The Greatest Love (Choigowei Sarang) (2011) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

The song vying for the number one spot in the last week of April National Treasure Girls, "Du Geun Du Geun".
* ( *Heart Beat) At first, we didn't get along We only fought and frustrated each other [Surgery In Progress.]
It's so strange, suddenly our hearts connected When you're not around, I miss you like crazy [National Treasure Girls - Heart Beat.]
Doctor, the song that is playing now, isn't it too distracting? Why? It's fine.
Aren't they singing that the heart is beating? For a patient who is having heart surgery, isn't this the most encouraging song? Because of you, my chest, my heart goes "thump thump" I love only you, I yell with my whole heart I'm dreaming you'll see me with trembling lips waiting and my eyes closed and that you'll act first to give me a hug This week's number one song is National Treasure Girls' Heart Beat! They have been in the number one spot for 6 weeks in a row.
Miss Gu Ae Jeong, please tell us how you feel about getting the award.
Don't cry! Don't cry! Don't cry! The National Treasure fans that love us, the National Treasure Girls, I'm really grateful.
Our members will never break up.
We'll continue putting in our best efforts.
Please continue to love all four of us, okay? - Yes! - Thank you.
Gu Ae Jeong! Kang Se Ri! Jenny! Mina! I love you! [10 years later.]
Tuesday Variety Show! Variety Show.
I will do it.
If I say I will do it, I will do it.
Up next, the original idol - A role model of an idol.
- Yes.
That is true.
National Treasure Girls' - Miss Gu Ae Jeong.
- Miss Gu! Oh, she hasn't appeared for quite some time.
So, thank you.
[To sing three high notes.]
Candies wins! [Limbo.]
The last place for this week goes to Miss Gu Ae Jeong.
- [You lost the challenge.]
- That's right.
So, all I have to do is to finish this after going one round? Yes.
And I'll be able to come back next week if I manage to do this? You will be able to come back if you can do it.
Then I must be successful.
Now Challenge! If I say I'll do it, I'll do it! Let's start.
All set Go! Ah, mix it quickly.
Quickly, mix it quickly.
What's this, really? I really hate this.
I have to start eating but my arms can't move.
We are going down, down.
We are going down.
- Ae Jeong, don't be scared.
Don't! - Shut up.
Shut up! We are going down, going down, going down.
Hyungnim, their reactions are rather good.
Director, Director.
You are the best.
Why is he still fighting? It's so boring.
- I'd like to thank everyone - Has it ended? - for coming to the premier of "Fighter".
- Wipe off your saliva, punk.
The movie has ended.
Did you think it was interesting? Yes, thank you.
Next, we'd like to welcome on stage the director and production crew who worked so hard on the movie, "Fighter".
Why is he still looking so happy when he has ruined the movie? Dok Go Jin too, please come forward to the stage.
Hyungnim, I think you're going to have to go up.
Please come forward.
- Dok Go Jin, Dok Go Jin.
- Dok Go Jin.
Everyone please clap, so he will come up here.
Dok Go Jin.
The title of this movie is "Fighter".
That's why our Mr.
Dok Go Jin showed us such an entertaining move.
I'm the lead actor in the movie "Fighter", Dok Go Jin.
- Thank you.
- Dok Go Jin.
- How are you? - Dok Go Jin.
- I love you.
- You are handsome.
You're so cool.
[Disco Nightclub.]
Is your stomach okay? Ah, because I ate that jajangmyun like that, now it feels like my stomach is running on a roller coaster.
It feels like it's moving up and down like crazy.
Ae Jeong.
- Should we just skip the event and rest? - I can't.
I'll be able to digest the jajangmyun in a while.
I'll just have to get myself a cola.
No, just sit and stay here.
Ae Jeong, you are always forgetting.
You are a celebrity.
Although I'm your older brother, I'm your manager as well.
That's right, you are.
Then, Manager no, Manager Gu.
Please buy me a cola, the one that will help with digestion.
Okay, my artiste.
To Deok Man.
Ten paces Hey, Jae Seok.
This drama This is the drama that I rejected for "Fighter", right? Yes, Hyungnim.
Your replacement was Kim Jun Sung.
How are the ratings for this drama? Really bad, it hasn't even reached 5%.
The reviews are really bad too; Kim Jun Sung has met his downfall this time.
Is that so? His popularity has crashed.
The drama that I rejected has ended Kim Jun Sung's acting career.
I really feel so sorry for Kim Jun Sung.
Representative Moon has already lined up some dramas for you, so please choose wisely.
You must avoid the type of drama that would end your career, Hyungnim.
Why must I be doing a drama? I'll be going to Hollywood to film Peter Jason's movie for my next work.
Well That is not confirmed yet right, Hyungnim? Now what are you talking about? I went to America to audition for it personally, and that's the same as being confirmed.
