The Great North (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

Keep Beef-lievin' Adventure

1 - Look up there - What do you see? Nature and stuff - Like a rock - And a tree Oh, the Great North Way up here, you can breathe the air Catch some fish Or gaze at a bear Wow Oh, the Great North Here we live, oh, oh Here we'll stay, oh, whoo From longest night to longest day In the Great North.
Bigfoot Brigade roll call.
Moon? Present.
Bigfoot? If you're in the trap, you're supposed to say "present.
" Hey.
This is a Bigfoot trap, not a squirrel buffet, ya mooch.
Now I've got to get more bait.
Something dug up my bait box.
A squirrel couldn't have done that.
Large tracks.
Aggressive bait theft.
Curious fur.
It's finally happening! Bigfoot was here! Bigfoot.
It's happening.
I fell over.
Okay, getting back up now.
Here we go.
Bigfoot, Bigfoot, Bigfoot! There's a chocolate mummy hidden inside, and it releases a flood of dangerously delicious caramel pudding if you don't slice it exactly right.
I call it the Pharaoh's Curse-tard Cake.
There's only one way to describe a curse like that: flan-derful.
I came up with it in my thinking hole.
That's the hole I dug to think in.
Sadly, I kind of misplaced my hole.
- How do you misplace a hole? - How do we do anything? Oh, it keeps me up at night, this human experiment.
My brother just texted me, asking for the address here.
Oh, he must be sending me a package.
Jerry loves sending gifts out of the blue and spreading joy.
When I was sad about Lost ending, he gave me four hermit crabs.
I named them Sawyer, Kate, Hurley and The Hatch.
Bigfoot encountered! Bigfoot encountered.
Whoa! For real? Uh, male or female? The females have very large breasts.
I've read a lot of, uh, scientific websites.
- Those aren't science sites, babe.
- Uh, no, they are.
One of them's even run by a doctor.
Stroke Masterson, DDS.
- What did you see, Moon? - Very large footprints.
And I found this fur! It was stuck on a branch, which was near my bait box, which was broken into.
I knew Bigfoot would like crackers.
Oh, Bigfoot's palate is remarkably diverse.
He'll eat the hair off your head if it has enough sauce on it.
Uh, why would your hair have any sauce on it, Ham? Everyone's hair naturally has a little sauce on it.
Can someone please add my sighting to the family Bigfoot Sighting board? I got to get my plaster of Paris.
I need that footprint for evidence! I didn't know you guys were a bunch of Bigfoot believers.
Oh, sure.
I used to spend hours in the woods waiting for Bigfoot when I was little.
So it makes me very happy that Moon's still a true believer.
And I enjoy the "what if," the possibility that there might be something out there that we can't explain.
Like that thing that happens when I eat asparagus? Son, that's very common.
Farting through my penis? - Oh.
- Bye! You get that Sasquatch footprint, Moon! I prefer to call it "Bigfoot.
" It sounds less like "ass crotch.
" But thanks! - So, check this out.
- Is that brie cheese? My mom's boyfriend Jamie always brings her brie cheese.
Sometimes I find it in front of the fireplace in the morning.
It's Bigfoot's footprint.
I found it in the woods.
I'm a little skeptical.
I mean, where are the toes? On his feet, Henry.
When I trap him, you can come see them in person.
Sure, Moon.
We'll see your Bigfoot.
Wait, are you guys having doubts about Uh-oh, Henry, here comes your crush.
She's everyone's crush.
She's the most talented and beautiful girl at school.
- And the meanest.
- So mean.
So, so mean.
Hi, Debbie.
I see you got your skates on.
Great sleuthing, Detective Ice Skate Idiot.
They're new.
That's how you break them in if you're the All-Region Junior Ice Girls Champion.
What's that, a big wet cookie? It's a plaster cast of Bigfoot's foot.
- Where'd you get it? - I made it.
I found his tracks near my house.
Well, there's no such thing as Bigfoot.
So, wh-where'd you get your ice skates? The, uh, ice skate shop? Russell, if you ask me about my ice skates one more time, I'm gonna tell everyone how you tucked in your Beanie Babies during the multi-family camping trip.
Believing in Bigfoot is for little kids, Moon.
