The Good Karma Hospital (2017) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

1 Ruby? He wants to talk to you.
Who? My uncle or my father? I'm just passing on the message, OK? Thanks.
Job done.
By the way, we're leaving.
Come on.
Talk to your father.
Yes, he lied to you.
And yes, of course I don't approve.
But if he's prepared to explain, then I think you should hear him out.
Thank you.
Well? I knew how angry and betrayed you must have been, how that anger must have grown and festered.
So you tricked me? I knew at least this way we would get to meet.
- Please, forgive me.
- No.
You're a coward and a liar and that's why you left when you did.
And nothing's changed, has it? - Ruby, please.
- But you know what? Thank you.
Thank you, because without all this bullshit .
I would've always wondered .
"What's he like?" "What kind of man is he?" Well, now I know.
Now I know.
Please don't ever contact me again.
Name, please.
It's me.
My God! Pramila! - I haven't seen you since oh - My sister let me come - To go see Dhadkan.
- Yeah.
- I think I saw that film at least six times.
- Whoa.
- Yeah.
- Either you got fat or - Hey! Twins! I'm not due for three weeks, but the contractions started two hours ago.
I think they're Ooh.
They're definitely coming.
Nurse, excuse me.
Can you get someone to clean this up, please? Come with me.
It's great to see you! How are you? All right, I guess.
Almost eight centimetres.
Nearly there.
I was kind of dreading this.
But now I just want them out.
Is that wrong? Perfectly normal.
When they get to the beach-ball stage, - most woman have had quite enough, especially if it's your first.
- Especially if there's two of them.
- We should really call the father.
- Actually, I'd rather you call their mother.
It's India, it's Tuesday, it's another bloody festival.
- A blessing to you, sir? Please.
- No, thanks.
Kindness to strangers is a part of the celebration of Utsava.
- Oh, right.
Well, thank you very much, love.
- Please come.
Each temple has its own unique traditions.
Here we honour Lord Vishnu with processions and dancing.
- It's very beautiful.
- If you like that kind of thing.
- You don't? - We have a saying back in England.
"Take it or leave it.
" That's kind of how I feel about Hindu festivals.
I mean, why not just cut down a bit, knock a few on the head? Anyway, it was very nice meeting you.
- And thanks for these.
- The pleasure's all been mine.
- Just say you're sick.
- Come on, I have responsibilities.
- I thought you were an orderly now.
- It's a vital role.
Oh, come on, we're having fun! No one works on the festival of What is this one again? Utsava.
For Lord Vishnu.
Love Lord Vishnu.
- I have a tiny favour to ask.
- Uh-huh? - Come out tonight for dinner with my parents.
And bring your father.
- Dinner? - My mother won't stop nagging about meeting you.
You're so cute.
- Enjoy your sweets! - Thanks.
Oi! Watch where you're going! - I'll make sure you get to the other side safely.
- I don't need help crossing the road.
I'm not decrepit.
- Stop! I demand you! - Get out of the road! Did you manage to get hold of the parents, Mari? I've left a message to tell them to come straight from the airport.
I've shocked you.
A little.
My Aunt Sweta was unwell.
Breast cancer.
The chemotherapy she needed made her infertile.
All she ever wanted was a family.
So I thought I could help.
I give them a child two children.
In return, my Uncle Naveen, he's helping me move to London and take a hotel management course.
It's been a dream to own my own restaurant.
That way, we all get what we want.
So, we better make sure things go smoothly.
- Twins can be tricky, so stay with her and let me know the minute she's fully dilated.
- Yes, doctor.
You can talk about the old times.
- "Hi, Greg.
" - So, dinner.
Dinner already? It's 10am.
"I'm considering an enormous fish.
" Looks pretty good, actually.
Make that very good.
Just needs someone to share it with.
When you put it like that, how can I refuse? - "It's a date.
" - See you later.
How can one lose an engagement ring? Dr Ram, you are an idiot! Well, at least you can admit it.
- That's always the first step, huh? - AJ, never sneak up on me again.
- Hm.
- One day, these hands are gonna find your throat.
I was in the military, remember? - Anyway, you are late.
- Mail.
- She was run over by a tuk-tuk.
- Er, Dad, quick.
OK, that's everything.
I'll drive.
The roads require full attention.
Hit by a moving vehicle and no sign of injury.
You are lucky, my dear.
Thank you, nurse.
- I call that a miracle.
- Ah, children bounce, divine or not.
But these tuk-tuks can be a menace.
I'm not disagreeing with you, but in this case, they're not to blame.
