The Good Doctor (2017) s05e10 Episode Script

Cheat Day

Shaun? Oh, hello, Dr.
If you're here to talk about our argument I am, kind of, in a way.
Working under Salen was making me into a bad doctor, so I quit.
I'm creating a spreadsheet of residency programs.
I have 12 metrics.
Well, Shaun, that's a problem, because there aren't a lot of programs around that are gonna take a resident at your level.
And also You're somewhat vulnerable because of the ASD.
I've already quit.
We got a plan, Shaunie.
We are talking to an investigative reporter for a story on the damage that Salen has done to St.
It'll put pressure on the Pension Fund that's financing the hospital takeover.
The deal doesn't close for eight days.
We still have time to stop it.
We think you should apologize to Salen and ask for your job back.
Save your career.
She will not say yes.
Oh, she will say yes.
You're on the poster.
What's she gonna do, drag you out of the hospital kicking and screaming? It'd be a PR disaster.
I have nothing to apologize for.
She does.
We agree, but if we pull this off, it is only for eight days.
But what if you don't? If we don't, then we rethink.
I will focus on the medicine.
We've got a morale problem at the hospital.
Maybe it's just aftershocks from what happened with the baby, but I'm hearing a lot of complaints.
Even the board's unhappy.
Which is why I plan to replace them as soon as the deal closes.
Well, good doctors are a lot harder to replace than board members.
Any employees we lose, we'll find others better aligned with Ethicure.
We've got a lot of great people at St.
Bon's, and I'd like to make an effort to keep them.
How's your morale? I'm fine.
I know yesterday was tough, the tracheal transplant.
I hope you aren't doubting yourself.
Shaun warned me.
I didn't listen.
You took a risk, and your patient is better off for that.
And now you and I are gonna make this the most successful hospital in the Bay Area.
No headaches, dizziness? No.
I feel fine now.
Blurry vision? Dr.
Murphy, why are you here? I'm focusing on the medicine.
I don't have any patients of my own.
Probably because you quit yesterday.
Have you spoken to Salen? This says you lost consciousness while running and hit your head.
Uh, yep.
And no.
No blurry vision.
You recently flew in from London.
Perhaps your fatigue or dehydration It was three days post-flight, and the liver function tests are only slightly elevated despite receiving a donor liver six months back.
It doesn't seem transplant-related.
Well, it was a very high-quality liver.
From an even higher-quality person.
You're the donor? Ry's been my best friend since kindergarten.
I was about to die, with my wife seven months pregnant.
He immediately stepped up.
Total hero.
Definitely is.
We'll schedule a head C to look for damage from your fall, as well as any reason why you fainted.
I'm sure it'll be fine.
If not, good news.
You get your liver back.
That's not how it works.
What are you doing here? I work here.
That's not what I took away from our conversation last night.
Last night, I wanted to quit.
Today, I don't.
You need to leave.
It's not a suggestion.
I am on the poster.
You will not drag me out of the hospital kicking and screaming.
It would be a PR disaster.
So I'm staying.
I have to go to work.
When did the bleeding start? About an hour ago.
Any dizziness or nausea? None.
I told her that some spotting was normal.
This is my last viable embryo.
I've had more miscarriages than I can count.
I've done this five times already.
The baby is Is fine.
You all have five kids at home? You are experts.
No, we're not a couple.
I actually don't have any children of my own.
Grace is my surrogate.
Is it typical for surrogates and their clients to hang out together? She has become more like family now.
That's a healthy heartbeat.
S-Something is wrong.
MRI abdomen and transvaginal ultrasound.
No intracranial bleed, no tumor.
I assume you know some of us are going public against Ethicure.
Glassman and Lea told me, but they think I should stay out of it.
What do you want to do? Is it possible to be sure what the right thing is, but it's also wrong to act on it? All too often.
And whatever happens, I know you're on our side.
Scan seems to be clear.
Then why is he having a seizure? Grace's scans look normal.
No placenta accreta or previa.
I love what she's doing, carrying a child for a woman who can't.
I'd love it more if Grace wasn't getting paid for it.
She created five families.
Do you really have a problem with that? It's not just me.
Commercial surrogacy is illegal pretty much everywhere but here.
It's exploitative.
Funny how everyone gets real concerned about exploitation when it's women's bodies.
Meanwhile, football players give themselves brain damage every Sunday, and it's glorified.
Point taken.
You know, it's not too late to change your mind about this Salen stuff.
You should join us.
Speaking of men telling women what to do Look at this.
I've had to send children to community transition care units because of how she's minimized pediatric beds.
That's his testimony? It's the start of his testimony.
The plan being to bore them into submission? My plan is to let them know exactly what she's done and how it's impacted the greater community.
Oh, it's the pizza guy.
Infant fatality.
