The Good Doctor (2017) s05e08 Episode Script


Previously on The Good Doctor I omitted some of the patient reviews.
That's why your scores went up.
I am truly so sorry.
Your apology is not accepted.
Page Dr.
Lim to the OR for an emergency C-section.
The baby's in distress.
We need to open the duct and oxygenate her blood.
Call the pharmacy for PGE, stat.
- Oh.
- What? It's expired.
Pulse not palpable.
Restarting compressions.
Push 0.
Murphy, the baby is flatlining.
- No.
- There's nothing more we can do.
- No, I can save her! - Shaun.
We just lost a baby because this hospital wasn't prepared.
The medication we needed was expired.
Salen made cuts.
We're We're behind on inventory.
- Shaun, stop, stop, stop! - They're all No! It wasn't your fault! - There's - You lied to me! I can't marry you.
I'm right here.
I got you.
I am so sorry for what you all must be going through.
I can assure you I've begun an extensive review of pharmacy inventory policy, and I will do everything in my power to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again.
If there's anything that you need Counseling, paid time off, just someone to talk to I'm available.
Thank you.
As I'm sure you know, a lawsuit is a possibility.
We need to use the utmost professional discretion in our communication with the baby's mother.
We're all very aware of our professional responsibilities.
I just felt a reminder never hurts.
Whatever you're thinking of doing, don't.
She's gonna lecture us on professional responsibility? A baby's dead because of her narcissistic need to be a "disrupter" instead of an administrator.
You're furious, I get it.
Take a day off.
Take a personal day.
Let her make the first move.
She is who she is.
Which is the owner of this hospital and your employer.
And she has more experience in corporate and legal matters than you, and if you go up against her in a fit of rage, you're gonna suffer the consequences.
I'm taking her down.
I was surprised you were gone when I woke up.
I'd hoped we could've talked before work.
I don't want to talk.
You said you didn't want to marry me.
You can't drop a bomb like that and expect me to just accept it.
I know you're hurting, and And I want to be there for you.
I don't need your help.
Shaun, stop it, please.
I made a mistake.
But that can't just erase everything we've been through.
You can't have totally changed how you feel about me over just one incident.
It wasn't just one.
It was three.
You lied about your trip to Montana, falsified my performance rating, and refused to make things right by correcting my scores or telling Salen what you'd done.
I can't marry you.
That doesn't make any sense.
We love each other.
We can figure out a way to work this out.
I'm going to help Dr.
Park in the ER.
Male, 32, single car M.
I'm so sorry.
Please tell me I didn't hurt anyone.
For the tenth time, all you messed up was yourself, your car, and a tree.
He has an open comminuted tib/fib fracture.
And by the smell, I'm guessing an off-the-chart B.
I thought she really liked me.
But she just wanted to be friends, like all the rest.
I'm such an idiot.
Just a fat, disgusting loser.
Decent pulses.
He'll need IV antibiotics and surgery to I and D the wound and repair the fracture.
The leg can wait.
GCS is 13.
Need head and trauma CT pan scans to rule out closed-head injury.
Let's get him to imaging.
He's right.
He's an idiot.
A very lucky one.
Go ahead and take a seat.
Actually, I can't.
Uh I I had surgery a couple weeks ago in Brazil.
They call it a Brazilian Butt Lift.
I know, it's totally vain, but my whole life, I've been unhappy with my shape.
Um, I've tried everything.
Diet, exercise, waist trainers.
But I'm 33-years-old, and every time I look in the mirror, I can still hear the kids in school calling me Tater Tot or SpongeBob.
You don't have to justify your decision to me or any other doctor.
I'm here to help you.
She has severe surgical site infections with multiple abscesses.
Gluteal fat grafting's not as easy as it looks.
Not something you want to try to save a few bucks on.
She didn't go to Brazil to save money.
She went to prevent being mocked and judged by her own friends.
She didn't need to go at all.
There's nothing wrong with her belly or her butt.
