The Glades s04e09 Episode Script

Fast Ball

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the fastest sport in the world.
Here now are your Dania Jai-Alai players.
Please give them a warm welcome.
Whoo! Looking good! What, me or the grass? What grass? Ha! That's my girl.
Hey, you know what I realized these last two weeks that Jeff's been away? That kid of yours has way too many chores.
Don't worry, you can split them with him - after we're married.
- Although chores does build character.
They'll be here soon enough.
I know it's hard.
Yeah, it's harder on Jeff.
And weird.
He doesn't even know where his dad lives.
Witness Protection just whisks him off to some undisclosed location, puts him up in a hotel Here they are.
There you are! Here I am.
I missed you.
I missed you, too.
I missed you more.
You missed a spot.
I was leaving a spot for you, buddy.
- Welcome home.
- Good to be home.
Thanks, Tony.
Yeah, Carlos? All right, I'll be right there.
Whew! Shower much? Uh, some people enjoy the scent of fresh-cut grass.
It's more like fertilizer, my friend.
All right, got it.
Okay, the commissioner sent you to check up on us again? I wish Governor's office.
Our dead woman must be pretty important.
Only woman that important is lady luck.
Figures Jai Alai's big business.
Brought in almost $60 million in revenue last year.
Just from betting on Jai Alai? Poker, ponies, and pooches some of them even have slot machines.
Unless you're a Seminole Indian, 'cause, you know, in Florida, you're not allowed to have gambling without also playing Jai Alai.
Yeah, this Fronton did a $15 million renovation to bring in more gamblers.
And the governor's office doesn't want those gamblers scared away by a dead woman with a A gunshot wound to the neck.
They don't call Jai Alai ballet with bullets for nothing.
Who is she? Towel boy who found the body identified her as Lori Aest.
from Coconut Grove.
Her favorite food is paella.
Her favorite athlete is Venus Williams.
I read the Q & A on her player's page.
See? She's a Jai Alai player? Number 27 First woman to go pro in the 600-year history of the sport.
Of course, she gets murdered in Florida three hours ago.
Please tell me you know more than just what her favorite movie was.
Uh, unfortunately, that's "As Good As It Gets" The movie and what we know.
Uh, speak for yourself.
I can tell you the stippling and slight star shape around the wound suggests that she was shot at close range.
Plastic curtain suggests she was in the shower.
And the shower curtain suggests that all our evidence has gone down the drain.
I drive by this place all the time, but I've never seen a game.
Are you kidding? You really are part of a lost generation.
I've never seen a game either.
Well, you're just from Chicago.
Dania Jai-Alai's one of the oldest frontons in the country.
All the greats used to play here Arrieta, Minte, Beascoechea.
- Gesundheit.
- Yeah, you mock.
Back in the day, you couldn't get in on a Saturday night unless you bought the ticket Monday morning.
My mother and father would get all dressed up, eat a fancy dinner court side, play the quinela, and stay out all night long.
Well, my family's favorite game is ping-pong.
Played it all the time growing up.
Parents still do.
Ping-pong is a parlor game.
Jai Alai is a sport.
Yeah, try telling that to my dad.
You're comparing a children's game played with a plastic ball to the fastest sport in the world? Ping-pong's pretty fast.
Yeah, I-it's the most dangerous sport out there.
Yeah, well, it proved to be downright deadly for Lori Aest.
It must have been hard being the only woman.
There, blood spatter.
Yeah, tell me about it.
They couldn't even give her a separate shower area.
They tried to give her some privacy.
The tile and grout around the shower rod looks pretty new.
Detective, there's something under the curtain.
It's a cellphone.
The victim brought her cellphone into the shower? Uh, probably the only place she could find some privacy.
It must have been an important call.
Yeah, 911 "Help! I'm being murdered!" Either way, they're both dead.
I can fix it, I think.
Too bad the killer didn't drop the gun, too.
Well, we don't know that.
It's worthwhile checking the area.
There's at least 26 acres of property here.
It's gonna take Daniel a long time to search.
