The Good Fight (2017) s02e05 Episode Script

Day 436

All right.
Eh, we're getting reports some mutt is casing residences by, uh, McKinley Park.
Now, we got our numbers on break-ins down last month, so special attention there, all right? Uh some complaints regarding RMPs double-parked in front of Portillo's.
If you're there on dinner break, find someplace else to park.
Well, what if it's not on our dinner break? - Moving on.
- [SCATTERED LAUGHTER] Uh All right, listen up.
"Pursuant to a consent decree between the City and various plaintiffs suing for actions alleged to have been taken by members of the Chicago Police Department, attorneys from firms so designated by a magistrate will be granted access to CPD operations in the field.
" OFFICER: And that means? We got company.
There's some lawyers here - who'll be doing ride-alongs tonight.
- [ALL GROANING] Uh as the chief of patrol has directed, the department will be in full compliance with the terms of said consent decree.
The following units will have one such attorney riding along with them: uh Sector Charlie.
- [LAUGHTER] - And Sector David.
Come on, let's remember, we're on the same side with this.
All right? That's it.
- Be safe.
There's one for you and one for you.
Liability waiver? It's for our lawyers.
I'm sure you understand.
"The undersigned hereby agrees to assume the risk of death, personal injury, and/or property damage.
" I wouldn't worry too much about that with Charlie Sector.
What about David Sector? Make sure you sign all the pages.
- We can always change sectors.
- No.
No, no, no.
I'm up for it.
- Maia Rindell.
Let's go.
- Yes.
- Put this on.
- Wh is this a bulletproof vest? No, it's a stab-proof vest.
Protects against knives and, uh, thrown acid.
- Oh.
Fun times.
- Yeah.
- Lucca Quinn? This way.
- Yeah.
NEWSCASTER 1: The move has provoked widespread protests throughout the Middle East, with Hezbollah leader, Hassan Nasrallah, calling it "undisguised American aggression.
" In response, President Trump tweeted, "Mr.
Nasrallah looks like a stupid fat Santa in a turban" NEWSCASTER 2: German Chancellor Merkel called the comment by the American president: "Unhelpful" STEPHEN COLBERT: I do the most least amount of bragging ANDERSON COOPER: word "house" instead of "hole.
" As in, "shit house" WEATHERCASTER: tropical storm Don Jr.
About to make landfall in Cuba, and on the NARRATOR: new species of fungus named covfefe originalis, after the president's WOMAN: piece from the Ivanka Trump collection.
And here's a really nice piece from the MAN: Now let's see how our friends on the farm are doing.
I'm tired.
SHEEP 1: I can't sleep either.
We'll have to count little boys and girls.
How can you sleep when Donald Trump is president? Just look at North Korea.
They've got their missiles pointed right at us, and MAN: Are you tired of being tired? Sick of being sick? - Hello? - TULLY: Hey, invite me over right now.
Tully? Yeah.
Come on.
Let's have a glass of wine.
Tully, I'm in bed.
What're you wearing? We said it was a one-night thing, Tully.
Where are you? It sounds like someone's being killed.
- [EXPLOSION] - I'm downtown.
The police are overreacting.
Hey, guys, keep it down.
I'm on the phone.
What are you protesting now? Come on down and find out.
It's, uh, very exciting.
I think I'm in for the night.
- Um, stay safe.
- Diane.
Now wait.
You know we-we had something great going, right? [CHUCKLES] - [LINE BEEPS] - That's my call-waiting.
Good night.
- Who is that, your other lover? - Good night.
Don't kill anyone.
- [LINE BEEPS] - Hello? Still me.
See, I think subconsciously you wanted it - to be me - [BEEPS] - Hello? - ADRIAN: Diane.
Sorry to call you at home.
Oh, no, I'm awake.
The network wants to broadcast something on its morning show, and they're getting some pushback.
We're outside counsel and we only have eight hours to sort this out.
Well, who's the pushback coming from? Old friend of yours.
Burl Preston.
- Yes, it's me.
And I've forgotten your name.
- Diane Lockhart.
- Diane.
And this is my partner in crime, Adrian Boseman.
I heard your house burned down.
I'm sorry.
Dangers of canyon living.
Don't cry for me, I have two more.
And I heard clients are killing lawyers in Chicago.
Yes, one or two.
Well, you're taking it well.
Well, Chicago.
We're used to worse.
