The Glades s04e06 Episode Script


Two keys are required to open your safe deposit box.
The bank will keep one key.
You will have the other.
And if I lose mine? The box will have to be drilled open.
The bank does not keep a spare or master key.
Now, the vault contains privacy rooms.
For maximum security, that is where we recommend you access your huh? Most unusual.
Oh, dear.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- You're here.
- I am here.
Is Jeff ready? Uh, he didn't tell you.
Didn't tell me He already got a ride from Tina Honeycutt.
Ah, Tina Honeycutt.
One of the benefits of dating the older woman, huh? She can drive.
I'm sorry.
He was supposed to call you.
No, no.
I get it.
Tina Honeycutt, pretty girl? No, I'm hardly at the top of his list, which means you can pick me up and take me to lunch for my troubles today.
You know what? Actually, that might work.
Hardy took a redeye to Madrid for a conference, so he's gonna be gone all week.
Really? Yeah.
I actually have to get that.
- It might be the hospital.
- Sure.
Not the hospital? - It's Dr.
- From Madrid? Yeah.
He wants me to make a house call.
Do doctors still do that? This one does, apparently, except when he's out of the country, and then he sends me.
Patient lives in Miami, which means - No lunch date.
- No.
And Longworth.
Got it.
On my way.
And I have to make a house call, too.
Only my house is a bank.
Diana Cabrera.
She works at the bank.
The branch manager found her a few minutes after 9:00 when he arrived to open the vault.
Initial indication puts time of death between 8:50 and 8:55 A.
this morning.
That's very specific.
What can I say? I'm good at what I do.
And security footage shows her entering the vault at 8:46, and she was found a few minutes later.
Wait, we have the murder on tape? Why didn't you say so? My work here is done.
Because we don't.
This is a privacy area The one place in the bank without cameras.
That's probably not a coincidence.
So, anything else that you want to take credit for? The victim has a subtle arching of the back called opisthotonos, suggesting a possible head trauma and cranial bleeding.
I'll know more for sure when I get her on the table.
She also had extensive bruising of the legs.
Any idea what caused that? Not with both old and new bruises, but that's generally consistent with somebody with long-term abuse.
You know if Diana was seeing anyone, like a boyfriend? Single, as far as I knew.
At least no one that she spoke of.
You know of any reason why she was in here before the bank opened, by herself? None whatsoever.
Well, I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that she wanted something out of this safe-deposit box.
That would require two keys The bank key and a customer key.
As in we're missing one key? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you doing? Looking for this.
What can I say? I'm good at what I do.
Oh, hey, I-I'm sorry, but federal regulations require permission from the owner before you can open a safe-deposit box.
An owner of a safe-deposit box that's dead As in my victim? Then you'll need permission from the next of kin.
Permission, judge, yeah, yeah.
I got it.
There's something the camera didn't catch.
There's a bruising over the bridge of the nose.
Which is an indication of what? Could be a possible death blow, but she could have also fallen.
I mean, she was in a vault by herself with only one way in and one way out.
Unless she was seeing someone on the sly and wanted to make an early withdrawal.
Meaning what? Meaning that a healthy, attractive woman doesn't just walk into a vault and die of boredom, Carlos.
Someone wanted her dead.
And you can take that to the bank.
m Well, turns out the safe-deposit box wasn't Diana's.
It belongs to a person by the name of Bob Butler.
Well, does Bob Butler know what Diana was doing with his "maybe not so safe after all" safe-deposit box? I don't know.
I called and left word on the only number the bank has on him.
Haven't heard back yet.
Okay, well let me know when you do hear something, as in getting permission for that safety-deposit box.
This has got "guilty" written all over it.
I mean, it kind of takes the fun out of it when you make it this easy.
I'm sorry.
You are? Curious as to why you're in a dead woman's drawers.
Oh, I'm a loan officer here at the bank.
Randy Dillard.
And you're in her office because? I worked with Diana.
She, uh, has some files I need for escrow closures.
You guys figure out what happened yet? No, but I am getting warmer.
You and Diana get along okay? I guess.
I mean, we worked together.
That it? Just all work, no play? Oh, yeah.
Just work.
Really? You recognize the sofa? Recognize the two half-naked people on that sofa? Ew.
