The Greatest Love (Choigowei Sarang) (2011) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

Dok Go Jin, what are you doing? The person who bought Gu Ae Jeong's shoes with a donation of 10 million won is me.
Not only is Gu Ae Jeong a fellow member of my management company, Couple Making is also hosted by someone special to me.
That's why I intended to donate in a quiet manner through this event.
I am sorry for causing such a din.
Was it a simple donation? Then why didn't you bid for Kang Se Ri's bag instead of Gu Ae Jeong's shoes? I guess I'll have to announce another thing I intended to do quietly.
It was a simple donation.
Along with the 10 million won donation, I've decided to donate 1,000 pairs of shoes.
- What is he doing? - What's that? Look at that! Wow, how much do those cost? Whenever I do this kind of things, "Dok Go Jin, the Angel of Donations" and "Dok Go Jin, the angel without wings," I'm labeled with titles like this.
It's really embarrassing and quite a burden.
That's why I wanted to do these quietly without anyone knowing this time, but it was made public in the end and even caused such a fuss.
Please accept my bow and apology.
He's really kind.
Conquered! [Truth behind Gu Ae Jeong's fabricated auction bid comes clean with Dok Go Jin's charitable deed.]
[The Angel of Donations, Dok Go Jin, sending his love through Gu Ae Jeong's shoes.]
Dok Go Jin said he deliberately bought Gu Ae Jeong's shoes to reconcile with her for involving her in the previous scandal.
1,000 pairs of shoes means it's almost 100 million won? Dok Go Jin has so many commercials under his belt yet he's making such a din after donating just that bit.
Aish Donate at least 100 won before you make that comment.
Donating shoes was a great idea.
Generally speaking, the reaction to my donation is good.
Gu Ae Jeong's shoes have also become popular.
If you manage to make yourself more likeable by the public, you might even get to shoot a commercial.
Since you were the one who did that charitable deed, you should take on the commercial yourself.
That doesn't sound too bad.
That area has been monopolized by sport stars all along.
I can try to attack it with a new image.
I need to speak to Representative Moon right away.
Erm I was really shocked just now.
You appeared all of a sudden so I You thought I would tell all of them that I bought the shoes because I like you? Aren't you afraid you'll end up disliked by the public like me if you get involved with me? I don't want that to happen.
It will be a burden to me.
Although my heart is slightly broken because of you, my mind isn't broken as to get into a scandal with someone who dislikes me.
I've decided to acknowledge my unrequited love.
Of course, it's tear-inducingly shameful but I think it gives me some advantages too.
I'll carry on with this alone.
So I'll never bring this to reality and involve you, okay? Since you've decided on that, please don't do things like buying my shoes for 10 million won in the future.
I'll take care of my own business.
The advantage of an unrequited love is I get to do what I want.
Although I know you won't be moved no matter what I do, I won't demand you to be affected either.
I'll take care of my own business So don't worry about it.
The situation would look better if you had bought my bag instead.
Donating shoes looks better than donating branded bags.
Dear, it can't be that Gu Ae Jeong has a hold over you? Yeah, a very strong hold.
So, don't treat Gu Ae Jeong too snobbishly.
In any case, I don't have any reason to meet Ae Jeong unni anymore.
She won't be appearing on the show anymore after today's recording.
What? Why? Gu Ae Jeong will be eliminated today.
The production team is discussing this with Yoon Pil Joo right now.
If we want to continue with the show, we'll have to eliminate Gu Ae Jeong We're not trying to interfere with your personal feelings.
We're only trying to protect the show.
That's why we were told to ask you to eliminate Gu Ae Jeong during today's recording.
Eun Woo hyung, do I have to eliminate Gu Ae Jeong? Well, if you were to fix your eyes on Gu Ae Jeong the entire time, the show will lose its sense of excitement.
The choice is up to you so we can't do anything about it.
But please try to understand our position, okay? The person who bought that pair of sneakers was you indeed.
It's thanks to "Just Anyone" that the auction price shot up.
So I ended up donating a large amount for a good cause.
You may think that you've protected Gu Ae Jeong today, but I think you've merely made her waver more and made things more difficult.
If you think so, just take care of her and don't eliminate her from the show she's working so hard to stay on.
