The Guardian (2001) s02e13 Episode Script


BURTON: Oh, I brought a little something to commemorate things.
Your dad gave those out when he started this place.
"Tobin terminal 1961.
" Yeah, well, congratulations, Jed.
You're now controlling owner of this place.
Now this is what I call a birthday present.
I'm sure your dad would be very proud of the way you run this company.
- Thanks, Burton.
- Yeah.
Uh, before we start bawling I want to propose a toast.
- Absolutely.
- All right.
To new frontiers.
New frontiers? I have stored, shipped, and unloaded tens of thousands of boxes.
Well, that's what this company does.
It's boring.
I could end up mailing bombs to people.
What do you have in mind? Concert venue, here with a restaurant and a bar.
The zoning's perfect, tons of parking.
This warehouse is half your storage space.
What do you think that would cost? Burton, I knew that you would resist this.
Well, it's just not exactly what your dad had in mind What's your timetable? Spring, in time for the summer acts.
Thinking about bringing on some partners.
You have a business plan? - Of course.
- Let me take a look at it.
Maureen left me with two months' rent half of the gas, and the phone bill and her boyfriend broke the refrigerator.
How do you break a refrigerator? And then, she just took off.
Your parents won't help? It was bad enough that I got pregnant at all but with a black baby? They kicked me out as soon as they knew that I was keeping him.
And what about the baby's father? He's dead.
Driving over to see me some idiot ran a red light eight months ago.
I'm sorry.
He'd got into Wesleyan.
We were both supposed to be there right now.
He applied for married student housing and I was gonna finish high school there.
And what about his family? Well, he's only got a mother and she hates me.
Do you know if there was any kind of a settlement from the accident? Because if there was, by law it belongs to your son.
I'm sure that she wouldn't want to see her grandson out on the street.
She doesn't know about Michael.
Well, Eddie wanted to wait until we got married.
We set a date.
OK, well, do you plan on telling her? Well, I can help you apply for a consolidation loan for all this but with your current income you can't afford to live independently.
I'm not going to some home for unwed mothers.
If you want to keep Michael, you only have one other option.
Hey, James! Man, I owe you big.
You hooked me up.
I knew the Martins were right for you.
Martins? I'm talking about Raoul.
Raoul? You remember when you wrote that letter for me? He remembered you.
Did he send you an autograph? No.
We've been getting together.
He bought four of my raps.
Congratulations! Yeah, he's gonna use one of them on his next album.
Look at you.
Music mogul, prep school.
How's Wallace? It's good.
Raoul thinks I got what it takes to produce and perform.
He named me Tymbomb.
- What's funny, man? - He named you Tymbomb? He did.
Raoul's got big plans for me.
The Martins already have big plans for you.
And what do they think about this? They don't know.
I have a meeting.
We'll figure it out.
Don't worry.
The Martins will still want to adopt you.
Excuse me.
Nick Fallin? Mrs.
I saw your picture at your father's house.
Well, my father will be your lead attorney.
I'll be handling most of Travelmaster's day-to-day.
Mom? Mom.
Louisa! Well! I like your hair.
What I thought you weren't getting in until next week.
Oh, things are moving a lot faster than I expected.
So, you know my new attorney? Nick works with me at Legal Services.
Ah, well, in that case, join us for lunch.
No, no, I ordered take-out.
Sit, sit.
~ Well, there is trouble in my mind ~ ~ There is dark ~ ~ There's dark and there is light ~ ~ There is no order ~ ~ There is chaos ~ ~ And there is crime ~ ~ There is no one home tonight ~ ~ In the empire of my mind ~ ~ There is trouble in my mind ~ ~ All the chaos ~ ~ In my mind ~ CAROLINE: I read about Jack's company's problems so I bought a ticket to the botanical gardens fundraiser and pulled some strings and sat at his table.
And when the conversation came around to the current disdain for CEOs I made the observation that if those men had been smart enough and sold off non-strategic assets before initiating layoffs they wouldn't be in half the P.
Problems that they are now.
It, uh, opened up a discussion.
