The Great Fire (2014) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

I sent news of my brother.
He was on his Majesty's ship, the Charity.
She needs to know Sir.
The city burns.
Somebody must get out there and fight.
Will you lead that charge? And if you will not command, then I must.
Did you tell my wife of my visits here? ~ Bloody fool! ~ You come round here and despoil us.
It is not me who chose to whore out your wife.
Do you think that we're not human? I'm sorry.
I can't.
Sarah Farriner.
Is she a zealot? Did she offer up herself to start the fire? It's me.
Sarah Farriner was last seen heading towards Newgate.
Spread the word there's a reward for her capture.
Let's say you did fill your guts with Catholic booty.
I say it's nothing less than a public service.
Everyone else take's what the hell they want so why shouldn't we? Sarah there's something I have to talk to you about.
Not now Tom? Tom? Will wasn't on board his ship when it sank.
What? When I went to see Mr Pepys, he gave me a letter.
He deserted to the West Indies, Sarah.
He was never on the Charity.
The navy received word six months ago.
He's alive.
Do you have this letter? I'm so sorry.
I didn't want to hurt you.
Or David.
No, that's not right.
No, that's not something you can choose for us.
I had to.
Can't you see that? How could I have told you before? What exactly were you waiting for, Tom? No.
I've forgotten myself here.
~ Sarah ~ No, leave me alone.
I need to get to my son.
Arm yourselves! The papists are on the rise.
Led by a woman.
Sarah Farriner.
The King offers a reward for her capture.
Mother! Mother! David! ~ Are you all right? ~ Are you hurt? ~ You hurt? ~ All right? I thought you were never coming back.
Thief! Thief! Get him! Come here, come here, come here.
Scum! I have an uncle in St Albans.
We should go.
I must do what's best for me and David.
We should stick together.
Or perhaps David and I would be safer travelling alone.
Answer the King's man.
Your name.
Thomas Langley, sir.
These all yours? This is my family, yeah.
Where are you from? Pudding Lane.
You'll know the baker, then? By name, yeah.
You seek him? We're looking for the papist Sarah Farriner.
She started this inferno.
What's your trade? Butcher.
Butcher? Yeah, I make tallow.
It burns something awful.
We're leaving.
Stick together and speak to no-one.
Go, go.
Why do they call you a papist? It's a mistake.
There's nothing to worry about.
Come on, let's go.
Was she more beautiful than me? ~ I need to know.
~ Don't be absurd.
~ Then what is it? ~ I don't know Oh, come on, Samuel.
You're an articulate man.
I have needs.
Physical affection.
I'm a man, Lizzie.
And my affections weren't enough? What affections? I feel my desire is a burden to you.
Have you not also felt a distance growing between us? You expect me to be intimate with you .
when you're never home? And when you are, your head is with the King, with your own ambitions.
You give me no love! How am I supposed to give it back? Where were you last night? I have needs too, Samuel.
I want to go and stay with my sister.
The coachman says the streets are more dangerous by the hour.
Then I must escort you.
~ No, thank you.
~ I won't let you go alone, Lizzie! Then I should like to go now.
He defied me.
James is only as strong as you allow him to be.
It's just a fire.
Your Majesty.
Please, Your Majesty! The King is indisposed.
Your Majesty! Your Majesty! My lord.
A word, if you please.
It seems the Queen would have me leave my own boudoir.
Well, then, do as she says.
Perhaps she would be more comfortable in the withdrawing room? My bedroom is hardly the place I said leave us.
Why do you insist on humiliating me? I am recently informed that your brother has failed to defend Fleet Ditch.
The fire spreads towards us.
But also East, towards the Tower.
If it reaches the gunpowder rooms, it will destroy what remains of your city.
Your people need guidance.
They want their King.
What they want is someone to blame.
Your fate is not determined.
Only God chooses that.
Whose God, yours? Mine has left me alone.
And what of me, sir? Am I not alone in this court? A foreigner.
A Catholic.
And worse, a wife who has failed to provide you with an heir.
I have good reason to live in fear.
But I choose to trust in God.
And do my duty.
As your Queen.
The man I saw on our wedding day was as good a king as his father.
Perhaps even better.
And everyone has an opinion of who that man should be.
My brother wants to save my soul.
Denton wants me to see traitors in every corner.
~ Now you ~ You know the man I want you to be Yourself.
~ Get a shift on.
~ Where are we going? They haven't eaten today.
What? Come here, wait here.
David, David, wait here.
We'll get you something to eat, all right.
~ I don't want to leave.
~ It's not up to you, is it? ~ I want to go home.
