The Gods Of Wheat Street (2014) s01e02 Episode Script

The Fighting Freeburns

1 Don't let them get split up, now.
I'll keep us together, Mum.
So, what are we going to do, Odin, with this place? Can we still live here, even if they sell the workshop? I'll sort something out.
We'll be right.
Nothing else I can do, short of buying the shop myself.
Why don't you, then? You been at Odin's? He's married to your sister.
She abandoned him.
I saw you, you know.
You had that knife.
Looked like you were going to do something.
You'd like to borrow around $300,000? What were you thinking of using for the deposit? Your father's that bank fella, right? I had a think about your situation.
Maybe we can find a way to help you.
You don't have to give me all the answers, just a heads-up.
I can tell you that trouble's coming to town.
You need to be ready.
# Theme music Jab.
That's it - keep your arms up.
Keep your arms up! Jab.
Keep your arms up! Keep your hands up.
What's the matter with you? You're bloody piss-weak, Ares.
Leave him alone.
You want to have a go, boy? Come on, then.
(Baby cries) Where did you learn to fight, that soft-cock Irish father of yours? Odie, come here.
Jonesy, leave it.
At least I know who my father is.
You sure? EDEN: What did you say? Take that back! You're defending your mother now.
You're the big protector of this family? Don't make me laugh.
Here endeth the lesson.
He's just a kid, you bastard! JONESY: You're the big protector of this family, are you, boy? Who did that to your bike? Don't know.
Yeah, you do.
Fables, everyone knows that's your bike, so who did it? Just leave it, right? Double me home? Spanner did it, eh? Well, the pub just closed.
He'll be walking home.
Leccie, wait.
I told you to wait! I was taking a slash.
Do I know you? What's your name, girlie? Jonesy Brown.
Get on.
She's a Freeburn.
Odin's kid, eh? What? I'm hungry! Morning.
Harry Hamilton is after the garage.
What? I was doing some work for Mathesons.
They're putting together Harry's financial plan so he can buy it at auction.
You've got competition.
That's alright.
We'll just put in an offer before them.
300 grand! Is that Nathaniel's idea of mates' rates? It's all good.
I've got all for financial stuff Phillips asked for.
Yeah? Profit-and-loss statements, financial projections, incomings, outgoings? A five-year plan, a ten-year plan, you've got that? Yeah.
Yep, that sort of stuff.
I can give you a hand if you want.
You'll have to put on a good show for Phillips if you don't want Harry to get his hands on it.
Dad .
who's Jonesy Brown? What do you want to know about him for? I was just asking.
Where did you hear his name? Fables.
What did Fables say? Did Fables see him? I don't know, maybe.
Who is he? He's our dad - me, Tristan and Ares.
If he's back, it doesn't need to affect us.
No, I guess not.
Dad, question - why doesn't Mummy live with us anymore? Athena - answer, same one I always give you.
Mum went to live in Sydney, and Can we visit her, not to stay, just to visit? We don't need to see her, Athena.
She don't care about us and we don't care about her.
Leccie! - Well, I don't.
- But Leccie, don't you want to see her? Pick Athena up this afternoon? She's so hardline.
Yeah, she is.
(Door slams, bell rings) Did you know your old man's back in town? What, hasn't he booked a visit yet? I thought he'd be straight in to visit his boy.
He's probably busy .
with your mum.
He can't get busy with your mum, eh? Ares! My old man would be keen to know Jonesy showed up.
That's a reunion he's been looking forward to for a long time.
When we get out, we should all get together.
Us McIntyres and you Freeburns, have a party.
Yeah, for old times.
You can go now, Jimmy Mac.
Alright, Old Unc.
Anything for you.
You are too easily baited.
You're brave, you're tough, but you're not smart.
Not yet.
Tell me, Knuckles - what was Colpepper thinking? He just said, 'Dump 'em.
' Said they were unpaid bills.
He was going to cut them loose before he checked out.
That's alright for him.
I need these papers for the loan application.
I've been thinking about when the shop's ours.
I haven't got the money yet.
Yeah, but you will.
I've got an idea how to keep the place going.
Yeah? Like what? I've been thinking on a twofold strategy.
