The Greatest Love (Choigowei Sarang) (2011) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Now, Mr.
Yoon Pil Joo, please hand out the final rose stalk.
Yes, so M Mr.
Yoon Pil Joo's last choice is Gu Ae Jeong.
Kim Hee Jin, who wasn't chosen, is eliminated.
It's really regretful but in any case Kim Hee Jin is eliminated instead of Gu Ae Jeong? It was hard to get Kim Hee Jin on the show.
How can we eliminate her in the first round? - Seriously! - Now Will the ladies who received a rose come to the middle of the stage and stand in a line with Mr.
Yoon Pil Joo? Please come to the front.
The four ladies who passed the first impression round will continue to interact with Mr.
Yoon Pil Joo in other ways.
You can be certain of it if your heart races when you see that person with someone of the opposite sex.
It means you like her.
With this, we have chosen the 4 participants for the third season of Couple Making.
Harumi from the group Candies MBS's announcer Choi Jeon Ae And also Park Yeon Ah Gu Ae Jeong We'll look forward to their beautiful encounter with Mr.
Yoon Pil Joo.
Thank you.
This is ridiculous.
This is ridiculous.
I Gu Ae Jeong [Really, Really Like You.]
This cannot be possible.
Why would I? [Blinded By The Love Of My Life.]
I am Dok Go Jin.
This has never happened before.
What exactly is this? [Crown Prince's First Love.]
What should I do now? [Man in Crisis.]
Dok Go Jin! Dok Go Jin, Dok Go Jin! [You Are Too Beautiful.]
Did you see it? I received this! Did you come all the way here, fearing that I'll get eliminated? I was really surprised too.
It was a total turn of event! Here! I'm Gu Ae Jeong! Give me some support! This is ridiculous! It hurts! How can it be possible for someone like you? How dare you, the pathetic Gu Ae Jeong, steal my hear What did I do? Did I do anything wrong by making it through? I can never acknowledge this.
Well, I really like how things turned out, so why are you so unhappy about it? Like? Who likes it? Who, who? You're a lump of annoyance.
Wait a moment.
Dok Go Jin, why did you come? Didn't you come because you were worried that I'd be eliminated and feel embarrassed? No.
I was worried that you'll get eliminated and pester me again.
I was worried about that so I came.
You're lucky then.
You ought to like this outcome! What are you angry and unhappy about? I'm just unhappy.
I'm unhappy that things turned out well for you.
I like how things went very much.
Oh dear, what should I do? I received this flower and am in a very good mood.
What should I do? I'm going to die of happiness! How annoying.
Get it away! My flower You meanie.
Don't cling on to me like this.
Don't be an eyesore, just drop off.
Don't stick on me like Gu Ae Jeong does.
Drop off, drop off.
Please, drop How annoying.
Is this your first time at the MBS station? Oppa! Where is your hospital located? Yeah.
Hey, here.
Thanks, Manager Gu.
- Where did you attend university? - This isn't for you.
Bring it to the doctor.
- The doctor? - My brother graduated from there too.
- I see.
- He graduated with a law degree and is now working at the Seoul Public Prosecution Office.
Everyone's now pulling moves on him.
- Where did you go? - Meeting you the first day today made me quite nervous.
- Moves? - I'm feeling a bit of indigestion.
What accupoint should I press? Didn't she eat a roll of kimbap earlier? What? Indigestion? - She must be pretending to be sick.
- Please drink this.
Here, have a drink.
- Thank you.
- My hands keep heating up recently.
What should I do now? - We have to swap it with this.
- Why did you do that? Look at how she keeps blinking.
Hey, your fake eyelashes are going to drop off soon! What She's joining in too? You're here! Hey Are you all right? I've been anemic recently.
What are you doing? Quickly go over and say that you're unwell too.
What do you put on your hands How can I act like I am not feeling well when I am feeling well.
Do you think they're really feeling unwell? They're just finding excuses to get close to him.
Go and pretend that you hurt your leg.
Won't that be too obvious? Oh, yeah.
You you can hiccup.
Hiccup? That should be okay.
Is that a hiccup? Show me how then, Oppa.
Like this.
Good, good.
I'll drive them away first and then you can come along hiccupping.
Oppa! Let go! Oppa Really? Doctor.
- Hi.
- Hello.
My stomach hasn't been feeling too well recently.
