The Glades s04e11 Episode Script

Civil War

Let me! It's my turn! No! You already had it! Give it to me! Aah! Ugh! Look what you did! You ruin everything! Hey.
I see it.
Stay back.
Whoa! Victim is Ethan Russell, According to his liver temp, time of death was between His carotid artery was severed.
Based on the way the blood was pooled, I say he bled out in less than a minute.
Well, I'm gonna take a wild guess and say this wasn't a botched robbery.
Wallet, credit card, cash, it's all in there.
Only thing missing is his cellphone.
And a digit.
Defensive wound.
Obviously lost it in the attack.
I guess you can say he gave his killer the finger before he died.
- There you go.
- Hey.
How did you know it wasn't a robbery? Takes a lot of effort to slice and dice someone like that.
Wouldn't be worth it unless it was personal.
Daniel, do we know where this path goes? Everything on the other side of the fence is Olustee State Park.
That's where the two boys that found the body came from.
Well, if they came from this way then our victim and his killer must have come from this way.
Is that a finger? Uh, yeah.
I guess he gave his killer the finger before he died? I heard that.
So, what brings you out here? Our victim.
Ethan Russell.
Turns our he's an Assistant State's Attorney.
I just got off the phone with the State Attorney.
He called to impress on me how important it is that we find out whoever did this.
So, basically, don't screw it up.
Mm, not basically.
Apparently our victim was a real hard-on-crimes kind of guy, so we shouldn't have any trouble coming up with a nice long list of potential suspects.
Well, hopefully only one of them has the initials C.
Uh, hey.
Um, how's Callie holding up? - Holding up? - Mm-hmm.
Why? She's not upset that Ray's been calling Jeff outside of the program? Oh, that holding up.
I sort of didn't tell her.
I mean, I will if and when I need to.
Yeah, well, you may have to and sooner than you think.
Contact outside of supervision puts all three of them at risk.
I know, Colleen.
Believe me, the whole thing sucks for everyone.
Breaks Callie's heart to see what Jeff has to go through just to spend a couple of weeks with his dad.
And Ray just wants to have a relationship with his son, but trust me.
I've got my eye on things.
And I'll check in with Tony.
What kind of weapon did this? A machete? A machete blade generally produces a deeper wound with more bruising and tearing than I'm seeing here.
If it was my guess, I'd say it was done with a lighter blade.
Something more like a sword or saber.
Who even uses a saber anymore? The Confederate States of America.
That's who uses sabers anymore.
Originally Aired August 12, 2013 Company, fall in! According to this, the actual Battle of Olustee took place on February 20, 1864.
Reenactments are scheduled all weekend.
There's also period music concerts, barn dances, medical demonstrations Oh, nothing says "fun" quite like an old-fashioned hacksaw amputation.
Attention! Company! Hi.
Excuse me.
Detective Longworth, FDLE.
Are you in charge here? I am, sir.
General Beauregard Finegan at your service.
Yeah, no, really.
Who are you? Sir, I am General Beauregard Finegan, commander of the Confederate forces of Olustee.
Good luck.
I couldn't get a straight answer out of him either.
I've heard about this hard-core reenactors completely embody the persona and personality of the historic figures they're impersonating.
It's called "First-Person Impression.
" Yeah, well, my first impression is, "This person's nuts.
" Detective, your man here has informed me you are investigating a murder.
So, I have assembled my troops, that you may examine their uniforms and weapons.
Whatever you need, you shall have my full cooperation.
Well, my man here will get started right away.
Get a full roster of all the reenactors.
I'm gonna take a look around.
You're missing the inspection.
Uh, kind of tied up at the moment.
Yeah, I see that.
What for? - Farby.
- Farby? Anything not authentic to the civil war years is considered Farby.
- Carl - That's General Finegan Doesn't allow it.
He caught me tweeting on my cell, so here I am doing time on the old spare wheel.
Huh, well, you don't look too torn up that you're missing all the Rebel fun.
Yeah, well, I'm more of a musical reenactor than a shoot-at-shit and-play-dead reenactor.
Which would make you? Rick Marsten.
And, yes, that Rick Marsten.
My band plays a lot of local bars.
You might have heard of me.
Must not be drinking at the right bars.
That's cool.
Still, they must have given you something to defend yourself with, you know, just in case.
- A sword, maybe, or saber? - Sorry.
As a musician, my only weapons are my drumsticks and fiddle bow.