Well, there's nothing "wrong" with your hair, either, but you spend oodles of time and money on it.
You're hilarious and spend just as much on your skincare and manscaping.
This is fun.
I wish I had some popcorn.
As it is, it's a waste of time our patient doesn't have.
Get CTs with contrast to gauge the size and depth of the abscesses, then schedule her for surgery to incise and drain.
On it.
My skin looks good, though, right? Could you do me a favor? I need all the documents related to Ethicure's takeover.
I'm doing some work on regulatory responses and need info from the contracts.
Not exactly my area.
But I'm sure Salen has copies of all that stuff.
I don't want to bother her.
She's pretty swamped today.
I'm pretty sure it's backed up on the server.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
I'll print them out for you.
- You can just e-mail them.
- Mmm, better if I don't.
Whatever your real reason is for wanting them, I'm sure you don't want Salen to know.
Paper copies will be harder for her to trace.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Hi, Alma.
I'm Salen Morrison, the CEO of Ethicure.
I just wanted to personally offer my condolences.
I don't have children.
I can't even begin to comprehend the depth of your grief.
I probably shouldn't be doing this.
My head of legal is gonna freak, but I don't care.
You deserve to know.
Lim and Dr.
Murphy were both truly heroic in their attempts to save your baby's life.
But there was an error made by one of our pharmacists, which caused Dr.
Murphy to briefly administer an expired medication.
He quickly realized and corrected the mistake, and it's unlikely it had any effect, but it was a mistake, which we take full responsibility for.
The pharmacist feels horrible.
He's already resigned.
Oh, my God.
Ethicure will cover all of your medical expenses, provide counseling for you or for anyone in your family who needs it.
And I've authorized an immediate payment of $200,000 for your pain and suffering.
I'm I'm not sure what to say.
It's the least we can do.
I just need you to sign a short consent form.
So our accounting department can issue the payment.
If anybody should be fired here, it should be you.
I warned you.
I told you that something like this would happen if you went ahead with the changes.
That's not how I remember it.
You do realize that I have notes from every meeting we ever had, copies of every e-mail? What I realize is you've never sued anyone before, while I've sued and been sued by my co-founders, banks, billionaires, and the guy who used to prune my rose bushes.
Which is why I have multiple lawyers on retainer.
So if I were you, I'd stop threatening and start negotiating.
I want my job.
I deserve it.
No, you don't.
Because you killed a baby.
So you're gonna take your severance and agree to a legally enforceable promise to go away and keep your mouth shut.
No sign of any intracranial bleed or injury to chest or abdomen.
We should brief Lim and get him to the OR for the surgery on his leg.
That silence mean you agree? Mmm? Oh.
I was distracted.
You're right.
We'll need to do two surgeries A prophylactic fasciotomy and then stabilize the tib/fib fractures.
Whatever you think is best.
- You want to talk? - Mmm, I already said I mean about what happened last night in the pharmacy.
Talking about it won't change anything.
You know, I've never seen him like this before.
It's like I'm suddenly a totally different person to him.
Yeah, give him some time.
Have you talked to him? Yeah.
And what did he say? I don't know.
He He's Shaun, you know? What's he gonna say? Sometimes men need more time to get over stuff.
Okay, that is both sexist and wrong.
He's totally cut me out.
He refuses to talk to me at all.
Well, he's stressed.
You know, he's retreating into medicine.
You're using that as a metaphor, but he literally ran away from me in the cafeteria this morning.
Okay, I'll talk to him.
Thank you.
Excuse me? You're Phil Hall's doctors, right? Yes.
Apparently only family can see him, but the nurses said that if I talked to you, that maybe Are you the woman who told him she just wanted to be friends? - He told you that? - Yes.
That's why he got so drunk and crashed his car into a tree.
Oh, my God.
Could you at least tell him that I'm here and that I care about him and that I hope he's gonna be okay? We can tell him.
But it won't make him feel any better.
We'll tell him.