Well It smells quite bad.
Does it mean that there's something wrong with my health? What are you doing? It smells bad, right? Pretending to hiccup should be easy.
I'll give it a shot.
Okay, I'll toss this.
If it turns up heads, I'll give it a shot.
If it turns up tails, I'll get a drink.
Your brother said that you're hiccupping quite severely and asked me to take a look.
Are you all right? Yeah, I'm hiccupping quite badly now.
Filming is going to start right away.
What should I do? It will be embarrassing.
Why so? Hiccups are caused by the contraction of the diaphragm.
But I think you're hiccupping from your throat.
If you continue to force out that kind of sound, your throat will start to hurt.
Is it obvious? I guess it's obvious.
Then what should I do if I really have hiccups? If you pressed at the accupoint here, it should stop.
If pressed wrongly, it can kill someone.
So someone can die from hiccupping improperly.
No, I didn't mean it that way.
It seems you tend to think of matters in extreme ways.
Do I tend to exaggerate things? Well, no matter what you do in the future, I'll be able to come up with a huge reaction.
- Reaction? - Yes.
What's most important in TV shows are the reactions captured during the show.
For example, even if you made a very sarcastic joke Like that, making that kind of laughter.
And also, even if you did something only bordering charming, I'll feel touched and say, "Oh, how char ming!" The formal name for this is, "Reactions used in TV shows.
" - Oh, reactions used in TV shows - In any case, thank you for not eliminating me today.
In return for not eliminating me, choose what you want with this 500 won.
Aren't you worth 10 billion won? Please give me 10 billion won.
What? Exaggerating matters like that is one of the reactions used on TV, right? I wasn't joking about the 10 billion won.
Didn't I tell you that I'm someone who cannot be bought even with 10 billion won? Sorry, I shouldn't have joked about it.
That was an example of pretending to be serious.
If you get the timing right, it can be really effective.
How annoying.
Get it away! My flower You meanie.
Hyung, you here.
Hi, Dok Go Jin.
What is this? Why are you here? I used this van today.
I'm going to use it so get off.
We were going to get off anyway.
Oppa, let's go.
Wait a moment.
Well, Dok Go Jin Our house isn't too far away from here.
Can you drop us off on your way back? We have a lot of things to carry.
Actually, I drank beer during dinner just now so I can't drive.
Hyungnim! Oppa, let's just take a cab home.
Let's get off.
- We can't get a cab now.
- Quickly! Forget it, just ride along.
It's okay, we can handle it.
I said ride along so just do it! What's with this? Why is this car so dirty? Get the car cleaned right away tomorrow.
Dok Go hyungnim I'll have to make a detour if I take you home first so I'll drive to Gu Ae Jeong's place first.
Let me get off first and you guys can make a trip back.
Ae Jeong, shall we stop by Jenny's place for a drink? Is this Jenny the Jenny noona from National Treasure Girls? I'm a fan of her! Is that so? Do you want to go with us? Really? Can I? Jenny is really good at cooking.
She's amazing at it.
I didn't have a proper dinner today and am starving! Shut up! Keep quiet! Ae Jeong, Yoon Pil Joo stays in the same area as we do.
Shall we ask him along? Oppa, it's too late in the night.
I've already made arrangements for him to eat at Jenny unni's shop next time.
Yoon Pil Joo is the doctor said to be the perfect man, right? He stays near you? Yeah, both his hospital and his house are close by.
His relationship with Ae Jeong will grow close too.
That man is really not bad.
I took a look too.
Calling him the perfect man isn't an exaggeration.
He's both handsome and smart.
He's good at sports too.
He can draw well and can play various musical instruments.
I doubt there's anything he cannot do.
He became a doctor at such a young age.
He's even the hospital's director.
He's really perfect.
Ae Jeong, how do you find him? Assuming that it isn't a TV show, if you were to come across such a man, wouldn't you be attracted to him? If I were to pretend that this isn't a TV show How would you find him? You'll like him, right? He meets every one of your expectations.
In my opinion, Yoon Pil Joo is Oh, we're here! Isn't this Dok Go Jin's house? Am I right? Am I right? - Have we taken everything with us? - Yup.
- Don't leave anything behind.
- Of course.
Hyungnim, the key.
Please go in, Hyungnim.
Are the three of you going together? Thanks for the ride.
