The Good Fight (2017) s02e09 Episode Script

Day 464

1 My girlfriend was pregnant when I was sentenced.
I have a son now.
- - Uh, Roy.
We skimmed guns from busts.
You and Whitehead? Yeah.
The weapons we seized were popular on the street.
- - They made the perfect drop gun.
Wait, we need to leave.
Oh, God, you're right.
- - Attorney-client privilege.
We can't be listening to this.
[GOATS BLEATING] NEWSMAN: Many wondered why the president was insisting on taking five goats to the European summit.
And many European leaders expressed concern that coverage of the visiting goats would upstage the good economic work done in Zurich.
Republican leaders quickly jumped to the president's defense, with Paul Ryan stressing that the press was making too much of the goats.
"The American people don't care whether the president brings goats," said Ryan's spokesman.
But then it became clear the confusion was based on a typo in a White House press release.
The president was going to the summit with five goals.
There's someone here to see you, but she doesn't have an appointment.
Diane? Who is it? Someone with an immigration problem.
- Hmm.
- Are you all right? Am I? [EXHALES] I don't know.
You shouldn't watch this anymore.
- It's bad for you.
- [TV TURNS OFF] You know, I used to laugh at the absurdity of the news.
Now I'm all laughed out.
Are you still microdosing? Nope.
Does that mean you're dosing? Who's here again? An immigration case.
She doesn't have an appointment, but she's being deported in four days.
- Pro bono? - I think so.
All right.
Take down her information.
We'll look into it.
MARISSA: Dominic? - Dominika.
- Right.
- Do you mind following me? - No.
- You won't follow me? - No, I don't mind following you.
[CHUCKLES] So, where are you from - in Russia? - Taganskaya.
Oh, really? Yes, you know it? No.
Sorry, that must've sounded like I did.
I don't know anything about Russia.
Though I think your name is cool.
Like a Russian villain.
So, I'm just going to take down a few facts first.
You are? Yes.
Where is Ms.
Lockhart? She asked me to take down a few facts first.
No, I need to talk to her.
You see, Dominika, Ms.
Lockhart is very busy, and this is how it always works.
I take down the facts, and she swoops in for all the glory.
No, but I have no time.
- I'm being deported on Friday.
- Okay.
So we should hurry.
Please sit down.
I'm a student at the University of Chicago.
- On a student visa? - Yes.
But I was arrested.
For? I did not do what they say.
" Okay.
And that's why they're deporting you before your student visa is up? No.
That's what they say.
But? I want to speak to Ms.
And she wants to speak to you, but first tell me.
Soliciting's not why you're being deported? Then why? I'm being deported because I'm one of the women who was taped with Donald Trump at the Moscow Ritz.
You know what I'm saying? The golden shower tape? I do not like calling it that.
I'll be right back.
NEWSMAN: Senator Warren's office released a statement on the cost of transporting goats to the European summit, - claiming $140,000 was too much for - MARISSA: Diane? - I think you should meet with this walk-in.
- Why? She says she's one of the prostitutes who peed on Trump in Moscow.
NEWSMAN: It should have read "five goals" as opposed to "five goats.
" - [SPEAKING RUSSIAN] - MARISSA: Dominika, hi.
Do you mind coming with me? Can I get you anything? Water or directions to the restroom? That was a joke? Yes.
No, it was good.
Sokolov, I'm Adrian Boseman.
This is Diane Lockhart.
Julius Cain.
Bradley Crawley.
Lena Wechsel.
- I only need to speak to Ms.
- Yes.
Well, you have all of us.
Please, have a seat.
No, I think I will stand.
Marissa, would you? So, you want us to help you with an immigration problem.
I want Diane Lockhart to help me with an immigration problem.
You, um, you think you're being deported for political reasons? Mr.
Trump, he doesn't want me here.
He sends me back to Russia, they will kill me.
- Uh, who will kill you? - Putin.
Because of this tape? The, uh Peepee tape.
So your accusation is that you were videotaped urinating for Mr.
Trump - in a Moscow hotel room? - Suite.
Excuse me? - Hotel suite.
- Ah.
