The Gloaming (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

The Mark of the Witch

21 years.
Looks like we've got a couple of Scottish heretics.
There should be another one.
I believe she died on the boat.
(SPITS) (GRUNTS) No, no! Leave her alone! No! Ahh! No! (SOBS) No What is that? It's the mark of your forebears.
The mark of your destiny.
My screams got lost in a paper cup Do you think there's a heaven where some screams have gone? Yeah, I can hear that I don't care 'Cause sometimes I sit Sometimes I hear my voice And it's been Here Silent all these years.
(DISTORTED BIRD CALLS ECHO) (JANGLING) GRIMSHAW: Why were you trespassing on this property? ALEX: Following a hunch.
A hunch? Grace is Jenny McGinty's aunt.
- Eileen McGinty's sister.
- I'm aware of that.
And I don't think this whole story ends with Freddie Hopkins.
Neither do I.
But I don't know how harassing Jenny's relatives is gonna make you feel better.
I'm just trying to understand why he killed Dorothy Moxley.
Well, then, do it properly.
We can interview Freddie when he recovers.
I just want to know how this case is connected to Jenny McGinty.
(BIRD CAWS) LILY: She forgot to pick me up once.
Some kids took my lunch money, so I didn't have enough to catch the bus.
WOMAN: How did you get home? I hitched a ride.
Hmm How did that make you feel? Look, I think I was on a job Let her finish, please.
(SIGHS) I'm finished.
Is that why you started making the videos, Lily? To get your mother's attention? No, I did them so I'd have enough money for the bus next time she forgets to pick me up.
(SCOFFS) If I asked you what you most want to get out of these sessions, Lily, what would that be? I want Mum to go back to how she was before her friend was killed.
I already told you, I know nothing about those bones or where they're from.
How long have you lived here? Why do I feel like I'm being interrogated for something I know nothing of? - Detective - It's a simple question.
This island is full of bones and restless spirits looking for them.
- (CLICKS SCISSORS) - You should both know that.
We'll wait for the osteological report.
Thank you for your time, Ms.
Ah You sure you won't have a cup of tea? (MUFFLED) I have a special blend.
GRIMSHAW: We don't want to take up too much more of your time.
We'll let ourselves out.
Thank you for dropping by.
Please don't trespass on my property again.
I'm always gracious at the door.
Is Stephanie still here? What do you know about my niece? Her mother was worried about her.
(GROANS) Her mother is weak.
ALEX: Is she here? Your interest in my niece is very unnerving, especially given you were with her sister when she was killed.
"Just a cold case" is what they call her now.
Just another blot on this island's wretched history.
(YELLS) Stephanie?! (EMILY GRIZZLES) (GRACE SIGHS) Only fools chase shadows, Detective.
(GRACE CHUCKLES) We'll be back about the bones.
(DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) COUNSELLOR: You've got a lot of work to do but it's, uh it's a good start, so I'm gonna make it work.
- (CAR DOOR CLOSES) - I can't lose her.
Do you want to talk about this friend who died? No.
It's fine.
(SIGHS) I'm really sorry, Lily.
I know it's been really hard on you.
We're gonna sort this out.
Look, I don't want you feeling like you've got to act out to get my attention.
I don't.
I'm talking about that mark you drew on the back of my mirror with lipstick.
I mean, it's okay.
It's It doesn't matter.
It's an old mirror.
It's I didn't draw any mark.
Do you have my red lipstick? Yeah.
I threw it away.
Hey, was that true about the bus money? (SCOFFS) Look, I just want to know what the mark means, where you got it from.
I seriously don't know what you're talking about.
(DOOR SLAMMING NEARBY ECHOES) I'll just be a minute.
Hello, Freddie.
It's good to see you out of bed.
Do you mind if I ask you a couple of questions? Is there someone there? I know you can feel them.
But you can't see them, can you? Not yet, anyway.
When you spoke to me quoting from the Bible about the insects I went to Grace Cochran's place.
I found bones.
Is that what you wanted me to find, Freddie? You don't have much time, Detective.