Are you going to walk all the way there? It's near.
We'll get going then.
Sweet dreams, Hyungnim.
Take this.
So how do you find Yoon Pil Joo? How do you find him? Actually, as I was saying just now Dok Go.
Tell us! Just now It seems you like him! - This is great.
- He's awesome.
They just won't invite me along.
Petty people.
Shut up! Mr.
Yoon Pil Joo's last choice is Gu Ae Jeong.
Why did I bother to bring such a thing back? It's so dirty.
You've really fallen off.
But why do you still leave a mark? Cheers! That middle school fan who asked me to autograph a marriage registration form was you? I still remember that! Oh! Really? I still have that autographed marriage registration form.
You shouldn't pull that kind of dangerous prank! Can you register a marriage using a registration form signed ten years back? Shall we take it to the Registry of Marriage and give it a try? You shouldn't joke about this! It will be fun.
If they accept it, shall we just register our marriage? Jenny! Aren't you going too far with the joke in front of such a young fan? Well, if you get married to a fan through an autographed marriage registration form from ten years back, Unni, you'll make the headlines! If I were to get onto the headlines under such circumstances, it will be an honor.
I haven't felt like this in a long while.
All right, it's my treat today! To be able to try Jenny noona's cooking today is a great honor.
Come here often.
I'll serve you good food.
Seok, it's getting late.
Shouldn't you be going back? Dok Go hyung doesn't have anything scheduled for tomorrow.
Didn't he ask you to clean the car just now? I can do that in the afternoon.
[Dok Go Jin.]
Oh, it's it's Dok Go Jin.
Yes, Hyungnim? Are you still there? There's no more water in the refrigerator.
Buy some immediately.
Now? Can I buy it tomorrow? I'm thirsty.
Drink some juice instead of water.
I think there's juice.
Since you're nearby, I think it's better for you to buy it now.
Do you want to come all the way from your home in the middle of the night? Got it, Hyungnim.
I'll buy it and bring it over now.
Yes I'm thirsty.
That was nasty.
He knows I'm having dinner right now.
He just wants to order me around.
Seok, eat this before you go.
You have to eat something.
Dok Go hyung's temper is really bad.
If he says to go immediately, I have to go immediately.
I'll get going.
If you just need to replenish the water in the refrigerator, Oppa can do it! I can't.
Do you think I can leave these two alone? It's not like you can't eat pizza ever again.
Seok, just go and return soon.
No, just carry on eating.
I'll go and come back soon.
Really? Oh, yeah! Hey! Dok Go Jin? Are you here? Dok Go Jin? Is he asleep? Dok Go Jin? The medicinal tonic? If I knew what a great person Yoon Pil Joo is, I wouldn't have given this to Dok Go Jin.
It's wasted on him.
Dok Go Jin Where is it? Just a bit more A bit more It's Dok Go Jin's world.
It's Dok Go Jin's world.
It's Dok Go Jin's world.
What is this? He has already come by and left? I wanted to ask that dude something.
La la la la la la la Why did I hide? You pull yourself together too.
I really hope that because of Gu Ae Jeong you won't display anything above 100 on your display again in the future.
That's right.
The normal heart rate should be between 60 to 90.
Let's maintain that.
My control time Oh, the iron man's artificial heart will not race willfully.
It will not.
It will not.
Definitely not! Where is it? What? Stop ringing.
Am I hearing things now? The security system is activated.
Who is it?! There are 20 other people in my family.
Jae Seok, come out.
Jae Seok, come out Jae Seok, come out.
Jae Seok, come out from the toilet.
Jae Seok.
Who is it? Who is it? Stay put! You you stay there! What? Huh? What is happening? What should I do? [We'll get into action within 3 minutes.
We'll get into action within 3 minutes.
[Security Specialists - KEEPS.]
What is this? You've been cornered! See what I'll do to Gu Ae Jeong? Hello.
What are you doing here? I said, what are you doing here?! Answer me! You're the spokesperson for our company.
How can we be slow in action? It seems this is the advantage of taking on the commercial.
You really keep to the promised time.
Are you really all right? Do you want us to take a look inside the house? No, you don't have to.
Thank you for not handing me over.
Gu Ae Jeong sneaked into Dok Go Jin's house.
She stole Dok Go Jin's briefs and was caught while trying to leave.
She was arrested by the security company Dok Go Jin is a spokesperson for.