And there are already articles announcing it, aren't there? So why are you so pessimistic? It couldn't be that Peter gave me the thumbs down, could it? Just let us wait and see, Hyungnim.
Didn't you send him a US$15,000 bottle of red wine as a present? Peter will be taking care of you for sure.
I have to call Representative Moon to ask about it.
Switch off the drama.
Do you want me to get you some water? Why is he not back yet? Aigoo.
I must get some fresh air.
Oh my aching back.
Oh, it's a van.
Must be a brand new model.
Is there a celebrity inside? Why isn't Representative Moon answering her phone? The number you have dialed is not available.
Oh, it's a celebrity.
Where? That's right, it's the type of van that celebrities ride in.
Oh, she is really pretty.
But where have I seen her before? Ah, although I am not that popular, I am still recognizable.
Oh, I'm so envious.
Why is my manager not back yet? I have to rush to another place.
She's pulling all sorts of antics.
You scared me.
What are you leaning on? Don't hover around here and move away.
I'm sorry, I didn't know anyone was in the car.
I came over here to take a look at the car.
I'm sorry.
You are a celebrity, right? A singer or a talent? Hello, we should greet each other.
You aren't one? Hello, we should greet Take these and throw them away.
I'm not an employee here.
Then I'll throw them for you.
Oh, it spilled on me.
Thank you.
Ah! Really That What am I going to do? Here.
I meant wipe here.
What? It wasn't for me to clean off, but to wipe the car? Didn't you spill it? It's so dirty.
"You"? Are you speaking down to me? All right, forget it.
Just forget it and leave.
How could there be such a person? You are really funny, Ahjusshi.
Ahjusshi? Ahjusshi, you are a celebrity, right? Is that right? I'm a celebrity as well, you are able to see me there.
Let's talk face to face instead of you pointing your finger at me like this.
Come out and talk.
Come out.
Who are you actually? Let me see your face.
Go away! Did you just poke me with that? Let go.
Who are you? Come out and talk.
Where are you? What are you doing over there? - Go away.
- Oh my, this person is incredible.
I caught you.
Let me take a look at your real face.
Oh my, how dare you hold onto my hand right now! Let go, let go of me.
I must see what you look like.
Let go of me, let go.
I twisted my arm.
Ah, it hurts.
What are you doing right now? Let go.
What are you writing? Excuse me! Let go.
What are you doing? Let go.
Let go of me.
What's wrong with this person, seriously? What's this? That's my autograph.
You want to know who I am? Come and get me.
I say Hey, you.
Come out right now.
Hey, you're joking with me now, right? Open the door.
Let's talk after you open the door.
Hey, you.
This is really a strange person.
Just wait there for me.
Don't you even think of leaving.
Hey, you! I say you! Hey, what are you doing over there?! Get out quickly! Hyungnim.
You really don't intend to come out? - Come out quickly, Ahjusshi! - Get in quickly, quickly.
- What? - Lock the door.
- Come out quickly! - Lock the door quickly.
Hey, you.
That girl, what's up with that woman? I don't know, she says that she's a celebrity.
Let's go quickly.
Are you planning to escape now? Hey, you.
Hey, are you crazy? Oh my, oh my.
Hey, stop there! Where are you going? What's wrong, Ae Jeong? I should have taken a good look at that rude fellow.
Oppa, do you know whose autograph this is? Is this English or Korean? Since it's an autograph, he must be a celebrity for sure.
Who could that rude fellow be? Kang Se Ri's airport fashion is out.
Go change the clothes on the display counter immediately.
Did you see that? Oh my, what are we to do? Oh, it's so pretty.
Make 100 pieces immediately according to this picture.
Unni, your airport fashion is leading in the real time search charts again.
Talk of Dok Go Jin and Kang Se Ri breaking up is back again.
They are reporting it because I didn't attend the movie premier.
Then his company will make a claim against us, right? It's not like I didn't want to.
The plane was delayed, wasn't it? Jae Seok! I'm sorry, they still need to eat their meals.
- I'm sorry.
- Okay.
Thank you.
It seems they've already taken lots of pictures.
We can stop it already.
Since I didn't go to the event, we need to be seen having a cozy meal like this for us to maintain our official couple image.
You sure have a lot of advice, but it won't be for much longer.
While you are in Hollywood, leaving it like this is not a bad idea.
Well This meat doesn't taste good, does it? Losing the opportune moment while on the grill it ended up ruined.
And so as we already agreed, let's break up naturally after I go to America.
Let's make it clear.
We broke up a year ago.
But we're only going to make it known to the public now.
Oh my.
It's Kang Se Ri.
Celebrity Kang Se Ri.
You don't know her? I know nothing about the entertainment industry.
Where are you? Didn't I tell you not to go to the washroom since I'd be coming down soon? She is really pretty.
