The Guard (2008) s01e03 Episode Script

Coming Through Fog

And smelled like fish.
- Sometimes we hang on to pain because it's all we know.
- So you're the manager of the, um, colony Or whatever this is.
- You should actually come by some evening.
We, uh-we have a lot of fun when the sun goes down.
- Bingo! - Miro da Silva was an immature ass in coast guard college, And he hasn't changed a bit in 11 years.
- Laura, as mate, you have to be able to communicate With your captain.
Had to pull over on the way home from work.
- How's the home life? - Fine.
- You should take Andrew off the schedule.
I think recovering the bodies Of that mother and kids last week Was a little harder on him than he's willing to admit.
- I don't know where you are these days.
- His concentration's affected.
I don't think he's in any shape to be out.
- I want you to tell me that you're gonna get help.
You could say good-bye to your dad before you leave.
He had a bit of a rough night.
And you have a nice day.
- Can you leave them closed? - I need to see what I'm doing.
Your eyes bothering you again? Where's s Tina going? - Hey, I'm just the girlfriend.
- Sorry if I kept you awake last night.
- You didn't.
You want me to do this? - What did? - Stuff Going around in my head.
- Like? - The promotion, Being passed over Miro.
- I thought we agreed Not to bring him into bed with us anymore.
- Yeah, just let it go, right? I got to get into work.
I'd rather stay here with you.
- Liar.
Get to the base and give them hell.
- All right, come on.
- See you next practice, Libby.
- My shoulder's feeling a lot better.
- Not yet.
- Please? It doesn't hurt hardly at all.
all right.
Well, maybe you can start playing next week.
- Really? - We'll see.
- Hi, guys.
- Hey! Hey, what the hell were you doing? - I'm sorry.
I didn't see you there.
- This is a school zone.
- Yeah, I know.
I'm sorry.
What the hell do you mean, you know? Slow down! - Hey, back off, buddy! It was an honest mistake! - Mistake, huh? - Get off of me! - What are you doing? - What's his problem anyway? - I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
- - You know could press charges? Is he nuts? - I'm terribly sorry.
I- I'm sorry.
- I'm in too deep, my heart is cold got my head above water and nowhere to go the days are long, the nights so cold but I keep going back for more we've got to get out of here why don't you save me? we've got to get out of here can you save me? - An emergency locator transmitter is hidden Somewhere on this base.
In a real emergency, a coast guard's ability To find an E.
In a timely manner- - Yeah, yeah, yeah, cut to the chase.
What time to we have to beat? - 1 minute, 38 seconds.
- Piece of cake.
- Let's do it.
- Fair enough.
Ladies, start your engines.
Go! - Okay, this way, this way.
- Okay, we got it.
We got it.
- It's dead ahead.
- Oh, that's nasty.
- Pigs.
- Time! 5 minutes, 32 seconds.
In a real emergency, A search-and-rescue worker needs to- - Don't even start.
The point of exercise is to hone skills, Not entertain little minds.
- Oh, come on, I'm trying to lighten it up- - Next time we do an exercise, don't waste my time.
- It was a joke.
- And on our left, folks, Are the proud men and women of the Canadian coast guard.
Everybody say "hey"! Hey! - Wave to my girlfriend.
Hi, Carly.
Hi, Carly! - Ladies and gents, we'll be landing in port Hallet shortly.
Please put your tray tables in their upright position, And on behalf of the captain and myself, I'd like to thank you for flying air orca.
- Okay.
- Well, maybe we'll just go below and start lunch.
- Great.
Go ahead.
I'll see you down there.
- Yeah, whatever.
Take your time.
There's no rush.
- Sure.
What is it now? - Now? - Yeah.
- I've been tired and freezing for three days.
- Lighten up a little, will you, please? Come on, this is why I bust my hump 72 hours a week.
Can you at least try and have a little fun? - I think the last time I had this much fun, I was cleaning out the oven.
No, that was warmer.
- Jo, do me a favor.
At least in front of Brian and Leslie, Can you "pretend," okay? Come on.
- How'd it go out there? - Good.
Good, yeah It was fine What's happening with the storm system? Is it coming to shore? - It's supposed to wallop us tomorrow sometime.
