The Glades s03e06 Episode Script

Old Times

Come on.
Step it up.
If we're gonna qualify for Boston, we need a steady seven-minute mile.
[ Panting ] No, no.
You want to qualify for Boston.
I just want to exercise and not look like a geek doing it.
Your heart rate's up eight.
Bring it down.
You're monitoring my heart rate? Someone's got to.
Oh, yeah? Well, monitor my ass! [ Chuckles ] [ Beeping quickens ] Lisa? Lisa! [ Quick beeping continues ] Lisa! Lisa! Lisa! [ Gasping ] Geez! I thought you were dying.
Not me! [ Panting ] We need to get up.
[ Sighs ] You know we have to get out of bed eventually, right? We do? Why? It's only been like 14 hours since I picked you up at the airport.
Aw, you're right.
We do have to eventually get out of bed.
I mean, how long has it been since we've had an entire day to spend together? Maybe we should get out and enjoy it.
Oh, I am enjoying it.
Aren't you? Mm-hmm.
- No Miranda.
- No.
No school.
[ Chuckles ] No Carlos standing over a dead Don't say it.
[ Cellphone rings ] Oh, seriously? Well, at least this time it's not [ Cellphones ringing ] Mine.
- Hello? - Yeah? I figured since my Saturday was ruined, why shouldn't yours be? Always thinking of others, aren't you, Carlos? But I'm not on call this weekend.
You are when the flu takes out the only other intern who's not coming off a 48-hour shift.
Don't get mad at me.
I didn't kill her.
It's not my fault Marissa got sick.
- Right.
- Got it.
- I'm on my way.
- I'm on my way.
- I'll take a shower.
You yeah.
- I'll call the airline.
[ Police radio chatter ] What do we got? Bree Michaels.
Stabbed eight times.
The one on the neck alone would have killed her.
Attack happened somewhere else.
No blood or blood trail.
The knife appears to have a serrated edge and a distinct cross guard at the hilt, indicating all this bruising here.
- Where's her purse or jewelry? - No idea.
Well, then, how'd you I.
The body? Her description matched a bolo we put out on her.
Bree Michaels didn't show up for a very important meeting with the Innocence Project.
Innocence Project? She contacted them a week ago, said she had new evidence that would exonerate inmate Logan Barrett for the murder of his ex-wife, Susan.
Do they always call the cops when someone doesn't turn up for a meeting? Only when their client is going to be executed in four days.
Carlos: I remember that case.
Logan Barrett was convicted even though we never found the wife's body.
Well, then, how did we And by "we," I mean you, since I was in Chicago Do that? Overwhelming forensic evidence.
We found Barrett at his house, his clothes were covered in blood, and a bloody knife with his fingerprints all over it found underneath the couch that he was passed out on.
The guy was that stupid, and we still couldn't find the body? Prosecution didn't need it.
Blood on the clothes and the knife matched his ex-wife Susan's DNA, and there were witnesses that said he was raging drunk at a bar the night she disappeared.
Which, for some reason, you find amusing, detective.
What? No.
I was just thinking what a shame that you had to spoil your Saturday by coming out and telling me that your airtight case against Logan Barrett wasn't exactly airtight after all.
We got it right the first time.
We need you to go back over the original case and use it to either find Susan Barrett's body or a connection between her murder and the murder of Bree Michaels.
And we need to do it fast because Barrett's execution is in four days.
Okay, well, then, why don't we just go back to the original detective that handled the case - in the first place? - Yeah, it's, um Oh.
[ Mike chuckles ] Guard: On the gate.
[ Buzzer ] [ Cell door opens ] Hey, Jim.
I haven't seen you since you testified at my murder trial.
Hello, Mike.
It's good to see you, too.
"Badge of death.
" "Murder me bloody: A Jake Tanner mystery.
" Really? You couldn't come up with a better name for me than that? [ Chuckles ] Yeah.
It's about you.
It says, "Jake Tanner" A brilliant, misunderstood homicide detective.
" Who's forced to partner with an idiot hot-shot cop from Chicago.
Well, when does the idiot hot-shot cop arrest the genius for chopping up his wife and feeding her to an alligator? My life was just fine until you came to town, and it turns out there's nothing special about what you do.
Well, yeah, when you start making up the clues, like you do in your books.
Is that what happened with the Logan Barrett case? Logan Barrett? Ha.
That was a slam dunk.
The boob might as well have walked in and confessed.
Well, that's not what she said.
Or would have said, if she wasn't killed last night.
Was she related in any way to the Barrett case? Maybe.
What's in it for me? What's in it for you is to gain back some semblance of your reputation, and, oh, you know, save a man from the gallows.
