The Good Fight (2017) s03e10 Episode Script

The One About the End of the World

1 These tactics are seriously wrong.
I mean, swatting? ISABELLA: Valerie warned us that someone would try to break us up, and that's what she's doing.
- No.
- Yes.
We know where you live.
Where you work, where your husband works.
You make one call, tell one person, we're coming for you.
The Good Fight 3x10 The One About the End of the World TERRENCE: Of course, we're all very excited about the president's visit, and we would like you to be featured at the event, Kurt.
- Me? Are you sure? - Of course, you're the Midwestern regional director.
We'd like you to introduce President Trump and then stand with the rest of the delegation when the president makes his remarks.
And let the president know what an awesome job he's doing.
Send us a draft of your remarks as soon as you can, oka ? Okay.
What was that about? Nothing.
(MOANS SOFTLY) You've served this firm with dignity and grace.
And we're sure you'll do the same on the bench.
So you don't need my advice, but I will tell you what my folks would tell me whenever I'd leave the house.
Now, you drink lots of water and don't embarrass us.
- (LAUGHTER) - To Julius.
- ADRIAN: Julius.
- JULIUS: Thank you.
I got to admit, I-I love this place.
I love how, despite ourselves, we're a family.
Lucca Quinn.
I agree.
Lucca has really stepped up in matrimonial.
She's only a fourth-year associate.
Yeah, and associates become partners faster these days, - or they leave.
- Yeah.
JOHN: Well, if we're worried about associates leaving, I'm more worried about Rosalyn.
I agree.
She's kicking ass in litigation.
But didn't we promise it to Lucca? (OVERLAPPING ARGUING) Yes, we did, we did.
And Lucca has brought in much more business than Rosalyn.
JOHN: That's not true.
Look at the billable hours for the last year.
Rosalyn has Lucca beat.
But only because Lucca had three months of maternity leave.
Come on, we're not gonna punish her for that.
- Months of maternity leave? - What does that mean? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Oh, my God, does everything have to be an argument, you guys? Can we just have a cordial and intelligent discussion? Okay, this is my argument.
- They're both deserving.
- Yeah.
But the advantage of Rosalyn is what she does for the culture of this firm.
- I don't know what that means.
- JOHN: I can understand - why you wouldn't.
- Are you saying what I think you're saying? - Hey, if the shoe fits.
- ADRIAN: All right, all right.
(OVERLAPPING ARGUING) What's going on? We were both threatened.
By who? A Rachelle Max from DLE Strategies.
- A competitor? - No, someone we worked with.
Do you know why she threatened you? It's a long story.
When I asked you to look into Valerie Peyser, it's connected to that.
The woman in Rikers? Right.
I'll look into it.
And, Jay, she won't seem dangerous, but she is.
(CHUCKLES) Oh, sorry, sorry to keep you waiting.
- Uh - There was a partner meeting upstairs.
You remember Mr.
Cardwell from 2016.
We won the settlement with the Chicago PD.
Yes, police brutality.
Some broken ribs.
How are you, Perry? Fine.
Having a little trouble.
I thought I'd invest my settlement money like you said, but I lost my job and I've been living on it.
He wants to know if it's possible to get any more from the PD.
More money? Actually, I, uh (CLEARS THROAT) I don't think so, Perry.
We signed a general release with the city and the police department relieving them of further claims.
Is it possible I could get some of what you took? Well, we only took what we agreed upon, Perry.
Don't forget we worked on your case for three and a half years.
Expenses are expenses.
Between expenses and your percentage, you come away with more than I do.
I'm living on the streets.
(FINGERS TAP DESK) Look, why don't we do this? We got some contacts at local Housing Services.
One second.
(QUIETLY): Warn building security.
There might be some issue here.
PERRY: This is crap and you know it! Uh, Jim.
- (SHOUTING) - Calm down - Need some help over here.
- PERRY: This is bullshit! Why don't you get one of the white guys you hired? Mm-hmm.
Reddick/Boseman sucks! They was my lawyers and they made more than me! Fuck them all! Perry, how was it? They were assholes.
JULIUS: Maybe you qualify for government assistance of some kind.
Section 8 housing, food stamps - (CHUCKLING) - So what happens now? (LAUGHS) And no one has an inside edge.
