The Good Fight (2017) s02e07 Episode Script

Day 450

1 So what's this all about? I don't know.
Top secret.
- For how long? - I don't know.
The partners' schedules have been cleared for today.
- Have you seen this? - What? Chicago lawyer playing cards.
[CHUCKLES] What? Most wanted playing cards.
Oh, my God.
They already have the four dead lawyers.
- Two of hearts, three of diamonds.
- What website is this? "Locked, Loaded and Literate," an alt-right website.
What are you doing looking at an alt-right website? I look at everything.
Are any of us in there? The partners? I don't know.
I was gonna order a deck.
- And give them money? - It's the only way to find out.
What is this? Not sure.
The ways of the partners are mysterious to us mere mortals.
Want me to hold your calls, Diane? Oh, yes, please.
- For how long? - Um, actually, I don't know.
What's the meeting? RUTH: Please sign the nondisclosure agreements, and we can talk.
This is our new client? The Democratic Party? No, it's our audition.
Thank you for your time.
Uh, I'm Ruth Eastman.
Consultant to the Democratic National Committee.
I need to take a moment to ask you to place all your cell phones and other devices on the table.
This will be an electronics-free meeting, even for me.
It will be murder for us.
Brian's coming around, uh, collecting them.
Brian? - Yes, ma'am.
- Brian told me to make my cell phone screens all gray so I'm not tempted to keep looking at 'em.
And why is that? Humans are attracted to bright colors.
So attracted I can't bring myself to do it.
[CHUCKLES] The lovely Carine is handing out pads and pencils.
Please only use these, not your own, and only take notes for this meeting.
The notes will be destroyed afterwards.
I think we're ready to begin.
We're in a very peculiar time.
- [LAUGHS] - No, that's right.
We should laugh.
It's the only sane reaction these days.
We're living in a time of farce, not tragedy.
And the Democratic Party, for the first time, has a plan to respond.
Uh, you can laugh at that, too.
Oh, no, I'm done.
[CHUCKLES] Our hope is to win this November, both the House and the Senate.
And if that's the case, we want to be ready to impeach President Trump.
We're meeting with ten law firms, you and nine others, in New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta.
Our plan is to hire only one to prosecute our case for impeachment.
Wh-Who are the other nine? I'd rather not say at this time, but the same precautions are being taken at these other firms.
Obviously, this is all highly confidential because the DNC doesn't want to seem as if they're planning for impeachment.
It will hurt our chances in November.
So Here's the one question being asked in nine other boardrooms across the country right now.
This is the question we want you to ponder and answer.
Well, shit! - I'll get more, Ruth.
- Thank you.
Why should President Trump be impeached? If Mueller doesn't come in with a definitive result, what case should we prosecute and why? Hi.
Sorry to bother you.
Do you have any black markers? Sure.
This way.
So are you doing a music video in there? Yeah, come on in.
We need backup singers.
I'll think about it.
You look familiar.
How do I know you? Uh, I don't know.
- Where do you work? - D.
- I'm Carine.
- Maia.
Uh, so they are over here.
Uh, so we only have pink and purple.
- They'll have to do - Mm-kay.
Seriously, I know you from somewhere.
Where? Okay, so you know how we just had a little exchange back there and I made you smile, - you made me smile? - Yes, I remember.
Well, remember that when I tell you who I am.
You're a serial killer.
Oh, close.
Uh, Maia Rindell.
- My dad is Henry - Oh.
The Rindells.
It was nice meeting you.
Yeah, what I would say about the production taxes is, um Would you excuse me? - You have to go to the bathroom? - What? No.
Lucca Quinn, please.
It's okay if you do.
My wife, four months pregnant, had a bladder the size of a peanut.
No, it's just, uh, someone The only question I have is: How does that work at trial? I mean, if you have to keep going to the bathroom? I don't have to go to the bathroom.
I'll be right back.
[CHUCKLES] Hi, I'm Maia.
They told me Lucca Quinn was down here.
- She is.
Can I - Mrs.
Lucca, there you are, sweetheart.
Oh, please don't call me that name.
I hate that name.
Is there anything I can help you with? Yes, there is.
I have a present for you, as a thank you for my recent encounter with the police.
Maia, could you take care of Mr.
Lock for a minute? And tell him I'm not going to the bathroom.
Very nice meeting you.
I think your dad stole some of my husband's money.
- Sorry.
- No, no.
That's a good thing.
He's an asshole.
Just so you know, I don't drink anymore.
- Hmm.
- That was a bad situation.
Well, I have a glass of wine as a celebration, but for Lent, I decided to give up red wine.