If I could, I'd rather take her away from this world which has given her nothing but pain.
You're right.
That's how this world is.
That's why it's incredible for her to have lasted till now with her undignified persistence.
I'm recommending you, an ordinary person from outside this world, a method to protect Gu Ae Jeong.
And that is to give her a stalk of rose so that you can help her to persist for another week on this show in which she has given her all.
Okay? We've talked to Yoon Pil Joo about what to do so everything will turn out fine.
Se Ri, you don't look well.
We thought that your bag would fetch a high bid and draw attention Why did it turn out like this? Are you okay? You were in a tight spot just now.
I'm sorry that I could only watch on.
I've gotten over it, it's okay.
I do not belong to your world so perhaps I cannot protect you using the ways of your world.
I'll just do it my own way.
Please forgive me.
If you have to eliminate me today, don't be too bothered about it.
I won't blame you for it.
This is your host for Couple Making Season Three, Kang Se Ri.
Today, we'll have the second round of elimination.
There are three stalks of roses left and four participants remaining.
They are all waiting nervously for Yoon Pil Joo's rose.
So, who will be eliminated in the end? Yoon Pil Joo, is your heart ready to make its choice? All right, it's time to make his choice.
Yoon Pil Joo, please hand out the roses.
That's expected.
He just won't listen.
She has managed to continue staying on.
Yeah, so his first choice is Gu Ae Jeong.
All right, Yoon Pil Joo, please give out your second - He gave her two.
- What is he doing? - What is he doing? - What is going on? Why did he give her another? What? Hey, what is he? What is Yoon Pil Joo doing? Didn't I say to just give one stalk? Who told you to give her all of it? Se Ri, Se Ri! Stop it, stop it! We'll take a break from filming.
Let's go to the front.
The hold that she has over Dok Go Jin is his heart? Why did you do that? Even if this doesn't make it to the broadcast, the reporters there saw it all so we can't resolve the situation.
Didn't I say I'll do it my way? I'm sorry for what happened just now.
But to be more exact, I'm angry with myself.
Watching you being misunderstood and feeling upset, and watching you wavering and being distressed by that person again makes me angry.
Yoon Pil Joo Is Dok Go Jin the person you said you were bothered by? I've seen the two of you together before.
The two of you are in a world where the front and back don't match up, a world which I cannot understand.
I want to take you away from that world.
To do that, I'll have to first take a step closer to you and catch hold of you when you waver because of that person.
This is my way of honestly telling you how I feel.
Before I treat you, I want to protect you from being hurt any further.
Gu Ae Jeong I I like you.
That Oriental Medicine doctor made a wrong move.
Gu Ae Jeong gave her all to this show yet he did her in with those flowers.
She'll blame him for that.
She might become the wife of the Oriental Medicine Clinic's director.
Do you suppose she'll care about the show any longer? Do you know how much Gu Ae Jeong wants to appear on shows? She's working so hard just to earn a living and feed herself.
If her livelihood is taken cared of she will not continue in this line.
Is it hurting again? Forget it.
In any case, whether he gives her the roses slowly stalk by stalk, or in one bouquet all at once, the impact is the same.
I'll be fine once I conquer this.
I'll be fine as long as I don't watch on.
But Hyungnim, I heard that the production team is holding a meeting to find a way to resolve this without making them drop out from the show.
What? That's not the end of the two of them? What has happened has happened.
We have to get gather our thoughts and resolve this.
What are we going to do about next week's airtime? Even if we found replacements for the female participants, how do we find a perfect man in just one week? We can work from the relationship between Yoon Pil Joo and Gu Ae Jeong.
Unless we come up with something new for the show Let's put the focus on the developments between Yoon Pil Joo and Gu Ae Jeong.
That's right.
Will Gu Ae Jeong accept Yoon Pil Joo? Or will she not? Using this as the theme, we can film enough for one week's airtime! Since it was Pil Joo who caused all this, he cannot decline our request.
As for Gu Ae Jeong, she'll definitely agree to do it.
Ae Jeong, the response to news about you and Yoon Pil Joo is encouraging.
All the women are dying from envy.
If this is broadcasted on TV, it will probably cause an even greater sensation.
They'll surely make it look like the prince saved a universally detested Cinderella so that everyone will enjoy watching the show.