We make a smart decision based on culture.
Oh, no.
What? I might have good news.
When have you ever had good news? Diane Lockhart Liz Reddick you've been served.
And you, too.
And can anyone point me toward Adrian Boseman? - LIZ: It's a nuisance suit.
- DIANE: I agree.
Blum has been disbarred.
He can't even represent himself.
Maybe he hired someone.
But who would work with him? Well, the problem is: this suit makes you look like the bad guys.
"You"? So now you're in the third person? Thanks, Julius.
This was your suit I did nothing wrong.
My position before - (OVERLAPPING ARGUING) - was exactly as it is now.
- It's putting this firm - LIZ: Wait, wait, wait.
Just wait.
Now listen, we've lost Chumhum.
We lost my dad's name and now Blum is coming after the last strength that we have: our reputation.
We'll no longer be the defender of the underdog; we'll be seen as their exploiter.
So we go in hard and get this dismissed.
You'll notice I said "we".
There may be one problem with that.
We're appearing before Judge Toosi.
Who's that? He's a-a new judge.
A Trump appointee.
- (PHONE VIBRATING) - MADELINE: You see, this is why we need someone more culturally appropriate - as a partner.
- DIANE: Wait, what? - Why? - Lucca was in the meeting with the plaintiff, and had it been handled more sensitively Oh, my God, seriously? - Wait, wait, wait, wait.
- Yes.
She handled it perfectly well.
JOHN: Not perfectly well enough, because we're being sued.
MADELINE: All the commotion about the salary disparities, - it never died down.
- DIANE: Come on.
MADELINE: Making Rosalyn a partner would address some of those concerns.
JULIUS: We appreciate everything you've said It wouldn't be a proper Chicago May without lightning storms, and as always, the sky was filled with lightning but without accompanying thunder.
That may seem odd Marissa, have you seen this lightning we've been having? It's kind of creepy.
Yeah, exciting.
Okay, I have to tell you something that I know.
But I can't tell you how I know it.
Okay, I can tell you how I know it, but you can't tell anybody how I know it.
You have to say "okay".
(SIGHS) When you FaceTime Diane, or anybody, and they don't pick up, you can hear them for a few minutes.
- What? - Yeah, it's a bug.
I'm sure Apple will fix it soon, possibly even in the next few weeks, before anything legally problematic happens, but in the meantime, I was FaceTiming Diane, and I heard what was going on in the meeting upstairs.
They were talking about you.
Oh, no.
We shouldn't be talking about this.
- Yes, but you should know about something.
- No, no.
No, thanks.
They're considering you for partner.
There's an opening with Julius leaving, and they're thinking of making you an equity partner.
Okay, but I mean, we really I mean, I shouldn't, you know, know any of this.
There's only one problem.
But maybe I shouldn't say anything.
Oh, come on, Marissa.
(SIGHS) Some of the partners think Rosalyn would be better for the image of the firm.
(SIGHS) What does that mean? Image of the firm? I think they think she'd do more for the Reddick/Boseman brand.
Well, how am I not the brand? You're not (WHISPERS): black enough.
(LAUGHS) Are you fucking kidding me? Look, I didn't say it.
They said it.
Or they implied it.
Okay, so what did they say? Exactly.
BAILIFF: All rise.
TOOSI: Good afternoon.
All right, well, not exactly a large audience today, but maybe people will find us.
Uh, just so you know, they misspelled my name on the old nameplate.
Uh, I am Judge Toosi, not Judge Tootsie, so don't get any ideas.
(ROLAND LAUGHS) That's good to know, Your Honor.
And as you probably know, I'm a, uh, I'm a new judge around here, so don't let the robes fool you.
I do not ask for directions, but I get us there eventually.
ROLAND: Well, that's music to my ears, Your Honor.
- Roland Blum for the plaintiff - Your Honor, - Mr.
Blum has been disbarred, and cannot - I'm oh, I'm sorry, I'm so Uh, I hadn't quite finished, Your Honor.
If I may? Uh, uh, yeah.
Ladies, we'll get to you.
Uh, men like us, we we go with our gut.
My gut tells me not to get on a flight, I listen.
The plane goes down, everyone gets killed, that's my gut saving my ass.
