The Good Doctor (2017) s02e18 Episode Script


1 I tried to help you, and you pushed me away.
It can't just be about having fun together.
If I have to call security, you understand that I'm also gonna have to fire you.
I am a surgeon! I am I am a surgeon! I am a surgeon, Dr.
SHAUN: Why are you sad? I'm not sad.
Is there another reason to get drunk at 10:00 in the morning? Shut up.
It's fun to drink with someone who is fun.
Lea is fun.
You're not fun.
Shut up.
If I have something to say, I will say it.
Well, if I have someone to shut up, then I'll shut them up.
If I have something to s Okay, I do not like to be touched.
Just shut up.
I am a surgeon.
You've had sex with each other.
And you're planning on doing so again? - Yes.
- Good news.
Because neither of you are in a subservient position - to the other - Well, sometimes.
You work together and you are sleeping together.
You don't see any way that can go wrong? Nothing for your employer to worry about? I'm going to interview each of you separately to ensure that the relationship is consensual.
EMT: Zack Cordell, 31, loss of consciousness, laceration with closed head injury, possible brain contusion.
- GCS score? - Nine.
Murphy thinks it might be an epidural hematoma.
- Dr.
Murphy? - Yeah, he's Where'd he go? Shaun? Come in.
Tell us what you saw, what you did.
I can't.
I'm not a doctor here.
You're still a doctor, Shaun.
We need to know what happened.
I found him like that.
I want a STAT head CT.
Get me a CBC and a tox screen.
It might be an epidural hematoma.
We heard.
Let's get a bolt ICP monitor ready.
- I'm on it.
- Dr.
Lim How was your meeting? I confirmed the lack of inducement or pressure.
I assume you did likewise.
We are approved.
For what? At last My love has come along My lonely days are over And li I farted, I peed, I pooped, everything is working as well as I can possibly hope.
We just need to know there are no post-surgical complications.
You're not wearing a wedding ring.
I'm not married.
Well, gays can get married they have children you need to have children.
I'll tell you what's more interesting than a non-married woman not wearing a ring.
Park here wears a wedding ring even though he's not married.
I'm divorced, but we're trying to reconcile.
Well, good for you.
- Kids? - A son.
BP looks good.
How often do you see them? Dinners, I hope.
I mean, dinners are really important.
- They live in Phoenix.
- Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
JP drain site looks good with no bilious output.
Do you have any other symptoms? I-I've got a bit of a stomachache, because of those nasty veggie slushies Dr.
Mitzger has me on.
Does this look inflamed? I don't think she's ready to go.
What? Why not? We need to order an abdominal ultrasound make sure you don't have a deep post-surgical abscess.
Hopefully just one more day with us, Ida.
I am concerned about how you dealt with Dr.
Have you known anyone else with ASD? Not well.
Have you? When you give people responsibility they can't handle, the results can be devastating.
Well, every time Dr.
Murphy's been given responsibility, he's risen to the occa He's never been given responsibility.
He's been given things to do, but always with someone right behind him.
I'm the first one to really challenge him.
And he failed.
Are you okay? Yes.
When something bad happens, we have to remember we're not defined by any one thing.
You're not just a doctor, Shaun.
You're a good friend, a good person.
There are so many things you can do.
What do you want? I want to be a surgeon.
What else? What else do you want? I want what everybody wants.
I want [SIGHS.]
I want my life to matter.
I want to have fun.
I I want to fall in love.
I think I'd be a good father.
I think you will be, too.
But I don't know how to fall in love.
Good morning, Claire.
Good morning.
Here are some chocolates.
They're not really chocolates.
Here's a stapler, which represents flowers.
Thank you.
These flowers are beautiful.
You have nice hair.
Thank you, Shaun.
I like your shirt.
It's old.
I was wondering if you would like to [WHISPERING.]
Say the words.
There could be other people there that would be distracting.
There could be noises that would be distracting.
She could misunderstand my question.
- You can't let that - She could say no.
She will.
Y-You don't know.
Someone will.
Shaun, you're gonna fall in love, and you're gonna have your heart broken.
And you're gonna fall in love again.
And you're gonna lose your job again.
- No.
- Yeah.
This is life.
You know that.
You've been hurt.
And you've survived.
You've gotten stronger, better.
Not better.
It's not better.
Zack's tests are ready.
Large iced, extra shot.
Oh, no.
No extra shot for me today.
I'm already kinda up.