Yeah, I think you and Diana did more than just work together, huh? Okay, listen.
Uh, the bank has a strict non-fraternization policy.
I-I've gotten so used to lying about our relationship Oh.
Please, I don't want to lose my job.
- Oh, okay.
- I'm sorry.
I should've told you the truth.
All right, well, I'll forgive that lie if you answer this next question honestly.
Who threw the first punch? You or Diana? Excuse me? The bruise on your cheek Looks like a nice right hook.
I mean, what happened? Did she get sick of being abused, fought back? What? Oh, I would never hit a woman.
I fell in the shower.
You fell in the It's not even a good lie.
But I guess it's better than admitting that you beat up your girlfriend on a regular basis.
I swear, I have no idea what you're talking about.
I never laid a hand on her.
- Is that Diana? - Yeah.
She had sort of an interesting life outside the bank.
By day, she was a bank vice president, - but by night, she was - The Termi-gator Star jammer for the Glade-iators! A roller-derby team? She scored 196 points in 38 jams this season.
That's an average of 5.
158 points per jam.
No one else even comes close.
He's been like this ever since I showed him the tattoo.
Wait, there's a tattoo? You're holding out on me? Just waiting my turn.
Found it on the victim's back just below her neck.
Daniel recognized it right away.
It's not hard to get excited if you follow the team.
As you can see on this video, which I pulled from the Glade-iator website There she is breaking away from the pack.
The Glade-iators score a point every time she laps a girl on the other team.
And here comes the Glade-iators' star jammer, number 29 the Termi-gator.
She's approaching the pack for a second pass.
Two points! So, why do they call her a jam - Whoa! - Okay.
Got it.
Takes down another and another.
So, is it always that rough? I know.
Awesome, right? That would certainly explain the bruising that we found on her body.
As for the head injury, I can't tell to what extent it contributed to the cause of death without a full work-up, but she definitely suffered a concussion.
And since the accompanying facial bruising hadn't turned blue, I know it happened sometime within the last 48 hours.
So, did the Glade-iators have a match in the last two days? They're called bouts.
And, no.
Their last bout was a week ago.
Well, could she have had a delayed reaction from an injury she sustained a week ago? I still need to drill the skull to see if there was subdural hematoma.
But it's highly unlikely that she could've functioned at work or driven a car unimpaired with the injuries that I'm seeing.
Well, then, I'm gonna need a Glade-iators full team roster.
Looks like someone on the team wanted to terminate the Termi-gator.
Push it back.
Hope you didn't have trouble finding the place.
Darius Locke.
You must be a basketball fan.
Uh, actually, I got your name from a text from Dr.
Hardy, but my son's a huge fan, if that helps.
Never hate to hear that.
Miss? Uh, it's just Callie.
Callie, yeah.
We can do this over there.
Come on, take the press off, scottie.
Let her breathe.
You know, Dr.
Hardy texted me and said that you were experiencing severe back discomfort and that you needed a consultation for a cortisone injection, but you don't seem to be presenting from your gait.
Well, you haven't seen me roll out of bed in the morning Literally.
Takes me 45 minutes under a hot shower before I can even straighten up.
And I'm sure that Dr.
Hardy has told you that a cortisone injection isn't like taking ibuprofen.
Oh, no, yeah.
Of course.
Chapter and verse.
Trust me, I know the deal.
I wouldn't have reached out to Hardy if I thought I had an option.
Then you should also know that we should be doing this in the office.
Would you feel more comfortable if I left this open? No.
I've seen a man's ass before.
It's just, I mean, we should do this in the office so that I could use fluoroscopy and actually see an optimal spot for the injection site.
Well, seems like an unnecessary trip to the hospital.
Hardy was fine doing it right here.
Yeah, well, I'm not Dr.
Girl, you are definitely not Dr.
Okay, look.
Five years ago, Dr.
Hardy saved my career with a spinal fusion, all right? So, I literally trust the man with my life.
And if he has enough confidence to send you to do his house call, who am I to question his judgment? Here you go.
That's a really nice ring.
Thank you.
Husband's a lucky guy.
Yeah, it's my fiancé, actually, and we're both pretty lucky.
When was your last cortisone shot? I don't know.