~ You haven't got a home.
None of us have.
What if Father comes back and we're not there? He's not coming back, all right? He's run off to the Indies.
I'm sorry.
Father went to the navy offices.
They gave him a letter.
You're lying.
What are you doing? I'm going to the navy offices to find out for myself.
~ We must all stay together.
~ Get off me! Father! Father! David, stop! David! ~ Where are David and Hannah? ~ They've gone.
~ What do you mean? Where? ~ She told him about a letter.
From the navy.
Then he ran away.
Where did he say he was going? Mary, sweetheart, think.
What did he say? Did he mention a place? He wants to know about his father.
Is that what he said? The navy yards? Is that what he said? All right, take that.
In that case, we go together.
I'm not leaving anyone behind.
Come on.
Captain! Order them to stand their ground.
~ The fire must not reach the Tower.
~ Yes, sir.
If the pumps don't reach that far, then we will beat it out.
Or we'll be blown to heaven.
~ Go! ~ Yes, sir.
Stand your ground! Stand your ground! Stand your ground! Stand your ground! Charles? How much gunpowder remains in the arsenal? 22 tons.
We have lines of men taking away as much as possible.
You'll never do it in time.
Then what do you suggest? We don't take it away.
We use it.
Destroy the streets around the Tower, starve the fire.
No-one believes they'll get compensation.
The people will say we deliberately fired our own city.
We'd have a riot on our hands.
We have no choice.
Destroy the houses.
Have the troops keep public order by whatever means necessary.
You mean we must kill our own? I will not see my capital burn.
This is the only way to save it.
Or would you be glad to see it reduced to ash? Get in there.
Fill your boots, fill your boots.
Hey! Hey! What are you doing? This is my friend's premises.
What are you? A Spaniard? Certainly not.
I'm Portuguese.
So you're a Catholic.
Like our Queen.
You papist vermin started this fire.
And now you're moaning it's bad for business.
Get a rope! String him up.
Dear God It's not safe.
Samuel! Stop! I'm the King's man! The King's man? Where's your master when we need him, hey? Seeing to one of his whores? You'd murder this man? For God's sake remember yourselves! You're not animals.
That's right, Mr Pepys.
We are not animals.
We don't prey on the misfortunes of the poor.
We don't make whores of other men's wives! This is about a man's life! Nothing else! Let him go.
String the papist up, boys.
Oh, God.
No! No! No! What have they done? No Alfredo.
What's happening to us? You must tell the King.
No, Lizzie.
It's too dangerous.
~ You must go home.
~ No! Shut up the house and wait for me there.
I can't leave him like this.
Elizabeth! There is nothing you can do.
I'll be back for your departure.
Wait for me.
Go man, go! Mary.
You there! The child is exhausted.
Could you spare some water? I must see the King at once.
It is a matter of great importance.
Lord Denton.
Lord Denton.
My lord, I need a moment with the King.
He must hear what I have to say.
Very well.
Tell me.
The streets are in ferment.
Man turns on man.
With my own eyes I saw an innocent Portuguese lynched.
Armed gangs are hunting for Catholics, looting their properties.
These people are innocent.
We're in the midst of a Catholic plot, Mr Pepys.
You mean the fire itself? And the revolt against them has already begun.
Forgive me, I do not believe religion is what compels this mob, my lord.
Oh, you don't? In my gut I feel this is born out of some deep anger at those in a position of privilege.
It is a papist plot.
We will get to the heart of it and assuage the people, or this city will tear itself apart.
My men are already closing on a woman called Farriner who I believe started the fire.
What, the bakery? In Pudding Lane? It would be a mistake to obstruct the course of our action, Mr Pepys.
Now His Majesty is not here.
He fights the fire with his people.
You go home to your wife.
You will be safer there.
(Thank you.
) What's it like out there? People are scared.
Sorry, there's no food.
We didn't want to leave the house.
Looters We're grateful.
The Precious Man is a woman, so the soldiers said.
A thousand conspirators waiting for her word.
Miss, come on.
We should be going.
There's no need to stay, Ruth.
I shall be fine to wait alone.
As long as you're in your home, I'm not leaving you, miss.
Excuse us.
Is this the navy offices? I'm trying to find out about a sailor on the Charity.
Shall we go? Let her have a minute more.
I'm sorry, Sarah.
I should have told you about the letter and I didn't.
I didn't do it to hurt you.
But now have we sinned? Sarah, I mean, have we really done wrong? If I am taken, look after David.
~ We should leave.
~ Stay.
My wife's just gone to get some food.
No, we should leave.