Where are you looking at right now? Ah, I'm looking at her pelvis.
Her buttocks? On women who often wear high heels like that, the instability of the body's center of gravity will cause a transformation, and the chances are high that the figure will become disproportionate.
Her pelvis is in such a condition now.
Then Kang Se Ri's buttocks are not symmetrical? You must be careful as well.
It's really dangerous to be wearing such high-heeled shoes.
I looked when you came in just now.
It seems your pelvic disparity is even more serious.
Here at a prospective marriage meeting, you find fault with my buttocks because they are not symmetrical? No, if the symptoms become more serious, there is a possibility it'll cause spinal deformation and backaches.
Yoon Pil Joo! You're an Oriental doctor, aren't you? Please stop your consultation, and carry on with your blind date.
Thank you.
Dok Go Jin, it's really Dok Go Jin.
Grandfather, it's Dok Go Jin.
Dok Go Jin.
Delicious milk PT.
That fellow has filmed the same CF again.
His father must really be happy.
Grandfather, my aunt is a celebrity as well.
But why isn't she doing any CFs? It's not because she is not doing it.
You aunt can't do it because she gives an unfavorable impression.
What does it mean to give an unfavorable impression? It means that there is no good impression.
What is a good impression? Just like him, with a good image, he is able to film lots of CF and earn lots of money.
We are back.
- You are back.
- You are home.
Hyung Gyu, have you been having fun? Aunty, why do you give an unfavorable impression, and you can't film that sort of CF? Hey, rascal.
Ah, really.
Hyung Gyu, you shouldn't watch so close to the TV.
Move back.
Didn't I tell you to watch it from as far back as possible? You will spoil your eyes.
Sit at the back.
Sit down over here.
Oh my, our TV is too big for this place.
Right, right.
That's right.
Isn't that so? Why is there such a big TV in here? Oh that's right.
It's because you lost all the money that you invested in those DVD rooms, and this is all that's left, right? I shouldn't have taken this one then.
I should have brought back a smaller one.
With it here, the house looks smaller.
You should say it's your treadmill and exercise machines that are making the house look smaller.
Father, you shouldn't have brought those back when your fitness club went bankrupt.
Rather, I should not have set you up with that in the first place.
- The story is too boring.
- It's really uninteresting.
- It's really meaningless.
- When will Dok Go Jin be able to act again? - It's good to see Dok Go Jin in the movie.
- It's a joy to see Dok Go Jin acting.
- Why is Dok Go Jin's acting like this? - It's really boring.
- Really! Start acting already! - Why is the plot always like this? Okay, Peter Jason.
I can only depend on you now.
Eating jajangmyun on a roller coaster.
[Mission fail.]
I'm sure I'd have finished eating it if they hadn't expanded so much.
Right, there was far too much jajangmyun.
Hey, good morning.
Music group, Candies.
You know Candies, right? Hello, girls.
Give a greeting when you see your senior, since we know each other.
Do we know her? Giving a good greetings will give you lots of plus points, and help you in your future.
Haven't we met a few times already? What are you doing? Give her a greeting.
- Hello - Hello Now, let's go.
Let's go.
Now you're trying to teach your juniors since you've become a senior? Weren't you like that as well when you were their age? Manager Jang's eyes still have anger in them when he looks at you.
It's because he thinks I caused the breakup of the National Treasure Girls.
Well I'll be telling you your schedule for the day, my artiste.
Today's schedule is a radio broadcast in the afternoon.
Yes? The end.
It's really short.
Then should we go and complete our only schedule for today perfectly? Ah, is this scarf sponsored by Jenny's side? Ah, this brand-name scarf is really Our artiste looks really good with this.
Radio nowadays is viewable as well, so I must at least wear one item like this.
Wear it carefully and do not get any finger smudges on it, and return it.
How much is this? It's really expensive, Oppa.
Hey, turn around and let me see.
You are really on a roll right now.
How can that rascal Ah, really.
It's Dok Go Jin.
It's really great meeting you.
I saw your movie preview.
I'll be going to see it for sure.
Oh, yes.
Let's shake hands.
Oh, scarf.
Hey, Ae Jeong.
Dok Go Jin is wearing a scarf exactly like yours.
What? This is really great.
- He is so cool.
- He is so good-looking.
Put that over here.
Is this something any pig or dog can wear? - That's a limited edition.
- What sort of limited edition? Any random person can wear it.
The makeup is quite good.
I brushed my teeth.
Why is it empty? The scarf.
Why is it like this? What to do? Something big happened.
What to do? Ah, really.
Oppa, what am I to do about this? What am I to do? That's why you should have been extra careful while taking care of your business.
What am I to do if they want me to buy it? A celebrity is doing promotion for them by wearing it.
They should just let that kind of blemish pass.
Am I some top star? They will only let a top star get away with wetting or ripping this.
Ae Jeong.
