The Glades s03e03 Episode Script

Longworth's Anatomy

- Hey, look at you! - Hey.
You didn't have to do that.
I could have managed.
I know.
Like you could have handled driving up here yourself with a car full of boxes and then walked all the boxes up the steps.
But you don't ha But I didn't have to because I have you.
Besides, I wanted to leave you something to remember me by.
I have something for you too.
Turkey? - Chicken.
- Ah.
I got it for you for the plane.
I know how hungry you get.
All right, did you call Jeff? Yeah.
He's fine.
Apparently, I'm the only one with separation anxiety.
Oh, you just finished telling me how you were looking forward to finally living alone for the first time.
I am excited.
I mean, between med school and work, this year will fly by, right? Right.
Speaking of which, we have to get you to the airport, like, now.
Yes, just a sec.
One more thing.
And don't worry about Jeff.
He's probably planning a huge bash at your place.
Not on grandma's watch, he isn't.
Come on.
Yep, one more thing.
Next time I come, this will be totally full of medical books.
Everything's gonna be fine, Cal.
And Atlanta's kind of rockin'.
Except for the traffic.
I know, I know.
We're going.
Let's go.
Keys Yeah.
Actually there's one more thing I need from you.
What? This is what I'll remember you by.
Uh, traffic? To hell with traffic.
A later flight? Storm? What storm? Weather's perfect all up and down the Eastern Seaboard.
No, no, no.
No problem.
Except that Daniel wrangled me into doing a guest autopsy for his pathology class.
There he is now.
Safe flight.
Yeah, sure.
Uh, Dr.
Sanchez, this is, um This is Erica.
She is my My lab partner.
Uh, this is, uh, Dr.
Carlos Sanchez, Chief Medical Examiner for the FDLE.
I am so psyched to finally meet you.
Daniel has told our class all about his work with you.
It sounds so cool.
Oh, yeah.
Daniel's a real asset.
We're very lucky to have him.
Mm hmm.
Sanchez? Your cadaver.
Thank you.
Uh, hi.
Originally, my My studies here at Tampa Tech focused on herpetology, but a year and a half ago, I-I had the chance to work with the FDLE And specifically with Dr.
And it's because of the amazing, important work that he does in the name of public safety that I decided to change the focus of my discipline to the field of forensic science.
So, uh, without without further ado, Dr.
Thank you, Daniel.
As Chief Medical Examiner, one of my responsibilities is to determine time, manner, and cause of death using the science of forensic pathology.
Now, to determine cause of death, the medical examiner uses toxicology, serology, and DNA technology.
But as I'm sure Daniel can attest, the most important one is the autopsy.
Now, the manner of death can be classified as either homicide, suicide, accidental, natural, or unknown.
In this case, it's accidental.
Now, according to the Florida Highway Patrol report, our donated cadaver Jonathan Odansky Uh, drove into a telephone pole and was killed instantly, evidence of which can be found Here.
Class dismissed.
What's going on? Everyone came here to see you! You can't just walk out in the You listen to me, Daniel.
You're gonna go back in there, and you're gonna tell them that something came up.
It did? What? You see this? Petechial hemorrhaging.
Hyoid bone is also fractured.
This was no car accident, Daniel.
This was a murder.
June 17, 2012 Sorry.
It's weird seeing a cadaver taken out of the anatomy lab.
Did Dr.
Sanchez tell you why he's doing this? No, not really.
- I better get to organic chemistry.
- Yeah.
- Text me when you know something.
- I will.
Are you ready? Uh yeah.
- Yeah.
Okay, thanks.
- Thanks.
Excuse me.
Are you with faculty? I need someone to contact campus security to secure this area.
Oh, no, I'm not faculty.
Alumni, though.
I do research and development.
I read an article about your clinic in the campus newsletter.
We're doing great work over there.
I'll give campus security a heads-up.
- I know.
- Daniel! Hmm? What? Sorry.
So Erica's, uh, kind of hot.
What? Uh, no, no.
We're just friends.