While you're waiting, I wanted you to meet someone.
Corrine Meltzer.
I'm the new owner of the Fronton.
Meltzer? As in Brian "The Meltz" Meltzer? American front-court champion, played in the '70s, until he got hit with a ball and shattered his knee.
He was my dad.
May he rest in peace.
- It's always great to meet a fan.
- Meltz was amazing.
He gave these old-school Basque players a run for their money.
We've also got some great new players, as well Diego, Troy, Arregui, Sebastian.
Come see them play.
We're hosting exhibition games and fan-appreciation events all this week.
Oh, what a coincidence.
All this week, we'll be solving a murder.
No one is more upset about this than me, detective.
I'm the one who discovered Lori, turned her into a pro.
I'll do everything I can to help find whoever did this to her.
As long as we don't interfere with the Fronton.
Look I don't mean to sound callous, but we are in preseason right now.
The new season starts in three days.
I can't afford to have this place shut down by a crime scene.
Oh, no, well, when you put it like that, no, that doesn't sound callous at all.
What Detective Longworth means is we will do everything in our power to make sure your locker room stays open.
I'd appreciate that.
Tomorrow, we have early and late games, so the players need access to their lockers.
Well, we only need access to one locker right now, and that's Lori's.
Is that a problem? No, of course not.
I'm just not sure which one is hers.
I'm gonna go with the locker that doesn't have the picture of a naked woman on it.
- There you go.
- I'm gonna need a list of all the players and everyone who had access to the locker room.
There's not much in here Just clothes, no wallet, house keys, car keys.
Is this her boyfriend? They were dating Troy Douglas.
He's a backcourter plays in the late games.
I don't know what that means.
It means he's very good.
Troy's been playing here for three years.
He used to play in the early games like Lori.
Where was he before? Florida Gators.
He was a high-school basketball phenom from St.
Thomas Aquinas.
Basketball to Jai Alai That's quite the leap.
Not really.
It's all hand-eye coordination, and he knows how to play the angles.
I'll keep that in mind.
He brought a lot of fans from his basketball days.
Players like Troy are the future of Jai Alai.
He's got style.
He's got personality.
- He's got - A record assault and battery.
Drowning your sorrows, Troy? Waiting for you, detective.
I-I didn't kill Lori.
Yeah with your record, you're gonna have to give me more than that.
I know I hurt people in the past, but Hurt? You put your last girlfriend's arm in a sling.
I didn't know how to behave myself back then.
Are you okay? That's not good.
Look, after I lost my scholarship and I couldn't play anymore, I couldn't find a job, I ended up here Trying to win rent.
That's how you found Jai Alai? I fell in love with the game, taught myself how to play, but I made sure to go back to Spain Learn from the masters.
Playing all the angles.
Jai Alai saved my life.
Jai Alai is my life, and I wouldn't do anything to mess it up.
What about the other players? I know it was weird having Lori around for a lot of the others guys.
But after they saw my girl play, they got over it.
Lori was an early player, but she got to substitute in for the late games.
She held her own.
Fans loved it started coming to see her.
Pretty soon, the guys realized she was good for the sport, and for them.
Front-court sensation Lori "The Acer" Aest.
Not just a battle of the sexes but an epic "Battle Of The Cestas" you won't want to miss.
For Lori LA Muerta.
I'm gonna destroy her.
Well, what about that guy? Looks like he didn't think Lori was too good for the sport.
Sebastian won the citrus invitational last three years.
He's a doubles front-court champion.
He has the most wins.
And the fact you didn't answer my question answers my question.
That is an amazing view.
Why on earth would you move? Eh, time for a change.
I've been living here two years already.
Oh, well, no, I can see how after two years you get tired of looking at that.
What do you say? Show me a beautiful woman, I'll show you a man tired of making love to her.
But you love the ocean.
Your favorite meal is "anything seafood," and you enjoy a run after a game along the beach.
I checked your player profile.
Then you know all this is too much.
I'm a simple man from a very small village.
San Sebastián, Spain, right? San Sebastián is Basque, not Spain.