Uh, we're just in with our clients right now, Mr.
We'll be out to get you in a few minutes.
Sure, I'll just sit here.
After four hours jetting into a snowstorm, why not? I got all the time in the world.
You're the ones who are in such a hurry to air this nonsense.
It's not a black and white situation, Greg.
There are photos of the woman arm-in-arm with him.
- Is he here? - ADRIAN: Yeah.
Is he mad? What? Is it gonna be a testy negotiation? I don't think it's going to be a negotiation at all.
This is a First Amendment issue.
You have a news story.
It's yours to broadcast or not.
Unless it's defamatory.
- Well, there's no reason - Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves, okay? [OVERLAPPING ARGUING] Okay, okay, okay, wait.
Carter is our in-house counsel.
He keeps us from doing anything stupid.
Reddick/Boseman, you defend us if we end up doing anything stupid.
So we all have a role here.
And we have seven hours to figure out whether to broadcast this story.
So let's start.
[INSECTS CHIRPING] [DOG BARKING] [INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER] MEREDITH: So what's this about? You stay with us, and give us a report card? Yeah.
And offer suggestions on the law and how it can be obeyed.
And, what, we get, like, a grade on our windshield? - Like those restaurants? - And everybody avoids getting arrested by a car with a "C.
" [LAUGHS] So you do this every night? No, once a month.
And other lawyers from other firms follow other cops.
Aren't you guys dodging bullets these days? That's right.
People hate you lawyers.
I thought we were hated.
It's overblown.
It was just a few lawyers.
What about that lawyer that hanged himself yesterday? You know, people aren't thinking he did it, it was done to him.
Who was that? I don't know his name.
It was over in Highland Park, - I think.
- Hey.
Here comes the big action for the night.
Get ready.
[INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER] GLASSER: There it is! - Every single night.
- Readjusting the package.
Code Three pursuit of a white, late-model Camaro, Tennessee tags, "Three, Six, Tom, Victor, David.
" [INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER] vicinity of Code Five.
[PHONE CHIMES] [QUACKING] [YAWNS] NAOMI NIVOLA: The list of prominent men accused of sexual harassment continues to grow even six months after Harvey Weinstein.
Now the biggest and potentially most explosive name has been added to the list.
Kip Dunning - Pause here.
- "Please.
" Please.
We obviously object to the story top to bottom, and will immediately sue for damages, but I want to point out how sloppy this story is.
" Where is the word "alleged"? - So you'd like that added to the copy? - No.
As I already stated, this whole story is defamatory and should be cut.
So can we move on, please? Certainly.
NAOMI: Kip Dunning is an actor with a reputation rarely matched - in the Hollywood firmament - BURL: Oh, come on.
Talk about cynical.
You use a still Pause, please.
And notice "please.
" You use a still from an action movie to suggest Kip is aggressive to women.
This is the nicest actor on the face of the earth, and you place him in a defamatory light You want us to change out the photo? Great.
- I'm sure we can do that.
- My individual issues in no way undercut the main point: this report is defamatory.
Please, if you'd be so kind, play.
NAOMI: And now two women have come forward to accuse Dunning of both sexual assault and rape.
ACCUSER: He told me I'd have a career.
He said everybody did it.
- This was my idol - BURL: Okay, here it is.
Stop, please.
You use an anonymous woman, someone Kip can't confront, to charge him with forced oral rape.
That, to put it simply, is bullshit.
The reporter did a thorough check We all know that these days, even the whisper of a sexual harassment charge ruins a career for life.
GREG: Yes, and that's why this story was sent to Kip, so he or his representatives could comment on it.
We're willing to put his comment in the story.
And we're willing to address your objections by re-editing the story.
My objection is you're being used.
Sexual harassment is no longer the province of "MeToo" hashtags.
It's being used politically.
And Kip has made so many enemies among the alt-right, this is a hack job from them.
CARTER: We've invited the reporter in to defend her report, so please stick around, Mr.
I'm still on L.
It's only 9:00 p.
to me.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Don't do that.
Do what? Show him that we're not a united front.
Give him any hope whatsoever that we will cave.
I didn't do that.
- That is bullshit.
- I didn't do that.
Yes, you did.
[OVERLAPPING ARGUING] You're insulting my intelligence right now Wait, wait.
I want in-house counsel and out-house counsel.
Excuse me, outside counsel, to work together.
