The Good Doctor (2017) s05e18 Episode Script


1 Banana blueberry with a hint of cinnamon.
I think it's my best yet.
I like chocolate chip - Mmm.
- with syrup.
I like eating pancakes in bed.
- Do you want to have sex again? - Yes.
Do you want to finish the pancakes first? Yes.
Me too.
We are very good at pretending to be married, but we are very bad at getting married.
I don't want to do it anymore.
Not the marriage, the wedding.
I don't want any more dress fittings or guest lists.
I just want to be married.
Shaun we have 45 more minutes of our fake honeymoon.
No work.
There is an opening at the courthouse tomorrow at 4:30.
Cheese, no.
Peppers, yes? Perfect.
Is that him? Based on the last three voicemails, he's calling about the restraining order I filed.
How are you feeling? Like my future is a dark, formless void, which makes it full of possibility.
Like a one-bed, one-bath rental.
You've only been here a few days.
Which is a few days longer than anyone should crash on their boss's couch.
Thank you, Audrey.
Thank you.
Why am I watching you make a smoothie? You're watching me dance while I make a smoothie.
It's not a smoothie if it has tequila in it.
It's a spinach and flax seed margarita.
Hey! And it makes you dance.
- Okay, listen - No.
Too much butt, though.
Think about the butt.
Asher? What are you doing here? Meet my parents.
Steph Lewis, 35.
She had a brainstem stroke nine years ago that left her paralyzed from her face down.
I still have 10% movement in three fingers so don't sell me short.
W How'd you type that so quickly? I have eight different pre-programmed phrases to put people at ease.
She's had four serious bouts of pneumonia in the last few months.
Um, she's taken levofloxacin for the infection and glycopyrrolate for the trach secretions, but she still has high fever, decreased energy, night sweats.
He's so sexy when he talks medical.
The pneumonia caused scar tissue, which is compressing her lung.
She needs surgical decortication.
That's a pretty aggressive approach.
Surgery comes with serious risk, recurrent air leaks, respiratory failure, sepsis.
And giving round after round of antibiotics is only going to make the infections harder to Hello.
I want the surgery.
I know the risks.
I'm sick of feeling crappy.
I have terminal lung cancer.
Doctors say I have less than a year and no good surgical options.
I'm So sorry.
We're not here for sympathy.
God, in his wisdom, gave us a son who would grow up to be a doctor for times like this.
He will work a miracle through you.
I can't do lunch today.
I have a job interview with New York Medical Center.
I didn't know you were considering positions on the other side of the country.
I'm not.
I just want to get multiple offers so I can leverage a better one from St.
Makes you look in demand.
Uh, I'd rather look like I want the job I have now.
Oh, hello.
- Hi.
- Yes.
Um, thank you so much for your gift, whatever it is.
We are returning it.
We're getting married at the courthouse tomorrow.
And since neither of you are invited, Weddiquette.
org said we're supposed to return the gift.
I can exchange it for store credit.
That's exciting.
They're getting married where people pay parking tickets.
What about a destination wedding? Hmm.
We're good.
I have to go.
We are going to be husband and wife in 30 hours and 27 minutes.
Stage four lung cancer which has invaded the chest wall.
Six rounds of chemo.
The treatment has caused severe anemia and colitis.
Your hair is flatter.
We need a CT of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis, CBC, blood cultures, and an EKG.
I will review your results with Dr.
Andrews, and we will try to find a treatment to help you.
God bless you, Dr.
Okay, thank you.
Can you guys cool it with the blessing people in the name of God? This is a secular hospital.
It's called Saint Bonaventure.
and Mrs.
Wolke, I'm Jerome.
We met briefly this morning.
I'm gonna draw some blood.
Jerome is A nurse.
Jerome is your nurse.
The surgery went well.
We removed all of the scar tissue, and the lung expanded completely.
- Thank you.
- Mm.
Why can't she move her hand? Steph, can you blink when you feel something? What's going on? Will it come back? I don't know.
I read your letter a few months ago.
I sent it six years ago.
I wasn't sure I wanted to hear what you had to say.
But it was nice.
I just wanted to tell you about the family.
I'm not a part of the family anymore.
You made that very clear when I left.
You chose to leave.
We wanted you to stay, wanted to help you.
You're not the only one who struggles with finding the right path.
We all must sometimes choose to deny our flesh.
You're right.
I did make a choice.
I could follow your rules, or I could love and accept who I am.
I chose which one mattered more And so did you.
