The Glades s02e09 Episode Script

Iron Pipeline

It's pretty exciting, huh.
It's just after-school soccer camp.
It's your last soccer camp before you're a freshman here.
High school? Freshman? Nothing.
Well, I'm excited.
Awesome for you.
Jeff? Mom, I'm not nervous about next year.
Well, obviously not, 'cause you're jumping down my throat for no reason.
[ Sighs ] Okay.
I guess I'm a little nervous.
Will you give this check to Coach Ryan? No, you can give it to him.
Aren't you mortified to be seen with your mother? When I was 10, maybe.
Oh! [ Laughs ] - Does Coach Ryan still teach biology? - Yeah.
So maybe you'll have him next year.
Sophomore biology.
But he said his door was always open if I ever needed anything.
That was nice of him.
Yeah, he's a pretty good guy.
I mean, everybody loves him.
He's, like, the best teacher at Palm Glade High.
Yeah, and he's not usually late, either.
Um, will you give him this? I got to get to work.
All right.
Later, mom.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Help! Hurry! Someone call 911! - Hey, what's going on? - Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Uh, I don't know.
Why don't you stay here, though.
Somebody call 911! Hurry! My God! Oh, my God! Hurry! What's going on?! The coach! The coach has been shot! - Jeff, stay here! Call 911! - What? Coach? Coach, can you hear me? Coach? Damn it.
One, two, three.
Coach? [ Breathing heavily ] Coach! Damn it! Coach! [ Breathing heavily ] [ Indistinct shouting ] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
[ Breathing heavily ] Man: Everybody, stay where you are for a second! [ Indistinct conversations ] All right.
Uh, what happened? I don't know.
I was just dropping Jeff off at soccer camp, and these runners were waving around like something was wrong.
- Did they see anything? - They said they didn't.
They just found coach underneath the bleachers.
[ Voice breaking ] And I tried to resuscitate him, but he was already dead.
You all right? I've know Coach Ryan since Jeff was 8 years old.
I mean, he's a good guy.
He's one of the most popular teachers here.
Is Jeff all right? He's pretty upset.
I mean, he hasn't really said anything.
That can't be good.
Coach Ryan kind of took him under his wing when his dad first went in, and I know that he was looking forward to seeing a friendly face once he started freshman year.
Guy took one right to the pump.
Single shot, close range.
Exit wound -- about this big.
What? So he knew the victim.
[ Sighs ] I'm sorry.
That's okay.
I'm just -- I'm worried about Jeff.
Well, open field, classes still in session.
Someone must have heard or seen something.
Yeah, one of the parents did.
Uh, earlier in the day, they said that some students were talking about a freshman bringing a gun to school.
- This freshman have a name? - Shane Wyatt.
The police are here to speak to you.
For what? What's wrong? I'm sure you've heard.
Coach Ryan was shot to death on your campus today.
Yeah, we heard.
Well, some of the kids said that you brought a gun with you today.
What? Shane! Mom, no.
I mean, I-it -- it wasn't real, okay? It just -- it looked real.
What are you bringing any kind of a gun to school for?! Mrs.
Wyatt, I'm sorry.
Do you mind? But you did bring a gun.
I-it was just a pellet gun.
Can I see it? Okay.
There's another way we can do this.
Sanchez is gonna give you a GSR test.
That stands for "gunshot residue," and that'll tell us whether or not you fired a gun recently.
A real one.
Hey, guy.
Don't you need, like, a warrant or something for this? I'm sorry.
You are? - Blake.
I'm Shane's cousin.
- Right.
Yeah, Blake, honey, he does have a warrant.
Right- or left-handed? - Left.
- Let's go with the right first.
Right hand, please.
[ Clears throat ] Relax.
Oh, Shane.
When we finally got his hand to stop shaking, the GSR test came back positive.
He's definitely fired a gun.
Well, that's enough for me to get a search warrant to search his locker.