You've got to have a deal, like, with ancillary benefits - come in for a tune-up and leave with a free oil change.
On the smaller front, we've got to have uniforms.
We've got to have little plates of lollies.
And we've got to smile.
We've got to give friendly smiles.
I'll show you.
I'll practise with you.
No, I'm not smiling.
Try it.
Just like this, look That looks sort of evil.
That's why we've got to practise.
Come on, try it.
Look, like this.
You look like a serial killer! How's that look? Like a charming combination of disinfectant and rat goona.
Yeah, that's fixed it.
Tristan! Legs, mate.
Get 'em up.
Come on.
Did your brothers tell you that I coached them? Odin in boxing and Ares in footie.
Now, I know what people say about your brother, son.
But you know what? I know a different side to them.
In fact, I hold them in pretty high regard.
They both had talent, but they got sidetracked.
You bloody well remember that, son - don't get sidetracked.
'Cause it's up to you to put your family name back where it belongs.
Hey, Odie.
Reckon you could do us a favour? What's going on here? Spanner's gone on.
Did he do that? Yep.
(Sighs) Righto.
Leave it with me.
Thanks, Odie.
You're a legend.
I was thinking it would look awesome with some chrome forks and maybe a fat tyre on a back, like a real deadly treadly.
Just so I can ride it.
Is Leccie around? I'd say she's still at school, mate, which is where you should be.
What did I tell you about not charging for these little jobs? Yeah? I seem to remember you saying you'd always be there for me too.
Well, I am here, aren't I? How would I know? Nobody else can see you.
I could be losing the plot altogether.
Potayto, potahto.
You know Jonesy's back? You probably do, seeing you know the future.
On that note, when's he going to leave? After he's done his job.
That's not telling the future.
It's common sense.
(Knock at door) Hey, kiddo.
Whatcha doing? It's Odie's.
I could press it for you, if you like.
I know how badly you want to get out of here, hey, Is.
I don't know if I do.
I'd have to leave everyone.
That's the catch, isn't it? You know, Odie wouldn't last more than five minutes in the city.
Hey, I got something for you.
I thought you might like it.
Oh, Libby! It's beautiful.
Someone gave it to Mum.
She said it was too flashy, so I ended up with it.
Thanks, Lib.
What are you doing? Just checking to see if it's dirty.
What are you doing home from school? I got nits.
(Phone rings) I'll get that.
Hello? Is she alright? Of course.
I'll come down straightaway.
Who was that? Telemarketing.
I'm late to visit Ares.
I'll come.
Shouldn't you be at school? Nits.
Go and put a hat on.
Come on.
Mrs Freeburn? Uh, Libby.
Come in.
I'm afraid Electra has been suspended.
I'm sure you saw the product of her handiwork.
What was the fight over? None of them are saying too much.
It would be a shame to see her go down this path.
I don't know what the hell you're teaching your daughter, but we're charging her with assault.
It's not my fault if they can't fight.
She threw the first punch, so good luck trying to prove that I assaulted her.
I apologise for Electra's behaviour.
I hope you do reconsider involving the police.
Well I think she needs some sort of counselling or something.
- I'm glad she's not my daughter.
- That's not her mother.
She's got no mother! That's all I said, and she punched me.
Let's go.
Do you want me to call your father? I don't care.
Dad? Issy.
When did you get out? Just now.
Odin's crook on me.
He wouldn't want me anywhere near you kids.
I just wanted to see how you're going.
It's good to see you.
You too.
You're a knock-out, just like your mum.
So, what have you been doing with yourself? I'm at TAFE.
When I finish, I'm applying for a fashion course, to be a designer.
Well, good for you.
Must cost a bit.
Yeah, heaps, but Odie said it would be OK.
Did he? He's talking about buying the shop too.
Must be doing alright for himself.
I'd rather move to Sydney.
Have you got a phone? I could put my number in.
I could meet you somewhere else, if you want, and you can see Tris at TAFE.
He's there tomorrow afternoon.
Sounds good.
Uh, yeah! I don't know.
Penrith or the Cowboys.
I don't mind, just as long as I play NRL.
(Mobile rings) Oh.
Uh, hang on, I've got another call.