Are you okay? Take a deep breath.
I need some help! CT shows the chest wall tumor has grown.
He's bleeding into the thoracic cavity, and it is collapsing his lung.
He needs surgery to stop the bleed now.
His blood cell counts are too low.
Maybe we should do an echo to see if his heart - is stable enough for - No.
There isn't time.
Get consent from your mother, and I will start prepping your father for the embolization.
The anesthesia must have caused a drop in Steph's blood pressure and completed her previous injury.
Then her best bet's eye-tracking technology.
That'll be great, as long as she only wants to speak one word a minute.
Well, she'll get the hang of it.
After months of training.
Well, it's better than what she has now.
How'd the interview go? Mm.
The head of internal medicine is basically me 10 years from now.
We loved each other.
And her department just got a SPORE grant.
Sounds like you're interested.
It sounds like I'm answering your question.
Oh, with enthusiasm.
Wha What am I gonna do with a second blender? Yeah, I got you a blender.
Open it.
Weddiquette says I can't.
That's dumb.
Just open it.
Oh, I can't.
Just open it.
I really love it.
The photo's just a placeholder - until you get the real wedding pics.
- Mm.
But that dress looked amazing on you.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
- This was fun.
- Mm-hmm.
Your blood pressure looks good.
No fever or sign of infection.
We should be able to start you on eye-tracking tomorrow.
W We tried that before.
It can take a while to get used to.
No, no, the camera's facing the right way this time.
I promise.
This is the living room.
Also the dining room, kitchen, guest room, and office.
All conveniently located in these 400 square feet.
And it's all ours! Someone's phone's ringing.
I know.
We can give Steph her voice back.
Advance the catheter to the right fourth intercostal artery.
He got this scar teaching me how to ride a bike.
I was going too fast.
I didn't know how to brake yet.
He caught me.
We both ended up with stitches.
Delivering the embolic agent.
My dad taught me how to tie a tie.
He was a minister who wore his Sunday best every day of the week.
When he died, I wore his suit jackets every day for a year.
My dad was my first chemistry teacher.
We baked together every weekend on a quest to find the perfect oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe.
I'm cold.
Fluid is cloudy.
He has a malignant pleural effusion.
Can we drain it? It will keep coming back and spread the cancer everywhere in his chest cavity.
Your father's prognosis was wrong.
He only has a few weeks to live.
You have weeks.
Maybe days.
But likely weeks.
We'll continue to drain the fluid and try to find a surgery that will give you more time.
God has privileged us with great miracles.
And He will again.
The Jewish holy day of rest begins tonight.
God and I plan to do just that Rest.
Okay, let's We'll implant electrodes on her sensorimotor cortex, which will decode her brainwaves.
All Steph has to do is try to speak, and the receiver relays the signals, which are translated into speech.
It's brand-new technology that's only been done successfully a couple times.
It's new technology that would give Steph not just a voice, but her voice back.
By uploading audio files taken before the stroke, we can But Steph can't handle another life-threatening surgery.
The eye-tracking device will allow her to communicate Right now, they've got nothing.
They love each other.
You're pushing false hope because you see Steph as nothing but a burden.
I'm trying to give them some quality of life.
You're risking her life because you can't imagine making that kind of sacrifice for another person.
Park's right.
It's risky.
But it's not false hope.
Let's take it to them, without any hint of whatever's going on between you.
No one is coming into a patient's room to turn on the TV.
And this way, I can ensure it.
Okay, if you want him to breathe through Shabbos, I suggest you leave those plugged in.
Hi, family.
- Hello.
- How's your pain? It's nothing I can't handle.
Will you join us for Shabbos, Dr.
Allen? Uh, I'd love to, but I should be researching how to save your life.
Am I dying tomorrow? Then Shabbos is more important.
From sundown to sundown, we devote a day to joy and God.
How can I say no to God? I'm sorry.
I was projecting and overreacted.
An interview is just an interview.
They offered me the job.
Asher, will you say the mischa beruch for Abba? Prayer for the sick, for his father.
You want me to pray to a God I don't believe in? Why can't you honor me in my last days on Earth? These aren't your last days.
You told me We're finding a surgical solution.
I am dying.
I have accepted that.
I'm sorry, Miriam.
What I want is to go to God at peace.
I want you to come home.
Be with me and your mother and your brothers and sisters.
It's sad.
I want to be your son Almost more than I want to be myself.
But I can't.
This is who I am.
