The Good Fight (2017) s02e12 Episode Script

Day 485

1 How do you feel? Good.
Why? Because I'm in control.
How long will it last? As long as I want it to.
I thought I'd turned it off.
The world calls.
So is he here? MAIA: Yes, his flight was delayed, but we're on our way to you right now.
No, I'm not at the office, take him to court.
What about witness prep? - Do it on the way.
- Me? Yes.
You know the case, and there's no time.
He'll go right on the stand when he gets there.
AVI: Sure, he is shit.
Chance The Rapper sings like shit.
Oh, my fucking God, you're making my head hurt.
MAIA: Avi, wait, we need to witness prep.
- No, we need to argue - No.
You need to let Jay drive, and you and I need to witness prep right now.
- How far are we from court? - 30 minutes.
Can we go any faster? If you want us to get pulled over, yes.
Julius Cain, he is one of our partners, he's gonna be questioning you.
Now, he will ask for your name and occupation.
[MAN SINGING IN SPANISH ON RADIO] And you'll answer? With my name and occupation.
Which are? [SCOFFS] Are we afraid I'll forget it? Avi, I need to see how you are on the stand.
Avi Epps, I organize Birthright tours in Israel.
The defendant has been accused of using Birthright money to bribe foreign officials.
Now, do you know this not to be true? I do uh, know this not to be true.
- Good.
- She's an awful woman, but she's not corrupt.
No, no, no, you can't say that.
- Why? It's true.
- JAY: You're fucking kidding me.
No, it is.
Naftali sleeps with every [SIREN CHIRPS] - You were driving too fast? - Shut up.
Let me do the talking.
Are you nuts? [MUSIC STOPS] [INDISTINCT POLICE RADIO CHATTER] License and registration.
- You all right, miss? - Yes.
We're just running a bit late, Officer.
- For? - Court.
We work at Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart, a law firm.
- And you are? - Hello, American police officer.
MAIA: He's scheduled to testify in federal court, and we are, like I say, running a little bit late.
- You asking us to hurry? - MAIA: Uh, no.
I'm just sharing information.
What's in the bag? AVI: I carry it with me on the plane.
I asked you what's inside it, not how it got here.
- Please step out of the car.
- MAIA: Officer, just out of curiosity, why were we pulled over? I need you all out of the car, that's why you were pulled over.
- OFFICER: Come on.
- Maia, stop.
- Let's go.
- OFFICER: Any weapons in the bag? Anything that'll stick - - [PHONE CHIMES] [OVERLAPPING ARGUING] MAN: I've sent both my daughters on Birthright.
NAFTALI: free of responsibility.
This is more bullshit.
Amado, did you not promise me that you would refrain from any outbursts? Why do I refrain when everyone else is talk, talk, talk? JUDGE: Because you have two attorneys here - talking for you.
It's because I'm Jewish.
Everyone in this courtroom is Jewish.
- He is not Jewish.
- Excuse me? Ten years on the board at Temple Shalom.
That means nothing.
Take off your pants.
- Let's see.
- JUDGE: Mr.
Boseman, you don't get her under control Apologies, Your Honor, yes.
- Yes, thank you.
- [GROANS] Jay and Maia were pulled over by the police.
It was a routine traffic stop.
- Jesus Christ.
- I'm in touch with Maia.
She thinks they'll be here in 20.
MAIA: Okay.
They've got a 30 minute recess.
We should be fine.
- Yeah, I wouldn't count on that.
- Please stand, - place your hands on the car.
- You're kidding.
These are yours? - I have a prescription.
- OFFICER: Where is it? In Yerushalayim.
Your drugs, your car You're both under arrest.
Come on.
Come on! Hands behind your back.
Why are you doing this? Sheldon Adelson is my cousin.
This vehicle is to be impounded.
You'll need to find other means of transportation, miss.
And why am I not being arrested? Maia, get on with Diane.
26th and Cal at noon.
We'll need bail.
DIANE: Liz! Bond court 401.
Who did the drugs belong to? The witness.
They think they're illegal.
So why didn't they take you in? I don't know.
I mean, Jay says it was "driving while black.