(LAUGHS) ROLAND: And what my gut tells me here is that the defense is afraid of me.
I've gathered together a class of eight ofmtheir ex-clients.
These gentlemen here in the first row.
Now they're suing because they've had their futures stolen from them by that law firm.
Again, Your Honor, Mr.
Blum is disbarred.
He cannot argue in court.
That's where these ladies are wrong because I won't be arguing in court.
I'll leave that to my associate, Maia Henson, who also used to work at this law firm until she became disgusted and quit because of their methods.
LIZ: Your Honor, this case is a vendetta against our firm, and we ask that the matter be dismissed.
Not before you conduct a hearing, Your Honor.
TOOSI: A hearing on what? We have a tape.
TOOSI: A tape? Uh, like a, like a tape you'd like to play? Like, a cassette tape? All right, do we have a tape player? Bailiff? JULIUS (RECORDED): Expenses are expenses.
PERRY: Between expenses and your percentage, you come away with more than I do.
I'm living on the streets.
JULIUS: Look, why don't we do this? We got some contacts at local Housing Services.
Reddick/Boseman took 40% of the award from Chicago PD.
They then added frills on top, amounting to another 20% of that award.
We contest that.
Yes, and that's why there needs to be a hearing.
So what is this? Retribution? No, it's lawyering.
With Blum? Are you serious? No one else would hire me, Diane.
He made me a partner, and I'm building his law firm from the ground up.
Then why come after us? Because you've done wrong.
I mean, look at these cases.
In all eight, you made more money than your clients.
In all eight, you had a conflict of interest, and yet all the while, you were still patting yourselves on the back, thinking you were fighting the good fight.
And Blum is a friend of the underprivileged? No, he's doing this to destroy you.
I'm doing this to reclaim money for your ex-clients.
I see you're still using the portfolio I gave you.
It still serves its purpose.
- Kurt! - (DOOR OPENS) KURT: Oh, sorry.
I-I didn't know you were coming home early.
Oh, no, don't be embarrassed, Kurt.
It's sweet.
It's just an assignment.
What What No! On behalf of the entire senior staff around you, Mr.
President, we thank you for the opportunity and the blessing that you've given us to serve your agenda - and the American people.
- Oh, my God.
It's just something I need to do.
I thought this was for me.
It's for Trump? I'm supposed to introduce him at the V.
speech in Wisconsin.
"The last two years have brought me a new optimism"? Where you going? Downstairs.
There's too much of a dent in that closet.
I'd like to see if there's a dollar amount that would help Perry Cardwell and provide adequate compensation to Maia and yourself.
Well, thanks to your efforts, I'm no longer permitted to be compensated - for the work I do.
- Mm.
There's a way to structure your end as a consulting fee, sidesteps the issue of disbarment entirely.
You know, sometimes you front the rectitude of a priest, other times that of a pimp.
It's whatever works, right? - Now what do you want? - What do I want? (CLEARS THROAT) I want a phalanx of moving men carrying files out that door.
I want desks and chairs sold off at a bankruptcy auction.
I want associates and paralegals and secretaries sending out their résumés, while partners sell their condos because they can't get the stink of Reddick/Boseman off themselves.
And how exactly is trying to destroy our firm help you? You took away my livelihood my trade.
You made it so I was, uh (CHUCKLES) nothing.
If nothing else, destroying this firm will let me unclench my teeth in the middle of the night.
There is no dollar amount that'd provide adequate compensation.
I want you gone.
(DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) Several sightings of this rare and potentially dangerous electrical phenomenon known as "ball lightning" were reported in the Chicago area yesterday.
These balls started fires in three Chicago area communities: Naperville, Wheaton, and also Uh, what are you watching? Lightning balls.
C-Can I talk to you for a second, Jay? Uh, lightning what? Balls.
Balls of lightning.
They're outside of Chicago.
I don't understand.
Is this a-a made-up thing? No, the severe weather we've been having.
- Look.
- WEATHERMAN: If you spot a ball of lightning coming your way, move out of its path immediately.
Okay, so one more thing to deal with.
Do you have a minute? (CLEARS THROAT) What do people think of me here? (CHUCKLES) What do they think of you? (CLEARS THROAT) - (WHISPERING): I'm up for partner - Mm.
but apparently I may not get it because they think I'm not "black enough".