Sure you are.
We don't have enough work to do around here? You had to go and find some more? Actually, Daniel roped me into Carlos Sanchez, this is Bureau Chief Jennifer Starke.
Yes, of course.
I I know the name.
And I know yours.
It's very nice to meet you, Dr.
It's Carlos.
It's just Daniel.
Jennifer and I went through the academy together.
We were just on our way out to lunch.
We got a lot of catching up to do.
So, what did the autopsy turn up? - Besides homicide? - Mm-hmm.
The tox screen showed alcohol and valium.
And, uh, there was also a trace of an unknown substance in his liver, which I sent to the lab for identification.
There was also this pin in his ankle.
- A previous injury.
- Hmm.
Oh, and also this.
- Bruise? - It's a bite mark.
Looks a few weeks old.
Well, speaking of bites I'm ready when you are.
It was a pleasure to meet both of you.
Keep me in the loop.
And, Daniel, get me the next of kin so we can notify them.
Well, look who braved the elements.
- I'm glad you made it back safely.
- Thunder, lightning.
It was a little touch and go there for a while.
Oh, I bet it was touch and go.
And I heard you created quite a ruckus at Tampa Tech.
What made you suspect murder? The hyoid bone.
The hy what? What? Hyoid Derived from the Greek word "hyoeides," meaning "shaped like letter upsilon" or "u.
" Anyway, his was fractured.
I also found petechial hemorrhaging, a telltale sign of asphyxiation.
How do you know his hyoid bone wasn't fractured during the car accident? Well, due to its position, which is actually right around here.
Yeah, the hyoid bone isn't susceptible to easy fracture.
it's an indication of strangulation.
- Little pent-up aggression? - You'd be surprised.
So, why didn't the E.
s pick up on this hyoid situation? The fracture was subepidermal.
They couldn't see it.
Pronounced him on sight.
Once Florida Highway Patrol responded to the accident and saw the donor card, by law, they had to get him over to the anatomy lab before he started to decompose.
Okay, well, loop back to FHP, make sure their pickup and delivery of our victim - was by the book.
- You got it.
- You can do it on your way.
- The way to Your school Where it seems like someone might have learned how to commit murder.
In addition to basic anatomy, our donated bodies also help with teaching, surgery, cardiology, and forensics.
- Who actually runs this place? - Students.
We all take lab hours on rotation.
Administrative duties, intake, embalming.
Technically, the teaching staff are supposed to supervise things.
Uh, let me guess They're too busy writing grants or trying to publish before they perish.
Uh, it gets a little chaotic around here.
Things sometimes slip through the cracks.
- Cracks? - Parts disappear Knees, gallbladders, sometimes even whole cadavers.
But we always find everything in the end.
Hey! I'm sorry, dude.
Oh, no problem, "dude.
" Sam! A little respect for the dead.
You almost dropped him.
It's not a him.
It's a her.
Again, reassuring.
Uh, who was on duty the night the police brought in John Odansky's body? Um Oh.
It looks like I was.
Corpses are delivered in sealed body bags, and they're sent straight over to embalming.
Daniel, you seem to know quite a bit about the inner workings of this place.
Well, I find it, uh, fascinating.
- Hmm.
- It's more like antiquated.
But as long as the donor card matches the paperwork in the system, it's a pretty routine process.
Well, I'm gonna need to see all the consent forms from all the donors in the last year.
Obviously, there's a bit of a glitch in the routine.
Uh okay.
Hmm? You get me the next of kin? I've been trying.
Searched all the databases.
No birth certificates, no fingerprints, or social matching John Odansky.
I'm thinking it might be a fictitious name.
No surprise.
Someone smart enough to slip a murder victim into the body-donor program would probably be smart enough to come up with a phony name.
I can't even get dental records without an I.
But that pin Carlos found in Odansky's ankle? It has a serial number on it.
I'm running it down now.
Good call.
Hey, um, where is your, uh, friend? You mean the Bureau Chief? - Right.
The Bureau Chief.
- Mm-hmm.