And now, you're buying his fleet of planes at a four million dollar discount.
And coming back home with one of the region's largest corporate jet leasing companies.
You always used to say that Pittsburgh was a one-horse town.
Well, it is but it's awfully good when you own the horse.
So, um, how's work treating you? Fine.
Everything's fine.
Really? Yeah.
Because you look a little I just have a difficult meeting today.
I've always been very proud of my daughter's concern about others.
She's always helping people.
Loves those grateful looks.
Well, not everyone's grateful.
Sometimes they are.
Oh, I can't believe that people don't appreciate your hard work.
Last month, somebody sent me a card and once, somebody baked me a cake.
And yet, Nick manages to, uh volunteer and actually work for people who pay.
I don't really volunteer.
Well, but you're striking a healthy balance.
Mom, I like my balance.
MAN: Your lunch, ma'am.
Ohh, now look, can't you stay for lunch with us? I'm sorry.
Thank you.
I have a really busy day.
Um, are you, uh, are you still staying at my place until you find your own? Well, if you'll still have me.
- LULU: Bye.
- Bye.
My pride and joy.
Eddie's son is eleven months old, Mrs.
His name is Michael, after your late husband.
So Tracey Baxter is looking for money.
When she lost Eddie's contribution she had to drop out of school.
She's had a hard time financially.
The baby is entitled to your son's estate.
This is a scam.
I, uh, made photocopies of, um, letters and canceled checks the baby's birth certificate.
Whenever you're ready.
I also included a picture of Michael.
That baby isn't his.
Eddie would've told me.
Well, they were planning on getting married.
He was gonna tell you after.
Please leave.
I'm so sorry that you have to hear all this from a stranger.
A published songwriter at fifteen.
Well, why didn't you tell us? I didn't think you'd approve you know, of rap.
Almost all fiction entails some sort of social rebellion or critique.
He should have some checks coming about five hundred dollars per song.
You can open a college account.
Raoul wants me to come to New York - sit in on some sessions.
- MR.
MARTIN: New York? During the school year? Yeah.
It's a part of the contract he's offering.
Well, Wallace accommodates for students pursuing their talents.
Athletes, actors.
But we need to know the parameters.
And Raoul will have to come by and discuss all this with us.
I mean, he needs to know that your education comes first.
I don't know if he'll do that.
He's running a music label.
JAMES: You didn't say anything about leaving the state.
You want to be in music, you gotta move to New York.
Or L.
And what, the Martins are supposed to just drop everything and escort you to wherever Raoul sends you? No.
Uncle Morris will do that.
Do the Martins even know Morris? They met him.
Uncle Morris comes with me every time I go see Raoul.
He's looking out for me.
Do you see what you have here? Do you know how many Wallace kids get to go to lvy League schools? You know how many kids want the chance I'm getting with Raoul? Ask Levi what he thinks.
What? Levi got in trouble, and he's gone.
He's in jail? No.
He passed.
James, you didn't tell me? I'm your lawyer.
Your problems are mine not the other way around.
You should've called, man.
I'm gonna check this deal out with Raoul.
Knock-knock! Hi.
I'll get those for you.
I thought you were at a meeting.
I forgot a file.
Is Brian home? He's in New Mexico.
His mother's sick.
Did he get anything yet? No, not yet.
Vodka's in the freezer.
Just make yourself at home.
LULU, ON ANSWERING MACHINE: Hi, it's Lulu and Brian.
Please leave a message.
WOMAN, ON ANSWERING MACHINE: Hey, Lulu, it's Mary Beth from Benson Realty.
I need your approval on the listing.
You said you wanted to show your house as soon as possible so I'm trying to get it in next week's newspapers.
I'm at the office, and I'll talk to you soon.
Busy? Need some help with something? No.
Um, I just want uh just wanted to put it out there that if Fallin was looking for any outside help with contract work that I'd be available to do that.
And it's no big deal if they're not.
Oh, we do it we do it all the time.
Your mother's great.
Great date, great hostess.
Great businesswoman.
I have Jed's business plan.
It's quite good.
You know, Jed inherited that company.