" Ugh, okay, I will argue for an I-bond What's wrong? Nothing.
Just - Nothing.
- JUDGE: Docket 354-A.
Male number 19.
What have you got, ASA? DIANE: Here comes Jay.
Representing the arrestee.
JAY: God.
- I'm happy to see you guys.
- What happened to Avi? He's in the group two after mine.
- You all right? - Yeah.
- Should have had Maia drive.
- [CHUCKLES] - They're ICE.
- What? Those four.
They're plainclothes immigration agents.
I recognize them from the DOJ.
I think they're here for you.
Me? Why? You don't have any issues? With citizenship? No.
- You have your birth certificate? - Somewhere.
What, are you sure about this? I think so.
DIANE: Well, whatever Jay's status, people can be hard to reach once they get taken in.
I know.
This is how it works.
They wait outside criminal courts, take them in.
JUDGE: 358-A.
Male number 21, drug possession.
What have you got, ASA Timmons? Mr.
Dipersia is a flight risk given his codefendant recently arrived from overseas.
Any mitigation from the defense? DIANE: Yes, Your Honor.
But first, it is our understanding that Chicago is a sanctuary city.
So we are surprised to find four immigration officers working with the county sheriffs.
Your Honor, I have no idea what Counselor is referring to.
Well, let's ask her.
What are you referring to? Those four men back there.
They are ICE agents.
Gentlemen, is this true? Are you immigration enforcement? With all due deference, ma'am, you cannot ask us that.
Come here.
I said come here.
Ma'am? It's "Your Honor.
" Your Honor.
JUDGE: It's, uh, still true that we live in a democracy.
But the fact is, in these four walls, you're in a monarchy.
And where I'm sitting is the throne.
Now, when I ask you a question, I want an answer, or else I will hold you and your colleagues in contempt.
What's your name? - Patrick Basehart.
- Why are you here? I'm a lawyer with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
We have a detainer notice for Jay Dipersia.
JUDGE: Counselor, for purposes of setting bail, can you speak to some factors in your client's favor? We have nothing to offer in mitigation, Your Honor.
TIMMONS: We request bail to be set at $1,000.
We cannot pay that amount at this time, Your Honor.
JUDGE: Well, then I'll set bail at $100.
Still too burdensome, Your Honor.
Only ten dollars is due today.
That amount is simply too high.
TIMMONS: Your Honor, this is clearly a trick.
The defendant is remanded to the custody of Cook County until such time as he can post bail.
Okay, they can't touch you while you're in here.
You have all your documents? My sisters do.
Uh, Brigitte's a genealogy nut.
She keeps every paper and then some.
- You've seen your birth certificate? - Yes.
I vote, I pay taxes.
This is just a bureaucratic mistake.
Maia, contact his sisters.
Get his birth certificate.
Yeah, and I'll get an emergency hearing in front of an immigration judge.
Julius, we need help bailing Avi out.
I'm on my way.
The judge is denying a delay.
DIANE: Good morning, Your Honor.
Diane Lockhart here on behalf of Jay Dipersia.
Say it again, please.
Good morning, Your Honor.
Um, Diane Lockhart and Liz Reddick here - COURT OFFICIAL: Louder, please.
- On Good morning, Your Honor.
Liz Reddick and Diane Lockhart here on behalf of Jay Dipersia.
And Ralph Beldi for Immigration and Customs [SPEAKS FAINTLY] I'm sorry, Judge, we can't hear you.
[FAINTLY]: I said, good morning, too.
Where is this undocumented? He is not undocumented, Your Honor.
He is currently being held in the Cook County Courthouse on an unrelated charge.
Your Honor, Patrick Basehart for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
We filed a detainer notice, and we're seeking immediate deportation to Nigeria, Mr.
Dipersia's country of origin.
JUDGE [FAINTLY]: What is the basis for the detainer notice? We've scanned the individual's birth certificate to you, Your Honor.
Your Honor, we haven't [LOUDER]: We haven't seen this birth certificate.
It says he was born on May 2, 1980, in Barewa Hospital, in the town of Kano, which is in the country of Nigeria you see? No, no, this says "Jamil Dokpesi Dipersia," which is not our client's name, Your Honor.