You urinated on the bed where Obama slept? Yes, but I did not know who slept there.
- Then Trump, he peed on us.
- Oh, my God.
- Julius.
- DOMINIKA: I am not political.
I have no issues with American politics.
I only wish to stay in America.
- I want to stay in school.
- What are you studying? Hotel management.
[CHUCKLES]: Of course.
Dominika, we would like to help you, but we need a few hours to confer first.
Can you come back after lunch? - Yes, if you say so.
- I do.
Oh, and by the way, why did you come to me? To you? In the law school, I ask a man who I should see.
He says for immigration problem to see you.
You gave a lecture there.
Oh, good.
Thank you.
Marissa? This is ridiculous.
Since when are we the clearinghouse for every anti-administration conspiracy theory? This is not a conspiracy theory.
This is Steele dossier.
JULIUS: A dossier paid for by the Clinton campaign.
ADRIAN: Diane, what do you think? We're being set up.
ADRIAN: What do you mean? I never spoke at the University of Chicago.
I was supposed to On immigration matters But my partner, Will Gardner, went there in my stead.
Then who is setting us up? Veritas.
Project Veritas? Yes.
The O'Keefe thing.
They're trying to videotape us jumping at this.
- Like The Washington Post.
- Yes.
I think somehow they know that the Democratic committee came here looking to start up impeachment prosecution.
They know that we're coming after Trump.
But not all of us.
DIANE: And they want a video of African-American lawyers jumping at the golden shower tape.
Did you see how she was clutching her purse? RENEE: Ms.
A call.
I'm going on in two minutes.
Take a message.
I'm here to tell you today, we are the new Democratic party.
We are organized, and we are prepared.
We are ready.
We are prepare [WHISPERING]: Golden shower.
Hello, this is Ruth.
I need ten minutes.
Who was it? I understand.
What name did she give? DIANE: Dominika Sokolov.
A student.
She says she's being deported.
RUTH: Okay, good.
I think you're right.
It's Project Veritas or someone else.
Someone must've leaked you being considered for the impeachment team.
Did she arrive with anyone? No, she was alone.
Yeah, but she has a purse with a possible video camera in it.
Are you meeting with her again? - In two hours.
- RUTH: Good.
I'm sending my assistant with a way to record this.
You need to get her on the record about her immigration complaint and hiring you.
Then we'll throw our tape online first.
- Understand? - Yeah.
[DOOR CLANGS] - I thought you couldn't represent - Shh.
We can't represent you.
Our firm represents Rashid, the cop who supplied the drop gun.
MAIA: He supplied the drop gun to Whitehead, the officer who arrested you.
LUCCA: So we can't use that information because we only know it because we're at the same firm, and he told us as his lawyers.
Attorney-client privilege.
Yes, I've come to know the strange ways of lawyers.
But what about you? You can't use the information? Actually, I quit.
I don't work there anymore, but they can sue me.
- You quit? - Yeah.
Why? I can't work there anymore.
Jay, don't ruin your future for me, man.
I'm not ruining my future.
[CHUCKLES] Okay? - Tell him the plan.
- Jay, I There might be a way around the problem.
We need to hire you a lawyer to represent you - who we can, um - MAIA: Can influence.
LUCCA: But it can't be known we're influencing him, or we could be disbarred.
[CHUCKLES] You're looking for a front? Yeah.
JAY: Look, Craig, what happened to your old lawyer? Who, Gabe? You want to use Gabe? We need someone who wouldn't mind just repeating what we tell him.
And who wouldn't worry about some of the ethical issues.
Well, that's Gabe, yeah.
Okay, what? Craig Savador has some friends who want to help with his upcoming appeal.
He was set up.
A gun was planted on him by the arresting officer, which turned an "intent to distribute" into 15 years.
Now, we, unfortunately, can't represent Craig You guys want something to eat? - No, thank you.
- No.
You? I got some fried rice in the refrigerator.
Only take a minute to heat up in the microwave.
No, we're good.
I think fried rice tastes even better the second day.
Uh, Mr.
Kovac, we need you to act as a front for the defense.
We were on the opposite sides of a suit a year or two ago, weren't we? - I don't think so.