- Hmm.
- Detective? No luck yet finding any blood or missing buttons.
But before you go, General Finegan is requesting and these are his words "The honor of your presence" in the command tent.
I am vexed, sir, with thoughts of the coming battle.
The responsibility weighs heavy on me.
Yeah, I'm pretty vexed myself.
Yes, of course.
The murder.
Precisely the point of my request to speak.
You see, the Federals are expected to advance against my forces at precisely 12:00 noon today.
Now, I know you have a job to do, but it's been a long and an arduous campaign and I desperately want my men to taste victory.
Send those Union bastards back north where they belong! Will you permit it, sir? Uh, spoiler alert.
You do know that the South loses the war, right? Okay, well, I guess it depends where your battle takes place.
Heavy artillery will be placed here, here, and here.
skirmish from these positions.
Well, my body was found here by this barn, so as long as you and your little friends stay on that side of the fence, I guess you have my permission to play army.
And you have my eternal gratitude, sir.
What's that? I believe it's a well that once provided water for a homestead.
A well? Well, well, well.
Colleen, I think I know where we might find our murder weapon.
Jeff, you found your phone.
Yeah, I did.
It was under my bed.
I thought you looked there.
I did, like, a hundred times.
Well, I've seen under your bed so I'm not surprised that you missed it.
I just thought you'd want to know.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
I appreciate you telling me that.
- Sorry, doctor.
- Where are you? I thought you said you didn't have a shift today.
I don't.
I'm here to talk to Dr.
You told me your fellowship was over.
It is well, it was, but only because he arbitrarily decided that six weeks was enough.
I completely overhauled his post-op treatment to prevent patient re-injury and dragged his entire practice out of the dark ages.
The least he can do is hear me out.
Mom, you're telling the wrong guy.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
Okay, um, I was just winding myself up.
I love you.
Love you, too.
Hardy, I Oh, my God.
He's dead? Yeah.
He was just lying there.
They're pretty sure it was a heart attack.
You want me to come over? No.
I'm all right.
Or I will be.
They're all talking about a memorial service.
Everyone here is freaking out about the whole thing.
I'm sorry.
I guess seeing death every day doesn't make it any easier.
You sure you don't want me to come over? Yeah.
No, I'll I'll be fine.
Well, you'll call if you need anything? I will.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Seems you were right about that old well.
I had a tech team check it out.
They said that the, uh, boards covering the opening look like they've recently been disturbed.
- And have they found the murder weapon? - Not yet.
It's a very deep well, and there's still water at the bottom.
They're sending for a diver.
And speaking of the murder weapon, according to the measurements I took from the body, we're looking for a blade with a single cutting edge approximately Once we have the weapon, I should be able to - match it to the wounds.
- And the brass button? No prints and everyone at the camp had all their buttons.
Any word on the victim's widow? Uh, her name is Maddy Malone, and no.
We've left messages, but she's not getting back to us.
There's a BOLO out on her car and I posted a unit outside her apartment.
Her apartment? She wasn't living with her husband? She and the victim were separated and in the process of divorcing.
And if you can believe the courthouse gossip, it was shaping up to be a pretty nasty one.
They got married right after Ethan graduated law school, and it's been downhill ever since.
Sorry to interrupt, but I think you're gonna want to see this.
This is the roster of the Confederate Army reenactors that you asked for.
And this is the list of everyone that our victim Ethan Russell has prosecuted since he became an A.
And one name shows up on both lists.
Carl Stewart? I must confess, sir, the name is not familiar.
Really? 'Cause it would be a shame for your men to see you in these, Carl.
What can I do for you? Well, for starters, an answer as to why you didn't tell me that you owned the barn and land where we found Ethan Russell's body, as in A.
Ethan Russell, the attorney who prosecuted you for digging up civil war artifacts.
Got you locked up for 14 months.
They were on my land.
And it's a stupid law! And I never should have done time.
He just used me to set an example.
For example, the 14 months you got for a few rusty trinkets.
Sounds like motive for murder to me.
Now, I admit, sir - Oh, no, don't - that the imbalance of justice did, indeed, set my reason afield.
But there would be no honor in killing that scoundrel.
And I certainly wasn't addlepated enough to do it on my own property.
Well, are you addlepated enough to tell me where you were last night between 10:00 and midnight? We bivouacked yesterday afternoon.
Anyone leaving camp was required to sign out with the sentry.
As you can see, I left camp at 21:00 hours.