First of all, my reputation as a stone-cold killer who fed his wife to an alligator works just fine in here, which is where I'm gonna be spending the rest of my life, thanks to you.
Why the hell should I help you crack your case? Well, technically, Mike, it's our case.
And I got to think that there's something on the outside that you've been missing Something that'll make your life in here a little brighter.
Yeah, okay.
There is something.
[ Sighs heavily ] Gidget.
The TV show? No.
Gidget, my wife's dog.
[ Laughs ] What just - You hated that dog.
- Yeah.
I'd kind of like to see the little shit again.
I'll see what I can do.
In the meantime, I have another mderer I need to talk to.
Look, I admit my life hasn't added up to much.
I never figured I'd end up here on death row.
Yeah, well, murdering your ex-wife will do that to you.
I didn't kill Susan, detective.
Want to tell me what happened? Honestly, I don't know.
I swear.
I don't remember.
I got blind drunk at a bar, woke up with blood all over me and the cops pounding on my door when she went missing.
You recognize her? No, sir.
I don't.
It's Bree Michaels.
She contacted the Innocence Project Said she had information that might exonerate you.
Like what? Well, we don't know.
She was murdered last night.
Tell me about your marriage.
Susan and I were fine at first, but then she took a job as an office manager at a plastic-surgery center, and things just fell apart.
When she saw how rich people lived, nothing I could do was good enough.
She called me a loser, said I ruined her life.
Must have pissed you off.
What pissed me off was the divorce.
It was bad enough our marriage fell apart.
I had to give her half my salary in support payments.
So you killed her just to save money? That's the thing I didn't have to.
The day before she disappeared, she told me she was getting remarried, shoved a big ring in my face, said, "that's how a real man treats the woman he loves.
" I mean, I was off the clock.
Why would I kill her? Well, that definitely disputes the prosecution's motive that you killed her to stop your support payments, but why wasn't there any mention of your ex-wife getting remarried in your case file? I don't know.
I told the detective who arrested me, but he must not have followed up.
I'm sorry, detective, but neglecting to follow up on a claim that a suspect's wife was engaged hardly justifies remanding Mike Ogletree into your custody.
Well, he's not gonna cooperate sitting in prison, and who knows how many other things he may have overlooked or never looked into? Do you really think having him out will help? I'd like to know how many other balls he may have dropped that might lead us to the body of Susan Barrett.
Well, that is the goal.
I'm in.
Are are you serious? You wanted to see how our success rate jumped so high since the detective joined us.
Well, giving him enough rope to hang himself is just one of those ways.
I'll push the remand through.
Thank you.
Oh, and have Daniel find Gidget.
Carlos: Congratulations on getting your old partner back.
I'm sure he holds no resentment towards the man who arrested him for murdering his wife.
Hey, Carlos.
Didn't expect to see you.
Hey, thanks for matching my wife's dental records.
That got me convicted.
Now, where's Gidget? Uh, first thing's first.
Tell me how Bree Michaels is, uh, connected to the murder of Susan Barrett.
On the night of the murder, Logan Barrett was at his favorite bar, chatting up some woman.
He was getting drunk, bad-mouthing his bitch ex-wife.
Everybody in the bar heard it.
The woman he was chatting up was Bree Michaels.
What else do we know about her? The bartender said she was working as a dancer at some bikini bar.
Well I don't care what the bartender said.
What did she say? - I didn't talk to her.
- You didn't talk to the last person to spend time with Logan Barrett before he killed his wife? I didn't see the point.
Everybody in the bar heard what he said.
Besides, the next morning, we found him hung over, covered in his ex-wife's blood, laying on top of the murder weapon.
what more did we need? A body to autopsy would have been nice.
Yeah? Well, we didn't find that.
Did we, Carlos? Well, maybe we didn't, but we will.
Logan Barrett said his ex-wife, Susan, was engaged and about to be remarried.
You don't remember him ever saying that to you? Maybe.
He said a lot of things.
Doesn't make it true.
Well, if it is, then he was off the hook for alimony.
He had no reason to kill her.
Well, how come no grieving fiancé ever came forward? Come on, guys.
There's no big mystery here.
Barrett got drunk, killed his wife in a rage, passed out on his couch Case closed.
A guy Barrett's size would have to consume a lot of alcohol to black out.
- How much did he have to drink? - I don't know.
Oh, God.
Didn't you check the bar bill? Why would I do that? Okay.
Uh, let's talk about what little you did do.
Um, why don't you walk us through what happened when you first got here? [ Sighs ] It'd be a lot easier without these.
[ Sighs ] No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Are you crazy? Come on.
It's Walk us through it.