- I didn't know you were Catholic.
- Oh, I'm not.
But I'm empathetic.
Isn't Pope Francis a great man, the way he does those things? Oh, thanks.
Just what I've always wanted.
You silly.
It's for my grandchild.
TOY DOG: Clap your hands [SINGING ALONG]: If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands Colin told you? He didn't have to.
The two of you, seeing you together, special lovers.
What is it that D.
Lawrence said? "When genuine passion moves you, say what you got to say, and say it hot.
" Is there any way to turn it off? Yeah, I think it just goes off by itself.
- Anyway, I'm - [TOY DOG CONTINUES SINGING] in a meeting, so Lucca, can I be a meddling mother-in-law for just a minute? We're not married, Francesca.
I know.
I just like the sound of "meddling mother-in-law.
" Francesca, we're not an anything.
You know, it was just a one-time thing.
But you're having his baby.
Yeah, but not as a plan.
We're not serious.
It just happened.
[MUSIC STOPS] Lucca, can I confide in you? A baby needs its father and a loving, wonderfully unpredictable grandmother.
Thank you for the dog, Francesca, but, I hope you don't mind me saying this, you need to stay out of my business.
Well, I can't help it.
I'm already in it.
No, you're not.
Colin loves you.
I've seen how he handles the other girls.
He can't stop talking about you.
I have to go.
It was nice seeing you.
If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands [SINGING ALONG]: If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands If you're happy and you know it And your face will proudly show it If you're happy and you know it Clap your hands If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands [MUFFLED]: If you're happy and you know it ADRIAN: People understand emoluments.
They understand people selling their office - They don't think Trump needs it.
- They understand this.
- They think he's above it.
- This is ghastly.
You know that.
Julius, your president is not a king.
I'm not saying he's a king.
I'm saying you're starting with the ends that you want - and then finding reasons to - Oh, come on.
Everybody knows it's obstruction.
What about collusion? Clinton was impeached for obstruction, so was Nixon.
There's precedent there.
For impeachment, but not for removal for colluding.
That is not a crime.
He colluded with the Russians.
What else do we need to say? Andre, that gets us into the weeds, man.
It also happens to not be proven.
It's a complicated case with, frankly, too many Russian names.
Think of it as a trial.
You want to simplify He fired James Comey.
He tried to fire Robert Mueller.
That's simple.
He refused to put his company into a blind trust.
He fired the FBI director who was investigating him.
That is impeachable.
He's not above the law! Look, foreign investment in his hotels and his resorts means he is gaining from, what? Foreign emoluments.
Can I just say what I think is disgusting - about this whole thing? - Julius, please, man.
You're all practically rabid with anticipation.
I have a lot of friends who are Republicans, and they all had that same gleam in their eye - whenever they talked about impeaching Obama.
- ADRIAN: Don't.
Oh, you're not gonna compare Obama to Trump.
And I'll say to you the same thing I said to them.
The voter has the right to be wrong.
I mean, you don't like Trump? Too bad.
- He was voted into office.
- Not by the majority.
By the rules agreed upon by Democrats and Republicans.
He is our president.
If you don't like him, vote him out in 2020.
Will you excuse me for a second? I have a suggestion.
In 2016, the Republicans threw one thing at Hillary over and over again: her e-mails.
What's the one thing we should focus on? [DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] Julius.
What are you doing? We want this client.
Then use me.
I-I'll be your devil's advocate.
ADRIAN: Liz, how come you're not talking? I'm listening.
It's Barnsdale.
Illinois 1st.
- Honey, can I use this office? - I'm not - Richard.
- Sure.
Yeah, I'm gonna make this short and sweet.
You're out.
No, the DNC's pulling its support.
Because you're a groper who splattered all over "Me Too.
" We're looking at somebody else in the 1st.
What do you Wh-What don't you understand? - Who is Richard Barnsdale? - Sounds familiar.
[SIGHS] He's either a dead movie star from the '30s or a congressman in the BOTH: Illinois 1st.
- Yup.
- And he's running again this year? Yup, this November.
Why? I think I know why I had a visitor today.
Tell Adrian I'll talk to him this afternoon.
[ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] When we tell our kids what is right and what is wrong, we expect Excuse me, Your Honor.
- Hey, is everything all right? - No.
The genetic screening.
What happened? What's wrong? No, the baby's fine.
It's actually about the visitor I had today, your mother.
Oh, God.
You know, it didn't make sense to me till I remembered, a year ago, you wanted to run in the Illinois 1st.
I didn't want to run.
My parents wanted me to run.
Oh, so you're not running? I don't know.