The abscesses are huge.
And multiloculated.
The surgeon probably tried to inject too much fat.
There doesn't appear to be any intra-abdominal or pelvic involvement yet.
She should've hid from her friends in Beverly Hills, not Brazil.
Or just learned to love the body God gave her.
You two really have such strong beliefs about aesthetic surgery or do you just get off on arguing with each other? He doesn't believe strongly in anything.
Just likes to provoke me.
I just want to get you to open your mind a little.
You know, not be so judgmental.
I'm the judgmental one? Mr.
"I never date a guy who drives a sports car, "can't dance, or who doesn't like 'The Golden Girls'"? I get the car and the dancing, but "The Golden Girls"? I'm not gonna date a total moron.
My chest is starting to hurt.
It feels like something's squeezing my Petechial rash on the neck and Oh! BP's crashing.
She's hypoxic and agitated.
We need high-flow oxygen.
Muscle injuries are actually not as severe as I expected.
The fact he was so drunk probably helped him.
Kept the arteries from thrombosing.
Need more saline in the pulse lavage.
I'm not surprised he got friend-zoned.
You see the woman in the waiting area? That's who he was drowning his sorrows over? - Mm, bit out of his league.
- Yeah.
You don't think a woman like her could ever fall in love with a guy like him? Eh, it's possible, if he was rich or a rock star.
So you think all women are greedy and shallow? Humans are greedy and shallow, and it's silly to pretend we're not just because it's nicer to talk about the world that way.
Saline's clear.
No bleeding, no sign of muscle necrosis.
Good job.
Lim, you got a page from Lea Dilallo.
Tell her I'm on my way.
Place the ex-fix to stabilize the fractures for now.
We can do a more extensive reconstruction after the swelling's gone down.
Murphy can take lead on that.
Murphy, you hear me? Yes.
- That was fast.
- It was actually incredibly slow.
I had to route the downloads through a proxy and print at different nurses' stations to stay untraceable.
- Thank you.
- Hold on.
These too.
You said you wanted everything.
It came out to over 4,000 pages.
Damn it.
What exactly are you looking for? I'm not sure.
Looks complicated.
He has a severe comminuted fracture with significant bone loss.
The standard ex-fix puts him at high risk for deformity and malunion.
Hey, Shaun, I I know you know that I'm on your side, no matter what.
But for whatever it's worth, I think you and Lea make a very good couple.
No, I don't want to talk about Lea.
Why? Why? Dr.
Park says women are shallow.
He said that about Lea? She's never dated anyone like me before.
Okay, Shaun, Lea might be flaky and impulsive, but, my God, she's not shallow.
She made a mistake, Shaun.
Give her a break.
I have to go.
Some of the injected fat got into your bloodstream and embolized to your lungs.
We can treat them with medication.
But blood thinners will make the surgery on the abscesses too risky.
We need to delay repairing the aesthetic surgery until after we fix the clots in your lungs.
How long will that take? At least a few days.
And even with broad spectrum antibiotics, the infection could spread and damage your glute muscles.
Possibly even cause necrosis.
You mean like dying flesh? We'll do everything we can to No way.
I I don't care how risky it is.
I want my butt fixed first.
If we don't reduce the clot burden to your lungs immediately, the complications could be life-threatening.
You said you could do them both.
You want to risk your life to avoid an injury to your butt? Yes.
I already took a huge risk.
I traveled halfway around the world to fix the way I look, and there is no way I'm gonna go backwards now.
But what Dr.
Reznick is recommending isn't going backward.
It's making the best out of an awful situation.
You said you wouldn't judge me.
I told you what I want.
Are you gonna help me or not? Yes.
Aspirate the superficial collection, start blood thinners, and schedule her for a surgery first thing in the morning.
Your friend's first surgery went well, but he needs to stay under observation until we finish stabilizing his leg fractures.
Can I see him? No.
But Dr.
Park told him what you'd said.
Thank you.
I'll come back tomorrow.