What if it's not for the show, but for real? Won't you feel happy if he gave them to you for real? For real? Of course I'll feel happy.
They told us not to say anything to the reporters before the next filming session so let's leave before the reporters see us here.
Wait a while for me.
I'll drive the car over.
I can't go to this person.
And what should I do about this person? I'm so blessed, so blessed.
She was so happy to receive a stalk of rose that time.
Now that she has received a whole lot of them, she must be really happy and has lost her senses.
I'll swish past her arrogantly.
I'll be able to conquer this.
Why? Because I am Dok Go Jin.
Go! Dok Go Jin What? I'm swishing past you, why are you stopping me? Oh, the car is moving weird so I thought there was something wrong with it.
Since there's nothing wrong, goodbye.
No, no.
Since you've stopped me, get in.
I have something to tell you.
What is it? Seeing how you've lost your soul after receiving the flowers, there's another story about flowers I have to tell you.
The camellia story? That story has already been lost to you.
It's a different one.
You're curious, right? Get in.
The title is A- za-lea Flo-wers.
The poem? I know that one.
When seeing me sickens you and you decide to go, I will let you go without a fuss, without a word.
I will scatter azalea flowers on the path ahead of you.
You don't have to scatter flowers.
No, I'll definitely scatter them for you.
I'll see if you will trample on them or not.
This is an elementary school, right? I've never attended elementary school properly.
- Why? - I couldn't.
Because I had to stay in the hospital at all times.
Why? I look healthy and overflowing with sexiness now so it may be hard for you to imagine but I was a sickly pretty boy when I was young.
Were you ill when you were young? Yes, I was ill for an extremely long time.
I almost couldn't do anything.
After a miraculous success in the operating theatre ten years ago, I set my mind on becoming an actor.
Because it was a job that allowed me to become anything I want.
I don't think I've heard that about you.
That's right.
Not many people know that Dok Go Jin used to be ill.
What illness was it? My heart was ill.
Keeping my heartbeat rate between 60 and 90 is really my effort to protect my heart.
Really? My chest was ripped apart.
Why are you telling me this? To have it weigh on your heart.
Didn't I say I'll scatter azalea flowers for you? My heart is the azaleas scattered in front of you.
It's soooo painful that even if you took just one step, my azaleas may just die.
Can you trample over them? Is your heart in such a bad condition? It is! It's really in pain.
So bear with it! - Bear with what? - Your desire to go to that guy Don't trample on it.
Ahjussi, please pass the ball to us.
These kids, really! Don't stay around here, go over there! Okay.
Go and pick up the ball quickly.
Run, run! Dok Go Jin, in any case, aren't you in perfect health right now? Oh, that's right! I've read about how you ran after a truck for several kilometers without a stuntman in Fighter.
And that Muscle Pain Reliever or something? You said that you did a hundred pushups in one minute for the commercial.
I watched you bragging about it on TV.
Don't think about those things.
Just Just look at this first.
Look at this, look at this! Heartbreak.
This? - What is this about? - It's ticklish.
It's ticklish.
To be playing innocent azalea flowers Isn't your body too beastly for that? This is just for ornamental purposes, just ornamental.
Dok Go Jin Are you trying to use your old surgery to weigh down my heart and cling on to me? I'm not clinging on to you.
I'm asking you to be understanding.
I'm ill so you have to look after me.
Whenever you think of going to that Oriental Medicine doctor, think of the sickly me.
That will weigh on you and you won't be able to go.
Because you're nice enough to put up with someone as unthoughtful as me.
In any case, thanks to you, I received the highest viewership rating in my life.
A lot of people praised the production team too.
I'm sorry, Hyung.
If you're really sorry, you have to turn up for the next filming.
Gu Ae Jeong's answer to your proposal The viewership rating for that will increase even more.
I'm fine with it but I'm not sure about Gu Ae Jeong.
She'll definitely say okay.
Won't she? Even if you didn't give me any flower, I'll understand.
And even if you only gave me one stalk, I'll be thankful.
But you gave all three stalks.
I don't know what to do.
Actually, I'm not sure what I should do right now too.
This is the first time I'm doing this.
Will I be rejected here right away? Please give me some time.
Yeah, how much time do you need? Let's not make it sound like a deadline to return a loan.