He don't have a clue what it took to build it the sweat and the time.
Why don't I run point on this project? I don't think so, son.
I believe in it.
I'm not so sure that you do.
I've been handling Tobin Terminal since it opened.
He's gonna go ahead with it.
Well, I'll look at the plan.
Travelmaster looks solid.
Oh, good.
And what did you think of Caroline Novak? - Smart businesswoman.
- Yeah.
I didn't realize that she was Lulu Archer's mother.
I didn't know she had any children at all.
Married three times, but she's working all the time.
Married Jack Novak in the mid-eighties.
Boy, she was something.
Hell of a dancer.
Put 'em away pretty good, too.
How we doing on office space? Uh, I found a building out by the hangar.
What kind of square footage do you need for your Pittsburgh office? Oh, it's my only office.
This is a relocation.
About two thousand square feet would be fine.
You're not keeping the office in Philly? - No, I'm closing it for now.
- OK.
So, uh Louisa's, um, selling her house? Hmm? I have no idea.
Well, I doubt that they would be looking for something bigger with Brian being out of work.
You know when Louisa was in high school she was the top magazine subscription salesperson three years in a row.
You know what she did? She bought a copy of every magazine then targeted customers by giving them an article that she thought might interest them.
With that brain and that personality What is it about this legal clinic? Heh! Hmm.
Well, what what kind of case gives her the most satisfaction? Uh One example.
Well, she, uh, forced the city to build a basketball court for kids in wheelchairs.
I'm sorry to put you on the spot, but you know mothers.
Yeah, I met your mother when Lulu was transferring her to a new facility.
That's nice.
I'll be needing a new staff.
How many of the executives are, uh gonna make the transition? None.
They weren't cutting it so my first priority right now is my number two.
- You have anyone in mind? - My daughter, of course.
I'll need you to draw up the contract.
- Louisa Olsen? - LULU: Yeah.
Lauren Currey, counsel for Karen Rigas.
Oh, hi.
So, if you've done paternity you know that the court will most likely accept the documents that I've provided as proof.
If not, then they'll order a DNA test.
Rigas is not disputing her son's paternity of Tracey Baxter's baby.
Oh, good.
So you're just here to settle out? I'm here to inform you about an emergency hearing.
We're fighting for custody of the child on the grounds that Tracey Baxter is an unfit mother.
I don't know why you bring us down here.
It's not gonna make a difference.
Hey, what's up, Shimmy? Oh, my God.
James Mooney in a tie.
Robert Rangle with the bling-bling.
Hey, what's up, Raoul? What's up, Morris? I'm here about Antoine Sanders.
Talented kid.
He has a one hundred forty I.
Q and he's in a very prestigious school.
Yeah, so is Shimmy.
Look, I know I'm the one who requested that you look at Antoine's raps in the first place.
Hold up.
Hold up.
I hear you.
I could do a couple Gs for an old friend from school.
But check this out.
This is a one-time fee.
I'm not lookin' for money.
I'm just trying to figure this all out and make sure Antoine stays in Pittsburgh.
From what I hear, it might be best if he leaves the crew he's rollin' with.
What crew? The people who are about to adopt him are concerned.
Adopt him? Hey, don't worry about those people, Raoul.
It's Those people? Those people have been taking very good care of him since your sister died last year.
Look, the performers who make it eat, drink, and sleep music, man.
Speak on it.
How many make it? This is not an after-school program, man.
And what's your deal in this? I'm gonna be his manager.
Of course.
Look, Antoine can write.
I think he can perform.
I'm offering a seven-year contract thirty grand up front.
But it won't be on the table long.
Now, I got things to do.
BURTON: Oh, Nick.
Come on in.
- Hey, Frank.
How are you? - Burton.
Say hi to Jed Tobin.
Frank Churchill.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Sit down, Frank.
- Thanks.
- How you been? - Good, thanks.
Thank you.
So, Jed, I looked at your business plan.
I think it looks, uh it looks very good and very viable.
- I'm glad to hear it.
- Yeah.
Some risk, but, uh So is getting up in the morning.