If it's the same mistake, but it's a popular top star, they will just let it slide.
If it's a real top star of Dok Go Jin's standard? [VIP Waiting Room.]
- It should be here.
- Stop running around.
Stop ruining no! Stop running around Go inside.
I'll be keeping watch here.
It's the same.
Hide the spot.
Since you're really great, you'll be forgiven for it, right? Because you are a top star, Dok Go Jin.
Oh, Mr.
Dok Go Jin! - Mr.
Dok Go Jin.
- Really.
- Mr.
Dok Go Jin! - My.
Dok Dok Go Jin! Right right now.
I'm Mr.
Dok Go Jin's fan! Please give me an autograph! He has to prepare for recording.
it's not about that.
Just once, give me an autograph.
- Jae Seok.
- Yes.
Didn't you ask me for an autograph? Ah, yes.
Where do you want it? - About that - Hyungnim.
Well that.
Over here.
- What to do? - Is it over here? Okay? - Well, can we take a photo? - I'm sorry.
- Mr.
Dok Go Jin! - That will be all.
Let's take a picture, Mr.
Dok Go Jin! - Mr.
Dok Go Jin, a picture.
- Aigoo.
Wait, Mr.
Dok Go Jin! Mr.
Dok Go Jin, just a picture.
Oh my, what to do? We'll let you take a photo if you come back later.
No Now stop it and leave.
Leave, if you come back later I am really sorry.
Ah, how can there be such a rude person? Really.
Ah, Hyungnim.
It's an episode during filming.
Hyungnim, why don't you talk about how you ruptured your eardrum rehearsing a stunt? Didn't I tell you I don't want to talk about it? Being wounded is nothing to brag about.
Why not? Everyone will say, "Wow, he really gave his all.
" They will like you even more.
Although I can pretend to be a kind person, I can't pretend that I'm hurting.
Since when are you pretending to be hurt when you are really hurt? Forget about it.
Next topic.
Why isn't there talk about me joining Peter Jason's movie? Wasn't it in the first questionnaire? About that, Hyungnim Since everyone already knows that I'm going to Hollywood, shouldn't that be the thing people will be most curious about? It's because it isn't a topic that we should talk about.
Why? Did you ask them to take out that question? - Can we talk about it after the recording? - Why? You might be unable to join Peter's movie.
I might be unable to join it, or I'm unable to join it? - Hey, Kim Jae Seok.
- Yes, Hyungnim.
Have I already been dropped from it? Was I dropped by Peter Jason? Why? Since it looked like a done deal.
Why? I even sent him such an expensive wine.
Dropped me after gulping it all down? - Wine.
- And so.
Why did he do it? He even sent him a bribe.
I think language barrier was the biggest issue, so he went looking for another Asian.
Who? China's Wang Lun.
Wasn't he born and raised in America? So the reason is that he can't speak English.
So it's because I am bad at English.
I got pushed out by Wang Lun and dropped by Peter? I already spoke with Representative Moon about waiting on the media announcement.
Get out.
- Are you all right? - I'm really not well, so get out.
Do you want me to skip the broadcast? I understand, so I'll be leaving.
Calm down before the recording, Hyungnim.
Ah, shi Dok Go Jin, you made a big deal about going to Hollywood.
Way to go! - He lost the role 'cause his English sucks.
- He should have studied.
- Is he planning to disgrace the country? - Study some more! There were a lot of articles about Dok Go Jin going to Hollywood.
Looks like it flopped.
Maybe he can't get away with anything just because he is such a great person.
Oh my.
What are you doing? Hello, Mr.
Dok Go Jin.
Who are you? When I was passing by, I saw "Dok Go Jin" written on the side of the room.
I am a fan of yours.
My nephew is a fan as well, so I thought of getting an autograph from you.
But then I can see that you aren't in a good mood, so I'll ask for it another time.
I'm really sorry.
Wait a moment.
Where do you want it signed? Here? Oh? Over there.
Is this person crazy? Oh my, oh my.
Why did you push me? Do you know how expensive this is? What am I to do when you do something like this? What's wrong with you? I signed since you asked for it.
You're crazy When did I tell you I wanted you to sign here? Do you know how much this costs? How can you scrawl on such an expensive item? What is this really? What kind of sign is this? When you are just drawing a triangle, right? This is a permanent marker.
I won't be able to wash it off.
Let's shake hands.
You are that nobody from earlier, right? What are you talking about? It's the same thing, right? Take this and leave.
I don't plan on wearing something that just anyone wears.
So you can take it with you.
Even though If you switch it for me, then Okay, that's enough.
Just leave.
What are you doing? Don't hover around and go away.
What are you leaning on? Don't hover around and go away.
Okay, take this out and throw it away as well.
Take these and throw them away.
Kim Jae Seok! Kim Jae Seok! Hey, Kim Jae Seok.
