The Golden Palace (1992) s01e21 Episode Script


1 ooh-ooh-ooh thank you for bein' a friend travel down the road and back again your heart is true you're a pal and a confidante and if you threw a party invited everyone you knew you would see the biggest gift would be from me and the card attached would say thank you for bein' a friend thank you for bein' a friend thank you for bein' a friend witt/thomas/harris productions, cbs television network, And 1992 nci caption club/ grantsmanship Hi-hi.
Ooh! Sophia, did you make some of your special pizza? Could I have a piece? Goody! Someday soon, I'm going to die.
Where's the parmesan? How was your trip to chattanooga? Wonderful as always.
Anything you'd like to tell us about your trip, Like what you saw, who you did? I saw my special gentleman friend.
We had a lovely time, and that's all.
And? And, blanche? Rose, why won't she tell us who she visits there? Give it up, roland.
You'll never find out.
She's been going there since I've known her And won't tell me who she sees there.
Here's a secret I want to find out.
What does sophia put in this pizza? It's addictive.
I haven't tasted anything this good Since those brownies I used to make.
Come to think of it, those were addictive, too.
Ta anyways, this pizza's fantastic.
I'll bet lots of people will think the same way.
What do you mean? There's not a good pizza place around here.
We'd make a fortune with this.
But it's not our recipe.
Wouldn't she give it to us? Chuy, sophia is sicilian.
Do you think she'd betray her own family? I'll give her 100 bucks.
That'd do it.
May I help you? Excuse me.
May I help you? Is this miami? If it isn't, my mail's been going to the wrong place.
Yes, it's miami.
I just came from chattanooga.
I'm looking for blanche.
Oh, well, blanche is-- Did you say chattanooga? Tad? Blanche! What are you doing here? I came to visit you.
You said so much about the hotel, I wanted to see it.
How'd you get here? A nice man drove me in a big yellow car.
A big yellow-- Oh, tad, please tell me You didn't come all the way from chattanooga in a Hey, someone here owes me 728 bucks.
Did I do something wrong? You shouldn't have left chattanooga without telling me.
Come over here and sit down.
I'll get this man some money.
Blanche, can I watch cartoons? Yes, yes.
Watch cartoons, But just keep the volume down low.
Blanche, - I just want to tell you I think you're wonderful.
Now I know who your special gentleman friend is.
Without ever even bragging about it, You've been traveling to chattanooga once a month To help this man who's mentally retarded.
You know, he is lucky to have a friend like you.
Rose, he's not my friend.
He'sMy brother.
What do you mean he's your brother? You only have one brother--clayton.
Clayton is my baby brother.
Tad is my older brother.
Why didn't you ever tell me? What was I going to do, Just casually mention it in passing one day? By the way, I have this mentally retarded brother That lives in an institution in chattanooga.
It's not something that comes up in conversation.
Blanche, this is the way my parents wanted it.
In the south, it wasn't talked about.
It'something you whispered about.
I just got so used to not talking about it That I just never brought it up.
I can't believe it.
I share everything with you.
You know everything about my family.
I've told you every single thing there is to tell About st.
God, I wish I could believe that.
Tad, are you tired? Should I get a room ready for him? Tad's not spending the night.
He's going back to chattanooga immediately.
He just got here.
Let him stay a little while.
Absolutely not.
Come on, blanche.
Just a couple of days.
I know he'll enjoy it, And besides, everybody will want to meet him.
Oh, all right.
He can stay, But just for the weekend.
Can we go find the dolphins? What? Dolphins? You know flipper on tv? I want to know what it feels like to touch him.
Blanche knows a group of dolphins here in miami, And she's touched every one of them! I'll just go call chattanooga And tell them what's going on.
Do you know what a dolphin feels like? No, but my room is right next to blanche's.
I know what they sound like.
Sophia, are you o.
? You seem a little stressed out lately.
I'm 87.
I'm playing dodge ball with death.
It makes me a little edgy.
Will a massage make you feel better? You're willing to do that? It's been so long.
Sure, why not? At my age, people don't like to touch you.
I don't understand why.
What's this here? A patch of psoriasis.
Work around it.