Nothing's been announced yet.
I just found out Richard Barnsdale is out of the Illinois 1st.
Look, I hate campaigns.
All right, I won't do it.
But if Barnsdale drops out, we're looking at our options there, mostly because I wouldn't have to convince 56,000 voters.
I'd just have to convince four Democratic bosses to let me replace Barnsdale.
And that's where I fit in? What? No.
But your mother wants us to be together.
My mother is insane.
Don't listen to her.
[SIGHS] Lucca.
There's a chance that I might step up in the 1st, but that's my business.
I'm not dragging you into it.
If my mother calls you again, you have my permission to tell her to fuck off.
W-Wait, wait.
What happened with the genetic testing? Oh.
Everything's good.
You told them about my family history? Yeah.
No sign of genetic disorder.
[SIGHS] Congratulations.
[BOTH SIGH] DIANE: Yes, but that can't be all.
You need a serious legal argument for removal.
If you don't have a logical rationale, the country will always turn to impeachment whenever there's a partisan division between the president and the Congress.
Or you marshal your arguments for 2020.
[ALL ARGUING] A legal process Thank you.
Thank you.
Y-Your your passion is obvious.
So where are we? What is your one rationale for impeachment? We've narrowed it down to two.
LIZ: C-Can I say something? Yes.
I worked for the Department of Justice for ten years.
And, uh, in 2014, we received an anonymous videotape from our New York office.
Now, this is all highly confidential, but for argument's purposes, let's say that the tape was leaked by a technician on the reality show The Apprentice.
The tape shows Mr.
Trump joking with crew members about one of the contestants in between takes.
The contestant was an African-American, and Mr.
Trump joked about the size of her lips and how she probably had a very hairy bush.
- Jesus Chr - Oh, he also wished that he could do what he wanted with her.
- You saw this tape? - I can't answer that question.
Do you know where the tape is? No.
But that's because I was busy trying to build a case against Mr.
Trump for the rape of a 15-year-old contestant in the Miss Teen USA Competition.
I was then pulled from that case, and a week later, we couldn't find any of the material that we had collected.
And that's when I was shown a tape of Mr.
Trump in a threesome with two porn stars.
I was trying to take down their testimony when they stopped cooperating because they were paid off.
ADRIAN: Liz, what the hell are you talking about? [CHUCKLES] None of this is true, is it? I can't answer that.
- Liz, Liz, Liz - Listen, you're all missing the point.
It's not about choosing one charge for another for impeachment.
It's about everything.
It's about who he is.
It's about what the presidency is.
Charging him with obstruction, that's going by the old rules.
And the new rules are these.
"I have a tape.
" "Where's the tape?" "15-year-old was raped, and I've got the evidence.
" "Where's the evidence?" "Same place as the tape.
" [LAUGHS] My God, this is insane.
No, no, no, no.
This is shameless.
And impeachment has to be shameless, or else it's gonna fail.
- JULIUS: So you lie? - LIZ: No.
No, no, no, no, no.
- You just don't back down.
- JULIUS: But there is no tape! Uh-uh.
That's what you said.
I didn't say that.
Oh, is-is this truly where you want to go? You stay on the offense.
Don't explain.
D-Don't apologize.
If someone confronts you, have your next accusation ready.
Listen, this this isn't about truth anymore, and it's not about lying.
It's about who's backtracking and who's attacking.
Thank you so much.
This has been helpful.
We'll get back to you.
- ADRIAN: Liz - [DOOR CLOSES] [QUIETLY]: Liz, Liz, Liz, what the fuck are you doing?! She wanted my opinion.
She got it.
We want this job, Liz.
We can't have her thinking that maybe we're, uh, amateurs here.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Nine other law firms are saying exactly the same thing.
There's nothing new to say about impeachment.
Except this.
[ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] I think we might have something here.
Want me to come back? No.
We are just being friendly.
I've been away a few weeks.
Oh, no, I'm so happy when I see two people in love.
- Look, Drew.
- Yes, two people in love.
I'm happy, too.
And you sound so authentic.
Well, what would you like me to do now, Marissa? Sit there and laugh at my jokes.
So how long have you two known each other? Uh, a while.
Remember that thing at work? The chemical scare.
Well, Drew, he took care of us.
Oh, right.
[CLEARS THROAT] Well, we've known each other for four years.
- Mm-hmm.
- So - Oh, Drew, Drew.
- Mm.
Yeah, what? Sorry.
Uh, what? More beer? No, our friends.
I'm really glad that you're doing, uh, well.
'Cause Marissa told me you were having problems.
- Drew! - What? Oh, sorry.
No, no.