A year, a year and a half ago, maybe.
Why? Well, you're blood pressure's a little high, and sometimes that's a symptom of too much cortisol in your system.
Well, it's never too high when Dr.
Hardy takes it.
Look, Dr.
Hardy laid it all out for me.
No more than three injections a year, nine in a lifetime, so, trust me, I'm not gonna mess with my health.
Now you can drop your pants.
Uh, sorry.
Closed practice.
Well, lucky for me, I have a pass.
Is your coach around? No, she's not.
She's late, and unless you have a warrant, it's still a closed practice.
Let me guess your coach is one of the players, as well? The Termi-gator? That's right.
Okay, and that would make you, uh Josie "The Cuban Missile" Cruz? Okay.
Well, uh, Miss Missile, I'm sorry to inform you, but, uh, your coach and fellow Glade-iator, Diana Cabrera, she's not late.
She's dead.
What? Diana's dead? - Mm-hmm.
- What happened? Well, that's what I'm here to find out.
When was the last time you saw her? Last night at practice.
She have a fight with anyone? Anyone on the team she doesn't get along with? No.
That's not how we do things around here.
We fight our opponents, not each other.
The Glade-iators are like family that way, and family always comes first.
Well, that may be, but, uh, if your little family here is anything like mine, then, well, there's always someone that doesn't play nice.
Test, test.
Sorry to, uh, interrupt your practice.
Everyone? Hi.
But, uh, I have some sad news.
Want to gather around? Diana Cabrera, your coach, your, uh, star jammer, and Termi-gator, was found dead this morning.
Now, I'm I'm pretty sure that words can't express what we're all feeling right now, so let's just take a moment of silence for Diana, our Termi-gator.
Beach on Wheels, huh? Oh, moment of silence over.
You really hate Diana that much? Uh, um look, I I didn't mean any disrespect.
It's, uh, it's my knee.
Locks up if I don't keep moving.
In case you haven't noticed, I'm an old lady in roller-derby years.
The body takes a beating.
Well, I noticed, other than walking out on a moment of silence for my murder victim, you don't really seem like a Beach on Wheels.
I guess you'll have to ask my kids what they have to say about that.
You know, some girls, they pick their names because they think it fits them, and some, like me, we just like to have a fun alter ego.
What about Diana? Did "Termi-gator" fit her? To an f'ing "T" and then some.
Okay, that was a little beachy.
I'm just being honest.
You know, Diana, she was our star jammer for a reason.
I don't even know how we're gonna beat the Her-icanes in this upcoming championship bout without her.
Oh, I'm sure someone will step up to the plate.
Maybe you.
I don't think so.
My glory days are over, detective.
I'm just in it for the fun now.
Oh, yeah.
That bum knee looks like a riot, all right.
And what about Diana? Was she in it for the fun? Well, if by "fun," you mean taking out anyone who gets in her way, sure.
That beachy thing definitely coming through now.
Detective, it's no big secret that Diana was a hard-ass.
You know, it worked for her, and the team benefited from it.
But if you think for one second that anyone on this team had anything to do with her murder, you better think about that first.
I, um, I got to pick my kids up from the sitter.
Am I free to go? For now.
Daniel, what's up? Wow.
Diana really is the Termi-gator.
Where'd you find this? There are multiple videos all over YouTube.
I edited the best of them together.
I was under the impression derby girls fought all the time.
Why's this one so special? Diana's not fighting with someone on the other team.
She's beating the crap out of her own teammate.
The Cuban Missile.
Josie Cruz.
So much for family.
Wait, freeze that.
That ref It's Diana's boyfriend from the bank, Randy Dillard.
Arthur Ref-erelli.
Go again.
Oh, that looks like trouble in paradise.
Looks like Randy Dillard, A.
Arthur Ref-erelli, has found himself a new girlfriend, which means we got ourselves a Cuban missile crisis.
Butt tattoo.
Ah, Dee Dee is one lucky girl.
But the whole point of this tattoo is to say "Hasta la Vista" to sweet ol' Dee by covering it up.
And you need to wait outside.
Oh, no.
I'm good, actually.
Oh, but it does make me wonder whose name is on Randy "Arthur Ref-erelli's" ass, Josie.