'Cause I do security at the Palm Glade Mall.
They'll confirm I was there.
Looks like you weren't the only person missing at the time of the murder.
You want to tell me where I can find this Uriah Jones? Oh, uh, Private Jones is currently in the field with the 28th Georgia Regiment.
Though, if you're keen to speak, I strongly urge you to wait until battle has ceased.
Or not.
Private Jones? Private Jones? Hey, that guy you just killed, is that Private Jones? No? Anyone seen a Private Jones? Have you seen a Private Jones? Thank you.
Private Jones, I presume? Ooh! Nice work with the saber, by the way.
I almost couldn't tell.
Hey! Maddy Malone.
We've been looking for you.
I really appreciate you coming all the way out here to tell me about Ethan, detective.
That's no problem.
I figured it's the least I could do after you went to all the trouble of killing him.
You think I killed him? Well, you were going through a divorce.
A pretty nasty one from what I hear.
There was nothing nasty about it.
Look, Ethan and I may have decided to end our marriage, but he was my best friend.
Nothing was gonna change that.
We shared too much.
Like his clothes, for instance? I do this to honor the women who fought so bravely yet invisibly during the civil war.
Oh, and here I thought you were just hiding.
As many women had to do back then.
Many had no other option but to take up arms.
Women have never been properly recognized for their contributions, then or now.
But they were patriots just the same, just like my brother Tommy.
Oh, your brother wears a uniform? Three tours in Iraq, same as Ethan.
That's how Ethan and I met, actually, serving returning vets Thanksgiving Dinner, serving those who so bravely served us.
Now, why on earth would I kill someone who put their life on the line so you and I can live in the greatest country on earth? Wow well, when you put it that way, I guess I do feel a little twinge of guilt when I ask where were you between 10:00 and midnight? - An alibi? - Yeah.
I was working.
I work the graveyard shift at Cake & Steak in Aventura.
Feel free to check it out if you like.
Oh, no.
I will, yeah.
Anything you'd like to recommend? Oh, you mean the alibi.
Yeah, no, I'll check that out, too.
Look, I'm sorry if I'm not more helpful, but I'm in shock.
Now, if you don't mind, I would like to be alone right now.
Oh, no, grieve away.
Just, um, don't go deserting on me.
Carlos, tell me you have what I think you have.
We pulled it up from the well.
Luminol shows trace evidence of blood in the hilt.
I'll have it tested to see if it's a match for the victim.
I did a little research, found out it was called a musician's sword.
Wild guess, it was used by musicians.
By members of the Fife and Drum Corps.
They didn't fight with the soldiers, but if the lines were flanked, they needed something to defend themselves.
Thanks, Daniel.
I think I know just the musician.
He's gonna need more than drumsticks to defend himself if he's lying about that sword.
I didn't lie.
I lost my sword.
My drumsticks are my only weapon.
You lost it? That's convenient.
It is what it is, chief.
Uh, that's Detective Chief to you, Buck.
And you think we might take a break from the pickin' and a-grinnin'? The banjo's a mainstay of early American music.
It also occupied an essential place during the civil war.
And you're occupying an essential place in my investigation and working on my last nerve.
You go to Tampa Tech? Yep.
Why? So did my murder victim, Ethan Russell.
- Did you know him? - The name sounds familiar.
He might have been in my dorm.
Listen, I'm sorry I didn't tell you about the sword, but I didn't want word getting back to the general.
Why would he care? Well, because it's from his collection.
He's what you call a Sutler, a collector and authenticity nut.
Half the reenactors here rent their equipment and uniforms from him.
Most of this equipment is his? Even something as small as a button? Buttons, braces Bandages? Uh, afraid those are Like to keep my ankles wrapped.
Never know what you might step in out in the field.
Or near the field.
Where were you between Had a gig with my band, a place called The Dive Inn.
Your name wasn't on the sentry's sign-out list.
Hey, man, I had a job to go to.
I'm not gonna disappoint my fans just 'cause of some stupid rule.
Well, you better hope that you alibi doesn't disappoint me because if it doesn't hold up, you'll get a lot worse than the old spare wheel.
Thanks for getting back to me.
Uh, yeah.
I know where that is.
You really think Ray's stupid enough to keep calling Jeff even after I caught him? Ray Cargill's a lot of things, but stupid isn't one of them.
Problem is the damage may already be done.
Meaning what? Meaning we're probably gonna have to move him.