So let's discuss what we'll say before we say it.
ADRIAN: Agreed.
Uh, uh, Diane.
Marissa, come.
I don't trust their in-house counsel.
Well, he gets paid if there are no suits.
We get paid if we win suits.
Makes him cowardly.
Well, what do you want from us? ADRIAN: We only have a few more hours, so I need you to look into the two accusers.
Marissa, you take the anonymous accuser.
Jay, you take the other.
They're not gonna be happy about being woken up.
My guess is that these stories stand up, but Preston makes a good point about the alt-right.
Find out if this is a setup.
Don't believe the women? It's not that.
We're in the second wave of these harassment charges, Diane.
Certain people are using it for political advantage.
Let's just be sure our charges stand up.
All right? - Okay, we're on it.
- Good.
Should I call Lucca? No.
She and Maia are on consent decree duty.
Oh, oh, right.
Hey, did you see another lawyer got killed? - What? Who? - Wilk Hobson.
- You know him? - Yes.
He and my late partner, Will Gardner, once got in a fistfight.
My God.
What happened? He was found hanged in his vacation home.
He was found hanged? So Wait, was he killed, or Police don't know.
He had sued somebody on a slip-and-fall, and the other client had threatened him.
The year of living dangerously.
[SIREN WAILING] [HORN BLARING] [TIRES SCREECHING] How long do these pursuits usually go on for? We can let you out.
No, no, I I was just wondering.
[TIRES SCREECHING] Put your fucking hands up! Don't move, motherfucker, don't move! Stay here.
Don't move, motherfucker, do not move! OFFICER 2: Yeah, put your hands where I can see them.
Do not move your hands! [SIREN WAILING] Hey! Stay here.
OFFICER: Put your hands Put your hands where I can see them.
- Don't shoot, don't shoot! - [OFFICERS SHOUTING] Hands where I can fucking see them! Get back in the car, ma'am.
BOBBY: Don't move, motherfucker! - Stay down, motherfucker! - Hey, hey.
Take it easy, Bobby.
We've got eyes on us.
Get down, get down.
- What the fuck? - Shit.
- MAN: Say his name! - Where'd that come from? [CHANTING]: Philando Castile! Say his name! - Philando Castile! - [YELPS] Say his name! - You see where it came from? - Yeah, north corner.
Eighth floor.
- OFFICER: I'm going in.
- RAYMOND: Yo, Officer, say his name! Why you still got your gun out? Who said that? - They always got their gun out.
- What's it matter to you? 'Cause I say it matters.
- WOMAN: Whatever.
- You see who threw that bottle? Huh? - TORINO: Any of you.
- CHANTAL: Not us, Officers.
KOMINSKI: Yeah, I know your name.
Raymond, right? - When'd you get out, Raymond? - January 19.
- KOMINSKI: And who's your parole officer? - You should be back in the car.
- No, I'm all right, thank you.
- No, don't look at her.
Look at me.
When's the last time you saw your parole officer? - RAYMOND: Tuesday before last.
- TORINO: You smoking marijuana, Raymond? Your name Maia? Yeah.
Chantal, right? Yeah.
You're bleeding.
Oh, it's fine.
It's flying glass.
- You two know each other? - What you doing around here? I'm just here to observe.
Make sure the officers are doing things by the book.
She a client? No, actually, we were locked up together.
You're in luck.
- [SIREN WAILING] - Action tonight.
Oh! You scared me.
License and registration, please.
Of course.
Have you had anything to drink this evening? Well, it was a celebration, so I had to have something.
I see, and how much have you had to drink tonight, ma'am? Just one mai tai, that's all.
And mostly, it was pineapple juice.
You know, I know the officer that usually works here.
You know, the one that looks like Jim Nabors? Oh, wasn't that sad about him dying? Lucca? Oh, my God.
Lovatelli? Oh, please.
I was almost your mother-in-law, for Christ's sake.
What are you doing here? [QUIETLY]: Are you in trouble? Oh, no.
No, I-I'm doing a ride-along with the police on a consent decree.
I'm sorry, I just tuned out.
I need to see your driver's license - and registration, please.
- "Ma'am.
" Do I look like a "ma'am" to you? I'll have you know I do Pilates, daily.
Please follow instructions.
Step out of the car.
Oh! Here's a tough one.
[CHUCKLES] Well, is he the "bad cop"? Now, look, I have a card here that Jim Nabors gave to me, [SLURRING]: because I'm a good citizen, and I also give to the police department fund.