[ Sighs ] I arrived just before Carlos and the crime techs.
The street was jammed with cars, so they couldn't get the van close enough.
So I had a car towed.
- Wait.
- Now You what? It was just some clunker blocking the street.
It was no big deal.
The car that Barrett was driving the night of the murder was parked in the carport.
Forensics went through it with a fine-tooth comb.
Right, Carlos? No blood, hair, or tissue was found, but you never mentioned that you towed a car! [ Laughs ] What the hell difference does it make if I had a car towed from the crime scene? Any word on Ogletree's dog? Apparently Gidget was adopted by an officer during the time of Ogletree's arrest.
That was easy.
Not exactly.
The officer was divorced, moved to an apartment that doesn't allow pets, and had to give Gidget to the county animal shelter.
All their records were destroyed in the last hurricane.
Well, keep digging.
The plates match the vehicle registration.
Vin number's the same.
How did you know it would still be here after all these years? The car was registered to Logan's stepfather, who willed it to Logan when he died.
Logan probably kept it parked on the street, used it just often enough to keep it running.
And with Logan in prison, there was no one left to claim it.
- Oh, okay.
- Yeah.
I'll be damned.
So, Logan Barrett repeatedly stabs his ex-wife and is smart enough to hide her in the trunk of a car he wasn't seen driving that night.
He passed out drunk before he could dump the body.
That's got to be it.
We did it.
We finally cracked the case.
Well, cracked half of it.
- Uh-oh.
- Yeah.
"Uh-oh" what? So Logan was too much of an idiot to take his ex-wife's engagement ring off.
I'm not seeing the problem.
The problem is Logan Barrett was telling the truth.
That ring says his ex-wife, Susan, was engaged.
And proves that he didn't have a reason to kill her.
But with a ring that size Someone sure did.
Give him a full panel, type and cross, 4 units of whole blood.
Let's get a chest X-ray and abdominal CAT scan.
Nurse: Right away.
Callie? This gentleman would like to speak with you.
Yeah, I'm kind of busy.
I said it was fine.
- My name is Collier Weiss.
- Right.
I got your call.
Is there someplace a little more quiet we could talk? Uh I apologize for interrupting you at work about this.
I'm in the discovery phase of a corruption case against a county tax assessor, and I came across your name.
County tax assessor? Do you remember Jason Elkins? We'd like to talk to you about your experience with him.
There's really not much to report.
I owed about $15,000 in back taxes that I thought my ex-husband had paid.
I met with Mr.
Elkins and came up with a payment schedule that he was able to get approved.
No improprieties on his part? No.
N-not that I can think of.
He never took you to dinner? Never met with you privately outside the office? Perhaps at your home? Um Mrs.
Cargill, I understand your reluctance to come forward, but there are other women that may have suffered at this man's hands.
Establishing a pattern could help us bring Jason Elkins to justice.
Give me a call if you change your mind.
I've I.
'd the skeletal remains as that of Susan Barrett, which I was able to do by matching the serial numbers on her silicone breast implants.
I also found a fragment of metal in her fourth cervical vertebrae which is a match to the knife that we found in Logan Barrett's house.
Nice work, everyone.
Now we can return Mike Ogletree to prison and switch the focus of our investigation to the murder of Bree Michaels.
What? No, it's just Barrett claimed that he had no reason to kill Susan since she was being remarried soon.
He was off the hook for alimony.
Well, this ring strongly suggests he was telling the truth.
We also have the credit-card receipt from the bar that Barrett was drinking at that night.
He only ordered five beers.
Hardly enough for a grown man to black out.
Unless there was a little something put in those beers to help move it along.
Slipped him a roofie, helped set up him for murder.
Which means whoever set Logan up for murder probably killed Bree to keep her quiet.
Do you have any proof to back this theory up? We took a sample of Barrett's blood at the time of his arrest.
I'm testing it for rohypnol.
Well, unfortunately, that's still not enough to grant Barrett a stay.
Daniel: This might help I discovered an odd fact when I traced Susan Barrett's implants to the manufacturer.
She got her implants from Dr.
Brett Denning, the plastic surgeon that she worked for.
And digging a little further, it appears as if she ran the procedure through her insurance, which doesn't cover cosmetic surgery, but which Dr.
Denning apparently signed off on and approved.
Well, it sounds to me like it's time to find out what else the good doctor was trying to implant into Susan Barrett.
Find out where this diamond engagement ring was bought and by who.
Got it.
Sorry for the wait.
Brett Denning.
What can I do for you? Okay, seriously? Gwen, get that guy from maintenance back down here.
That gunk is still all over my travertine floors.
Receptionist: Right away, doctor.