The driver didn't stand a chance.
She just stood in the middle of the road.
Look, this is gonna sound daft, but it looked like something out of one of them X-Team films, the way she raised her hand.
- You mean X-Men? - Yeah, right.
I think she genuinely believed she could stop that tuk-tuk with magic powers.
Her manner is certainly unusual.
We'll x-ray her and get in touch with her parents, maybe they can shed some light.
- I have no parents.
- Oh.
Er, I'm sorry.
Who is your legal guardian? - I mean, any other family members? - You misunderstand.
I have no family because I am the goddess Lakshmi in human form.
A goddess has no need of parents.
You're doing well.
- There you go.
- Ohh.
Oh, this feels better.
- Yeah.
That's good.
- Do you have kids? - No.
Not yet.
You always had a plan.
What do they say? Life laughs at those that make plans.
I was married.
We tried, but the kids never happened.
And then well, we agreed not to be together any more.
- I'm sorry.
- No.
I'm lucky.
I have friends, family, a job that I love.
One should be grateful for what one has.
- Uh-oh.
- Oh.
- Here we go again.
- OK.
- Ohh! - That's good.
Breathe through it.
So what did he say? Doesn't matter.
The fact that you've barely said a word suggests it does.
I appreciate what you're trying to do, but I just don't wanna talk about it.
What the We're doctors.
- Open tib fib fracture.
- Yeah, you think? - Check his breathing.
Can you hear me? Can you hear me? Look at this.
Look at my finger.
The chest sounds clear.
We need to get him out of here immediately.
It will take time to clear this.
We have to go back to your father's.
OK, I'll get the splint.
It won't be long now.
Have you heard of oxytocin? No.
Should I? They call it the love hormone.
When these children are born, your system will be flooded with it.
It's nature's way of bonding you with your babies.
What I'm trying to say is that, no matter what arrangements have been made, there are some things that are way beyond our control.
So after they're born, it might be easier for you if you don't hold them.
I understand.
- Which year is this? - 2018.
- And where are we? - The Good Karma Hospital.
Haven't you any trickier questions? - In what year did Aston Villa win the European Cup? - 1982.
It's written on your shirt.
- Where do you live? - Baikunth.
With my consort, Lord Vishnu.
Can I go home now? I really want to.
Yes, you'll soon be home, I promise.
What are you doing? This belongs to you.
Use it wisely.
That's it, sweetheart.
Push! Good girl! One more push.
You're nearly there.
One more push.
Come on.
Nearly there.
Well done! Good girl! Good girl! Oh! There we go.
There we go.
- Oh, my darling.
- OK.
One down, one to go.
I managed to contact the nearest pharm centre and they're sending a private ambulance - as soon as possible.
- Good.
- Pain? - Better.
I just gave him another Hi.
I heard you were back.
- How is he? - Everything's under control.
- An ambulance is coming for him.
- Good.
When will we hear about the road? I've told them to let me know as soon as it's open.
You wanna eat something while you wait? No, I'll stay with my patient.
I understand.
Dr Varma, you perhaps? Erm Saving lives will always make me hungry.
Thank you.
There we go.
- One of each.
- Come on, noisy one.
I know.
It's time to meet your brother.
Hm? - How are you feeling? You all right? - Like I've gone ten rounds with the world champion heavyweight.
Pram! Are you OK? Uncle Naveen! Sweta! - Thank you, doctor.
- This is Dr Fonseca.
I couldn't have done this without her.
Thank you.
You know what for.
My pleasure.
- Now, would you mind waiting outside just for a couple of minutes? - Sure.
- Thank you.
- I'll see you.
See? It didn't hurt, did it? I was very gentle.
Huh? My little angel.
I'll get these bloods tested.
How is Pramila? I think your friend is a very self-possessed, not to mention brave young lady.
- The parents are here.
We should let them in.
- Of course.
We are almost done here, aren't we? Huh? Come on, you.
It would be a mistake for us to think this is easy for her.
Yes, Dr Fonseca.
Follow me.
- Maybe she's an orphan.
- Quite possibly, yes.
But she seems too educated to be a street kid.
Paul, you have done everything that you possibly could.
Now we'll take it from here.
I'm sure the nurses will look after her till we sort this out.
No, I'll stick with her till her folks turn up.
If that's OK.
Well, then, I'm sure the goddess will enjoy your company.
- Doctor? - Yep.
Thank you.
- These hats are ridiculous.
- Oh, they're not.
(Come on.
) Thank you.