Well, if this drags on, interest will incur on our feelings.
Three days, without interest.
In return, let's make it a one-time repayment instead of using installments.
Hyung, can you give me some time? All right.
Think about it.
Yoon Pil Joo, we're really tense.
If we don't handle this well, the show will be a flop.
You've got to feel the pressure from it, okay? I'm tense too.
Should I give her some pressure too? Yoon Pil Joo.
I mentioned the announcement of the breakup, right? That's because a third party came between me and Dok Go Jin.
That person is Ae Jeong unni.
Aren't you shocked? I knew about it.
You knew that but still gave her all three stalks of roses? Because I want to catch hold of the wavering Gu Ae Jeong.
Gu Ae Jeong is already unable to keep steady.
I hope you won't join in and make things more difficult for her.
When seeing me sickens you and you decide to go, I will let you go calmly, without a word.
I will scatter by the armful in your path azalea flowers from Yongbyun's Yaksan Mountain.
Tread lightly on those scattered flowers as you go, step by step.
When seeing me sickens you and you decide to go, I will die before I shed a single drop of tear.
The azalea flowers is not about letting go of someone well.
It means you won't be able to let them go peacefully even if you died.
This is your host for Couple Making Season 3, Kang Se Ri.
[Perfect Man's choice.]
- It's the director! - Today, we'll have the second round of elimination.
They're all waiting nervously for Yoon Pil Joo's rose.
So, who will be eliminated in the end? Embarrassing! Embarrassing! This is so embarrassing! What should I do? Oh, it's them! What should I do, what should I do? I'm too ashamed to live, too ashamed to live! My God, how could this have happened? Three stalks! [Gu Ae Jeong received three stalks of roses.]
[Kong Jin Pills, 200,000 won each.]
[Top grade Korean beef??.]
[Newest model van.]
[Ae Jeong's album.]
[Yoon Pil Joo VS Dok Go Jin.]
You're lying, huh? You shouldn't lie.
[We're close.]
[Letter of Encouragement.]
We received the highest viewership rating.
They even sent us a letter of encouragement.
And they said not to make Yoon Pil Joo and Gu Ae Jeong withdraw.
Arrange for a special segment for the two of them and keep them on till the end.
Arrange for an individual segment for them? Will they be willing to do that much? Of course you have to do it.
This is the first time you get to appear on an individual corner, isn't it? Yes.
This is a chance for you to get rid of your bad image.
The carefully selected perfect man chose you.
If the viewers watch on, they'll feel that you must have a special charm, something that is hidden within you.
Do you mean that I'll be more well-liked if I managed a good romance on the show? Just watch.
If you get along well with Yoon Pil Joo, people will start to like you.
Oh, and try mixing with his relatives.
As your management company, we're behind you.
[Gu Ae Jeong was chosen by the perfect man.]
Since things have developed this way, I should reveal my identity now.
But then Concealing my identity How should I explain that? Give me a moment.
- Aigoo, aigoo, My God.
Aigoo - Aigoo, aigoo, Yoon Pil Joo's mother.
You read the report? You must have read it too.
Yes, the photo is really unbelievable.
They look really compatible.
Compatible? Who's compatible with whom? That's Gu Ae Jeong and this is Director Yoon.
How can we put them together? What? Isn't your son the one who's clinging on to her because he likes her? Clinging on? Who is clinging on to whom? It must have been Gu Ae Jeong who seduced our innocent Director Yoon.
Being pestered by this beggar-like woman is really frustrating! Do you think I'll just keep my mouth shut? Kang Se Ri's father! I am not Kang Se Ri's father.
I am this woman, Gu Ae Jeong's father.
What? Gu Ae Jeong's father? That's right! Who are you to speak of someone else's daughter that way? Your son is just like you.
[Chun Young Dang.]
- He and his horrible hospital! - Hey! If your daughter is so precious to you, why did you scam me by lying about being Kang Se Ri's father? Huh? Scam? Aigoo.
Is taking that few Kong Jin Pills and those few pieces of Korean beef considered a scam? Of course it is a scam! You're just like those dirty peddlers by the roadside.
All right.
I will vomit out all that I've eaten and tell my daughter never to accept your son! Please do that! Hello.