- Who's saying that? - The partners.
Have you heard anything? Not "black enough" as compared to who? Rosalyn.
Apparently she's pro-black in a way that I'm not.
Uh Huh.
Everyone likes you, just a lot of the associates think you never hang out.
(SCOFFS) So it's high school? I don't care about being popular.
Who has time to hang out? We're lawyers.
I have a ten-month-old baby.
They thought that before you had a baby.
Okay, so I'm a traitor to the race because I don't get drinks after work? No, no, you get drinks.
You just get them with Marissa and Maia and Colin.
I wouldn't have come to this firm if I weren't black.
Mm, you're hovering dangerously close to "my best friend is black".
(CHUCKLES) You can go now.
You asked my opinion.
Yeah, well, you know what, I shouldn't have because it doesn't matter.
You know, I do not have to prove myself to anyone or perform what they think black should look like.
This is 2019.
I'm not playing this stupid fucking game.
Then why did you choose Reddick/Boseman to represent you? They came to see me after my arrest.
They said they was the best at taking it to the police.
I really thought they was gonna look after me.
And what do you think now? I think they looked at me and saw dollar signs.
They charged me for everything.
$27,000 for trial transcripts.
$23,000 for dinners.
A car service for associates working late.
Seriously? Is this your signature right here? - I guess.
- And, uh, this amount, $180,000, isn't that to cover the cost of an expert witness? Objection, Your Honor.
The defense is asking Mr.
Cardwell a matter covered by attorney-client privilege.
- Are you kidding? - No, I'm not.
Your Honor, this is a catch-22.
They accuse us of overcharging, but we can't defend ourselves because the overcharges are covered by Exactly, so pay up.
TOOSI: Okay, wait a minute.
Okay, okay.
Uh, I will hear arguments on the 22nd catch, but first a recess? Uh, Your Honor, the defense requests a sidebar in chambers.
In your chamber.
- Oh, great.
- Yeah.
I wouldn't mind getting out of this oven.
I'm burning up.
Uh, Your Honor, may I point out that Mr.
Blum should not even be in here? Oh, wow.
Look at these.
Oh, it's taking me back to my childhood.
I loved model trains.
- O gauge? - Of course.
LIZ: Your Honor, the expense in question is related to narcotics charges against Mr.
Cardwell that Reddick/Boseman managed to have dismissed.
And anything related to those narcotics charges is protected - by attorney-client privilege.
- Isn't she sweet? - First case.
- Really? JULIUS: Your Honor, the privilege Ms.
Rindell refers to is effectively waived when Perry sued our firm.
It is not waived.
And if you admit this protected material, Your Honor, you'll be putting yourself in the same position as Robert Mueller in terms of overreach.
- Oh, oh, what? - DIANE: This has nothing to do with - Robert Mueller - Are you trying to intimidate the judge? Absolutely not.
No, I'm just pointing out the similarity to Mueller, that's all.
Okay, no to the Mueller thing, and whatever you want to bring in, you can't.
So what do we think? (SIGHS) I think the judge is stupid.
And I think we have a more difficult case to make.
DIANE: I think that's right.
JAY: The woman over there.
The one in the brown leather coat.
MARISSA: She is threatening Diane and Liz? Somehow I don't think I'm getting the whole story.
What do you want to do? Wait till her friend leaves, then talk to her.
MARISSA: Good thing I have my intimidating jacket on.
(CHUCKLES) - (EXHALES) - So - we haven't really talked for a while.
- Yeah.
Things at work have been a little weird.
Yeah, I know.
And part of it is people aren't willing to mix.
I go off with my friends after work to get a drink, and the black associates go off with their friends.
What if we set out to solve that? Have a party? Or crash each other's gatherings? Both.
We work with Diane Lockhart and Liz Reddick.
They want us to tell you to back off.
Back off what? Threats.
He's the tough one.
I'm just here to see how it's done.
Well, there must be some confusion.
I have worked with Liz and Diane, but that court case was over a month ago.
And I've never threatened anyone in my life.
Then we have no need to expose your financial issues with your polling firm.
What financial issues? You overcharged on the DL Michaels focus group by 30%.