- Oh, I think so.
You two look very familiar.
Your firm wasn't very nice to me.
Matter of fact, they were downright mean.
But I don't hold many grudges.
These, uh, friends of Craig's, they have enough money to pay for the appeal? Your hourly rate.
Guaranteed 18 hours.
And I want first dibs on any lawsuits against the Chicago PD.
That's up to Craig.
All right.
I'll do it.
But I'm not doing it for the money.
And I'm not doing it for Craig.
And I'm not doing it for the glory.
And I'm not doing it because it's the right thing to do.
And I'm not doing it Actually, we have to go.
And I'm not doing it because I believe the Chicago PD did something wrong and misbehaved.
And I'm not doing it bec How many more of these are there? This is the last one.
And I'm not doing it for the law.
I'm doing it for one reason and one reason only.
[CHUCKLES] Love for you.
I don't know you.
Yes, and I don't know you.
But the minute you walked in, it was like a little bird came into the room.
Tomorrow in court.
You'll be arguing Craig's appeal from a script we'll give you.
Wear a suit.
What's wrong? Nothing.
No, I was just, uh, upstairs on another thing.
Thought I'd drop by.
Uh, I will I will put together that thing for the guy.
Uh, why were you upstairs? Uh, uh, n-nothing important.
Just, uh, something came up on the campaign front, and I kind of, sort of need you to do me a massive favor.
I seem to be doing a massive favor every three days.
This is the last one, I promise.
You didn't have a meeting upstairs, did you? - No.
- So honesty is not our best policy - these days? - Was it ever? I didn't want to discuss over the phone, but I am supposed to be meeting with the two Democratic power brokers that will decide whether or not I replace Barnsdale in the first.
And they would like to meet you, too.
Or three, as it were.
We're ready for you, Ms.
DIANE: Thank you for returning, Dominika.
Of course.
ADRIAN: So [CLEARS THROAT] We have a few questions.
- You will help me? - DIANE: We want to.
But it would help to, um, get a few answers.
When did you move here first? Last year.
Your Facebook page said you moved here in 2016.
You looked at my Facebook page? JULIUS: Yes.
Is there a problem with that? I don't know.
Is there? We just want to be clear, Ms.
Did you move here last year or the year before? Both are true.
I moved to Los Angeles in 2016, - Chicago, 2017.
- And how did you meet Donald Trump? Through a friend at Miss Universe.
- At the after-party.
- ADRIAN: And who was this? Rachelle.
Miss Haiti.
And was she the one who was in the suite with Mr.
Trump? No.
No, that was Olga.
Olga who? I cannot say.
She wants to be uninvolved.
So, we looked into your background, Dominika, and there are a few problems.
In 2013, during the time of the Miss Universe contest, you were living and working in Novosibirsk, a city 1,700 miles from Moscow.
How do you know this? Well, we did our own research.
So, how could you be at the Moscow Ritz at the exact moment you were working as a hotel charwoman in a city 1,700 miles away? Is there something wrong? You should have just said you do not wish to help me.
It would have been faster.
[DOOR OPENS] [WHISPERS]: Follow her.
Follow her.
Bullet dodged.
You wanted it to be true.
No, I was just thinking about Watergate.
How history repeats itself first as tragedy, second as farce, third as porn.
What's your destination? Do you see that Acura up there? The maroon one.
Follow it.
- I need a destination.
- That car is your destination.
This isn't a taxi.
I need a destination.
I'll give you five stars and tip you 20% if you follow it.
[BEEPS] She didn't go to Project Veritas.
Uh, I don't know.
It looks like her home.
In Gary.
- Yeah.
You want me to stay on her? - [DOOR SHUTS] Okay.
[CHATTERING IN DISTANCE] [DOG BARKING IN DISTANCE] [BABY CRYING] DOMINIKA: Rachelle, where did you put the English Breakfast? - I need a cup of tea.
- It's in the cabinet.
DOMINIKA: No, it's not in the cabinet.
[RATTLES] Who are you? Oh, I'm-I'm sorry.
I thought this was my friend's apartment.
Oh, Christ.
You? Oh.
Hi, Dominika.