No, that's okay.
We're doing good now.
Actually, we're thinking about getting married.
MARISSA: Oh, my God! - Congratulations.
- Thank you.
It's gonna be a spring wedding.
At Eagle Ridge.
You guys'll come? - Of course.
- Hey! Excuse me? MAN: Hey! What the fuck? Oh, my God! What the Stop! - - Everybody, stop! Hey! This guy punched our friend! Hey, your friend took an up-skirt photo of my girlfriend! Seriously?! What the fuck is wrong with you?! Okay, everybody, out! Everyone out! All of y'all, out! Oh, my God.
You just beat the shit out of somebody for me.
Well, half the shit.
I mean, the bouncer stopped me.
MARISSA: Yeah, but no one's ever done that for me before.
- You're bleeding.
- Just a little bit.
Okay, um, I think we're gonna head home.
Oh, no, wait.
We'll just find another bar.
No, I think we're just gonna call it a night.
Yeah, yeah.
Uh, too much excitement.
I'll see you later.
Okay, well, tomorrow night.
But our treat.
We need to toast your news.
Our news? Getting married.
Oh! [LAUGHS] - Uh Right.
- Yeah.
Stay safe, you two.
No more fistfights.
I can't promise that.
- Oh, I got blood on you.
[SIGHS] Yeah.
He knocked that guy out.
Yeah, I know.
He was gonna kill him.
Well, no, I mean, he took a photo up Marissa's skirt.
I don't think he was.
I think Drew just wanted to hit someone.
No, I don't know.
[SIGHS] Do we have to see them again? [BRUSHING TEETH] Uh I don't know.
I mean, Marissa's a friend.
- [SHOE DROPS] - Okay, well, I would talk to her if I were you.
People like that can be dangerous in a relationship.
[SIGHS SOFTLY] [HAMMERING, DRILLING] You all right? That depends.
On? What? You said that depends on something.
What? Okay, good conversation.
Oh, you want me to come back? No, no, no.
This is for you.
Uh, you wanted to talk? - Oh, yeah.
- Yep.
Uh, I just, I just wanted to give you a heads-up on Marshall Lock, - the TV producer.
- Yes.
He already talked to us.
- He did? - Mm-hmm.
Well, I was just going to warn you that he wanted to sue on Chicago production taxes No, he wants to go to another firm.
What? ADRIAN: Yeah, he complained about your mood swings.
My mood swings? What mood swings? Well, he said there were mood swings yesterday.
[LAUGHS] That's crazy.
This is to be expected in the second trimester.
Oh, yeah, uh, but there was nothing I-I did Don't get excited.
H-Have a seat.
Wait a minute.
This has nothing to do with my pregnancy.
I left him alone for five minutes yesterday Don't get upset.
We-We're all fine.
I'm not getting upset.
I'm not Look, um, why don't I give him a call.
See if he'll give us a second chance.
Well, why don't I call him? OTHERS: No.
Let's let, let's let Diane sound him out.
Oh, Eastman's here.
- Thank you, Lucca.
- I - Thank you.
- LIZ: Thanks, Lucca.
Lucca, thank you.
Excuse me, honey.
Eastman, hello.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
Uh, we see you have cameras in tow today.
Yes, I would take that as an encouraging sign.
The DNC wants to see how you all work.
Oh, so we We're still in the running? In fact, yesterday you were one of ten.
Today you're one of four.
I just have a few things I need to fine-tune in there, and then we'll be ready to go.
Good job.
- ALL: Thank you.
- JULIUS: Thanks.
[SIGHS] [GRUNTS] [LAUGHTER] - Hey, Liz, uh, you got a minute? - Yes? No more shit, Liz.
Okay? Excuse me? No more wild bullshit stories about videotapes and-and-and rape kits.
Adrian, when did you get the impression that you could order me around? I'm not ordering you around.
We are not married.
You don't get to tell me what to do.
Did I bring up marriage? Did I even mention I don't see you ordering around Diane, or Julius.
Because they're not talking nonsense, Liz.
Okay, this has been very pleasant.
Wait, wait.
Liz, Liz.
[SIGHS] I'm getting behind the obstruction charge.
It would really help us get this job if you did, too.
I'll think about it.
[LAUGHS]: Jesus Christ.
ADRIAN: I've thought about this overnight, and I've come to agree with Diane.
Emoluments is probably too complicated to be our grounds for impeachment.
A better way to go: obstruction of justice.
Why? Because obstruction is both self-serving and goes right to the heart of Trump's collusion with Russia, which, in turn, goes to the heart of why he is such an unworthy president.
JULIUS: [CLEARS THROAT] I voted for Trump.