Sorry about that.
My practice is based on perfection.
Wouldn't do to have imperfections - in the waiting room, now, would it? - No, it wouldn't.
Speaking of, I was wondering Seen her before? No.
Why? We think she was murdered by the same person that murdered your office manager Susan Barrett about five years ago and who apparently you conspired to commit insurance fraud with.
Perhaps we can move this to my office.
It wouldn't do to do it out here, now, would it? I'm sorry you've wasted your time, detectives.
I don't know anything about insurance fraud, and that is not my signature.
- We don't know that.
- Okay.
Go ahead.
See for yourself.
Look, I liked Susan, but it's not inconceivable that she forged the signature - and fudged the insurance on her own.
- Well, maybe she fudged something else, like this mysterious engagement to someone a couple days before she was murdered.
You wouldn't happen to know who that was, do you? No, I wouldn't.
- Maybe it was you.
- Me? Thank you.
[ Chuckles ] That's ridiculous.
Susan have any enemies? Other than her husband, who she had absolutely no use for? None that I know of.
Although she did rub one person the wrong way, - now that I think about it.
- All right.
You want to tell me who that is, now that you're thinking of it? Alexis Cane Frequent patient of mine.
- Like oil and water.
- Uh, why's that? Susan had youth and beauty, but she wanted nice things.
Alexis had everything that money could buy except youth and beauty not that she didn't constantly try.
She seemed to enjoy harassing Susan over billing, and she could be a real monster if she didn't get what she wanted.
How monstrous are we talking? Think a cross between Naomi Campbell and Leona Helmsley.
Jim, I'm not an idiot, okay? Of course I spoke with Susan's friends and co-workers.
They all said the same thing Her husband did it.
Not that you ever gave me much credit.
Not that you ever gave me much reason to.
Whoa, whoa.
Stop, stop, stop, stop.
Sorry? FDLE.
Uh, housekeeper said that Alexis Cane might be back here.
Yeah, sorry, man.
I just put down a second coat of stain.
The deck's still wet.
Oh, right.
Alexis is tanning on the bow.
The starboard side should be, uh, dry by now.
Is this your baby, Mr.
, uh Jessup.
Ryan Jessup.
So, we can just Yeah, yeah.
I got it.
Alexis: Yes, I have some vague memories of Susan Barrett.
But I've never met or heard of any Bree Michaels or have any idea what either of their deaths have to do with me.
We hear you and Susan got into it on numerous occasions over billing.
And according to denning, you could get quite monstrous over these perceived billing irregularities, had it in for Susan, hated her beauty, her her youth.
Okay, fine.
We fought.
Susan was an idiot who more than once double-billed me, and once during a pre-op X-ray, I think, went through my things in the patient lockers.
I complained to Dr.
Denning, but who's going to commit murder over a couple hundred dollars missing from my purse? Look, I don't know what you two are driving at, but I've never met Bree Michaels.
Susan Barrett was murdered by her husband.
Everybody knows that.
Fair enough.
And since you have never met Bree Michaels and you're convinced that Susan was murdered by her husband, you won't mind if we take this knife in for a closer examination.
Carlos: The serrated edge appears to be similar to the wounds that killed Bree Michaels.
We broke the knife down and recovered trace blood between the hilt and the cross guard.
It could be fish blood.
I'm testing it right now.
A test with a rush put on it, Carlos.
You know, so we don't kill an innocent man? You see what you've been missing? That's not the knife that killed Susan Barrett.
I recovered that from Barrett's house.
But killers tend to use the same method of murder.
If we can link this knife to Bree's killer, it won't directly link it to Susan's murder, but it will link the killer of both women through the same modus operandi.
At least that's how I nailed Jack Howard Raynes in "Badge Of Death.
" Relax, kid.
You're not my wife.
You got my dog? Uh [ Chuckles nervously ] Well, y-y-y-you see, about that - Daniel.
- Sorry.
But I'm still looking.
No worries.
We still got plenty of work to do.
So, uh, what do you got? The results from Logan Barrett's blood test came back positive for rohypnol I mean a lot of it, like almost 30 grams per part.
Someone wasn't kidding.
Also, the diamond in the engagement ring had a jeweler's etching.
So I contacted the jeweler, who remembers selling it 10 years ago, but not as an engagement ring.
You'll never guess who he sold it to.
Alexis Cane.
I haven't the slightest idea how my ring ended up on Susan Barrett's finger.
Maybe she stole it from my locker - during one of my procedures.
- Maybe.
But the woman you hate stealing a $40,000 ring doesn't exactly clear you of one murder, let alone two.
I didn't kill anybody.