- Having a good day? - Uh yeah, a real doozy.
As of today, I'm officially cancer free.
- That's fantastic.
- Thank you.
- I'm so happy for you.
You just got yourself a free coffee.
Thank you.
I got you something, too.
A Model J.
Just like the one that we never got to see at the car show we never made it to.
Open up the hood.
Check out the engine.
Oh, okay.
You're right.
We're too old - to just have fun.
I-I want to commit.
Commit? I meant commit to a relationship.
Not to, like, pledging our never-ending love before God.
In sickness and in health.
That's what you wanted.
I have just been through the seven levels of Hell.
I am ready to embrace life, to be bold.
This is definitely bold.
It's It's also It's also stupid.
I made it a part of our wedding vows.
Marty and I pledged we would never be apart for more than five days at a time, and we never were.
Until he died two years ago.
I made my daughter put it in her vows.
Junie lives in Napa.
Three children two boys and a girl.
You're still young.
You should give your son a brother and sister.
Everything looks great.
I think we can send you home.
Junie's driving in with her youngest.
- Oh.
I-I can't feel my fingers.
Other than the contusions, no hematoma.
I wish you were back in Path.
I don't wish I was back in Path.
CBC is normal.
Tox screen is basically clear.
No drugs, trace amounts of alcohol.
Maybe he tripped and hit his head.
His gait was erratic, and so was his behavior both highly suggestive of intoxication.
I thought you found him unconscious.
What happened? Did he do something to you? Say something to you? Shaun? You never lie.
Why would you lie about this? If Zack wasn't intoxicated, then he has a neurological issue you need to run an EEG and a CT angiogram.
I have to go.
Could be Guillain-Barré, maybe peripheral neuropathy.
I think we should perform an EMG and a nerve conduction study.
- What do you want to do? - Send her home.
I think she's making it up.
Her symptoms are very mild, very typical post-op reactions except the one that suddenly appeared as soon as we told her she could go home.
She's just lonely, looking for attention.
She can be lonely and sick.
According to the MRI, she's just lonely.
It's no fun releasing a patient only to find them in the morgue 24 hours later.
Recheck her history, run whatever tests you need, - rule out everything you can.
- Thank you.
And congratulations.
You and Dr.
It's an excellent match.
I have a sample I'd like you to test.
Shaun, you don't work here anymore.
How do you have a patient? It's Claire's patient.
There's no patient name on it.
What are this patient's symptoms? He's coughing blood.
I'll expedite the test.
We'll get the data analyzed by a neurologist - as soon as possible.
- And when it comes back okay, we could have you discharged by the end of the day.
You said "when" You think I'm making this up? Wasting your time? - No, I - Yes.
I do.
- You're right.
- You're faking? No.
Not entirely.
I can feel my fingers.
- But they're tingling.
- Because you're 87, Ida.
These are just symptoms of old age.
Junie had leukemia.
Months of chemo, and she just got sicker and weaker.
Three days before her 9th birthday, two oncologists said there was nothing more they could do.
Told us that she would never make it through the night.
They said it was pointless, "Oh, it it's so cruel.
But it wasn't their little girl who was dying.
The next morning [SNIFFLES.]
Junie was still alive.
And the morning after that, she opened her eyes, and all the people said, "Oh, it's a miracle.
" But it wasn't a miracle.
Junie is alive with three beautiful children only because I refused to let those doctors tell me what to do.
And now that I'm old, they give me even less credit.
We'll let you know the test results.
WBC and PT are elevated, and hemoglobins are a little low.
It could be pneumonia, DIC It's trauma-induced, - so more like - Trauma? [SIGHS.]
Then coagulopathy is possible, making bleeding worse.
You need to get the patient on phytonadione as soon as possible.
I'm writing a script.
You'll tell your patient how important this is, right? Good news, Ida.
Normal electrical activity at rest, normal action potentials with contraction.
Thank you.
I'm sorry I wasted your time.
You don't have to listen to your doctors.
But you do have to be honest with them.
They're treating you for rhabdomyolysis.
That makes sense.
- Why are you here? - I am a doctor.
Why are you sad? I'm sad and angry and [SIGHS.]
confused and I don't know.
I wasn't supposed to be at the bar.
I was supposed to be at a job interview.
Glassman got me a job interview, but I don't want a new job, and people tell me that I have to move on, but why can't I just be sad and angry and [SIGHS DEEPLY.]
It's not rhabdo.