Diana's or yours? And why you failed to mention that Diana tried to termigate you for stealing her banker boyfriend.
Oh, wait.
I know.
'Cause then I might think you killed her.
Put some of this on.
It'll keep the tattoo moist until I get back.
So, tattoo business is booming, huh? Who would've thought doodling on someone's ass could be so recession-proof.
Obviously, the point of my art escapes you.
Oh, your art.
To me, tattoos tell the story of who we are.
Each one is a snapshot of a time in our life.
Some people, like that guy in there, they want to cover up their mistakes.
I don't believe in that.
My story, mistakes and all, is right here for everyone to see.
Oh, so "Glade-iators," front and center.
Someone you knew? My kid sister.
Who, sadly, we lost six years ago.
It's a reminder to hold the people we love close, 'cause you never know when you could lose them.
Speaking of people we love, "R.
" Randy Dillard.
Wow, not only do you steal Diana's boyfriend, but then you stick a tat on there to shove it in her face? No wonder she came out throwing punches.
I didn't steal Randy, detective.
He dumped that crazy, controlling bitch.
Diana was a poser and a hypocrite, okay? She pretended to be one of us when she skated, but then she'd climb into her Mercedes, drive back to her fancy condo, and act all superior.
She treated Randy like crap, and it killed me to see how miserable she made him.
So you killed her because Randy couldn't fight his own battles? No.
Diana was jealous.
We fought, but that was it.
End of story.
For now.
But I'm guessing that your story's not that finished yet.
And you might want to save a little space for a bit of jailhouse ink.
Daniel, look into something for me.
It's good news.
Diana Cabrera did not die from a subdural hematoma.
There was no blood in her skull.
How is that good news? It's good news because with that ruled out, I looked at other causes of opisthotonos.
Oh, that arch-back thingy? Yeah.
It turns out opisthotonos, the arch-back thingy, is also a sign of poisoning Strychnine poisoning, to be exact.
Rat poison? That's one of its uses.
I'm having her blood tested for it right now.
I should also be able to tell you how the poison was delivered.
I know it wasn't ingested or injected because there was no poison in her blood stream or stomach content.
And I know it wasn't inhaled because there was no fluid in her lungs, which leaves only one conclusion.
She rubbed it on.
Would it kill you to let me finish? Sorry.
It was absorbed through the skin.
Ha! See? Yeah, and any girl on the team could have laced a jar of muscle balm with strychnine and put it in Diana's bag.
Any news on those bank personnel files? I checked with Director Manus, who's still waiting to hear back from the bank's corporate office.
Is there anything special I should be looking for? Maybe.
How would you describe Diana's roller-derby personality? - I'd say ruthless.
- Ruthless works.
See if she was just as ruthless at the bank and then call me if you find something.
You're really not gonna eat the last bite of that, are you? Wow, this patient must've really pissed you off.
I can't believe I just took his word for it.
That's so not like me.
Well, I think you're being a bit hard on yourself.
I mean, he whoever he is Is the one that lied to you.
It's Darius Locke.
Miami Storm Darius Locke? He said he's had one cortisone shot in the past year, which wasn't true.
He's had two in the last according to Hardy's files, and then the one I gave him.
- Maybe he just forgot.
- He didn't just forget.
He's just another over-indulged pituitary case who thinks that life is one endless rap video.
- Well - And you know what? If he wants to play games with his health, that's on him.
But then, when he's all like, "Hey, girl," and then wants to lie to me, and then get me to do something that's against my ethics, that's when he can kiss my ass.
All right, well, what does Dr.
Hardy say about it? I haven't told him.
Hardy's really clear about me solving my own problems, which I'm going to do, starting with talking to Darius' team doctor.
- Oh.
- Yeah, "oh.
" I don't give a shit if they bench him or not.
At least whatever he's doing to destroy himself won't be on my head.
Uh, yeah, Colleen.
According to corporate, Randy Dillard has worked at the bank for five years.
His ex-girlfriend, Diana, started just about two years ago.
They were both loan officers.
Equal title, equal pay.
But not for long.
Six months ago, Diana got promoted to vice president.
Let me guess a position that Randy wanted? And had been in line for since the beginning of last year.
So, now he's working for his Termi-gator girlfriend.