Hello? Yeah.
(Mouths silently) (Car horn) Hey.
I don't want you hanging out with that bloke.
We weren't hanging out.
He's trash.
He'll end up down the same road as his jailbird brother.
What's going on with you, kiddo? Nothing.
You know, you can't go around using your fists every time someone says something you don't like.
And you do have a mother.
No, I don't.
Leccie, wait! (Sniffs) Athena, what are you doing? Why do people sniff each other? Is it the same reason animals sniff each other? I don't know why animals sniff each other.
I don't know why people sniff each other.
Actually, I don't know any people who do sniff each other.
Do you like Aunty Libby? Of course I like her.
We all like her.
But how much do you like her? Like a lot, or just like? I don't know.
Like like, maybe.
What is like like? Like like is more than when you just like someone.
Like a bit more.
Like a lot.
Are you trying to confuse me? Why would I try to confuse you? Electra said that when you get a question that you don't want to answer, you try to confuse people.
So, is that what you're doing now? What Electra doesn't know is that sometimes dads get confused as well.
Are you confused now? A little, yeah.
And uncomfortable? - What? - Oh.
Aunty Is.
She said that when you're uncomfortable, you rub your forehead.
So, are you uncomfortable? - Hey, Tris.
I was just thinking - What? Are you going to see Dad? No! Is, he's no good.
He's always been no good.
Everyone says that, but how do you know? I don't remember what he was like.
Odie says so.
That's enough for me.
And Odie's the one that's never given him a chance.
(Door shuts) So how's the loan going? Everything alright? Yeah, of course.
Just getting the paperwork in order.
Make sure everything's right - no mistakes.
Yeah, righto, Businessman of the Year.
I think you should Since when did you start doing that? - What? - Thinking.
You don't have to be a smart-arse.
Hey - that's my family too.
You remember that.
What are you doing in town? You come to pay my 200 grand, have you? I never took that money, Brucie.
Why would I rob you? Because you're a greedy bastard.
I was the one that did that extra 15 years for that job.
Well, you should have thought about that before you cracked the teller's skull.
I've got a short fuse, Brucie.
Can't help that.
It was Odin.
Had to be.
He was there that night, when the money went missing.
Why would I believe that? And why would you put him in? You and him, the same mob.
No way.
He's not my kid.
And he's been turning all the rest of them against me.
I know he took that money.
I'll sort him out for the both of us, Brucie.
I'll make him pay, and we'll be square.
Agreed? Oh, Libby, you seen the remote? That's the air-con remote, Mum.
Thanks for the scarf.
Is loved it.
You can thank your sister for that.
She's the one who gave it to me.
- You didn't tell me that.
- What? I thought I was doing something nice for Isolde.
It turns out Jamie's doing the favour.
Well, technically, it's me.
It's my scarf, remember? If you don't want to take the credit, at least give credit where it's due.
Found it.
Do you think Odin's still in love with Jamie? And for God's sake, don't defend her.
Yes, he's probably always going to love her, till the day he dies.
But you can't keep loving somebody if they keep on hurting you.
This is how it is, Lib - if you want to know how he feels about you, there's this real tricky way of going about it.
Used to always do it to your father.
Ask him.
Don't worry about Jamie getting any credit.
Isolde will never know where that scarf came from.
I knew it! Hey, Lib.
You cooking up again? Smells good.
What's on the menu? Sorry, I can't stay.
I'm cooking up a soup for Leccie.
I've got to hit the books, for a change.
Soup's good.
It's all good, all your help.
I know you've got a life.
I was kidding about the menu.
Leccie home early from school today? - Yeah.
- She alright? It's woman's problems.
I'll leave that to you.
Hey, Odie, I wanted to ask you something.
Odie? I want to ask you something.
Yeah, what's up? It's, uh, about a girl.
That's your department.
Step into my office.
I asked Fables what I should do, and he reckons I should just talk about my footy career.
That's a mistake.
If you try to impress a girl with tales of your fabulous deeds, what's to stop some other fella coming along with better stories? Do you really like her? Yeah.
How do you know that? Odin .
it hurts just to look at her and know she's not mine.
What do I say? Just walk straight up to her and say, 'Hi, I'm Tristan.