At a meeting downtown.
Stay focused, Daniel.
Okay, Daniel.
I'm here Bonavida Apartments.
Odansky, right? No.
That's the fake name.
The pin we got out of his ankle was registered at a surgical center, which gave me the victim's real name as Peter Osborne.
Last known address is Bonavida Apartments, Unit 102.
Osborne, 102.
Got it.
I also found out he's being sued in small-claims court for $3,000.
Sued by who? Defendant's name isn't on the complaint, but I can get it.
Yeah, do that.
Okay, 102.
I see it.
Catch you later.
FDLE! Need to talk to you about Peter Osborne? Oh.
Sam, right? Wow.
Sorry, dude.
Looks like it's time to start showing some respect for the dead.
You know what I find odd, Sam? Oh, and by odd, I mean suspicious.
Is that you didn't tell anyone that our victim was your roommate.
And you're the T.
in the anatomy lab.
You didn't notice that that was your own roommate on the slab? I didn't know that he was dead, I swear.
His face was all bandaged.
You didn't notice he was missing or feel compelled to report that? Peter was always taking off, sometimes days, weeks at a time.
I just finished absorbing a weeklong guest-lecture series, okay? Things were a little crazy.
Absorbing, huh? Well, how'd you two absorb each other? You guys get along? Yeah, fine.
Great, actually.
Really? 'Cause according to this text I just got, you filed suit against him in small-claims court for $3,000.
He owed me back money.
I-I didn't know how else to get the rent.
So you took him to court? Oh, yeah, you guys are real besties.
He ever pay that judgment? No.
So he just lived here with you rent-free, sponging off you? Where you been keeping yourself the last three days? I told you a guest-lecture series all week.
On what? Icelandic embalming methods.
What do they do? Pickle them in schnapps or something? Well, I'm gonna need the Professor's name and a time and location.
Unidentified substance I found in Peter Osborne's liver came back from the lab as tomexal.
It's an old-school pharmaceutical for A.
Well, combine that with the valium and alcohol, looks like Peter had a little Substance-abuse problem.
- Hmm.
- Bureau Chief Jennifer Starke.
- Her and Colleen go back.
- Huh.
I spoke to Peter Osborne's mother in Seattle.
She said that Peter was a good boy who rarely got into trouble, had no enemies she knew of.
He loved the guitar.
She also said that Peter started to change after the death of his father.
He developed an impulse-control disorder.
Hey, my impulses are totally under control.
- Mm-hmm.
- Impulse-control disorder? Tomexal is an amphetamine, which in people with impulse-control disorder can cause agitation, paranoia, even psychosis.
Maybe Peter lost it with the wrong person, triggered his own murder.
Well, the mother said that Peter was doing great at Tampa Tech, but right before he died, he seemed distraught about something.
Wouldn't go into it with her.
She assumed it was money.
He was always broke.
Like every other college student.
Well, she had been helping him out with tuition.
Then she lost her job and told him that he was on his own.
He said he would scrape it together somehow.
Maybe that somehow was selling drugs on campus.
Worth looking into.
Maybe we could ask Daniel to nose around.
He knows the campus.
Kids will trust him.
Maybe he'll get lucky, get another Erica sighting.
You know, pink dolphins actually exist in the Amazon.
They're one of only five freshwater species of dolphin in the world.
Something wrong with your beer? Oh! No, I just It's just sad and weird, the whole thing with Peter Osborne.
I just hope I'm not in trouble.
Why would you be in trouble? The problem's with the intake system.
Mistakes happen all the time.
How do you know his real name? Oh, uh, didn't you mention it? No.
Okay, uh There's something that I want to tell you, something that I haven't told anyone.
I kind of went out with Peter last semester.
Peter Osborne, our victim? We lost touch.
I mean, I didn't know that he had died or donated his body.
It was just a few times.
I mean, we met at the blood bank on campus.
That's kind of weird.
Well, he was always trying to make extra cash.
I heard he might have been involved in drugs? No, not Peter.