- Yeah.
Right, right.
- FRANK: Wait'll you hit sixty.
Frank started an office supply business twenty years ago, and you have what now? Eight stores, right.
So he knows how to get a business started.
Strong profile in the community and Fellow fan of the three-piece suit.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Well, you were mentioning, Jed that you were looking for partners so I just thought maybe you and Frank ought to sit down at some point.
- Sounds good.
- Yeah.
You know, my wife is living proof that your study is on the money.
Every time Johnny Mathis tours you ought to hear her bellyache about how he never plays in town.
Our venues are too big or too small for some great acts like Johnny Steve and Eydie, the Platters.
Now, beer is where your money is.
I used to own the Fish Shack and we charged six simoleons for a big draft cup that cost us less than a dime.
So, uh, this is my business background.
I'll just look it over.
All right.
Frank, I'll walk you to the door, OK? Thank you.
BURTON: So, how's Kathleen? - Oh, she's great.
- Good.
- I'll say hello.
- OK.
Thank you.
The Fish Shack? You said you were looking for partners.
Not a baby-sitter.
You see that guy? When I was talking about investors I was talking about friends people you want to hang out with, not him.
Maybe you should oversee this yourself.
You know my father's just trying to help you.
Yeah, after he acted surprised that my business plan wasn't written in crayon.
You have your own plans to take this firm to the next level.
- Am I right? - Of course.
Personally, I like your father a lot but he's old school.
NICK: Yeah.
JED: He's in the way.
She's trying to take Michael away from me? Unless there's something that you haven't told me Mrs.
Rigas will not get custody.
OK? The most she'll get is visitation.
No, I don't want her to have visitation rights.
I told you how much she hates me.
I told you! Is she gonna get up there and try and make me look like a bad mother? Probably, yeah.
You told me we should do this.
Because you'll get the money that you need.
But you never said anything about her trying to take my baby.
I closed the Travelmaster lease.
Jed wanted me to let you know that he's all set for investors.
I still think he ought to sit down with Frank at least one more time.
Well, he's all set.
Frank could bring a lot to this deal.
Not just money.
Jed feels that Frank is not the right kind of partner for this type of venture.
Well, Jed is wrong.
He's gonna take his business to another firm if you don't step aside on this.
I think it's best if I handle this myself.
Take it.
You know, dad, you, uh you told me once that business is about personalities and the way people fit together.
I understand, son.
Take this deal.
It's yours.
I understand.
- Mom.
- Surprise.
Your favorite.
Come on in.
I like your office.
- You do? - Yeah.
It has, uh it has character.
It has edge.
It, uh it shows you're busy.
I, uh I thought that you were gonna be busy all week with your, uh your business.
That's why I'm here, Louisa.
Um I want your vision to help shape Travelmaster.
I don't have a vision for airplanes.
Come on, you can do anything.
You should really be my number two.
You are savvy.
You are whip-smart.
You're a fabulous saleswoman.
Mom, that was high school.
I like what I do.
Well, you know, you can bring philanthropy to the company.
- Philanthropy? - Sure.
Don't groups like the Special Olympics have travel needs? Honey, I'm not trying to buy you with $300,000 or a big office.
I just I want your stamp on this company.
And perhaps we can, uh make up for lost time.
Mom, I've got I've got a really big hearing coming up right now Yeah, yeah, of course.
Of course.
I'll get out of your hair.
We'll talk later, OK? Bye.
Checked with a friend who does music contracts.
Says the terms are fair.
We just want to minimize the disruption to Antoine's life.
The music is my life.
Antoine, we've come to this open-mindedly.
I think Antoine can have the best of both worlds.
Obviously, you don't want to adopt Antoine and have him move to New York.
So we can ask that Antoine's New York work be done on long weekends minimizing time missed from school.
Morris, as his manager, you can chaperone him.
We'd have to work it out with his teachers but we're open to that.
And we'd like to meet Raoul, of course.
I'll set it up.
- This ain't gonna happen.
- MR.