Why could you never be more than just friends with him? Um Phil is a really great guy.
I do love him.
I even tried for a while.
I thought I could get past it, that I was being shallow.
But it's how I feel.
I shouldn't just settle.
This is She doesn't own the place.
At least not yet.
By law, the State Attorney General has to approve the change from non-profit to for-profit status.
That hasn't happened, which means the deal's not closed.
That doesn't make any sense.
She's been running the place for months.
These acquisitions take time.
The buyer has to take control before the regulatory requirements are finalized.
And one requirement is, "For-profit status "cannot adversely affect the obligation "to serve the community interest.
" And there's no way the A.
's gonna agree that killing babies "serves the community interest.
" Okay, but why are you telling me? Because while I know what she did, I don't have written proof.
Well, I'm sorry.
I, um I took the severance.
Agreed to a non-disclosure.
Then give it back and And tear it up.
She fired you for something she forced you to do, made you the scapegoat for everything she's done and will continue to do if you don't stop her.
If we don't stop her.
I have a wife and two kids.
I I need to know that I can get another job.
And what about sleeping at night? Don't act like you've never made a compromise, done something at work that you thought was wrong.
We all make compromises.
But I know you believe this is a lot more than that because you're a decent man, a father trying to do right by his kids.
But what happens when they ask you why you changed jobs? Will you tell the truth, or will you look your kids in the eye and lie? Okay.
What do you need? You think Morgan's right? That we constantly argue because we like it? No.
It's part of the job.
We have to kick the tires on every idea.
But we don't have to kick each other.
We? You're the one who said my skin looked like the Crypt Keeper's.
I was obviously joking.
You were obviously annoyed because I expressed an opinion.
My problem is not you expressing your opinion.
It's that you attribute all of mine to a personal flaw.
Maybe growing up where you did, you weren't exposed to a lot of strong women.
And maybe growing up where you did, it's common to insult people's mothers.
I didn't say anything about your mother.
Have you ever even met a Hasidic woman? Is there a problem? - No.
- No.
Then why are you still in here and not in the OR getting our patient positioned for surgery? - Sorry.
- On it.
I can't stop thinking about what Monica said.
Who's Monica? Lea thinks I'm not good enough to be her husband.
Is that the issue? Because that's ridiculous.
No, it's not ridiculous.
She told me before that we could never be more than just friends because of my ASD.
And now she knows she was wrong, right? No.
She saw me save a patient from a collapsed building, which shouldn't have made her realize anything because she already knew I was a good doctor - who could save patients.
- Shaun And she wanted you to come back from Montana so she wouldn't be burdened with me on her own, and she changed my client satisfaction scores because she thinks I can't succeed by myself.
- That's not quite true.
- Yes, it is.
- Okay.
- I don't want to be married to someone who is just settling for me, especially because all her other boyfriends were just drummers and jerks and Okay, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop! Sit down.
- Shaun, sit down.
- Okay.
Lea is not settling.
You're You're hardworking and honest and loyal and brilliant, and she's lucky to have you, and she damn well knows it.
Shaun, sometimes when people love us, they They want to help, and they help at the wrong time and for the wrong reasons in the wrong way.
But Lea loves you.
She loves you.
I have to go.
Okay, for your surgery, we'll be inserting screws and a series of circular rings with connecting rods Is Monica still here? No, she went home last night.
Connecting rods between She waited all day, obviously cares about you.
That's just pity.
Which makes me feel like an even bigger loser.
Stop it.
You did something irresponsible, - but you're not a loser.
- You wouldn't understand.
You're good-looking, muscular.
I'm sure you were always a great athlete.
If she's that superficial, would you have fallen for her? Maybe she's afraid of committing.
If you back off, let things develop, maybe she'll change her mind.
You really think so? It can't hurt to try.
She won't change her mind.
And you don't think she ever will.
He said there's no way a woman who looked like her would ever love a guy who looked like you.
Connecting rods between each circular ring.
