The Guardian (2001) s02e19 Episode Script

Back in the Ring

WOMAN: Good morning, Legal Services Give me the right.
Work the jab.
[Sighs] Dohanic.
Uh, morning, Mr.
Masterson said it would be cool to come by before school started.
Really? OK.
Well, I have a breakfast meeting in ten minutes, so let's get through it.
Oh, um, OK.
Well, uh that's my son Oscar.
His mother just died last week, Lynn.
She had a drug problem.
Got Aids.
We never got married.
So me and her parents have been taking care of Oscar while she was sick.
Um, and now her parents, the Carpenters, they they want to keep him.
You've been in here before, right? Not that I recall.
- No.
- Come here.
One sec, buddy.
OK? Anyway, so they think they got the right on account of they mostly had him when I was in prison for about four years.
You're Tim Dohanic, right? "The Mechanic"? Yeah, that's right.
My father and I saw you knock out this guy Ernest - Hampton.
- Like four years ago.
That was ninety seven.
That was my last pro fight before I went to prison.
I caught him with a three combination in the fifth.
- That was a good show.
- Yeah.
You fighting again? Yeah.
Five for five in the year I've been out.
Four by KO, so just climbing back up to my rank, and, you know.
But I want my son with me.
Well, we'll get into it.
- OK.
- All right.
Um you know, there's there's one other thing.
My cousin Tino's got this pizza place and he wants to sell me half.
So he kind of drew up a payment plan sort of like a contract kind of based on my purses.
We don't do that kind of thing.
- No? - No.
OK, um Thanks.
I still say this is too early for you to go back.
And I still disagree.
And why don't you go for some color? You look washed out.
Mom, why do you want to do this to me today of all days? Do what? I'm helping you get dressed.
I am dressed.
I've been very supportive of your new hair style.
Doesn't that count for something? [Doorbell rings] I'll get it.
The doorman at the Tremont Towers told me I could find Mrs.
Caroline Novak at this address.
- That's me.
- Here you go.
Grand jury subpoena.
Who was that? The, uh, Jehovah's Witness.
I, uh, I can't find that prescription that you picked up for me last night.
Oh, gosh, I'm sorry.
You know, it slipped my mind.
[Groans] See? Now that's what I needed help with, Mom.
But I guess you couldn't crush my self-esteem at the pharmacy so there's no fun in that.
Hey, Louisa, I'm only human.
Give me a break.
I'll tell you what.
Go to work tomorrow.
And if you get stir crazy, we'll go shopping today and we'll stop at the pharmacy on the way.
I'm going to work today.
All right.
Let me get my purse and I'll drive you there.
Oh, no, no.
I'm, uh, I'm gonna walk to the pharmacy and get a cab.
~ Well, there is trouble in my mind ~ ~ There is dark ~ ~ There's dark, and there is light ~ ~ There is no order ~ ~ There is chaos ~ ~ And there is crime ~ ~ There is no one home tonight ~ ~ In the empire of my mind ~ ~ There is trouble in my mind ~ ~ All the chaos ~ ~ In my mind ~ My former vice president Ben Kilgore was arrested for bribing our biggest rival's mechanic to ground their planes.
He told the FAA you ordered him to do it.
That's a lie.
Lawyers aren't allowed in a room with you and the grand jury so we're going to have to prepare your testimony.
Why? I have nothing to testify about.
I didn't do anything.
The DA is going to want to know why an employee of your company would go to the trouble of committing sabotage on your behalf.
Well, I can't answer for his motivations.
However, he did have a contract with a very generous bonus structure based on profits.
That's good.
We'll submit that.
Ben Kilgore says that you gave him the money for the bribe.
- What? - Ten thousand dollars.
I gave him a loan.
For what? Real estate, I think.
Could we see that loan agreement? Uh, there isn't one.
BURTON: That might be a problem.
Have you granted employee loans before at Travelmaster? Can't we just settle? You don't settle a federal investigation.
You get indicted or not then you go to jail or not.
Well, gentlemen we're just going to have to do this later because my husband is coming to town tomorrow and I have lots of things to do.
Well, tell Jerry if he wants to play a little golf to give me a call, will you? I'll do that.
Good to see you, Caroline.
Take care.
She isn't taking this seriously.
She'll come around.
You know my latest client at LSP is Tim Dohanic? - Are you kidding? - No.
When did he get out of jail? About a year ago.
Oh, he was going to be great.