MARTIN: Excuse me? You people are disrespecting what Raoul's trying to do! Disrespecting? We're trying to be fair, Antoine.
This adoption's off! What are you doing? I gotta be true to myself.
OK, so let's be true.
It's not easy comin' up hardcore when you got a lawn, right? This is about the Martins being white.
That's part of it.
Yeah, man, that's part of it.
I'm sorry.
I am.
You're trading your future for something that'll probably never even pan out.
It's mine to trade, James.
Did you need me, Burton? Oh, yeah, Jake, come in.
Sit down.
I, uh I received this from a client of mine last Christmas.
It's a gift certificate from Tecci's on Walnut Street.
So, they they have, uh they have suits and everything, right? Uh, yeah.
Italian designers.
The best.
The kind you like.
I've been buying my clothes at the same store for thirty years.
I see.
Oh, thank you, Jake.
That'll be all.
Uh Any time.
I have some work for you.
Uh, what did you tell my mother? What do you mean? Did you discuss that I asked you for work? No.
Did you tell her about me and Brian? She asked me to draft up your offer.
I did that.
That's all.
Well, I don't know anything about private planes.
Well, you can learn.
And I hate that you're working for her.
Well, I can't drop her as a client.
I know.
Working with her is just It's not a good idea for me.
She's offering very generous terms.
See, she's already made you one of her flying monkeys.
Sorry, that was meant for her.
Her motivations are never face value.
I mean, come on, I graduated from law school six years ago.
Why why now? You think this is a good idea? I think you should consider it.
And that's not because I work for her.
As Ms.
Baxter's own counsel has said herself Ms.
Baxter is seriously struggling to support the baby.
Rigas is a woman of means and education.
To deny Michael Rigas what his grandmother has to offer is not in the child's best interests.
Custody is not about who has more money or more education.
That baby has had absolutely no contact with Mrs.
They haven't even been in the same room.
And that lack of contact was the express choice of Mrs.
Rigas' own son Edward Rigas.
Further, our position is that the consistent antagonism that Mrs.
Rigas has shown Ms.
Baxter will definitely be detrimental to Michael's well-being.
I appreciate that you came prepared.
Tracey really needs the money.
Copies of Eddie's insurance settlement and the funeral receipt will correspond to the seven thousand dollar amount.
I read those letters Eddie wrote to Tracey.
- Oh, yeah? - He loved her.
And she loved him.
You know, when she wouldn't give their baby up her parents kicked her out.
I want to see Michael.
Tracey doesn't want that, and the judge ruled in her favor.
I'm willing to help her.
Rigas, it really would have helped if you had expressed this wish instead of taking Tracey to court.
I know that I've been unfair to Tracey but I was so afraid of something like this happening and Eddie throwing away a bright future.
Now this baby is all that I have left of my son.
Hey, Travelmaster's files just came in.
This is gonna be a great account for us.
Oh, more than you know.
What do you mean? Well, the guy at her last firm told me that Caroline Novak is being sued by two of her sales managers for breach of contract.
On what grounds? They claim the relocation is fraudulent.
She's trying to avoid contract payouts.
And there's more.
Her former number two, Ben Kilgore is under federal investigation.
Travelmaster's main competitor, Pennjet claims that he bribed one of their maintenance supervisors into grounding some of Pennjet's planes and her former attorney says that when Kilgore's indicted he's gonna say that the order came from above which is gonna be a nightmare for Caroline.
And anyone that works for her.
She's got several unfair business practice complaints in here.
She's pretty quick with a lawsuit herself.
We're gonna be swimming in litigation fees.
I thought social service wasn't comin' until tomorrow.
What's up, James? This is an unofficial visit.
So, this is the crib.
They said all I had to do was get Antoine a bed.
I got one.
JAMES: You see what he just left? What's up, man?! Hey, man, what the hell are you doin'! Hey Hey, man, come off of my stuff, man! You know I can force drug testing even if I suspect you're using.
I don't do drugs.
Oh, really? Really! I thought you two were some badass bangers.
That's what Raoul seems to think.
You don't know me.
The songs you write you blastin' and mackin'.