Ma'am, that doesn't matter.
We treat each citizen equally.
Well, that's what they say at Saks before you show them the gold card.
Where is Lucca? There you are.
Why did you and Colin break up, anyway? Okay, ma'am, I need you to pay attention.
Please, step over here, out of traffic.
- I can do that.
- Now, I need you to take nine steps.
- All right.
- Heel to toe in a straight line.
You know, it's not because you're black, Lucca.
I liked you.
So many of his girlfriends have big tits, and they have nothing to say.
MEREDITH: Ma'am, ma'am.
You're clearly inebriated.
We'll need you to place your hands behind your back.
Oh, come on, I've had one mai tai.
Francesca, I don't think it's a-a good idea to say anything more, for the moment, legally.
- You are so adorable.
- Okay.
Okay, hands on the vehicle, please, ma'am.
FRANCESCA: Which one? GLASSER: This one, right over here.
FRANCESCA: This is ridiculous.
I've had one mai tai.
Might I have a mai tai? I know what a mai tai is, ma'am.
- MEREDITH: Please, hands on the car.
- FRANCESCA: I bet you do.
[PHONE RINGING] [KISSING] [GRUNTS] What are you doing? Sorry, it's just a-a ringtone I have to get.
- Hey.
- LUCCA: Yeah, Colin? I'm sorry for calling so late.
It's all good.
W-What's up? Uh, actually, I'm on a consent decree ride-along with some cops in Lake View, and Who is that? - Your mother is being arrested.
- Can't she call you back? Uh sorry, what was that? Your mother is being arrested.
She she what? Your mother? Francesca? She's being taken in for a DUI.
How W-Wait.
Uh, uh W-What are you doing there? - H-Hold on, stop.
- I am holding on.
FRANCESCA: You know who should drive? - You're a little busy.
- Not me.
Let me, uh, call you back when I find out what station's she been taken to.
No, no, no.
I'm not.
It hey [GROANS] So, are you done with your business? Like everyone else, I didn't want to believe it at first.
I mean, who'd want to? It's Kip Dunning.
He was supposed to be one of the good ones.
He is one of the good ones.
Preston, please.
Let Ms.
Nivola continue.
Thank you.
You can call me Naomi.
Look, I stand by my sources.
I don't know what else to say.
- And how long you been working on this story? - Two months.
And how'd you approach these two women? I didn't.
I saw their stories on #MeToo.
I wrote them, and asked if they would be willing to comment.
They were hesitant, but they agreed to have lunch.
So you were trolling #MeToo for stories.
- Mr.
Preston, come on.
- It's a fair question.
- Let her answer.
- NAOMI: No.
I was writing my own account on #MeToo, and that's how I saw their stories.
Your own account? So you're pursuing this story as a vendetta? [LAUGHS] You know, I-I don't find this funny, ma'am, do you? - Hmm.
- The destruction of a man's life? No, I don't find that funny, I find your question funny.
Sure, I've been sexually harassed at work, as have 80% of women.
I wrote a story about taking a glass of water and pouring it down the front of my harasser's pants.
So I don't think my story has any connection to the rapes and sexual assaults mentioned in my piece.
Is there any chance that the two victims have a political bias? You mean, are they - O'Keefe plants? - Yes.
I checked their backgrounds, and they held up.
And not that it matters, but both women did not vote in 2016.
And one was a Bernie supporter.
Who might be angry at Kip's support for Hillary.
Mm, sure.
But why don't you ask them? Why don't you check my sources? Uh, we are.
Are you Jay? Yes.
Beth Lygard? Yeah.
Hang on.
I'm e-mailing this photo to a friend of mine.
Just so you know, if you try anything, there's a record you were here.
I'm still happy to go to a coffee shop.
I mean, there are all-night diners we can go to.
Oh, I don't like crowds.
E-mailing now.
How do you spell "Dipersia"? Uh [TEAPOT WHISTLING] Do you want me to get that? No, I like the sound.
[BANGING ON WALL] He doesn't.
[CHUCKLES] Didn't you get what you need from Naomi? I-I told Naomi the whole story.
I'm just checking to make sure she got it right.
I don't like to talk about it.
No offense.
I've had some issues since, you know, nothing major.
Now I keep the TV on all night.
The light is comforting.
- Celebrity news? - Always.