New names, new location, whole new deal, big pain in the ass.
Look, Tony, I appreciate how tough your job must be, but this is not any easier on Jeff and his family.
I get that.
I mean, after everything Callie and Jeff have done to put the mistakes of Ray's past behind them, making them go through it all over again just feels like we're punishing the victims.
I mean, you know the kind of life they used to live with Ray.
You know, I'd probably feel the same way if I were you.
Unfortunately, I don't have that luxury.
The minute I start looking at these guys as husbands and wives and sons is the minute I miss something and bad things happen.
Well, you call me if Ray's status changes? You'll be my first call.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
I took measurements from the musician's sword that we found in the well.
The 2-centimeter width of its blade is consistent with the puncture wounds we found on the victim's body.
The blood on the sword also matches the victim's.
- Prints? - Three partials.
I can match two of them that are in the system.
One is Carl Stewart.
That's General Carl Stewart to you, my man.
Apparently he owns the sword.
And the other one is Rick Marsten.
Who claims that he and all the other reenactors rent the sword and all the other equipment from Carl.
And a sword he claims he also lost.
Which I wouldn't be too quick to believe.
I went though old Tampa Tech student registrations like you suggested.
Not only did Rick and the victim Ethan live in the same dorm, they also played in the same band together.
They called themselves - Rebel Yell.
- How did you know? I guess you could say I'm a groupie, or about to become one.
Where are we with the alibis? Carl, the general, was at work like he said.
He signed in and out on his timecard.
The manager at Cake & Steak where Maddy works also confirmed that she was there for her entire shift.
Still waiting to hear back from the owner of The Dive Inn where Rick said he and his band played.
Those bar and lounge guys keep pretty odd hours.
Call me when you hear something? Private Jones, you're out of uniform.
Please, call me Maddy.
Private Jones is a role I play on the battlefield.
Well, you couldn't fool anyone now.
Um, I hope you don't mind my asking, but how how do you hide the fact that you're - A girl? - Yeah.
Binding the same way women who fought in the real civil war used to do.
What, like with elastic wraps or bandages? Bandages, cheesecloth, whatever they had at hand.
I use bandages.
Well, you know, I'm kind of surprised to see you out and about tonight.
You know, what with your husband freshly dead and all.
Well, that was a little insulting.
A little? I didn't want to be alone, is all.
Oh, I thought maybe you're a special friend of the band or the lead singer, anyway.
Excuse me.
Daniel? What do you got for me? So, Rick's band did have a gig, but the club owner canceled at the last minute.
He said Rick left the club around 11:00 P.
Leaving him an hour to kill Ethan.
And he didn't leave quietly.
According to the club owner, Rick was pissed.
And he said, and I quote, "I'm tired of Ethan's shit I'm gonna take care of him once and for all.
" Thank you, Daniel.
Thank you.
Thank you, everyone.
Uh, hey, detective.
What's going on? Got a request? Actually, I do I was wondering if you knew "I think you killed Ethan Russell.
Now come along with me.
" It's a great song.
I didn't threaten to kill Ethan, detective.
The dude you talked to, he used to play in a heavy-metal band.
He's totally deaf.
He's got no idea what I said.
And now I know why the general kept you tied to a wheel.
Why would I kill someone over one lousy gig? That would be insane.
Which is why we checked with the other club owners.
Uh, turns out for the past year, every time you played somewhere, the cops showed up.
They told the owners they had reports of people smoking in the bathrooms, underage drinking.
Well, that's got nothing to do with me.
Every club serves minors and has people firing up in the stalls.
Except the cops only showed up when you were playing.
Ethan was using the power of the State Attorney's Office to harass you, wasn't he? Well, that's between Ethan and the club owners.
Not me.
Making you more trouble than you're worth.
Which, by the way, isn't much.
We checked your finances.
In between Ethan and all your canceled gigs, you're pretty much broke.
And why would Ethan care that much about what I was doing? Maybe he didn't like your banjo playing.
Or maybe and my money's on this one He didn't like that you were sleeping with his wife.
What? That's crazy.
- Did she tell you that.
- No.
The bandages in your tent did.
They're not for ankles sprains.
They're hers.
And there's only one reason that she would be in your tent unbinding herself.
Okay, fine.
But she and her old man were already separated.
And as far as those stupid local gigs are concerned, who needs them? Not me.
I'm about to sign a deal with Boardwalk Records and everyone can kiss my rock-star ass.