And how do we know that? My name is Marissa Gold.
You've done polling for my father.
You can tell Liz and Diane that I received their message.
And that I was willing to let our little misunderstanding drop, but they've clearly shown that they're not willing to let it drop.
So tell them I'll be seeing them.
That didn't go the way I expected.
WEATHERMAN: There are many theories for ball lightning.
Many believe that it's a condensed form of highly excited atoms.
But there are others who believe it's an extreme chemical reaction to pollutants in the air being trapped by greenhouse gases.
So is this related to climate change? - Well, I've asked questions - Kurt? It's the middle of the night.
What are you doing? There's a fire on the West Side.
From lightning.
Oh, my God.
This is about your speech.
I'm almost done.
No, you're not.
You only have two sentences.
They thought I wasn't honoring the occasion.
Meaning they thought you weren't fawning enough? I'm fine.
Just go back to bed.
Give me that.
You hate him.
Yes, but I love you.
And you don't have the fawning gene.
Um (EXHALES) Just, just write this.
Um "Not since Abraham Lincoln has our great country been blessed by a leader of such wisdom and courage".
Hmm? Ah (CHUCKLES) Oh, my God.
I'm going to hell.
(CHUCKLES) Uh, "Some say that President Trump is simple.
But there is strength in simplicity".
"Complexity has only led us to joblessness and war".
Uh, "When I think of the (GRUNTS) immortal words of Jesus Christ " - Too much? - Mm-hmm.
"When I think of the immortal words of Margaret Thatcher " Right? We'll find a quote there.
British, blah, blah, blah.
"I realize how blessed this country is to find a leader for this moment in time".
What? I think this just helped me.
With what? There is strength in simplicity.
Contingency fees are the cornerstone of our adversarial judicial system.
LIZ: Now-now quite simply, Professor Harrison, could you explain contingency fees to His Honor? HARRISON: Kahneman and Tversky's prospect theory proposes a contrary analysis to common economic wisdom: - loss aversion - No.
It's wrong.
Excuse me? It is not.
No, that idiot judge will just stare at him.
There is strength in simplicity.
Jay, I need you.
To do what? Draw.
This is Judy Giraffe.
Judy defends order in the forest.
It's Judy's job to look after Paulie Possum, after he was attacked by Benny Bobcat.
But Benny worries if Judy protects all the animals in the wild, he won't be able to have - his way with them - MAIA: Your Honor, the plaintiff would like to, once again, register its objection to these cartoons So, you're saying that Benny Bobcat is lying.
MAGGIE: Contingency fees are generally considered equitable under U.
law because of the inflated cost of Wait.
Wait, this will never get through to the judge.
I can't change the facts of my testimony.
We're not asking you to change the facts, just the delivery.
(QUIETLY): I did background on the judge.
He has an ASMR fixation.
You're kidding.
What's that? (FINGERS FLUTTERING) (WHISPERS): I need to touch this microphone.
(FINGERS BRUSHING MIC) What the hell? It-It's like a brain orgasm for some people.
It makes them more receptive.
And one of those people is the judge.
(STIFLED LAUGH) (BRUSHING MIC) Your Honor I have to lean into the microphone to help you understand about contingencies, and why Reddick/Boseman needs to charge as much as they do.
Do do (QUIETLY): What the fuck? Your Honor, can the, uh, expert witness speak up, please? Overruled.
Sit down.
Please proceed.
Here's the thing about contingency charges: they are necessary for the poorer clients (VOLUME INCREASES): to achieve justice.
(CELLOPHANE CRACKLING) They found a way to get to the judge.
We need to do the same.
Okay, okay.
We go back to the old playbooks.
And what's that? Bush v.
Gore, 2000.
I was 12.
Don't worry.
Let me take care of it.
(CHUCKLES) Trust me, we have never had a president who wasn't a sociopath.
- Even Obama? - Even him.
The level of self-centeredness it takes to think that you and only you can change the world - Come on now.
- (LAUGHTER) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) WOMAN: But I think you mean a narcissist, not a sociopath.
- Narcissist, that's better, that's better.
- Yes, that's right.
- You got it.
You mind if I join you? Sure.
You don't usually come out.