Does Grace Cochran have something to do with Jenny McGinty's death? Freddie Freddie, I'm trying to understand what you want me to know.
Help me.
Hey, I, uh, need to take him back now.
No, just five more minutes.
How is Jenny McGinty connected to Dorothy Moxley? I did it for the children.
What children? Freddie, what children? (GULLS SCREECH) OSCAR: We managed to find out more about Marianne Gowdie, who could be our Dorothy Moxley.
Now, I looked up Marianne Gowdie on Births, Deaths and Marriages.
She was born in 1956, has two siblings, sisters, Alma and Shirley Gowdie.
Alma was the mother of Valerie, who was strangled to death in 1995.
They were a strange family, according to the police report on Valerie Gowdie.
Came from convict stock.
OSCAR: Locals said the murder caused quite a ripple in the area.
Where are they now? Why haven't they come forward? The sisters vanished not long after Valerie's murder.
It's like they fell off the face of the earth.
Until now.
Maybe they had something to do with the murder.
Or knew someone who did.
I just had a call from Russell Hamilton from the Council.
Checking some small details for the Minor Ferry proposal application.
Yeah? I don't want to hex it but it sounded very positive.
See? Don't I always come through for you? (SIGHS) (KNOCK AT DOOR) I got it.
Want to wait a sec? How can I help you? Gareth McAvaney? Yep.
We've got a warrant to search your premises.
I need you to make all your files, computer and paper, available to my officers.
You've got to be joking.
I'd also like to ask you some questions pertaining to the death of Councillor Jacinta Clunes.
- What's going on? - I already gave a statement.
I was trying to help her.
Let's continue this conversation down at the station.
How'd you go with Lily? I don't think I'll be up for Mother of the Year, but it was a good start.
(WHISPERS) Hey, um Sorry I left so early.
Ah, no problem.
I thought perhaps I stole all the blankets.
No, it was nice.
Thanks for looking after me.
Mm You had a rough night.
Hey, has Maggie called you? No.
Why? You know how you asked her to run a blood check on Valerie Gowdie to see if she's Dorothy Moxley's daughter? Yeah, we now know she's her niece.
Well, she found another match.
A familial match for Marianne Gowdie.
- (PHONE BUZZES) - Who is it? Oh, just wait.
Molly McGee? Good, thanks.
Yes, we would.
Right, thanks for letting us know.
Bennette's got Gareth McAvaney.
She's bringing him in.
- Here? - Her office.
Remember his bandaged hand? You think Gareth McAvaney is Marianne Gowdie's son? Mm-hm.
You said yourself, he was asking a lot of questions about the murder.
Shouldn't we tell Lewis? We'll call him on the way.
I think it's better if I sit in on the interview.
Molly, stay out of it.
Okay? You've still got a complaint hanging over you.
Don't risk the case.
GARETH: I already explained to you that I was trying to stop her from driving.
She'd had a few drinks.
Clunes' blood alcohol reading at the time of her death was under 0.
GARETH: Well, that was some time after she'd been drinking.
BENNETTE: You claimed you called the police immediately after the accident.
That's right.
I did.
BENNETTE: And the accident was only a couple of kilometres from the restaurant.
Jacinta was upset By "Jacinta", you're referring to Councillor Clunes? Yes.
Mate, what's going on here? BENNETTE: You were on friendly terms, then? GARETH: We've done business together in the past.
As I explained, she was upset and I was trying to calm her.
Can we get to the point of why my client is here? BENNETTE: Several witnesses from the restaurant noticed that you and Ms.
Clunes were fighting in the car park.
One even went so far as to say you grabbed her by the throat.
(LAUGHS) That's rubbish.
Is that how you cut your hand? I cut my hand a couple of days ago on a door frame.
My client has explained himself enough.
BENNETTE: Another witness said they saw a red Mercedes driving recklessly behind Ms.
Clunes, flashing high beams, - before she crashed.
- (CLEARS THROAT) Would there be any reason for you to want to cause harm to Jacinta Clunes? No.
Why would I? She wasn't trying to end a business deal with you that would see you benefit financially? On what grounds are you suggesting this? We're in the process of investigating, as we speak.