Thomas! Thomas! Save Mary! ~ Save Mary! ~ Father! Father! I want the reward! You promised money! Troops! Troops! Keep them back! Push them back! Push! Come on, push! Got to keep them out! Let the King's men through! You have been promised compensation for your homes.
You have been promised compensation by your King.
You have my word.
You promised us the plague was the limit of our sufferings.
And yet our trials increase.
As the Court revels in luxury.
Then let me promise you this.
If we act only for ourselves, then we shall all be paupers together.
We face a harsh truth, and a simple choice.
Work together or together lose everything.
We do not wish to see your houses destroyed but you must give them up for the common good.
And what will you give up, Your Majesty? If this fire destroys London, it will be the end of my reign, and doubtless my life.
And you think I have any less to lose than you? If we're to give up our homes, then we'll do this ourselves Your Majesty.
Let them pass.
And we'll need more kegs.
A lot more.
You heard the man, more kegs.
It is over, mistress.
You will tell me the truth.
Your involvement in the conspiracy.
The other conspirators.
But I cannot tell you what I do not know.
When those who commit high treason are burnt at the stake, sometimes their own children are forced to light the pyre.
How can I confess to something I did not do? Please.
Search your conscience.
I am not that person.
Perhaps I believe you.
But unfortunately the people of this city need someone to blame.
They want a sacrifice.
I did everything I could to help you.
You ran from me.
Why? I was afraid.
My son But I was the one man who could have brought him back to you.
My lord Sarah.
Let me help you.
Was it not someone else who started the fire? Was Thomas Farriner involved? You think I'd betray him? Then you are alone.
I will speak privately to the Duke.
If we can clear the rest of the houses on Water Lane, we may still stand a chance.
And if we save the city, what of us? I will remain your loyal servant.
You betrayed me, James.
You conspired with our enemies.
I acted according to my faith, Charles.
Your faith would cost me my head.
I trusted you.
Then trust me again.
Please, Charles.
I was wrong.
You just seemed so lost.
And now? And now I see a brother who didn't need my help at all.
The wind is easing.
Get more gunpowder.
We need firebreaks from Aldgate to Farringdon.
I'm returning to Whitehall.
Can't you stay, my lord? It heartens the crowd to see you.
Soon they'll want answers.
And someone must pay.
Elizabeth? Are you ready? What is this? This This is David and Hannah Farriner.
They came to look for you.
The Farriners, from Pudding Lane? Sir, I would like to know where my father is.
And when he will be returning to us.
We need to leave immediately.
The children cannot stay.
I have to get you to safety.
Where the hell is that carriage? ~ We can't just leave them.
~ Their father is Thomas Farriner.
The fire started in his premises.
His sister-in-law is hunted by Lord Denton as the papist who instigated it.
We are harbouring their children! ~ Are the parents guilty? ~ That is not the issue.
Are the children also guilty, Samuel? Mr Pepys? I'm sorry for the intrusion, sir.
We're looking for my children.
Are they here? Hannah.
Hannah, Hannah Are you all right? ~ David.
~ Where's Mother? ~ David, come here.
~ Where is she? I'm going to get her back.
All right? Father? ~ What's wrong? ~ Nothing.
I thank you humbly for seeing that my children came to no harm, sir.
And now if you please, we must leave.
We know of your troubles.
~ We can take care of the children.
~ Lizzie.
If you spoke with the King, would he not listen to reason? Could you bring the matter to his attention? It is not that simple.
The King is in the middle of a crisis.
But he trusts you.
Please, sir.
I would be most grateful.
If you could at least get me into the palace so I could speak on my own behalf, then I cannot believe there is no hope.
Samuel? A moment, please.
Lizzie, I am no match for Lord Denton.
The man is dangerous.
And he's warned me not to entangle myself into his affairs.
What if this woman is innocent? If that means nothing, then what does it matter that we have the ear of our king? We cannot use our affliction in this way.
Affliction? These are not your children, Lizzie.
You should not try to make them so.
I had not thought to.
We have strayed from ourselves, Samuel.
From the people we hoped we would be.
You have to help this man.
It would be my word against Denton's.
Who is better with words? "Words in the service of truth are everlasting.
" Did you believe that when you wrote it? Your Majesty.
Thank God you're safe.
I have proof of treason.
A papist, Sarah Farriner, is in my custody.
She's guilty of starting the fire as part of a Catholic plot.
I have drawn up papers for her execution.
~ You have interrogated this woman? ~ Indeed.
~ Has she confessed? ~ Well, she remains loyal to her cause.
I will speak with her.