I would say my pleasure, but I'd be lying.
I'm never giving birth again as long as I live! - I'm just sorry we missed it.
- You must be exhausted.
You did all the hard work.
Actually, she's right.
I have.
That reminds me.
A necklace? I saw how much you loved it when you were staying with us.
I want you to have it.
What? No.
I can't.
What you have given us it's worth a million necklaces.
Excuse me.
Please could I have a word with both of you in my office? Thank you.
I'll be right back.
Thalassemia? I mean, but that's treatable, right? Yes, yes, of course.
But the severity of the variant your daughter has is likely to be life-limiting.
You're saying she's going to die.
Not immediately, no.
But the consequences will be serious.
There's the possibility of delayed puberty, bone deformities, diabetes, and the amount of regular blood transfusions she'll need will eventually lead to iron overload and heart failure.
By what age? - Perhaps we don't need to get into that - I want to know.
We both do.
Well with the current state of medical care here, perhaps mid-20s.
With access to chelation therapy, maybe longer.
Surely there must be a cure out there.
Maybe in the future.
And the other child? Our son? Is perfectly healthy, as is often the case.
I am so sorry to have to be the one to tell you this.
It's funny, er, what you think is so beautiful, I just see it as home.
Well, I guess you can get used to anything in time.
Ruby, I'm so sorry.
And for what it's worth .
I think he is, too.
- Did he tell you to say that? - No.
- You're stubborn.
- What? - You got that from Dad.
- No, I didn't.
But you know what I got? Ability to roll my tongue.
Ruby, er before you go, you offered to do an ultrasound and show me my baby.
Do you have time now? - Yeah.
- Is it your first ultrasound? Er, yeah, I've never done it before.
We've coped before, when Sweta was sick.
My wife was very ill.
The last few years have been tough.
For both of us.
Can I ask, when was the last time either of you slept? For about five minutes on the flight.
- Well, why don't you go to the hotel, check in and see if you - No.
I want to stay with my babies.
Yeah, of course.
Stay with them as long as you like.
- Excuse me.
- Thank you.
See? Head.
Two hands.
Two legs.
- Is Is everything all right? - Yeah, everything's fine.
Well - .
do you wanna know? - I thought I wasn't allowed.
I'll make an exception.
It's up to you.
It's a boy.
You have a son.
Your nephew.
I never thought I'd be an aunt.
You know, he never meant to hurt you.
Hm? And you owe our father nothing, but that doesn't stop you from giving him something.
Hm? Doctor! Dr Fonseca.
- Have you seen the Kaimals? - No.
Why? What's going on? The baby boy, he's gone.
I found this in his cot.
- Donation? - No.
They've taken him.
- What about his sister? - They left her behind.
Have you heard from them? Perhaps they've lost their phone.
I'm sorry.
Tell me honestly.
You think I brought this on myself? No, of course not.
I saw your eyes when I told you.
How can a woman sell her children? It's not for me to judge you or anyone else.
But the world will still condemn me.
She got what she deserved.
- You tried to help someone.
- That was my mistake, clearly.
I'm sorry.
I'll do this later.
OK? It's OK.
It's OK.
Hello, little one.
Ohh! OK.
There you go.
Ohh, yes.
Oh, you just woke up? Yeah? You just woke up? OK.
Let's go this way.
This way.
And then all of this.
I really loved your mother very much.
I really did.
When you came along, it was just too much for me.
Feeding you, holding you, it terrified me.
I just ran away.
- Because of me.
- No.
Don't say that.
Because of me.
Because I was weak.
Your mother deserved a real man.
You deserved a real father.
And I was neither of those things.
It was a mistake to contact you the way I did.
But I'm very grateful you gave me this chance to to witness what you've become.
I'm really proud of you, Ruby.
But the credit's all yours.
The roads are open now.
Drive carefully, OK? - You spoke to him? - Yeah.
Thank you.
You're always welcome here.
Well, you're in India now.
Here family comes first, always.
I know.
Drive safe sister.
There we are.
OK? Everything will be fine.
You made a deal with your aunt.
Why not with me? You'll adopt her? If she's sick, she needs taking care of.
What better person than a nurse? I can take care of her.
You have your dreams.
But so have I.
You said it yourself, I've always wanted a child.
Now you have all the money you need to do what you wanted.
You mean it? She needs someone to love her.
I need someone to love.
I wasn't sure what to buy a goddess, in all honesty.
Goddesses like sweets.
Now, are you sure you can't remember where your mum and dad live? Because we can get them to come pick you up no trouble.