But you know, I had to, uh, escape the 60-page prenup sitting on my desk.
(ALL CHUCKLING) What were you talking about? Uh, whether all presidents are sociopaths or just some.
Obama thought that he deserved to be president as a first-term senator.
How is that not narcissism? It's called being a visionary.
- Hello, he was right.
- Trump is the most extreme of the extreme, but the presidency requires an individual who doesn't experience emotion - the way us common folk do.
- Okay.
Well, maybe Obama does experience emotion differently, but you'd have to, given all the shit he got while in office.
I mean, I bet he wished for just one day where he didn't have to be "the black president".
I don't think I agree with that.
I suppose I don't think of it that way.
I'm black and I never want to be anything else.
I mean, the good outweighs the bad.
Oh, yeah, sure.
I mean, I'm not saying that he would ever want to be not black, just free from the pressure of it.
Hey, Lucca.
Mind if I join you? I decided we all need to mix more.
So what are we talking about? What's going on? Revenge of the Empire.
Who's the Empire? We are.
MAN: Listen, at least you're not in jury duty.
(ALL LAUGHING) How many of you are from out of town? Whoa! What was it, this or a matinee of Cats? (ALL LAUGHING) Calm down, sir.
Calm down.
Okay, so what is this? The Brooks Brothers riot.
The what? Oh, my God.
Young people today and your lack of historical appreciation.
Roger Stone and I set up the Brooks Brothers riot in Miami-Dade, back in 2000.
Now, without our boys raising hell to stop the recount, this country would've suffered through Al Gore.
Oh, I can't hear you! Let me hear that again.
(ALL GROANING LOUDLY) Are you kidding? Hey.
It worked in 2000.
Now, when I want to hear mumbling, let me hear a little wallah-wallah-wallah-wallah wallah-wallah-wallah-wallah wallah-wallah-wallah-wallah.
MAIA: You worked for Reddick/Boseman, did you not? ROLAND: I did.
I served as cocounsel on, uh a number of matters.
I also spent a considerable amount of time working in their offices.
MAIA: And what was your impression? Objection.
(ALL GROANING) TOOSI: Uh I'm going to overrule that objection.
(MURMURING ASSENT) On what grounds? Uh I Because I have ruled.
- (LAUGHTER) - ROLAND: Look, I don't like to sit in judgment, but I feel, that as lawyers, you know, we have a responsibility to leave this world just a little bit better.
My grandfather came here from Belarus.
Couldn't read or write.
You know the song he used to sing to me? The dream is still alive Some day it will come true And this country, it belongs to folks like - Me and you.
- LIZ: Your Honor, that is a car commercial.
(ALL GROANING) ROLAND: That's okay, that's okay.
Some people will never understand.
So let the voice of freedom Sing out through this land This is This is our country.
(CHEERING, APPLAUSE) Okay, let's stop with the stunts, and win on the merits.
Just one more thing.
What? (DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) I can always sense when you need a favor.
Well, this is an easy one.
You know this new judge, uh, Dash Toosi? Well, I have a matter before him.
He's no doubt heard only the worst about me.
It'd be great if I could, uh, get him to just rule on the merits.
The merits? Well, the positive merits, not the negative ones.
You know, if you could talk to him, oh, that'd be great.
How's your husband doing? Well, I mean, your ex-husband.
Oh, and if you could sit behind us in court, that'd be great, too.
We need a, a Pentangeli moment.
(ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) Uh, four, please.
I'm Judge Hazlewood.
Charlotte Hazlewood.
Oh, nice to meet you.
Judge Dash Toosi.
It's surprising how many lady judges there are around here.
So MAIA: Constance Green's son died while being transported in a private prison van.
She came to you, you didn't take her case.
Why? - Objection.
- Your Honor, we were treated to a distinguished law professor lecturing us on how contingency fees were essential.
- Judy Giraffe? - Yes.
I believe I'm entitled to challenge that claim.
What was the question? Why didn't you accept the case of Constance Green's son? - We thought the case was weak.
- Why? ADRIAN: Her son resisted arrest.
MAIA: If I may, isn't it a fact you advised Ms.
Green to accept the State of Illinois's initial offer, didn't you? ADRIAN: We may well have.
MAIA: You also have a relationship with a litigation investment fund, do you not? We do.