He may have stashed it in there, along with evidence suggesting why he targeted Coach Ryan.
What caliber are we looking for? A .
38 according to the slug and casing I recovered at the scene.
Well? Well, what? Are you gonna stand out here all day, or are you gonna go in there and get a confession? Ohh, sometimes I really hate my job.
How you doing? Yeah, not good, I'm sure, especially after the day you've had, huh? Look, Shane, I really don't want to have to make this any harder on you than I have to, but you're gonna have to start telling me the truth about what happened.
I-it wasn't even a real gun.
Starting with that.
We know you fired a gun.
We know that you don't have a gun, any gun, to show us that will prove or disprove that it was or it wasn't a pellet gun.
I threw it in the canal behind the flood channels.
A .
38? Yeah.
What happened here? I'm gonna go with bullying? Like, a good reason to take a gun to a school, show someone that you're not to be messed with? Okay.
That doesn't really tell us how or why Coach Ryan got shot, but it's a start.
Maybe I should be talking to the kid who's bullying you.
I mean, there -- there is no bully, per se.
Like, I mean, they -- they all just sort of pick on me, like, all the time.
Yeah, look.
Oh, I get it.
Freshman year is hard enough, and, you know, you're a little small for your age.
It just hardly seems fair.
I just wanted them to leave me alone.
II just wanted to show them so they would stop.
Was there no one at the school you could go to with this? A teacher, maybe? Coach Ryan? He heard about the gun.
He saidHe knew what I was going through, but that he didn't want me to do anything that I would regret for the rest of my life.
[ Voice breaking ] He grabbed the backpack, and we fought over the gun.
It just went off.
I-I didn't mean to shoot him, okay? I swear.
I liked Coach Ryan.
Where did you get the gun, Shane? I bought it.
You bought it? Yeah, at a Sporting-goods store.
A sporting-goods store sold you a gun? I got it at a flea market.
A flea market? Clay: So, what do you say? Two for $50.
Man: I'm not sure about that.
Uh, no, thank you.
- I'm here all day.
Take care.
- Okay.
Help you with something today? Yeah.
And, uh, hey-de-hey to you.
And maybe.
Nice piece.
Nice-looking, anyway.
A little on the tiny side.
How not tiny are you looking for? Oh, you know.
Not tiny at all.
I don't usually put this out front for what should be obvious reasons.
Something like this not tiny enough for you? Wow.
That is impressive.
Well, these are from my personal collection.
You hearing me? And, just so you know, I'll need payment in cash.
You know, no offense, but, um, I'm required by law to ask you if you have any kind of police record.
I do, actually.
Yeah, most closures in a single year, rate.
Or is it 84%? No, no.
You meant criminal record.
No, Clay, that's all you.
Two petty theft convictions.
Big damn whoop.
And as you know, I'm allowed to sell my personal collection of firearms.
Not to a minor.
I didn't sell to a minor.
Anyone who says otherwise is a liar.
Well, how about the minor you sold it to who just accidentally shot his teacher? You think I sold a gun to this little munchkin? Mm-hmm.
I look like that big a dummy to you? You sell semi-automatic weapons at an abandoned drive-in -- so, yeah, I'd say you look like that big a dummy.
This sounds like a classic case of his word against mine.
And seeing as I have no reason to risk prison by selling a gun to what is obviously a troubled kid, I think I'll stick to my story.
Now, you want it or not? The A.
You know what? I think I'll just wait till we seize it when we arrest your ass for selling guns to a minor.
Manus: We searched Shane Wyatt's locker and didn't find the gun, but we did find a box of ammunition.
With a receipt from Gerry's sporting goods store.
The receipt was time-stamped, so it made finding the footage a breeze.
The bullets weren't sold to Shane Wyatt.
Carlos: That's Blake Wyatt, Shane's cousin.
All right.
Call Jim and meet him at the cousin's house.
[ Indistinct shouting, gunfire ] What is that? Is that his television? [ Scoffs ] I had a neighbor like this once.