What are you doing here? She was taking a photo of our garbage.
If you don't believe me, just leave me alone.
Let me go to another firm.
No, we want to.
It's just It's a wild story.
I can swear to it.
I introduced her to Trump.
Who are you? Rachelle Dabrezil.
Miss Haiti.
What do you have in your purse, Dominika? What do you mean, what do I have? Is there a camera in there? Then why were you clutching it? Because there was money in it.
[ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] Why am I here? Because I think you need to hear this.
MARISSA: After our meeting, I followed Ms.
Sokolov, and she didn't go to Project Veritas.
She went home.
And did this surprise you? No.
What surprised me is her roommate is Rachelle Dabrezil, Miss Haiti from a previous year.
She says she introduced her to Trump at the after-party.
And there was no camera in her purse.
How much of this is true? That's the thing.
Her story's checking out.
Miss Haiti? The same country Trump called a shithole? This could be retribution.
DIANE: Oh, we don't think so.
I thought she lied about my speaking at the law school.
But I was wrong.
I did go one day that year.
MARISSA: And, yes, she usually worked in Novosibirsk on that date, but she got the weekend off to see her friend at the Miss Universe contest.
She was in Moscow.
We think she's telling the truth.
[SIGHS] Okay, I'm gonna ask something of all of you.
Forget it.
Excuse me? Let it go.
Don't tell anyone.
Eastman, this is not Project Veritas.
It doesn't matter.
It can only come back to hurt the Democrats.
How do you figure? Maybe we should talk alone.
Marissa's part of our team.
RUTH: Let's say your client talks to reporters about this golden shower tape.
You might win one news cycle.
You might, if you're lucky.
But the stories will be about how desperate the Democrats are.
We'll be seen as the ones scraping bottom, becoming the dirt-mongers.
Tony Perkins will give Trump another mulligan.
Jerry Falwell Jr.
Will blame the media.
And everyone will move on to the next.
Eastman, this is not about morality.
This is about the Republicans the Russians using this tape for blackmail.
That sounds good.
But we all know it's bullshit.
It's about embarrassing the president, and it will be a blip.
I know this is hard, but let it go.
When, uh, you were working on Maia's case, there was someone you dealt with at the FBI? [CHUCKLES] Yes.
Can you set up a meeting with her? - What about? - An immigration matter.
You're going after the tape? No.
I am helping a client.
A woman who's gonna be deported on Friday.
She asked for our help, and we're offering it.
Yay! Nom, nom, nom.
[CHUCKLES] Well, now I feel stupid for ordering a large.
I can't eat all this.
Come on.
You got to have some.
Oh, no.
I'm fine, thank you.
Lucca, you're eating for two.
I got pizza for 20.
No, thank you.
WAITER: Pardon my reach.
I hope you enjoy.
Why do they say that? "Pardon my reach.
" They go to a special waiter school to learn that? May I ask you a question, Ms.
Starkey? Mm-hmm.
Yeah, sure.
Did you vote for President Trump? We have something to discuss with you, but, first, we need to know your politics.
My politics are none of your business.
I've served under four presidents.
My politics never got in the way.
Then we should go.
Thank you.
I didn't vote for Trump.
I didn't vote for Hillary.
I found them equally disgusting.
We need an expedited "reasonable fear" screening for a deportation candidate.
And this person has a reasonable fear of who, Trump? Or his or her home country? Her.
And both.
She claims she was involved in the golden shower tape.
Pardon my reach.
Don't say that ever again! And you believe her, this client? We do.
MAN: The Jew media wants us to chase wars in foreign countries.
The Jew party system is nothing but a fraud.
- The white majority needs to take control.
- [DOOR OPENS] It needs to stop being browbeaten by the Zionist scum who scold about the Holocaust.
Six million Jews who never died.
It's official? Yes.
No one else made the deadline.
Uh, who is that? [SCOFFS] My Republican opposition.
If the Democratic Committee chooses you.
You have a Nazi for an opponent? Uh [SIGHS] the Republicans didn't want to sink any money into a district they know they'll lose, so Davey Lion slipped in.
He's the only one that filed by the deadline.
- Well, he'll never win.