Jae Seok.
What again? This is Dok Go Jin's autograph, right? And so, what? And so, this too? That's my autograph.
You want to know who I am, right? Come and get me.
I got you.
So it was you, Dok Go Jin.
I guess we ended up running into each other since we're in the same field.
What are you to do? You have been caught this time.
And so, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to expose me by putting it out on the internet? Shouldn't you be apologizing to me since you are so scared about it? Ah, so you like it that way.
Then you have to listen well to my apology.
I was really rude to you on that day.
I'm really sorry about it.
What a very proper apology.
Will it be enough for an apology if it's of this standard? Well, if you act like this, I have nothing to say.
And so, this too.
I made that mistake because I misunderstood your intentions.
You will be able to forgive me, right? This? Of course.
And so, since you have already forgiven me Yes.
I'll take back what belongs to me.
You are going to take this back again? It's mine.
Let go.
Let go.
Let go.
I won't.
Let go.
It's going to get dangerous if you don't let go.
Then, don't let go.
Actually, this is something that I really treasure.
I'll be leaving then, since I have a shoot.
Excuse excuse me What? What's this? What happened? What's with Dok Go Jin? Jae Seok! Many letters are pouring in already.
Now, let's take a look at Ms.
Park Mi Sun's letter first.
Let's start reading it.
"The one-year anniversary gift prepared by my husband is a 55-inch color LCD TV.
" "Who is this gift really for?" "Yesterday during a big fight, I cut off the cable channel wiring.
" Well, men are like that.
Women are happy with anything small and sparkly, right? They really don't understand the hearts of women.
Then we will be chatting again after we listen to a song.
A song requested by Ms.
Jung Soo Kyung, IBADI's "Choco Cat".
Okay, cut to the DJ guest when the music comes on.
You can take a rest while the music is playing.
Miss Gu Ae Jeong.
I was observing you while the music was playing.
Could that autograph on your scarf be from Dok Go Jin? How do you know that? I'm really a big fan of Dok Go Jin.
Miss Ae Jeong, do you like him too? No, it's just that Nothing.
No, there is nothing.
About this An unni I know is a huge fan, and she asked me to get an autograph.
When I came to the broadcasting station, I met up with Dok Go Jin and got it from him.
Dok Go Jin, I'm really grateful to you for this.
It seems like Dok Go Jin and you are quite close.
Well, it's just something of a senior and junior's relationship.
And so, the Dok Go Jin that you have personally come into contact with, what kind of person is he? Honestly, Dok Go Jin isn't the same as everyone thinks he is.
What you have seen of him isn't all frank and truthful.
Is that so? Then what sort of a person is he in reality? The truth is, the real Dok Go Jin that I have seen is an unreasonable, rude, and very ill-mannered person.
He will randomly order anyone to do this and that.
He has no manners, and he has no etiquette.
A completely reckless person.
So, to sum up Dok Go Jin in one phrase, he is a king bastard.
What? King bastard? - Who is she to call someone a king bastard? - How dare she utter these words? Gun What's this? Who does she think she is? She's too much! Leave this planet! Who is it? What the heck is Gu Ae Jeong saying about Dok Go Jin? What kind of person is Dok Go Jin in reality? What isn't frank and truthful? The truth is, when Dok Go Jin was filming his last movie, he burst his eardrum.
His movie "Fighter" will be released soon.
It's an injury he got while rehearsing fighting for that movie.
It's his fighting spirit.
But then, he was worried that his fans would be worried if it were reported.
So he begged his manager not to tell anyone that he was injured.
Dok Go Jin is really the sort of person, who can't be frank like that.
[Search: 01.
Dok Go Jin burst eardrum.]
Dok Go Jin fighting spirit.]
Dok Go Jin signed scarf.]
Dok Go Jin movie.]
- [05.
Gu Ae Jeong.
- You are on a roll! How long ago did your name last appear on UCC*? (*User-created Content) The reaction is that good? Of course, Dok Go Jin's fans are now all praising you.
Really? Ae Jeong.
Also Do you know who I have been listening to your radio broadcast with? - Who? - Quiz that Changes the World's PD Jang! We listened to it together when we were having a meal at the canteen.
- And so? - You.
Tomorrow, you are going to be on that show.
What? Really? That's right.
He said someone from tomorrow's line-up is unable to make it.
So I just quietly recommended you.
He immediately agreed! What's this? I thought today was bad luck, but I'm rocking it! That's right.
I told them that you'll be able to call up Dok Go Jin during the World Quiz's phone quiz segment.
What? Ah, you know the segment where you call up and play the No Rhyme or Reason quiz? They asked you to come on because I said you'll be able to call up Dok Go Jin.
In Season 1, it was height: 180 cm; annual salary: 3 billion won.
A law firm's sharp lawyer.