ADRIAN: Right.
Which is a true sign of our firm's diversity, right here.
JULIUS: But more importantly, he was voted into office to clean the swamp.
To stop the business-as-usual attitude in D.
Oh, come on, Julius.
N-Now, let Julius talk.
Now, he may disagree with the rest of us, but he has a right to speak.
JULIUS: That's right, I voted for Trump.
But I think no president is above the law.
- Amen.
- And that is why I would support an obstruction of justice charge.
And that, Ms.
Eastman, is why I love working with these partners.
Now, we may disagree, but we find consensus.
- Consensus.
- Consensus.
I've changed my mind.
Excuse me? I've changed my mind about obstruction of justice.
Diane, we just moved to your position.
And I've just moved to Liz's.
ADRIAN: Diane, I think we can save us I'm tired of "when they go low, we go high.
" Fuck that.
[CLEARS THROAT] When they go low, we go lower.
- Diane, we've already agreed - No, what we agreed is that impeachment isn't just about the law.
It's about persuading people.
And if it's one thing that we've seen this past year, it's that lies - persuade.
- Oh, my God.
Truth only takes you that far and then you need lies.
Uh, this is deranged.
This is the Trump Derangement Syndrome.
You're just as bad as you're accusing him of being.
No, I'm just donewith being the adult in the room.
I am done with being the compliant and the sensible one, standing stoically by while the other side picks my pockets, while the other side gerrymanders Democrats out of existence.
A three-million-person majority, and we lost the presidency.
A Congress that keeps a Supreme Court justice from being seated because he was chosen by a Democratic president.
That's not what happened.
That is exactly what happened, Julius.
Okay, then, take to the streets! Man the barricades.
Because if that's what you really think, you've given up on the law.
Y-You've gone well beyond any Actually, you don't know.
I have a Smith & Wesson 64 in my desk, and I'm this close to taking to the streets.
Uh, uh, oh-oh, my, oh, my God.
Are you listening to yourself?! Does this make sense? [ALL ARGUING] [GASPS] You all right? Oh.
Uh yeah.
Y-You gasped when I came up.
It's a tweet.
It's nothing.
Um, you need more markers? No, I'll get them.
Look [SIGHS] my dad was a senator who was caught with a page.
So I'm-I'm part of the damaged offspring club, too.
[CHUCKLES] Oh, I'm sorry, I'm a step behind.
Oh, you were worried about the Rindell name.
I've had to live down the Minter name.
My dad fucked a 16-year-old Senate page in 2009.
Well, I'm I'm sorry.
Hey, he came out as gay and he's working at Uber now, so worked out for him.
MARISSA: Okay, this is my suggestion.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- No, no, it's okay.
Go ahead.
Tonight, dancing.
Weimar at 10:00 p.
Drew won't beat anybody up.
- He promises.
- No, I don't think so.
Oh, come on, please? He swore he would behave.
- I think Amy has work tonight.
- Okay, well, then you come.
I want to toast you.
I'll call you? - Okay.
Love you.
- Love you.
- [KNOCKS] - Yep? There's a tweet I think you should see.
Is this about the Marshall Lock thing? Because, apparently, I have mood swings.
Uh, "The new rising star of the Illinois 1st, Colin Morrello, has got a black girl pregnant.
" - I-I thought you should know.
- [LAUGHS] LUCCA: So, I'm a black girl.
A black, pregnant, - plantation girl.
- I don't think it implies that.
Sure it does.
Let me see.
So I'm trending.
- Yeah, just a bit.
- [BUMPS DESK] TOY DOG: If you're happy and you know it What is that? It's a dog.
Clap your hands If you're happy and you know it What are you typing? Lucca? - Lucca? - [MUSIC STOPS] Sally Hemings didn't have Twitter.
[COMPUTER ALERT WHISTLES] Wait, I've got something.
Okay, tell me what button I'm supposed to push.
- This one.
- Okay.
Hang on.
Wait, what does that say? Give me my glasses.
STEPHEN: "I am the black woman having Colin Morrello's baby, - and my name is Lucca Quinn.
" - Oh, my God.
- "Did Sally Hemings have a law degree?" - [LAUGHS] "#MoreLikeMichelle.
" Oh, God, I love her.
She took the bait.
We are off and running.
[LAUGHS] DIANE: Well, this is not a gentle maneuver.
Yes, but you're turning it into a coup.
No, this is not a coup.
These are all tools supplied to prevent our country from turning into a monarchy.
This is Trump Derangement Syndrome.
Actually, it's just the opposite.
It's clarity.
