The Glee Project (2011) s01e02 Episode Script


Twelve lucky contenders Made it all the way to The Glee Project campus.
- A show about a Glee club? That's never gonna make it.
- The girls kind of lost it When Darren Criss turned up as their first guest mentor.
- Oh, my god.
You're so hot.
- But he chose Matheus As the winner of the first Homework Assignment.
- Oh, my gosh.
- Their big group number was Katy Perry's Firework.
For some, it went off with a bang.
Come on show what you're worth - Whoo! - But for others - Aw.
- It was more of a whimper.
- I can't treat you like three-year-olds.
That's it.
- Damian, Ellis, and Bryce weren't too happy About being in the bottom three.
- Jesus.
I am just crapping myself.
- But they all managed to hold it in Just long enough to rock it out for Ryan.
In the end, it was Bryce who didn't make the cut, And was sent home.
Now there's eleven contenders left Competing for a seven-episode guest starring role on Glee, The most awesome show on TV.
And that's what you missed so far on - Every week, we have a new Homework Assignment.
The winner gets some one-on-one time With the guest judge to work on the big group number.
I want to win, So I'm just gonna bring as much attitude as I can, And just rock it out.
- Theatricality, I cannot wait.
I burst on the inside, Because I am "Theatricality.
" Ga, ga, ooh, la, la Want your bad romance If I don't win this week's challenge, Something's wrong.
- Blah, blah, ah, ah, ah Rum, bah, rum, bah, bah Ga, ga, ooh, la, la Want your bad romance - My part that I was given for this homework assignment Is the final verse in the entire song.
So I really need to put some power into it.
- I want your loving and I want your revenge You and me, you're my bad romance That was I'm a broadway girl, and I'm just gonna rely completely On my musical theater training, And just be very, like, "Ah, yeah, cool, awesome.
" - So it's theatrical.
Like, I wonder what they're - Theatricality.
Like, okay, on the-- on the show, They talk about Theatricality, And how it's not just about being over the top.
It's about expressing exactly what you are With grandeur.
- Man, Lindsay gets on my nerves.
- I'm so excited.
Are you so excited? - That girl is a phony, phony, phony chick.
And I know phony.
Trust me, I know phony.
- You excited? - Yeah.
- You don't look excited.
- Last week, Robert brought Darren Criss with him, So this week I'm just wondering who it's gonna be.
If it's gonna be another Glee person.
But I can't wait.
I can't wait to see.
[cheering] - Are you kidding me? - As she's walking down the hall, I'm like, "That--that's not her.
That's not her.
" And then when she gets there, I'm like, "Oh, my god, that's her.
" - Oh, my god.
- Idina Menzel.
Aah! I am so excited.
I absolutely adore this woman.
Wicked is my favorite musical of all time.
She is one of my favorite singers of all time, And I can barely breathe.
- Obviously you know Idina Menzel.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- She plays Shelby, the coach of Vocal Adrenaline And Rachel's birth mother on Glee, So there is no one more suited To introduce this week's theme.
- Which is "Theatricality.
" You know, I think that Theatricality Is often confused for being too big and over the top And kind of shticky, And I think the best form of theatricality Is when you guys are honest and true, And, most importantly, fearless.
So with that in mind, We gave you a Homework Assignment this week, And the performer who impresses Idina the most Will get a featured moment in the big group number.
So this is the time.
Go for it.
- rah, rah, ah, ah, ah rum, bah, rum, bum, bah - ga, ga, ooh, la, la want your bad romance - rah, rah, ah, ah, ah rum, bah, rum, bum, bah ga, ga, ooh, la, la want your bad romance - I want your ugly I want your disease I want your everything as long as it's free - I want your love love, love, love I want your love - I want your drama the touch of your hand I want your leather-studded kiss in the sand - I want your love love, love, love I want your love - you know that I want you and you know that I need you - I want your loving I want your revenge you and me could write a bad romance - whoa - I want your love and all your love is revenge you and me could write your bad romance - whoa caught in a bad romance - whoa - rah, rah, ah, ah, ah rum, bah, rum, bum, bah ga, ga, ooh, la, la want your bad romance - That's great.