This is how you got to do it.
[ Shouting, gunfire continue ] Yo! Let's go! Open up! [ Banging on door ] Good, huh? [ Shouting, gunfire continue ] [ Sea gulls squawking ] Stand back.
[ Explosions, gunfire ] [ Indistinct shouting ] Hey, so, um, I was thinking maybe I could take tomorrow off and we could rent some waverunners, go up the coast.
We haven't done that in a while.
Mom, I've got school.
I know, honey.
I was just thinking we could take the day off.
I-I have a huge test tomorrow.
I just want to make sure you're okay, that's all.
I mean, it's pretty upsetting.
- I'm upset.
- Okay.
Mom, look, I'm fine.
Okay? I'm f-- I'm fine.
[ Sighs ] [ Cellphone ringing ] It's Kyle.
[ Cellphone beeps ] Hey, man.
What's up? Yeah.
No sign of forced entry, so Blake probably knew the killer.
Glass on the outside means the attack probably happened in there.
Took two bullets, center mass.
Neighbors didn't hear anything because of the blaring movie on the television.
Well, it didn't look like any robbery to me.
Well, if it was, the robber's an idiot.
I found this in a shoe box at the back of his closet.
My best guess, all $50s? I'd say in the neighborhood of 60 grand.
A 21-year-old part-time ticket-taker at the cineplex with $60,000 cash? Want to make a guess where the money came from? Shane bought that gun from the flea market, right? Daniel, our flea-market entrepreneur, Clay Malone, he's in the system, right? Yeah.
Check and see if his prints are on that money.
You got it.
[ Cellphone rings ] [ Cellphone beeps ] Colleen? I ran a background check on Shane's cousin, Blake Wyatt.
He's the registered owner of over 100 guns.
Yeah, well, no guns here.
Just 60 grand in cash.
Here you go.
Really? Well, that makes sense.
I spoke to my contact at ATF who said that Blake is on their radar as a new up-and-comer in the black market.
Yeah, he's suspected of selling new and stolen guns to felons and gang members.
And flea-market entrepreneurs? Where'd he buy the 100 guns? Same place he bought the box of bullets -- Gerry's sporting goods.
Gerry Whitlock? - FDLE? - Yeah.
Can I help you? You know a Blake Wyatt? Blake? Yeah.
He's a customer.
Was a customer.
And apparently a very good one.
We just found him shot to death in his apartment.
You want to tell me why you recently sold him 100 guns? Because he wanted 100 guns.
And I wasn't gonna turn down that kind of an order, not with the big chain stores breathing down my neck.
So just free enterprise, huh? Well, I'm just struggling to keep my doors open as it is.
Well, unfortunately, one of those guns may have ended up in the hands of a 15-year-old kid who accidentally killed his teacher.
What? Well, now, that's terrible.
But it's got nothing to do with me.
Or maybe it does.
According to the ATF, Blake Wyatt was an up-and-comer in the black-market iron trade.
We just found $60,000 in his apartment but not one sign of those I don't know nothing about no illegal iron trade.
People just like guns.
They collect them.
None of my business why he wanted that many.
Or maybe it was your business, and you and Blake were in it together.
Well, you can't sell guns to felons 'cause the ATF monitors your books, right? But you could beat the system by selling to a collector who then, in turn, could sell it on to the felons at a huge mark-up.
If Blake was re-selling the guns he bought from me to felons, then maybe he got what he had coming to him.
Or maybe you made sure he did, thinking that Blake might panic with the whole teacher-shooting thing and rat you out.
So you killed him.
[ Chuckles ] You got the wrong guy, detective.
I run a legitimate business.
Who just so happens to sell Legally.
[ Bell jingles ] [ Cellphone beeps ] Daniel.
I need you to run financials on a Gerry Whitlock.
And his sporting-goods store.
Legally for now.
But if I find the gun that killed Coach Ryan and forever changed the life of Shane Wyatt and I link it back to you, I'll make putting you behind bars for the rest of your life the reason I get up every morning.