You know what? When I trap Bigfoot and become the most famous person in town, I'll accept your apology.
I'll apologize now.
Sorry your head is so round that I'm worried I'm going to end up bowling you.
Ugh, she's an angel.
- Hey, buddy.
- Hi.
Ooh, is that your handiwork? Yes.
I made it this morning to show everyone that Bigfoot is real, but no one at school believes me.
You know, Moon, I've noticed that, sometimes, people get a kick out of being skeptical.
Case in point: the time I brought a photo of Drew Barrymore to school that I had taken with my very own camera at the mall.
And not a single soul believed that it was her.
Yes, she was wearing a hat.
But what am I gonna do, ask her to take her hat off? "Excuse me, Ms.
Drew Barrymore, would you please remove your hat?" Would you ask the sun to remove her hat? Would you ask the rain to remove her hat? But then when the movie Big Miracle, uh, the one about the whales that, oh, hey, was filmed here in Alaska, came out, there was a picture of Drew Barrymore in Us Weekly wearing the very same hat.
Basically, what I'm trying to say is trust your gut and don't worry about the haters.
Let your haters be your alligators.
I think the saying is "Let your haters be your motivators.
" Right, because if alligators were chasing you, you'd be pretty motivated.
Bigfoot, meet big trap.
Everyone doubted me, but I stuck to my goal And now I've got Bigfoot trapped in a hole Take my hand, hairy friend, and I'll pull you out Then we'll go show the haters and erase all the doubt I can't talk, but I love to sing When it comes to Bigfoot traps Moon is the king At the risk of sounding boastful I must admit he's right I've been perfecting traps In my dreams every night We go everywhere together I even come to school All those nonbelievers now think I'm really cool What up, y'all? Moon's really cool and I like him a lot I can't believe I doubted him, he's superhot I set out to trap Bigfoot but I learned in the end That I trapped more than Bigfoot I trapped a best friend You're about to wake up now, as we soar in the air So go check your trap There might be something there.
My trap.
He's here.
Everybody up! This is not a drill! I got him! The foot is in the sock! I put on lipstick.
Is that weird? - Bigfoot's gonna love it.
- Oh.
I shouldn't have shaved my legs this week.
I really want to show that I'm hair-positive.
Something is definitely in there.
Sorry about the trap, bud! We'll have you out in no time! - Oh, no.
It sounds hurt.
- Or angry.
Guys, it's horny.
Let me try a few phrases of Bigfoot Speak.
Boo-shy-ah! Moe-kee-dew?! A little help, please? - Wait, I know that voice.
- Careful, Honeybee! Jerrybee! Guys, it's my brother! - Oh.
- Hey, sis.
Surprise! - I fell in a hole.
- Hey! I'm Wolf! Give your future brother-in-law a hug.
Oh, I would love to, Wolf, but I'm in a hole.
Let me help you out of there.
Thank you.
For a moment there, I really thought this hole was all I was gonna see of Alaska.
So I guess my Bigfoot sighting was your brother and the fur I found was just a coat.
What are you doing here, baby brother? Well, I wanted to come see you and meet my future in-laws.
And I couldn't resist trying to do the ultimate Pizza Surprise.
Oh, my gosh.
I forgot about Pizza Surprise! Jerry has this prank called Pizza Surprise, where he just shows up with a pizza out of the blue.
Yeah, I thought for sure I'd get you this time.
I mean, Alaska? Middle of the night? Ultimate Pizza Surprise.
I'm Beef Tobin.
Let me introduce you to the rest of the family.
That's Ham and Judy.
And the little guy's Moon.
- This is his Bigfoot trap.
- How long it take you to dig that? - It-It's deep! - Ham dug it.
Then he forgot where it was.
It's my thinking hole! What a relief.
I can start thinking again.
Well, here it is.
- It may be small, but - Well, it's small.
I-I'll run and get the guest bed.
You're gonna love it.
Dad made it out of an old canoe.
I'm actually kind of jealous.
Uh, maybe I should take the canoe bed and you can sleep with Honeybee.
Wait, no, no.
Never mind.
So how long you gonna be here, Jerry? Well, actually, I've been googling Alaska a lot since you moved here.
And every time I do, I think, "Well, that sure looks like a pretty place.
" And, well, I know you like it here.