- Whoo! - That was just great, you guys.
- That was awesome.
First of all, I'm not a good dancer, So I'm always in awe of people that can do choreography, Can sing and dance at the same time.
Certain things stood out to me that I enjoy today.
For one, Ellis, you have such a wide range That you can be so youthful, And then you have the sultry, sort of more mature side to you.
- Thank you.
- Samuel, just hot, cool.
It was just good.
You're easy.
You're relaxed.
You seem like you're in your body and you're comfortable.
- Thank you so much.
- Um, Lindsay.
- Me.
[laughs] - You sound really contemporary, And a really good sound in your voice.
- Thank you.
- Alex, you have a larger than live presence.
Just an incredible range, And you were fearless.
- Thank you.
- And then, Cameron, The fact that you didn't have anything to sing, And you still stood out.
I think that's a testament to your stage presence And your charisma.
- Okay, well, I think it's time to pick the winner.
- Okay.
Um, it's really hard for me, honestly.
I think you're all really incredibly talented.
But I picked Alex, because this is the [cheers and applause] 'cause for this assignment, Alex stood out the most.
So, Alex, this means that we're going to be working together Tomorrow on your featured moment, And the number that you all are going to learn, Which is the '80s glam rock classic We're not gonna take it by twisted sister.
- No way.
- We're not gonna take it - The concept is going to be a dream sequence In a high school cafeteria, Where you're playing a bunch of outsider kind of kids That fantasize about being rock stars in the school.
- You're gonna record, perform, And shoot the big group number with our team, And Zach, Nikki, and I Will be assessing you throughout the entire process.
Then we'll pick the three contenders We consider the weakest to do last-chance performances For Ryan Murphy, And he'll decide who makes the callback list And who doesn't.
- Now that there's only eleven of us, Robert has one less person to look at, And I'm just gonna have to keep showing him That, you know, I belong here.
[bell rings] - The clock's ticking.
Like, we have to get this in your body.
You're our first thing.
- Yep.
- Five, six, seven, eight.
We're not gonna take it - No, be a little bit cool with it.
Like, boom, like we're not gonna take it Just get that a little bit faster.
- All right.
- We're ba, ba, ba, ba, ba Damian, look at where you're going Damian, are you feeling well? - Feeling fantastic.
[laughter] do I not look good? - Let's try it again.
Boom, ba, da, da - Ugh.
- Boom.
We ain't gonna take-- - Just get in everybody's way.
I'm sorry.
I'm trying to find a place Where I'm not up in everybody's grill.
- Everyone's taking a little too long to learn these steps.
Especially ellis.
Two left feet, man.
And, Damian.
What the heck? I've never seen a leprechaun dance like that.
- Ba, ba - Why--why can't I? - So we should have been through that a long time ago.
- I'm a train wreck.
I'm sorry.
- Can we try the music? Good luck.
- Watch if you get lost.
The choreography itself is not too hard for me.
I'm feeling a little more worried About everyone else, who seems to need more time.
Matheus, you're doing this, like, heel thing, Like you're in Oklahoma.
- Yeah, I was, like, I was watching everybody doing it.
- You're, like, going - Sorry.
My body--my body just kind of likes to roll.
- Well, tell it to stop.
- It's-- [laughs] - Oh, it's just one more.
Let's do it one more, and we have to move on.
You look extremely cool, which is what's crazy.
Can he even hear me? [laughs] - I wouldn't consider myself a dancer, you know.
I'm more of, like, in the bedroom kind of type of dancer.
You know, I've got moves, but it works for me.
- All right, turkeys, come here.
