Golf was everything to me.
It paid my way through college.
But after I got away from the game I realized how indulgent and narrow my life had become.
I'm not saying I'm glad the accident happened but my life has a purpose now.
I get to heal these wonderful creatures, then set them free.
I guess that amounts for something.
If someone took away my ability to play golf murder would definitely be on the table.
Oh, you did not just shape the ball in this wind off a bad lie and get three feet from the hole.
- Oh.
- When I said I'd do anything to help I didn't think that included a round of golf.
Yeah, just working the crime scene.
I've seen worse.
Kinda like my goal to break 80.
- Any tips on my swing? - Well, your hands are too far forward you're opening the club at impact and your hips are out of position at the finish but other than that it's flawless.
So I guess I'll never be as good as Kim Nichols, huh? Then again, she had the advantage of your tutelage.
She said you took her under your wing.
Kim had a perfect swing.
She was a natural.
It's a tragedy what happened.
She went from shooting birdies to shooting gators.
If her game had a flaw, it was between the ears.
- How so? - She couldn't shake off a bad shot.
She'd bogey a hole, get so mad she'd bogey the next two.
Hey, I'll see you guys up there? Daniel.
I got Doug Packard's financials.
On the week he was convicted $200,000 was deposited into his savings - from an offshore account.
- You know from who? Not without a warrant.
Should I talk to Manus about that? Hold off.
I have an idea.
Hey, you wanna tap out? Don't mind if I do.
Why don't we put a bit of money on it? Make it interesting.
You're asking a professional golfer to bet on a three-foot putt? - Fifty bucks says you blow it.
- Sure, I'll take your money.
I'll get in on that action.
Oh, you know that phone call I just got.
Found out something very interesting about you and your pal Doug.
I've stood over 10-foot putts for a two million dollar purse and a Wanamaker on the line, Detective.
- You can't rattle me.
- Oh, yeah? What if we found out about the 200 grand we think you paid your former caddie to take the fall for drugging Kim Nichols? Oh, come on.
- What the hell was that about? - Hey, he missed the putt, not me.
So he missed the putt.
It's not like that's some kind of lie detector test.
Not something I can get him in on charges.
But when the best putter in the world misses from three feet out I know something's going on.
He missed because you were talking.
And why are you so focused on Doug's old crime when you should be focused on who killed him.
Why are you so focused on what I'm focused on? I think Doug was given money to take the fall for a crime he didn't commit.
Maybe Doug realized that nine months and a felony record was worth more than 200 grand so Scott killed him when he got out and was demanding more.
Scott's a millionaire and Doug was one of his best friends.
If Doug needed money, Scott would have given it to him.
He'd never kill him.
Maybe it was you.
You're Scott's business manager.
Maybe you were giving Doug money under the radar.
And you've got plenty of motive to be protecting your meal ticket.
If anyone has motive, it's Kim.
The drive she had for her career bordered on obsession.
And she had a temper to go with it.
If you don't believe me, check out an interview she did for Women's Golf Daily a few months ago.
I told you, Detective, I've moved on.
Yeah, I'm not really getting that from your article.
See, you actually say that Doug Packard got off a little too easy.
He set out to rape you and he raped you of your career.
Sounds like your purpose-driven life is to end his.
- Well, that article is six months old.
- Six whole months.
Not to put too fine a point on it but you're not exactly known for your cool head.
Your one major flaw the reason many think your promising career didn't take off, was your temper.
Yeah, well, I'm a very passionate person, and golf was everything to me.
Sometimes a dream is just a dream.
Then one day you wake up and you realize that you've taken the wrong path.
You know, one of the things that's helped me move on was knowing that Doug paid the price for what he did to me by going to prison.
Yeah, and four days after he got out someone made him pay the ultimate price by killing him.
It wasn't me, Detective.
I'll never be able to swing a golf club again.
Life is telling me to let it go, move on, and I have.
Question is how much anger have you taken with you? So tell me about this case you're working on.
Really? You're interested or you're just feeling a need to No, I'm actually interested.
I mean who wouldn't be? Your job is fascinating.
Well, it kind of is, actually, when it's not being a pain in the ass.
Okay, well, we found a dead body in the rough off the 14th fairway at Fountain Bay Country Club.
- You're kidding.
- Well, at least I think it was the 14th fairway.
- No, I mean my dad's a member.
- Oh, of course he is.
- The south course, unbelievably tough.
- Whoa, wait.