- Another wild weekend, huh? - Speaking of wild weekends, A woman named Irene called for you, twice.
- You' too funny.
That's no woman.
That's my sister.
- So what was that all about? Miro's just trying to lighten things up a bit.
- Well, I'm not going easy on him.
He's duty captain now.
He should grow up.
Why? What are you so worried about? - It's just we're on short-leash contracts.
You know, every six months, Any one of us could be transferred out of here.
That's all I'm saying.
- Well, Nori renews our contracts.
Who stays and who goes is up to her, Not duty captain.
Why? You think Miro's gonna try and get rid of me? - I think a captain always wants his crew to respect him.
- Respect is a two-way street.
- Yeah, it is.
- Hey.
- What's up? - I was out of line.
- Were you? I didn't notice.
Anything else? - No, that's it.
- Yeah, hello.
- Don't "yeah, hello" me.
What, are you a big hotshot now? Is that it? - Irene, w what do y want? I'm working.
- Look, I've got everything all set for daddy's party.
Hey, Monica! Knock it off! I don't care who started it! Just knock it off! Anyway, just be there at noon, okay? I don't-I've only got that room at the home for two hours.
- Yeah, okay.
I'll try.
It depends on the ferry.
Rain forecast is iffy.
- Try nothing, your highness.
You be there, or there's hell to pay.
- Hey! - Hey.
- Pretty lady, you come to see your man do his thing? - Sort of.
- Hey, guys, this is my girlfriend, Carly.
Yeah, I know, right? - Can you, uh, just - Yeah.
- Will you, um Uh, are you, uh, gonna come over later? - Yeah, you bet, darling.
I'm making my famous pad Thai-spicy.
You like pad Thai? - Sure, yeah.
- I can make something else.
- No, uh, that's fine.
- Okay, what'd I do? - Can you stop cruising by the base? - Hey, you know, it's open water.
- I know.
I don't appreciate being part of the freak show.
- Freak show? Wow, that's harsh.
- Can you just not do it? - Why? 'cause you're ashamed of me? - That's not what I said.
- No, I know what you said.
You know what, darling? I got to show another boatload of tourists the whales, So - Andrew, you have to do something about this.
If you love us at all, you have to go see somebody.
- Come on, you dirty brute.
- So these are post-dated.
- Checks, huh? - Through to the end of the month.
I got to live off cash for a bit.
- If you're having money issues, You might maybe rethink that macho-man truck.
What's that set you back a month? - My truck? No, I-I need my truck.
I just got a, uh, credit-card screwup to sort out.
- If one of these bounces, You realize I'll be coming down the hall And take it out of your hide.
- Miro! Hey, remember me? - Hot beef sandwich.
- Thanks.
- This will be a cash transaction.
- Yes.
- Just checking.
- Okay, look, the only thing we ever promised each other Was no head games, And we both still want the same thing, right? - I thought so.
- Just keep it casual.
- Yeah, yeah.
No, exactly.
- Okay, uh, not returning my calls and texts, That's not casual.
In fact, that is actually a form of aggression.
Uh! To keep things casual, you have to be honest, right? - Absolutely.
- So before we even had sex, We both agreed to this "no strings" thing.
So if you want to walk away, no biggie, But just say so.
- No, that's not-no.
- Listen, I'm 41.
This is not my first waltz around the ballroom.
I don't have the hang-ups a lot of other people have, But I do not want games.
I'm cool with whatever, But I need to know where I stand.
- Fair enough.
- Okay.
So that being said, Do you have any plans for this evening? - Tonight? - Mm-hmm.
- That's not good for me.
I've Got a meeting.
- You got a meeting? - Yeah.
I'm It's coast guard stuff.
- You frickin' jerk! No, you know what you are? You are an adolescent! You are an emotionally stunted, post-pubescent amateur! - Could you ju- There's no need to embarrass the both of us.
- Oh, what? You're embarrassed? You are embarrassed? You used me for the best sex you've ever had In your pathetic, little man life, And then you leave me hanging out to dry.
- It's okay.
I got your coffee.
- You know what, buddy? You can just kiss this ass and wave it good-bye! - How do you know when it's time To cut your losses and get out? - Are you waiting for me to answer that? - I've been at this 12 years.