As I told you, I'm a goddess and I have no earthly parents.
However, you're a good man.
And you've treated me with great kindness.
For that, I will repay you.
Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket - Never let it fade away - How do you know that song? - That was her favourite song.
- Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket Save it for a rainy day For love may come And tap you on the shoulder Some starless night Just in case you feel you wanna hold her You'll have a pocketful of starlight She loves you very much.
I'm sorry, I I've gotta go.
I just want you to think through the implications.
You're a professional With respect, that is neither your decision or your business.
This child is my patient and you're a member of staff in my hospital! Have you any idea how patronising that is? Mari, please, listen to me before you do this.
You'd be alone.
A single mother with a desperately sick baby.
- I am prepared to make that sacrifice! - This child will take over your entire life! Forgive me! Isn't that how it's supposed to work? - Or have I got that wrong, too? - I'm not saying you're wrong.
I am adopting her! And I won't let you ruin it for me! Do you understand that? Aghh.
Paul? Paul, can you hear me? Paul? - Let's get him inside.
- Stretcher is on the way.
Paul, can you hear me? Now, after three, we're gonna roll you on your back.
OK? One, two, three.
"Hello, this is Lydia Fonseca" So, this fish.
I say we freeze him and do something a little bit more special.
How about that new place you wanted to try? I'm gonna book it right now for eight o'clock.
So call me back.
Mwah! - Yes, love? - Yes.
Formal adoption will take time to organise.
This disclaimer simply confirms you've agreed temporarily to give the baby up to our care.
And then to Mari? And then to Mari.
Right, you're medically fit for discharge, so sign this and when you're ready, you can go.
I only did this so I could have the life I want.
You understand that? Yes.
Yes, I do.
No one's blaming you.
This is your choice.
Do you believe in ghosts? No.
- At least, not actual ones.
- Neither do I.
At least, I didn't.
Am I dying? No.
In fact, your heart is doing very nicely for a man of your age.
Why can't I breathe properly? Because you experienced a panic attack.
Panic attacks can happen for all different reasons.
Sometimes they're our body's way of telling us that we need to face up to something.
So I'm all right? - I can go? - Unless there's something you want to talk about.
You know, Maggie and I, we talked all the time.
I think she fancied you.
I can't see it myself.
Whether you find me attractive or not, - the offer is still there.
OK? - Yeah.
If I'm fine, there's somebody I've got to see.
Her name is Anushka Channar.
Her parents tell me she went missing from Children's Hospital in Kochi.
The child has a brain tumour, a tiny growth on her pineal gland.
This can lead to profound changes of personality.
Even delusions.
- Does that mean she's going to die? - The tumour is benign.
- So, with luck, she should be cured completely.
- Oh, thank Christ for that! There you go.
All's well that ends well.
- I'd better say goodbye.
- You know, it's funny.
Since millennia, people have believed the pineal gland is where the immortal soul resides.
Everybody from Hindus to Descartes.
That's where God lives amongst all of us.
But she is mad, right? Of course.
Ignore me.
Just a passing fancy.
Well, like I said, I'm just glad she's gonna be all right.
- What time are we meeting Mandeep's parents? - Eight.
- We are a bit early, aren't we? - Yes, we are, but I thought we'll just have a nice drink.
- Just you and me.
- Why not? Are you all right? There something that I've been putting off.
So much so that I nearly lost the opportunity.
Today I met a goddess.
And now I want to marry one.
Mala Pradeep marry me, be my wife.
And let me drive you crazy for the rest of our lives.
How could I possibly refuse such an offer? - I have one more question for you.
- Yes? Will you please help me up? Of course! Thank you.
Look who's coming.
- You haven't signed it.
- No.
She was right.
Some things are more powerful than we ever imagined.
- Mari, I'm sorry.
- No.
Can I hold her? I'm begging you.
Don't do this.
I have to.
I'm sorry.
I should never have talked to you that way.
I'm so sorry.
That's fine.
It's these damned hormones.
They made idiot men fight each other, whereas we just fall in love with the tiniest scrap of humanity.
Hey, Mandeep.
Are you on the way? - "AJ, I'm not coming.
" - What do you mean you're not coming? "I am sick.
" Is that music? Come on, Mandeep, where are you? "Don't be silly.
It's just the TV.
" OK, so then just call me.
" - Ah, here's AJ.
- Nice to see you, AJ.
Excuse me, sir.
The kitchen closes soon.
Would you like to order something to eat? No, I'll leave it, thanks.
He'll have the fish.