Especially 'cause you didn't file a police report or an insurance claim for the ring's loss? Because it wasn't lost, was it? You knew exactly whose finger it was on and who gave it to her.
Your boy toy, Ryan, stole it and gave it to Susan.
Why on earth would he do that? Because he was in love with her and asked her to marry him.
Look I'll be the first one to admit that Ryan and I have a complicated relationship.
[ Chuckles ] That's one word for it.
But he loves me, and he would never cheat on me.
That would certainly explain these old phone records.
Yeah, he must have called Susan over and over again to tell her that he would never cheat on you.
I mean, dozens of calls from five years ago, which ended abruptly the day she was murdered.
That had to suck, huh? The man you love in love with the woman you hate.
I wouldn't waste my time killing Susan Barrett.
She was just another one of his Booty calls, drawn to that chick magnet of a boat.
Wish I never bought him that damn thing.
And the only "Bree" I know is the cheese my dietician won't allow me to eat anymore.
That and the one you hired to drug Logan Barrett, who everyone knew hated his wife enough to kill her.
But then Bree heard about the execution, threatened to come forward.
So you had to kill her, too.
Perfect timing The arrival of her attorney and something I think you should see.
This wasn't Susan Barrett's first set of implants.
Discoloring of the anterior rib 7 tells us that the first ones leaked, which was not uncommon in soluble silicone implants.
- I'm having them tested.
- Uh, anything new and therefore relevant to the autopsy of Bree Michaels? I've also confirmed that Bree Michaels' death was between 8:00 and 10:00 P.
two nights ago and that cause of death is a stabbing.
If not new, then maybe interesting.
And that interestingly enough, like Susan, Bree also had breast implants that, "A," weren't damaged in the attack - and, "B" - Were put in by Dr.
- It's annoying, isn't it? - Very.
While you two bond over how annoying I am, I'm gonna find out why Dr.
"Nip/Tuck" lied about knowing Bree Michaels.
Daniel? Yeah.
I need you to do something for me.
Damn it, Jim! Wait up! Put your shoulder into it, would you? I mean, the travertine at the Duomo is cleaner.
People have been walking on that for centuries.
Which is probably how much you're looking at for double murder.
- What are you talking about? - You lied about not knowing Bree Michaels.
Not only did you know her, you performed her implant surgery.
I've performed thousands of surgeries.
- I don't remember every single patient.
- Not even the free ones? We looked into Bree Michaels' financials.
There's no record of her ever making a payment to you or your medical practice.
Maybe you were paying her for drugging Barrett Logan, setting him up for murder.
I remember Bree Michaels.
She was a wannabe model who agreed to do my before-and-after brochure in exchange for the implants and surgical procedure.
She gets a new look, I save on booking fees and fringes But that's as far as our relationship went.
Okay, well, freebies aside, she must have had a medical file.
But for that, you'll need a warrant.
All right, well, I'll see your warrant and raise you an alibi for Friday night.
Bored senseless at a plastic surgeons association dinner in Boca.
But I doubt there are more than 50 of my colleagues who can confirm that.
Okay, I want to see if the doctor's alibi holds up.
- Any news on Gidget? Daniel: - Gidget was adopted by Fred Campbell, a retired airline pilot.
He went down in the Gulf just north of Tampa in a Cessna Cherokee.
So the dog was returned to animal services Um Not to get all mother hen, but how are things going with your partner? Oh, you know.
Two steps forward, Mike Ogletree back.
Just don't forget that he's still a convicted killer.
Yeah, not to worry, Colleen.
I can read Mike Ogletree like a book.
I'm gonna go with drawing a blank on anything new in that file to match the expression on your face.
Just so you know, it's comments like that that pushed me to the brink, Jim.
The snarky put-downs, constantly cutting me off at the knees.
I'm sorry, Mike.
I guess I was just actually hoping you might be able to do something to help crack this case.
Well, guess what, smart guy.
I actually did come up with something.
The name of the bar Bree Michaels worked at, a bar Logan Barrett frequented, which I p Should have noted in my files.
Well, better late than never.
Mike: Logan Barrett told me he started drinking here the night his wife was killed, then later moved to the bar where we caught Bree Michaels on the surveillance video, which tells me that either Bree followed him here - or she met him here.
- Or another of our suspects met Bree here.
[ Cellphone rings ] Uh, you know what? You want to go ahead inside? I need to take this.
Things quieting down for you? Callie: Not really.
Do you have a second? Yeah.
What's wrong? Some lawyer from the Florida State Attorney General's office contacted me.
He wants to talk about that property-tax audit - I went through a couple years ago.
- Yeah, I remember that.
You said that you worked out a payment schedule and that everything was fine.