I cannot let this joke become tomorrow's headlines.
That's why I let you off.
I didn't steal your briefs.
It was because the floor got wet.
Why did you hide yourself then? Because you came down undressed so I got flustered and decided to hide.
Once I did that, I had to keep hiding.
Oh In short, you hid yourself so you could see me undressed.
Did you take photos with your camera or something? I didn't.
I'm not a stalker.
Hand over your cell phone.
- Hand it over.
- I didn't.
Why do you keep checking other people's cell phone? I really didn't take any photos.
What did you store my number as? It's not under the 'dd' list.
If it's not Ddong* Go Jin, what did you store it under this time? (*poop Go Jin) I changed it.
What did you change it to? There's someone called 'lump of bad luck' here.
Am I called a lump of bad luck? Didn't you call me a lump of annoyance? Isn't it the truth that Gu Ae Jeong is an annoyance? It's also true that Dok Go Jin is bad luck.
What? Never mind, I'll erase it.
Don't call me again then.
Yoon Pil Joo called just now.
What are you so happy about? Look at this.
He called at 11:11 pm.
[Caller: Perfect Man Yoon Pil Joo.]
Having the same number in a row is good luck.
I had such a fright at that 11:11 moment that I nearly had a heart attack.
I'm sorry.
You must have been really shocked just now.
That's right.
Because of you, it hit 120 again! I'm sorry.
Out of curiosity, what is that? It doesn't look like a watch.
It's a heart rate monitor.
Why do you wear it? Are you suffering from some illness? I am a special person.
I wear that in order to exercise total control over my body and mind.
But it seems it isn't of much use.
I don't think you're that good at controlling yourself.
The problem is you! I want to live peacefully with my heart rate in the safety range of 60 to 90.
But every time you come into the picture, it exceeds the safety range! Why did you follow me all the way here? Got it.
I'll get out right away.
I won't cause you anymore trouble.
Please keep to the 60 and 90 range and stay healthy.
I'm sorry.
That again? I can't stand that ringtone the most.
Oh, my Yoon Pil Joo? You called me right? I didn't manage to answer it just now.
Your brother borrowed a pen from me this morning but didn't return it.
It is a gift from someone so I can't lose it.
Is that so? I'm sorry.
I'll keep it safe for you.
It's okay, just return it to me.
I'll bring it to your hospital.
It's not too far.
I want to get more of that medicinal tonic too.
Medicinal tonic? The tonic seems really concentrated.
A lot of good herbs must have been used to make it, right? No, I'm not going to sleep yet.
I intend to go for a stroll right now.
Put down my briefs before you go.
Isn't that my briefs that you're holding? Put down that briefs before you go! My brother is arguing with my nephew.
Please wait a moment.
Wash my briefs before you go! My ill-fated briefs which is soiled with medicinal tonic Yeah, my brother is drunk and not in his right frame of mind.
The security system is activated.
Briefs! Why is he acting up over such a small matter? To think that he likes to exert self-control I shouldn't have come here today.
Why wouldn't I just let Gu Ae Jeong leave? You can be certain of it if your heart races when you see that person with someone of the opposite sex.
It means you like her.
I've washed it clean.
I'm leaving now so please disarm the security system.
Gu Ae Jeong, I am Dok Go Jin.
I am a special person.
Why did someone like you come in? That's why I won't come in here again.
Let me out.
I'm not the kind of easy person to allow you to come and go as you wish.
I'm really sorry for coming and going.
So, what is the code for this? Do you think I'll let you know the code that protects my safety? I've been protecting it like it's a metal cage and have lived my life in safety.
I'll do the same in the future.
I have to do that.
I won't ever let you come and go as you wish.
The system is now disarmed.
It has been disarmed.
I just randomly tried a code and it actually got disarmed.
You mentioned that the safety range is 60 to 90 just now.
So I pressed 6090 and it worked.
Who are you exactly? Since I've gotten to know the code, if you're worried that I'll come and go as I wish, just change the code immediately.
I'm leaving.
I got disarmed by Gu Ae Jeong [Couple Making 3.]
[The turnaround for Queen of Annoyance Gu Ae Jeong.]
[The birth of a star once again from Couple Making?.]
- Eun Jung.
- Yes.
Here's the medical record.
Director, please sign this.
I've signed it already.