So this isn't just a visit.
I'm moving to Alaska! Oh, wow.
I'm really happy to have you here, but Is it just me or do I look like an absolute gladiator carrying this? - Guess who's moving to Alaska! - What?! Amazing! We're gonna need a bigger boat! You get it? Because the bed is a boat.
- Wolf.
- Uh, was I farting? W-Was it one of my farts that smells like toffee? None of your farts smell like toffee.
- Uh, disagree.
- Listen, I'm worried Jerry hasn't thought this through.
This is totally Jerry's M.
Every time I do something that makes me happy, he copies it because he thinks it'll make him happy, too.
It wasn't that big of a deal when we were kids.
Sure, he didn't like rhythmic gymnastics, but now that we're older, it's different.
I mean, he followed me to Fresno Community College and majored in business and then hated it and dropped out after a year and a half.
I'm afraid this will be the same thing.
Have you brought this up with him? I don't know how to.
Also, I'd really love for him to stay.
I mean, even though I love your family, it'd be great to have someone from my family around.
But it would be selfish of me to let him go down the wrong path again.
Well, what if we test it out? Huh? We could show Jerry a typical day in Alaska and see how he likes it.
Yeah! If he enjoys a rigorous Alaskan workday, - then maybe this is the place for him.
- Totally.
Hey, we really need to get our heads out of here now because I am definitely about to fart and it's not gonna smell like toffee.
Ditto, babe.
- Was that me or you? - It was us, my love.
Good morning, Moon.
I'm guessing I don't owe you an apology.
I still think Bigfoot is real, and I'm probably going to catch him tonight.
Or you're just gonna catch your own butt, because Bigfoot isn't real and only little kids think he is.
I'm not the only one that believes in Bigfoot.
These guys do, too.
Right, guys? I mean not really.
But what about our Bigfoot Adventurers Club? Moon, we were nine when we started that club.
Most of us are ten now.
Smell you later, Bigfoot Hunter.
Okay, well, as long as we're being honest with each other, Henry, WWE is absolutely fake, and, Russell, we know Fred Savage isn't your first cousin! He is! He sent me his headshot.
What's happening? Ooh, did they announce the new Bachelor? Come on.
We're going to show you a day in Alaska.
Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Chop Ski, ski, ski, ski, ski F-F-F-F-F-F-F-F-F-Fish Barf Oh! Snowmobile Snowmobile Whoops! That's an awful long face, son.
You sure you're not part horse? Sorry, I promise you're not part horse.
That's a terrible seed to plant in a child's mind.
Dad, I really thought I had Bigfoot this time.
I mean, the crackers, the footprints, the fur.
But then it occurred to me that I've thought I had Bigfoot many times before.
I'm starting to think that - Bigfoot truly doesn't exist.
- I see.
Also, Debbie Gladu says that Bigfoot is for little kids.
Little kids? Well, sure it's for little kids.
Bigfoot is for all ages, from the elderly all the way down to babies.
You two talking birds and bees? Here's a tip.
There aren't as many actual birds involved as one might think.
Moon received my straightforward, handwritten birds and bees pamphlet when he turned eight, just like all Tobin children.
Your brother was just telling me he's having some doubts about Bigfoot.
You mean like whether or not the snow-colored Sasquatch and his brown-haired Bigfoot brethren are the exact same species? Personally, I think they are.
I'm going to my room to stare out the window.
Okay, son.
Have fun.
He's even more serious than usual.
He's wrestling with that existential question that plagues every adolescent Alaskan kid: Does Bigfoot really exist? Oh, yeah.
I mean, I know realistically Bigfoot probably doesn't exist, but What if? It's very hard to discount the "what if.
" Dad, what if we took Moon to the VFW Lodge this evening and introduced him to some of the Old Faithfuls? We'll try it, and if all else fails, they do have Sprite and Windows 95 at the lodge.
We can watch the star travel screensaver.
It's very inspiring.
- How you doing, Jer? Great job today.
- Yeah, bud.
Oh, man.
- What time is it? - 6:30.
Alaska one, Jerry zero.
Yeah, looks like Mother Alaska really trampled his tater tots.
- I'd love him to live here.
- Yeah, me, too.
But I'm afraid he's not cut out for it.