We Basque have our own culture, traditions.
- Like not allowing women to play Jai Alai.
- You mean Lori.
I feel bad, you know? It's terrible, but no surprise.
Why is that? Because the fans.
When I play abroad, the fans They treat me like a king.
But here, no respect.
They bet money.
They want to win.
They lose money, oh! They come to the fence, call you a name, say, "Hey, I'm gonna kill you!" But I watched that promo, that Battle Of The Cestas.
You said you were gonna kill Lori.
I was how do you say? Um, in the moment.
Yeah, the heat of the moment, crime of passion.
You said you'd destroy Lori.
She turns up dead.
Only to get the people excited to come and see.
Like all the shit talking you Americans are so good at.
But you weren't worried that you might get beaten by Lori? I mean, first woman to go pro she must have been good.
I mean, you couldn't allow yourself to get beaten by a woman, right? But even the best woman cannot beat only a good man.
It's a snowball in hell.
Well, guess we'll never know.
I mean now that Lori's dead.
Well, good luck with the move.
Just, uh, don't move too far.
Arroz con cellphone? That's how you plan on fixing it? Dry rice absorbs the moisture without damaging the phone.
In the meantime, I pulled Lori's phone records the old-fashioned way.
She made two long-distance phone calls to a Jai Alai school in Spain.
And these other calls? Other players.
Lori spent almost as much time on the phone with her competitors as on the Fronton.
I want to see the phone records for all the players then, starting with Sebastian Lorca.
And while you're at it, pull their financials, as well.
- Following the money? - All the way to the state gaming commission.
As a courtesy, the Fronton registers any events that are added to the regularly planned schedule.
Corrine was promoting a big exhibition bout.
Yeah, I know Battle Of The Cestas between Lori and Sebast Ian.
No, she was promoting another battle first Clash of the Titans, featuring Sebastian and another up-and-coming player, Troy.
Troy was pushed out of the battle by Lori.
He didn't seem that broken up that his girlfriend was dead, either.
Uh, Daniel, about those phone records and financials, start with Troy.
Send them to my phone.
Thank you.
Wait, wait, wait you guys are the ones who canceled my flight.
I was supposed to leave tonight.
Let me get my ticket.
Your dad's still going to Rio? Yeah, well, he won that contract with one of the Olympic stadiums, so Yeah, I know.
He's just not ready to retire.
Is your mom upset? That he's willing to walk away from a marriage of 42 years? When my father walked out on us, my mom was relieved.
Yeah, no.
But it's his choice.
It's his life.
My mom's always been a scrapper.
Maybe she just got tired of scraps.
Oh, the airline industry is going to hell in a hand basket.
The earliest they can get me on a flight to Rio is at 10:00 P.
Well, that's not so bad.
Three days from now, Jimmy.
I'm afraid you guys are stuck with me for a couple more days.
Could be worse.
Michael, I might have to rope you into some wedding-planning stuff.
You're on, especially if it involves tasting wedding cake and picking out entrées.
Oh, like father, like son.
Have you canceled the car to the airport? - I thought I did.
- That's all right.
I'll let the guy know.
Surprise, Jimmy.
- Mom.
- Mm-mm.
What the hell were you thinking? Well I had to do something.
So you put the house in Arizona on the market? Yeah, because we can't afford two houses, - and I am not moving to Arizona by myself.
- You didn't bother to ask me? Well, you already said that you're not gonna retire.
Oh, so, once again, I'm in the middle.
It's me.
I've never heard them fight like this.
My parents didn't fight like that either, but that's because they hated each other.
Well, maybe that's why they didn't make it to 42 years of marriage.
We are gonna be fine.
I thought they would be, too.
Hey, dad.
Everything okay? Fine everything is just fine.
Why didn't you tell me your dad was still here? I didn't know you were coming down, mom.
What are you doing here? I-I can't visit my only son and my future daughter-in-law? - Anytime.
- Mom? Fine.
I'm looking at condos.
Here? I-I mean I-in Florida? Yeah, in Florida.