I've spent the last few months feeling fucking deranged! Like I'm living in some bad reality show.
Going numb! All Trump, all the time.
What's real? What's fake? Well, you know what? I just woke up.
JULIUS: It's the same way with Obama Can I speak to you for a minute? JULIUS: when they tried to drive Obama out.
You cannot compare Obama to Trump, Julius.
No, no, no, no, I voted for Obama.
Oh, I can compare them just as well, - 'cause it's the same thing.
- No, it's not the same! - It's the same argument! - [ARGUING CONTINUES] What is it you need? You want us to do our best? I think you are.
Then I think you should ask Julius to step out of the debate.
Why? He doesn't agree with us.
[CHUCKLES] - I'll think about it.
- Okay.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] [DOOR OPENS] Diane? Yes? You all right? [CHUCKLES] Why? Because I suggested taking my gun to the streets? We can start there.
I have never been more all right.
How much of this is show for the DNC? What do you want to hear? That it's show.
It's a show.
But you have a gun in your desk? I think you two should see this.
MARISSA: I got this online.
It's a deck of cards about Chicago lawyers.
Targeting Chicago lawyers.
David Lee, Laura Hellinger, Patti Nyholm Wait, wait, wait.
These cards are targeting lawyers? Chicago lawyers.
It's called the "Kill All the Lawyers" deck.
Oh, my God.
Where'd you find these? A website with gifts for the alt-right.
What were you doing on a website with gifts for the alt-right? I go everywhere.
Couldn't this be provocation to violence? - Get a cease and desist.
- Mm-mm.
No, no, no.
That would just give them too much attention.
Are any of us on it? Who? [SIGHS] Oh, my God.
Anybody else? To answer your question, Adrian, yes, I have a gun in my desk.
[DOOR OPENS] [SIGHS] Is this a bad time? Uh, no, no.
Just, uh [CLEARS THROAT] Excuse me.
- Just a partner confab.
- Oh.
Julius, can I, uh, talk with you a sec? Uh, sure.
[CLEARS THROAT] [DOOR CLOSES] What's that about? She's asking Julius not to join us.
Why? Because he's pro-Trump.
Look, I don't want to leave it in an uncomfortable place, so, uh, I think I should go.
- Where again? - MAIA: Uh, Weimar.
It's a, oh, it's a dance club in the Loop.
- At 10:00.
- I don't know.
I have a trial that starts tomorrow.
Well, I think I should go.
You know, just, just so it's not impolite.
Well, do you want to go without me? No.
- I-I just think I should go.
- AMY: Okay.
Have fun.
- Re you okay with this? - AMY: Sure.
Just don't get in any fistfights, okay? [LAUGHS] I will try not to.
Uh, good luck with the trial.
It's not until tomorrow.
Right, right.
Uh, well, uh, good luck with it tomorrow.
LUCCA: Uh - you didn't call him, did you? - Who? Marshall Lock? No.
What did he say? He wants me to be his lawyer again.
Talk about mood swings.
- Well, maybe Diane called him.
- No.
He said he wants to be near the center of power.
- And that I'm now - Your tweet.
I bet you're still trending.
Oh, my God.
What? I think I have to go.
- Hey.
- I'm not gonna marry you, and I won't pretend otherwise.
I'm not gonna lie, I'm not gonna mislead, and I'm not gonna be the woman who stands by your side.
I'm the mother of your child, a close friend of yours, and a registered voter in the 1st Congressional District of Illinois.
You want my support, you're gonna agree to my terms.
Do you want to come in? I'll do one appearance a month.
I'll issue a public statement of support.
And I'll make myself available for interviews.
That's the deal.
And you'll stay off Twitter? - [SIGHS] - COLIN: Yeah, I wanted to tell you my mom was here, but you Lucca does not mind, we're good friends.
Come on in.
I've got bagels.
Wow, that's pregnant.
Good pregnant, not a bad thing.
This is Stephen Rankin-Hall.
He's helping us out.
Stephen, this is Lucca Quinn.
That's my son's lover.
Do we like that word? No.
It sounds perverse.
"The mother of my baby.
" Yeah.
That's me.
I'm not on the spectrum, but I have been told I don't recognize sarcasm very well.
That was sarcasm, right? - A bit.
- We are being thankful toward Lucca for any involvement, even the most minimal.
Lucca, have a bagel.
It's good for the baby.
We're going over our political strategy.
- How much does she know? - You can talk to me.
- How much do you know? - Not that much.
There are four party bosses who control the replacement for Barnsdale in the 1st.
So this is a campaign to convince only four people.
Should be easy, right? Four people instead of 65,000.