Not this My friends asked me to get your autograph.
My autograph? Why? Don't you realize everything has changed ever since you got on the show? Didn't the atmosphere here change? He looks better in person.
He's really handsome.
You have to attend my wedding next month.
My friends are all looking forward to that.
Director Can you introduce me to one of the artistes you met on the show? Someone who can sing at my wedding? Sing? We need to have that at weddings.
Please help me with that.
Please sign them for me.
A singer to sing at the wedding? Hey That building looks really good.
Grandfather, where is this place? It's the hospital of the man who had a blind date with your aunt on TV.
What is a blind date? Something you go for when you wish to marry.
How capable is the man? How much fortune does he hold? We can't ask those directly on TV so I came here to found out myself.
Let's take a look.
How much is this building worth going by market rates? The show became first in ratings the moment my son appeared! Did you see that 'Yoon Pil Joo' has become number 1 on internet search rankings? - Did you see that? - Yeah, we did.
Excuse me, excuse me *Hyun Bin jacket? (*refers to the jacket Hyun Bin wore in the drama Secret Garden) Are you Yoon Pil Joo's mother? My daughter is one of the artistes appearing on Couple Making.
I think I've been to this hospital before.
Oh, I've heard about it.
All the nurses say that she looks prettier in person than on TV.
After watching the TV show, your son is really outstanding.
Please take a seat inside.
I'll serve you some tea.
It's all right.
I have something on today.
My house is just nearby so I'll definitely come for this* next time.
(*referring to fire cupping, a treatment) - Yes, please do visit.
- Okay, okay! - Let's go.
- Goodbye.
Kang Se Ri.
You know her right? Kang Se Ri.
Didn't I say that she came for a visit before? That person said he is Kang Se Ri's father.
But why did Director Yoon eliminate the actress Kim Hee Jin and choose that reputed figure of annoyance? That Gu something person What does he see in her? Oh, you mean the one who stole someone else's man and had their affair found out? The producer must have instructed him to do that! Pil Joo has such high standards.
Do you suppose he chose her because he likes her? Hello.
Hello, I'm calling from MBS Broadcast Station.
MBS? Don't call my cell phone directly.
Please contact my management company.
I'm sorry? We need to speak to you directly.
Who wants to speak to me directly? The Chief Editor? The Department Head? No, you can just speak to me.
What are you? I'm the most junior writer.
Junior writer? Yes, I'm the junior writer from the Couple Making team.
Couple Making? Please give us your contact details.
I'm from the Couple Making production team.
I'm calling with regards to the prizes you won on the internet.
You took part in the popularity ranking for the Couple Making participants, right? Oh, that? You voted for Gu Ae Jeong, right? Yes.
Of the 85 people who voted for Gu Ae Jeong, you won the prize! I won the prize? [Gu Ae Jeong.]
[You've cast your vote.]
Is your name Dok Go Jin? It's the same as that famous star.
I think your voice sounds alike too.
I often hear that from others.
We will send autographed prizes from Gu Ae Jeong to the address you indicated.
Thank you.
You caused trouble! You! Gu Ae Jeong? - Oh - Ah, seriously.
Hey, hey, where are all the parcels addressed to me? I think they're currently being sorted out.
Hyungnim, what's the matter? All the letters for you are basically protests from Kim Hee Jin's fans.
There are really a lot of presents for Dok Go Jin.
What is this? It was sent by the Couple Making production team.
Is this meant for you? But it's addressed to Dok Go Jin.
If they have something to pass to me, they should have sent it to me directly.
What is inside? Stop! Dok Go Jin.
This parcel was sent to you from Ae Jeong's TV show.
What is inside? Why are you opening someone else's parcel? It was sent by the production team so I thought that it was for me.
This has nothing to do with you.
Why are you here again? Didn't I say not to appear in front of me again? I'm also under this management company.
This is also my workplace.
Is Gu Ae Jeong going to continue staying with our company? Can't we just end her contract and get rid of her? Why do you think we signed her on for? Why? Are you irritated because seeing her brings back bad memories? I don't want to see her whenever I come to the office.
Just ignore her.
Why be bothered about someone of her level? Oh, yeah.
Look at this.
I really like this script.
Take a look at it.
Although it's originally a comics, it was adapted into a very good script.
[Fated Lover.]
It doesn't suit my image.
Your image has been too dark recently, especially in your Fighter movie.