I like when they expose the big stars.
I started out working for TMZ.
You're kidding.
I did the scoop on Lawrence Mitchell and the babysitter.
Seriously? Well, you can do a story on-on how they're trying to shut me up.
Kip Dunning has investigators everywhere.
They're like Black Cube, you know? Jews.
Thank you.
So, what'd we do wrong? Excuse me? Well, you had your iPhone out, and you were writing us up.
What was it? Oh, I was just wondering what the basis for questioning Raymond was.
We were investigating an incident.
The bottles being thrown? Yeah.
Yeah, see, the bottles were thrown from above.
We were looking for witnesses.
Part of what we do is make our presence known, and if you lived in this area, that's what you'd want us to do.
Everything by the book, right? Come on, Vince, let's go.
Put your hands behind your back.
- What? What'd I do? - Turn around, put your hands on the fence.
- Hey.
- Spread your legs.
- This is bullshit.
- Spread your legs.
You got a problem, miss? You back the fuck up.
Now, you want it by the book? He said that he hadn't talked to his parole officer in more than a week.
Sir, I told my parole officer I wasn't able to see him.
- Please, sir.
- Tell it to the lawyer, right? Because we were gonna let you go, but she-she says there's got to be a legal basis for every fucking thing we do.
WOMAN: Language, Officer.
KOMINSKI: Hey, Vince, we got a 10-54 nearby.
You want to kick him? No.
Request a prisoner transport.
I think our ride-along might enjoy a 10-54.
I can't tell if it's anti-Semitism - or if there's something - DIANE: Or what? Justified hatred of Jews? JAY: No.
She brought up Black Cube, the same investigators hired by Weinstein.
DIANE: I don't know.
Maybe this is venturing over into political hit territory.
Let's ask her.
What, did she take the victim's paranoia into account? Yeah, actually.
[DOOR CLOSES] What do you think? About the victim? Boseman.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] Is he losing perspective? Ah, sit.
Like some pizza? [CHUCKLING]: No, thank you.
So, you're worried that Beth is a bit high-strung? Yeah, she was going on about being pursued by Jews.
She-she was worried about Black Cube.
Is she anti-Semitic? My guess, she probably is.
You don't think that matters? I think that anti-Semites can be harassed, too.
Then, maybe that should be included in your news story, also.
Maybe it should.
[LAUGHS] All right, I guess I've seen you on TV.
I feel like I know you.
- This is not the right time for this.
- [LAUGHS]: What? 1:00 in the morning over cold pizza? Yeah.
Maybe we could go for coffee sometime? [SIGHS] You don't recognize me.
- That's the thing, I-I think I do.
- No.
Uh you were a guest lecturer in criminal defense at University of Chicago.
I was your student.
- Ah, my God.
- Hmm.
What class? - Criminal Evidence.
- Oh, wow.
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] Naomi, Naomi, Naomi [SIGHS]: I sat in the front.
My hair was different.
But you never became a lawyer? No.
Why not? Because of you.
- 'Cause of - Yes.
I wasn't pretty enough for you.
- Excuse me? - [CHUCKLES] I was in the same class as Liz Reddick.
You only had time for her.
So I think I'll skip the coffee.
[DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] I don't usually drink.
I don't like drunks.
My grandfather was a drunk.
I think it's in the genes.
Well, Colin doesn't drink.
I mean not a lot.
Yeah, well, I think it skips a generation.
So when Colin has kids, watch out.
Do you have any other issues in your family? [LAUGHS] How much time do you have? [CONTINUES LAUGHING] Aw, you're such a good, adorable girl.
Oh, I wish I had your skin.
And your hair.
I can't believe I'm being arrested.
I wasn't even drinking that much.
[PHONE VIBRATING] You called about the bachelor, no one in or out? - - [UNLOCKING DOOR] [OFFICERS GROANING DISGUSTEDLY] [TORINO TAKING SHORT BREATHS] [KOMINSKI COUGHS] I'll take the bedroom.
All right.
Got lights in the bedroom.
There anything in there? Not yet.
[BOTH GROANING IN DISGUST] - Hey, think I found the problem.
- The body? No, no.
It's food.
- Maybe there is no body.
- [DISGUSTED GROANING] [GASPS] [FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] Hey! She found it! You all right? Come on.
It's all right.
You can go out into the hall.
Better get the examiner.
- Go on.
- Thank you.