- Which I'll be passing on.
- And I'm hardly the only person Ethan used his position to harass.
It was like this crusade he was on.
If there's something about you that he didn't like, he'd do everything in his power to take it away.
I looked at Ethan's court cases from the D.
's office.
Seems he was hell-bent on shutting down your reenactments.
You know, that thing that you love more than life itself? Except, I'm guessing, that thing.
And since we know how much you live to be General Beauregard Finegan, well, then that must have really pissed you off.
Yeah, it did.
But not enough to kill for.
He said the reenactments made a mockery of the suffering of real soldiers, said it was an insult to those who served.
Well, considering he was one of those who served, he kind of had a point.
You don't need to see death firsthand to understand sacrifice, detective.
The reenactments are how I honor service to our country.
He just didn't see it that way.
Ethan's opinion on the reenactment was petty and personal but hardly enough reason to kill for.
But it wasn't just his opinion, was it? He took a Pro Bono case representing a group of vets That wanted to see the reenactments abolished entirely.
A case he was never going to win.
The court of public opinion was against him! The community loves the reenactments.
Everyone does.
Even Ethan's wife was fighting him on it.
Then again, those two seemed to fight about pretty much everything lately.
Oh? Oh, you ask me, her lack of support on this issue was at the heart of their divorce.
This is Carl.
- I'm taking a 10-40.
- Copy that.
That's a lunch break.
Oh, is that what that stands for? Well, have a good 10-40.
Just don't go changing your 10-20 without checking with me first.
My location? Not a chance.
I'm on duty till midnight.
Huh, a man who knows his codes.
Colleen? Yeah, I need your judge buddy to make a call for me.
Friends and family of Dr.
Theodore Hardy, thank you.
Thank you all for coming to honor him in his final journey.
Oh, Carl Stewart was right.
Ethan and Maddy were fighting a lot.
However, according to my judge buddy, it wasn't about the reenactment, it was about money.
How much could they have? He was a civil servant at the State Attorney's Office, she worked at a pancake house.
Try a quarter of a million dollars.
Did someone win the lottery? Not that I could find and no record showing a sale of property or real estate.
Well, the money had to come from somewhere.
And with their modest income, a quarter of a million dollars is definitely enough to fight over.
And quite possibly kill for.
How can I wash this stain from my hands? Why so sad? You like someone who's just learned the South's lost the war again.
Did it ever occur to you that I might be crying for my dead husband? The one I think you killed? You're wrong, detective.
I didn't kill my husband.
Well, won't you at least tell me what you're listening to? I might add it to my "Catch a Killer" playlist.
I mean, it must be pretty important if you're willing to go all Farby and risk the wrath of General Sideburns.
If you must know, it's one of Rick's songs that he recorded with his band.
His voice gets to me and brings me to tears every time I hear it.
I'll bet I know what else brings you to tears.
The thought of sharing a quarter of a million dollars with your husband.
What are you talking about? The quarter mil in your joint account.
Divorced, you'd only get half.
But widowed, you get the whole thing.
So, unfortunately, you may have won the battle, but you've lost the war.
Kind of a shocker, huh? Guy saved my professional life more than once.
It's weird to think that someone like that won't be around anymore.
You okay? I mean, I didn't really know him that well or even for that long.
Well, you didn't need to know him long to know that he could be a hard-ass.
But a really good guy.
So, why did you avoid me over there? Honestly? I'm embarrassed to see you.
Darius, I Callie, you tried to do something to help me, and I treated you like everyone else, like I was in control and calling the shots.
And clearly I was wrong.
If I hadn't been such an idiot, maybe I could have avoided all this.
And you were right, Callie.
I should have quit.
All the cortisone did was hide the pain.
I know, right? Where were you five years ago? Well, something tells me you wouldn't have listened to me then either.
But I don't know.
You're pretty persuasive.
Hardy said you're one of the good ones, said you're gonna make a hell of a doctor.
Yeah, just not to my face.
He liked you plenty.
Trust me.
He didn't like a whole lot of people.
You take care of yourself, Callie.
Yeah, you too.
- You're wrong about the money.
- Really? So you weren't trying to keep the entire quarter of a million dollars for yourself? No, I was.
- Then I'm right about the money.
- No.
You're wrong about where it came from.
You seem to assume that it was Ethan's money to begin with.
Well, if it was yours, then you're one hell of a waitress.