You ever see what a gun does to someone, Antoine? You ever see that? I did.
You can bet Raoul and Shimmy did.
You want to be a big-time player but more people get involved in this world get killed than they get famous.
- I'm not gettin' killed.
- You sure? You're runnin' with some serious types and all you got is half a high school education and a small-time fool who smells the big time.
Yo, B.
, what have I ever done to you? You weren't there for him.
Your nephew was an orphan last year when your sister died.
You didn't even try.
And now you get on board 'cause there's something in it for you.
And two good people are heartbroken.
It wasn't Uncle Morris' decision.
- Thank you.
- It was my decision.
This is what I want.
Antoine, this is not you.
Neither is prep school! But you don't mind me wearing a costume as long as you get to choose it.
Right, James? I wish I never wrote those letters for you sent those songs to Raoul.
All I ever thought you'd get was an autographed picture.
You've got this check for seven thousand dollars but after your late rent, this month's rent your bills, and a new refrigerator you'll have $683 left.
- No way.
- I did the math.
And next month, you'll be right where you were earlier this week.
But I'm looking for another roommate and a better job.
Yeah, but how much more money do you think you're gonna make? And you know what? Even if you keep this place it's only one room.
You used to have plans to go to college.
Why are you bumming me out?! Mrs.
Rigas wants to have access to Michael.
She's willing to help you support him.
You heard what she said about me in court today.
You know, after Eddie died, I thought once or twice about telling her like we could be friends or something.
I'm glad I know for sure.
Yeah, but in custody battles, people always do that.
They always paint the other person in the worst possible light.
Don't worry about me and Michael.
NICK: Come in.
You got some questions about the work? No.
I'm finished.
It only took me three hours.
Wow, that was quick.
I triple-checked everything.
That's when you do work by the hour you shouldn't rush.
I heard you won your case today.
- Please.
- What? I've had a pretty bad run lately, you know.
I've lost my last fifteen cases.
Half the cases we get are unwinnable.
Yeah, but you know it's really bad when winning doesn't even help.
I mean, today I defended the right of a teenage mother to head straight to welfare or worse.
I'm thinking about taking the job at Travelmaster.
- You are? - Yeah.
Do you have a copy of the contract? Yeah, uh yeah, I do.
I just I thought your, uh career goals were in public service.
They are, but I really need money right now and, uh, who knows maybe working with my mother would be I don't know.
Anyway, thank you.
Thanks for everything.
- Wow.
- Hey, Jake.
Burton, you're stylin'.
- Excuse me? - Suit looks great.
- Oh, thanks.
- Nice suit, Mr.
Thank you.
Antoine Sanders requests that the court transfer his legal guardianship from the Martins to his uncle, Mr.
Morris Sanders.
JUDGE: Is this your recommendation, counselor? It is not.
It's my belief that Antoine should remain with the Martins.
Uh, is there a problem with Mr.
And Mrs.
Martin, Mr.
Sanders? No, your honor.
The Martins are great people and have provided a wonderful home and education.
But I've been offered a contract by a record label to pursue my ambition as a performer.
My uncle Morris is able to relocate to New York with me and help guide me.
Is this contract legitimate, Mr.
Mooney? Yes, but there's a conflict with Mr.
Sanders serving as both Antoine's legal guardian and his professional manager.
Your honor, the up-front money from my contract and the fact that I'll be sixteen soon I could petition the court for emancipation but I'm not going to do that.
I think having my uncle Morris as my guardian is what's best for me.
The court grants legal guardianship of Antoine Sanders to his uncle Morris Sanders.
As for the conflict James Mooney will continue to serve as Antoine Sanders' guardian ad litem until Antoine reaches the age of eighteen.
Till then, any contract for Antoine will require Mr.
Mooney's approval.
Yes! Mrs.
What's going on? I need to talk to you.
If this is about Mrs.
Rigas I may never see you again.
Please give me five minutes.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I need to, uh, step out of Travelmaster.
I'll let you and Jake handle it.
What, you got a conflict? More of a personality thing.
Is this about, uh, her daughter? No, I I just don't relate to Caroline like you do.