- Right.
But he's bringing more attention to the district than anyone anticipated.
National news is already focusing on him.
Is that a bad thing? Barnsdale got caught groping a campaign contributor.
The Democratic Committee is looking for somebody who doesn't repeat the mistake.
Which, I guess, is where I come in.
Not only do you help with the African-American vote, you show that he won't grope other women.
LUCCA: Great.
Women have come so far.
Well, thanks for coming on in today.
This won't take long.
Have a seat.
Sorry about the mess.
Cleaner comes every leap year.
[CHUCKLES] Here you go.
All right.
So, I'm just gonna take a couple notes.
It'll help us determine if there's a reasonable fear of deportation.
Uh, and I hope that's okay with you.
- Oh, it is.
- Okay, good.
Now, you said that you and your friend Olga met Mr.
Trump at the Miss Universe after-party.
Is that correct? - Olga did not.
- Okay.
Olga did not meet Mr.
Trump at the after-party? - Yes.
Only in the suite.
- Okay.
And what food was served at the after-party? DOMINIKA: What food? - Yeah.
- You expect her to remember that? I do.
Small hamburgers.
Uh, bite-sized.
And how were the waiters dressed? DOMINIKA: Black with red, white and blue suspenders.
[CLOCK TOWER BELL RINGS] Just to warn you, the clock tower across the street, when it rings, it startles the birds perched there, and they fly right into my window.
So don't be thrown.
Here they come.
Eh, I guess no birds today.
So in Mr.
Trump's suite, was there a room service? [THUDDING AGAINST WINDOW, BIRDS CAWING] There they are.
It's awful.
We have a custodian at the end of the day, just shoveling 'em into wheelbarrows.
Anyway Oh, was there a room service table in Mr.
Trump's suite? - No.
- Are you sure? Yes.
And was there music playing? - In the suite? No.
- Okay.
And were either - of you wearing a wig? - Wigs? Yeah.
You or your friend, Olga, were you wearing wigs? No.
And you, has your hair color changed? Mine? No.
And what color is your friend's hair? - Olga's, it is brown.
- Okay.
Thank you.
I'll get back to you in an hour.
That was odd.
Um wait here.
- Yeah.
You've seen the tape? I'm sorry, what? Your questions.
That kind of specificity.
You've seen the golden shower tape? Well, I haven't seen the tape, but we have received enough chatter to know what's in it.
And there were two blonde hookers, not brunettes.
And Mr.
Trump had just finished in-room dining, so your client's lying.
- Mmm.
- [LAUGHS] What do you need to hear from her to determine she's not lying? Her contact in the FSB.
Who set it up? I cannot say.
She doesn't believe you.
I had no contact with FSB.
That was all Olga, it wasn't me.
Then talk to Olga.
Ask her to come forward.
Seriously, Dominika, you only have three days.
- We miss you at work.
- Mmm.
You should come back.
- No.
- Why not? I want to be someplace where it matters.
What the hell? Where were you? Don't be mad at me.
I really meant to be here on time.
- I just - We've only got a minute.
- I only need a minute.
- Did you look at the brief we sent you? I don't need to look at it.
I've got it all right here.
- Oh, Jesus.
- Maia, please.
Don't be disappointed in me.
I just need some positive reinforcement.
Remember, the key is to get the arrest records.
- Okay? - You look nice.
STANEK: Motion denied.
And don't bring me this kind of crap again.
And I mean it.
What do we have? Next.
The Savador appeal, Your Honor.
Stark Schiff for the people.
Someone here for Savador? Uh, yes.
Um, me, Your Honor.
Gabriel Kovac of Kovac and Associates, here.
- Whose motion is this? - KOVAC: It's mine, Your Honor.
Uh, just a sec.
I've got so many, so many papers here.
Just STANEK: I'm getting ready to move on to another case, Mr.
Kovac of Kovac and Associates.
Please, Your Honor.
I'm doing my-my best here.
Aha! Here it is.
Uh, the, uh, the prosecution hasn't released its arrest records to us.
What arrest records? Oh, don't play coy with me.
The arrest records The arrest records - [WHISPERING]: Pass this over to Kovac.