In Season 2, it was height: 185 cm; annual salary: 4 billion won.
A pretty-boy handsome fund manager.
In Season 3, the perfect man He can't be missing anything, or fall behind these two guys.
So where are we going to find such a man, huh? We must find him no matter what appearance, height, education, career, background and earning ability.
[Couple making.]
Someone who can top the guys from Season 1 and Season 2.
The literally perfect man who can top the guys from Season 1 and Season 2.
Hello, Director.
Everyone has been working hard.
Oh, Director.
Madam is inside.
- You came? - Hey.
Director Yoon.
Where did you go? What's this? You went to the herb market again? This is the ox bezoar that President Kim bought.
From the size of this thing, it could be worth over a million.
He has specially asked for your help to manufacture it into pills.
President Kim goes to uncle's hospital.
I snatched him away.
You must be busy golfing and attending money groups in order to lobby for me.
If you know your mom's hardships, then stop staying the whole day at the market, or going to Jirisan to dig up ginseng.
Please stop it.
You promised you won't interfere with what I do as long as I go on marriage dates.
But they have been unsuccessful, right? You told the lady from the last date that you were going to close the hospital and go study in China, didn't you? I'm currently looking for a great director who will make this your dream hospital.
And then you're going to China? No way.
There is no way you can go.
It's not that I can't go.
It's that I am not going.
I am not going to hear any news about me being dropped by Peter.
No matter what, it's going to be me dropping Peter for another production.
So, we have to confirm another production to replace Peter's movie.
Jae Seok.
No matter what, this month you have to find an influential program for me to do.
How about if we say you can't go because you got hurt? Just when the burst eardrum news is circulating.
What? Why did that news come out? You didn't say that? The internet was going crazy all day about what Gu Ae Jeong said about you.
Who is Gu Ae Jeong? She said she has an honest and close senior-junior relationship with you.
So when is there such a person around me? What is Gu Ae Jeong? This is Gu Ae Jeong.
This is Gu Ae Jeong? Yes, it looks like you know her.
I do know her somehow.
But anyway, that person has nothing to do with me at all.
What is this? You don't know about the National Treasure Girls, Hyungnim? A girl group from the past.
And Se Ri was a member of it as well.
She was in something like that? You two officially been a couple for over a year.
You really don't know much about her, Hyungnim.
I don't care.
National Treasure Girls.
What are they? If we were passionate in 2002 because of the World Cup, then in 2001, our hearts were aflame because of the National Treasure Girls.
[National Treasure Girls, National Treasure popularity.]
Jenny, Ae Jeong, Se Ri, Mi Na.
All the members were really popular.
And among them, Gu Ae Jeong was the most popular.
The girl group's youngest member was Kang Se Ri.
But then [N.
Girls break up at their peak.]
Girls' goodbye press conference.]
After a year and a half - I'm sorry to show this side of us.
- they broke up at their peak.
- It's only been a year, we are very sorry.
- There were rumors about abuse bullying beatings These are not small things.
After the breakup, Gu Ae Jeong's solo album completely flopped.
[Gu Ae Jeong's triangle love scandal.]
[Dating Mr.
P who has a fiancee.]
And she got into a big scandal with an actor with a fiancee.
And later, he got into a drunken fight scandal.
- Please comment.
- I have nothing to say.
Gu Ae Jeong.
Anyway, they also said that she was the local wife of a Yakuza boss, that she had a sponsor's child; there were lots of speculations.
She's been making it these days as an unlikeable character.
And she barely has a presence.
Yakuza sponsor? She doesn't seem like she could do that with her pitiful looks.
I don't care! She's really hit rock bottom.
But then what's your actual relationship with Gu Ae Jeong? You don't need to know, since there is nothing at all.
Then why did you tell that woman that your eardrum burst during filming? Am I crazy? How could I possibly have told her about it? She is a really weird woman.
Ever since she was loitering by the van and in my waiting room Ever since then, I thought she was suspicious.
Then could she have heard about it when she was in the waiting room? Is that it? Could it be that woman also overheard us talk about Peter Jason as well? That can't be.
Jae Seok.
You ask around and get that woman's phone number.
Don't worry.
I'll be helping you sell it at the auction site.
There are Dok Go Jin fans all over the place, so someone will buy it.
Really? Then, I'll be really grateful to you.
But then what are you to do? If you are unable to get connected to Dok Go Jin on the phone, won't the PD think you're a liar? That's so right.
What am I to do? You really don't know Dok Go Jin's phone number? Wouldn't I be calling him immediately if I knew? Hello.
Who are you? Who? Dok Go Jin? What's up? You are really Mr.
Dok Go Jin? Why did you order food? This is my treat, please have some.
And I have something to ask of you.
What? That's Please eat a little to get into a better mood.
My mood will only be getting worse, so say it now.
Well, about that It's a little embarrassing to be talking about that since we've just met.