Jed's partners will be signing their agreements tomorrow.
Well, I assume you're on top of that, right? Well, yeah, I think so.
Well, I hear ventures like that can get, uh, a little tricky sometimes you know, with the liquor license.
We're gonna get a license broker to buy someone else's and have the liquor license board approve the transfer.
Well, that approval can take, uh sometimes more than a year, you know, for a newcomer.
I'm aware of that.
Well, maybe you'll get lucky and, uh, won't need Frank Churchill.
What does this have to do with Frank Churchill? He used to own the Fish Shack.
Yeah, dad, l I know that.
So he held a license, you know, before.
And his brother Ned is sitting on the liquor license board now.
Well, I didn't know that.
It's too bad he's not Jed's kind of guy.
I'm sure you boys will be fine.
Nice suit.
Come on in.
Is your mother here? Uh, no.
She's having drinks somewhere.
I, uh, have some more contracts work for you.
Oh, thanks.
Uh, I don't think I need it.
You're taking the job? I'm leaning that way, yeah.
You have any questions about the offer? I'm reading it now.
Well, take your time.
There's a lot of, uh, clauses.
I know that the $300,000 salary is an if-come number based on doubling earnings during the first two quarters after my signing.
- Good.
- And, uh I assume the doubling's impossible when you consider those relocation costs.
That's right.
I do plan to negotiate.
Don't take the job.
What? It could harm you, your career.
- What do you mean? - Your mother may be in a little business trouble.
She would fire you if she knew you were telling me that.
Well, actually I think she'd, uh, probably sue me.
- Good night.
- Bye.
How you doin' I'm good.
You? Uh Last night I, uh decided it was about time for me to box up Levi's stuff to give to the church.
A few things, though I didn't feel right giving to strangers.
Uh I gave this to him last year for his birthday.
But now you'll be having meetings and such.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I know you've just been watching my back.
You know how I feel.
But now I'm wishing you the best.
Are you really? Yeah.
Take care of yourself.
I will.
Is everything OK? - Everything's fine.
- Yep.
This is the last of the stuff, Antoine.
You ready to roll? Oh, Louisa, sweetheart uh, shouldn't we, uh shouldn't we be sitting down today? You know, uh, I have been thinking a lot about your job offer.
I've had a I had a tough couple of months at home and at work.
Brian and I have been having trouble - and, um - I know that.
And, um, you said some really good things things I needed to hear.
And, as usual, your timing is just perfect.
I mean everything I say.
Yeah, I'm sure in your own way, you do.
But I like my job and, uh, I don't do it for money.
You're losing your house your marriage is crumbling and you are clearly in love with another man.
What? I have been there.
You've been to your own places.
You need to help yourself.
- I plan to.
- Then let me help you.
You can't.
I would like to see more of my daughter.
You know, I bet Nana would feel the same way about that.
You've been here for four days and you have not signed in to see her.
Don't judge me.
You don't begin to know what that was like.
I know I'm not perfect.
I know that I wasn't around a lot for you but, Louisa, dear there are worse things a mother can do than not be there.
You really want to be closer? Yes, I do.
The only way that's gonna happen is if you stop trying to upend my life.
I will try.
All right, good.
But I think you should understand that I'm gonna be here from now on.
And we are going to make up for lost time.
Yeah, I was recently, uh, starting to expand Good afternoon, gentlemen.
- Afternoon, Burton.
- How are you? We wanted to wait for you.
Oh, good, good.
Using the pen that you gave me.
Well, good, good.
Nice suit.
I meant Frank, but, uh So how are the boys treating you, Frank? - Quite well, thank you.
- Good.
Why don't we proceed? OK.
He looks just like Eddie.
TRACEY: I know, especially around the mouth.
KAREN: Oh, yes.
Look at those lips.
I think he Oh, here, I'll take him.
Could I, please, Tracey? Please? Yeah, OK.
If you want, we can put him in one of the outfits that you got him.
That's a good idea.
Why don't you, uh why don't you pick out one that you would like? That's grandma's little man.