This is clearly a mistake.
Your Honor, we ask for an opportunity to provide documentation proving that Mr.
Dipersia is a natural-born American citizen.
Well, how long is that going to take? One hour, Your Honor.
Maia, we have one hour.
We need the birth certificate now.
We're doing our best.
His sisters think they have it, and I will run over a copy.
- Great.
- Okay.
I-I just grabbed the box and jumped in the car.
Left the kids next door.
It should be in here somewhere.
This is crazy.
We were born here.
Sometimes this country makes me so mad.
This would kill Mom and Dad.
Except they're already dead.
Not funny.
I'm the bad sister.
[CHUCKLES] This is Jay and me when we were kids.
See? Born in the U.
WINSOME: Thank God.
Okay, perfect.
I'm gonna make a copy.
I'll be right back.
They have to let him go now, right? Yeah, once we post bail.
What? Nothing.
For a second I thought I gave her the wrong certificate.
- The wrong - Oh, no, this one's mine.
They were born 15 minutes apart.
- So you and Jay are twins? - Yes.
Born at Harbor Hospital.
Can I see? Okay, I'm gonna head to court with the copy.
What? I think Jay's might be a fake.
- - [SIREN WAILING] Uh, I don't understand what the problem is.
This is his sister's certificate.
- It reads "female," see? - LIZ: Yeah.
- Well, isn't that to be expected? - MAIA: Yes.
But this is Jay's certificate.
- Well, "male," okay.
- Yeah.
They whited out the "F" and the "E.
" MAIA: It's his sister's birth certificate.
They just copied it and altered it to be Jay's.
What? You see this rip here at the bottom? It's identical.
[SIGHS] - You can say it.
- Uh-oh.
- - [SIREN WAILING] I'm not American? No.
And you're not a twin.
Your sister, Brigitte, was born here, but you were born a year earlier, in Nigeria.
Oh, my God.
What's my name? Jamil Dokpesi Dipersia.
That was my uncle's name.
Your parents copied your sister's birth certificate.
So, I'm in trouble.
Well, no, we're trying a few things.
God, this is insane.
Your parents wanted you to have a good life.
That's why they did this.
Did my sisters know? No.
So, the key here is, Jay, to keep you out of the hands of ICE.
It doesn't matter, does it? They can deport me.
I'm not an American citizen.
We need to keep you here in Cook County.
That's the only way we can fight them.
- SHERIFF: Jay Dipersia? - [LOCK BUZZES] DIANE: What is it? He's needed in court.
- Why? - I don't know.
- I do what I'm told.
- You actually do a hell of a lot more than what you're told.
What's that supposed to mean? - Colluding with ICE.
- Oh, come on.
You act like they're terrorists.
Th-They're obeying the law.
They're doing their jobs.
And he's illegal.
You want to change the law of the land? Then run for office and change it.
But don't blame me for following it.
Let's go.
There's Jay.
- Are you okay? - I'm good.
- How about you two? - We're here.
So, I guess I'm 38.
My God, can you believe it? You do look older.
[LAUGHS] Do we even know anyone from Nigeria? [BRIGITTE SIGHS] I'll send you Mom's letters from back home.
- I just want to hug you.
- After this, and before they place me back in holding, okay? - Okay.
- Okay.
JUDGE: 358-A.
Drug possession.
Here we go again.
Has the status of bail changed? - Did you find the ten dollars? - No, ma'am.
Still struggling.
Your Honor, the lab did an expedited test on the drugs found in Mr.
Dipersia's car.
That's amazing.
And the state is dropping the case.
Your Honor, that is a ploy.
Really? A ploy to release your client? Right.
Straight into the arms of the conveniently warned ICE agents.
Basehart, good to see you back again.
Good to be back, Your Honor.
We have also confirmed that Mr.
Epps, the passenger in Mr.
Dipersia's car, does in fact have a prescription for those pills.
So, he has been released.
So, you are Dropping the charges.
And, of course, we regret any mix-up.
JUDGE: Well, I can't pretend that there's a case when there isn't one.