That part is all right, but that's not why he contacted me.
He wants to talk about Elkins, the IRS investigator.
He sort of Offered to make things easy for me if I was nice to him.
You never told me that part.
But I handled it.
You know, without having to be nice.
Okay, so now you get to put the jackass away.
Right, but it's not that easy.
Miranda's on me - about all the distractions in my life.
- Look Callie, you got to do what's right for you What you can live with, not someone else.
And whatever you decide, I've totally got your back.
I guess I just needed to hear that.
- All right.
I'll call you later.
- Okay.
[ Dance music plays ] Need an escape need a reason to see I am the things that you make me believe like an illusion, you could be a dream What are you doing? Seeing if they have any surveillance videos from that night.
Maybe they caught Bree, uh, slipping Barrett that roofie.
Doubtful, after all this time.
What do you know? Ryan knew Bree Michaels after all.
You actually did something to help this case.
What do you know? Looks like you actually did something stupid.
Now give me your gun, nice and easy.
You and I are going out the back.
Just two buddies going to their car, where you're gonna remove this tracking device from my ankle.
Come on.
[ Chuckles ] You always thought you were so much smarter than me.
Well, let me tell you something, hot shot.
Logan Barrett's never been to this bar.
You don't want to do this, Mike.
But I remember Bree Michaels worked here and knew from responding to disturbance calls that the, uh the bar had a gun in the storage room.
Oh, yeah.
Didn't see that coming, did you? Yeah, Mike.
Actually, I did.
[ Siren wails ] Like I always said, Mike.
I can read you like a book.
Your second one, to be exact "Badge Of Death.
" You know, the one where the brilliant detective turns the tables on the stupid criminal that tries to get the drop on him? [ Police radio chatter ] Jim, look, you're right.
It was stupid, and I'm sorry.
But I was mad, okay? I mean, I was trying to help, but just like before, you started in on me, ignoring me, talking over me! I have ideas, Jim Good ideas! Yeah, well, trying to escape wasn't one of them, genius.
An innocent man could die, Mike, and you had a chance to stop it.
[ Sighs ] I don't even know where I thought I was going.
He's only in there because of me.
He's probably innocent.
Just because of me, we'll never be able to prove in time.
I can't even look him in the eye.
I stuck my neck out for you, Mike 'Cause I thought somewhere deep inside there might still be a good cop.
Last chance to prove me right.
Yeah, yeah, yeah Save the "I told you sos," but it's not like I didn't expect him to do something stupid eventually.
And stupid or not, he did help me link Ryan Jessup to Bree Michaels.
Well, then you're definitely gonna love this.
The knife that you took off his boat? The blood matches Bree Michaels.
You're right.
I do love that.
Okay, yeah.
I knew Bree.
Took her out on the boat a couple of times, but I swear I haven't seen her in months.
You lied about Bree because Alexis is a jealous harpy with a Leona Helmsley complex, who, if she found out that you were cheating on her, first with Susan and then with Bree, well, then you'd lose the watches, your chick-magnet boat, and that very generous allowance she gives you.
So I've developed a taste for the good life.
So then rather than lose the good life, you took a couple.
Look, Bree was a mistake, but I didn't kill her.
And I didn't kill Susan.
I loved her.
Loved her enough to steal a ring from Alexis, which you used to ask Susan to marry you, but then Susan found out that the ring and all the goodies, well, they were courtesy of Alexis, and she realized you were just as big a loser as her husband, Logan.
- No.
- She felt betrayed, lied to, to tell Alexis.
So you smooth-talked Bree into drugging Logan Barrett so you could frame him for Susan's murder, who everyone knew hated her enough to kill her.
No, it wasn't like that.
But then five years later, when Logan's execution was approaching, Bree grew a conscience.
So you silenced her.
We found this in your tackle box.
[ Gasps ] That's Bree's blood under the hilt.
That's not mine.
Well, then, it has something in common with your watch, your boat, and your, uh, self-esteem, apparently.
[ Chuckles ] Okay, yeah, you're exactly right.
Alexis owns me, hook, line, and sinker, and now knife, apparently, which I've never seen before in my life.
You really think she doesn't have it in her to frame me? Okay, well, I'm still gonna have to hold you over while I check on something, like your, uh, alibi for Friday night.
- I was staining my boat.
- At night? Or in a panic to clean up all of Bree's blood? You have to do it at night, out of the direct sun.
That stuff takes forever to dry, and with my engine down, it wasn't like I had anything else to do.
Your engine was down? Yeah, just out of the blue conked out on me.
[ Clicks tongue ] This is the life, amigo.
Sadly, not mine.
Well, it comes with a price you don't want to pay.