How hard do I fight? I mean, how many sacrifices do I make To keep a job with crappy hours And lousy pay No security? - When did this become about pay and security? - What I'm asking is, How long do you permit yourself to be kicked in the shins And abused by people who, in theory, Should know and respect you? - Wow.
You really are a sore loser.
I'm not talking About losing the competition for duty captain.
That's just part of the coast guard.
You win some, you lose some, You move on.
I just hope one day I'm not gonna regret spinning my wheels here.
- God, you were doing so well.
I hope we're not in for another battle.
- Look, you're not spinning your wheels.
Hey, miss.
You were supposed to be home a while ago.
- I bumped into some people.
- No, I'll go.
Let me go.
I'll try some girl talk.
You want to look at me? You know what? You don't need to.
I could see outside your pupils are the size of dimes.
Stay out of your dad's stash.
It's for his M.
He needs that for pain control.
- So do I.
- Look, the deal was home by 6:00 or call.
- You're not a cop, and you're not my mom.
- No But I can still kick your ass.
- Try it.
- So what did you learn? - Well, he said the weather may get wild before the day's out.
He suggested we just stay put, right? - Well, he said we should think about it anyway.
- Okay, so is that our plan, then? - It's not that bad yet.
It's not.
Look, okay, I say we head straight down the coast.
We'll stay close to shore, and, uh-and we'll be fine.
- Eric, no.
Why on earth would you say that? - Jo, it's only 20 miles back to the marina in the car.
- Where you left the emergency flares in the trunk.
- We won't need the emergency flares.
- Eric! - Jo.
Come on, look, both Brian and I, we got to get back.
We got court Monday morning.
- There is a storm coming.
No, I'm not getting on that sailboat.
I'm not doing it.
- You know what, then? Fine.
Suit yourself, okay? You take the damn ferry back.
We'll have a margarita waiting for you on the dock.
Come on.
- Hey.
What you doing? You're reading.
What? - Tibetan book of the dead.
- Why? - I'm divining my pathway to enlightenment.
- Oh.
I cleaned out my truck earlier.
- Well, that's good too.
- So What happened to my pad Thai? I thought you were coming over last night.
- Yeah, I figured we could both use the sleep.
Sorry, darling, I got to get to work.
- Oh, come on, Wendell, this is really high school.
- Is it? I don't know.
I didn't get much high school.
- I can't believe you're honestly upset with me About last night.
I mean, this whole wounded act is a joke, right? - Yeah.
Listen, I can handle the whole pushing away And sparring, But if you're ashamed to be with me in public, Maybe you ought to be ashamed to be with me in private too.
- Come on, Wendell, you can't be serious.
So that's it? We're over? Is that what you're telling me? - Well, look who decided to grace us with his presence.
Daddy's over there, your highness.
Go say hello.
- They line up With three wide receivers and Flago as the lone setback.
The defense shows blitz.
Stanbridge from the shotgun, steps back in the pocket, Throws up the middle.
Broken up by the D.
, bridges, But he just couldn't hold on to the ball, And from his reaction It's a good one, and Michaels receives the ball All the way back at his own 21, Straight ahead to the 30.
Slips a tackle, cuts to the outside, Still on his feet.
Up to the 40, the 50, gets a block.
- Go, you son of a bitch.
Go! - Down the sidelines.
Nearly steps out of bounds, but somehow manages to stay in.
One man to beat.
the 20! The 10! Into the end zone! Touchdown! Michaels with an incredible- - Mitchell is wide open for the touchdown! Yes, unbelievable.
Mitchell with a fantastic pair of hands.
He's just doing an amazing job Coming back off of that injury last year, An Achilles heel - Get me the hell out of here.
Go to hell.
- Dad, there's a five-foot rule on oxygen compressors.
Besides, you shouldn't be smoking anyways.
- You sound just like that bitch nurse- Always yapping about rules and schedule.
I'd like to give it to her.
- Tone it down, okay? - So you been getting any lately? Yeah, like I'm really gonna talk to you about that.
Well, I've been sussing out my prospects.
This one old girl come nosing around the table at mealtime.
Figure she's a goer.
- Jesus, dad.
You're in a home.
When do you give it a rest? - Don't get all moral on me.