Give this kind of bright image a try too.
Your fans would want to see that.
The company sponsoring your commercial seems to like it very much too.
Tick-Tock's Lady.]
To my son? [To my son.]
He said that it is a gift from someone.
So it's a gift from his parents.
Madam, you're out.
How are you? How was she? Good.
- Our Han Bi is a good child.
- Mi Na.
This week's number one song is National Treasure Girls, "Du Geun Du Geun*"! (*Heart Beat) Let's go home, Han Bi.
Don't cry, don't cry.
Let's go, let's go.
Mi Na.
She didn't cry and behaved herself.
I think she had fun today.
Mi Na.
My Han Bi is a good child.
She didn't cry at all while we were waiting for you.
She had her meal and took a nap.
Mi Na! Don't do it, Mi Na! - Let go! - Mi Na.
- Let go.
- Don't! - Let go.
I said to let go! - Don't do it! Unni, I just want to quit all of these and forgot it completely.
Help me.
Here? Director, Gu Ae Jeong came.
Really? She was sitting here.
Did she go outside? I'll look for her.
Regarding the singer for your wedding ceremony - Yes? - I'll try to get Gu Ae Jeong to help.
Gu Ae Jeong.
Why are you standing here? I thought it was better for us not to meet.
I wanted to pretend I didn't see her.
It's nothing.
Please take your leave.
She left and didn't see you.
Is that so? Thank you.
You must have been shocked.
I'm sorry.
- It's just that - I'm going crazy.
The director is really making me mad.
What happened? Why is he so oblivious to things? Yeah, the director is really too dense.
He's not just dense, he's thickheaded.
He's so good looking, but why does he lack such sense? You're really thickheaded to walk in your staff when they're speaking about their boss behind his back.
Is that so? It's better to just pretend you didn't hear.
Block your ears.
Why did he do that? What? But don't you think it's ridiculous to get Gu Ae Jeong to sing at my wedding? The director doesn't know much about such things.
She's totally annoying.
Does her negative image suit the wedding? If my husband knew that I got Gu Ae Jeong to sing at the wedding, he'll surely be angry.
He always gets irritated when he sees celebrities involved in scandals.
What should I do? Should I just reject him directly? Isn't it ridiculous to get Gu Ae Jeong to sing at my wedding? Reject the director indirectly by saying you've found a friend to sing.
Will that work? Yeah.
Let's go, let's go.
Oh, dear.
You were called thickheaded idiot because of me.
I'll make a move first.
Oh, I came to give this to you.
I'm all right.
It's not the first time I got lambasted.
Besides, it's only right for the singer at a wedding to be someone with a bright and likeable image.
If someone as annoying and disliked as I were to sing, it might mess up the wedding and cause the bride to cry.
Then won't everyone present become my anti-fan? I don't need those kind of fans.
I'll clip the pen here.
This is the Shin Jung accupoint.
When this accupoint is pressed, you cannot speak.
When your heart feels hurt, instead of forcing yourself to smile, it's better to just stay silent and press this accupoint.
The Gu Ae Jeong I've seen is someone bright and likeable.
I don't consider things like celebrity images.
I'm really sorry for causing you to feel upset.
Unni It's been ten years since our debut, right? I read that Se Ri is holding a fan meeting to celebrate the tenth anniversary of her debut.
If I had worked at an ordinary company for about ten years, even if I fought with a colleague in the earlier years or dated someone from the office, I don't think I'll continue to be criticized until now.
This is part of a celebrity's job.
That's why I quit early and switched jobs.
Ae Jeong, on the day of our tenth anniversary, let's get together and enjoy ourselves.
I have a performance scheduled outside Seoul.
But wasn't that arranged before you joined your current management company? Is it okay for you to take it on? That's why I have to settle my duty quickly.
The outdoor shooting for Couple Making is also nearby.
I'll go there earlier and get it settled quickly.
These are the terms and conditions for the cell phone commercial.
Because it plays on your image as a couple, there's a condition that you two can't break up for the duration of the contract.
The contract is worth 1 billion won a year.
If one party causes a scandal during that duration, that party will take responsibility for it, right? Of course.
I'll be very busy in the coming year so I won't be able to get together with other men.
What about you? How convenient it is to formally announce us as lovers.
That makes it hard on us to break that condition.
So? I will not break it.