But it is a lot easier to lose one vote than it is to lose 10,000 votes.
- And when is this decided? - COLIN: In two weeks.
I'm meeting with the bosses next week.
How many candidates are there? That changes.
We think five.
We scared off two.
And what are Colin's chances? - Mm.
- Good.
He's the only prosecutor.
STEPHEN: Which can be bad, too.
It's partly a blue collar congressional district, partly African-American, that's where you can be helpful.
I'm a defense attorney.
And biracial, if I can say that.
You can say that.
And you're not a burning-eyed radical.
Loved the Sally Hemings tweet.
- Was that you or someone else? - That was me.
Do you know the sex of the kid? Nope.
You'll keep me informed.
You'll be the first I'll call.
- Sarcasm.
- Very good.
Thank you.
But you two are not getting married? - COLIN: No.
- No, they're a modern couple.
Living in sin.
Don't tweet that, okay? I have to go.
- You all right? - Sure.
Why wouldn't I be okay about what I can tweet and not tweet? - Call me.
- And me, dear.
Going now.
"On Tuesday, May 9, 2017, Donald John Trump impeded" Let's say "on or about" the 9th.
There's no dispute about the date.
It was the 9th.
"On or about" is the standard language in articles of impeachment.
You know, let's lose the Tuesday.
I mean, what difference does the day of the week make? ADRIAN: What difference does it make to leave it in? Uh, let's talk for a minute.
That was the DNC.
They're watching this in real time, and they have Actually, let's-let's step out for a second.
It's between you and one other firm.
Really? RUTH: Yes.
That's a real achievement.
But I-I need to offer just a hint of constructive criticism.
This other firm is a bit staid and white-shoed.
They're more mainstream Democrat.
What the DNC likes about you is how passionate you are, how you have a very specific point of view, a more Oh, what's the word? A more pugnacious attitude.
They want to see that.
They can get these legal arguments from anyone.
But they want to see your passion.
They want to see your anger about what Trump is doing.
Okay? Sure.
- Okay.
I'll see you in there.
- Yep.
They want us to be street.
Oh, my God.
So what do we do? Well, we're being offered a seat at the table.
We can't cry about it now, you know? I-I will be the angry black woman, and, uh, you can be Black Lives Matter.
You know, and What about me? Uh, you-you keep us calm, you know.
B-But we can't be calmed.
But you're-you're the white conscience.
This is insane.
Welcome to the neighborhood.
You know what really pisses me off? Pisses me off.
The way Donald Trump sends these dog whistles to the white supremacists.
"Shithole countries.
" [LAUGHS]: I mean, wow! God! Dragging up every racist, bullshit cliché Wait, wait, we need to look at this as a legal matter.
Diane, uh-uh.
Hey, that's really easy for you to say, Diane.
You're not the one getting gunned down in the streets.
ADRIAN: Hey, look at these playing cards.
Cards with our faces on them.
Targets on our backs.
Hunted down in the street like animals? - Come on! - Driving while black.
What was that Ta-Nehisi Coates said? - Oh, yes.
- Right? Let's get back to obstruction of justice.
Have you read his book, Diane? - Yes, I have.
I - Oh, he's brilliant.
[SIGHS] [SIGHS] What do you think? I don't know.
I never know how far is too far.
At least you've reached a point in your life where you can admit it.
[GROANS] Think we have the job? I think we'll find out tomorrow.
I need a drink.
MAIA: Hey.
Marissa and I are going dancing tonight.
You want to come? No.
I'd better I'd better deal with my political team.
I didn't even know you had a political team.
I didn't either.
LUCCA: What a surprise.
COLIN: Sorry, something came up.
So, Colin has been getting a lot of sympathy from the African-American community because of your tweet.
It looks like his opposition is trying to smear him.
So we need you two to get your story straight.
They think that I'm gonna be asked about our relationship when I'm interviewed next week.
STEPHEN: Look, we're not expecting you to be the good little wife or girlfriend.
That's the old playbook.
It stopped working in 2016.
We want you to tell it like it is.
Which means? Just get your story straight.
I assume this pregnancy was unplanned? STEPHEN: No judgment.
Every answer is right these days.
Who answers, me or Colin? Both.
Uh it was.
- And where did this happen? - [COLIN SCOFFS] You really think they're gonna ask that? - Yes.
- Where did we conceive this baby? COLIN: Well, we, uh, were [CHUCKLES] on opposite sides of the Rindell trial, and things got pretty intense.
So we worked through all that tension by fucking in the courthouse restroom.
[LAUGHS] You are It was a family restroom, so we locked the door.
Okay, maybe we are gonna have to massage this a little.