Dipersia, you will conduct yourself appropriately in my courtroom.
If you do not conduct yourself with appropriate decorum, I will be forced to hold you in contempt.
[QUIETLY]: Act up.
Um you-you can't tell me what to do, Judge.
What did you say? - Louder.
- I-I said I-I don't recognize the authority of this court to tell me shit! JUDGE: I'm giving you one last warning.
- Fuck this court! - JUDGE: Oh You have been warned, sir.
I am holding you in contempt.
Take the defendant back to the holding cell.
Dipersia is hereby remanded to state custody.
We're here for you.
I love you both.
Here's the problem with a shell game.
Eventually, I find the pea.
How much taxpayer money are you burning up to pursue one man? - Let me ask you a question.
- No.
Mine first, and it's not hypothetical.
How much are you burning up? You two are idealists, right? Justice is worth all sacrifice, all toil well, I agree.
I should be at my son's birthday party, his sixth, but instead, I'm here, trying to make sure that federal powers trump state's rights.
God, he's getting a federal writ to overcome state rights.
- We need to get court time.
- Well, yeah.
We also need an end game.
Expedited lawful residency? We could apply for an Einstein visa.
With what expertise? Investigative.
I mean, he has a license.
Doesn't sound like a winner.
- He draws.
Jay draws.
- Draws what? Pictures.
He's really good.
- He's an artist? - Yeah, of graphic novels.
- LIZ: Has he ever been paid? - I don't know.
- What do you think? - We can try.
Okay, Marissa, get together with his sisters, - and get his artwork.
- And we'll hit court.
JULIUS: Your Honor, we have reason to believe that our witness, Avi Epps, has returned to Israel.
- So what do you want from me? - We would ask for a continuance until such time as we can affect his return.
- Who is he? - JUDGE: Given the speed of this trial, you probably have time to - fly him back by way of the South Pole.
- I don't know.
That aside, there are no more continuances for any reason.
So, motions to dismiss, closing statements Where are we at? We actually have an additional witness, Your Honor.
This witness have a name? Uh, yes, Your Honor.
Jay Dipersia.
- Objection! Your Honor.
- ADRIAN: Objection.
Dipersia is an employee of our law firm, Your Honor.
Jay Dipersia is currently in state custody Mr.
Gottlieb and whomever whispered in his ear Wants Mr.
Dipersia transferred to federal custody so that ICE will have easier access to him.
LEN: That is an outrageous accusation, Your Honor.
The witness is necessary to rebut the testimony of the defendant.
JUDGE: On the issue of Mr.
Dipersia testifying, I'll hear oral arguments from both sides.
You first, Gottlieb.
JULIUS: He's a Republican fixer I know.
I'm gonna go find out what I can about Jay.
[DOOR OPENS] They're empty.
What'd you find out? No one's targeting your firm, and the Republicans have nothing to do with deporting your investigator.
- But? - But what? Well, it sounded like you had a "but" attached.
But there is a "however.
" However, doesn't mean we can't do something.
Such as? People like you, Julius, they just don't like your firm.
They think it suited up for the other team.
- [SIGHS] - So do us a favor.
You have a client, Neil Gross of Chumhum.
We hear he ran a personality quiz just like the one Cambridge Analytica did for Trump.
Get us the Chumhum contract.
I can't do that.
You're asking me to put my thumb on the scale for your illegal investigator, and I'm willing to do that, but I need something.
The Democrats and Chumhum are denying there's any data mining equivalency.
Now, we know that's bullshit.
We just need proof.
Well, let me see what I can do.
We can't give him the Chumhum contract.
I know.
Then why is he asking? My guess is to see how we react.
You think he can stop the deportation action? Yeah.
[CHUCKLES] He's a political fixer.
He makes a couple of calls, ICE will back off.
Well, let's stall him.
Keep him on a hook.
Imply you can get the contract.
Which court are you going to now? - Federal District - Civil court Uh, this should be interesting.
Your Honor, this is a federal court, and the State of Illinois is trying to usurp your power.
DIANE: And ICE is just forum shopping here.
This same case is being argued in state court, but they think they can get a decision more to their liking - here in federal.