He was selling his urine to other students for drug tests, so he needed to keep clean for that.
I feel so much better now that I've told you about it.
Thank you for not judging.
What? Me judge? No way.
Uh oh.
Just checking in to see how the canvass is going.
Uh, good.
Uh I-I talked to several witnesses, and, uh I found out that Osborne donated blood and urine on campus for money.
Urine? He sold it to other students who had mandatory drug testing.
So, he wasn't using.
Doesn't mean he wasn't selling.
Anything else? Uh No, that's sort of it for now.
I'll keep investigating.
It might take a while.
Just don't spend too much time on any one witness.
The key to a good canvass is a good sampling.
Got it.
Callie Cargill? Yes? I'm Dr.
Buckley, your attending.
Buckley, uh, it's so nice to meet you.
I've been meaning to find you and introduce myself.
You're Dr.
Avery's hire.
Uh, yeah.
We just missed each other.
I know he's in Portland closing down a few west coast hospitals? And yet, despite our financial straits, he somehow managed to get you hired as the associate director of nursing.
He didn't actually hire me.
He's recommended me to the selection committee.
He got you a free ride on medical-school tuition.
Well, he didn't personally give that to me.
His recommendation carries a lot of weight around here.
Apparently, a lot more than mine.
Welcome to Atlanta General.
She absolutely hates me.
I mean, clearly, she had someone else in mind for my job, and now she's stuck with me.
Buckley doesn't know how lucky she is to be stuck with you.
She'll be eating out of your hand in no time.
- Ah! - You're putting.
- Jim, this is really bothering me.
- I'm not putting.
I am sitting Hearing every word.
Why are women such bitches to each other? You'd think we'd stick together.
Not even gonna touch that one.
I'm just pissed.
How is your case going? You ever heard of a drug called tomexal? Yeah.
It was a medication used in the treatment of A.
, but they shelved it because it caused seizures.
So they took it off the market? They retooled it, and it's a potential treatment for O.
- Retooled how? - I don't know.
Pharmaceutical companies keep that stuff under wraps until after the clinical-trial phase.
Clinical trials, huh? Would they test something like that on a school campus? Pharmaceutical companies test on college campuses all the time.
College campuses, third world countries.
People that are strapped for cash.
And willing to be human Guinea pigs.
Sounds risky.
The FDA doesn't have a whole lot of oversight, so bad things happen sometimes.
Side effects from the drugs? They call them adverse reactions, you know, little things like anaphylactic shock, heart attacks, blood clots.
I'm thinking my guy had more of a psychological reaction.
But that happens, too.
I've read about suicide, mental instability.
The kind that would lead to murder? Murder yeah, sure, if he completely lost touch with reality.
And if he lost it during one of those trials, I'm thinking it'd have to be stopped at any cost.
Question is Was the cost of stopping Peter Osborne murder? Thanks, Daniel.
Uh, text me the info as soon as you can, all right? Zach Ferguson? Uh, yeah.
Yeah, you guys here about the trial? Oh, I don't think we're ready to go to trial on this one just yet, no.
- Excuse me? - I'm Dr.
We met the other day outside the anatomy lab.
You mentioned you were an alumnus doing medical research and development here on campus.
You were loading the body.
Otherwise known as our victim, Peter Osborne.
Who? Peter Osborne, the guy we think died after being in your tomexal trial.
Maybe this will jog your memory.
You know, I'm sorry, man.
I can't help you Medical privacy act and all.
Wow! Wow.
Went there pretty fast.
All right.
At discipline did you say you're an alumnus of? Uh, business, M.
I work for Chemgrove Pharmaceutical.
Then how about some, uh, professional courtesy, one medical professional to sort of another? Save us some time filing for a subpoena.
Yeah, okay.
Osborne participated in the first phase of the tomexal trial, but he dropped out after the second week.
Were you aware that he also suffered from an impulse-control disorder? No, I wasn't.
He neglected to put that on his application.
If he had, he wouldn't have been eligible for the trial.