In case you haven't noticed, There are a lot of retirees here, not to mention my grandson Jeff? Jeff.
Who I'm dying to get to know, and not to mention any other little Longworths that might come along.
Uh, uh, there was this Yeah.
I got a missed call.
So, I'm, you know, always I'm working, mom.
- So I got to go.
- No, you should probably take that.
Don't let him get away with that.
So, the big promotion's supposed to be between you and Sebastian, but Lori took your spot.
You were jealous.
That's why you killed her.
We play over 2,000 games a year.
There's plenty more opportunities for me to prove myself.
Yeah, still, had to suck your girlfriend stealing all your thunder.
And she was going to study with the masters in that same Jai Alai school in Spain where you studied.
Her phone records show she called there twice.
Yeah, that was just annoying.
I mean, I gave her lessons, practiced with her.
And next thing I know, she's turning pro.
Yeah, now she's playing against you for real instead of being one of Corrine's promotional gimmicks.
You felt betrayed.
Actually, I thought it was kind of hot.
Love a challenge.
Uh, yeah Hardly a challenge.
She beat you in just about every game you played.
Oh, that's just the rookie advantage.
She saw me play so much, she knew all of my moves.
I was just learning hers.
She had other advantages, too like money.
Lori just made a deal to be the spokesperson for Vale Jeans this year.
That's the Spanish clothing company trying to break into the American market.
I've been playing for three years, and they never even approached me.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Sounds like jealousy to me.
- Or maybe she just looks better in jeans.
- There is that.
I didn't kill her! Look I knew I couldn't deal.
So for the first time, I did the mature thing.
I broke up with her.
The FDLE techs just finished searching for evidence in Lori Aest's apartment.
- Anything? - Nothing.
So, a bowl of rice is all it takes to save a cellphone these days? And a .
22-caliber is all it takes to end Lori Aest's life.
This is my autopsy report.
The slug was lodged in her spine.
Speaking of guns, look what I found.
Please tell me that's a .
- It's a .
- Yes! Oh, there you go.
That was easy.
Or not.
Where was it? Stashed inside an abandoned storm drain at the far end of the Fronton's property.
I'll have ballistics test it.
I went through the players' financials.
No one gets rich from Jai Alai.
Except the Fronton.
And Sebastian.
He gets a bonus from the Fronton every time he wins, but most of his money comes from a Spanish company called Vale LLC.
- Vale, as in Vale Jeans? - That's it.
Sebastian's been under contract with them for the last two years.
Not anymore Lori's their new spokesperson, which makes Sebastian my new prime suspect.
And a good one.
Spanish police can't prove it, but they suspect he's got ties to E.
That's a Basque separatist movement in Spain.
Sebastian has been linked to a group rumored to have been involved in politic assassinations.
Assassinations? Like how? Shot in the neck at close range.
Just like Lori.
- Where are you going? - To catch a matinee.
I can hear "march of the suspects" playing right now.
Thank you all for coming.
As part of our fan-appreciation week, we are giving you the chance to strap on a cesta and play against a world champion Sebastian! Sebastian! Hey, hey, Sebastian! Oh, come on, that doesn't look so hard! Fastest sport in the world, my ass! It's a pity that Lori "The Acer" Aest isn't here to show us how it's really done! O-kay, there we go.
So much for that cool Basque exterior, huh? Come on, come talk it out.
Detective, you said you wouldn't disrupt the preseason.
No, I said I wasn't gonna close down the locker room.
I need to talk to Sebastian.
Now you can't.
He's playing with the fans.
Okay, so, how does this work? You have three chances to catch and return the ball all in one continuous motion.
You ever played Jai Alai before? Sure, every Saturday when I was a kid, only we called it stickball.
That's one.
- What do you want from me, detective? - The truth.
You never told me you had a contract with Vale Jeans, which you lost, and that's why you're moving.
They fired you and hired Lori as the spokesperson, and that's why you killed her.
Whoo! That's two.
But with Lori gone, you thought you'd get your contract back and all that money.