Okay, so I might not be there on the video shoot day, But Brooke's gonna be there, And if y'all-- if you look horrible and stupid, I'll kill you.
[bell rings] - Bring him closer.
Like, maybe kiss him.
- I've never actually been kissed.
- I can't play.
I'm gonna look so stupid.
- I want to know what I'm wearing.
Oh, my.
- Are those yours? - They couldn't be.
- I feel so much taller.
- I'm a giant.
Raah! I'm alive.
- One of the most popular aspects of Glee Are the big musical numbers.
So every week the kids Will have to rehearse choreography with Zach.
- Take.
- Record vocals with Nikki Anders.
- Yow! - Awesome.
- And shoot a music video With award-winning director Erik White.
- All right, so let's go through it from the top.
Because Zach is away on the set of Glee this week, Brooke will be here running the show.
- Let's just try and, like, walk, walk, walk, walk.
- Walking with purpose.
Holy christ.
I'm feeling not so great about dancing.
I don't want to fall off the stage.
Brooke, I'm not gonna be able To make that turn in these heels.
- I'm gonna keep you guys safe, And I'm gonna get you guys going.
This floor's - I'm not worried about being safe.
I'm just worried about looking like a dumbass.
- Ellis is a "Negative Nancy.
" She tells Brooke, like, "I don't want to look like an idiot.
" And you could see in Brooke's face That she was a little offended.
- I'm not--I'm not here to make you look dumbass.
I want to protect you guys and make you guys look goo And make sure that everybody is looking fantastic.
- Whoa.
- Hey.
- Man, you smell good.
- From a casting director standpoint, I'm interested to see how each one Bring a sense of "Theatricality" To their part in the song.
- I want to have you walking the runway, And all the guys are just, like, loving you, Just adoring you.
- My look is "Glam Diva.
" That isn't me.
Like, I'm the goofy, silly one.
I don't talk to boys and stuff.
But I don't give an "F.
" I'm just gonna go for it.
[cheering] Got to channel a little rouge right now.
Channel the inner diva.
- I'm gonna have you playing the keytar a little bit, So I can get some cool, slow-motion - Oh, yeah.
- Lenny Kravitz.
- See, now you're speaking my language.
I just did not perform in the vocal booth As well as I could have this week.
My voice is just pissing me off.
- I don't pick our destiny 'cause - Oh, that is a wimp's way out.
We can't do that.
- Don't pick our destiny 'cause Ugh.
Don't pick-- Don't-- ugh.
- Don't get down on yourself.
- Samuel overthinks everything, And he just is too much in his head.
Needs to get out of there.
- I get up on stage, and for a second there And for a second there When they said "action" and we were rolling, I actually believed that they loved me.
- So I got to have you with the guitar.
- Get out of town.
- Yeah.
[laughs] All right, all right, all right, That's good, though, 'cause I don't think that's gonna break.
- Hell no.
I'll break my wrist.
I pictured, like, I was bashing my ex, And that still didn't work, but I looked cute trying.
- Do I get to dive, or are they just gonna - I think you're gonna fall back into 'em.
- Okay, cool, cool.
[cheering] - Cameron looks like a superstar.
He went from weezer to rock god.
McKynleigh, I got you playing the bass.
- Okay.
- Rock star.
- I'm really worried about McKynleigh.
In the recording studio, she just wasn't having fun, And she just was, like, mm, kind of going through the motions.
- This is our life This is our song - Um, can you maybe try going up a little sooner? She needs to make this a little bit different, And add a little bit of her own - This is our song In the recording studio, I didn't really connect with Nikki.
I know the mentors want me to put more personality, And I'm trying really hard to put that into my performance.
- You ever see the rock shows Where they, like, spit in slow motion? - Yeah! All right.
- There's a little bit of a disconnect, 'cause she's gorgeous.
- Yeah.
- I actually love her voice.
- It's just I would like to see her inner confidence Come out a little bit more.