- JUDGE: I don't understand this.
Well, it's quite simple, Your Honor.
No, no, no, the zippers.
Uh, they seem to go in both directions.
I RALPH: Your Honor, Cook County is actively interfering in an ongoing enforcement action in violation of federal law No, the counselor is trying to trick you, Your Honor, and I know that you cannot be tricked.
No, no, no, see, you're tearing it.
No, the-the zipper's off the track.
I it's All right, get out.
Your Honor, again, this is a matter for the federal government.
This is a matter of state's rights, Your Honor.
We are a sanctuary city.
The sanctuary laws as practiced here are an unlawful restraint on federal authority, Your Honor.
We all know that state law does not preempt federal law.
LIZ: We are not preempting.
We are only arguing that the state is not an extension of the federal government.
We're not suggesting the state is an extension of the federal government, Your Honor.
We only believe federal powers trump state rights.
Just as in the Civil War [STAMMERS] Your Honor.
Can't you get me another robe? DIANE: Your Honor, the defense would hate to make a motion in limine here.
What does a motion in limine have to do with this? We will be asking His Honor to rule in limine - if we lose this motion.
- Your Honor, a motion in limine has nothing to do with this.
Only if we use the Younger - abstention doctrine.
- What are you talking about? Maybe we should just, uh, recess - I wholeheartedly agree, Your Honor.
- No Your Honor, - this is an issue that needs - This is a matter - that requires serious - to be decided now.
Judge Suzanne Morris held the defendant in contempt of court.
- Yes, yes, but the sole reason - That is her right.
for Judge Suzanne Morris's action was to stifle enforcement of federal law.
Arizona v.
clearly states immigration enforcement is the sole province of the federal government.
That's it? WINSOME: I don't know.
He's been drawing a lot, I thought.
Well, has he ever been paid for drawing? What does that matter? There's something called an Einstein visa.
It allows non-citizens to stay in the country indefinitely if they prove some cultural or intellectual worth [LAUGHS] "Einstein visa"? Yeah, that doesn't sound like Jay.
Well, it can apply to any talent, not just science.
You just have to have made some significant contribution, or been praised by critics.
- Graphic novel critics? - Yeah, I know.
But we need more samples of his art than that.
You might want to come in here.
Is this enough? It's a start.
Federalism is a cornerstone of our legal system.
And as such, I find that the lower court is within its rights to hold Mr.
Dipersia for contempt, and that, until such time as he is released, the federal government has no superseding claim to him.
So Donald Trump appointed me, and he is with the federal government, - so federal rights - "Powers.
" Federal powers trump state powers - Uh, "rights.
" - Exactly.
So I so order, uh, that the court, the court lower than mine, release this guy - Jay Dipersia.
- Uh, him uh, to the ICE people.
[CHUCKLES] "Ice people.
" DIANE: Liz.
I struck out.
Federal court just issued an order that ICE can take Jay.
Well, this should be interesting, because state court just issued an order that they couldn't take Jay.
[LAUGHS] - You got to love this country.
- [SCOFFS] Oh, there they go.
Sir, you were talking earlier about the law, about following the law? Yes.
Why? I think we'll need you in holding.
Stand down.
Cook County, we need you to stand down.
We have a court order, right here.
You are to hand over the detainee to us.
And that order is contravened by the order of Judge Suzanne Morris.
That is a state ruling, this is a federal ruling.
Yes, and these are state sheriffs, they don't take orders If they don't, they will have to show cause.
No, sir, youwill have to show cause.
Look at this order.
You must hand over the prisoner right now, Sheriff.
I got two orders canceling each other out, so this prisoner stays right where he is.
Where is he? - What? - Where is he? He's not here.
So where am I going? Federal court.
You're needed as a witness.
My order required that he be held in contempt.
Yes, and he was.
But transport received an order from Judge Kassovitz's federal court that he was needed as a witness.
DIANE: The only purpose of his testifying is to spirit him out of this court's jurisdiction.
The prison transport is ours, right? Cook County? Yes, Your Honor.
Okay, then get me the driver on the phone.
Hello? This is Deputy Stromer, Your Honor.