First time seeing a dead body? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
It's all right to step outside.
No, I'm okay.
[FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] Hey, Vince? You got a minute? [THUMPING FROM OTHER ROOM] [INDISTINCT TALKING NEARBY] TORINO: Yeesh, guy had terrible taste in [GROANS]: Oh, God, no.
No, that's Look, this is becoming a bit of a hassle.
MARISSA: I'm sorry.
I know this is difficult.
Do you? Really? How? I don't know from personal experience, but honestly, this story won't run without you dropping the anonymity.
And if this story doesn't run, Kip Dunning will keep victimizing other women.
Were you in a sorority in college? - Me? God, no.
- I was.
I'll let you in on a little secret.
There is no sisterhood.
Are you a Bernie supporter? Excuse me? Or Nancy Pelosi? Joe Biden? What are you talking about? That's what my bosses think.
That that's why you're not helping us anymore.
Because you realized it would bring down a liberal supporter like Kip.
That you're doing it for political reasons.
- That's crazy.
- I know.
Except here we are.
You are protecting a liberal icon with your anonymity.
What is that, pictures? Better.
You can use this.
But I'm staying anonymous.
ADRIAN: Naomi.
- Hmm? - Can we talk about this? It's not a big deal.
I'm sorry I brought it up.
Yeah, but I was just thinking back.
I never played favorites.
- I never - [CHUCKLES]: Oh, come on, Adrian.
Come on, at least be honest.
Who got the coveted internship? Who got the glowing recommendation letters? Can we talk downstairs? I wasn't in charge of the internship program, Naomi.
No, but your words carried weight.
Why are we doing this? Because I don't think I did anything wrong.
Liz Reddick was a good student.
- Who you started dating two months later.
- After the class was over.
And that had nothing to do - with where I directed my attention.
- Okay.
You're faultless.
I wasn't saying that.
You spent the whole class smothering Liz with attention.
And I get it.
You had a crush.
But there were a lot of women in that class who were smart and capable.
And they left the lesser.
It's Liz.
- Liz Reddick.
- Yeah! - How are you? - I'm good, good.
I'm-I'm sorry I'm late.
I-I just got the call for this case.
Hey, Adrian.
You remember Naomi from college? Yeah.
She looks really different.
[SCOFFS] Really? I-I don't think she's aged a day.
Thank you.
We were, uh, - just discussing Criminal Evidence.
- Oh.
That was a good class.
You you decided against becoming a lawyer? - Yeah.
- That's too bad.
You would've made a great one.
Uh, you should see this, Liz.
KIP: You're such a beautiful girl.
KELSEY: Don't.
Get your hands off me.
KIP: Come on.
We've got something going on between us.
KELSEY: I want you to leave now.
KIP: I don't think you do.
If you walk out that First of all, we can't be sure of the validity of that recording.
- What? Yes, we can.
- Oh, come on, Burl, that is Kip Dunning harassing a young woman.
All I hear is a flirtation.
- Oh, that's bullshit.
- No.
You know what's bullshit? There's no consent here.
That's why it's assault.
Bloom, you know what I'm saying.
No two-party consent to record the conversation.
- Listen to your in-house counsel.
- ADRIAN: The recording wasn't made to prosecute him.
It's about exposing him.
Then why is this witness staying anonymous? - No, she's not.
- [MARISSA CLEARS THROAT] That's not what Mrs.
Please-and-Thank-You said.
- Miss Please-and-Thank-You.
- LIZ: It's being used - to prove the fact.
- Not if she won't let you use it in a court of law.
Bloom? I-I can't advise running a story based on an ambiguous recording made under dubious circumstances.
[BANGS TABLE] Do me a favor, you two Find out about their in-house counsel.
Why? What are we looking for? Why he's working against us.
[PHONE VIBRATING] Hello? TULLY: Okay, I think I know what your deal is.
Tully? - Yeah.
- [GROANS SOFTLY] What are you doing? It's 3:00 a.
What do you need, Tully? Uh, we'll get to that in a second.
But first I had this insight into you.
- Me? - Yes, yes you think the institutions will work.
You think they will save us from the barbarians.
But they they won't.
The only way to beat back the barbarians is by fighting them in the streets every single day.
And that is what I'm doing.
Good to know.
I gotta go.
- So, can you bail me out? - What? Well, they're taking us in.
I'm the leader.