You have yourself a good day.
Shane Wyatt was arraigned in juvenile court an hour ago.
He's back home now with his mother.
Well, with his cousin dead, any change to the story about where the gun came from? No.
No, he's still saying he got it at the flea market.
Eh, it's still just a "he said, he said.
" Yeah, well, look.
Let's give the boy a couple of days.
What, with the school shooting and his cousin's murder, no doubt he has a lot of things to sort out.
Well Speaking of, I just finished Blake Wyatt's autopsy.
Time of death? I'd say between - 4:00 and 5:00 P.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
I better not see any new flat-screens in your apartment anytime soon, all right? Or I'll know exactly where you got the money.
What? Oh.
[ Chuckles ] No, I'm, uh, checking this into the evidence room.
And I need you to check all the traffic cams around Blake Wyatt's apartment.
See if any car registered to store owner Gerry Whitlock or our flea-market genius, Clay Malone, was in the vicinity between 4:00 and 5:00 P.
Will do.
And as you suspected, the lab found Clay Malone's fingerprints all over this money.
Which means he had to be doing business with Blake Wyatt.
But Blake Wyatt was buying new, registered guns at the sporting-goods store.
Clay Malone only sold used guns from his private collection.
"Used" as in previously owned by Blake Wyatt for the time that it took him to buy them from Gerry's sporting goods, then file off the serial numbers, and then sell them on to Clay Malone as "stolen," because felons will pay up to 10 times the retail price for something that they can't buy legally and something that can't be traced back to them.
But Blake's dead and Clay's already shut you down.
Good luck proving that little theory.
Uh, that's supposed to go to the evidence room.
That's where I'm taking it.
Hey, Ed.
Hey Detective.
I don't see you down here in evidence much.
To what do I owe the pleasure? Just need you to, uh, put this into evidence for me -- Oh.
And I need to check something out.
Check something out? Yeah.
Some stolen weapons.
- On whose authority? - Mine.
You don't have authority.
Come on.
I'll have them back to you in a couple of hours.
You don't understand.
I'm in charge of these weapons.
They don't leave my possession until they're destroyed by the state of Florida, following the successful conviction of whoever used them in the commission of a crime.
So what you're saying is these guns, under no circumstances, ever, ever leave your possession? Yes, sir.
That's what I'm saying.
I don't think I can do this.
Jim: You're doing fine.
W-why'd you stop? Don't stop.
What if I blow this? If you blow it, he'll probably put a bullet right between your eyes.
Ed, I'm kidding, okay? Just -- you know what? Walk.
Just walk.
I help you with something? Well, actually, I thought that I might help you.
What the hell are you talking about? I heard that this was a place where I might Lighten my load.
Lighten your load? If you don't cut the weird shit, I'll do more than lighten your load.
Yeah, well, I'm all stocked up on firearms.
Jim: He's negotiating, ed.
Just say "fine" and walk away.
Now, wait up.
Wait up.
Might as well see what you got, right? Well, no.
Not here, dummy.
Now, remember, you have to let him know that the guns are stolen.
Yeah, I will.
Huh? Add that all of my merchandise is top-quality and completely untraceable.
Stolen? I don't buy stolen.
Did I say stolen? Yeah.
Fair enough.
Okay, I'll take the glock, the sig, and the two a.
Give you three bills per.
That do you? That's only $1,200.
Well, yeah.
I'm taking all the risk.
[ Groans ] Aah! - What the hell? - Really? You're gonna pull a gun on an officer of the court? He drawed down on me first.
This is entrapment, pure and simple.
Or you could realize you had drawed down on FDLE's finest and thank your lucky stars you're not dead.
Head between your knees, Ed.
Don't forget to breathe.
Seriously? Hey, Colleen! You used Ed Vickers undercover? I did.
He did fine, by the way.
Does he look fine to you? He looks okay to me.