- These kids can't worry about feeling silly or stupid During these video shoots.
They just have to forget their inhibitions And get into character.
This is new to me, man.
I can't play.
I just-- This is the fir-- this is literally the first time That I'm behind a drum set like this.
Ah, I got to learn this.
Erik, I'm gonna look so stupid.
I was kind of putting some pressure on myself at first, Because last week, you know, I won the Homework Assignment, And I was featured in the music video, But this week I'm freaking out a little bit.
Because I don't want to look like crap.
Do you want me to look at the camera, Or look at this? - Look at the camera.
- Look at the camera? - They all needed to step out of their box.
So different from last week.
Instead of being their characters, They needed to be a rock star, And there's only a handful That are truly in that rock star form, And some of 'em that are still trying-- Maybe I'm a little girl.
Maybe I'm still, you know, the class clown.
- Okay, everybody ready? Here we go.
Some big jock comes up on the stage.
Bring him closer.
Like, maybe kiss him.
- I've never actually been kissed, like, legit.
I'm totally freaking out a little bit on the inside.
- When we really roll, then you kiss him.
- I'm sorry.
This is hilarious.
- When we really roll, then you got to kiss him.
- Okay.
I was, like, totally panicking.
I was like, "Yeah, this is awesome," But in the back of my mind I'm like, "Aah, aah, what do I do? "I'm gonna make it so awkward.
I'm gonna screw it up.
" This is awesome.
Yeah, you better be jealous.
- I'm not.
I'm just--I don't want to have a kiss on stage.
- No we ain't gonna take it We're not gonna take it - You see that? Was there tongue? Whoo! Shoo, girl.
- All right, Ellis, best "first kiss?" - It's not a first kiss.
Don't listen to them.
I'm sorry.
Just ruin my life, lindsay.
Go ahead.
I was like, "No! Why would you do that to me?" Jealousy.
- I said, "Oh, this is your first kiss?" And she went, "It's not my first kiss.
" Oops.
I thought it was.
- Yes, it is.
She's just embrassed.
- Don't embarrass her.
- To be honest, it hasn't felt like a competition yet.
Example, in the recording studio, Nikki says that I'm wonderful.
- Okay, so gonna come out of the bridge With a big note.
- Mm-hmm.
- And then do something.
Go up.
- Okay.
- I know you'll nail it.
- You'll see Aah we're not gonna take it - That's great.
- What the heck just happened? You're a genius.
Lindsay is incredible.
I gave her one suggestion, And she nailed it on the first take.
- That was awesome.
- How'd you do? - Uh, did you hear it? - Yes.
- So that's what I did.
I've set the bar so high already, And I feel-- I feel confident.
So this--this shot right here, As you walk to the table, This big jock is gonna kind of, like, bump you on the way, And the cheerleaders will laugh.
- It's time for me to go on camera, And we're gonna be outcast students, And we go into a dream sequence And say that we're not gonna take bullying, And we're not gonna take teasing anymore.
- Everyone's got to be in character.
We're seeing everybody.
- Being the winner of the Homework Assignment, I got a one-on-one session with Idina Menzel, And she brought something in me That I didn't know that I had.
there ain't no way we're losing - The only thing to add to it to bring out the Theatricality, Do not forget that people were hurting your feelings, And so let it come out of anger and hurt As opposed to, you know, like, "We're just doing this cool song, And we're throwing our hair around.
" You know what I mean? It's got to really come from this place.
- You're oh so condescending Your gall is never ending - You should really try to think about A time in your life Where you felt ostracized and ridiculed.
- I can relate to this concept, Because of my sexual orientation, And always being teased or bullied about it.
- And to the table.
Close your eyes.
The theme of the week is "Theatricality," So we're looking for each contender To show us something larger than life about themselves.
Some stood out more than others, But we won't know which three Will be doing last-chance performances Until we watch the video.
Here we go.