This is your host for Couple Making Season Three, Kang Se Ri.
Today, we'll have the second round of elimination.
They're all waiting nervously for Yoon Pil Joo's rose.
Hyung, I'm here.
Couple Making is on again? A lot of people are watching on TV broadcast, re-telecast and cable networks.
If we add all the people who watched on TV broadcast, re-telecast and cable networks, more than half the nation has seen Gu Ae Jeong looking like that.
That's right.
That's why the production team is arranging for a new corner for them.
- What? - A documentary about their real relationship.
It's already a hot topic now.
When it gets broadcasted, won't the viewership ratings soar? You They'll try to draw attention from the first date.
First date? If they start dating publicly, won't they be even sweeter than when they were on the show? Maybe they'll even go for a vacation.
And the highlight of the vacation will be their first night! How can that be broadcasted on public TV? If that kind of thing appears, I'll sue them! Yeah, even if that really happened, it won't be shown on TV.
Aigoo, what am I thinking of? Aigoo, my stomach hurts.
Aigoo, seriously.
Representative Moon says that you look more mature than before.
Yoon Pil Joo looks mature too.
Why did he act like that all of a sudden? I have to catch hold of you when you get shaken by that person.
Is it that obvious to others that I wavered? Ae Jeong, are you meeting Yoon Pil Joo to discuss about the filming of the show? Yes, we need to meet.
Then shall I take you to the Oriental Medicine hospital? It's okay, I've called for a cab already.
Shall I go with you and have lunch together? All right, I got it.
I'll wait here.
Meet him quickly and settle it.
Is it better to meet him quickly and talk about it? Although I've planted azalea flowers, Gu Ae Jeong is going to go ahead and trample over them.
This is Mr.
Kang's chart, right? It's not that one, but this one.
I'm sorry.
I made a slip again.
What's wrong with you the entire day? Something is making me very nervous today.
Doctor, you're breaking out in cold sweat.
This is the first time I've seen you like this.
This is also the first time I'm experiencing something like this.
Dok Go Jin, you've came? What are you doing over there? I came here to sign autographs for the 1,000 pairs of shoes you're donating.
They just need my autograph.
- Is that so? Then I'll just leave now.
- No, no.
Of the 1,000 children, there might just be one child who wants your autograph.
Kind-hearted Gu Ae Jeong, don't go anywhere.
Just sign your autographs.
I saw the broadcast and your professionalism towards that was great.
Towards what? Even when you received all those roses, you didn't get flustered and maintained your cool.
Isn't your ability to handle it bravely professional? Yeah! Did it seem like that to you? I was trembling really hard.
If you used that as a measure, It would probably have reached 120.
If it reached 120, your insides would have been throbbing wildly.
It was worth lying about finding the pen.
That's right.
I was sincere when I lied about finding the pen.
I shouldn't have thrown that pen away in the first place.
You must have signed a lot of autographs.
You're really quick at it.
It seems we'll be able to finish this very soon.
What's the matter? I'm making sure my feelings for my fans get conveyed properly.
All right.
All right.
Look at this.
"Gu Ae Jeong's hidden charm" is on the search ranking.
She gets to appear on shows and caught hold of Yoon Pil Joo even.
Isn't she on the road to success? She must be overwhelmed to be wooed by two successful men! If I had stayed on in the entertainment circle, would such things have happened to me? Jenny, what would you do if it were you? If two men were to woo you? I wonder I will take them both! - Bad woman.
- Bad woman.
Why did she come? It's been a long time, Jenny unni.
Why are you here for? To see if Ae Jeong unni is here.
Ae Jeong is not here.
Did she go to meet Dok Go Jin? What is that? This is a four leaf clover.
I hope that people who receive these shoes will also receive good luck.
What a childish belief.
Wouldn't it be better to just put an additional thousand won inside the box? On the day of our debut, one of our members, Mi Na, found a four leaf clover.
Following that, the four of us became really successful.
That's why I really think four leaf clovers are bearers of good luck.
In the end, all four of you separated.
But why did you become so disliked? Everyone knows about it.
It was because I hit Se Ri.
Did you really hit her? Yes.
I was too angry so my hand just went up like this You should have hit her when no one was watching.
Anyway, whenever I see Se Ri, I remember that incident so it's quite embarrassing and uncomfortable.