You play? Well, I was on the girl's state championship team in high school and I sell pharmaceuticals to doctors and buyers at every hospital chain in the country, so, yeah, I kinda play.
Oh, that that is so damn sexy.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? I'm so thinking what you're thinking.
I hate you.
I actually hate you.
Well, my dad was a scratch golfer and he didn't have any sons.
I'm actually kinda maladjusted by the whole thing.
- Go on.
Get one out there.
- All right.
Pulled it.
You know, it wasn't actually that bad.
- Can I give you some suggestions? - Yes, please.
Suggest away.
When you get over the ball, just try and settle into your stance a little bit keep that arm straight during your take-away try not to break your wrist at the top of your swing and just make sure your hips are always facing the target.
It's easy.
- Wow.
That felt - Amazing.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
It's pretty good.
Three pounds, 2.
1 ounces.
Three not very healthy pounds.
Very good.
You know, a lot of profiling actually comes out of the autopsy.
For instance, the curve in his spine and the compression in the shoulder that tells me he did manual labor.
Like carrying weight for a living, like golf clubs.
Make no mistake.
How you live your life tells a story.
Amen to that.
As for his head wound and what caused it the impression in his skull has a 90-degree angle and an edge like the hosel of a golf club where the shaft of the club and the blade of an iron are joined allowing us to determine conclusively that the murder weapon was a golf club.
Are you okay? - Yeah, I'm good.
- Oh.
You seem a little distracted.
Oh, no.
Yeah, I'm good.
So, now the meniscus.
Just It's, like, who made up these rules anyway? Rules? For men, it's so black and white.
And for women we can see every shade, you know.
So then you guys complain that we can't make a decision.
And you know why that is? Because we can't.
We have to consider everything for everybody.
Of course, I want my life back, but I've been taking care of other people's needs for so long I'm not even sure I'd recognize it if I saw it.
And do I want to be with Jim? Yeah.
But how do I divorce my son's father while he's in prison? And what is that going to do to Jeff and our relationship? You know what? Maybe we should take a little break.
You know what? We should take a break.
We should take a big break, and then everybody can take care of their own damn selves.
- Daniel.
- Good morning, Detective Longworth.
- Long night? - I applied for a paid position and Carlos is helping me impress the director by letting me organize these boxes that she needs.
By letting you.
Oh, that was nice of him.
He's totally got my back.
Oh, and I checked out those things you wanted me to look into.
Scott was definitely in a live chat with fans in Dubayy from just before midnight to 2:00 a.
the night of the murder which his I.
address confirmed was from his home.
So his alibi checks out.
How about Terry Evans? Well, according to Terry's cable bill he did order Hot Tub Time Machine which started at 11:30 the night of the murder.
Like I said, not something you lie about.
- And Doug Packard? - I ran his credit card records like you asked found out where he was the night of the murder.
There is a single charge to a bar and grill about a mile from Fountain Bay.
- Hey.
- What can I get for you? Information, if you got it.
This guy come into the bar about two nights ago? Oh, my God.
That's him.
That's the guy.
The guy? - We had to throw him out during a fund-raiser.
- Fund-raiser? From the other night.
I have it on the security video.
Well, I showed you mine, show me yours? The guy was a real jerk.
She was no better.
She? Yeah.
The chick he got into it with.
It was her fund-raiser.
She came in here all little miss tree hugger and soon as she saw him, she went insane.
Right there.
That's the chick.
Kim Nichols.
Why did you lie to me? I didn't.
You asked me where I was and if I killed Doug.
I answered honestly to both questions.
You want me to show you the footage one more time? You attacked Doug Packard, the guy that drugged you and ruined your chances for a pro career, and then two hours later he turns up dead.
You really need to start telling me the truth.
Okay, I lost it a little.
- A little? You had two big bouncers holding you back.
- Okay, I lost it a lot.
But the guy shows up to my fund-raiser drunk acting like what he did to me was no big deal wondering why we can't just put it all behind us.
And then he has the nerve to ask for my forgiveness.
- Your forgiveness? - Yeah.
Why would he ask for your forgiveness when he didn't even do it? What do you mean he didn't do it? He confessed.
No, I'm kinda thinking he just said he did it to earn his way in with the entourage.
- Well - You know, take one for the team.
Scott would never do that.
He-He-He would never do something like that.
Well, some people confess to get a lighter sentence.
Other people say they've moved on when they actually haven't, you know to avoid jail time.
You're trying to trick me.
I don't need to trick you.