And cue playback please.
[bell rings] [laughter] - Aah - We're not gonna take it No, we ain't gonna take it We're not gonna take it anymore - We've got the right to choose and There ain't no way we're losing - This is our life, this is our song - We'll fight the powers that be just Don't pick our destiny 'cause - You don't know us You don't belong - We're not gonna take it No, we ain't gonna take it We're not gonna take it anymore.
- Oh, you're so condescending Your gall is never ending - We don't want nothing, not a thing from you Yow! - Your life is trite and jaded boring and confiscated - If that's your best Your best won't do - Oh Oh - We're right - Yeah! - We're free - Yeah! - We'll fight - Yeah! - You'll see - We're not gonna take it No, we ain't gonna take it We're not gonna take it anymore - Yeah! Whoa! - We're not gonna take it No, we ain't gonna take it We're not gonna take it anymore We're not gonna take it No! No, we ain't gonna take it We're not gonna take it anymore - Yeah! Anymore - Cut, cut, cut.
All right, everybody, that's a wrap.
Excellent job.
All right.
[bell rings] - You shouldn't make me upset all the time.
- Can I just ask why you just attacked me? - I didn't attack you, and you attack me every day.
- What? - I don't know if she really wants to help me, Or if she just wants to rip me apart.
- I'm just trying to help.
- I'm not excited about today at all.
- I was confident in the beginning of the week, But waking up today, I'm really nervous.
- I don't know how they're gonna choose a bottom three.
- It's gonna be hard.
I mean, everybody did so well.
- The only thing, though, is that, like, Sometimes you have to, like, be careful what you say, Because you, like, you might have, like, Offended Brooke when you said something.
- What did I say? - You, like, you kind of raised your hand, And you were, like, asking about a step.
You were like, "is that right?" And she was like, "yeah, you did it right.
" And you were just like, "I just don't want to look like a dumbass.
" And she kind of took a step back and went, "I'm not gonna make you look like a dumbass.
- I didn't need Lindsay to say anything.
I felt really bad, because I'm not trying to gang up on Ellis.
- I didn't get that at all from her.
- Well, no, no, I know, But when you say something about, like, About choreography to a choreographer - Now--now I feel like crap.
- Well, sorry.
We're just trying to tell you That you just have to be careful.
- That's the thing I'm most worried about, you know? Like, I said something that apparently hurt Brooke, And I didn't mean it, and now I feel like [bleep].
- This was a general thing to everyone.
We have to watch what we say.
- Now that I'm getting to know Lindsay a little bit better, My opinions have kind of changed.
I don't think she's very nice, honestly.
I think she's kind of mean.
- [sighs] Well, you shouldn't make me upset all the time.
- Time out.
Can I just ask why you just attacked me? - I didn't attack you, and you attack me every day.
- What? How do I attack you every day? Ellis, I helped you in the rehearsal hall.
Literally ten minutes ago, You were like, "Did you put tea on my table? Thanks.
" And I was like, "Yeah, you're welcome.
No problem.
" - I don't appreciate that you use that too as a combatant.
You're like, "I gave you tea and I did this help.
" I don't know if she really wants to help me, Or if she just wants to rip me apart.
- I'm just trying to help.
I feel like I'm nice to Ellis, And apparently I'm not.
But at the same time, how do you be around someone That is just negative all the time.
Stop having such an awful attitude about it.
- I'm kind of a coward when it comes to people, And I think Lindsay sees what makes me feel vulnerable, And she seizes on it.
She's coming across as a bully.
- I heard yesterday went incredibly well.
- You guys did a really good job.
As you know, we've been assessing your vocals, Your performance, your dance, your attitude, And this week, of course, your theatricality.
- Alex.
You all made the callback list.
- Thank you.
- You know that feeling when you feel over-blessed? Like everything is just working out for you In ways that you couldn't imagine? Apparently I did something right, And there is just blessing after blessing thrown at me.