See, Ed Vickers doesn't smoke.
Look, see? He's even getting his color back.
And we did get Clay Malone.
Yeah, I had Daniel look into Clay's finances.
He's involved in a number of cash-only, off-the-books businesses.
Like selling guns to anyone with a fistful of dollars? You think he killed Blake Wyatt? Well, he certainly wanted to kill Ed Vickers, so I think he would.
Did the FDLE divers find the gun that Shane Wyatt threw into the canals behind the flood channels? Not yet.
They're still looking.
Hey, Ed.
[ Gasps ] Okay, can we agree now that you are that big a dummy? Holding an FDLE officer at gunpoint? A guy comes into my place of business with a duffel full of guns.
I'm well within my rights to defend myself.
[ Laughs ] That's very good.
Defending yourself against Ed Vickers? You saw his I.
, and you panicked.
I saw the murderous look in his eye, and I had no way of knowing his intent.
That's my statement, and that's what my attorney's gonna argue at my bond hearing.
Is there anything else you'd like to cover until he gets here? I know what you're about, Clay.
You like your businesses in cash and your freedoms unfettered from the long arm of the law, a law that you skirt by calling stolen weapons your "private collection" so you can skip all those pesky background checks that keeps weapons out of the hands of felons and violent offenders.
I've never sold a gun to a felon.
You can't prove that I have.
Yeah, but I'm working on it.
And as soon as I find the gun that Shane Wyatt used to accidentally kill his teacher and prove that you're, uh, buying stolen weapons and selling them as your "private collection," I'll make sure you get 10 years for that and 20 years for murder.
Accidental death ain't murder.
I'm not talking about accidental death.
I'm talking about the murder of Blake Wyatt.
[ Sighs ] Whose $60,000 that we found in his apartment had your fingerprints all over it.
I didn't kill Blake.
He was your straw man, buying weapons for you however he could -- legally, illegally -- until one of those weapons ends up in the hands of his cousin, Shane.
And rather than risk Blake cutting a deal on you when all that came to light, you went with your first instinct -- kill Blake, keep your ass out of jail.
First off, smart guy, I'd rather blow a hole in my head than see t inside of a prison cell.
[ Chuckles ] And if I did kill Blake, why didn't I just walk out of there with $60,000, huh? Because, "smart guy," as we've already established You are that big a dummy.
[ Scoffs ] Hey.
I didn't know you were working today.
Oh, 'cause I'm not.
I'm just dropping off a copy of my nursing license and filling out some paperwork.
How's Jeff holding up? He's still not talking about it.
That's not good.
He needs to.
He doesn't really transition well, and I know he was looking forward to seeing Coach Ryan when he started freshman year.
You know Addy, my oldest, had her own issues about starting high school.
Trust me, there were a lot of nights filled with tears -- mostly mine.
But it got easier once she got in with friends who were sophomores and juniors, kids who already knew the ins and outs of life at Palm Glade High.
Unfortunately, Jeff doesn't know any sophomores or juniors.
Are you sure about that? [ Doorbell rings ] [ Dog barks in distance ] [ Knock on door ] I need to speak to your son.
Wyatt, I'm not the enemy here.
I'm trying to find out who killed your nephew.
Unfortunately, it may all be wrapped up with how your son got ahold of that gun yesterday.
Thank you.
How's he doing? How should he be doing? He can't sleep, he won't eat.
Kids are tweeting he's a murderer.
Where is he? He's alone in his room.
Can I talk to him? Mrs.
Wyatt, this isn't your son's fault, but he will have to live with this for the rest of his life.
Getting to the truth is an important first step No matter how painful it might be for you and your family.
You know, Blake was Shane's best friend, his hero.
When my husband and I were going through our divorce, Blake was really there for his cousin.
He looked after Shane.
Like when Shane started having trouble at school, like maybe with bullies? Oh, Blake would never d-do anything to put Shane at risk, detective.
I don't know anything about any gun business.