The money came from my brother.
Tommy Lee made me his beneficiary.
Meaning he died in service? Killed outside of Fallujah.
That's why it's so important to me to honor him through these reenactments.
Or even more reason to kill Ethan Trying to take the money that your brother meant for you.
Trying, yes, but failed.
A judge ruled that my brother's death benefit was a premarital asset not part of our community property.
Which means I get to keep the money and have no reason to kill Ethan.
And yet we still matched the prints from the murder weapon to yours.
You already knew that I spent time in Rick's tent.
Is it really that hard to believe I might have touched his saber? No, too easy.
I had an alibi, okay? I was at work.
Yeah, that's not really working out for you.
Uh, you signed out of camp at 9:54 but you didn't show up to work until almost 11:00, so even with the 20 minute drive, that still leaves about I had to go home and change and shower before my shift.
Did you shower alone? Are you serious? Do I really have to account for every minute? Actually, sometimes you do.
Carl can definitely account for signing in and out of work at the mall the night of the murder.
However, as you saw when you were with him, when a guard makes his rounds, he uses an electronic wand to check in at various points around the mall.
It allows the system to track the frequency and timing of the rounds.
Well, what does the system tell us about Carl's rounds the night of Ethan's murder? He didn't make any, not a single checkpoint.
Then there's something else you were right about.
Carl Stewart definitely had his sights set higher than security guard at the Palm Glade Mall.
I guess even the thrill of a Segway gets old after a while.
Thanks, Daniel.
You changed your 10-20 without checking with me first.
Not very cop-in-training of you.
Cop-in-training? You're wrong, sir.
My one desire in life is and always will be to honorably discharge my duties as a General of the Confederate Army.
Okay, I think we can say goodbye to the general for now.
So, you applied to a dozen different police agencies and they all rejected you, didn't they? They said I was a convicted felon.
Well, yeah, but only because you were a convicted felon, good enough for a mall cop but not good enough for a real cop.
Any sentence over a year automatically becomes a felony.
Yours was 14 months.
I took civil war artifacts from my own land.
I've done it since I was a boy.
Ethan didn't have to push for the maximum sentence.
But he did, and in doing so, killed your dream of becoming a cop, so you killed him.
I didn't kill him.
I told you.
I was at work.
Well, you clocked in, anyway, and you also clocked out.
Problem is you can't account for your time in between.
So, unless you can right now I-I I have sleep apnea.
The sleep disorder? I need a special breathing machine in order to sleep.
It's only a problem during reenactment weekends, but it would be Farby to keep it in my tent.
So I left work to sleep at home.
That's so weird, I actually believe you.
Those buttons, you get them from your property? Oh, those are actually reproductions.
Soaking them in uric acid gives them an authentic antiqued patina.
Uric acid? Urine.
Daniel? What do you got for me? I finally heard back from the lawyers at Boardwalk Records.
They definitely have a working contract with Rick Marsten.
"Working" as in what? As in they were all set to put a deal in place with Rick when they hit on a little snag.
I sent you an e-mail with the specifics.
Got it.
Thanks, Daniel.
Excuse me.
Coming through.
Excuse me.
Hey, detective.
What's up? What's up is that we checked your deal with the record company.
You never told me you were part of a song-writing duo.
I didn't think it mattered.
When the other half of that duo is my murder victim, yeah, it definitely matters.
Can I help you? Oh, um, no.
I, uh, I did a fellowship with Dr.
Hardy, and I just wanted to return his keys.
You're Callie Cargill.
Hardy really liked you.
- So I keep hearing.
- Yeah.
He was kind of funny that way.
But he knew who he liked.
He was rough at times, but he was sweet.
Deep down.
Way deep down.
But he was the best orthopedic specialist in the business.
Yeah, I always wondered why a man with his reputation would work for a place like Well-Core.
Oh, Dr.
Hardy didn't work for Well-Core.
He was Well-Core.
As in, all this, he owned it.
You mean the hospital? Five hospitals, three surgery centers.
His babies, he used to call them.
You didn't know? No.
Well, like I said, he was funny that way.
All you've ever wanted to be is a musician, right? To write and sell songs.
And then here you are almost 30 Ancient in MTV years And right before you sign your first record deal, what do you do? You go murder your writing partner.
I didn't kill Ethan, detective.
You and Ethan didn't just play in a band together, did you? You wrote songs together.