You know, sophia, I think it's awful of dorothy Not to come here to get your pizza recipe.
It'd teach her a lesson If you gave that recipe to somebody else.
You're right.
Really? It'd have to be someone I care about, And what's even more important, Someone who can cook.
You know somebody? Sophia, I love your pizza.
Please give me the recipe.
I'll protect your legacy.
UhI guess I have no choice.
I've run out of time and options.
I'll let you have the recipe.
Promise never to reveal it.
I promise, I promise, I swear.
Now that I think about it, I'm thrilled.
You're the perfect choice To carry on this grand old italian tradition.
Oh, my god.
A mexican.
Blanche, did I do something wrong? No.
I just think you'd be happier in here Away from all those guests.
Rose, you don't mind if tad sits with you? No, not at all.
Sit down, tad.
You can help me fold napkins.
Sit here till I get back.
Don't play hide 'n' seek.
Don't make any messes.
And especially, I don't want you playing with matches.
- O.
Are you having a good time? I guess.
You just go like this and then like that.
What do you do for fun in chattanooga? Well, uh I visit my friends at the center.
And I go to the park.
Oh, and I watch cartoons.
I love cartoons.
I like scooby-doo, and tiny toons, And muppet babies.
I love the muppet babies.
I watch them with my grandkids.
Nobody ever talked to me about cartoons before.
I don't have much to do today.
Why not spend the day together? We can go to the zoo or the museum, Anything you want.
I'd like that.
You know, I don't care what my sister says.
I think you're really smart.
Thank you.
I don't care what your sister says either.
I think she's in her early 60s.
She is.
She's my favorite sister.
She sends me stuff at christmas and my birthday.
You're very lucky to have blanche for a sister.
I know.
She's a beautiful creature-- Delicate, fragile, and exisite.
The fairest flower in god's garden.
She made you memorize that, too, didn't she? Did you have a fun day today? I really did.
Roland played checkers with me.
He's funny.
And sophia made me sp-- Sp-- Spaghetti.
And do you know Chuy taught me how to make funny noises under my arm.
He did? Yeah.
I worry about him.
But most of the day, I was with rose.
We walked on the beach, and we found seashells, And she bought me ice cream.
Blanche? Yes, sweetheart? Can I tell you a secret? Well, yes, honey.
You can tell me anything.
I'm not going back to chattanooga.
You're not? Why not? 'cause I'm in love with rose.
Hello, blanche.
Want some cheesecake? Not so fast, rose.
Helllo, blaaanche.
Waant some cheeesecaaake? A good one, rose.
Tad's not going back to chattanooga Because he's in love with you.
Oh, no.
Oh, yeah.
I knew I should not have let him stay here.
I knew something like this would happen.
It's not that big a deal.
He's got a crush.
I'll talk to him.
No, you won't.
You stay away from him.
I think you're being a little overprotective here.
Only because I care so much about him.
If you care, why didn't you tell us about him? Why is everybody on my back about that? Well, it's not like I'm the only person In this room with a secret.
Well, am I? Uh, chuy.
What? You just hold it right there.
Spill it.
But you got to promise It won't leave this room.
, I promise.
- O.
Well, when I was younger, I acted in an x-rated movie.
Get out of here.
I didn't take my clothes off or anything.
I didn't even know it was a dirty movie.
This guy wanted me to play a bellboy.
He said, "open this door.
" It wasn't until I rented the video I found out what I was reacting to.
I wish I had watched it Before I sent a copy to my folks.
All right, roland.
What are you hiding? O.
, uh I'm a I'm a big fan of helen reddy's.
How big? You know at the end of the performance When she thanks her fans, "whether they be white, black, chinese, mexican.
" I'm the black one.
When I was pregnant with dorothy, The doctor told me, "congratulations, mrs.
You're having twins.
" Well, I was ecstatic.
Soon, the big day came.
It was a hard labor, But finally, dorothy appeared.
Then the doctor prepared for the second baby.
And we waited, And we waited, And the doctor finally said, "there is no other baby.
" Mmm.
That is very strange.
What do you think happened? Dorothy ate her.
Now, eat from the plate of the dead.
What is this? The bones of my father.
No, really.
What are these? Ginger snaps? UhYeah.