Do you know the No Rhyme or Reason phone quiz segment in Quiz that Changes the World? Are you, perhaps, talking about the variety show? Yes, I'll be appearing in that show.
But then in the phone quiz segment, you have to call up another celebrity that you are close to, and start the quiz asking questions over the phone.
- Maybe - I don't want to.
I already can guess, but I don't want to hear you finish saying it.
- Can't you just help me out? - No.
Just for once.
It will only be your voice over the phone.
I am Dok Go Jin.
My status is such that a person like you cannot ask me to do such a thing.
Are you stupid? Why are you so audacious? I'm audacious because I'm really desperate, so please help me this once.
Dok Go Jin, you too.
You should be able to understand it since you gave Peter wine and begged to appear in his movie.
How did you get to know about it? Gu Ae Jeong, the last time in the waiting room, you overheard what my manager and I were talking about, right? And you mentioned on the radio what you overheard, right? How much did you overhear? I heard everything.
But really, I didn't mean to hear anything Enough! Stop! From now on, listen clearly to what I have to say.
If you ever happen to disclose anything about the Peter Jason incident I'll be suing you for sure.
I won't.
Dok Go Jin got knocked out by Wang Lun.
How could he be sending wine to Peter Jason as a bribe, and still be rejected by the director? I really won't be saying it.
But Dok Go Jin, no matter how much you want to cover up this fact, in the end people will get to know it, and the rumors will get exaggerated.
You will end up being the laughing stock.
So it's better for you to come clean about it as quickly as possible.
Right now, since we are working in the same line, are you trying to give me advice? Then, I'll ask you about something as well.
Gu Ae Jeong, are you really the mistress of a yakuza? And you have born a sponsor's child as well? Why are you not speaking? Didn't you say it's better to come clean about it as quickly as possible? If not, what's left will be rumors flying about.
And in the end, you'll just become a laughing stock.
Ah, you have already become a laughing stock? Yes, you're right.
I'm the mistress of a yakuza.
So you should know what the Japanese yakuza does, right? There is this big tattoo of a dragon on my honey's back.
And so, you have to be careful in front of me from now on.
If you act as disrespectful to me again as you did towards me today, then I'll just I'll just go and Do you get it? Dok Go Creep.
You pay for the meal, Creep.
That crude little thing is really a singer, a singer.
[Not Even Fans Believe The Excuses of National Treasure Girls' Gu Ae Jeong.]
At first, we didn't get along Gu Ae Jeong, are you really the mistress of a yakuza? We only fought and frustrated each other It's so strange, suddenly our hearts connected When you're not around Oh, what's wrong? My special someone Why is it like this? What do I do when you gradually draw near? Countdown 15 minutes before recording starts, last check.
Number 1, okay.
Number 2, there is something wrong, you need to check again.
Now, Number 3, Number 3 okay.
Miss Gu Ae Jeong.
Please give me the phone number to contact Mr.
Dok Go Jin.
Dok Go Jin's phone number? Didn't we agree to contact Dok Go Jin for the phone quiz segment? About that about that quiz.
Can't I get another person instead of Dok Go Jin? Can I get our National Treasure Girls' leader, Jenny, to do it? That unni is really good at it.
This is not a quiz program, but an entertainment show.
Why? Dok Go Jin doesn't want to do it? Well Dok Go Jin is releasing a movie soon, so I think he's incredibly busy promoting his movie.
He is really very busy.
So he wants us to help promote his movie? I got it.
After the quiz, bring up the movie during the interview.
So please give me his phone number.
About that Excuse me.
What am I to do? I'm in big trouble.
There is nothing that I like.
That script is not bad, so take a look at it.
If I meet up with Peter Jason again and cling to him No, no, no, no.
I'll not be doing such an embarrassing thing.
About Peter's movie it looks like you really were desperate to do the movie with Peter Jason.
No, how can that be? How desperate can I be? [Gu Ae Jeong.]
Ah, she really is audacious.
What? Dok Go Jin, I am now at the broadcast station.
We are going to be recording the phone quiz segment shortly.
There will be a number starting with 789 calling you from the broadcast station.
So? Are you implying that if I don't pick up the call, you'll spill the beans on Peter based on what you overheard? So now you are calling me up with a threat? I won't be telling anyone about it.
I was just hoping that you would empathize and understand how I feel right now.
I called one last time to try and plead with you out of utter desperation.
Okay, fine.
So let me hear how desperate you are since I already answered your call.
Try convincing me.
The feeling of being rejected by you for the phone quiz is like your feelings of being rejected by Hollywood director Peter for his movie.
I hope that relays to you my desperation.
I'll hang up now.
- Who was it? - Nobody at all.
Miss Gu Ae Jeong! The recording has started! Go inside quickly! Yes, I'll be going in now.
Yes, I found her.