You need immediate treatment.
What? Wh For what? For what? For what?! [WEAKLY.]
Tram poline [THUD.]
Murphy? I need help in here! CLAIRE: Left hemothorax and grade 2 splenic laceration resulting from a rib fracture.
Inserted a chest tube to reduce the blood pooling in the pleural cavity.
LIM: Any idea what caused the trauma? Zack Cordell beat him up.
The patient he brought in? Shaun told you? Not explicitly.
But he was acting strange from the minute they came in.
Shaun acting strange isn't strange.
Excuse me.
Murphy saved another person today.
HAN: Encountering an emergency is not a job qualification.
And how can you trust a doctor who doesn't have the sense to tell someone he was injured before passing out? It's no longer a request, Jackson.
Am I only allowed to do my job when you agree with me? You knew someone on the spectrum.
What happened to them? They died.
But if either of us are making decisions based on our personal experiences, we're making the wrong decisions.
You paid a lot of money for my judgment.
Too much, I'm starting to think.
Well, that was the point.
I didn't need the money.
I needed the commitment.
You went out on a limb for me.
You fire me now, you look like a fool in front of the board.
It's not the clips; Ida needs to be opened up again.
That's too bad.
There's one other test I'd like to try.
I'm starting to feel some pain on my left side.
It's important for a doctor to use all their senses.
Tastes like a bit of kale, seven delicious vegetables Good news is you don't have a potentially fatal bile duct issue.
The bad news is we know you've been dumping your veggie slushie into your drain to make us think you were sick.
You'll be discharged this afternoon.
You asked to see me? Yeah, for the last two hours.
I'm sorry.
I've been dealing with Dr.
It seems someone beat him up.
- Quite severely.
- Yeah, that shouldn't have happened, but before he passed out, he said he knew what was wrong with me.
Well, we all know what's wrong with you.
You're an ass with a head trauma and rhabdo.
He said you're wrong.
He kind of spaced out all distracted, then he said that I don't have that and that I need treatment.
Distracted how? Like, he was looking around trying to find something in the air, I don't know.
And then it looked like he found it.
What exactly did he say? LIM: Trampoline? - And? - That's it.
You know Shaun.
It could be a reference to something he read somewhere.
It could be a metaphor.
It could be the guy misheard.
It could be delirium.
Shaun had a systolic pressure of 70; he may have been hallucinating; he may have just been wrong.
He's hypotensive, O2 SATs are dropping.
- He's crashing! - Bag him.
Bolus five units of vasopressin and start a drip.
"Trampoline," from the Spanish word trampolino, meaning "springboard," from the Italian root trampoli, meaning "stilts.
" Maybe Shaun was talking about an excessive growth disorder like acromegaly.
But instead of just saying the name of the disorder, he used the English translation of the Spanish derivative of the Italian? [SIGHS.]
Maybe we should just wake him up.
His respiratory status is too fragile.
We have a very sick patient.
If Shaun can save his life We have two very sick patients, and if there's a 1% chance that waking Shaun will risk his life I say we don't do it.
We shouldn't need Shaun.
We can figure this out ourselves.
What do we know? Low BP, nausea, and dizziness, erratic gait and behavior.
Adrenal insufficiency could explain his gait and BP.
We'd be seeing hyperpigmentation.
- Botulism? - There'd be descending paralysis; if anything he has ascending.
Lyme disease? Explains fatigue and dizziness and, if advanced, impaired muscle movement.
And an arrhythmia could be lowering his BP.
None of this sounds like "trampoline.
" Let's get him started on 100 milligrams of doxycycline.
- Do you need - Shh.
Sorry, sorry.
You were on duty when Dr.
Murphy passed out, right? I was first one in.
Is this where he was standing? I think he was closer to the patient.
Hmm W-What about the blinds? Were they like that? Please, I need to know what Shaun's experience was when he was standing here.
Also, could I get a step stool? Sure.
Why can't you get him his job back? You were the president for, like, a hundred years.
I'm gonna fight for him, but I'm only one vote.
We all get smacked around.
We got to learn to take the hits, lick our wounds, and move on.
He likes you, you know? Yeah, I like him, too.
He likes you more.
When he gets rejected, I'm glad it's coming from somebody who cares about him.
We need an OR stat! [SIGHS.]
Hey, Shaun.
It's me, Auntie Em.
What are you doing in my room? No, Shaun, we're in the hospital.