Did he have any adverse reaction to the drug? - What, the medication? - Mm-hmm.
No, not at all.
I mean, it was a double-blind study, so I don't know if he was actually taking tomexal or a placebo.
You could find out.
With a warrant.
I-it's not me, man.
It's Chemgrove.
Well, it's a little you.
Did Peter have a problem with anyone else while he was here? No, he was very quiet, played his guitar, pretty much stayed to himself.
Why did he leave before the test was over? Well, I guess when I said 30 days' confinement in the clinic, he didn't understand that meant 30 days.
Some of these kids get a little stir crazy.
Was he paid for his time? Yeah.
Three grand? That's how much he owed his roommate.
That's a big chance to be taking on your health for a little money.
Were you aware that he was planning on donating his body to the lab? What kind of question is that? A pretty good one, if you're me, but you're not, so The clinical trials annex has no affiliation with the university medical lab or its cadaver-donor program.
We share a parking lot across the street and nothing more.
Are you gonna give me the files on Peter Osborne? I'm sorry, man.
My hands are tied.
Still tied, huh? All right.
I can work with that.
Refusal makes it easier for a judge to issue a warrant, anyway.
And while we're working on that, I'm gonna need your help with another autopsy.
Another autopsy? Who died? I already told you I don't do cars.
Yeah, you also don't do caiman, horses, wild boar.
Well, you got to draw the line somewhere.
I had Daniel pull the FHP report on Peter Osborne's car crash.
I'm thinking the car might lead us somewhere forensically.
You know, it's your misuse of FDLE resources that's probably behind Tallahassee sending the bureau chief down here to check us out.
Oh, she's checking us out? I thought we were checking out her.
- You know what I mean.
- Why is she here? How the hell do I know? No one ever tells me anything.
- You got anything to hide? - I don't have anything to hide.
Do you have something to hide? Hey, I don't have anything to hide.
Well, then we're okay, right? Of course we're okay.
Okay, good.
Oh, yeah, we're real okay.
This is the Toyota Camry Peter Osborne was driving the night he was murdered.
Thank you! This doesn't look like a fatacollision.
He couldn't have been doing more than 30.
The air bag didn't even deploy.
Could he have fractured his hyoid bone on the steering wheel? I know you said it's strangulation - Maybe this is that one time.
- Doubtful.
The hyoid is recessed and protected by the jaw.
His forehead and face would have taken the impact, and I didn't see any indication of that, so Well, you take the front.
I'll take the rear.
You got it.
Some weird stain thing.
Might want to run that over to the lab.
You get anything? Yeah, I found this in the glove compartment.
Looks like Peter shelled out $2,780 for a brand-new Les Paul guitar.
When? Day before he died.
So, he owed his roomie $3,000 and he spends it all on a guitar? Yeah.
If it was me, I would have blown a gasket or two myself.
Yeah, maybe Sam had a complete and utter meltdown.
So, we argued a little about the guitar.
It was no big deal.
The guy was always doing dumb shit like that.
He had no impulse control.
Which rubbed off on you when you saw the guitar, and you attacked him.
Oh, my God, that's insane.
Well, first, you panicked, thought about dumping the body in some gator-infested swamp.
But then you realized you had a better option with how to deal with your little problem School anatomy lab.
So you stuck a forged donor card in Peter's pocket, rammed his car into a telephone pole, let the system clean up the mess.
Look, anybody can get their hands on those body-donor cards! They keep them, like, right in the supply closet.
Including you, who knew that when the cops found that card, they would whisk that corpse over to Tampa Tech, where a class of dewy-eyed freshmen would be waiting with their bright, shiny little scalpels to chop it up beyond recognition.
Hell of a lot better than depending on the gator.
I gave you an alibi.
Oh, yeah, the Icelandic-embalming thing.
Yeah, problem with that is that we talked to a bunch of people that were actually at that lecture series.
No one can remember seeing you there.
I was there, okay? I can't help it if nobody remembers me.
Detective, can I talk to you for a minute? I was going through consent forms we got from the anatomy lab, and I noticed something unusual.