Dok Go Jin likes Ae Jeong.
Ae Jeong doesn't feel the same.
It's Dok Go Jin? Things will work out well between Ae Jeong and Yoon Pil Joo.
So don't break up with him officially and cause trouble for Ae Jeong.
Why? If I were to break up with Dok Go Jin, I'll put the blame on Ae Jeong unni.
You're really ungrateful.
Don't you remember how Ae Jeong took care of you back then? I don't remember anything other than her hitting me.
Why did Ae Jeong do that? Don't you remember what you did to Mi Na? It was because of you that Mi Na collapsed that day.
That was why Ae Jeong got angry.
That is an incident from the past, with neither proof nor witness.
- Why talk about it again? - Well With Han Mi Na's appearance, there will be a witness so I guess we can talk about that now.
[Medical Record.]
You're late for your appointment.
I thought it was better for us not to meet.
I wanted to pretend I didn't see her.
- Please block me.
- It's nothing.
Please take your leave.
Yes, you're right.
Actually, I didn't want to visit again.
I've been seeing you on TV recently so I wanted to avoid you.
But I read some articles and thought that I should visit you just once.
Because I feel that you will become a very important person to Ae Jeong unni.
Did you come because of Gu Ae Jeong? Yes.
My name was previously Han Mi Na.
Ae Jeong unni and I were part of the National Treasure Girls.
Doesn't this seem to be from Mi Na? Hasn't she completely disappeared from the spotlight? Even if she has disappeared, if you were to hurt Ae Jeong, she'll reappear.
Unni, do you want a drink? Thanks.
My stomach is feeling strange, I keep feeling nauseous.
Nauseous? Is it indigestion? Drink this.
Mi Na? What happened? Mi Na? Are you okay? My stomach hurts.
My stomach hurts.
My stomach hurts a lot.
Are you okay? Didn't I say it was just a prank? What did I do wrong? That incident was solely caused by you but Ae Jeong bore the blame for you.
Ae Jeong kept the truth from everyone.
You really have to be thankful to her.
If you were to do anything strange, I will go find Han Mi Na and spill everything out.
I didn't know Mi Na would become so sick.
And I didn't know that Ae Jeong unni would disband the group because of that.
Come to think of it, Se Ri and I seem to always get into misunderstandings.
Whenever girls get together, there will surely be those who can get along well and those who don't.
Secrets will also form among them.
Since they can't put everything in the open, misunderstandings will only continue to grow.
What kind of secrets? What kind of secrets? It's called a secret because it can't be shared.
Did you take the fall all by yourself because you couldn't bring yourself to speak the truth? At that time, I thought I could handle taking the fall by myself.
I didn't know it would cause me to be disliked for an entire ten years.
For you to survive all the scorn and difficulties for the past ten years is an amazing feat.
Are you praising me right now, with that mouth of yours? You asked if I'm afraid of becoming like you.
I admit.
I am very afraid.
That's why knowing how you're living under those scary circumstances keeps making me worried and makes me want to turn around and look at you once more.
Do you think I'm pitiful? No.
This is not sympathy.
It's How should I put it? Empathy? Ding Dong.
The weather turned warm.
It's so refreshing.
The side with the photo is more refreshing.
Hold it here firmly.
Yes, Representative Moon.
I've just reached the office.
Please wait a moment.
It seems we'll have to work through the night.
Hold it there tightly.
Shall I sign your autograph on your behalf? Give it to me.
- Give it to me.
- Really? Of course.
Gu Ae Jeong may be difficult but her autograph is really easy.
- Gu - That's not how it is.
Ae It's exactly the same.
If Ae Jeong unni's heart is placed there, I'll have to hold on tightly to Dok Go Jin and not let go.
Then Yoon Pil Joo would have wasted his efforts just like me.
I can't settle my relationship with Dok Go Jin.
Furthermore, our show is in a precarious situation due to Ae Jeong unni.
How can I announce the breakup under such circumstances? I cannot.
We signed a contract, didn't we? If you violate the contract, I'll call the reporters and cry in front of them.
Ae Jeong unni is my benefactor.
Please treat her well.
Yes, I'm waiting impatiently to be able to do that.