That's our plan.
- Let's stick to that.
- We can't prove that.
But what we do have are doctors and nurses and stories of systemic neglect.
It's not the pizza guy.
Don't worry.
I tipped him.
I love your place.
Smart play.
That's what I'd do.
Yeah? What play is that? Getting that investigative reporter to write a takedown piece about me and using that to pressure the Pension Fund.
Wolke, Dr.
Park, it's time for you two residents to get back to work.
- I'm not leaving.
- Me neither.
Gutsy, coming from a second-year who already killed a patient.
And you really ought to take lessons from your girlfriend.
She knows how to play the game.
Audrey, Lea, Aaron, I'm sorry, but I have to terminate your employment immediately.
You were saying? Go.
That your plan? Make us look like disgruntled former employees? You think that's gonna stop us from going public? No, of course not.
But I think this research will.
Despite your generous salary, you were a no-show for months, making wine in your garage, vacationing in Montana.
All after years of intervening to excuse your protege Dr.
Murphy's erratic behavior.
You hired your boyfriend, then fired him once the relationship soured.
Classic sexual harassment.
That's not H-He quit.
You secretly changed hospital metrics to help your fiance.
Right now, you've only lost your jobs.
Go public, and I release all this.
Cheat day.
, Hawks, and Colson are out.
The reporter? She'll still talk to us.
It's still a good story.
Just much shorter than planned.
Was she right? Are we wasting our time? Probably.
The Pension Fund's annual meeting is in two days, right? Yeah.
We meet the reporter there.
Big public setting.
Denounce Salen in front of the investors.
Create a viral moment.
That might do some damage.
She could ruin me in tech.
I'm in.
You're threatening to ruin their careers? These are good doctors.
Who've decided to try to interfere with my company.
You can't expect me to just accept that.
I've backed you at every step because I believe a great hospital could be profitable, too.
But blackmail is unacceptable.
Think big picture.
We just lost the president of the hospital.
You're running this place.
The future is wide open.
For both of us.
Where's Dr.
Lim? She's no longer available.
But I'm the Chief of Surgery and will be personally involved in your case.
Unfortunately, your imaging is consistent with a bladder sarcoma abutting your uterus.
Cancer? But we did surrogacy testing.
It's small right now, but it will continue to grow as the fetus does.
Oh, God.
And what can we do? The safest option is to terminate the pregnancy, resect the tumor, and begin chemotherapy.
Are there any other options? There are a number of chemotherapy protocols that are safe for second trimester fetuses.
But they'll all be far less effective against the cancer than surgery.
I want to do the chemo.
Grace Are you sure? Yes.
- So - I heard.
You're lucky to still have a job.
Well, I'm not sure if it's luck or you.
Salen suggested I learn to play the game like you do.
She's right.
I didn't realize being a doctor was a game.
Why are you obsessing about this? We have a meeting.
I'm sure all of you have feelings about what happened with our colleagues.
Shaun, if you want to talk Ryan has encephalitis.
Lea is okay.
I'm focusing on the medicine.
You said his head CT was clean.
Our scan was interrupted by his seizure.
I went back and reviewed the images.
There appears to be hypodensity in the bilateral medial temporal lobes.
Suggests HSV.
That's just artifact from skull base.
It's not encephalitis.
Clean CT plus clean blood test suggests a cardiac problem.
I'm with Dr.
Place Ryan on telemetry and You should trust me.
I told you not to do that surgery yesterday.
I was right then, and I am right now.
No reason not to rule out encephalitis, as well.
Start him on acyclovir in addition to the cardiac monitor.
We could try Ifosfamide.
Lim and the others are speaking out at the annual Pension Fund meeting the day after tomorrow.
Please help me find a chemo regimen for Grace.
Okay, Ifosfamide can cause pre-term labor.
I'm gonna go with Adriamycin.
I'm gonna speak out with them.
That's gonna blow up your whole career.
Blow up your whole life.
Wouldn't be the first time.
Come with us.
You're great at sales.
Help us persuade the Pension Fund.
Sometimes you got to stand up for what's right.
What I do or do not stand up for is my choice, and my friends should respect that.
What have you come up with? There are a few options Grace is crashing.
I'm going to test you for encephalitis and place you on telemetry to check for heart problems.
Is your neck bothering you? Y-Yeah.
It just started feeling a little weird.
Okay, can you take your gown off your shoulders, please? W-What is that? Not encephalitis or a heart problem.
You had a uterine vessel rupture.
We were able to treat it, but your cancer's progressing quicker than we thought.
Our recommendation is to terminate.
We'll remove the tumor and reconstruct your bladder.
But you said there was a chemotherapy that was safe for the baby.
The rupture made everything more serious.
You need surgery now, or the cancer might kill you.