In other words, nothing.
Alright, you've got nothing to hold me on and, uh, I'd like to leave.
Do you know a woman by the name of Dorothy Moxley? Of course.
I mean, hasn't everyone? Her murder's been on the news every night for the past week.
What about Marianne Gowdie? No.
JULIA: What has this got to do with my client? ALEX: Based on the blood found on Councillor Clunes' car.
It's a familial match for a murder victim we're investigating, Marianne Gowdie.
JULIA: My client told you how he cut his hand.
It must belong to someone else.
Would you be prepared to undergo a blood test? Ah, there's no way we're doing that.
If your client's related to Marianne Gowdie, we'd like to ask him some questions pertaining to her murder and her business dealings within the Star of the Forest Church.
Wow, you really are clutching at straws, huh? Desperate to go home? JULIA: My client is not under arrest and, therefore, has no obligation to undergo a blood test or any other test.
No, of course.
It would be voluntary.
You won't do the test to disprove the theory? What theory? That she's your mother.
Maybe another time.
Would you know anything about a Valerie Gowdie? She was strangled to death back in '95.
A Ricky Jones was convicted but it was overturned on appeal.
Her murder's still unsolved.
Well, I'm sorry to hear that.
But I can't help you.
BENNETTE: We'll be in touch.
(SIGHS) Good try.
Thank you.
Every guilty person is their own hangman.
MOLLY: We need to get blood tests or DNA off Gareth McAvaney.
We can only do that if he's charged with something.
So, why did you leave so early this morning? I went to Grace's place.
Why? Something Freddie said yesterday was playing on my mind.
It was a quote from the Bible, right? About insects.
Insects? Now, the other day, when I was at Grace's, I saw people spraying this paddock.
It was like it was infested.
- So? - I found bones.
In that same paddock.
Human bones? They're being analysed right now.
- Do you think Freddie knew they were there? - I don't know.
But I get a bad vibe about Grace Cochran.
Yeah, so do I.
STEPHANIE: Should I cut it here? No.
It's the stem that we want.
The thorns are most important.
Not near the flower? The flower is beautiful.
But it's the thorns that are potent.
We use them to make markings to protect us.
Ahh! Ah A defence against danger.
No! Oh This is a valuable lesson, passed down our family line.
We appreciate the beauty of the rose when there is no threat.
But when persecution comes, we'll be thankful for the thorns.
(SCREAMING ECHOES) (HEAVY FOOTSTEPS APPROACH) Guard! (ECHOES) (HORSE NEIGHS OUTSIDE) (RUNNING FOOTSTEPS APPROACH) ERIC: What the hell is going on? - What'd they take? - Everything! All our plans for Minor Ferry, all our cost reports.
What have you done, Gareth? What are the police looking for? Just say nothing.
They've got nothing on us.
- Alright, I gotta go.
- You need to tell me what's going on.
Don't you touch me.
You owe me an explanation.
(GRUNTS) If you've had anything to do with Jacinta Clunes's death, I want nothing to do with you.
(GROANS) FREYA: While I was looking into the Valerie Gowdie murder, I came across some police reports from up there.
Ricky Jones was a foster kid.
And he, along with some of these kids here, all lived up around the lakes at some point.
They're kids who had disappeared over several years.
They came from no fixed address, or foster homes.
Vulnerable kids, like Daisy.
Do we, uh do we know if any of these kids knew each other? It's hard to tell at this point, but we don't think so.
(BELL RINGS) OSCAR: We're still trying to determine if there's any more missing kids.
FRANCIS: How many so far? FREYA: 7 to 10 kids.
ALEX: Right, so, there could be more.
Okay, let's look at them all individually and see if we can find a connection.
Maybe start with Social Services.
GRACE: Centuries ago, in the old country, the villagers were hemmed in by forest.
And at the outer fields, there was the Hedge, the boundary that separated the village from the wild lands where the trees began.
Our people, your people, lived on that boundary.
They were the riders of the border between this world and the other, crossing one to the other, and returning with wisdom - (KNOCK AT DOOR) - and insight.
Come in.
And with wisdom and insight comes the power of retribution.