Someone drugged you and killed your dream.
You were furious.
You thought it was Doug.
You lured him onto the golf course and beat him to death with a golf club.
It's the perfect irony for the man that destroyed your chances for the LPGA.
- No, I didn't kill Doug.
I couldn't have.
- Why? There's so much scar tissue on my labrum and damage in my nerves on my shoulder that I can't lift a club above my head.
Even if I wanted to kill Doug I can't swing a club hard enough to kill anybody.
Okay, finally an actual person.
My name is Callie Cargill and I'm trying to schedule a visit with my husband, Raymond Cargill.
My call-in number is 23-34D.
What do you mean that's not possible at this time? I'm confused.
What's an I.
designation? Is that isolation or something? Oh, you're not authorized at this time.
Can you put me on the phone with someone who is? No, don't put me back in the prompt system.
No, you know what? I have spent enough time on that for one day.
Jesus, Ray, couldn't you even play by the rules in prison? Hi.
It's a warrant to see the medical records of Kim Nichols.
I saw Daniel organizing all the boxes you've been stepping over the last two weeks.
Hey, the kid wants to earn his keep, the kid should earn his keep.
Well, earn someone's keep.
- Thank you.
- Over here.
Ooh, it's the lab.
I should take this.
Yeah, okay.
Hello? You know that's upside down, right? Oh, right.
Better, I think.
Do you know what you're looking at? No.
But I know what I'm looking for.
Can a person with this injury be strong enough to swing a golf club hard enough to smash a human skull? It depends on how mad she was.
She, huh? Yeah, smart-ass, she.
The patient's name is right on the X-ray.
- Kim Nichols.
- Oh, right.
And with a chip fracture in the cervical vertebrae calcification, I'd say 18 holes is out of the question.
But again, depending on how mad she was she could definitely crush a man's skull.
- Oh.
- That it? - Yeah, that's it.
- Great.
'Cause you're in my work space.
Oh, right.
So I should - Thanks.
- Yeah.
I'll let you know.
All right.
Apparently Kim was lying about her ability to smash someone to death with a golf club.
- What'd you get? - According to the lab that brownish stuff on Doug Packard's palm is a decomposing organic matter from seed spike of a Typha.
Seed spike, Typha? Carlos.
Cattail? Oh.
So it turns out I've been keeping all my weight on my back foot and opening the club face at impact.
So between that and finishing my stroke with my hips facing towards the target I'm shaping the ball better, getting an extra 20 yards.
What makes you think we'll find the murder weapon here? Oh, breaking 80 is only a matter of time.
We found the body clear on the other side of the course.
Yeah, but the only cattail on the course is right here.
So the killer waxed Doug, Doug falls unconscious killer thinks he's dead, throws the club into the water and then takes off.
Doug comes to, struggles to get to his feet using the cattail for balance.
Drags his ass a whole quarter of a mile to the 14th fairway? Yeah, trying to get to the clubhouse.
What about the blood trail? Sprinklers came on, washed the blood away.
The killer probably thought the water hazard would do the same thing to the murder weapon.
I've done that before.
That's a driver.
That's not the murder weapon.
- Nine and a 4-iron.
- An edge and a hosel, like a like an iron? But it wouldn't be the 4-iron.
Being this far from the hole, you'd use a 4-iron.
Which, if you got pissed off with a missed shot, you'd throw it in the water.
Well, I would anyway.
But a nice new 9-iron Nothing.
I told you the water washed it clean.
Try the grooves.
I clean and clean and I still can't get everything out of them.
That's blood.
Which means we've got our murder weapon.
- Hello? - Carlos? - Hey, Callie.
What's up? - Hey, sorry to bother you.
No, no, no.
No bother.
What's going on? First of all I have to apologize for being all crazy woman on you yesterday.
I live in a house full of Latinas.
You're not even in the ballpark.
Thank you.
I actually have a law enforcement question for you.
I'm trying to get in to see my husband and they're saying that he's been designated something called I.
Do you know what that is? Well, I have had the pleasure of overseeing crime scenes inside some of our more inviting penitentiaries.
A prisoner who's been designated I.
usually means he's been disciplined and moved away from the general population and has had his phone privileges suspended.
And there's no other way for someone to be designated that? Not that I know of.
I'm sorry.
I'm sure that's not what you want to hear right now.
Me too.
Thank you, Carlos.
Just the woman I wanted to see.
I doubt that unless you're just the man who found me a murder weapon.
Carlos called in a favor, rushed the tests.