' - That's it? - That's it.
Her look will tell you everything.
If she wants to get to know you, if she wants more.
And it will be all from one look.
For real? Promise.
Thanks, Odie.
Go get 'em, tiger.
Hi! Hey! How's it going .
on this day? Hello.
'On this day'.
You're an idiot.
Dad? Yeah, not bad, are they? Do a bit of a tag team, what do you reckon? How have you been? Good, but I'm a bit skint.
How's your cashflow going? I'm broke as a joke.
You can't give your old man a couple of bucks? No, I've got nothing, eh.
Money, boy.
Dosh, Josh.
Cash, Flash.
Odie was right about you.
Now piss off! Why'd you have to do that? It didn't have to be like that.
Is here? I've got some more stuff for her.
Are they your financials? For the bank, remember? Let me have a look.
What the hell happened to this? They look like they've been run over.
God, what is that smell? You can't walk into the bank with these.
Let me type them up.
They're good.
You can't take this to Phillips.
Everything's paperless anyway, these days, on accounting software.
Just let me help you, Odie.
No time.
I'm not letting the place go to auction so that Harry Hamilton can get his hands on it.
You won't get the money.
- You said I could make it work.
- Yeah, I did.
But what, now you think I'm as useless as what your sister does? I need a show of faith, Lib .
not another smart woman trying to tell me where I went wrong.
Then the computer blew up.
It's all gone.
The accounting software, the reports, the lot.
You don't think Mr Colpepper had copies anywhere? Not that we could find.
He preferred everything paperless.
Well, I'm pretty sure we can still go ahead.
Great! That's fantastic.
I'm going to have to cover myself with head office, though.
There's extra conditions, last page, to do with security.
- That won't be a problem, will it? - Nah, shouldn't be.
Well, read over those, sign them and bring them back.
I'm glad you came in.
I went down to Sydney on the weekend, saw the Oprah House.
- You'll never guess who I ran into.
- Probably not.
Your sister.
She looked great.
She's still a knockout.
She was with some gorgeous guy.
They walked in and heads turned.
She was modellising for awhile there, wasn't she? The first thing she asked me about was those girls.
I told her all about what a good job Odin was doing.
90, thanks.
She asked me all about him.
What a beautiful couple they used to make.
I think she might want him back.
Yeah? - Well, you're right about one thing.
- What's that? She was a beautiful model.
Shit wife and mother.
Electra, can you grab these, babe? I'm going to go grab some more.
What, there's more? Yeah, we're cooking it up tonight.
We have unfinished business, you and me.
You owe me something, I reckon.
Seen that trick already.
You're going to pay what you owe.
Hey, Electra, grab these, babe.
- You OK? - Yeah.
I'm right.
# Fight for love # And fight for me Fight for me # Throw your arms around my neck # And all over me # And oh # Something for me # Oh # Something for me # 'Cause I don't know what you be doin' # But I'm screaming out for more # I'm screaming to the sea # Screaming like me # And when you come my way I'll be old enough to build you all of your dreams Thena, where's Leccie? Leccie! Come set the table.
You know you can talk to me about anything if you need to.
I'm right.
Smells like Libby's here.
What? The food, I mean.
It's not like I walk around memorising people's smells or their personal musk or anything like that.
Looks like a feast.
What's the special occasion? Wow.
You look good.
You look You look like A domestic goddess.
Sit down.
Where's Tristan? Don't know.
He should have been here by now.
- And Leccie? - Dad, I'm starving.
Alright, then.
I give thanks for this delicious food and for all the blessings that we have.
Thanks especially for Phillips approving the loan today, and for my family.
I give thanks for each and every one of us, Libby included, 'cause she's a part of this family too.
What happened to you? Um, Dad.
Out the front of TAFE.
Where is he? Probably in town.
He took all my money, so the pub? I'll be back.
Wait here for Electra.
Stay here and watch these two.
Stay here and watch this one.
Go on.
(Vomits) Fables! You seen Jonesy Brown? Yeah.
Middle pub.
Seen Odin? Middle pub.
You seen Knuckles? Middle pub.
Libby? Aunty Is? (Knock at door) They've all gone downtown.