What the hell are you doing? You You were lying to him.
No, I was trying to cheer him up, which is not only nice but medically beneficial.
Look, I understand you're going through some stuff, but if you're not able to get your head straight and focus on the job, you need to let someone else do this surgery.
I can focus fine.
I did it.
Found exactly what we need to get rid of her.
You found $52 million? We don't need to buy her out, because she hasn't bought us.
Not yet.
And once the A.
gets the information I convinced Fremes to turn over, - she never will.
- Fremes the pharmacist? He signed an N.
He He took a check.
Which he regrets.
He's willing to pass up the money and come forward.
Well, that's very heroic of him, but it's irrelevant.
The A.
isn't gonna blow up this deal.
We have proof that she was warned her policies would endanger patients, but she forced them through anyway.
Let me get this straight.
You're gonna rely on someone who's already signed an N.
, who's taken money, not to mention that Salen has top-dollar lawyers and lobbyists who are gonna argue that the baby didn't die from expired meds but from a car crash and premature delivery and a pre-existing cardiac condition.
Look, I I I agree with you that Salen should not be running a hospital.
But there isn't an A.
in America who would take this on.
Unless it comes from you.
We'll go in on our own.
Bleeding's not as bad as I'd feared.
We need great hemostasis so there's no unsightly fluid collections.
Definitely don't want that.
No, we definitely don't.
This isn't the first time you let your personal feelings about aesthetic surgery impact patient care.
Patients have a right to make their own decisions, but they also deserve my honest opinion of the risks and benefits.
Honest and professional.
Which means based on the medicine, not your personal bias.
Patients deserve to benefit from their surgeon's life experience.
And clearly felt comfortable enough to make her own decision.
He's right.
They make a good team.
She's hemodynamically unstable.
End-tidal CO2 plummeting.
Did we cause a venous air embolism? No, it's not air.
She's thrown more pulmonary clots.
We need mechanical thrombectomy, STAT.
Adding an additional Schanz screw.
Park, can you add more traction to facilitate fracture reduction? How's that? Perfect.
Lim, you've got a call.
I'm a little busy.
It's Dr.
He says it's urgent.
The meeting's already set.
No, I I understand that she's worried, but your kids need a father they can look up to, someone they can be proud of.
No, no.
It can't just be my word.
I need your Spineless prick.
Her pressure's dropping.
Increase vasopressors and limit fluid overloading.
These damn fat clots are harder to aspirate than a blood clot.
Can you use a stent retriever? No, it's better to just go with a larger bore aspiration catheter.
- Should we stop what we're - No, keep going.
No reason to back up now.
Got it.
Come on.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Got you, you little bastard.
She's crashing! Gotta be more in her heart.
Let's run an echo, optimize pressers for her cardiac parameters, and prep her femoral for cerebral angio.
The surgery was a success.
Lim let Dr.
Park and I do it almost all on our own.
You want to go out and have a drink tonight? Do you really think Lea realized she was wrong about my ASD? Were you just lying to cheer me up? - Have I ever lied before? - Oh, yes.
I'm not lying.
I used to let Robin Johnson copy off my test.
She'd tell me how cute I was.
But Michelle Plasse told me Robin would make fun of me behind my back.
Both seemed nice but one of them was lying.
Shaun, you're not a kid anymore.
But I'm still weird.
Yes, you're weird.
I'm weird.
Everyone's weird.
Everyone feels weird at some point.
Everyone feels ugly or stupid or old or whatever it is.
That doesn't help at all.
I know.
What's wrong? If you can still speak and see us Nothing.
You had us very worried.
We had to remove multiple clots from your heart and brain during surgery.
But now We were able to debride the gluteal abscesses.
We won't know for sure until we see how you heal, but Doesn't look like there'll be any visible scarring or deformity.
Thank you.
I don't understand.
You told my associates that you and Dr.
Fremes had actual evidence.
And now not only do you not have any documents, you don't have Dr.
Because he was intimidated into silence by Salen Morrison.