Just ask Ryan.
Do you have any idea what you're doing? Yeah, I used to do this all the time as a kid.
Steal boat engine parts? [ Chuckl ] Who'd want to sabotage such a beautiful craft? Well, that is definitely sabotage.
Uh, you bring your field kit? I always bring my field kit.
Why? Well, I didn't invite you out here just to admire such a beautiful craft.
Carlos, vámonos.
[ Sighs ] [ Groans ] - Sabotage? - Yeah.
When you pour sugar into a gas engine, it causes the intake filter to seize.
- You just have something - What? - Oh.
- Just [ Chuckles ] - Thanks.
- I'm sorry.
I No, no.
She was She oh, no.
What do you got for me? Alexis Cane's credit-card receipts and recent purchases.
We've got Chanel, Tiffany's Also Dr.
Denning's alibi checks out.
Three different doctors saw him at that dinner, and the valet says he rolled in at 7:30, didn't leave until after midnight.
Cartier, Winn-Dixie.
Alexis Cane bought five pounds of sugar from Winn-Dixie the day before Bree was murdered.
I'm guessing that she poured it into his engine to stop Ryan from taking chicks out on his chick magnet, leaving Bree high, dry, and vulnerable.
But how is somebody like Alexis Cane supposed to know - about the sugar-sabotage thing? - Well, her father made his fortune on ten-minute tune up and lube center franchises.
But if Alexis killed Bree, it wasn't on the boat.
The tests Carlos ran on the teak came up negative for blood.
All right, I like the theory, but it's still not enough to stay the execution.
Well, not yet, but it does show how far Alexis would go to stop Ryan's infidelities.
Who said I'm not willing to get my hands dirty? I need a couple hours off tomorrow for a personal matter what kind of personal matter? [ Scoffs ] Seriously? You're right.
I apologize.
I had a tax problem two years ago, and the IRS agent offered to make it go away if I slept with him.
I didn't, but apparently he got other women to, and they need my deposition in order to establish a pattern.
So I'll work doubles or a graveyard shift Callie, seriously I'm sorry.
That's important.
So you take all the time you need.
Let me know if you need anything else.
I will.
Thank you.
How's the soul searching going? You found anything? Uh, sort of.
I found a statement from the Innocence Project that stated in order to protect Bree Michaels' identity, they weren't releasing her name to the public.
Which means she must have told the killer she was planning on coming forward.
God, I-I had it just here a minute ago.
Like maybe stuck to your shoe? Can I? Thanks.
Well, it says here witness "X" didn't know she had a hand in Susan Barrett's murder, just what it was worth to her at the time.
Whatever that means.
Boy, when you step in it, you really step in it.
- What are you talking about? - You tracked teak stain from Ryan's boat the whole way through the substation.
It's time to stop us an execution, Mike And catch us a killer.
I felt alone.
I was afraid for me and my son.
My husband was in prison, and I couldn't account for all of our stated income on our joint tax returns, which I signed and Agent Elkins warned me could result in criminal charges.
Did Agent Elkins suggest or provide any solutions to your problem? He did.
He said he wouldn't refer the matter for prosecution if I agreed to have sex with him.
Did you? No.
For the record, Mrs.
Cargill has been given immunity for the crime of perjury in regards to any tax fines or returns she may have signed in exchange for her deposition.
Thank you, Mrs.
- So, that's it? - For you.
For Agent Elkins, it's the beginning of the end.
[ Sighs ] - You'd better be taking him back to prison.
- I will After we arrest the murderer that helped me find.
The substance we found on the bottom of your shoes was consistent with the teak stain on Ryan's boat.
Uh, we sent your shoes to the lab to verify.
Also, the results came back positive for the degradation Carlos found on Susan Barrett's anterior rib 7 and confirmed as industrial silicone, known as pip1, which was banned in 2007 for it's low molecular mass.
[ Cellphone chimes ] And that should be the security video and information you asked me to dig up and send you.
Uh, have the governor's office tell the governor to get a stay of execution out of his drawer and have his favorite pen ready.
Welcome to my world.
Seriously Have I really not answered all of your inane questions? Oh, no.
We have lots more inane questions, like why you used industrial-grade silicone implants instead of the more expensive legal ones? Oh, wait.
I think I just answered my own inane question.
I've never used inferior-grade anything in any of my procedures.
Then why did they leak all over Susan Barrett's ribs? And why did you put a second legal set in? Was it because you felt bad for putting Susan's health at risk Or was it because, as your office manager, Susan found out about your little cost-cutting scheme, and rather than get sick and/or die from them, got you to replace them, threatened to go to the A.
A threat that would have cost your fortune, your reputation.