The blood found in the grooves of the 9-iron match Doug's D.
Well, that's a start.
Really? A start? I'll be a lot happier when you tell me who owns the club - or at least who used it to kill Doug Packard.
- Yeah.
Problem is all our suspects Terry, Scott and Kim they're all golfers.
Now if I had some search warrants.
Oh, for all three? Yeah, good luck with that.
Hey, why not try and get a warrant for the entire Fountain Bay membership? Yeah, right.
Even I know I don't have probable cause for that.
But I think I might know where to find it.
Oh, sorry.
They said you were out in the field.
I just needed to, uh Yeah.
No worries.
Made any progress? Uh, well, I sorted through everything chronologically and alphabetically.
But I was wondering if I should do it geographically as well.
- What do you think? - I think you think too much.
Never let your head get in the way of a good game, like golf.
Hey, did you ever get that warrant to track Doug's 200 grand wire transfer? Director Manus is still working on that, but should have it any time now.
You working on your short game? Nope.
Probable cause.
If it's fingerprints you're wondering about, there aren't any.
And as you so rightly put it golf grips are wiped clean before and after every shot.
- So there were no legible prints.
- No, it's not about the prints.
It's about the grip itself.
I've never seen this brand before.
And it looks brand-new.
- Can I help you with something? - I certainly hope so.
I've never seen grips like this before.
Have you? Yeah.
These are the new Golf Mainline X.
- You sell a lot of them? - I don't sell any of them.
They're not production grips, so they're not for sale.
So how did it get on someone's 9-iron? Manufacturers test market them by giving them to golf pros, see how they like them.
- Like Scott Winters? - Yeah.
But tour pros never use them so they usually just pass them off to their friends.
- Like Terry Evans.
- Yeah.
In fact, yeah, I remember now.
He had his clubs regripped last week.
He was going to play a round with Scott and one of his sponsors.
So this could be Terry Evans's club? It's a Treadway, and that's what he plays.
- I could print out a work order for you if you want.
- Sure.
Manus got the warrant and I was able to track down who authorized that $200,000 wire transfer to Doug Packard's account.
- Terry Evans.
- Yep.
- Here you are.
- Thanks.
Thank you.
- Ten years.
- What? My medical training.
And I'm knocking on doors of suspected murderers.
Maybe you should just stay behind me.
What? So I can take the bullet when you duck? No thanks, amigo.
Terry Evans? Maybe you should stay here.
Suicide? Can't see a gun.
Need you to look into something for me.
Did you find the gun? Nope.
No residue on his hands.
Just a lot of blood and no spatter.
- He was shot from very close range.
- From a.
44? Definitely.
From the look of that flash burn I'd say at point-blank range.
Point-blank? Like from a bang stick? Yeah.
Why? I think my investigation into a murder has caused another.
And might be about to cause one more.
No, Kim, please.
Just listen! You son of a bitch! I ought to kill you! It was you, Scott, admit it! That detective said that someone paid Doug to take the fall.
It wasn't me.
I swear it.
- Hey, guys.
Everybody okay? - Tell her to put that thing down.
After what you did to me, you deserve to die.
You're not a killer, Kim.
He is.
What are you doing? She's got a gun.
A bang stick, actually, which might not kill you but it will hurt enough to make you wish you were dead.
But you didn't know that when you used a.
44 to kill Terry thinking that we'd suspect Kim.
- I didn't kill anybody.
- Yeah, you did, actually.
But what really shakes my faith in mankind is that you can't even trust advice given on a live chat by your favorite celebrity now.
- 'Cause sometimes it's their business manager.
- What are you talking about? I'm sure you would have done the chat if you were there but you were busy killing Doug.
Which is why Terry only watched eight minutes of a movie that he ordered then set it to record so he can get over to your place and finish the chat.
But what he didn't know was that you used his 9-iron to kill Doug.
And when he found out that his 9-iron's missing I'm guessing he didn't want to be your alibi anymore.
So he became something different a liability.
I didn't kill Doug, and I didn't kill Terry.
You drugged me.
You planned on raping me.
But you raped me of my career instead.
And then you kill your best friends to cover it up? Just admit it! Admit it! No, no, no! I mean, after you wouldn't forgive him Doug showed up at my house drunk, out of his mind.
I tried to talk to him, but he wouldn't listen.
So I called Terry to cover the chat.
I took Doug out to shag balls into the lake like we used to do but then he threatened me.
I went to security, and he attacked me! I hit him in self-defense.