- The arrest records Pass it over to Kovac.
Pass it over to Kovac.
KOVAC: Um, a moment, Your Honor.
The arrest records.
The arrest records of Daniel Whitehead, the arresting officer, and another officer, a Ray-shed Clarkson.
You see, Your Honor? The government doesn't even know what to say to that.
Your Honor, Rashid Clarkson has nothing to do with this case.
That's what they want us to think.
This, this stinks to high heaven, Your Honor.
High heaven.
We're all impressed, Mr.
Motion denied.
- KOVAC: Why? - STANEK: Excuse me? - Why, Your Honor? I asked why.
- Because you haven't shown any connection between the arresting officer and this other cop.
This other cop, we believe supplied the gun that was planted by Whitehaven.
White whatever.
STANEK: You believe? And how do you believe this? - With great sincerity.
- No, no.
What evidence leads you to this? Your Honor.
You and I, we are, we are free men.
But there is another man in jail.
A good man, who spends his days carving small objects that he finds in the prison yard.
And he carves them into sailboats and small ducks.
And he then sends them to his mother.
His mother.
A good woman, who spends her days doing laundry.
A mother who, um, cries herself to sleep every night.
And she holds these little objects close to her.
She holds them, and she caresses them because she knows that she will never caress her son ever again.
None of us can live without hope.
Give her hope, Your Honor.
It's up to you.
You're not a very good lawyer, are you, Mr.
Kovac? No.
That's too bad.
- Motion denied.
- Wait! Wait! Wait.
I've-I've got one more thing, Your Honor.
Of course you do.
I am seeking leave to file an application for a federal writ of habeas corpus, pursuant to 43 U.
It's meant to determine whether I know what it's meant.
You're accusing the state of holding Mr.
Savador illegally? I am, Your Honor.
The arrested officer, Mr.
, uh, White forehead, he has recently been sued, - civilly - Mr.
The civil case was settled out of court.
[SCOFFS] In a massive cover-up, Your Honor.
I'm granting leave to file the application.
- Yay! - I order Mr.
Savador to be brought to this court to, uh, determine the illegality of his detention in the light of recent actions against his arresting officer.
Okay? I won the case, Your Honor, right? You want me to say it? If it's not too much trouble.
You won.
And they lost.
Well? - Good job.
- Thank you.
- So, now, about our date.
- Just so you know, - I am not - We are gonna have to wait on it, 'cause I have got to start working on our defense.
Your friend always this late? No.
I have to leave in a few minutes.
What? Say it again.
RACHELLE: They came for her.
She's gone.
- Who came for her? - The INS.
Olga called me, crying, screaming.
They were here, taking her, deporting her.
Oh, my God.
How did they find out? I, uh Hang up.
Let's not call again.
What's wrong? Olga's been taken by the INS.
Really? That's terrible.
Did you do this? What are you, crazy? No one had her number.
No one knew where she was.
One second.
A delivery just came for you.
Well, put it in my office.
It's from Olga Yermolov.
I'll get the popcorn.
Want me to do it? No.
I will.
[MOZART'S "REQUIEM IN D MINOR" PLAYS] [MUSIC CONTINUES] Is it? Uh You needed me? What is it? Is that what I think it is? Ugh.
[MUSIC CONTINUES] We have to call her.
The FBI? No.
I don't think she's on our side.
I thought we were dropping this.
In fact, I thought I specifically said - to drop this.
- We did.
This wasn't for you.
This was for our client, Dominika.
This tape was for your client? Her friend sent it before she was deported.
Is it real? You judge.
[ADRIAN CLEARS THROAT] [DOOR CLOSES] What do you think? [EXHALES] I can't take three more years of this.
How about seven? [CHUCKLES] Ugh.
Will you vote for him again? Depends on who's running.
She's gonna investigate.
She thinks they can use it against the president? She's not sure, but she's gonna find out.
Thanks for doing this, by the way.
Hey, if it keeps a Nazi out of office, I can act like I love you.
Yeah, we're not really hand-holding types, are we? No.
But I don't mind it.
FRANK: Colin, Lucca.