Yeah, and I'm thinking not too happy about it.
That's one reason to dump her, or kill her.
That's not why I dumped her.
Really? You worked at the bank for five years, Diana works there for a minute and a half, snatches the job right from underneath you, and you're okay with that? I was disappointed.
I'm not gonna lie.
But she obviously beat me out of the promotion fair and square.
Beat something out of someone, from the looks of her game reel, and then you had to work underneath her, both figuratively and literally.
I told you, detective, I dumped Diana out of personal reasons.
It had nothing to do with work.
Okay, so you're okay with these job reviews that she gave you? Diana's criticism of my work was, for the most part, helpful.
"Randy Dillard continues to show no initiative.
" "Mr.
Dillard once again demonstrated poor judgment regarding loan applicants.
" Oh, and this one, dated the night before she died My personal favorite.
Dillard's performance raises serious issues "of ethical misconduct and could prove disastrous to this branch's financial outlook.
" Obviously, she was reacting out of jealousy because I was with Josie.
Well, these evaluations could kill a career, Randy.
Not just at your bank, but any bank that calls for a reference.
But Arthur Ref-erelli Huh.
The derby was the one place where you were in charge, right? I mean, Diana could push Randy Dillard around the office as much as she wanted, but she couldn't push Arthur Ref-erelli around the track.
And while Randy Dillard didn't have the balls to stand up to Diana Cabrera, well, Arthur Ref-erelli had them to spare, huh? And it was Arthur Ref-erelli that killed Diana, wasn't it? You need to see this.
Seems our victim, Diana Cabrera, was involved in a very nasty civil lawsuit A lawsuit that did not turn out well for the plaintiff.
Which would've left even nastier unfinished business between them.
Aah! Oh! - Are you okay? - Leave me alone.
No, I'm fine, I'm fine.
I don't need anyone's help.
Maybe not, Beach.
But if you killed Diana, like I think you did, then you're gonna need plenty of help from a damn good lawyer.
I've already told you, detective, I had no reason to kill Diana.
Even though you blame her for busting your knee and ruining your life? As in the million-dollar personal-injury lawsuit that you sought against her? You know, the one that was thrown out of court, leaving you broke, humiliated, and, I'm guessing, angry enough to kill? Tears? Really? I thought derby girls were tough.
I'm sick and tired of everything going wrong, is all.
I'm not ashamed that I filed that lawsuit, detective.
I deserved that money.
Diana ruined my life.
I've got a torn meniscus I can't even afford to repair, and it's her fault.
Her fault? You willingly participate in a dangerous sport.
You signed waivers indemnifying, what, the team, the league, the arena? It sounds more like it's your fault.
Diana did this to me on purpose.
She took me down with a blind block.
She wanted to hurt me.
Now, shouldn't she have to pay for that? It kind of looks like she did.
That's not what I meant.
I-I didn't want her dead.
And yet she is.
Why would she want to hurt you? I don't know? Because I wouldn't quit the Glade-iators? She said I was too old and too nice and too slow.
She thought I was keeping the team from winning.
Were you? According to Diana, I was.
The sport wasn't just about winning for me.
I've got two kids, parents that live with me, and I have to take care of them all.
Sometimes I just want a place, you know, that I can go I can just blow off some steam, have a little bit of fun.
Nothing like a little cold-blooded murder to take the edge off.
I'm not a violent person, detective.
I didn't kill Diana.
Okay, you You got to believe me.
Well, you'd think with all those tears I would, but sorry.
I mean, not completely, anyway.
So Don't go skating off anywhere.
All right.
Blood work's back from our lab.
I can confirm cause of death as asphyxiation due to strychnine poisoning.
And the muscle balm from Diana's bag? The poison was definitely delivered through her skin in a highly concentrated dosage, but it did not come from that balm.
Which means we don't have the murder weapon yet.
- Daniel.
- Yes? I need you to go back through Diana's car, office, and home.
Collect every balm, moisturizer, liniment, ointment you can find.
On it.
Oh, and, uh, I'm gonna need you to go back through Diana's financials.
Anything in particular you want me to look for? Well, you don't sue someone for $1 million if you don't think they have something of value.
Oh, and where are we on the safe-deposit-box mystery? Three tries to Bob Butler with no response, so I put a call in to my judge friend.