I'm bringing her in.
Quickly, quickly.
I'm so sorry.
Hey, quickly! Come in quickly! The first contestant for our speed quiz.
Let's welcome the ex-girl idol group National Treasure Girls' Gu Ae Jeong.
Gu Ae Jeong hasn't appeared for a really long time.
National Treasure Girls was really popular in the past.
That's right.
- Are all of you doing well? - We are doing well.
It's all right to be doing really well.
Now prepare for Gu Ae Jeong's phone quiz.
The previous one.
That's right, that one.
That's the one.
- I feel this is better.
- And so the person that Gu Ae Jeong will be calling is Mr.
Dok Go Jin.
- Oh, really.
- Dok Go Jin? Bingo, Dok Go Jin! He is the most special guest that we have in our phone quiz history.
- That's right.
- Wow! Unni.
That, right now That is recording in the studio right now? Yes, Se Ri.
But do Mr.
Dok Go Jin and Gu Ae Jeong know each other? And Gu Ae Jeong, are you really close with Dok Go Jin? Are you close? Ah, just a little.
Then, can you help tell him we want to be closer to him as well? Yes, I understand.
Me too.
And now Gu Ae Jeong will be going for the speed quiz with Hallyu star, Dok Go Jin.
Now please choose a topic.
We will start calling now and there will only be 90 seconds.
I hope that you will be able to answer lots of questions.
Now we're dialing.
What? He's not answering the phone? Here.
- He is not that easy, right? - Time is slipping away.
- But Dok Go Jin isn't answering the call.
- Answer the call, Dok Go Jin.
He's not answering the call because he has something on.
- Answer the call, Dok Go Jin.
- This is going to be a failure.
- Are both of you really close? - It seems you are not really close.
Yes, you're right.
Hallyu stars don't even have caller ringtones.
There is not much time left.
If it's like this, Gu Ae Jeong's call out to Dok Go Jin will be considered a failure.
Is it a failure? - How unfortunate.
- Yes.
What? Hello.
- Wow, he answered.
- He answered.
He really answered.
Can you please explain it? Hello.
- Quick, quickly.
Quick, quickly.
- Go go go! Gu Ae Jeong, we have already made a connection.
Begin your questions quickly, we don't have much time.
It's yellow, and we peel to eat it.
It's tart and sweet.
- Tangerine? - Good.
(Children's song) Monkey butts are red, red means apples, apples are delicious, - delicious means - Banana.
Its hair is spiky everywhere, the outside is really bumpy and lumpy, and it's sweet.
- Sweet, in the shape of donuts.
- That's right.
Pineapple? There is no time, do it quickly.
- Quick, quickly.
- Quick, quickly.
It's red and has seeds, seeds.
Plum? - No, it's not.
- Is this the end? - Are you going to end it right here? - You must be stuck.
Time is going by quickly.
This is like a pair of lips.
That's right.
This is from a nursery song.
You go up the mountains to pick.
Strawberry? That's right.
You eat lots of it during summer.
- Melons? - Besides melons.
- Pepper.
- No, it's red, with black seeds inside.
- Watermelons! - Okay.
I am sorry.
What am I doing right now? *Apples.
(*"Apology" sounds like apples in Korean) Okay.
Hurray! To make the meat tender, we squeeze the juice of this inside.
What is floating on the sea like that? Pear!* (*Pear and boat sounds the same in Korean) Okay.
It has fuzz all over it.
Its inside is green as well as yellow.
Gold - Kiwi.
- Yes, that's right.
- 10 seconds left.
- Last one, last one.
This Quick, quick, quick, quick, quick, quick, quick.
It's you know the bribe.
Bribe? - Bribe? - Bribe? The bribe that you gave to Peter Jason.
Peter? Ah, wine.
What is wine made from? Grapes.
You got it.
Nice, nice.
Gu Ae Jeong and Dok Go Jin! - Dok Go Jin, congratulations.
- Yes.
You're the first person to get all ten questions right.
- Ah, really? - Yes.
Am I the first? But Mr.
Dok Go Jin, what was that at the end about a bribe? Yes.
You must have given Peter Jason wine as a bribe? Main Translator: yeohweping The great Korean national actor, Dok Go Jin.
Fighting! The quiz we're on today won't be able to be broadcast.
Hit me, Dok Go Jin.
Please forgive me for once.
Stop! Stop, there! Everyone walking on the road will be able to recognize you.
and will be pointing their fingers at you while scolding.
First, see if it fits your value.
I am worth 100 billion, do you want to buy me for that price? I'm going to call them all out here.
And then come out with everything.
Doctor, do you have a girlfriend? It's pretty effective.
Don't let it hurt your pride and work hard.
Are you still happy to become the person that the nation dislikes? I'm able to join Peter's movie? To me, Gu Ae Jeong, you are like a ghost.
Go away.
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