How are you? Hi, I'm Frank Landau, chairman of the Cook County Democratic Party.
Thank you so much for coming.
Come on in.
And we started on opposite sides of cases, and then it was just opposites attract, I guess.
It's like my wife and I.
She's a blues singer, and I hate the blues.
[LAUGHTER] Gosh, anyways, that's our life.
So if there's anything else I can say to allay your fears Well, we're really glad you came along tonight, Lucca.
But our worries really aren't about your relationship.
You both seem great.
Thank you.
It's about your prosecutorial record.
Excuse me? At the Justice Department, a lot of the non-Trump folks resigned, but you didn't.
Well, I-I didn't want to leave my department without any AUSAs.
I cared about my cases.
Yes, your cases.
Your prosecution rate is quite high.
- When I go into a case, I try to win.
- Yes.
To the tune of 90% African-American prosecutions.
That's-that's just because I'm handed a lot of cases involving African-American defendants.
Actually, it's not.
We looked over your cases.
You tend to plead out cases with white defendants and prosecute cases with African-American defendants.
[CLEARS THROAT] Um speaking as an African-American defense attorney with a lot of African-American clients, I would say that Colin is one of the fairer AUSAs.
And yet the statistics disagree.
So you'd rather have a neo-Nazi win? [LAUGHS]: Oh, no.
Your competition's not Davey Lion.
It's another Democrat, a businesswoman named Sue Rimes.
And she has no racial entanglements.
Also no accomplishments.
Accomplishments aren't always good.
What? I'm fucked.
You were sarcastic.
No, Lucca was great.
It's about my prosecutions, not groping.
What's wrong with your prosecutions? Apparently I'm a racist.
MAN: Julius.
- How you doing? - Hey, Rodney.
How are things at the DOJ? Fine.
How about you? Still want out of Reddick/Boseman? Well, sometimes.
See the op-ed in the Chicago Timestoday? It doesn't matter what we do.
They see collusion everywhere.
We need more Republican journalism majors.
What's it matter? Editors won't hire them.
Uh, latte macchiato, grande.
Hey, um heard you guys are causing trouble.
What do you mean? You have a tape to embarrass Donald J.
Who told you? Feds.
Let your firm run with it.
It'll embarrass them Boseman, Reddick, the whole lot.
But you stay clear of it.
When the dust settles, we'll bring you on board.
I think the tape may be real.
- Why? - I was just contacted by a Republican connected to the Feds.
He was waving me off the tape.
They want us to ignore it.
Are you all right in here? Yeah.
Just relieving my back.
- Ah.
- How was court? - Motion denied.
- Damn.
But then Kovac moved to file an application for habeas corpus, - and the judge allowed it.
- [CHUCKLES] Seriously? [CHUCKLES] Yeah.
I mean, I was surprised, too.
It's not gonna make a difference without the Rashid subpoenas.
I know.
But, I mean, there's got to be something else we can do with it.
- Would you help me up? I - Oh.
Yeah, I can't.
Once I'm Come here.
STEPHEN: We need to gather the facts.
It's not about the facts.
They just don't want a man.
You need to make things right with the African-American community.
- I don't have time to make things right.
- Lucca, tell him.
They just want something in the short term.
There might be something you can do in the short term.
- What? - A wrongly convicted kid.
Someone put there with a drop gun - from a white cop.
- Someone African-American? - Yes.
- One's not gonna do it.
It's not enough to change the percentage.
No, there are 30 cases this white cop was involved in.
ADRIAN: What are we looking at? The reason the video is a fake.
- This robe? - Yes.
Well, how can the video be a fake? We never see Trump's face.
We only see his back and his posture.
There's a cottage industry in Trump golden shower tapes in the porn world.
Are you serious? Yes.
They're called porn parodies.
The bathrobes at the Moscow Ritz-Carlton in 2013 are ecru with navy blue trim.
Look at the bathrobe in this blowup from the P.
White with gold trim.
This is a faked video.
So drop it.
Your Honor, it's me again.
And, uh, this is my client, Craig Sailorhat.
Craig Savador, man.
Craig Savador.
Yes, I've heard all about your carving of stones into small ducks for your mother, Craig.