And this is my boyfriend.
You have been acting differently.
Is it because you think it will make your parents like you more if you act more More - Straight? - Mm.
I think they'd like me more if I actually was straight.
My parents would have liked me better if I didn't have autism.
But your dad is not like my dad.
Your dad came to see you.
The effusion fluid is reaccumulating faster than we can drain it.
The tumor's like a faucet we can't turn off.
It's spraying cancer-water everywhere.
That is an interesting simile.
We can't turn it off, but we can give it nowhere to go.
By injecting the pleural cavity with a slurry of talc, inflammation and scarring will fill up the space, clogging up the tumor and giving it nowhere to leak fluid into.
And after you heal from the surgery, we'll try an experimental targeted immunotherapy.
It should give you a year, maybe more.
Ko vay hashem Yah-chalifu Koach.
How long is the recovery? You will have to stay in the hospital for at least one week.
What are the chances I'll survive it, the surgery, the treatment? There are risks of both, but we're confident I don't want to die away from home and my family.
We're giving you more time.
Please take it.
Baruch hashem.
Excuse me.
I have flowers for Someone else can take them.
Exposing the sensorimotor cortex of the left hemisphere.
Electrode array is prepped for implantation.
I heard Morgan got a job offer in New York.
- Yeah.
- Tough call for her.
As long as she's at St.
Bon's, she'll be seen as the doctor who used to be a surgeon but can't be anymore.
5-0 prolene on a castro to suture the dura.
The AI will take samples from a variety of cortical regions that are used in speech processing, and the predictive analytics should Would you work faster if you didn't explain every step? Mm.
To have and to hold, to honor, to treasure, to be at his side in sorrow and in joy, in the good times and in the bad and to love and cherish always.
I love you.
You're being a jerk.
You think I'm being a jerk to the people that want me to be the godly, straight person I never was? For the two years I've known you, you have been cute and funny and clever and caring and sensitive.
Suddenly, your parents show up and you're just angry.
I think I have every right to be.
Why do you think he came here? So I could save his life and send him back to his real family.
Asher, he would have found a reason to get on that plane if you were a car mechanic.
He came here for peace.
Not a miracle cure.
We have two minutes in total at the courthouse to say our vows.
My vows are 26 seconds if I'm talking slowly, which I might because it is an important moment.
Is one minute and 34 seconds enough time for you? - Lea? - Sorry.
Yeah, it is.
You don't sound happy.
Do you not like Jordan's wedding gift? No, it's beautiful.
It's just a reminder that I'll never wear a real wedding gown at my dream wedding.
That's kind of a bummer.
Have you changed your mind about the courthouse? No.
In those dreams, you are the only constant, Shaun.
Just the two of us, that's enough for me.
Shaun? I'm confused.
I think I'm getting mixed signals.
Well, that's a good thing, isn't it? Is it? It doesn't feel like it is.
Well, you don't normally pick up on non-verbal cues, right? That's quite a leap.
Lea says she's disappointed that we are having our wedding at the courthouse, but she also says she wants to have our wedding at the courthouse.
Not quite as big a leap as I thought, but I want to respect what she wants, but I also want to respect her disappointment.
How, How, How do I do both? Oh, boy.
People don't always know what they want.
But they should.
Especially if it's a wedding.
Yeah, they should.
Let me think about it.
He wants to die.
He's scared.
I think he's at peace.
He wants to go home, be with God.
You should let him.
You want me to take moral advice from you? You gave that up when I lost my morality when I lost my religion? Without God, there can be no objective My compassion? My decency? You don't really believe that.
Samuel 1 31:4.
"When Saul saw himself losing to the Philistines, "he threw himself on his own sword to avoid being captured.
" Your father's not facing torture.
He's with his family.
He's He is the one suffering.
He gets to decide.
It's pikuach nefesh! You do not stand by while your friend bleeds.
This is not your friend.
This is your father.
This is suicide.
You know there's a difference between actively taking a life and passively letting it go! And you know that doesn't let us simply give up.
The principle If you cared about principle, you wouldn't put a timer on the lights for Shabbos.
If you can find a way to justify this, you can justify this! But you don't want to.
You don't care about what the Torah says.
People are curious about my life, my old life.
They ask if I learned Western history in school, if I ever saw a TV, talked to girls, if my parents had an arranged marriage.
They're curious and kind of appalled by it all.
And the truth is a lot of it appalls me.
A lot of it is embarrassing for me.