Well, you're doing him a favor letting him figure this out on his own.
Let's untangle him and get him off to dreamland.
Look around, son.
This is a group of folks who are true believers in Bigfoot.
See how the Sasquatch is blurry but the tree remains clear? That means he is traveling anywhere between 20 to 100 miles an hour.
And that's just based on estimates.
Whose estimates? Mr.
Make Believe P.
Lies A Lot? And now Glynis will demonstrate the peculiar gait of the Sasquatch she spotted near Roberta Lake using a marionette she built by hand.
Handmade puppets?! Oh! Come on, let's get closer.
- Hmm.
- That's a Sasquatch.
Excuse me.
I couldn't help noticing.
- Sturdy frame, glint in the eye.
- What is happening? Ah, my apologies.
I'm Hayward Melm, interim vice-secretary of the Old Faithfuls.
We're looking for someone to don our Bigfoot costume for the upcoming SquatchCon.
It was donated to us by a minor league hockey team, so it's not quite as realistic-looking as we'd like.
We need someone with great gusto to really sell it.
- Are you interested? - I would absolutely be not interested in doing that.
Some folks get carsick.
I get costume sick.
I wore one once and threw up so much in a Yogi Bear head that I almost drowned.
Here's my card since it sounds like you're on the fence.
Um, Dad, there's a thing happening.
But we've all seen it! You don't need a photo when you have multiple eyewitness testimonies! On the contrary, eyewitness testimony has been scientifically proven unsound.
But you can't argue with the eyes! Human memory and perception - are consistently unreliable.
- Please, Beef, you really must remove Moon from here.
He's debunking every Bigfoot theory we throw at him with his calm, fact-based arguments.
My apologies, Santiago.
Come on, Moon.
Time to go.
If you look closely, you can tell this carving is modeled on Brendan Fraser during his arc on Scrubs.
How dare you! My late husband carved that after a campsite encounter! Let's go get some ice cream, kids.
I hereby declare Bigfoot nonexistent! A hoax! - Moon, no! - I used to be like all of you.
But not anymore.
I know the truth! - Wake up, sheeple! - Judy, Ham, time to go.
- Good sir, it's been a pleasure.
- And by the way, "Sasquatch" rhymes with "ass crotch!" Hey, Moon, quick pop quiz for ya.
Do you believe in Bigfoot? It's multiple choice.
"Goo-goo" or "gah-gah" or "I'm a little baby Bigfoot boy.
" - Which one? - I let go of all that Bigfoot stuff, Debbie.
So you'll just have to pick something else to make fun of me for.
Have we covered your weird teeth yet? Your mouth looks like it's all molars.
Should I keep going? - Yes.
- Russell! Sorry, Moon.
I just like to hear her talk.
- With those ears? - What's wrong with my ears? Nothing.
Some people love one gigantic ear and one tiny one.
Moon, are you okay? Yes, I'm just thinking about things that aren't made up.
Like bread and bulldozers and sharks.
Bigfoots and aliens, sea monsters and ghosts These were my childhood friends Imaginary and gross, I believed in them But one day I woke up and I couldn't see The monsters and mysteries so close to me The blob under my bed that I called Ramone I lost him when I fell into The Grown Up Zone Getting divorced, take a night school course Where are those childhood friends? Children grow up, then they turn into teens Then grow into adults, no time in between We're here in your heart, you're never alone That childhood magic is lost into The Grown Up Zone.
Help! Help! Oh, my God.
Jerry! I'm okay.
I just can't move.
Because of all the wood on me.
Whatever you do, Jerry, do not wiggle.
With your current state, the opportunity for splinters is immense.
Sorry about that.
I just wanted to bring in some firewood to say thanks for your hospitality this week.
But I'm beginning to notice that I'm not very good - at Alaska stuff.
- Alaska isn't for everyone, Jer.
But you're so happy here! I am, but we're not the same person.
You know you've been doing this our whole lives, right? I do a thing, it makes me happy, then you copy that thing because you think it'll make you happy.
And it rarely works out.
Remember rhythmic gymnastics? We had to take you to the emergency room to get the ribbon off of you.
Yeah, I never really thought about it before, but you're right.
I follow you because, well, I know I love making other people happy, with Pizza Surprises and hermit crabs, but I don't exactly know how to make old Jerry happy.