I have plenty of money.
Last chance, detective.
Try not to get hurt.
Here comes three.
See, stickball.
We towed Lori's car from the Fronton to our parking lot.
The FDLE techs have just finished dusting it.
You should take a look at what's inside.
I'll be right there.
You can just, uh, take that to the office.
- That'd be great.
- Yes, ma'am.
- That's Lori's car? - Mm.
Looks more like a four-door filing cabinet.
So, what's all this? Official paperwork Lori obviously snuck out of the Fronton.
- It's all about gambling.
- Jai Alai? Everything the simulcast of horse racing, dog racing, and especially the poker tables.
Why was Lori so interested in gambling at the Fronton? I do not know, but one thing's becoming clear.
People that mess with the fastest game on earth end up dead.
Oh, I'm sure Miss Meltzer is expecting someone.
- Just not me.
- Sir? I'm sorry.
You cannot go in there.
Sir! We're bit I'm sorry, Miss Meltzer.
It's okay.
We're done.
Mmm! We'll be in touch.
What are you doing? Eating.
This is lunch, isn't it? Not for you.
That's a $900 Jamón Ibérico.
Really? Tastes just like ham.
Jamón Ibérico is ham.
Sebastian brought that back for me from Spain.
You mean he smuggled it into the country.
But you know what? Let's just stick to your illegal acts.
Like breaking into Lori's car.
Why would I break into Lori's car? That makes no sense.
Right? That's what I thought.
Until I realized that it was full of paperwork that was all about revitalizing the Jai Alai players' union, which you, as management Mmm was against.
I might be management, but my father was also a player.
So you knew how ineffective the players' union actually was, which is how you knew you had to get rid of Lori when you heard rumblings that she was trying to get the much stronger casino workers' union to allow Jai Alai players to join them.
Look I have never been accused of being unfriendly to the players.
Well, duh, no, not to your face.
But you did realize what my trusty intern realized when he looked at Lori's phone records That she was calling other players about the union.
And now I'm calling my lawyer.
So, you can leave.
I'll leave.
But my warrant stays.
See? This is really good ham.
Yeah, I could learn to love Florida.
So, have you figured out where in Florida you want to be? Mm, well, I'm not exactly the 55-and-over type, and, uh, I'm not looking to meet someone.
You know, there's some great places up north or closer to the beach.
Oh, Callie, trust me, I am not that kind of in-law.
Oh, no.
No, no, no, no.
I had that in-law.
And I promised myself I would never be that in-law, so if that's what you're worried about I was a little worried about it.
No, no.
I just I'm just excited to be on my own, living on my own for the first time in my life.
I mean, Michael and I got married right after college, and I went straight from my parents' house to my husband's.
Yeah, I've been there.
Yeah, so you So you know how exciting it can be to be on your own, right? I mean, after your time in Atlanta.
I mean, and don't get me wrong it was tough at times, but a pretty great experience.
And you learned a lot about yourself? - Oh, my God, a ton.
- Yeah.
Ballistics test came back.
This is the gun that shot Lori Aest.
So now we know what killed Lori, just not who.
I gave you the murder weapon.
What more do you want? A fingerprint would be nice.
Would you settle for an unidentified substance? It was on the gun grip.
It's not as definitive as a fingerprint, but it could tell us more about - who pulled the trigger.
- Huh.
Well, this phone might.
Daniel, what are you watching? I found all this game footage on the external hard drive we confiscated from Corrine's office.
Did you find anything in Corrine's paperwork about Lori's union activity at the Fronton? I'm still going through the files, but there is this.
It's a petition signed by all the Fronton workers in support of the Jai Alai players joining the casino workers' union.
Ooh, that's definitely something Corrine would have wanted to stop.
Uh, see if you can track down the minutes from the meeting held by the casino workers' union.
I'll be back to check on it later.
One more thing that was a little strange.
Yesterday, Troy was on Corrine's computer, skyping with the Jai Alai school in Spain.
Well, we know he liked to visit there at least once a year.
- Who was he talking to? - Someone named Sofia Garita.