Three of you will have to do A last-chance performance for Ryan.
This week, it came down to a choice Between the six of you.
You guys, couple of things.
You know what we're looking for, And at this point, It is making conscious decisions On what role you want to play for that challenge, And it's who's gonna pop.
Damian, Emily, Hannah.
You made the callback list.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- I'm relieved I don't have to sing for ryan this week.
I don't think I deserve to be in the bottom.
That doesn't make any sense, So I'm just gonna bring it even harder next week.
- Thanks.
- You three are going to do last-chance performances For Ryan tonight.
- Yeah.
- You have an amazing voice.
And yet there's a little bit of a disconnect, And I don't know what it is.
Maybe you're overthinking too much.
Your physicality isn't translating Into what you can do vocally.
I need you to pull that from somewhere.
Your song is Piece of My Heart by Janis Joplin.
- My mom loves Janis Joplin, So I grew up listening to her, And I think I can put some personality in.
- Matheus, we felt during the video shoot You were too busy trying to look cool, And you lost the passion that we fell in love with last week.
We need to see that again in your performances.
Your song is Gives You Hell by the All-American Rejects.
- I'm super nervous, but it's an attitude song, And hopefully I'll be able to show Ryan some attitude.
- Ellis.
- You know this is my favorite part, right? Been looking forward to this.
- What, the talk? - Yes.
- Why? - Because it give me something to work towards.
Because the girls critique me And tell me, you know, what I should be doing as a person.
- What are they saying? - That I'm too negative, And this I know, and I've been trying to change.
And today we had a whole "Fix Ellis' problems" moment, Just kind of put me in a bad place this morning.
- Your job is to not lose the personality, Not lose the sarcasm, But to not be negative to people.
- We want you to sing Mack The Knife As sung by Sinatra and Bobby Darin.
- Oh, thank you.
- It's a jazz song, And I sing jazz, I love jazz, So I'm gonna dry my tears.
Having gone through this and knowing what it's like Is going to help me out.
- Thank you.
- Break a leg.
Oh, this is familiar.
Only better to see without lots of tears Coursing down my face.
- And I still have Emily's kiss on my face.
Mm, maybe I should keep this kiss.
I don't know.
Maybe Ryan would think it's funny.
- All right.
- Oh, my gosh.
Uh, god.
- The mentors don't feel like I showed my personality, But I think I'm giving it my all, And I think I'm doing a really good job.
Honey you know I did It's kind of scary.
Like, how do I fix something That I don't realize I'm doing? If it makes you feel good Well - I'm there by myself, and it hit me.
Like, wow.
Like, I'm really in the bottom three.
This is happening.
Okay, I can't let the pressure to me.
Remember these lyrics.
I'm--I'm pretty bad when it comes to lyrics, Especially when I'm nervous.
- I didn't get too far Oh, god.
And did you ever get too far Okay.
Now where's your pick-- Now where's your picket fence love - Someone's sneaking Round the corner I know it's not a singing competition, But my voice is the part of me that I'm most proud of, And I'm--I'm ready to show it off.
- Okay.
Oh, my god.
It's hot.
[bell rings] - The other two people who came out here tonight, I know how to write for them.
I don't know how to write for you right now.
It's, like, the attack of the little cutesy pies.
- I wrote a verse for it last night in the shower.
I kind of made up a song about Irish slang, But it's like an anthem.
- Walking down the streets of Dublin see Where all the girls are so beep pretty Then the guy who smell like [bleep] Came up to me and said are you all right? - Damian says these Irish phrases.
He'll say, like, "Yari?" Which means "Are you all right?" - Do you know what I mean Do you know, do you know what I mean Ah - "Know-what-a-ma," Which means "You know what I mean.
" - You make that up? - I'm gonna get everybody to record that When we get out of here.
- That's talent.
- Oh, my gosh.
I can stare at that guy and listen to him talk all day.