Something our ancestors were never above delivering.
I've seen this kid before.
- Yeah, I showed you his file.
- No, no, no.
There's a picture of him in Gareth McAvaney's study.
Are you sure? I am positive.
OSCAR: Senior Constable Wolfe.
I think we should go back over the case files for Valerie Gowdie.
What are you thinking? A partial fingerprint cleared Ricky Jones of murder.
So, I'm thinking, who might have been with him when Valerie Gowdie was murdered in '95? The same year Gareth McAvaney turned up at Hillscrest.
You're under arrest for misconduct and obtaining financial advantage by deception.
You'll need to accompany us to the station, where you can be formally charged.
I'm gonna call my lawyer.
You can do that on the way.
OSCAR: What? Are you sure? Okay, thanks.
Uh, that was Maggie.
After she checked Valerie Gowdie's DNA, she found something else.
Valerie Gowdie and Jenny McGinty are related.
MOLLY AND ALEX: What? (SIGHS) Oh, my God.
Eileen McGinty is Jenny McGinty's mother.
If Jenny McGinty and Valerie Gowdie are cousins, that could mean that Eileen and this Alma Gowdie are sisters.
Grace Cochran and Eileen McGinty are sisters.
That we know.
Grace Cochran, Eileen McGinty and Dorothy Moxley are the Gowdie sisters.
(GASPS) Where's Lewis? We need to reopen the case files for Valerie Gowdie and Jenny McGinty now.
I'll find him.
Molly McGee? Great.
I'm coming down now.
(LIFT BELL DINGS) ALEX: We need to reopen the Jenny McGinty case, and Valerie Gowdie.
Two cold cases, five years apart, both related.
I know.
You and Molly make a great team.
(SCOFFS) You brought me back here for a reason, didn't you? We can never really shake off the past, can we? It always has a way of chasing you down.
Only if you're running from it.
You and I are alike, like that.
No point looking back.
We can't fix our mistakes.
What mistakes? Who made mistakes? I've only ever wanted to be a copper, ever since I was a kid.
Just to help people.
- To do good.
- You have done good.
People respect you.
You've come through the ranks.
Perhaps when you want something so badly, people can see it, they smell it.
They take advantage of that.
What happened that day? The day you found Jenny.
Why did the police say it was a robbery gone wrong? That was the story that I was fed.
"To help a grieving mother", they said.
I mean, what's worse than a senseless killing? Best to say it was a robbery.
Who's "they"? People who were controlling the investigation.
The cops? It goes a lot deeper than that.
I was a foster kid you know? A ward of the state.
After my parents were killed in an accident.
I'm sorry to hear that.
I went from house to house, like it happens.
And then a family wanted me.
They took me in and they gave me everything.
I was so grateful.
But it was like living on eggshells.
One stumble and it could all break.
That's a hard way to live, for a kid.
And you know you can never repay the debt.
So, you learn that when they ask for anything you say yes.
What did you say yes to, Lewis? Was it something to do with the case? I had to I just had to get rid of Jenny's backpack.
That was all.
(EXHALES SHARPLY) To help the mother understand the crime and make sense of it all.
I was so green.
I didn't know any better.
- I just wanted to do good.
- You took Jenny's backpack? I got promoted not long after it.
I guess I knew, deep down, that I didn't deserve the promotion.
But I took it.
I dumped Jenny's backpack at the waterfall.
When I saw the body the other day Dorothy Moxley and Jenny's ID card I knew the day of reckoning had come.
We need to reopen Jenny McGinty's case.
And that's why you brought me home.
Isn't it? The truth, Lewis.
Do you know who killed Jenny? I don't know the truth, Alex.
Only you do.
You were there.
- Where's my lawyer? - BENNETTE: On her way.
Give me your hand, please.
- (MACHINE BEEPS) - You're making a big mistake.
Yeah, I know.
We always do.
Open your mouth, please.
Oh, there she is.
You must be feeling pretty good about yourself.
What is it about me that fascinates you so much? Oh, I'm not fascinated by you.
I'm protecting the public.
Can you get me out of here? I want my client out on bail.