Which meant boardwalk, who for some reason actually liked your music, couldn't move ahead with the deal because both you and Ethan owned the copyright.
But now that Ethan's dead, you own the rights.
I wrote plenty of music without Ethan that they were interested in.
Not according to the contract.
It makes me wonder, what was so special about the music you two made together? Or at least what Ethan brought to this party.
I don't know, man.
I-I-it was just this thing that came out of him when he got back from Iraq.
He was going to school on the G.
I guess he just needed to purge all this twisted war shit out of his system so he could feel something again.
His lyrics are so real, you know? They touch people.
You could feel them.
Well, with all this feeling going on, why wouldn't Ethan want to touch thousands of fans with a chance to feel millions? What happened? Law school happened.
He started talking about a future in politics.
Said the songs belong to his past like he was ashamed of what he wrote.
He said he didn't want anyone to ever hear them again.
So you killed him, making sure that Ethan's past would never again stand in the way of the future you believe you deserve.
Okay, well, we got your fingerprints on the murder weapon and now we have a chart-topping motive.
So unfortunately for you, that's good enough for me.
Well, at least listen to the songs, man.
It doesn't make any sense.
The man had a gift.
His words brought people to tears.
Why wouldn't you want people to hear them? Nobody wins in this game we play I couldn't see I couldn't breathe one bullet killed poor Tommy Lee poor tom one bullet killed poor Tommy Lee poor Tommy Lee Carlos.
What can you tell me about urine? This song, it's the one that makes you cry, right? Something about the beauty of Rick's voice that just gets you every time.
But is it Rick's voice or the lyrics that really get you? One bullet killed poor Tommy Lee There.
Tommy Lee.
That's your brother, isn't it? Which is either a weird coincidence since Ethan wrote this song in law school, well before he met you, or he knew your brother first, served with him in Iraq, which you failed to mention.
Sorry, detective.
The reenactment's about to start and I still have to find my jacket and get ready.
Oh, yeah, about that.
I kind of borrowed it so we can do some tests on the buttons.
And you know what we found? Uric acid, Carl's preferred method of aging the buttons to that authentic antique patina.
That's hardly a secret.
Thing is, one of the buttons didn't have any uric acid.
It was also sewn on with a different thread.
This is war.
People lose buttons all the time and replace them.
You didn't lose yours in war.
You lost it in an open field the night that you killed your husband.
That's ridiculous.
I was divorcing him.
I had no reason to kill him.
Except revenge.
Call me a killer or call me a liar but there ain't nothing friendly about no friendly fire Took strong-arming from my director to get the truth about your brother out of the Department of Defense.
I can only imagine how frustrating that must have been for a mere civilian.
They wouldn't tell me anything.
He was my big brother.
I just wanted to know what happened.
Was he alone? Did he suffer? But all they would tell me was that he died in service to our country.
'Cause he was the victim of friendly fire and the shooter was your husband, Ethan.
After my brother was killed, I had this burning need to find people who served with him.
I met Ethan and we just clicked.
I didn't know he once wrote music.
But then I heard Rick sing, and that's when I heard that song.
And I finally knew the truth.
Which Ethan couldn't live with.
Said the shooting was just an accident Which it was.
But that if anybody found out about it, it would ruin him.
That's why he wanted that song killed, to bury the truth.
Tommy Lee died at his hands and why should Ethan live and not my brother? Yeah, it was very shocking and, um, I didn't even know about Well-Core.
Well, it's very generous.
I, uh I don't even know what to say.
Thank you.
And I look forward to meeting you, too.
Look forward to meeting who? That was Dr.
Hardy's attorney.
His attorney? He left me money.
- What? - Like, a lot of money.
I don't understand.
I don't understand, either.
I guess he didn't have a lot of family and he never had kids of his own.
W-why you? Pbht! His attorney said that he wanted me to finish med school.
Oh, no, we should celebrate.
I mean, not celebrate.
No, you're right.
We should.
We should celebrate.
He did this for a reason.
- I mean, if you're okay.
- Yeah.
I'm gonna go and, uh, clean up, and, uh, we'll go to dinner? Yeah.
Yeah, sure.
Hey, uh, not really the best time.
Uh, what's up? Sorry, but I thought you should hear about this right away.
It's Ray.
He's gone.
What do you mean, he's gone? We decided we had to relocate him.
His guy and a couple of attorneys went over to explain the terms of his new contract and he'd completely cleared out.
He's gone, detective.
And we have no idea where he is.