Hmm, Garita was big.
That's an important name from back when.
Well, maybe she's an important name now.
Look at Lori's phone records again.
Send them to my phone.
Hey, did you convince my mom to move somewhere other than Florida? Actually, I don't think it's such a bad idea.
At least she'll be close to family.
Well, she has family in Chicago.
Who are all getting older and moving to warmer climates.
Jim, she's your mom.
She's going to be living alone.
Don't you want to know she's close by and okay? No, I want her and my dad to stay married forever, nothing to change, but that's a conversation for another day.
So, um, right now, I have to see a guy about a thing for the case.
So, um I love you.
I love you.
- Hey, Tony.
- Hey.
- Thanks for meeting me.
- No problem.
What's up? Oh, I I thought you had something for me, you know, 'cause of the look.
I gave you a look? You gave me a look.
No, after you gave me a look.
That wasn't a look.
It was just my face.
Okay, I may have given you a look.
But only because I got a heads-up.
Ray tried to renegotiate his deal.
What does he want? Lifetime supervised visitation with Jeff.
Way Ray's deal is now, when Jeff turns 18, he's no longer a minor, so No more visitations.
So he'll never be able to see his dad again? Well, not unless he joins Witness Protection with him.
Yeah, but then that means Callie will never see her son again.
I know.
It sucks.
But our hands are tied.
Ray's taking steps so he doesn't lose touch with his son.
Yeah, Daniel.
You find out anything on that Jai Alai school? You're wrong, detective.
Oh, so, this isn't a photo of you with your arm around your wife, Sofia Garita? It is, but I told you I wasn't messing with Lori anymore.
Lori called the Jai Alai school to confirm that your wife worked there.
Her family owns the place.
You didn't kill Lori because you were jealous.
You killed Lori because she was jealous.
No, Lori knew I would never leave Sofia.
And the only reason that you're with Sofia is because her family has money lots of it.
She pays your bills.
That's not true.
I love Sofia, and I would never do anything to hurt her.
Me and Lori were through, and she knew we weren't ever getting back together.
- Ever ever? - Never ever.
So I had no reason to kill her.
I'm still going through Corrine's files.
No, no, no, that's fine.
Uh, let me ask you something.
When you were going through the Jai Alai footage in Corrine's office, did you come across anything with Lori and Troy together? No, but I found footage of Lori and Sebastian.
Corrine was gonna use it to promote the Battle Of The Cestas.
Here it is.
It's from the backcourt camera.
Is there any sound? No, but plenty of posturing.
I'm guessing he's not wishing her good luck.
Ohh! That's not posturing.
That's motive.
Lucky for me, she serves like a girl.
But this time, I was not so lucky.
Or this time.
Oh! Jai Alai's dangerous.
And pretty difficult for a rookie to go up against a world champion like you.
She must have been pretty good.
Someone gets hurt, they call in sick.
That day, it was her turn to be a substitute.
That's all.
Yeah, but she still had to beat out six other players just to play you.
But then she gets her chance, and she throws the game.
She risks the fine.
She risks killing you.
You have any idea why? 'Cause I don't know.
I think maybe she was crazy.
Well, if she was crazy, Sebastian, it's because you made her that way with this.
What's this? It's a letter of complaint from Lori to Corrine.
It documents all the times and dates that you inappropriately commented, gestured, and touched her in the locker room.
I mean, you paraded around naked? It's a locker room.
And I was just teasing her.
Yeah, right.
You were harassing her.
You don't like women playing Jai Alai, so you tried to make Lori's life a living hell.
She complained, your bullying didn't stop, so she stopped it with a kill shot to your head.
That was a disgrace, not a kill shot.
Oh, no, no.
I'm sorry my mistake.
A kill shot is a shot that you can't return, because you certainly returned it to Lori with a bullet in the neck.
Police all over the world are all the same.
You have accusations but no proof.
So, I'll tell you something.
I'm sorry she's dead, 'cause I was gonna kill her on the cancha when the new season starts.
Michael, glasses.