I'll continue to live my life peacefully.
Well then, we'll sign the contract.
To commemorate the signing of the contract, can you appear as the special guest for my tenth anniversary fan meeting celebrations? By showing concern for your lover publicly, you can add points to your image.
Let's accept Se Ri's proposal for her tenth anniversary event.
Didn't Kang Se Ri and Gu Ae Jeong debut together as National Treasure Sisters? Yeah, the National Treasure Girls.
Oh, that means it's also been ten years since Gu Ae Jeong's debut.
Although the two of them made their debut on the exact same day, their situations are really different now.
Seeing how rundown this place is, it must be Gu Ae Jeong's house.
[In-coming call.]
Aren't you going to answer? It's Dok Go Jin.
He must be calling to pick a fight.
Just answer it.
If you don't answer it, he'll pick a fight over that.
What should I say if he asks where I am? If he finds out about the performance outside Seoul, he'll find a reason to drive me away.
He'll say something like, "You're out.
" - The number you dialed is not available.
- She's not picking up again.
In any case, you're out.
Hey, Ding Dong.
You recognize me, right? Hello.
Is your aunt inside? She's not home.
Hey, Ding Dong.
How long have you lived here for? I've lived here all my life.
How old are you? Seven years old.
Seven years Is this house under long-term lease or monthly rental? Looking at the state of the house, it doesn't seem to be under long-term lease.
If it's under monthly rental, how much is the deposit? It won't make sense for someone with Are there any other grownups around? Ahjussi, are you going to marry my aunt? What?! My grandfather said that when people are thinking of marrying someone, they will ask such random questions.
Ding Dong! What nonsense are you saying? I am Dok Go Jin.
I shouldn't have ventured into Gu Ae Jeong's territory.
Hey, Ding Dong.
If you don't study hard and continue to play with paper planes, you'll end up living in this kind of house your whole life, got it? Answer me, Ding Dong! Yeah.
[Disco Nightclub.]
[Disco Nightclub.]
[Special Performance by Gu Ae Jeong.]
[Kang Se Ri's 10th Anniversary.]
[Kang Se Ri's 10th Anniversary Fan Meeting.]
[Kang Se Ri, we love you.
[Kang Se Ri, we love you forever.
Yes, yes I got it.
These flowers were sent by the producer.
- Put it at the side.
- Okay.
Please have a drink.
It has been 10 years since my debut.
You'll love me even more in the next 100 years, right? I'll love you forever.
Kang Se Ri, you're mine.
Unni, congrats on your 10th anniversary.
Congratulations, Se Ri-chan.
I love you, Se Ri.
Ae Jeong.
This was sent to you.
I nearly forgot about it.
What is it? Probably a present sent from a loyal fan to congratulate your 10th anniversary.
Do I have such loyal fans? Today is a very special day for you but you have to perform in such a place.
I'm really sorry about it.
What are you saying, Manager Gu? What's wrong with this place? True singers are not picky about the size of the stage.
I've told them to prepare special lighting and the smoky effect for you.
Oh, yeah! I need to ask them to use fire too! Give me a moment! Oppa! That's right.
I've got to pull myself together! I have loyal fans like this.
But the sender didn't leave a name.
Thank you for your effort.
Who sent this? This was delivered for you, Unni.
Put it over there.
Wait a moment.
[National Treasure Girls, "Du Geun Du Geun".]
[National Treasure Girls, "Du Geun Du Geun".]
Can the National Treasure Girls come over here? National Treasure Girls? National Treasure Girls? National Treasure Girls! That's us, that's us.
All right now, don't be nervous.
You just have to do what we did during practice, okay? Even if you do make a mistake, it's just a small matter.
Don't get too flustered.
Even *S.
S and FIN.
L (*popular girl groups in the late 1990s) made mistakes before.
I'll go over there.
Do your best! - I'll go over now.
- What should we do? - No! - What now? - Oppa! What should we do? I'm so nervous! What should we do? I have a feeling I'll make a mistake.
What's the first line? What's the first line? What? - We - Look at this.
I found this in front of our hostel today.
Is it really a four-leaf clover? Don't touch it! What if we drop it? Is this considered a good omen? Maybe we'll be a great success! The National Treasure Girls are the best! Is it Mi Na? [National Treasure Girls.]
[National Treasure Girls, "Du Geun Du Geun".]