Good as Mancini.
He always reminded me of Billy Conn.
Who? Is he is he fighting again? - 5 for 5.
- Yeah? What's he seeing you about? Oh, just a custody thing.
But he did mention some business contract.
We don't do business contracts at LSP.
Send him by.
Maybe I can help him.
I'll bring him in.
Just don't worry about it, OK? Hey! It's all pretty standard.
I'll make sure I call you.
- Ah! - Hey! Here she is.
- You look great.
- Thanks.
- It's really nice to be back here.
- Good.
So what's going on? Anything new? Barbara's out for the week.
Bad back.
All the calls are going to the answering machine.
And if you really need to get a hold of someone leave your cell number.
- There's no temp? - Nope.
And when we go to court we have to park on the south side.
Alvin won't reimburse for the downtown lots anymore.
That's a half mile away.
Tell me about it.
- How you feeling? - Fine.
- Yeah? - Mm-hmm.
Doctor said it was OK for you to be up and around? He did.
Are you on any medications I should know about? Uh, are we having budget problems? We're about four grand shy of payroll.
Oh, Alvin.
Hey, not only did our state funding get cut this year it's going to be two months late.
You sure you're OK? Very.
Because we've been so jammed we had to continue all your cases while you were gone.
And there are new clients in your office right now.
Good to have you back.
[Chuckles] Lulu.
Thank you for that beautiful plant.
I put it in my bedroom like you suggested in the note.
Yeah, the florist said that the extra oxygen helps with recovery.
How are the headaches? Uh, good.
I mean, I'm not really getting them anymore, so.
Well, you know, there is something that we really should do if you're up for it.
I'm up for anything.
All right.
Um we should get you a new car.
- Car shopping? - Yeah.
JAMES: Hey! The Mechanic?! It's a pleasure.
It's a pleasure.
Is it that hard to find a good mechanic? He's a boxer.
Oh, a boxer.
Someone who chooses to get hit in the head for a living.
Well, we could go to the dealership after work.
Oh, OK.
Sounds good.
The Madison High officials won't help me transfer Ashley to Preston.
Preston's in another county.
You have to live there to enroll.
No kidding.
I overpaid for an apartment just so Ashley could go to Madison.
It was supposed to be a good school.
Ashley, do you want to transfer? If my mom won't let me cheerlead for Madison anymore what's the point of staying? My daughter's putting on a brave front.
I know her.
But she's stigmatized in that town.
So am I.
Tell her about that disciplinary hearing.
They had this humiliating hearing like I was Osama Bin Laden.
I got suspended over nothing.
Orally copulating another student on the school bus? What's the big deal? It's not like we were having sex.
See what she's learning? Whatever.
The school bus was chartered for a basketball game? Yes.
And there were no other adults on the bus other than the driver? Correct.
Alvin, the Webbers? If there's anything there it's more of a personal injury claim.
Well, forget it then.
Just move to the next case.
Well, no, why don't we just pick this one up on contingency just to get over the hump? It won't look good to our donors if we start profiting from our clients.
Yeah, but how would they know if we just took one case? That's how it starts.
If we start depending on fees, all of a sudden homeless kids and battered wives are competing for our attention.
- What we're about is - Alvin, please.
I know the mission statement by heart.
Just move on then.
You have plenty of worthy cases on your desk.
NICK: OK, Now take it easy, I'm a lawyer.
I'll be gentle.
So so I'm getting in this rhythm, right? Uhh teh teh.
So he'd anticipate my combos, OK? And I can see it in this guy's legs, he's ready to go down, OK? So, then I mixed it up like this.
Get ready.
Deh deh uhh! All right? And then extend the left.
Yeah? Yeah? And so I got him with a right cross, right? Bam! You know? You know lights out with this guy.
OK, I'm going to sit down.
[Laughs] Oh, that's great.
I think I think that's the best fight I ever attended that's for sure.
I got one tonight.
- Really? - Yeah, at Three Rivers.
Oh, great.
Let me ask you something, Tim.
This Phil Waters, is he still your promoter? Uh, no, our contract ended when I went to prison.
I think if I rack up enough wins, though you know, I think he'll I think he'll sign me again.
Now, he and I are members of the same club.
We play golf a little bit every now and then.
I thought maybe I could be a little help and, you know a little legal representation for you.
You know, I'm not making enough to be paying lawyers.
I was just thinking, maybe I could look over the fight contracts find you a sponsor and such, you know, for free.