Did you pick up a prisoner named Jay Dipersia from the Criminal Division of the Cook County Courthouse? Yes, I did, Judge.
What is your present location? We've just pulled up to the Dirksen Federal Courthouse.
Okay, I want you to listen to me very carefully, Deputy.
You must bring that individual back here, - right now, do you understand? - Yes, Judge.
There's just one problem.
- - What's that? The prisoner's already been taken from the van.
Well, stop them! Uh Ooh they're bringing him in now.
Okay, we're working on his Einstein visa, so keep him on the stand as long as possible.
Will do.
The judge is losing his patience.
Ugh, God He can join the club.
LEN: Please state your name and occupation.
Jay Dipersia, I'm a private investigator.
LEN: You picked up Avi Epps from the airport, correct? JAY: I did.
He never made it to court.
Why is that? - Objection.
Relevance? - LEN: Your Honor, counsel intended to bring Mr.
Epps to testify for the defense.
We're entitled to know why it didn't happen.
Objection's overruled, the witness can answer.
He was arrested.
No further questions, Your Honor.
That's it? [CLEARS THROAT] Goes to character and credibility, no? Mr.
Boseman? ADRIAN: Thank you, Your Honor.
How long have you been a private investigator at Reddick/Boseman? Four years.
Do you enjoy it? KEVIN: Yeah.
Uh I recognize him, yeah, he does some cool stuff.
It's, uh, J uh, Jay - Dipersia.
- Mm-hmm.
I was going through his stuff, and I found a receipt.
I guess he sold something to you? Oh, yeah, that's right, uh, it was some cool stuff that he did.
Um, I like to encourage local artists, and, uh, it was only $90.
You know, it's - Why, do you want to buy it? - Oh, uh, no.
N-No, I-I just thought You have good taste, - Mr.
- [LAUGHS] Yeah, I mean, I-I guess, uh it was cool, so You sound like an expert.
Uh, a qualified appraiser with an acute eye.
Are you free right now? Why? PATRICK: As I'm sure you're aware, Your Honor, in family reunification cases, the government frowns on horizontal sponsorship.
ICE only uses the word "horizontal," Your Honor, hoping you will forget it refers to sibling relationships.
As close as two people can get.
LIZ: Your Honor, Mr.
Dipersia's sisters were both born right here in the United States.
- And we would like to - PARK: Actually, I'm Judge Vincent Park.
Judge Windsor is not available.
I'm told it's trout season up his way, and he left early.
Now, applying for a visa, yes? - Um, filing under? - Uh, family reunification.
Dipersia's sisters were both born The fact is, parents are preferred.
Um, is there any other basis on which you would like him to be considered for legal residency? Yes, his artwork.
Your Honor, that's ridiculous.
Dipersia is an artist of impressive skill.
He's an investigator at a law firm.
And he's also an artist of note, and we intend to prove it.
With what? Actually, the artwork is on its way, Your Honor.
And it is well worth the wait.
Oh, boy.
Illinois law requires that Mr.
Dipersia - be remanded back into state custody.
- JUDGE: Counselor.
He's here in the custody of federal marshals.
ICE has a valid arrest warrant.
- My hands are tied.
- ADRIAN: Your Honor.
Paper or no paper, you remand him back into federal custody, they will deport him.
JUDGE: I have no control of that.
My responsibility and my authority are here, from that wall to that wall.
They're rounding people up, Your Honor, all over this country.
Rounding people up and putting them into camps, in 2018.
I can't be the only one who sees the irony here.
Boseman, I don't administer justice based on irony.
I follow the law.
The witness is dismissed.
DIANE: Your Honor, in support of our application for an EB-1 visa, we present evidence of Mr.
Dipersia's artistic talent.
PATRICK: Your Honor, the EB-1 visa, colloquially known as the Einstein visa, is reserved for great talent and significant contributions.
A nuclear scientist, a clarinetist playing with Yo-Yo Ma, a cancer researcher.
These are the people deserving of an Einstein visa, not a cartoonist.
Goya drew cartoons, Your Honor.
In recent times, Keith Haring drew cartoons on subway walls.