As soon as he issues a warrant, you can drill it open.
Keep me posted.
We need to talk.
Hey, girl.
I got this, coach.
What is this? Some kind of follow-up? I just tried to talk to your team doctor about your treatment, and guess what.
He wouldn't talk to me.
Specifically, wouldn't talk to me because you specifically asked him not to.
Okay, Callie, look.
I got to be careful what's out there about me, okay? So, I'm sorry.
Try not to take it personally.
Oh, I'm not taking it personally.
I'm taking it professionally very professionally, because my patient, you, lied to me about the number of cortisone injections you've had in the last 18 months, which is not only stupid, it's all kinds of dangerous.
Do I look like someone that's in danger? No.
Darius, you look fantastic.
This is a consent form I need you to sign so I can talk to your doctor.
- Okay, I won't be doing that.
- Why, Darius? Is there something you're trying to hide? Okay, Callie, look, I feel fine.
Okay, thank you.
You keep telling yourself that.
But one day and it's gonna come sooner than you think Your body's gonna say, "Enough.
" It'll hurt when you stand, it'll hurt when you sleep, it'll hurt when someone tries to hug you.
Is that how you want to live the rest of your life? Well, seeing that it is the rest of my life, I guess I can decide that for myself.
Sign it.
Uh, detective.
I looked into Diana's financials like you asked.
I don't mean to speak ill of the dead, but for a banker, she wasn't very smart with her money.
How so? Most of her money was tied up in real estate, which is not very diverse, particularly in this economy.
Commercial, for the most part.
She scooped up a strip mall in a short sale last year.
I also found an eviction notice that she sent out to one of her tenants.
I know this address.
That's where Josie "Cuban Missile" Cruz has her tattoo parlor.
- Thank you, Daniel.
- But Josie won't be there.
The championship bout's tomorrow night, and the Glade-iators sort of have this tradition.
- A tradition? - Yeah.
I like the sound of this.
You coming? It's a sort of good-luck ritual.
All the derby teams gather together and party the night before each bout.
I can't even believe I'm here.
Well, you are.
Let's hope the Cuban Missile is.
Oh, my God.
D-d-do you know who that was? No, but it looks like you do.
That was Queen Bitchtoria.
Two seasons ago, she scored God save the queen.
Over there The Perm Whale.
She plays for the Her-icanes.
There she blows.
There she is.
Cuban Missile at 12:00.
Oh, my God.
Okay, you got this one? Yeah.
Y-you want me to take the Cuban Missile into custody? Absolutely.
Good luck.
Yo! Next time you send a boy to do a man's job, I might not be so nice.
You coming? After you.
You would've been mad enough to when you got handed this eviction notice.
Right? She tried to kill your business, so you killed her instead.
Look, you're a cop, okay? I know what this is.
I didn't kill Diana, detective, and don't pretend you know me or my life.
Really? Even when it's written all over your sleeves? You've got it all wrong.
Diana encouraged me to open up my own shop.
And when she bought that strip mall, she even gave me a sweet deal so I could make it happen.
She gave me a chance when no one else would, and I was grateful.
Okay, but that was before this tattoo.
I mean, when Randy dumped Diana, she became a crazy, controlling bitch Your words And tried to punish you with the eviction notice.
No, Diana was gonna evict everyone.
She had a plan.
"Gentrification," she called it.
It wasn't personal.
But you're the only person she gave this notice to, so, yeah, I'd call that personal.
I was looking for a bigger shop anyway.
Business was good.
You said it yourself.
Everyone was getting tattoos.
Everyone on the team got the same tattoo on their arm, except Diana.
Why? She said it was because she worked at a bank and she didn't want it showing.
That's why she only recently got one.
But the truth was, like everything else in her life, Diana wanted to make a statement and come off all badass.
How is that badass? Tattooing on top of bone across the spine is more painful than on muscle.
Diana wanted to impress people.
It was all for show.
Are we done? For now.
This is a photo of Josie's tattoo that I pulled from your phone, and this is Diana's.
So, not only is Diana's tattoo bigger, but it's also mostly black.
Not sure of its significance.
I'm thinking Diana tried to rewrite her story, cover up a mistake from the past.