Then when you get signed up, then I start charging you.
- Yeah? OK? - Yeah.
Let's do it.
So, now, what about this pizza place you're talking Oh, yeah, yeah.
This is my cousin Tino's place.
Uh, this is All right.
I'm going to leave you guys.
Thanks, slugger.
I was going to pick you up.
What do you mean? Well, I just have to return a couple of calls and then we can go.
Oh, right.
The car thing.
Uh, can we do that tomorrow or something? - Sure.
- OK.
Oh, I got to go.
Hi, Jake.
How you doing? Oh, I feel like crap.
I think I'm coming down with something.
- Oh, sorry.
- Hey, how are you doing? Oh, fine.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- You look good.
- Thanks.
- So, uh, what's up? - Well, um I'm referring a possible civil case to you.
It's against a school district or maybe a bus company.
How much money we talking about? You don't want to know what it's about first? No.
How much money we talking about? Oh, thirty thousand? OK, that's my yearly expense fee, so I pass.
Yeah, but I'd be doing the bulk of the work.
You know, the pre-interviews and the complaint filing.
You'd just have to speak to the plaintiff once or twice and then make the argument at the settlement hearing.
What if they don't settle? Well, then you make the call if we go to court or discontinue.
Why would you be doing all the work? Because you would be generous enough to donate half of your fee to LSP.
[Laughs] I see.
So, actually, I'm going to be getting half of a nothing fee? Yeah, but, Jake, listen.
I would say of the dozens of cases that come my way at LSP almost a third of them are litigation claims that we have to turn away.
And some of them aren't so small.
So if this whole thing works out I'd be happy to send them all your way with no strings attached.
And this obviously means a lot to you.
Yeah, it does.
All right.
Talk me through it.
[Rock music playing] Tim.
Champ! Hey! - How you doing? - How are you? Is this your boy? - Yeah.
- Yeah? Oscar, this is Mr.
- How you doing? - Good.
Good to see you.
Hey, did you get a chance to take a look at Tino's plans? Yeah, I did.
I, uh I don't think it looks profitable, Tim.
Well, he wouldn't lie to me.
Well, I'll tell you, let's put that on hold for the time being, all right? But I did talk to Phil Waters.
He said he had no idea you were down here hiding out.
Hey, you tell him I'm five for five? He's got a cancellation later in the week.
He's got an undercard with a Horatio Sanchez.
He's offering you the fight.
- Sanchez? - Yeah.
That's a good fight.
- [Laughs] - [Laughs] Could be.
You hear that, kiddo? Daddy's going to be on cable.
You going to watch your dad on TV? He says I have to be older.
No, no.
He's seen enough already.
His mother just died.
Oh, oh.
Well, I'm going to go cancel tonight's fight, OK? I already signed the fight agreement, though.
I'll take care of it.
No, I'll fight this fight, too.
That's a lot of fighting for one week, isn't it? I'll do both.
Tim what's your purse for tonight? Eight hundred.
You're getting six thousand for Sanchez.
If you get a head butt tonight, or a cut you can't fight him.
This guy ain't even going four rounds, Mr.
You watch.
[Cheering and yelling] Yeah! All right, Timmy.
REFEREE: 1 2 3 4 It's over.
It's over! [Bell rings] [Cheering and yelling] [Footsteps approaching] [Tapping] Nick.
You know, I think my father's gone for the evening.
Yes, he has.
But, uh ahem I want to work with you on this.
Well, you know, my father's far more experienced with federal Your father and my husband run around a lot in the same circles, so, um Anyway, uh ahem Ben said that he needed the loan to, uh buy a condo in the city.
What? Well, is there something wrong with lending a friend money? Now, listen.
I have not broken any federal laws.
Ben and I were involved.
Do you have any receipts from restaurants, hotels? Yes.
This is good for your defense.
Oh, good.
So, Ashley, was this type of activity normal on the school bus? What activity? That's what people do when they hook up.
It's like kissing.
Are you saying yes? OK.
Can we talk for a second without notes or anything? OK.
If you're not truthful with me then your mother's not going to get the money that she needs and your pompoms are probably going to stay in storage.
The bus driver told the school that kids were cheering.
Now, I don't know any women who would want an audience for that.
It's a stupid tradition.
For cheerleaders.
So it's a tradition for cheerleaders to engage in sexual acts with the basketball players? When we join.
Oh, an initiation? Yeah.