His work now commands six and seven figures.
But rather than have us pretend to be an expert, we have a highly credentialed art dealer who is very familiar with Mr.
Dipersia's work and is prepared to give his assessment.
Where is he? ["BIKINI" BY CAROLINE ROSE PLAYING] We're gonna give you everything you've ever wanted Hang a banner with your name upon it Pour three shots in a glass Call it a martini All you've got to do is put on this little bikini And dance D-D-D-Dance Dance Put on this bikini and dance, dance, dance - Where's the art expert? - Maia's bringing him.
What are you doing? Microtargeting Judge Park.
Guess what the good judge likes? Lions.
I think this is something that I probably shouldn't know anything about.
Probably for the best.
Oh, but what sounds better, "first exhibit" or "first show"? Show.
[OVER EARBUDS]: D-D-D-Dance Dance.
LIZ: You seem calm.
Why is that? Mm, I have no choice.
That's not true.
You can, uh, panic.
You can scream.
You can throw something.
To what end? Breaking something.
The world has gone insane, Liz.
The news is satire.
It's not real.
The people blowing up grizzly bears have been put in charge of grizzly bears.
So I've decided the only way to stay sane is to focus on my little corner of it.
My firm, the people in it.
If I make my little corner of the world sane, then I won't let the insanity win.
That's what I've learned.
It's one thing to know it.
[CHUCKLES] It's another thing to do it.
But I have to start somewhere.
Why not today? Why not with Jay? Yeah.
Uh, Diane, Liz.
This is Kevin.
Oh, uh bonjour.
[CHUCKLES] Uh, here, um, try these.
Neat! Okay.
LIZ: Now, you collect comic book art, Mr.
Costas? [DEEP VOICE]: Yes, and graphic novels.
Uh, yes, now having reviewed Mr.
Dipersia's work, what is your professional opinion of his art? Mm Too often, this genre leans on derivative tropes, but these, these are exceptional.
With his puppet-like minimalism, Mr.
Dipersia's studied melancholy is nothing short of "genius in the rough.
" LIZ: Uh [STAMMERS] And, uh, in fact, uh, haven't you purchased a few of Mr.
Dipersia's pieces? Yes Yes.
Uh, the earlier works mostly.
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Thank you.
Costas, is it your position that these works rise to the level of a Picasso or a Monet? [NORMAL VOICE]: Have you ever [CLEARS THROAT] [DEEP VOICE]: Have you, have you ever heard of Bill Finger - or Bob Kane? - No.
They created Batman.
Those books sold for a dime a piece.
Now some of them are worth upwards of $1 million.
This looks like a cartoon lion you'd see on a morning kids' show.
That is actually one of my favorites.
- Could you hand that to me, please? - Yes, I can.
It's hard to explain, - but I'm drawn to this one.
- Yes.
It's-it's hypnotic, isn't it? Especially the hair.
You know? You can almost hear the-the roar of the lion.
[ROARS, LAUGHS] PATRICK: Your Honor, may I remind the court that the respondent is currently under arrest for contempt of court That criminal contempt charge has been vacated, Your Honor.
Well, in my professional career, my office has only been involved in one EB-1 Einstein visa.
They're very rare.
- And one lion cartoon doesn't really rate.
- Your Honor, Mr.
Basehart has mentioned many nuclear scientists and researchers who have been offered the Einstein visa, but he has not mentioned a more recent recipient, Melania Trump.
Objection, Your Honor.
Oh, it's odd that Mr.
Basehart should object, since he supported the issuance of an Einstein visa to the First Lady based on this photo and her, uh, modeling career.
Now, why does she deserve an Einstein visa and not this accomplished artist? [ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] Nice work.
Thank you.
For what? Your stall gets your investigator his visa, but this firm just made itself a new enemy.
- Who? You? - Not just.
You may have a win today.
Enjoy it, but it's not going to last.
Tomorrow's a new day, and we're coming for you.
Or anybody out there.
Or all of them.
Maybe you haven't heard, one of our partners was shot.
You're gonna have a hard time beating that.
Not really.
He recovered, didn't he? Keep your eyes open.
It's coming.