You say he was into that.
I have to believe you.
But Blake loved my son.
And my son loved Blake.
Then help me find his killer.
[ Sighs ] Shane? Shane.
Honey? Shane? Shane? Shane! He's gone! Jim: This won't bring Coach Ryan back.
Leave me alone.
This isn't the answer, Shane.
Don't come any closer.
I mean it.
Yeah, yeah.
I know you do.
I'm sorry But I have to do this.
No, actually, you don't.
Look, what happened was tragic, yeah, but it was an accident.
You don't have to do this.
He and his wife just had a baby.
He brought her in to school one day.
She was really cute.
He was so proud of her.
Now she'll never know her dad.
Listen, uh, I know you don't believe this right now, but you will get through this.
I mean, you have your mom, you have each other, and she needs you now more than ever.
She can't lose you, too.
Okay, fine.
You don't want to listen to me, that's fine.
That's cool.
Listen to Coach Ryan.
Would he want you to jump? If he was here, right here, right now, would he say that you deserve this, you deserve to die? I mean, he came here totop you from making a mistake, right? 'Cause he knew your life was worth living.
He came here to stop you from throwing away your life, and he still can.
Shane Don't let Coach Ryan down.
It's okay.
[ Sobbing ] The AK's less expensive, but it has a lower muzzle velocity.
Now, the AR-15, on the other hand, is much more accurate.
It's built with aircraft-grade aluminum.
And best of all, it's built right here in the good ol' U.
of a.
You think this is a game? I just talked a 15-year-old out of taking his own life because he killed a man with bullets bought from your store and fired, no doubt, from one of your guns.
Really? You need an AK-47? Yeah.
I have a rabbit problem.
Call an exterminator, Billy.
You sold Blake Wyatt 100 guns, which nobody seems to be able to find.
So you tell me, why shouldn't I believe that one of those guns wasn't used to kill Coach Ryan and why I shouldn't believe that you killed Blake Wyatt so you could keep this little gun-running side business a secret? Because maybe I don't have a gun-running side business.
Well, we ran your financials, Gerry, and guess what.
You're right.
This store is circling the drain.
But apparently you can afford a two-bedroom suite at Paradise Island and a high-stakes poker game, all paid for with cash.
Okay, okay, okay.
But it's not what you think.
My store ain't swirling the drain.
Business has actually been pretty good.
Yeah, your gun business is booming.
But if I start showing a profit like that, one of these major mega-stores is gonna set up shop across from me, and I might as well shut my doors.
Which would put some serious hurt on your ability to put together those, uh, large cash-only gun orders for people without a felony record, huh? No, no, no.
It's not like that, I swear it.
Okay, I cook the books a little, okay? You got me on that.
But I'm as upset as anybody about Coach Ryan.
I sponsored the guy.
He was a friend.
Hell, he coached both my girls.
So you either you were super pissed or guilty as hell that one of your guns took his life, so you took it out on Blake.
I didn't kill Blake Wyatt! And I heard the police haven't found the gun that killed Coach Ryan, either.
So how do you know the gun came from my store? I don't, not yet.
But I promise you I will find that gun.
And so help me God, if I find out it came from this store Don't even think about it.
You'll spoil your dinner.
Yeah, what's up with the, uh, salad? That's, like, enough to feed an army.
We're having guests.
Who? Carlos.
Like, "Carlos from work" Carlos? Yeah, "Carlos from work" Carlos.
- Why? - Why not? [ Doorbell rings ] Can you get that? Yeah.
Hey, Dr.
Hey, Jeff.
Uh, Addy, you remember Jeff from your quinceañera? Sure.
What's up? Um Uh, yeah.
Hey, Carlos.
Hi, addy.
You look amazing.
Oh, thank you.
Uh, wine? Uh, thank you.
[ Chuckles ] Come on in.
[ Sighs ] Our flea-market entrepreneur, Clay Malone, made bail.
Of course he did.