TOY DOG: If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands - If you're happy - [KICKS DESK, MUSIC STOPS] ["LIVE IT UP" BY ALI PIERRE PLAYING LOUDLY] I clock out my 9:00 to 5:00 I'm ready for the weekend to bring me back to life - Hey, hey - And I'm [SHOUTING OVER MUSIC]: I'm gonna go get a drink.
- What? - I'm gonna go get a drink.
Can I get a whiskey sour? Don't live to work, I work to live So I'm-a spend my money tonight I wanna rock, rock, rock Won't stop, stop, stop Whoa, oh, whoa, oh Hey.
Don't worry.
Your-your friend invited me.
I'm not here for any other reason.
Oh, that's good to know.
What? Oh, I said that's good to know.
So, are you still in touch with your dad? No.
You? Not really.
Um, his boyfriend calls me, but I just Do you really want to talk about this? [LAUGHS]: No.
You know what I want to do? Tell me.
And tonight I wanna live it up So let's live in the moment And tonight I wanna live it up And now I finally found the moment And I feel like I'm on top of the world 'Cause this is my time I feel so alive I'm gonna live it Just how I like [DANCE MUSIC PLAYING] Aren't you glad you came? Ah, I am.
I am.
- She's a kick.
- I know.
Am I boring? What? Amy and I I think we're boring.
You were in prison.
That's not boring.
You're a fucking ninja.
You think I'm a ninja? Yes.
[SIGHS] I feel like I'm cheating.
You're dancing.
Or do you mean with me? Because I'm ready for anything.
No, with I don't know.
What do you want? Sometimes I want stability.
Sometimes I don't.
Of those, what do you want right now? That's the question.
Go dance.
So fade away Fade away, fade away, way, way So fade away Fade away, fade away, way, way No.
- No, I'm gonna go home.
- No.
Will you say bye to Drew? He's great.
He's great.
- No.
What are you doing? - I'm getting an Uber.
I'm gonna see you at work.
[SIGHS] Hey.
[MUSIC PLAYING FAINTLY INSIDE] [CHUCKLES]: I'm here to say good-bye.
Um, I [HORN HONKS] Uber.
Seat belts, please.
Oh, hi.
Uh, now? Oh! [PANTING]: Sorry.
- Are you okay? - Yeah, I'm Did I interrupt anything? No, I'm good.
The stamina of youth.
We'll need to get everything packed up here.
Oh, our last day? Yes.
Back to D.
Well, um, shouldn't we stay a few more days? Take a vacation.
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] RUTH: So, are these cards really about the copycat killings? ADRIAN: Yep.
Are you all worried? - Yes.
- No.
You're the tiebreaker.
Uh, well, Diane has a gun, so, uh, I'm gonna agree with Diane.
[CHUCKLES] ADRIAN: So, what's the conclusion, Ms.
Eastman? Are we out? No.
The DNC likes what they saw.
It's good news.
There's just one thing.
It's only Liz.
I'm I-I don't understand.
They want a team of lawyers, but not just from one firm.
- Like the Avengers.
- That's right.
Five lawyers, one from each firm.
Liz, you-you handle the anger.
So Liz is Wonder Woman.
[CHUCKLES] That's the Justice League.
Thank you.
Um, here's your contract.
Nondisclosure agreement.
We'll want you ready in a week.
Let's kick his ass, okay? Well, that was weird.
[CHUCKLES] Let's clean things up.
Turn off the DNC cameras.
[HEAVY BREATHING] [CAMERA WHIRRING QUIETLY] The people name you the president You get your power from our consent It's not just a figure of speech If you do something you shouldn't do The Constitution will deal with you Congress has power to impeach Republicans, Democrats, in-betweeners No one likes high crimes and misdemeanors Your tiny hands will scratch and claw But nobody's above the law Andrew Johnson and Clinton, too Congress did what they had to do Nixon resigned just in time Obstructing justice and perjury Emoluments, Russian puppetry Treason is also a crime Republicans, Democrats, in-betweeners Looking for high crimes and misdemeanors Maybe this will stick in your craw But nobody's above the law They vote on the articles In the House of Representatives Simple majority says if you're impeached Then there's a trial in the Senate In which they consider the charges And vote to remove you from office And if they get two-thirds, then it's done and you're gone And you'll never hold office again Maybe that's why You don't do business with foreign spies You don't keep slush funds, you don't tell lies History knows what you've done Republicans, Democrats, in-betweeners Tired of your high crimes and misdemeanors The founders and the framers foresaw But nobody's above the law Nobody's above the law Even you Nobody's above the law.