Huh? Oh.
Yeah, thank you.
You want a beer? Uh, yeah, yeah.
Can I look at your computer for a second? I have to look up an address.
Oh, here.
I'll trade you.
There you go.
Oh, what's that? Um, that's one of the condos that I'm gonna be looking at.
Oh, it's good.
Yeah, I thought so.
Garage, laundry, central air.
That's good.
That's good.
And make sure the security system has a backup battery in case the power goes out.
You mean like the system I installed in our house in Chicago? Yeah, you still don't know how to turn the boiler on for the winter.
Well, it's a good thing winter won't have me to kick around anymore.
Well, only one bedroom? I only need one bedroom.
What, you're not gonna have any guests or an office? I'm retired.
I am not gonna sit at home anymore.
I'm gonna go traveling.
You know, Joanie, I'm going to Rio tomorrow.
I wish you'd have told me.
I could have gone around to look at these places with you.
You can look at them all you want.
I can manage on my own.
Thank you.
You find out something else about Sebastian? Uh, no, I'm just figuring out who to bet in the trifecta.
What? The new season starts today.
I thought I'd head over to the Fronton and check it out.
Oh, and here I thought you'd gone all "Beautiful Mind" to solve the case.
What about that substance on the gun grip? I'm still waiting for the chemical analysis to get back.
Where is Lori's cellphone? The rice is done, and Lori's phone is working.
Looks like right before Lori was killed, she entered a number but didn't hit "send.
" Probably why it didn't appear in the phone records.
But it's still on the screen.
Oh, and glowing with motive.
Oh, okay, now I'm feeling lucky.
Carlos can I come with? Vámonos! Well, it looks like Corrine's promotions paid off.
Fingers crossed it keeps paying.
Come on.
I want to get a good seat.
All right, you go ahead.
I'll be right there.
Welcome to the start of a new season, and welcome to your Dania Jai-Alai superstars! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Oh! Please This is being simulcast live.
And Lori's dead, which means you're under arrest.
I'll wait.
Boo! Boo! You lied to me, Troy.
Lori wasn't okay that you broke up with her, And she was gonna tell your wife about the affair.
You recognize this number? Yeah, that's the phone number of the place I stay when I'm in Spain.
That's one way to put it.
Another is that it's your home phone number, which is also your wife's home phone number A wife and a marriage back in Spain that you conveniently forgot to mention.
Where'd you get that? Off Lori's phone.
In fact, it was the last number she dialed.
That's impossible.
I skyped with my wife yesterday.
When she heard about Lori getting shot, she was freaked out, but she had no idea about my affair.
Lori had never said anything, and I intended to keep it that way.
See, when you say things like that, it sounds like you killed her.
Why would I do that when we were going to talk? She said she'd wait.
Wait until when? Until I finished playing.
Lori lost her match, so she She was finished early.
She headed for her locker room, so I followed her.
Into the shower? No, into the hallway.
But you were still outside the players' cage.
I had a match, so I couldn't go far.
Look, I told Lori she needed to chill.
Said, "After my game, we should grab a bite, talk about this like adults.
" She agreed.
You seen Carlos? No.
Have you seen this? That's the most recent bank statement from the Fronton.
Check the assets column.
This is just for Jai Alai, right? No, that's everything.
You're kidding.
I just got the chemical analysis back for the substance on the gun grip.
This time, not even you could have seen this coming.
- Want to guess what it is? - No.
But I can guess I'm gonna need a warrant.
I'll see what I can do.
Oh, I have a warrant for your ham.
You have ruined the start of the season.
Do you know how much money the Fronton lost today because of you? Or maybe because you shot Lori? We found oil from a Pata Negra Ham on the gun handle.
You pulled the trigger, I'm guessing because she was organizing a union.
That's ridiculous.
I have been around this sport my entire life.
I'm trying to bring it back for the players.
I didn't care that Lori was trying to organize a union.
But you were upset when you found out she was taking things to the next level - by organizing a strike.
- She was bluffing.
The players would never strike again.