Peter Osborne's paperwork? No, a body that came to the donor program three weeks before Osborne A guy named Jesse Horowitz, Cops found him dead in an alley three weeks ago.
Cause of death Natural causes.
Tampa Tech donor card.
What's the problem? His consent form was loaded into the donor program computer the same day he died.
I mean, it could just be a data-entering mistake, but Horowitz is a Jewish name.
They rarely donate their bodies to medical science.
They see it as a desecration.
Maybe this isn't sloppy paperwork.
Maybe it's been intentionally manipulated.
Meaning? Meaning we could be looking at a second murder.
Jesse Horowitz, white male, history of heart disease.
Cause of death Alcohol poisoning.
Alcoholics die of heart disease all the time.
Yeah, just not on the same day the consent form donating their body to science gets loaded into the system.
It doesn't mean he was murdered.
It could be just sloppy paperwork.
Or filed by a very tidy killer.
So, uh, Daniel's got it pretty bad for Erica, huh? See the way he looks at her? Yeah.
I know that look.
I've had that look.
I married that look.
Don't laugh, amigo.
The look on your face when Callie's around? You're next, dead man.
Speaking of.
Ahh! It feels good in here.
Good? It feels like death.
According to this, Horowitz's I.
Tag is B-435.
And records indicate he was admitted three weeks ago.
Is that important? Three weeks in a cadaver drawer at a college research lab could be a lifetime.
Who knows what condition we'll find him in.
Even with it being so cold in here? With all these eager-beaver students wanting to get their hands on him I'm not seeing Horowitz.
Maybe he's over here.
Oh, here we go.
Bingo! What? That's not Horowitz? Oh, no, no, it's Horowitz.
Or what's left of him.
Students had the body for three weeks.
They chopped it up pretty good.
Luckily, they left the pleural cavity, which is a membrane that surrounds the lungs.
Why would the laboratory keep this when the rest of Horowitz has been picked clean? It's hard enough to get human tissue for testing.
- Nothing goes to waste.
- Well, like this When I examined it under the microscope, I found evidence of petechial hemorrhaging.
A blood sample from a piece of liver tissue was also abnormal.
I sent a sample to the lab for analysis.
Are you able to say definitively that Horowitz was strangled? Strangled or smothered.
Both cause subcutaneous bleeding due to lack of oxygen.
So, if both Peter Osborne and Jesse Horowitz had the same cause of death, maybe they're linked.
If that's true, find the connection between Osborne and Horowitz, and you'll have your killer.
Yes, ma'am.
Yeah, no, everything's great.
I mean, having grandma here is awesome.
Oh, that's great, honey.
Not that I thought it wouldn't be.
What are you doing? You sound busy? Yeah, she did the laundry, so I'm just putting things away.
Wow! You never did that when I was home.
Yeah, well, she's making me short ribs tonight.
Grandma's short ribs.
The bribes came early.
Yeah, maybe.
She's at the grocery store picking everything up.
Hey, listen, I got to run.
I just wanted to tell you how much I missed you.
Well, I miss you, too.
And call if you need anything.
I will.
I love you.
I love you, too.
It was my, uh, son.
He's back in Florida.
He's 14.
Well, he's not there by himself.
He's with his grandma while I'm here.
How's your fiancé? Someone told me that you were engaged.
Yeah, last year.
What does he do? Med student.
Wait, here? No.
He was gonna come here, but someone else got the associate directorship and free tuition.
That's the story of my life.
I guess I've always just had bad luck with guys.
Kind of just drawn to the wrong type.
What type is that? You know, the bad boy.
My last boyfriend in high school was a drummer.
Definite bad boy Leather jacket, flunking school.
Totally did not end well.
The whole thing with Peter is just kind of bringing it all crashing back.
Do the police know who did it yet? Not yet.
Who do they suspect? Uh, well, the detectives don't usually share that kind of thing with me.
Oh, right.
I guess they wouldn't.