Also, honestly, I thought Alaska would be mostly hot chocolate and panning for gold.
Maybe I wasn't looking at the most current websites.
Anyway, I guess I can't keep following in your footsteps.
Our feet are different sizes, little brother.
You got to go find your own Alaska.
I guess I got some soul-searching to do.
Maybe my Alaska is South Carolina.
Or rhythmic gymnastics.
You know I look good in a leotard.
- Jerry, no.
- I'm just playing.
Do they have hot chocolate in South Carolina? Morning, everyone.
Where's Moon? Oh, he's upstairs listening to an audiobook called The Giraffe and the Octopus: Real Animals That Look Made-up.
- What's up, Dad? - I'm calling an emergency family meeting.
I'm afraid Moon is losing his sense of wonder.
There are certain things that, if held onto, ward off those little parts of life that chip away at us and harden our souls.
Like how we all kind of believe the outhouse is haunted.
Kind of? Dad, it's definitely haunted.
- A ghost grabbed my butt! - I believe dolphins are just humans who stayed in the water too long.
And those little yellow dudes, the Minions I know they're not real, but are they? Yes, all these things, all fine examples of what I'd like to help Moon hold onto to remind him that magic still exists.
And I think I have a plan, but it's something I can't do unless I want to throw up a bunch, which I don't, so I need a volunteer to help me bring joy to Moon with a little surprise.
- You just said my favorite words.
- "Throw up a bunch"? No.
"Joy" and "surprise.
" Beef, I think I'm your guy.
Are you going to Russell's after school? His big brother is letting us play D&D with him.
Dungeons & Dragons? I only do real stuff now.
Let me know when it's just called "Dungeons.
" - Oh, wha what is that? - It's Bigfoot! Come quick! Yeah, right.
Not interested.
Actually, Moon, you better take a look at this.
That thing's hairier than my Uncle Bunston.
- Oh, wow! - It's him! I probably owe you an apology.
So, sorry.
Also, your hands are dumb, you smell like chili, and your name sounds like somebody stepped on a cow.
There he goes back into the woods.
See you, big guy.
Thanks for showing up.
- What a rush! - Great job, bro-in-law-to-be.
I helped keep Moon's sense of wonder alive, - and that made me really happy.
- Hey, look at you.
You're happy, and you didn't copy me to get there.
Jerry, I happen to know that the folks who loaned us this costume are looking for someone to do this part-time.
Dress up as Bigfoot for conventions and maybe the odd funeral or wedding.
Ah, I wish I could, but I got to go figure out something that makes me happy.
- Jerry, I think you just did.
- Oh, wow! You're right! Helping others be happy makes me happy.
It's like when I do the Pizza Surprise.
It's silly and stupid, but it always makes folks smile, and I love that.
Dressing up as Bigfoot is like a hundred Pizza Surprises.
If you call the number on this card, the same overly-enthusiastic interim vice-secretary that lent us the costume will fill you in on the details.
Thanks, Beef.
Honeybee, is it okay if Alaska turns out to be my Alaska after all? It's more than okay.
- Good morning, Moon.
- No time to talk.
Going to leave Bigfoot a snack.
Jerry, don't eat the crackers this time, okay? Crackers? I never mess with crackers.
Crunchy and bland? My mouth never been so confused.
You didn't eat Moon's Bigfoot bait the other morning? Morning? What are you talking about? It's a thing we have here in Alaska.
The sun comes up.
It's a whole deal.
Oh, no, no, no, no, my plane got in at night, and I picked up a pizza and came right here and fell in a hole.
We have a mystery on our hands! So that means there really might be - Minions.
- I was gonna say "Bigfoot," - but, uh, why not? - Hmm.
Perhaps I'll go help Moon with those crackers.
Looks nice outside.
Front page of StrokeMasterson.
biz, here we come.
Pizza Surprise, Pizza Surprise I jump out from the bushes with pizza pies Pizza Surprise, Pizza Surprise First comes the fear, then the joy in your eyes Pizza Surprise, Pizza Surprise Pepperoni aroma's my only disguise Pizza Surprise, Pizza Surprise Pepperoni aroma's my only disguise Ah! Ah! Enjoy!
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