If you don't want to terminate, there is an experimental cystoscopic surgery.
It should be able to clear almost all of the cancer.
W-What What are the risks to the baby? 30% chance of miscarriage.
It's okay.
You should terminate.
You should do the surgery that gets rid of all of the cancer.
I'd like to do the chemo.
You realize you probably won't survive.
As long as the baby reaches viability.
Gracie, honey, you don't have to do this for me.
I'm not.
I went through some of your recent cases.
W-Why? Because of what Salen said.
You know she likes me.
What's the problem with her liking me? Because of your paranoid reaction.
I reacted because it seemed like you were reading something into her comment.
Like you didn't trust me.
And now you're going through my files? Apparently, I'm not paranoid.
Nira Joseph.
I didn't realize "playing the game" is shorthand for losing your entire moral compass.
Nira is half-blind because of you.
She had a tumor There is no mention in her file of the procedure that could have saved her sight.
A procedure you thought wasn't a viable idea.
I didn't tell you to hide it.
You can't offer every patient every experimental surgery Ah, especially not when "we're" trying to win control of the clinic.
It was the right choice medically.
It was her choice.
Ryan's rash plus seizure and fainting suggests an autoimmune disorder.
Makes sense.
His ESR's elevated.
ESR's a nonspecific inflammatory marker.
Wouldn't matter if it was through the roof.
Park, are you taking offense at the diagnosis? Salen fired our friends.
I didn't know about that in advance, didn't support it.
And do you support it now? It doesn't matter what he supports.
He's not the CEO.
No, he's just her bagman.
Salen came into this hospital because it was going bankrupt.
And now it's become Salen's ATM machine.
That's an improvement? You have been against her from the moment she came in.
Just proven right.
You're not facing reality.
The takeover's happening.
Someone's got to keep the hospital running.
You think you're being realistic? You're being complicit.
We should start Ryan on corticosteroids for the autoimmune Don't you see how being her apologists is corrupting you? Dr.
Park You took a woman's vision away to get your hands on the clinic.
Not fair.
And you stand by her after she kills a child.
Park, do you have an alternative diagnosis? No.
Start Ryan on corticosteroids.
I'm done.
I'll finish up with my patients and then submit my resignation.
If I get a job downtown, this would be a good place to meet for lunch.
They have great French pancakes.
Kind of eggy, but I should join you.
Lea, I'm the poster boy.
It made Salen take me back.
It could make the difference.
It'll make a difference, sure, but That's good enough.
You are so close to finishing your residency.
One more year, and you can go wherever you want.
Glassman, Park, Lim, they've stood up for me so many times.
You've stood up for me so many times.
Now I want to stand up for all of you.
Okay, can you make fun of my beard or my eye bags or anything? I hate this.
How many times did I say I didn't want to get involved in the Salen stuff? But you still kept pushing.
I wanted you on my side.
You act like I'm scared of a fight.
I'm a Black woman in one of the top surgical residencies in the country.
Do you know how hard I had to fight to be here? I don't have the same luxury as you do.
I'm not scared.
I'm exhausted.
I never thought of it that way.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
And I think I know who Grace is fighting for.
She said she didn't have any children of her own.
But you had to have given birth before you became a surrogate.
We know what happened to Willem.
It wasn't your fault.
What kind of a mother loses track of her baby at a playground? A 19-year-old.
Who's overwhelmed.
I wasn't overwhelmed.
I wasn't paying attention.
I was arguing on the phone with my boyfriend.
And I turned I turned my back.
The crash was so loud.
So now, I give babies to people who actually deserve them.
Killing yourself won't bring Willem back.
It'll let another baby live.
You have value, not just in the children you carry.
I lost myself when Willem died.
This is what brought me back.
It is the only thing that means anything to me.
You're being selfish.
This isn't just about you.
It's also about Amanda, your friend, who loves you.
I'm trying to help her No.
You're not listening to her.
She does not want the price of her child to be your life.
You don't have to terminate.
Just let us do the cystoscopic surgery.
It could let Amanda have her baby and you in her life.
Minute, please.
I'm sorry.
That was unnecessary.
I'm sorry this is how it ended.
We're not done yet.
She'll destroy you.
Only if you let her.
You think I control Salen, because we're dating? That's insane and a little sexist.
Forget control.
How about taking a stand? That's what I've been doing and will continue to do from the inside.
You could've worked with me to make things right.
Instead, you had to burn the building down.
She lit the match.
You know that.
I feel a little sick.
Could this be 'cause of the, um, autoimmune thing? That's unlikely.
Your eyes are jaundiced.
Which means it is your liver.
I will need you to do a full-body PET, CT scan.
And you, as well.
Okay, Nira, we're all done.
I'm glad I had you come in for a check-up.
Your vision's actually improved a bit.