Can you tell if there's a tattoo underneath this one? Forensic imaging, but that's gonna require a special infrared camera.
It's gonna take a while, though.
Well, then, you better get started.
I'm hitting it heading over to Tina's to study.
Not too late.
You tell Jim about these? Tell Jim about what? Darius sent over tickets to the next home game.
Oh, no.
Not just tickets floor seats.
- Floor seats? - Floor seats.
As in Floor seats! Boom! Yeah.
Later, man.
Whoo! That's why I didn't tell you.
Really? That's the best you could do to help me out? - To help you out? - I had a hard enough time trying to explain to my 15-year-old son why I can't accept them, and now I have to explain it to my 38-year-old fiancé? No.
You can't accept these? Jim, the tickets are a bribe.
How are they a bribe? He's doctor shopping for cortisone injections.
I asked for a signed consent form for his team doctor, and he sends over floor seats.
I can sort of see how you're thinking about that, but it's not a bribe if you don't act on it.
Wait, no.
You could look at this like a bribe, or look at it as, like, a really nice way of him saying thank you.
Also known as a bribe.
What would you do if a suspect tried to bribe you? Okay, totally different.
How is this totally different? All right, how's this? It's not a bribe if Jeff goes, right? And I know you wouldn't want him to go completely unsupervised.
Oh, my God.
Wait, Cal.
But they're floor seats.
I thought I noticed a little perkiness in your skin tone.
Uh, no, no.
T-these all belonged to the victim.
I know.
Any of these my murder weapon? Dr.
Sanchez tested them all.
Not even a trace of poison.
But I did find these.
I was looking for disgruntled bank customers like you asked, and there were a half dozen loans that had been approved by Randy and then killed by Diana "the Termi-gator" Cabrera.
And I thought you might be interested to see the name of one of them.
Do you have everything you need? Customer needs assistance in the pest-control aisle.
Customer needs assistance in the pest-control aisle.
Oh, it's okay.
Found it.
And, uh, so did you, apparently.
So, here's my question.
How long were your parents living in that home before the bank took it away? You know, it's a shame you didn't know someone at the bank that could've helped them keep ahold of it.
Oh, wait.
You did.
Yeah, for all the good it did.
Diana said my parents still didn't qualify for a refi.
Which was a big, fat lie because you knew Randy had crunched the numbers already and approved that refi, but then Diana killed it, so you killed her.
I-I sued her.
Or, I-I tried to.
Tossing them out of the home that they've lived in for 40 years.
I mean, insult on top of injury.
So you wanted your revenge, and you let your alter ego, Beach on Wheels, take over and you poisoned her.
Hold that thought.
Colleen? Wait till you hear this.
I got tired of waiting for a warrant to open up Bob Butler's safe-deposit box, so I sent Daniel over to Bob Butler's address, where he met the owners of the house Mr.
and Mrs.
- Bob Butler doesn't exist.
- Mm-hmm.
And yet he has a home loan from the bank where our victim worked.
Sound suspiciously like the work of some loan officer we might know? Who maybe got his hand caught in the cookie jar slamming fraudulent loans.
So, what's the score? Um, 57 to 63, Her-icanes.
Which half is it? Uh, first half.
Not that I called you to give you a play-by-play, Daniel.
Were you able to scare up any more loans approved by Arthur Ref-erelli? I'm working on that now.
Comparing social security numbers with the list of recent loan applicants.
In other words, you've got nothing for me, and I don't even know why I'm talking to you now, so, yeah, I got to go.
Keep looking.
Go get him.
Sorry, ref.
But I'm calling off the jam.
Come on.
Jordan Cimino, Bernie Brinkerhoff, Cindy Rogers, Judy Murray, and Bob Butler.
All of them applied for a bank loan.
All of them were approved.
By you.
Yeah, I-I process a lot of loans.
I don't remember every name, but if their credit's good Oh, no.
Their credit's not the problem.
It's, uh, trying to get ahold of them.
As in, we can't.
I'm sure there's a reason.
Oh, if you mean the reason is they're all you.
Yeah, most roller-derby people have an alter ego.
You have five.
And all of their home loans went right in your pocket.
- That's ridiculous.
- Is it? We followed the money.