Ginger snaps.
Now the last thing And the most important.
You take a little vino, And you sprinkle it On top of the pizza.
And that's it.
Now you know the recipe.
Guard it with your life.
I will.
I know you will.
You're a good son.
Sophia, wait.
I really feel ashamed of myself.
I only wanted your pizza recipe Because I was going to use it to make money, But you've made me feel like your family.
I don't want to break tradition.
You are part of my family now.
You mind if I call you pussycat? I'd like that.
You tell anybody this recipe, You'll be neutered, pussycat.
Good morning, rose.
Good morning, tad.
Sleep well? Uh-huh.
I brought you something.
It's a rose, Because your name is rose.
What's the matter? Don't you like it? Tad, sit down.
I want to talk to you.
Did I do something wrong? Oh, no.
Of course not, sweetheart.
That's good Sweetheart.
Uh, tad, have you ever had a girlfriend befe? Sure.
A couple of girls at the center, But they're not like you, rose.
They're not like you at alí@l.
Rose, I thought I told you to stay away from him.
I thought it would be easier if I told him.
Told me what? How dare you go against my wishes.
Blanche, please.
Told me what? I don't quite know how to say this She doesn't love you, And we're going to stop pretending she does.
Blanche! I didn't do anything wrong.
Tad, let-- You said I didn't do anything wrong.
You did, you said it.
I heard you.
Calm down, calm down.
I didn't do anything wrong! Tad, tad.
Don't, don't.
Hold on.
Tad, it's o.
You want to help me and chuy make breakfast? You want to do that? I didn't do anything wrong.
I know.
That's o.
Come on.
Come on, man.
If you had just let me handle this Don't you dare point your finger at me, rose nylund.
This is your fault.
Tad has never acted like that with me.
Look where we are.
What if guests had seen that? Guests? Your brother's heart is broken, And all you can think about are the guests? Are you really that selfish? I am thinking about tad.
I don't want him subjected to the cool stares of strangers.
You don't want to be subjected to those stares.
How can you say that? He's my brother.
I'm just trying to protect him.
Is that why you don't want him to fall in love? Is that why you didn't tell me he existed? Is that why you keep him hidden in chattanooga, to protect him? They take good care of him there.
He's got a job, a life.
A life that includes you once a month.
The reason you kept tad a secret Is the same reason you've kept him away from the guests.
Blanche, you're ashamed of him, And I'm ashamed of you.
All right.
You want to hear the truth? Yes.
I'm ashamed of him.
Are you happy now? Roland, I'll be taking tad to the bus station.
You can handle things while I'm gone.
Uh, how's he doing? Oh, he's still a little mad at me, But he'll get over that.
Tad, say goodbye to roland.
Goodbye, roland.
All right, tad.
We'll see ya on your next trip, o.
? Can I at least say goodbye to him? Go ahead.
Tad I'm sorry we can't be boyfriend and girlfriend, But I found something we can be.
Something better.
We can be valentines.
You mean it? Will you be my valentine? You bet! I'm gonna keep this card forever! Oh, that's a very special card.
Someone gave me that a long time ago.
Someone who loved me very much.
Maybe he wants it back.
Oh, I don't think he'd mind.
He knew you only give a valentine To somebody who means the world to you.
Somebody you're glad to have in your life.
Really? Mm-hmm.
Would you be my valentine? Did I do something wrong? No.
No, tad.
I did.
Hey, tad.
How would you like to come and stay At the golden palace a lot more often? I'd like that.
Good, because I think it's very important that people That people see what a wonderful brother I have.
And maybe we could even go to disneyworld or Oh, anywhere you want.
We'll do anything you like, tad.
Anything? Anything.
Anything? Uh-huh.
Would you watch cartoons with me? Yeah.
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Something wrong, rose? Oh, I'm a little depressed.
I've been trying to think Of some secret I've been hiding And I can't.
Not everybody has to have some big secret.
Oh, but I feel so ordinary and boring.
I guess I'll just have to face the fact That I have nothing to hide.
These tabloids are the worst.
Listen to this-- "space aliens found living in miami.
" Zoc krep crulac.
What did you just say? I said that's ridiculous.
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