You sound just like your sisters.
Since when did they get to be such miserable bitches? - Was there ever a time? Did you ever love mom? - What t hell's that supposed to mean? I never loved another woman in my life.
- Then Why? - That had nothing to do with love.
- I think you're being too hard on yourself.
You're not superman.
You're a human being.
It wasn't your fault.
You have to let it go.
- That's it? You're going already? - I got to make it to the ferry to get to work.
- Are you still at that motel? You got to get a decent place, Miro.
No one wants a man who lives in a motel.
- Reenie.
- What? What's the matter? - I need a, uh A small loan to get me through some stuff.
I knew it.
I knew it.
So-so what is it now, huh? - It's credit-card debt.
I can make the interest, but I can't get ahead.
- How much? - Not much.
- 20? 20 what? 20 Thousand? 20,000? God.
My god, Miro.
What the hell did you spend that on? - You gonna help me or not? - You know, I got kids to put through school.
When are you gonna grow up, huh? You are turning into a user, Miro- A user and a loser, just like him, you know that.
- I'll figure it out on my own.
- You're no different than him.
- It's the same stuff as before.
Got to go.
- Your daughter's over there.
- What's s she doing - Apparently, she's meeting up with some people.
- Hey.
I want Tina to stay here with you.
- What do you mean? - I got to get my things in order While I still have the capacity.
I would like you in charge of medical decisions, If you're okay with that.
- Sure.
- You'll be the executor of my estate.
You get the house.
- David, it's way too soon for this.
- I want you to have custody of Tina.
- You're not gonna die.
- Yeah, I am.
That's how this ends.
- Not for a long time.
- I just don't want her to have to go and stay with her mother.
Okay? I'd like her to stay here with you.
- Yeah, well Tina may feel differently.
- I'd like her to have the choice.
- Come on, you stupid- - Pull! - It won't budge! - Then pull harder! We need to get it down! - I'm trying! - Come on! - Unh! - Eric! Eric, come on! - All right, we're good.
We're good.
Okay, you got it? - Yeah.
- You set? - Ladies and gentlemen, Due to the extreme weather conditions in the strait, The captain has canceled the final crossing for today.
Our next scheduled ferry departure Will be tomorrow morning at 6:45 a.
- Yep, it's all there.
- Thanks.
- You're in early.
- Yeah.
Have you seen it out there? Sorry.
That was unnecessary.
- It's okay.
- No, it's not.
There's a lot of stress in my life right now, And, uh, I've had kind of a weird day.
- Yeah, well, weird days? I was at my dad's birthday party With, uh, 3,000 of my rug rat nieces and nephews.
- What's the matter, you don't like kids? That surprises me, Miro.
I bet one day you, uh, find some nice girl, Fall in love, settle down.
You'll have a houseful.
- Okay, you just said three things in one sentence That are completely whacked.
Uh, "settle," "nice girl," "fall in love.
" Won't happen, not possible.
- How can you be so sure? - It's called genetic predisposition.
- Sorry to hear that.
- How about you? You like kids? - I've always said I liked kids, just other people's, And I may yet regret that.
- Eric.
Oh, my god.
Eric, where are you? - Joanne? Joanne, we're in trouble! can you hear me? - Eric, I didn't hear what you said.
- We're in trouble, honey.
We've dropped rudder! The boat won't respond! - Eric, I'm-I'm losing you.
- Jo, can you hear me? Are you there? - Eric? Come on.
- The cellular customer you are dialing Is not available.
- Oh, okay.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
- Excuse me.
- Copy that, paradise found.
You have no G.
Do you know approximately where you are? Can you see anything to indicate your position? just the compass! The compass is all we have! - Okay, okay, but can you see anything? Can you see any land, any navigational buoys? Paradise found, do you read? Where the hell did he go? - Did you get anything off the D.
Antenna? - Cross-checking with Point Hardy To get a position.
- This is coast guard base, Port Hallet.
We have a mayday from a paradise found.
- Okay, let's go find them.
- What? - Can I ask you something? - Sure.
- You guys are the perfect couple.
When you married Amy, did you know it would work? What? Work? I don't know.
Why? - I think I spend too much time Worrying about how things can go wrong And not enough time making them go right.