I think he's a flight risk.
On what grounds? He's got no prior convictions.
He'll be granted bail on his own undertaking.
But he's not to leave the state.
JULIA: Fine.
Let's get out of here.
BENNETTE: You'll need to surrender your passport by the end of the day.
JULIA: Will do.
Come on.
You should be more careful, Detective.
I'm not afraid of you, McAvaney.
That's enough! Get out of here before I change my mind! What was that all about? We need to run his fingerprints through the system.
I have a feeling he's involved in a cold case.
(PHONE BUZZES) (ON PHONE) Hey, this is Alex.
Can't get to the phone right now.
Please leave (PHONE BEEPS) (EQUIPMENT BEEPS STEADILY) Good? (RATTLING) DAISY: Come with me, Freddie.
GRACE: The winter solstice is the time we rejoice, in the darkest hour, the coldest hour.
It is the time when the veil between this world and the other is thinnest, when the world is at its darkest and most dead.
It is the time that marks the bottom, from which life rises.
A long time ago, the Winter Queen walked across the rocky land.
Her wicker basket was filled with stones, dropping them as she passed to form the lakes and mountains and valleys.
GRACE: It was a test of our resilience, our ancestors pulling their loads, their possessions, their lives, across that ragged land, and over every obstacle the Winter Queen put in their path.
It's winter solstice tomorrow night, the longest night of the year, when the dead can return to us.
It's a time to gather souls and leave the dead to bury the dead.
(BIRDSONG) Where have you been? Gareth McAvaney's been charged.
Come with me.
What is it? - Where's Alex? - This is for you.
It came this morning.
It's a formal complaint, from Gareth McAvaney's lawyer.
I can't lose my job, Lewis.
I told you, when a formal letter came in, you'd need to be suspended.
He's been charged.
He's a criminal.
I'm giving you 48 hours to get a defence mounted.
Use Alice Ryan.
She's the best in the business for these type of matters.
Thank you, Lewis.
What? When? I'm on my way.
- What is it? - It's Freddie.
This way, Mrs.
What happened?! Well, we believe the patient suffered a fatal cardiac arrest.
Was he ill earlier? - (SIGHS) - He was.
Do you have any other information, what might have caused it? Not at this stage.
We've been running some blood tests.
Inspector? Keep me informed.
I've got to go.
Go back to the office.
I'll be back later.
Can't get to the phone right now.
Please leave your number and I'll get back to you.
MOLLY: Alex, I need to talk to you.
Where are you? (SCREAMS IN FRUSTRATION) (BIRDS CAW) He's dead, Grace.
I never did trust hospital food.
He was going to jail.
This all would have been over.
Now this.
It's gonna bring attention to you.
I don't know what you're talking about.
It's over, Grace.
They know who you are.
Do you know, I remember you when you were a young child? You were a lost, lonely little boy, searching for salvation.
I worried for you then and I worry for you now.
Now, why would you be worried about me, Grace? 'Cause you could never quite find enough faith to hold onto.
Our beliefs is all we have, at the end of the day.
I paid my dues.
(CHUCKLES) And you benefited greatly from it.
Hmm I'd give it all back, if I could.
Why did you bring back Alex O'Connell? Because I wanted the past to be resolved.
And only he can do it.
The ink on the past is dry, Lewis.
Hmm I'm curious.
Freddie what's-his-name did he ever say why he killed Dorothy? He said he did it for the children.
And I know what he means.
You've served your purpose to us, Lewis.
Hmm Handed us a gift, actually.
But you can go now.
You're free.
We don't want you anymore.
(CHUCKLES) (DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) GIRL: Auntie Grace? Oh You look like an angel, Valerie.
(ECHOES) JENNY: It's just through these trees.
(WHISPERS) Come on.
(CROW CAWS) JENNY: This is it.
It's just how I remember.
I used to live here as a child.
JENNY: (READS) "O Lord, you form light and you create darkness.
You bring prosperity and you create disaster".
With a blue door.
There was something horrible behind it.
You really shouldn't have come back, Alex.
Alex? It's me.
Where are you? I need to speak to you.
Call me back.