Bring her to me.
Your Majesty.
Try not to worry.
Your mother will be safe if my husband has anything to do with it.
What about my father? If he loved me, he'd come home.
There are many other people who love you, David.
Thomas must love you and your mother very much to take your cause up with the King.
Perhaps we should cherish the love we're given rather than the love we might desire.
If we don't, love might leave.
Grave charges of treason are being made against you, the consequence of which is death.
What say you? Well? For God's sake speak, woman.
Your Majesty I am innocent.
And that is your defence? I know nothing of a plot or a conspiracy.
I did not start the fire.
Then what reason has Lord Denton for accusing you? He He approached me with friendship.
With gifts for my son.
But then I was threatened.
Forced to steal from my employer.
I did everything I could to help Lord Denton, but he cannot forgive that I am not the woman he would have me be.
Do you make a habit of loitering in the shadows? Apologies, Majesty.
I have with me Mr Thomas Farriner, who I know through trade for the navy.
He is a relative of the accused and came to me with information pertaining to the fire Well, then, let's hear him.
You would defend a man who may be involved with treason, Mr Pepys? I am dealing in facts.
Are you in some way close to this man? Do you share his sympathies? Should our suspicions fall on you also, sir? What is it you have to say, Mr Farriner? Your Majesty.
I approached Mr Pepys.
I know him through my trade and I wanted to confess.
I started the fire.
Then you admit it? I admit my own frailty and weakness, Your Majesty.
You see, on Saturday night I asked my daughter Hannah if she'd check the ovens and she said she'd do it before she went to bed.
But, well, I could see she looked tired because she'd worked so hard that day.
So so I said I'd do it and and And I forgot.
You forgot? Yes.
This, this woman is innocent, sir.
You must believe me, Your Majesty.
The responsibility lies only with me.
~ Stop, Tom.
~ Charles.
Remove them.
This will never satisfy the people, Your Majesty.
Nor that the fire was an accident.
But there must be a proper investigation.
A trial.
The truth must be established.
The people want the woman's life.
They demand a sacrifice.
The King knows it is to his advantage to be seen as a just King, who listened before he decided and offered a fair trial.
We cannot execute a potentially innocent woman.
The people may ask for justice but what we need is the truth.
Truth is only what history remembers.
I served under your father, sir.
A strong man.
He would not break, would not bend.
He failed to understand what the people wanted to hear.
I stood with him then.
And he paid with his life.
In my heart, I cannot let that happen again.
Do not make your father's mistake, sir.
Give the people what they want.
Listen to me, the King will see reason.
You shouldn't have come.
You've risked both our lives.
~ Why didn't you leave me here? ~ I couldn't.
Why, Thomas? Because I love you, Sarah.
And I won't leave you.
~ No, you must.
~ No.
You need to live.
Hannah, Mary, David they need you to live.
It's me they want.
If you love me, go.
I love you.
Look, it's the King! ~ The King has come! ~ The King! The King is here.
There's been a conspiracy abroad in our city.
That this great fire is part of a seditious Catholic plot to ruin us all, our homes, our livelihoods, our people.
One of my subjects, a woman that lived amongst you, stands accused of firing the city in the name of this cause.
Now, many of you have lost everything.
Many of you are standing here in all that you own.
You have suffered.
And someone must answer for the tragedy that has befallen us.
Someone must pay for the pain and injury and torment that has been caused.
And they shall.
Burn the papist bitch, I say! I am told you demand no less.
They should all burn! Every Catholic who started this fire! They should all pay! The breaks are holding.
We've got the better of the fire.
He's a Catholic, over there.
You promised us justice.
Hunt them down! Burn all the Catholics.
Burn them all! Burn them! Burn them! Burn the Catholics! But where would this end? Would you have my queen? My mother? All those close to me? The fire is dying.
This should be a time of reflection for us all.
For questions.
Do we see our enemy truly? Or is our enemy not fear? Fear that makes us start at rumours of foreign conspiracies.
Uprisings, plots.
Fear that makes us turn away from our better selves? You want a sacrifice for this fire.
I understand.
But has a sacrifice not already been made? By each and every one of you? We will not seek scapegoats for our anger, not amongst Catholics, nor foreigners.
There will be no more deaths.
Our city still stands.
Fear has not defeated us.
There will be justice for my people.
Those who lost homes will be recompensed.
Those who are hungry will be fed.
And on these foundations we will rise from the ashes and rebuild this great city.
God save the King! God save the King! God save the King! Father.
Good boy.
That's it.
Well, don't hang about.
We've customers.
Yes, we have.