[Special Performance by Gu Ae Jeong from Couple Making.]
Things have actually come to this.
Well, if I were to let things run its course, I should be able to return to my original position.
[Special Performance by Gu Ae Jeong from Couple Making.]
Do you feel very uncomfortable? Do you want to drink another bottle? No, it's okay.
I think the kimbap is stuck in my throat.
I feel sick.
He said that pressing this point will stop hiccups.
I wonder if it will work for nausea.
Do you want me to press it for you? You can't, Oppa.
He said that it's quite dangerous if pressed improperly.
I thought that since we've come all the way here, we might as well settle all the performances so I arranged for three songs.
Is it too hard on you? We've got to settle them quickly.
Hyun Jae, what are you doing? Go out there quickly! Go take a rest in the car first.
I'll call you when it's your turn.
Go quickly.
I'll do that then.
Hyung, are you still in the rebellious teen age? You've got to do your work properly.
How can you be so slipshod? Gu Ae Jeong, hello.
[Dok Go Jin.]
Dok Go Jin? I look like him, right? People respond really well to my impersonation.
I am Dok Go Jin.
Does growing a beard and moustache make you Dok Go Jin? He is much taller and his body much more well-built.
As for his looks Your eyes look too small.
Is Is he really that handsome in person? Of course.
Also, "Hello, I am Dok Go Jin.
" He won't say that.
"I am the Dok Go Jin.
" You have to say it in this tone.
Try it.
That won't resemble him.
I have to be friendly and gentlemanly to resemble Dok Go Jin.
Gu Ae Jeong, you look really beautiful today.
Something like that.
Dok Go Jin, come closer.
Being so friendly and gentlemanly makes you really likeable.
- Good effort.
- Yes.
- Try to make your eyes bigger.
- Okay! Okay.
But you're up next.
Where are you going? I think the kimbap I ate got stuck in my throat.
I'll take a break in the car and come back soon.
Okay yes, yes.
You have to come immediately when I call for you.
- Okay.
- Okay Who are you? Dok D Dok You don't look like me at all.
[National Treasure Girls, "Du Geun Du Geun".]
Main Translator: karened Spot Translator: fore Gu Ae Jeong You look really beautiful today.
Oh, Dok Go, you look too cute.
Oh, our Dok Go.
It was so embarrassing, my eyes, nose and mouth were going to disappear but I succeeded.
Is Dok Go Jin in love with someone? Why would Dok Go Jin do that? There is only one answer to all these questions.
What do you think it is? Do you like me? Ding Dong.
I'll do what I'm best at to make you tremble.
I cannot live without you I am fine even if it's hard or painful My love for you will never stop It will never change even if the world ends My love Come to me step by step Your love is like a gift to me This place where have stayed, all that is left now is longing I love you, I love you even till death Even if I am born again I'll wait for my one and only love I cannot live without you I am fine even if it's hard or painful Even if I am out of breath, even if my heart stops Only if you are by my side I love you, I'm just right here Can you see or hear me? My love for you will never stop It will never change even if the world ends My love The love of my life Where is the other half of my soul? The love of my life Where is the other half of my soul? I kept trying to keep you away You always pretended not to be bothered Saying that life is unpredictable It seems it will happen one day Because of you my chest, my heart goes "thump thump" I love only you, I yell with my whole heart I'm dreaming you'll see me with trembling lips waiting and my eyes closed and that you'll act first to give me a hug Because of you my chest, my heart goes "thump thump" I love only you, I yell The countless number of nights I endured the pain that seized my heart.
How much have I cried? I seem to have something in my eyes That's why my tears keep flowing I have been hiding a part of my heart A certain person can't even sense it thus bringing me to tears You cannot even hear me You cannot even hear my heart My tears convey love When will you be able to hear it? Because you are my man Because you are my love After sending you away and letting go, you still remain and make me cry It's because you are still my man I can't stop these foolish tears You seem unable to hear my heart Fearing that I will cry like a fool I force myself to hold them back again Why can't you hear? Why can't you see me? Turn around I'm here I am a fool in love Because you are my man Because you are my love Don't cry anymore, I am sorry that I can't let you go (I love you) Because you are my man Because you are my love After sending you away and letting go, you still remain and make me cry.
Because you are my man (You are my love) I cannot give you up at all I'm begging you not to go any further away