And-and they-they won't let me go on an I-bond unless somebody puts down the 200 bucks.
Tully, I'm sorry.
I'll call you and tell you which station.
No, Tully.
I am not doing this.
I'll call you.
Wait, no, no, no.
Let's do it again.
I wasn't ready.
Here we go.
One, two, three.
Okay, I'll take this.
- No.
Wait, wait, go back there.
- All right, but would you like to take a Breathalyzer test? - You may refuse.
- [CHUCKLES]: Oh, I think I'll refuse.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Ah.
- Left thumb, please.
You know, this isn't my fault.
I've been going through a really rough time - in my marriage.
- I'm sorry to hear that.
Yeah, and I have a long history of depression in my family.
All that stuff's genetic You know, it gets passed down.
Colin, what are you doing here? Oh, this is so embarrassing.
Uh, what are you talking about? Lucca called me.
Oh oh, thank you.
Thank you very much.
- I'm sorry.
- COLIN: No, I'm glad she did.
Hey, officers, uh, Colin Morrello, A.
This is my my mother.
Uh, guys, is there any way we could handle this privately - to everyone's satisfaction? - Oh, thank you, thank you, sweetheart.
You are such a good son.
I don't think that's such a good idea.
COLIN: Uh, well, yeah.
I'm not paying attention anymore.
Look, this is her first offense and no one was hurt.
I'm not sure if she-she mentioned this, but, uh, she's going through a bit of a tough time right now.
- She mentioned it.
- Oh, she did? Okay.
So we, uh, we This may be a little bit of a medication switch.
So that might be having a little bit of an effect, so I'm sure that we'll be able to make sure that doesn't happen in the future.
[QUIETLY]: Are you serious? Absolutely.
Naomi was quiet back then.
Right? In school? No, no.
She spoke up all the time.
She was great.
But not a great student.
She made law review.
Yeah, she sat in the back of the lecture hall.
I mean It was seminar, Adrian.
There was, what, 12 to 15 people? No, she sat up right in the front.
She raised her hand every day.
How do you not remember this? It was a lot of years ago, Liz.
So? I remember her.
ADRIAN: She thinks I ignored her.
That I was biased toward you.
Well, you were.
- Ah.
- Hey, you wanted into my pants.
No, I didn't.
- [LAUGHS] - Okay, yes, but it wasn't so obvious.
[SIGHS] She decided against becoming a lawyer.
Because you didn't pay enough attention to her? I know, right? Crazy.
I mean, if she wanted to become a lawyer, it wouldn't have mattered what I did.
- [STAMMERS] - I guess.
I Teachers matter.
She's making me feel like a shit.
Well, you can be a shit.
Come here.
What? Come here.
Will you please just come over here? Dear God.
Come here.
Turn around.
You must have leaned against something.
It's been there for hours.
Thank you, by the way.
Hey, it's the least I can do.
They make you crazy.
Hey, um Hey, Officer.
So, uh are you charging her? Reckless driving.
We didn't think a DUI was necessary under the circumstances, and we got a wagon full of protesters to process, so I don't suppose you got a problem with us exercising discretion - in this case? - No.
That's the thing about those report cards.
They don't allow for the human element.
Don't have a rule for every case.
Thank you, Officer.
Thank you very much.
All right.
Mom, how we doing? Oh, just lovely, dear.
People here couldn't have been nicer.
- Five-star treatment all the way.
- Good.
Oh, there he is.
Jim Nabors.
- Okay, Ma, let's get you home.
Come on.
- Good night.
- COLIN: I'll drive.
- Colin.
Yeah? Oh, uh, hold I'll meet you outside, all right? - I'll be right there.
- Okay.
Thanks again, by the way.
- I owe you one.
- [CLEARS THROAT] I'm pregnant.
And it's your baby.
[CHUCKLES] What? I'm three months' pregnant.
And I'm not asking for anything.
I just think you should know.
[STAMMERS] Three months? W-We After the Rindell case.
Rin the one time? - Yes.
- Yeah.
But you were, you said you were No, we didn't and I said Okay.
Um A-Again, I just thought you should know.
W-W-Wait, wait.
Hold on.
Just wait.
Uh, okay, let's uh, um You should go to your mother.
What? No.
FRANCESCA: Colin, where are you? Okay, Ma, give me a minute.
Oh, tell Lucca you'll talk to her tomorrow.
Just need a minute.