Shall I tell you one of the things Ae Jeong unni likes? Full shot! Gu Ae Jeong, if your arms ache, just do it slowly.
We can always work through the night.
[Perfect Man Yoon Pil Joo.]
Hello? Yes.
She only said "yes" thrice.
Why can't you come? Is Dok Go Jin keeping you there? Yes.
Is he still clinging on to you pathetically saying that he's ill? - Yes.
- That dude is really Just try to get rid of him and come quickly.
- I'll be waiting.
- Yes.
Gu Ae Jeong Just say "yes" thrice to whatever I'm going to ask you.
I said that my heart is azalea flowers, right? Yes.
I told you not to trample on it, right? Yes.
But you are standing on top of it right now.
You might as well walk across quickly so that I'll feel better.
So just go.
Hello? Are you busy right now? Yes.
So, you'll be home late? Yes.
Please call me when you reach home.
What a great autograph! When we were in National Treasure Girls, the red bean buns sold by the bakery in front of our hostel were in the shape of a four leaf clover.
Ae Jeong unni liked that very much so she often bought it and shared it with us.
We promised to share the good luck.
Doctor, please buy it and share it with her.
I wanted to share it with her and impress her.
[Gu Ae Jeong.]
[Dok Go Jin.]
Are you on your way home? Yes Yoon Pil Joo I'm about to reach home.
Shall we meet at Jenny's restaurant? Okay.
I've been waiting for you.
This is from a really famous bakery.
Someone sent this as a gift to the Oriental Medicine Hospital today.
I really loved this bread.
- It's from that bakery.
- Is that so? Yes.
It was located in front of the hostel during my National Treasure Girls' days.
But it's too far from here so I've not eaten it for a long time.
I'm really glad for this.
It's great that you like them.
Eat this.
We have to eat this together with other people.
Isn't it shaped like a clover? We shouldn't keep all the good luck to ourselves.
We should share it, right? Please eat this.
Will something good happen to me today? Since you said it's good luck Thank you for associating me with good luck.
Actually, you are indeed good luck to me.
You're really a rare four leaf clover.
But my heart is now filled with cherry blossoms and camellia flowers blossoming and Azalea flowers being scattered.
So I can't see the clover very well.
That's true, it's so ordinary and plain-looking so there's no way it can move someone's heart.
But it's the best one among all kinds of bread.
My heart must have lost its mind from all the flowers.
As time passes, I'll realize things like this bread is the best, right? Gu Ae Jeong, shall we extend the deadline a bit then? If beginning right away is difficult on you, How about beginning by appearing in the show? - Beginning by appearing in the show? - Yes.
Gu Ae Jeong, just appear in the show like any other show.
But I'll be next to you, acting from true feelings.
I'll have nothing to lose.
Because as time passes, in the end, this kind of thing is still the best.
You're growing faster than I thought.
But if you grow poison that quickly, won't you die? It hasn't exceeded the safety range.
Why does it hurt so much then? Is unrequited love also a kind of poison? Will I die like this? Doctor Jang is in the middle of a surgery.
You'll have to wait an hour or two more.
I'll wait.
He's a fan of girl groups? There's the National Treasure Girls too? [National Treasure Girls - Heartbeat.]
Doctor Jang was just called away for an emergency surgery and has to leave on the helicopter immediately.
You'll have to leave for today.
Doctor Jang plays that during surgeries to sooth his nerves.
Other doctors like to play classical music but Doctor Jang only listens to music from girl groups when he performs surgeries.
Wait a moment.
Then, he would have played this "Thump thump" music during heart surgeries, right? Yes.
Although he only plays it sometimes nowadays, when this song was still very popular, he would play it every time he performs a surgery.
Ten years ago? Heart surgery.
If this was the song playing during the surgery, everything can then be explained.
Doctor! I'm Dok Go Jin.
Doctor, when you performed the heart surgery on me 10 years ago, Did you play this "Heartbeat" song by the National Treasure Girls? What? I don't have the time to joke with you right now.
I'm going to save another heart right now.
This is also an important matter for my heart.
Please try to recall.
Did my heart listen to this "Heartbeat" song during the surgery? [National Treasure Girls - Heart Beat.]
Doctor, the song that is playing now, isn't it too distracting? Why? It's fine.