Into silence? Or into taking responsibility for his own actions? I don't understand how a mistake made in an OR or a hospital pharmacy could possibly be the fault of your parent company's CEO.
She sidelined our president and began inserting herself into medical decisions.
She consistently reduced the quality of care to boost Ethicure's profits.
Lim, I get that these takeovers may involve policy changes that you don't approve of If she started her own for-profit hospital, she'd have every right to run it however she saw fit.
But she didn't do that.
She bought ours Aa non-profit.
Which means she's legally obligated to serve the community, the whole community, not just patients with premium insurance.
And you have a responsibility to make sure that means something.
That it's not just fine print in a contract no one will ever read.
I agree.
But do you have any actual evidence of fraud or criminal activity done by Salen Morrison? I have a dead baby.
And that is Salen Morrison's fault.
And I guarantee this is gonna happen again and again if you don't step in and do what only you can do to stop it.
Let me think, and I'll get back to you.
Thank you.
Murphy did a great job.
You've a long road ahead and probably a few more surgeries, but it looks very good.
You have no nerve injuries and both bones in your shin have been stabilized with good alignment.
Did Monica come back? No.
I don't need her pity.
And you were right.
She obviously wasn't gonna change her mind.
Maybe you should change yours.
I get the feeling that you also care a bit too much about how your dates look, how they make you look to other people instead of how they make you feel about yourself.
Is that your way of telling me that because I'm fat and ugly I should only date women who are the same? I don't think you're fat or ugly.
But if you want to find someone who loves you more than just a friend, you need to start loving yourself.
Just get out and leave me alone.
Let the nurse know if you need more meds for the pain.
What're you looking at? I just I told you, just Just get out.
Park is right.
You should listen to him.
I can't believe it.
We actually saved her lungs, her brain, and her ass.
That's a triple play.
She's lucky she didn't end up with major organ damage.
She was lucky to have us.
The way we fight all the time at work? That's how it is with me and my oldest brother.
He drives me insane.
But I love him.
He also thinks a beard makes him look taller.
That was unkind and uncalled for.
Or the truth.
Hello? This is she.
Thank you.
I I really appreciate your taking the time.
No, actually, I don't understand.
Good night.
How was your meeting? What meeting? Your meeting with the A.
I've always been open with you, Audrey.
Tried to help you understand what it is I'm trying to accomplish here.
And you went behind my back and tried to destroy it all.
I'm never gonna forget it.
I don't want to cancel our wedding.
We love each other and are good for each other.
And I forgive you for lying about your trip to Montana and changing my scores.
I know you were just trying to help me.
Thank you.
Did you want Dr.
Glassman to come back so you wouldn't have to take care of me on your own? I wanted him to come back because he cares about you.
And I know that you care about him, too.
I don't need you to take care of me.
I know.
And I don't mean to smother you.
I I just want to help you and be there for you.
Do you believe I'm not good enough for you? That you're not good enough? What're you even talking about? You told me once that you could never be in a relationship with me because of my ASD.
Is that what you think? It's what you said.
Yeah, a long time ago.
Are you seriously telling me that you don't see a difference in how I feel about you? That I haven't grown at all? Our relationship hasn't grown? Shaun, all I was trying to do is help someone that I love, to be there for you like you've been there for me.
But you just can't seem to see it that way, no matter how many times I've tried.
I mean, is every mistake I make going to be something that you hold against me forever? No, I I am forgiving you.
No, I don't need you to forgive me.
And I'm done.
I'm I'm done apologizing for helping you and caring about you and whatever else I'm doing that you seem to find so unbearable.
No No, that's not what I said.
What you're saying is that I'm not good enough for you.
That's actually not true And if that's what you feel, then fine.
Maybe we shouldn't get married.
And you know what? Maybe we shouldn't even be living together, so I'm gonna get out of your way.
And you can sleep in your own bed tonight, and first thing tomorrow, I'll start looking for a new place to live.

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