Or at least, we did.
MAIA: Now, they evaluate each potential case and they decide whether it's likely to be profitable? ADRIAN: They provide us capital so we can function.
Cases can go on for years, Your Honor.
You lured Perry by pretending to be committed to justice, when in actual fact, the only thing you valued - was making money.
- DIANE: Objection.
DASH: Uh, I, uh uh, sustained.
- I'll move on.
- ADRIAN: Uh, may I say one thing? I've had offices in storefronts and in the back row of bond court.
I've met with clients seven nights a week in housing projects that you wouldn't walk into without a police escort and a camera crew.
I won't be held to account because the firm that I helped to build doesn't conform to your idea of a black law firm.
I'm a black man, Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart is my firm and I apologize for nothing.
ROSALYN: Now I know why you came for drinks last night.
Why? Because we're up for the same partnership.
Who told you? One of the partners.
They're trying to pit us against each other.
Why? Because that's what people do to the black girls.
So what do we do? Well, first of all, it just doesn't make sense that we would even What was that? - (RUMBLING) - I don't know.
(GASPS) I have never seen anything like that.
Me, neither.
It no, maybe it's a, uh, power plant fire? (RUMBLING CONTINUES) Do you believe in revelation? The Bible? No.
Well, I think we're in the end times.
You think this is the end times? I think it's the beginning of the end times.
Why? Because of that? No, everything.
The signs, symbols.
People acting like animals.
The lying, the stealing, the killing.
We're being judged.
LILI: It's creepy, isn't it? MAIA: Yeah.
They say it's a power plant hit by a lightning ball.
No, I think it's a conspiracy.
The government is trying a new weapon, and that's what the lightning balls are all about.
- You said someone was out there? - Yes.
Someone without an appointment.
Who? Diane Lockhart.
You want me to send her away? What? Uh no.
Send her in, please.
(SIGHS) LILI: Would you like some water? DIANE: No, no, I'm fine.
Thank you.
Oh, I like what you're, uh, - what you're wearing.
- (LAUGHS): Oh, thank you.
So you, you got what you wanted.
A corner office.
You make it sound shameful.
Though my guess is you wouldn't want it to happen with Blum.
Oh, he's not bad.
I know what I'm getting with him.
Sometimes that's better.
Maia, I have the rare opportunity to put things right.
We want you to come back.
As a partner.
I don't know what your profit participation is here, but I know it can't match what we're offering.
Julius is leaving to become a judge, and that means there's an opening for an equity partner.
We want you to fill that position.
- For six months, then you'll force me out.
- No.
We would agree to a five-year contract.
In lawyer years, that's basically an eternity.
You're trying to buy me out of my case.
But this isn't charity.
This is because you impressed Boseman.
This is for the best reason.
I have to think about it.
Is this weird, that, uh that we've ended up here? Yes.
So you're trying to buy her off? Yes.
She won't go with you.
She will if she knows the smart move.
Want to come on in? Why? Fast cars, fine ass These things Will pass And it won't Get more profound Ch-ch-ch, ooh, ch-ch-ch Time is a game Only children play well How can I love you If you won't lie down? (LAUGHS) You really are a piece of work.
(LAUGHING) I never heard of lightning balls till yesterday.
Now they're gonna burn down Chicago.
LIZ: There is a woman out there that wants to see you.
She happens to be the judge for my divorce trial.
I didn't start seeing her until after your trial, Liz.
- How nice of you.
- Liz, seriously (CLEARS THROAT) I hope it's okay that I drop by.
Please, have a seat.
I was impressed by what you said in court.
I was moved.
That's the easy part of battling with Blum, you always feel like you're on the right side, no matter what.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) What? Roland asked me to approach Judge Toosi, on his behalf.
And I did.
I didn't know the case.
I didn't know it involved you.
I'm sorry.
You bribed my judge? And you're not willing to say yes because you think I'm recording you? I'm not afraid you're recording me.
Then say you bribed Judge Toosi.
I bribed Judge Toosi.
What else do you need? Nothing.
(SIGHS) You want to grab dinner later? Ha! No.
TRUMP: It's love for every American child who deserves a chance to have all of their dreams come true.