Daniel's going over footage from the traffic cams around Blake's apartment from 4:00 to 5:00 P.
, time of death.
Gerry Whitlock is the registered owner of two cars.
Clay Malone owns one.
None of their cars appear in Blake Wyatt's neighborhood around his time of death.
I did find one odd thing, though.
This black van, license plate number Q70-413.
Okay what about it? Well, it was totaled and junked by an insurance company two years ago.
That van has no current registration.
So it shouldn't be on the road.
You said Clay had a lot of cash businesses? Anything to turn a buck.
Well, he sold auto parts at the flea market.
I wonder where he got them from.
You think he built that van out of parts from his junkyard? Well, if he does own a junkyard, it's not listed under his name -- I checked.
But the inventory of these junkyards is all computerized.
If parts from this van were ever listed as available for sale, I can get an address.
Well, if the van was put back together and was put back together by Clay, that puts him in the same vicinity as Blake's apartment right about the time of the murder.
Check all junkyards.
Find anyone that sells parts belonging to that van.
Yeah, on it.
Oh, and call me when you get something.
Um Don't put that in your mouth.
So, addy, Jeff is gonna be starting Palm Glade next year.
Any advice? Dad.
Jeff, do you have anything you want to ask Addy, like favorite teachers, best electives to take -- no.
Uh, dessert? Great idea.
I'll help you clean up.
Thank you! Okay.
You done, honey? - Yeah.
- Okay.
Look, I'm sorry.
This is completely lame and embarrassing.
It's okay.
I get it.
Xstation? Yeah.
Do you have "Wicked Speed"? You Like "Wicked Speed"? Yeah.
That's awesome.
[ Chuckles ] Here, come on.
[ Tires screeching ] Made you mess up.
Look at that.
Oh! Jeff: So what? I'm still going ahead of you.
- I'm gonna go over.
- No.
See, no rules.
It's all or nothing here.
I'm about to take the controller out of your hand.
You can try.
[ Static ] What? Daniel.
I-I can't hear what you're saying.
Reception's really bad.
[ Static ] It sounded like you said, did I find the junkyard? Can't hear you.
You know what? Never mind.
And, yeah, I found it.
[ Cellphone beeps ] [ Metal clangs ] No junkyard dog.
[ Tools clatter ] Oh, come on.
Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on.
You don't have to do this, you know! [ Gun cocks ] You can turn yourself in.
I'd say that ship has sailed! I will kill you, you know that, right? Yeah, I know.
But this ends tonight, detective, right here.
For you or for me -- shoot or be shot! Kill or be killed! Well, that's nine.
Just one.
Oh, that's just great.
[ Gun clicking ] And that makes 20.
And my algebra teacher said I would never amount to anything.
[ Air hisses, metal creaks ] Drop it.
[ Gun clicks ] Now.
Aah! You idiot.
I don't want to go to jail.
Well, that's stating the obvious.
You should have just killed me, you know.
But then I'd have to live with that.
Trust me.
You're not worth the nightmare.
Murder and gun running.
For someone who hates the idea of prison, you sure have made a lot of bad choices.
I'll cop participating in the illegal gun trade, detective.
Oh, well, that's big of you.
But murder, no way.
Blake Wyatt was a dummy, evidenced by the fact that he gave a firearm to his But to all that is holy, I did not kill him! We saw your van in the neighborhood around the time of his murder, so I was buying stolen firearms off him.
But when I left, he was very much alive.
To that I'd swear on my mother's grave! Blake's killer is still out there, detective! - We're gonna need a bigger truck.
- Yeah.
Can you believe this? I mean, we could arm a small army with these weapons.
Or a whole bunch of bad guys.
And every single one of the serial numbers have been filed off of them.
Yeah, supplier's trying to cover his tracks.
We do everything we can to keep the guns off the street, but how are you supposed to keep up with this? I mean, look at this.
A crate of HK-416s.
I mean, I don't even know where you go to legally buy one of these.