They went out in 1988, and that lasted for three years.
Jai Alai was never the same.
The players know that going on strike didn't turn out very well for them.
But now, in this case, it wouldn't turn out well for you at all.
The state requires a minimum so that you can keep any kind of form of gambling on your premises, right? Well, without Jai Alai, you wouldn't be able to pay off that $15 million bank loan.
According to your accounts, you're already dangerously close to defaulting.
So a strike, even a couple of days, puts you over the edge.
To keep the Fronton, you got rid of Lori.
Lori Aest was a nothing when I found her.
I gave her an amazing opportunity.
I turned her into a Jai Alai player The first professional female ever! Not even my dad was able to pull that off, as hard as he tried.
And Lori Lori was my shot at this.
And she stabbed me in the back.
So you shot her in the neck.
You're under arrest.
W-w-what about the Fronton? My my dad loved this game.
Oh! Oh, Michael, you missed an easy one.
See that? Skill.
Dad, that had to hurt.
All right, serve it up Game point.
- Oh! Why, yes! - Man.
That's how we do it! That's how we do it! Whoo! Whoa! Who, ha! So, this is a Longworth family tradition? I'm over here.
Kamikaze, no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners ping-pong.
You see that? I did.
Actually, it was a little embarrassing.
Who's up? Come on.
Callie, Jimmy? I'll give you five points.
No, I think I'm good.
I'm gonna pass.
- Thank you, Michael.
- I-I - I'll play.
- Well, well, well look who crawled out from underneath the real-estate section.
Oh, this is gonna be good.
Come on, mom.
Let's see.
Uh Mom's like a ping-pong ninja.
She actually sizes up her opponent, lets people beat themselves.
- Really? - Watch.
Oh, yeah, this one.
Come on.
Come on.
Don't keep us in suspense.
Tell us, how was the condo? Oh, absolutely gorgeous.
Oh, yeah, ocean views, great restaurants nearby, and, you know, lots of amenities.
What amenities? It didn't mention any amenities on the website.
Yeah, well, you didn't see this condo.
No, this this place has a gym, dance studio.
They even have Bachata classes.
What the hell is Bachata? Oh, volley for serve? Sounds like a pastry Bachata.
Whatever just another reason we made the right decision.
No, forget the volley.
You just go ahead.
Serve, Bachata.
Why are you so angry? I'm not angry! I got work, and you've got Bachata, apparently.
Well, upset then.
I'm not upset! Would you just please, Joanie, serve? You can't seriously be mad at me for finding things to do.
I'm not upset! Are you kidding? I'm relieved.
I mean, so much for us doing things together, right? I mean, that's what you wanted, right, to do things together? Now you got all this stuff going on, and I got nothing.
Oh, nothing? Oh, that's hilarious.
I mean, I've never known a man who's had less nothing.
What are you talking about? You have everything you've ever wanted, Michael.
Y-you've always had everything you've ever wanted, and now now you've got the rest of your life to figure out what you want to do with it.
So, can I just play? No.
No, what what what everything? I don't have everything, Joanie.
In fact, I don't have anything.
What is that supposed to mean? It means I don't want everything, Joanie.
I want some things.
You know, like a few things for when we retire.
Like you not buying a condo that I'm not gonna live in.
Yeah, I I won't buy a condo that you're not gonna live in.
Really? Yeah.
Okay, fine.
You serve.
What just happened? I think my dad just retired.
Here we go.
Well, finally getting your old man out of your hair, huh? Oh, I'm just glad everything worked out.
Yeah, you're just glad your mother's not moving here permanently.
That, too.
Ah, but we did find a timeshare here in Palm Glade much better deal than the condo.
I'm sorry, now What? You guys are getting a timeshare down here? Yeah, just, you know, a little place on the beach.
It turns out that spending time with you and Callie is something that we both wanted to do.
Thank you, Jimmy.
For what? Oh, I miss you already! - Bye, mom.
- Ooh, baby, ooh! Take care of yourself, - and call your sister once in a while, okay? - Right.
That worked out okay.