(Knock at door) Hi.
I'm Anastasia.
Leccie, leave it.
Do you know what he was going to do to me? I know what he was going to try and do to you.
So why are you trying to stop me, then? Because you're my friend.
And I care about you.
You what? Care about you.
You know, like a friend.
Like friends do.
What are you talking about? I'm not talking about romance, if that's what you think I'm talking about.
That's not what you think I'm talking about? 'Cause I'm not.
I don't know what you're talking about, Fables.
Aww! You did that deliberately, didn't you? Do you want me to double you home? Outside, now.
Oh, it's just you.
For a second there, I was getting worried.
What are you going to do, then? Get out here, and you'll find out.
Dad! That's a dog act! I've still got a few tricks up my sleeve.
Have you got the message yet? That's my family.
You touch them, you answer to me.
You got round one, boy.
If you want round two, I live at 14 Wheat Street.
Come and see me.
Odie? I'm sorry about D About him.
It's not your fault, sis.
Where were you, Leccie? Hmm? You know I don't want you downtown at night.
Yes? I was I sent her to the supermarket to get some dressing.
Bit late, Lib.
I know.
I'm sorry.
- Sorry, Aunty Lib.
- It's alright.
Come on.
Issy! This is Anastasia.
Odie! G'day.
How are you going? Hi.
I'm Anastasia.
Are you hungry, Miss Hamilton? I'm just going to walk Anastasia home.
- Straight back, alright? - Yeah.
- Thank you.
- ELECTRA: Your turn to wash up.
ATHENA: No Go and wash up! - No, no.
- Just do it, Thena! - No.
- Do it.
Do you miss Jamie? What? No.
Why do you ask that? You're still wearing your wedding ring.
I just never got around to taking it off.
I mean It's like, me and Jamie, we were kids together, you know? We were all kids together.
Me and Jamie, we were teenagers together.
We were all in your house.
It just sort of happened, like a steamroller.
What I'm trying to say is, if anything Dad, can we have dessert now? Did you wash up? ELECTRA: Yep.
Go on, then.
'If anything'? Go on.
If anything, I don't think I actually made a choice.
It's like, you're a kid, and you start a relationship, and it blows you away.
The world changes.
Before you know it, you're in your 30s, you've got teenagers, with all these responsibilities, and you don't even remember agreeing to any of it.
ATHENA: Dad, Electra's trying to stand over.
- ELECTRA: I am not! - Sorry, Lib.
I don't know what I'm trying to say.
It's been a big day.
Yeah, it has.
I was wondering .
would you be able to take a look at this for me? Leccie got suspended.
I know.
The school rang me yesterday.
Thanks for picking her up.
Thanks for everything.
You mean so much to .
this family.
Are you alright? You're still my special girl.
Mum, did you ever love Jonesy? I don't know if it was love.
Some sort of out-of-control chemistry.
It wasn't all good, but I couldn't imagine it any other way.
Odie? I've got a question for you.
I was talking to Bobby Blackman, and I just wanted to know .
why did you give up boxing? Bobby said you could have made it.
I got you, Ares and Issy back.
I had no time for anything else.
Just work .
and you fellas.
I'm sorry, Odie.
- For what? - For holding you back.
Don't be silly.
Go and get some ice on your bruises.
I'm sorry too, son .
for the burden I put on you.
I've been reading this, and I don't want to sound like a smart woman, but have you read the last page? What am I supposed to be reading? This.
It says you need a guarantor.
A guarantor is someone who will guarantee that you will make the repayments, and pay out the loan if you fail.
Someone with $300,000 to spare.
What? You could have stopped me from popping Jonesy and ending up in here.
That was supposed to happen.
If my father goes to jail, I'll kill you.
If he's locked away, the three of us might have a chance.
- Is that what you really want? - Of course it is.
- I can't see you anymore.
- What are you talking about? What have you done to Harry Hamilton? In the end, I'll win.
I'm inclined to lock the both of you up.
We've got more help than you think, Mr Hamilton.
(Gasps) Well, that's good.
You're gonna need it.
Back to you, sir, for 310.
That's my limit.
ATHENA: Are we still buying the house? Can we still live here?