Anyway, I'm just really glad to have met a nice guy like you for a change, you know? Someone I can trust.
The lab results in yet? They just called.
The sweatshirt that you found in Peter Osborne's trunk contains DNA from our second victim, Jesse Horowitz.
So the cases are linked.
But linked how? The lab found Horowitz's DNA on the right sleeve of Osborne's sweatshirt.
Remember the stain? - Yeah, it was near the elbow.
- Mm-hmm.
Turns out to be a mixture of saliva and mucus.
It's a by-product of asphyxiation.
Now, when I did the autopsy on Osborne, I found a bite mark on the skin corresponding to To the same spot.
So, somehow Osborne's arm found its way onto Horowitz's throat, like so.
Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Is this a payback for the hyoid thing? - Is it - Oh, I'm not that petty.
Oh, yes, you are.
So, then Horowitz fights back, bites Osborne.
Osborne gets pissed, presses harder.
Causing Horowitz to die of asphyxiation and aspirates all over Osborne.
Right, well, now we know how Osborne might have killed Horowitz, just not why.
Well, once we figure out why, maybe we'll find out who killed Peter Osborne.
D-Daniel? You need anything, or are you just lurking? I-I was wondering if you had a minute? Oh-ho.
We're not going anywhere until we solve a murder.
Actually, I meant Really? After everything I've done for you? Hmm.
Actually, I have a stack of DNA files on my desk that aren't going anywhere, either, so, uh Wow.
Let me guess girl trouble? Something like that.
Um I-I wanted to tell you about it before, - but I-I didn't want to be a bad friend - Daniel.
Erica sort of dated Peter Osborne last year.
Our victim? And she dated this drummer guy in high school who sort of disappeared.
- How sort of? - Pretty much entirely.
She actually told you this? She implied something weird happened, so I Googled her high school.
I found an article about this student musician who just vanished.
Police suspected foul play.
You think Erica might have been involved? It could just be a coincidence.
But she also kind of asked me who you guys suspected in Peter Osborne's murder.
Look, uh, Daniel, I know that you're in uncharted territory with this girl, but a question like that I know.
That's when I knew I should probably bring this to your attention.
Look, it might not be anything at all.
You know, she might be totally innocent, and you've worried yourself sick for no reason at all.
- Really? Thanks, detective.
- Yeah.
- I really needed to hear that.
- All right.
- Where you going? - To pick up Erica.
'Cause it might also mean that she murdered Peter Osborne.
You really think that I had something to do with this? I mean, that's ridiculous.
Well, let's see here You're on duty the night that Peter Osborne's body was brought in.
You have access to the donor cards, the computer system.
Oh, and you dated the guy.
And, on top of all that, your high-school boyfriend disappeared under mysterious circumstances.
So, the take-home lesson, unless you have a death wish, hooking up with you sounds like a really bad idea.
This isn't a story that I tell a lot of people, only people that I trust Or thought that I could trust.
My high-school boyfriend didn't disappear, detective.
He ran away.
Ran away? To escape his stepfather, who was beating the shit out of him.
He never said a word, never said goodbye Just disappeared.
Left me Alone and scared.
They found him three years later in Alaska, working a crab boat.
All that time, I was worried sick.
He never bothered to call or to tell me that he was okay.
He broke my heart.
Well, it sounds like you might have dodged a bullet there, Erica.
It doesn't matter.
All guys are ass-wipes, anyway Apparently.
Well, not all of them.
What about this guy, Jesse Horowitz? Uh, you seen him? No.
Wasn't he, uh Also a cadaver in your anatomy class? Thanks to those cracks in the university donor program.
I mean, that antiquated system.
I mean, anybody with a student I.
Can log in.
They haven't changed it in years.
Maybe, like, alumni years? That far back? Yeah, I guess.
I mean, as far as I know, anybody with a student I.
Can still log in.
For what? Those files we subpoenaed from the clinical trials come in? They're on your desk.
You did what you had to do.
- You heard from the analyst yet? - Hmm? Body-donor cards? Oh, I'm still waiting.