- We're ready for you on stage.
Ellis is back again.
She did very well in the number last night.
- She just doesn't take any direction.
She takes everything personal.
- And McKynleigh, There's just a little bit of disconnect, But she has a great voice.
- Matheus, he's a great little performer, But he's-- he's extremely boy band.
- When the contenders perform tonight, They have to remember We aren't just looking for the best singer, The best actor, the best dancer.
It's about finding someone Who the writers are inspired to write for.
So they need to be themselves And show us why they should stay.
- I'm Ellis.
I'm gonna sing Mack The Knife.
- Oh the shark babe Has such teeth dear And he shows them Pearly white Just a jackknife has old MacHeath babe And he keeps it Out of sight There's a tugboat Down by the river Don't you know Where a cement bag's Just dropping on down that cement there Ha, it's for the weight dear Five'll get you ten Old Mackie's back in town Look out.
Old Mackie is back.
- Very good.
You know, I like you.
I think you're a character.
I think that you, um, You were more confident this week.
I thought you did very well.
You know, I will tell you That you do something that nobody on our show can do, And I've always wanted that talent, which is jazz.
So you should embrace that.
I want to talk to you about the week, you know, 'cause nobody disputes your talent.
I think the thing that people are talking about Is your attitude.
- Yeah.
- I mean, why should I tell you that you can When you keep telling us that you can't? Particularly on a show like this Where we have fourteen people sitting at a choir room, And it's long hours and it's really hard work - Mm-hmm.
- So if you were to come back next week, How would you be different? - I would be different because I would have gone out of my way To be confident and to say good things About myself and situations, and if I couldn't, Then I would just shut up and not say anything at all.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Now she's trying to be overly nice.
- Are you buying it? Is it an act? Seems like it's a little bit of an act.
- But I do think she's trying right now.
- Yeah, she's trying, and she did-- I think she did better.
- Hello, my name is Matheus.
I'm gonna be singing Gives You Hell.
- I wake up in the evening With a big smile on my face It never feels out of place And truth be told I miss you And truth be told I'm lying When you see my face Hope it gives you hell Hope it gives you hell When you walk my way Hope it gives you hell Hope it gives you hell When you find a man that's worth a damn And give you hell Well he's a fool and you're just as well Hope it gives you hell Well you'll never see What you've done to me You take back your memories They're no good to me And here's to all your lies With that sad look in your eyes And that sad, sad look That you wear so well When you see my face Hope it gives you hell, gives you hell When you walk my way Hope it gives you hell Hope it gives you hell [mumbles] I hope it gives you hell [laughter] - I love that last line of that song.
That [imitates mumbling] - I got a little carried away.
I'm sorry.
- I think it's great you got carried away.
Um, you know, you are what Glee is about, Which is somebody who is not what you would think - Yeah.
- a performer or a star would be.
- I never thought that I would get this opportunity, you know? - Why not? - I mean, you know, here I am, This, like, little-- This ugly, little dude, which - Well, I don't really believe that you think you're ugly.
- You know you're not ugly.
- Well, I'm not the best looking, but - I hear you are very fond of your own abs.
I've heard that.
- Oh, yeah, I do like my-- I like working out.
- So you do-- so you do think you're sexy? - Well - See, I wish-- - I try to - I keep saying this, Because I just want you to own what you think.
You know, what's interesting to me Would be to write a character who is 4'9" Who walks into a room, And instead of saying, "I'm little," The show is about somebody who's 4'9", Who would walk into the room and say "I'm the [bleep], I can get any girl in this room, And I will.
" And who, because of that attitude and that confidence, Inspires the audience.
That's the show.
So you need to play what the show is.
- I will.
- Okay.
- I will.
Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
He does play the little boy thing, you know.
Which is what she's played, So it's, like, the attack of the Little Cutesy Pies.
I mean, come on.
We got to sex that kid up.