Aren't they singing that the heart is beating? For a patient who is having heart surgery, isn't this the most encouraging song? That's right.
I played this song when I operated on you Are you sure about it? Your surgery was one of the most difficult surgeries I've performed.
I remember all the details relating to it.
That is why.
That is why.
That's right.
I wasn't disarmed.
I was hypnotized! I conquered it! I conquered it! Pil Joo said that if you're up to it, he'll do it too.
The script is also out.
All right, it now depends on your decision.
This is not just a small corner on Couple Making.
The estimated airtime is twenty minutes.
Twenty minutes! Oppa, if I were to do this, I'll be dating Yoon Pil Joo under the eyes of the entire nation, right? That's right.
Ae Jeong Although I feel that the show is important, I really hope that things between you and Yoon Pil Joo will go well.
If he sees things going on well between you two in the show, Dok Go Jin will probably be able to settle his feelings as well.
Ae Hwan hyung.
Did Did you come with Dok Go Jin? No, I came to discuss Dok Go hyungnim's documentary.
Hyungnim is ill so he went to the hospital.
He's ill? Why didn't you go with them then? Hyungnim always visits the hospital by himself.
He doesn't like to let others know that he's ill.
Is he very ill? He didn't tell me how ill he felt.
Is he really ill? Dok Go hyungnim really hates hospitals.
For him to visit the hospital means that he must be really ill.
Is he really ill? Is your heart in such a bad condition? It's really in pain.
So bear with it! I said that my heart is azalea flowers, right? Yes.
But you are standing on top of it right now.
You might as well walk across quickly So that I'll feel better.
So Just Go.
Gu Ae Jeong's sport shoes.
You can't bear to trample over that person, right? You're worried that person might be very ill, right? You want to see that person, right? Ding Dong.
Will 6090 open the door? What should I do? Gu Ae Jeong.
The security system has been disarmed.
I heard that you were feeling ill, are you okay? Before we talk, there is something I need to confirm.
[Azalea Flower.]
I've indeed returned to normal.
It's between 60 and 90.
That is normal, right? Is that so? - So, are you all right now? - Yes.
I have good news for you too.
- What is it? - Gu Ae Jeong, my heart no longer beats faster because of you.
Why? I won't waver anymore for you.
Why? There is only one answer to all these questions.
What do you think it is? You don't like me now? Ding Dong.
Translator: karened Watch dramas legally at I cannot live without you I am fine even if it's hard or painful I can't stop my love for you It will never change even if the world ends My love I cannot hide I cannot conceal My love for you You feel it, don't you? You're trembling, aren't you? How much longer must I try to read your mind? Tell me how you feel.
Don't pretend to be indifferent.
Do what your heart wants you to.
Catch hold of my hand right now.
Quickly catch hold of my hand.
Every time I happen to turn my head around, Our eyes will meet.
That scene keeps appearing in my dreams, Bothering me all night.
Of all the empty seats around, You chose the seat beside me.
Before I knew it, a silly smile appeared On my face without my realization.
Why don't we bring it to the open then? Shall we talk? You feel it, don't you? You're trembling, aren't you? How much longer must I try to read your mind? Tell me how you feel.
Don't pretend to be indifferent.
Do what your heart wants you to.
Catch hold of my hand right now.
Just catch hold of my hand.
Catch hold of my hand right now.
This faraway thing called "love" If it comes into sight, it will bring heartache and tears, right? That's why I left you So that I can fall in love with my love Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye Don't forget me Even if I only lived for a second I'll be the one and only heart who loves you For that one and only, I've concealed sorrowful tears and left So please remember me Don't forget me Even if I only lived for a second I'll be a fool who only loves you I am really envious of your cell phone Because it's with you by your side right now Don't forget me You feel it, don't you? You're trembling, aren't you? How much longer must I try to read your mind? Tell me how you feel.
Don't pretend to be indifferent.
Do what your heart wants you to.
Catch hold of my hand right now.
Quickly catch hold of my hand.
Every time I happen to turn my head around, Our eyes will meet.
That scene keeps appearing in my dreams, Bothering me all night.
Of all the empty seats around, You chose the seat beside me Because you are my man Because you are my love After sending you away and letting go, you still remain and make me cry Because you are my man It's because you are still