But The one thing I push back against, the one thing I will always defend is your marriage.
I dream of finding someone to love me the way you two love each other.
Mom, you don't want him to die because you love him.
That's the only reason.
It's a very good reason.
You don't want the pain of losing him, but do you love him enough to take away his pain? To make that pain yours? I'd like to ask you a favor.
It's gonna cost you.
I don't think it will.
It'll take some time for the AI to completely learn your brain waves, but you can give it a try When you're ready.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Those from him? I'm finding them a good home.
And I found an apartment.
You only just started calling me Audrey.
Yes, Dr.
Lim, you will have your place to yourself within a week.
That's great.
I remember, my sophomore year of college, my boyfriend dumped me, said it was the honorable thing to do because he was sleeping with my roommate.
Wrecked me.
Three weeks later, I thought, "Wow, I am so over that jerk.
" Three months after that, I thought, "Wow, I can't believe I thought I was okay after three weeks.
"But now I'm doing okay.
"I'm gonna be fine, back up on my feet.
" Took a year.
Your situation is obviously different.
And you're more mature, wiser.
So maybe you are ready.
But on the other hand I get used to things, and right now, I've gotten used to your world-class breakfasts.
Maybe you could give me a few more weeks? I'd be honored to do you that favor.
I need those.
Well, that won't do.
- Will that do? - No.
Not at all.
We are going to throw you a wedding.
A proper wedding.
We decided not to wait Now.
You need a haircut.
I love you, son.
Goodbye, Dad.
I got you something.
I would assume so.
You are invited to a wedding.
It would be rude not to.
These were passed down from my great-great-grandparents.
This was supposed to be for Maddie.
I'm glad you two will be wearing them both.
Was your father a good father? He did his best.
- Was he good? - I don't know, Shaun.
I I loved him, I guess.
Okay, but was he good? Shaun, I'm clearly trying to avoid this question.
My father's not around to defend himself.
- You know? - I know.
Can we go fishing again sometime? I thought you hated fishing.
I'm cold.
And wet.
And very bored.
It'll be a good memory.
My father is a very good father.
Is? I love you, Dr.
I love you, too, Dr.
Maybe we should go with the clip-on.
I've been lucky enough to be given the training to save lives.
But I don't think I've ever felt luckier than I do right now.
Shaun Robert Murphy, do you take Lea Abigail Dilallo I do.
To have and to hold, to honor, to treasure, to be by her side in sorrow and in joy, through good times and the bad, and to love and cherish her always? I do.
Lea Abigail Dilallo, do you take Shaun Robert Murphy, to have and to hold, to honor, to treasure, to stand by his side in sorrow and in joy, through the good times and the bad, and love and cherish him always? Oh, yeah, I do.
Uh, the rings.
Then by the power vested in me by the State of California, I now pronounce you husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
And you may kiss the groom.
- Whoo! - Whoo! About 20 years ago, a young man walked into my clinic with his brother, cradling a dead rabbit.
He was very young and very sweet and I thought totally lost.
And here we are, some many years later, and I realize I was wrong.
He was never lost.
He always knew who he was.
He always knew what he wanted.
He always knew exactly what mattered.
And he found it.
Someone else I may have underestimated just a tad.
You two deserve each other.
You deserve love And you deserve all the happiness in the world.
And then some.
To Shaun and Lea.
To Shaun and Lea! I may not always love you ♪ But long as there are stars above you ♪ You never ♪ I want the job.
I'll make you so sure about it ♪ I understand.
God only knows what I'd be without you ♪ If you should ever leave me ♪ Though life will still go on believe me ♪ The world could show nothing to me ♪ So what good would living do me? ♪ God only knows what I'd be without you ♪ They look so happy, don't they? Yes, they do.
Make me kinda hate 'em a little.
People are drinking.
A lot.
We need more glasses.
We have a bunch in the break room.
I'll go get them.
God only knows what I'd be without you ♪ If you should ever leave me ♪ Dalisay? Can you hear me? I've got you.
Code Blue! I need a cart! - He's here.
- Please don't talk.
He's here.
What? Who's here? My ex.
Aah! Oh! God only knows what I'd be without you ♪ God only knows what I'd be without you ♪ God only knows what I'd be without you ♪ God only knows what I'd be without you ♪ God only knows what I'd be without you ♪ God only knows ♪ God only knows what I'd be without you ♪ God only knows what I'd be without you ♪ God only knows ♪ God only knows what I'd be without you ♪ God only ♪
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