Premeditated self-defense? So you just accidentally grabbed Terry's newly gripped 9-iron? The one that was delivered by the pro shop to your house the same day as the murder? The one that you hoped we would find so we would blame Terry for Doug's death? You know what? You're right, Kim.
He does deserve to die.
But you don't.
You have a choice here.
Don't let him beat you.
You crazy bitch! You almost killed me! - Hey, hey, hey! - Aah! Aah! Hey, I'm sorry.
But you deserve to know the truth.
And just for the record, I know you love the game but you truly have found something remarkable to do with your life.
- Director Manus? - Yeah? I have those boxes from Carlos's office for you.
Oh, good.
Would you drop 'em on the loading dock? Shredright's coming today.
- Shredright? - Mm-hmm.
Disposal company.
They shred and incinerate all our dead documents.
Anything else? Actually, yes.
Director Manus, I think over the last few months I've proven myself to be a valuable asset to the F.
E and I hope that you'll give my application serious attention.
Oh, Daniel.
Look, I'm so sorry, but there's just no money in the budget.
- Oh.
- We'd really hate to lose you but we understand if you have to move on.
- Who's moving on? - Daniel.
I mean, it's okay.
- I'm disappointed, but - Wait.
Wait, wait.
Are you saying you'd still do this even if we didn't pay you? Yeah, of course.
I love it here.
Well, you know, I tried to tell Carlos there was no money but he wouldn't take no for an answer.
He recommended you so strongly I figured I'd better find the cash or I'd have a mutiny on my hands.
Really? You did that for me? I didn't do it for you, I did it for me.
You think I want to be stuck doing bullshit like this? Congratulations, Daniel.
This is amazing.
I gotta call my parents.
They'll be thrilled.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Aren't you forgetting something? - Oh, right.
The files.
- Nope.
Not the files.
And I'll take these, right? So I hear you arrested Scott Winters for murder.
I can think of about 60 players on the PGA tour who'd be lining up to give you free lessons.
Don't need 'em.
I already got a pretty good swing coach.
Ohh! Ooh! You are gonna hit that, right? - The ball? - Yeah.
Just settling in to my stance.
Okay, new advice? Ignore my advice.
Just hit the ball.
- You're overthinking.
- Never been accused of that before.
Ram it, cram it Grand slam it Break up the concrete Prod it, sod it Metal rod it Break up the concrete Thwack it, crack it Line back it Break up the concrete You do know if you make this putt you're gonna break 80, right? Yeah, I am kind of aware of that.
If I make this putt, you're not gonna break out into a little Cuban dance, are you? No.
Why would I do that? Nothing.
Something between me and a coworker.
- Oh, my God.
- I did it.
- Oh, my God! - I did it! I finally did it! - You did it! Congratulations! - I did it! I did it! I am so proud of you! Let's go away this weekend anywhere you want to go.
My treat.
Or not.
No, I mean, uh No, I've-I've I wanted to, like, break 80 forever.
And I always thought it'd feel a little differently.
No, I mean, Heather, you're you're great.
You're fantastic.
Jim, it's You know what? It's fine.
I'm a big girl.
Uh let's make this official, shall we? I shot a 79 today.
Broke 80 for the first time in my life, and it meant nothing.
- I'm sorry.
I don't - No, it meant nothing because you weren't there.
'Cause you weren't there to share it with.
Uh, Jeff? Uh, he's at sleepaway camp.
Or soccer camp.
Are you okay? - Yeah.
Are you? - Yeah, I am.
Not too bad.
Hey, did I tell you? I broke 80 today.
You made breakfast.
Uh, yeah.
Hope you don't mind.
That's bacon.
I love bacon.
- And coffee.
- And eggs.
And fresh juice.
- You squeezed fresh juice? - I did.
Good morning.
Good morning.
I need to get that.
It could be Jeff.
- Mmm.
- I should probably get it.
Hello? Hey, baby.
Uh, how did you get straight through? I tried you a couple of times before they moved me.
Uh, I've been in I.
for the last two days.
I figured you might have tried me back.
Ray, what did you do? I miss you.
And I miss your little man so much.
When he snuck up here last week, nearly drove me crazy.
Please tell me you didn't do something stupid.
I actually did something smart.
That's why they've got me in protective custody.
I contacted my attorney, made a deal with the D.
Giving them some names and dates.
Help her close some cold cases in exchange for my early release.
I'm getting out, baby.
I'm coming home.
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