Okay, so [SIGHS] you're gonna have the baby? - Yes.
- Right.
A-And d-do you know the sex? No.
[STAMMERS] When-when will you know the sex? I don't know if I want to know.
Uh, um, yeah.
[STAMMERS] Are you all right? How are you feeling? [LAUGHS] I have some morning sickness and some food issues, but other than that Wait a minute, you were just on a-a ride-along.
You shouldn't be doing that.
Good-bye, Colin.
What? Hold on.
It's 4:00 in the morning.
What are you doing? Lucca.
[SIGHS] You're right.
I chose Liz for the internship because she was a Reddick.
That I remember.
Adrian, please, it's okay.
If you want to apologize, you are forgiven.
Naomi, I'm trying to explain it wasn't the bias that you thought.
It was starfucking? Yeah.
Not sexual bias.
Adrian, would you please join us? Yeah.
- Excuse me.
- Mm-hmm.
What's One Night in Nashville? Excuse me? MARISSA: One Night in Nashville, a romantic comedy about a young lawyer who dreams of a recording contract.
I don't understand this.
That has nothing to do with this.
Actually, it does.
You sent it to Kip Dunning, telling him he would be the perfect lead.
- Oh.
- LIZ: You didn't think it was worth telling your boss that you'd asked Kip Dunning to play the lead? Carter? I've never spoken to Kip Dunning.
Yes, just his manager.
CARTER: Okay, I'm not sure what you're insinuating, but I can still do my job regardless No, no.
Uh, actually, you can't.
Carter, let's step out.
BURL: This shouldn't matter.
His point still stands.
This is defamation.
I give this five minutes.
Two tops.
I win.
It doesn't matter.
It's a mistake to run this story.
We're running it.
[GROANS] And you wonder why people are killing lawyers.
There you go.
What's this? It's our lawsuit.
See you in court.
We'll see him in court.
TORINO: Well, you're pretty quiet.
You all right? Fine.
Put your clothes in the wash right away or the smell stays forever.
Good luck.
Officer Torino, do you have a second? Yeah? Uh, I don't want to put this on my report, so if you just put the stuff you stole into evidence, I won't say anything.
What are you talking about? Put the stuff into evidence and I will erase this.
This is Tommy and this is Crystal.
Who's Tommy? The dead man in the apartment.
He's a retired cop.
You knew him? No.
He was in another district.
So why did you take his things? This is Crystal.
His wife's name is Patricia.
They were separated, but that apartment was where he met his girlfriend.
Now, cops have a rule: don't let any guy's wife find out anything you wouldn't want your own wife finding out, so I took the picture of Tommy and his girlfriend 'cause I didn't want it to be Patricia's last memory of him.
And I took the jewelry that he was giving Crystal so that I could send it to his wife, saying it was his last wish that she get it.
Is there anything else, Maia? [QUIETLY]: No.
I hope you enjoyed the ride-along.
There is a protester here who wasn't allowed to sign an I-bond - and he needs $200.
- Name? Tully.
I actually don't know his last name.
Um, can I just leave, uh, bail for him and go? I-I guess he's the leader.
Sure, I know him.
Talks a lot? That's right.
Uh, can I just, you know, leave it here? Want a receipt? No.
That's okay.
Let it be printed Let it be known I'm leaving you I'm going home You all right, Captain Quinn? Just a bit of car sickness, Officer Rindell.
- Ouch.
- I know.
Car sickness? Yours must've been intense.
Yeah, it, it had moments.
Yours? Same.
'Cause I had a dream I was carried on backs Of a thousand green birds And they carried me You want to grab some breakfast? Uh, yeah.
Yeah, that'd be really You may have something else to tend to first.
See you tomorrow? Yeah.
Go home and get some sleep.
Did you make sure Francesca drank water? I did, I did.
She, uh, will have dry mouth for a week.
But - listen, about what you said earlier - Colin.
Seriously I just supplied you with information, that Marry me.
No matter how Cruel I've been You always let me back in I'm walking away.
This is your car.
That's right.
I'm driving away.
It's not a dumb idea.
Colin Morrello no fucking way.
- Why not? - Three hours ago, you were fucking another woman.
Yeah, well, I'm a tad more informed than I was three hours ago.
- That doesn't change shit.
- It changes everything.
Pregnancy is not a good enough reason to get married.
Yeah, well, it's a start.
Oh, back in Seriously? Colin.