But I got this Horowitz's liver tissue.
You're never gonna guess what they found.
- Tomexal.
- I hate it when you do that.
I finally got those files from the clinical trial annex.
Looks like Osborne and Horowitz were both in the same clinical drug trial.
- As in the same time? - Yeah.
Explains how they came into contact.
Hello? Yeah.
Body-donor-card information is in.
The chief handwriting analyst in Tallahassee apparently just confirmed your hunch.
Different information but clearly the same style handwriting.
Not just the same style She confirmed they're a positive match.
Both body-donor cards and applications were filled out and signed by the same person.
Our killer.
Where else can you contribute to advances in medicine and science yet enjoy three fantastic, nutritional meals a day and a comfortable, private room and get paid? Ugh! You still plying dangerous drugs to unsuspecting students? Detective, I'm a little busy right Me too.
What the What the hell are you doing? Arresting you for murder.
- Murder?! - Yeah.
Or is it two murders? Eh, jury will probably go with two.
Look, I know I should have come forward when Peter killed Horowitz, but the guy was He was a mess.
I was trying to help him.
By giving him valium to keep him quiet.
His adverse reaction to your medical trial made him snap, caused him to kill another one of your test Guinea pigs, which would have cost Chemgrove millions, you your job and all those stock options, huh? So you gave Peter drugs, alcohol, anything to ease the pain from killing Jesse Horowitz, including Peter buying a $3,000 guitar with the money you gave him, despite the fact that he never finished the trial.
You're way off base.
You kept Peter medicated so he wouldn't run to anyone.
But after three weeks, the drugs and the haze wore off, and he kept babbling on about what he'd done to Horowitz.
You had to shut him up before he'd go to the police.
- Peter died in a car accident.
- Which you staged.
We got his car at the impound.
That impact wasn't enough to hurt anyone.
But it was enough to cause that.
Aah! Oh, and we analyzed your, uh, signature from the DMV up against the handwriting on Osborne and Horowitz's body-donor cards.
What do you know? It's a match and proof that you forged those cards.
Or, as we call it in the industry, a smoking gun.
You know, your plan would have worked, except for one minor detail.
My intern, Daniel Green, talked his mentor, Dr.
Carlos Sanchez, into doing a guest autopsy, hoping to spark the same intellectual curiosity in others that had once struck him.
Well, that and he was trying to get laid.
Hey, Erica.
Look, I-I know you're mad, and I don't blame you.
But you have to know I never meant to hurt you.
You probably hate me right now.
I totally understand if you never talk to me again.
Look Everyone thinks I'm just this reptile-loving fanboy.
And while that's mostly true, the real truth is I just hide behind science.
Because it's easier than putting myself out there with someone like you.
I knew the minute I met you, I was in trouble.
Then when you actually talked to me, wanted to hang out with me, I panicked, 'cause I couldn't believe that someone like you could ever want anything to do with someone like me.
I'm sorry for not trusting you, Erica.
I just hope someday you can forgive me.
I hope someday I can forgive you, too.
He's pretty messed up about it.
First adult crush, and the whole thing blows up in his face.
Yeah, that's got to hurt, all right.
But Daniel's a good guy.
He's sweet and smart and funny.
I'm sure there's someone out there for him.
Give me something to believe Yeah.
So, how are things with Dr.
Buckley? Horrible, but at least now I know what's behind it.
Oh? Her fiancé was up for the job and didn't get it because of me.
Ohh, yeah.
Yeah, that can be a problem.
This is gonna be the longest year of my entire life.
We'll get through it, Cal.
I promise.
Sing a song for me well, you sound really tired.
You should get some sleep.
Yeah, I know.
I wish you were here.
Me too.
No, I mean, I miss you like crazy.
I know it's only been a couple of days, but Please come back soon.
I will, Cal.
I promise.
Okay, so Show me your heart so true Good night.
Good night.
Lover, lay me down And I'll look after you I'll look after you, too La-da, da-da oh, lay me down wild flowers all around oh, won't you lay me down?