So you killed her.
You paid a wannabe model, Bree Michaels, with a free breast enhancement to drug Logan Barrett, who everyone knew was fighting with his ex-wife over alimony and would make a perfect fall guy for a murder.
But as Barrett's execution grew closer, Bree began to regret trading a free boob job for playing what she thought was a practical joke Slipping him a roofie.
A joke that she later regretted, having a change of heart, urging you to do the same and come forward.
Which you did with a knife, stabbibing Bree Michaels like you stabbed Susan Barrett, using the same modus operandi of framing people when you set up Bree's Booty call, Ryan Jessup, by planting that knife on his boat.
That's ridiculous.
And how was I supposed to have done all of that when I was a plastic surgeons dinner in Boca that night? And you call our questions inane.
[ Scoffs ] Security footage of you leaving the dinner at 8:42, as the lights dimmed and the endless lectures began.
And so you called a cab from your cellphone and then again at 11:14, when it dropped you back to the hotel, giving you more than enough time to kill Bree Michaels, dump her body, and plant the knife.
That doesn't prove anything.
Maybe I took a walk on the beach.
The walk you took was on wet teak stain from Ryan's boat.
Which you tracked all over your office floor That stubborn stain that your janitor couldn't remove.
Like the lies that will forever stain your tortured your soul.
It'll read better than it sounds.
[ Cellphone chimes ] Okay, Mike.
You held up your end of the deal.
Time for me to hold up mine.
He thanked me for my cooperation and said that was it.
Well, that's got to feel good to have that off your back.
You have no idea.
The only thing that can make it better if is you were here to celebrate it with me.
Oh, we'll celebrate when I come up next weekend.
It'll, uh, give you a chance to work things out with Miranda before I get there.
Uh, actually, I don't think that's gonna be a problem.
Oh? Sounds like you two turned a corner.
Obviously, I'm not the only woman who's had some problems with a douche bag.
Call you later? Have fun.
Sorry that took me so long.
Looked like you were having a little trouble getting Gidget to play along, there.
I really shouldn't be surprised.
The little shit always did hate me.
[ Chuckles ] Do you hate him? Yes, you do.
Yes, you do.
[ Indistinct shouting in distance ] Congratulations.
Thank you, sir.
You don't know what it means to me to have someone like you believe in me.
Ah, just doing my job.
And I, uh, I didn't do it alone.
Um Sorry I didn't get it right the first time.
But you did get it right.
That's all that matters.
I'm sorry about trying to run, too.
Ah, I would have been disappointed if you didn't.
Jim It's okay, Mike.
I get it.
So, that's what you do when we give you enough rope to hang yourself? You save a man's life.
You know, after all this, I forgot to eat.
Oh, my God.
I'm starving.
So, how'd you say your long-distance relationship was going? Rock solid.
Yours? - Never better.
- Good.
'Cause if I have to drive all the way back to Palm Glade without having dinner, I might just kill someone.
Now, listen, listen.
I got all of your contact information.
Right? I don't want to come with you.
No, you don't You don't have to come with me.
Just, again, tell me, where did you see it? About three kilometers down the canyon.
You're okay.
[ Branch cracks ] [ Bird squawks ] [ Wings flapping, bird squawking ] [ Gasps ] [ Retching ] [ Cellphone ringing ] [ Sighs, clears throat ] [ Sighs ] [ Sniffs ] [ Coughs ] [ Clears throat ] Moretti.
Longmire: You up? I am now.
[ Clears throat ] [ Engine shuts off ] Resident shot out his windows.
He's demanding to see the sheriff.
What are you doing out here? I know the resident in question.
I know if I start responding every time this guy makes a scene, there will be no turning back.
You can't negotiate with terrorists.
Not that I'm complaining, but isn't ferg supposed to be on call this morning? He's already on a call.
Busy morning.
Sorry to pull you away from home.
Part of the job.
So, who's the wacko? Lucian connally.
Connally? As in branch? His Uncle.
[ Scoffs ] I need you to go in there.
Just don't tell him I'm here.
Is he dangerous? Over the years, he's killed 10 men, but he's never shot a woman.
[ Gunshot ] Son of a bitch! [ Alarm beeping ] [ Gun clicks ] Hello, Walt.
I thought you said he wasn't gonna shoot at me! I didn't.
I shot that chair.
I've been asking for two months to change my meds.
Ain't nobody listening to me.
When ain't nobody listening, you got to talk a little louder! There ain't nothing much louder than a 12-gauge in an enclosed space.
Why aren't you marching this man out of the building in handcuffs? Good question.
How about Lucian pays for the windows and the chair and promises not to do it again?