I confiscated a bunch of these off of a drug bust a couple years ago.
Oh and look at this.
A Browning Citori? [ Scoffing ] Wow.
Do you know that ATF took down an outlaw motorcycle gang last year who gave each one of their new prospects one of these for patching in? [ Gun clicks ] [ Exhales sharply ] Clay Malone must have one hell of a source to get this much volume and variety of weapons.
Daniel? Daniel, I need you to look into something for me.
[ Birds chirping ] Hey.
- Hey.
- How you doing? Yeah.
I have an idea who might have killed your cousin, Shane.
But I'm gonna need your help.
My help? I need the gun he gave you.
You know, the gun that he gave you to protect you from those asswipes at school? You didn't throw it in the canal behind the flood channels.
We've had divers searching the last couple of days, so You were just trying to protect Blake, weren't you, Shane? Which, hey, look, I totally get.
The guy's been there for you your whole life.
You could be kind of a dick not to, wouldn't you? Well, this is your chance to be there for Blake, Shane.
Tell me where the gun is so I can use it to nail the guy that killed him.
[ Door opens ] Hey, Ed.
I've got another gun for you to log in.
[ Beeping ] Is it From the junkyard, too? No, but it is the gun that set everything into motion.
What do you mean? It's the gun that killed Coach Ryan.
The serial numbers have been filed off just like all the others, but you know the one thing that the person that filed off those numbers didn't know? Hydrochloric acid can make them reappear.
[ Chuckles ] I know, right? It's called chemical etching? Ballistics will prove that this.
and it also will prove that it was used in another crime and ended up in this very evidence room.
Yeah, all the weapons from the junkyard actually have been in this room before.
That HK-416s, the Browning Citoris that was confiscated from that biker gang.
And what was it you said to me? Um Under no circumstances would any of those weapons leave your possession without being destroyed, right? Well, they weren't destroyed, were they, Ed? You put them back out onto the streets as years of large cash deposits into your bank prove.
You filed off the serial number, and you sold this gun to Blake Wyatt.
When you heard that Blake's cousin had shot a teacher, you knew that it was going to come back to Blake and he might squeal on you.
Hmm? So you had to do something about it, huh? You had to kill him.
I'll take that idiotic look on his face as a confession.
Turn around.
You know what working 14 years in this room has taught me? That you need to get out more? That it doesn't matter! No matter how many guns you take off the street, it doesn't matter.
That many more will just find their way back into the same hands! So why not make a bit of a profit? Is that it? Well, while you were figuring in this profit, did you factor in the amount of lives that you changed forever, you greedy little prick? Yeah.
I didn't think so.
You know what? Take this guy away - before I use one of these on him.
- All right, let's go.
Come on.
That's the guy who killed Blake? Yeah.
Yeah, that's him.
What's gon happen to Shane? Well, given that the shooting was an accident and he doesn't have a juvenile record and helped me find the killer, I would say the thing that's gonna happen next is he's going to go home with you, and you guys can start putting your lives back together.
And, Shane, there's nothing anybody can say that'll make sense of what happened or ease the pain you must be going through, but just give it time, and you and your mom can put this behind you.
Come on, baby.
- Thank you.
- All right.
[ Sighs ] How's Jeff doing? Uh, he's better.
He's talking about it now.
- That's good.
- Yeah.
He and Addy bonded over "the drama of starting high school.
" Ohh, the dramas of high school.
That can be pretty Dramatic.
I think he just needed to know that there is somebody there he can reach out to.
Well, knowing that there's someone there for you makes all the difference in the world.
You know what? I could really go for a beer.
That sounds great.
[ Chuckles ] Want to, uh, maybe do that? Yeah.
That sounds great.
Don't stop even for the right thing does it matter what I say? ooh my whole world was by that river flowing off to meet the sea each day I don't want to move away mm, mm, mm brighter days where did they go? go, go, go, go, go yeah, Lord, I'll never see brighter days where did they go?