You have 53% of your left peripheral field.
That's great.
How are you, uh, doing these days? I can't drive.
I lose things.
I had to go part-time at the company.
It completely changed my life.
I'm so sorry.
No, the thing is, it needed changing.
I was working seven days a week.
My partner and I were about to separate.
I was watching my son grow up through videos sent to me at the office.
Now I walk my kid to school.
My relationship is in a great place.
I'm happier than I've been in years.
It reminded me what was important.
You have liver cancer.
Your symptoms were from a paraneoplastic syndrome.
The tumor put your immune system in overdrive.
It started attacking unrelated organs.
D-Did I give him cancer? Yes.
There was probably a microscopic lesion in the lobe you donated.
But it was to your benefit.
Your scans are clean.
So what's next? Surgery? It's metastasized.
We can resect the largest tumor and chemo-embolize some others.
That'll give you a few additional months.
Months? I'm sorry.
Salen's gonna fire you and then come after you publicly.
I don't care.
Well, you should care, Shaun.
Think about what she's gonna use.
Your outbursts in the hospital, your low scores, the complaint the nurse made against you I am a good surgeon.
I don't believe I'll never work again.
You're an excellent surgeon, Shaun.
That's the point.
You can't risk that.
But you can? Lea can? Dr.
Lim can? Yes, yes, yes.
We can.
You're exceptional.
What you've accomplished is remarkable.
We can't risk that.
This is my decision.
I'm an adult, Dr.
What are you gonna do if you're not a surgeon? That's always been what's most important.
It's not what's most important to me.
Not anymore.
If I lose you from the hospital, if I lose Dr.
Lim and Dr.
Park and Lea, I don't want to work there anymore.
Let's write that speech to the Pension Fund.
I will do that alone.
Your speech at my engagement party was terrible.
Cutting loop.
Debulking further tumor from the bladder wall.
I see the deeper tumor fragment.
We've got significant bleeding.
Increasing irrigation.
BP's dropping, and baby's in fetal distress, too.
Try bipolar cautery on the tumor surface.
It's not working.
If we can't control this, we're going to lose them both.
Got to open her up.
Heart and lungs sound good.
We're cleared for surgery.
Do you have any questions? If it gives me a couple more months, I'm all in.
Dom, this'll go great.
And then Alexa and the baby arrive tomorrow.
We're gonna have an awesome few days before I head back home.
Wait, I'm I'm so sorry, Ry.
You stood up for me when I was being bullied.
You took me in when my marriage failed.
I tried to save you one time and I killed you.
Dom You gave me eight more months.
I got to see the leaves turn in Central Park.
I got to watch my wife give birth.
And I got to hold my baby girl.
Who you're gonna be the world's best godfather to.
Or I'll come back and haunt you.
I promise I will.
Mom's mean arterial pressure's 50.
The tumor's stuck to the uterus.
We need to do an emergency hysterectomy.
There's still time.
She's going to bleed out.
We have to take her uterus.
S-Subserosal fibroids are adherent, too.
What if we treat the tumor like that? Get deep to the tumor plane, stop the bleeding at its source.
Good for mom, not for baby.
We could close the uterine wall with three layered 3-0 sutures.
That could keep the baby safe.
Good thinking, both of you.
Let's get it done.
Myomectomy scissors.
I'm gonna go public about Nira's treatment and the role Salen played in it.
It should make a big impression on the Pension Fund's directors.
That could have real repercussions for your career.
I have to make this right.
I'm not sure you can.
But it's a step in the right direction.
Speakers list for the Pension Fund's annual meeting.
Glassman, Lim, that's hardly a surprise.
Murphy? Wolke? Park and Reznick.
Surgery go okay? Those doctors speaking out at the Pension Meeting, I think they're right.
We should go meet with them right now.
I'm not hiring them back.
At least hear them out, their concerns, their suggestions.
Let's come up with some compromises, get them to agree to not be at the meeting.
Marcus, you're being incredibly naive.
You may lose.
It's possible.
You'll lose more than this hospital.
I need to go get ready for tonight.
Your beard matches your eye bags.
I'm sorry.
What is this? Oppo research.
Oh, Marcus What do you think you have here? I wrote off a trip to Cabo, had an affair with a state senator Oppo research on me.
I've made mistakes, personally, professionally.
They're all there.
If you're gonna go through with this deal, you're gonna have to destroy me.
Walk away.
You have every reason to not want this deal.
The Board will not fight you.
I'm sorry.
Me too.
Well Good luck.
'Cause now this is all your problem.
I'm gonna sleep at my place tonight.
You sent this to Nira? Mm-hmm.
This is an admission of misconduct.
Well, you know me.
Go big or go home.
I hope you didn't do all this for me.
I did this because of who I am when I'm with you.

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