We should do something like Ricky Martin Or Enrique Iglesias.
- Completely.
- It would have been better if he had owned it.
- Hello.
My name is McKynleigh Abraham, And I will be singing Piece Of My Heart By Janis Joplin.
Come on, come on Come on, come on mmm.
Yeah Didn't I make you feel Like you were the only man Yeah, yes And didn't I give you nearly everything That a woman possibly can Honey you know I did Mmm, each time I tell myself I think I've had enough I'm gonna show you that a woman can be tough Come on, come on Come on, come on And take it Take another little piece of my heart now baby Oh Take another little piece of my heart darling Take another little piece of my heart now baby You know you've got it If it makes you feel good - Very good.
Well, you know, I have, um, Good news and bad news for you.
The good news is I think of the three tonight, You're by far the best singer.
I think that none of us would dispute that.
- Uh, no.
- But, you know, watching you sing, I feel I know the least About your personality through the song.
Why is that? - I think I'm just really concentrated on getting.
- Yeah, I can feel that.
- Everything right that I kind of forget my personality.
- I was listening to the performance, And the thing that I kept gravitating to, Is that a tattoo? - Yes.
- I kept saying, "Where's the girl with the tattoo?" What's the tattoo? - Um, it's "Action.
" For, uh, "Lights, camera, action.
" - Well, there you go.
I wish I would have seen that girl.
Your challenge is to create a persona That makes us want to write a role for you.
The other two people who came out here tonight, I know how to write for them.
I don't know how to write for you right now.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- There's something that is not registering.
- Which is a very hard note to give an actor, I think.
Like, that you're basically saying to someone, "You're boring me.
" - mm-hmm.
- I'm--I'm nervous for them.
Like - Whoa.
- Hey.
- What's up.
Yo, yo, yo.
- Like, what did they say? - What we're really, really looking at Is, like, improvement from the first to the shoot.
- But, I mean, I think so much of it, When you have a group of kids like this Is an attitude.
- I was first and I sang Mack The Knife.
I was first, and I sang Mack The Knife.
I was--I was just really happy with that.
- What did Ryan say? - Um, he said "I don't understand why "I should put you on a show "If you're just gonna be negative all the time And get in people's way.
" So I got to fix that.
- I forgot the lyrics.
I was just in the moment, And I was just, like, "You know what? "I got this far.
"Hell, no I'm not gonna let this lyrics stop me.
" I was just out, and I went for it.
- It's very clear to me what I think.
- He kept saying, "You have a really good voice," But he said that there was no personality behind it.
I mean, where is there to go from that? - Do we all think the same thing? - Yeah.
- I don't think there's an option.
- No idea? No comparison? - Hey, guys.
Unfortunately, the time has come.
The list is up, So go take a look.
[dramatic music] - Good luck, guys.
- If I don't have any personality when I sing, That being the thing that would send me home crushes me, Because I felt like that was one of the things I had going for me.
- I just really want to come back And show them that I belong in the show.
- Walking down that hallway, My legs are shaking, And it feels like my heart is coming out of my mouth.
- I'm leaving because they thought I couldn't change.
I want to change.
I wish I had the chance To show them how confident I really am.
Leaving sucks.
But, uh, it's been a great experience, you know? Out of 40,000 kids, I was one of twelve, And then one of eleven, and that is a big honor to me, And I'm really grateful for the time I've had.
- Oh - Nothing you can say - Nothing you can say - Nothing you can do - Nothing you can do - But there's no other way When it comes to the truth So keep holding on 'cause you know I'll make it through Make it through [bell rings] - Vulnerability! Yes! - This is my chance to show that different side In order for me to continue to kick butt.
- I want you guys to walk through universal city walk Wearing signs that indicate What you are most vulnerable.
- Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my gosh.
- A wave of dread immediately washes over me.
[sniffs] I'm changing my boards.
- For information on The Glee Project, Go to oxygen.