- Um, I - He's much too humble to go into that here, Your Honor.
Now, about your writ of habeas corpus - How's it going? - What you'd expect.
How should it be going? My client's conviction was a tissue of lies.
A tissue.
Just a second.
STANEK: Can you use more details, Counselor? Your Honor, Colin Morrello stepping in for the prosecution.
It's good to have you join us.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Our department is currently reviewing the tainted arrests of Officer Whitehead due to recent revelations of improprieties in confiscated firearms.
More lies, Your Honor.
Counselor, he's agreeing with you, so it's best to shut up.
As part of our review, Your Honor, we ask you to vacate the sentence of Craig Savador.
STANEK: Okay, let me get this straight.
The DOJ has no objection to this court granting petitioners application and ordering the immediate release of Mr.
None at all, Your Honor.
And we wholeheartedly apologize, Mr.
Our department promises to get to the bottom of police corruption.
Well, now, I'll grant your appeal, sir.
Savador, this court can't give you back the two years that you spent incarcerated, but we can give you back your future.
After processing, you're free to go.
KOVAC: Your Honor, I, uh I won that one, right? A-Again.
Yes, Mr.
- Congratulations.
- KOVAC: Thank you.
Wait, wait, wait.
Where are you going? Y-Y-You owe me dinner.
Kovac, I'm not interested.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, it's o it's okay.
No, you don't seem to understand.
I don't like men.
I don't, either.
I'll I'll pick you up at 8:00? Mr.
Kovac, I date women.
I'll see you at 8:00.
She's wrong.
Excuse me? Ms.
Eastman is wrong.
I mean, she's right about the Moscow Ritz bathrobe, but she's wrong about the bathrobe in the photo.
Let it go, Marissa.
I can't.
It's not gonna help.
I know, but don't you want to know the truth? The truth is out there.
It's not high crimes and misdemeanors, Marissa.
It's not even a dirty limerick.
It's not gonna make a difference.
So? Don't you want to know? Eastman was right about the Moscow Ritz having an ecru with navy blue trim bathrobe.
I checked online.
But she didn't realize something else.
This is an article about Trump from 2013.
People say he travels with his own bathrobe.
Look at the bathrobe he's wearing.
That's his bathrobe.
White with gold trim.
Now look at the bathrobe from the P.
They're the same.
They look it to me.
You know, my father was a great man.
He fought corruption ever day of his life.
He said that it made him stronger.
He once remarked that that's how you measure the worth of a man, by looking at his foes.
Well, I look at our foe, and I wonder how people will measure us.
We're hoping that a golden shower tape brings down an idiot.
Not exactly Woodward and Bernstein.
But still, it's his bathrobe.
Okay so Dominika has what, 36 hours? Let's get to it.
Hey, Julius.
How are you? Good.
You read that latest memo? About Nunes? Yeah? He's a good infighter.
[COUGHS] About that thing that, uh, we discussed the last time the tape? Yes.
Our client is going public.
She wants to make a statement about the tape.
- Why? It's fake.
- Well, she's got nothing left to lose.
She's gonna be deported.
The FBI have already threatened her.
So, why not make a statement? When is she saying something? Tonight.
Press conference.
Unless there's something we can do.
There might be.
Dominika Sokolov, please.
So, I understand you have a statement to make about the video, miss? Who told you? We have our ways.
Good job.
MADELINE: Let me start by saying that the FBI would like to approve your "reasonable fear" application.
But first, we'd like to be clear about a few facts.
In 2016, you moved to Los Angeles, where you shot a porno video in the San Fernando Valley on a set built to look like the Moscow Ritz.
And the man made to look like Trump was actually a porno actor.
Now, you and the other porn actress in the tape were paid $200 for your participation.
Now, if everything I just said is true, please sign here and here, and we will promptly approve your "reasonable fear" request.
And if I don't? Well, then, we can't promise you anything.
It's up to you.
[SIGHS] Good.
And, uh, I'll be taking this into custody for safekeeping.
Um, were there any other copies made? Not to our knowledge.
Good, good, good.
Well and here we are.
Welcome to America, Ms.
Thank you.