So? Tell me.
How you do that? - Uh, you just do, you know? I think-I think at first, You have to want it to work out.
- Right.
- Mayday, mayday! This is paradise found! - Barry, I got it.
This is coast guard station, port Hallet.
We're here, paradise found.
- The water's coming up fast! We have no raft, just life jackets! try to remain calm, sir.
We're on our way.
- Yes? - I have a lady here looking for the coast guard.
- All right, send her in.
- You have to get us out of here! - We're doing the best we can to get to you.
- For Christ sakes, hurry, please.
- We've matched a position line.
- Bingo! Hold on! - My husband and another couple Left port Hallet, uh, sometime this afternoon.
They're heading down the coast about 20 miles.
- We are going down fast! - Try to remain calm.
The rescue team will be there in a matter of minutes.
- I'm sorry.
You-you can't go past this point.
You're gonna have to wait out here.
- Where the hell are they? - That's Eric.
- Paradise found, This is the Canadian coast guard lifeboat Cape pacific.
Do you read? - Yes, I can hear you.
I can- Oh, Jesus! - Paradise found? This is cape pacific.
Come in, please.
- I'm here! We're going under! How long is it gonna be? - Ma'am, uh, you can't go back.
Ma'am! - That is my husband.
- This is cape pacific.
We're just a few minutes away.
- No time.
I think we- we can make out the shore.
We may need to swim, But we can't really be sure of the distance.
- Paradise found, this is cape pacific.
Do not attempt to swim.
Stay together.
That's our best chance of finding you.
We won't be long.
- Eric, this is Joanne.
Can you hear me? Eric, for once, I want you to listen to someone.
- I'm sorry, honey.
- Please listen to them, Eric.
- I don't know if we're gonna be able to.
Jo, we're going down.
Jo? Joanne! - Yes, I'm here.
Eric, please stay in the boat.
- I love you, Jo.
- Eric! - Know that I love you.
- Eric, stay with the boat! Eric, just stay with the boat.
Please just stay with the boat.
Eric, can you hear me? Eric? - Paradise Found, this is coast guard base, port Hallet.
Do you read? Paradise found, this is coast guard base, port Hallet.
Please come in.
Paradise found, this is coast guard base, port Hallet.
- They could be 50 yards either way.
We'd never know.
- Paradise found, this is coast guard base, port Hallet.
Come in, over.
Paradise found - Tea? - This is coast guard base, port Hallet.
Come in, over.
Paradise found, this is coast guard base, port Hallet.
Come in, over.
- I'll take over.
- I'm going topside.
Can't see a damn thing.
- It's like they vanished.
- I've got something! 12 degrees to starboard! - Copy that.
They're retrieving wreckage.
- Tell them to keep looking.
- Here! Oh! - Carly! Off the port side! Keep her in sight! I'll bring us around! Port side rescue! - They found them.
- Hey, Tina? - What? - Where you headed? - Downtown.
Why? - You want some company? I'm meeting Pele.
Look, I don't know what it's like to be you.
But, um, when I was about 15, I had a really hard time figuring out who I was And what I wanted.
And I just want you to know That if you ever need to talk to anyone Or whatever, I'm here for you, okay? - That is so ass.
- Oh, not more.
- All right, there's my round.
I am home to bed.
- Oh, come on, what do you got to get up for? - They're called kids.
See you guys.
- You expecting someone? - Uh, excuse me, guys.
Hey, you.
- Hello.
- I'm not ashamed of you.
I'm just-I'm not very good At whatever it is we're doing.
- Maybe you're overthinking it.
Well, I suppose you think I'm that easy.
- Aren't you? - Yeah, but I don't like to advertise it.
- SoLove- Not in the da Silva dna? - Nope.
There's this urgent little part of us That needs to grab hold of anything good And screw it up.
- Of course, I think that's bull.
- Yeah? - It's a fight-or-flight reflex.
For some people, the latter's always easier, 'cause there's enough fight in the rest of their lives.
- Could be.
- What, you're agreeing with me? - No, I'm just humoring you because you paid for my round.
There's no pretty, little love story for Miro.
- Well, you see, that's your problem, Miro.
Love is messy Messy as hell.
- You go, girl.