Over three quarters of a million dollars to an escrow account.
Oh, guess what.
It's a P.
Box, and you're listed as one of the officers.
I'm sure we'll find the money in some offshore account.
Look at me, detective.
Do I look like someone who can pull that off? Frankly, no.
But Diana, she knew you better, and so you killed her for it.
She must have found out about the phantom bank customers and their safety-deposit boxes that you set up to help sell the illusion.
She wanted to verify whether they were empty before she reported you, but she never got the chance because you poisoned her.
No! Look, I didn't I didn't poison her.
I-I may have had my issues with Diana, - but I would never kill her.
- Oh, come on, Artie.
You were about to do hard time.
She was about to throw you and your pathetic career to the F.
Wolves, and you panicked.
All right, look.
Even if I did scam the bank for money Which I'm not saying I did I did not kill Diana.
New tat? Yeah.
And it itches like hell.
I forgot to put the moisturizer stuff on this morning.
Oh, may I? It used to say "Diana forever," and, no, I didn't cover it up after I killed her because, detective, I didn't.
Using infrared photography, this is the original tattoo that was under Diana's Glade-iators tattoo.
- Any idea what it means? - I did a little research.
It's a gang tattoo for 6 Bang Chicks.
The Miami girl gang with a long history of violence? Well, who would've guessed that a successful woman in banking would run with a violent gang? Or maybe guessing had nothing to do with it.
Here for some ink or just to ask more annoying questions? Oh, do I get a choice? No, no.
Just, uh, one more annoying question about some after-tattoo care.
What about it? Keep it out of the sun for the first week and be sure to keep it moisturized.
That's the one I wanted to know about, yeah.
Anything special you recommend for that? That's what I give everyone.
Oh, like the guy with the butt tattoo? It protects the tattoo, and it keeps it from scabbing.
Which I'm guessing is especially important for those people that have had tattoos covered up? Like the tattoo that you covered up for Diana? Yeah, you know.
The one on her back.
The one on the bone so she could be all badass.
The one you did recently, like, just days before she was murdered, and then gave her some goop to moisturize, but with a little extra something inside, like rat poison.
You know, when we first met, you said family always come first, right? And I just assumed you were talking about the Glade-iators as your family, but that's not true, is it? It's your sister.
Please leave her out of this.
You said that she died six years ago, and, yes, that's true.
But that's not the whole story, is it? She was the unintended victim of a drive-by shooting.
The 6 Bang Chicks.
Police arrested the shooter, but eye witnesses told of another girl that was in the car, but neither the shooter nor the other four members ever gave up that new recruit, so her identity remained a mystery.
That is, until Diana asked you to cover up her old gang tat with a Glade-iators tattoo.
What was I supposed to do? She was my sister.
She didn't deserve that.
She was so funny and so sweet.
She didn't deserve to die, and even if Diana didn't pull the trigger herself, I couldn't let her get away with that.
I know.
Oh! Another slam dunk by Darius Locke.
That's his fifth of the night, putting the Storm up by three.
That's what you need from the big man.
They've been counting on him.
That's what they want him to deliver.
Duhon dribbling it across the line.
Down low to Fuller.
Yeah, right.
Fuller gets doubled, kicks it out to Duhon.
Takes a 3, and he misses.
He's been missing that shot all night long.
I don't know what he's gonna Oh, you have the game on.
Okay, I'm confused.
What happened to the floor seats? Oh, the bribe? Yeah, they're here.
No, Jeff and I got halfway there, and we realized you were right.
Really? Okay, I realized you were right, but by the time that I dropped Jeff off at Tina's so they could watch the game together, he was totally on board.
I'm sure that's not what happened, but I'll take it.
- So, the Storm are winning? - Yeah.
Look, I don't want to harp on this, but Darius is playing really fast and loose with his health.
You can't cheat the aging process.
Well, maybe he's just trying to get another couple seasons out of it.
That's what they all think.
But what Darius is doing could lead to a lifelong injury.
Oh, my! Did you see that? Darius Locke is on fire.
What he's doing tonight I don't know where it's coming from.
The Storm is now up by 7.
Fuller gets it again.
Dribble drives, kick out to Miller.
Miller takes a 3, and he makes it.
You're terrible.