(CHEERING OVER VIDEO) And I'm here tonight to send a message: we are fully and totally committed to fighting for our agenda, - and we will not stop - Oh Kurt.
until the job is done.
(CHEERING, APPLAUSE) (DIANE LAUGHS) We love our country.
We celebrate our troops.
- We embrace our freedom.
- CROWD (CHANTING): USA! USA! We respect our flag.
We are proud of our history.
We cherish our Constitution, - including, by the way, - Kurt, my God, I love you.
the Second Amendment.
We fully protect religious liberty.
We believe in law Now is the time to reflect and say "What did we learn?" Well, what do you learn when your house catches fire? That things burn That some things don't have a replacement Some things can be bought for a price That it's good to be rich But it's hard to be nice There is no Superman Sometimes there's no second chance We're all flying blind with no hands By the seat of our pants It feels like the rules are in freefall Who knew that the bar was so low? And maybe we're sinking, but we're not letting go - Everything's everywhere - It's way too much and it's all the time It fills up the smoky air And covers up the perfect crime - It smolders and smokes - Till the edges are blackened and curled So come and sit here next to me At the end of the world 'Cause we're the ones coming to save us We're flawed, but we're all that we've got The season is over But the story is not.
(SIREN WAILING IN DISTANCE) You heard? What? They offered the partnership to Maia? Yeah.
That makes sense.
Two black girls were up for a job and they give it to the white girl.
You're not angry? No.
Maia won't take it.
What do you mean? Yes, she will.
She's moved on.
Then maybe they'll offer it to you.
I don't care anymore.
You know, this whole year, I realized, the best thing is to not care.
I have some acid.
Do you want to drop it? Sure.
The end times are beautiful.
"Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice".
Any word from Maia? No.
We got a fucking idiot for a judge, Diane Oh, God.
who might just have been bribed.
Really? Really.
The guardrails are gone, Diane.
And I can't see the road.
And I used to think that something would save us.
The law, personal conscience.
But now? I don't see anything.
(GROANS) No, I'm not joking.
I was just watching my husband Kurt on TV, and I realized I felt something I haven't felt in a very long time.
When everything slips away, there is that.
Love, huh? Mm-hmm.
We can't give up on that.
NEWSCASTER: the destruction of five power plants in the greater Chicagoland area.
With firefighters working around the clock since yesterday, the fires are 80% contained.
There is still some debate about how such an extreme weather condition got out of hand.
Firsthand accounts suggest that several ball lightning strikes resulted in a mile-long path of destruction All rise.
Well, it looks like we're all still alive.
And I'm ready to make a call.
(WHISPERS): A ruling.
Ready to rule, in fact, because I am a judge.
I've been thinking a lot about Mr.
Perry over here, what he's gone through.
It's a tough situation, man.
I get how disappointed he is in his lawyers, how hard it is to watch them sitting over there in their fancy suits while he's got nothing.
But then I got to admit I've been thinking a lot about Judy Giraffe.
Seems to me that this case isn't just about Mr.
Cardwell, it's about bigger stuff.
Serious stuff.
A whole jungle.
And if I decide for Mr.
Perry, then this, this whole Ecosystem? Good.
Yes, this whole ecosystem just kind of falls apart.
And I don't think we can have that.
So I'm gonna give it to Judy.
I mean, the law firm.
Okay? Yeah.
You, uh, you haven't responded to our offer.
You won.
You don't need to buy me off.
We weren't buying you off, Maia.
We want you back.
We want you home.
Maia, there is no future with Blum.
He's disbarred.
In Illinois.
Not in D.
(ELEVATOR DOORS CLOSE) Fast cars, fine ass These things will pass And it won't get more profound Hit it, Fernando.
Time is a game Only children play well How can I love you If you won't lie down? Lie down.
You are my hero.
If they fired me, I'd be a hero.
I'm happy.
(LAUGHS) What Am I ridiculous? (CHUCKLES): You You like narrating your life.
You know, there are psychological studies that say, when people are happy, they look desperately for things to make them unhappy.
But that won't happen to us, will it? (CHUCKLES) No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Tell me everything's gonna be all right.
Everything's gonna be all right.
No, tell But mean it.
Everything's gonna be all right.
What could go wrong? (DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CREAKING)