You were pretty bad earlier, - but now you - Zack Zack Zack has the wrong diagnosis.
- No, no, no, Shaun.
I know.
- No, no, he'll - It's fine.
It's actually fine.
- He'll die unless he's treated immediately.
- Shaun, it's fine.
- No, he needs "Trampoline.
" Zack had an aortic arch aneurysm with signs of impending rupture, the evidence of which was a pulsatile mass in his neck.
That and his erratic gait and behavior are explained by the fact that he had tertiary syphilis.
Also known as Treponema.
Zack misheard you, but we were able to repair the aneurysm, and he is stable now.
All right.
Lie down, Dorothy.
Get some rest, all right? We finally got her history.
Those doctors who said Junie wouldn't survive the night, they were right.
Three days before her 9th birthday, Junie died.
Ida never had any grandchildren.
What about her husband? He did pass away two years ago, but he and Ida separated after their daughter's death.
It doesn't change anything medically.
I'm sorry.
You know what $300,000 can get you in Tempe? How are you doing? I have an O2 SAT of 97% and urine output of 200 cc's an hour, so I'm doing well.
I just got off the phone with Dr.
Turner at San Jose General.
You missed a job interview? I like being a surgeon here.
But you're not anymore.
And we can't change that.
Both of us we need to face reality.
My brother Steve said that whenever people want you to do something they think is wrong, they say it's "reality.
" Yesterday, Dr.
Shaun Murphy did something that was different.
And it wasn't because he showed mercy to someone who had been cruel and violent to him, although that's extraordinary.
What was different is that yesterday, Dr.
Shaun Murphy made Dr.
Claire Browne a better doctor.
Why? Because Dr.
Claire Browne looked at a problem through Dr.
Murphy's eyes and she saved a life.
And that's extraordinary.
Han, Dr.
Murphy may not communicate like you do.
He may not communicate like I do, but make no mistake.
He does communicate.
And he inspires.
Well, welcome back to the Board, Dr.
I've heard of your insights and passion, and I'm grateful to witness it.
Thank you.
But I didn't fire Dr.
Murphy because he doesn't inspire.
I fired him because he was irrational, unprofessional.
He couldn't calm down.
He couldn't control himself.
I stand by that decision.
And if Dr.
Glassman insists on putting this to a vote, the issue isn't whether Dr.
Murphy should be working here.
The issue is whether I should.
Whether I control my staff.
Because I can't work here if I don't.
I don't think there's anything else on the agenda, so ANDREWS: Steve was right.
And Dr.
Glassman is right.
You're gonna propose his motion? Dr.
Andrews, I don't think you have the votes to carry it.
I agree.
But I don't need the votes.
Just as you have the power to fire someone under your supervision, so do I.
You're gonna fire me to save Dr.
He's not ready to move on.
Neither am I.
Did you hear about Han? Can't imagine Andrews will survive the fallout.
They're gonna need a new Chief of Surgery; what if either of us is offered the job? One of us bossing the other around? I don't think that would fly with HR.
Someone would have to resign.
Or we'd have to break up.
Or we could turn it down I think things are great.
And they've been great for, what, four weeks now? Just over a month.
It'd be crazy to pass on a chance at being a department head.
Are you that crazy? No.
Are you? No.
I talked to Andrews' assistant.
Aoki should be calling you with the offer any minute.
You'd better answer.
Aoki, it's good to hear from you.
Hi Shaun.
I got my job back.
That's great.
I have a question for you.
I don I don't mean yes.
I also don't mean no.
Just what is the question? Do I look nice? Yes, Shaun.
You look very nice.
I know myself.
I know what I want, and I know what I love.
You don't love me.
You barely know me.
I think I do.
I think I know you.
And, sure, we could go out on another date and another date after that and more dates after that, but life is short and getting shorter, and I want to spend whatever time I have left with you.
When we're together, it feels like we're speeding down the PCH in a Duesenberg, 12 cylinders with 400 cc's and turbo boosts and picnic basket in the back with baguettes and Gruyère and prosciutto and Châteauneuf-du-Pape, and you're sitting next to me, wind in your hair, and you're laughing that laugh, and the sun, and the ocean.
And it just feels like we can go forever.
Debbie Wexler, will you marry me? Yes.
You have nice hair.
I know, fabulous.
I was ju Here are flowers and chocolates.
Real ones.
I was wondering if [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
you would like to eat dinner? Are you asking me out? Yes.
On a date? Yes.
I would love to.

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