So then, um Tyler Griffin, he isn't your boyfriend? Please.
Ashley would you have preferred another way to be initiated? Kind of.
NICK: I thought you weren't fighting.
TKO in the third.
I'm six for six.
[Grunts] What's wrong? Nothing.
It's a bruised rib.
- Turn around.
- LULU: Hi.
You on your way up? - OSCAR: Hi.
- Hi.
NICK: Oh, this is Oscar and my client Tim.
We're about to walk into a custody hearing.
Oh, yeah.
The famous Mechanic.
I can probably fix that up for you.
Come with me.
Huh? - Where are you going? - Don't worry about it.
OK, Oscar, stay with stay with Nick.
Stay with Nick.
Now I'm going to look like a wuss.
[Laughs] I doubt it.
Hold still.
You fight last night? Yeah.
I won.
- You like it? - Love it.
I don't even know how you could show up when you know what could happen.
Well, I guess I just focus on what would happen if I don't, you know? Yeah, but don't you worry about getting hit so much? Sometimes, yeah.
I mean, it's not bad.
You have to be really close to see it now.
Yeah? See? Yeah, that's pretty good.
Hey, you know, I'm close enough to see it looks like you've been through it, too, here.
What happened? Oh, just a car accident.
Scars on women are sexy.
[Chuckles] Hey, you ever been to a fight? No.
'Cause I got another one tomorrow.
Wish me luck.
Good luck.
Carpenter, why do you think you and your wife will be better guardians for Oscar? Tim lacks common sense.
He's like a child himself.
[Mutters] Bastard.
LAWYER: For instance? Tim doesn't have health insurance.
What if Oscar breaks a leg? Do they go to one of those awful free clinics? Also, Oscar's a smart boy.
We have him in a very good private school with an eight thousand dollar tuition.
I don't think Tim's given a thought to how he's going to pay for that.
Could all of your concerns about Mr.
Dohanic's parenting be remedied by money? Certainly not.
We're most concerned about his temper which we've just had an example of.
We're afraid that it will land him back in prison.
Thank you.
Carpenter, Oscar's mother, your late daughter Lynn was arrested at thirteen for driving your car through the front door of a fast-food restaurant? Yes.
She had five other arrests on record for drug possession.
In fact, she spent half her life as a drug addict.
Carpenter, you're worried about how Oscar will turn out under Mr.
Dohanic's care? Yes.
Well, what makes you so sure you're going to do any better this time around? Objection! - Oh, hi.
- Hey.
- Thanks for meeting me.
- Sure.
You look so much better.
Oh, thanks.
- Here? - OK.
By the way, thanks for letting my mom stay with me.
Oh, no problem at all.
Did you get a new car yet? I'm actually going to look this afternoon, yeah.
Look why don't you let me help out a little by making the down payment? Oh, no.
My insurance is covering everything.
Thanks, anyway.
So, how long are you in town for? A week or so.
I'm looking at some Pittsburgh investments so I can be closer to your mother.
I wish she'd never left Philly.
Well, it's only a few hours away.
I'm worried about her, Lu.
Why? Well, this federal investigation I think she's taking it too lightly.
She's under investigation? Yeah.
She's in trouble.
And I don't think she's got the right lawyers.
Burton's great for corporate but I want her to talk to my firm out in New York but she won't listen.
Well, I was a clerk for the federal court.
I mean, she should she should be consulting me.
I know she didn't do anything wrong and I don't want my wife getting hurt.
That was nice moves in there, kiddo.
You did a good job.
OK, little dude, go hug your grandparents.
Oscar, you be good now.
Don't worry, Grandma.
We're coming over.
Right, Dad? Of course, you are.
Come on.
Bye, Grandma.
Bye, Grandpa.
Can we go to the gym? No.
Right now, you got to go to school.
You got to put your heart in your work.
You know what trainers always say "The heart's the biggest muscle.
" I thought the heart was an organ.
[Laughs] No, it's not.
It's a muscle.
Isn't that right? I'll see you later.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
Come on.
Let's go.
LULU: This is nice.
It's a customer favorite.
NICK: It's a convertible.
I always wanted a convertible.
Well, it's not really you.
If I buy it, it will be.
Does this have the side air bags? The SUV has that feature, as well as a better stereo system.
Uh, I don't like tanks.
NICK: Well, they're a lot safer.
Not for the environment.
Your husband has a point about the safety.
And they're way too expensive.
I can help you out with a down payment.
- Absolutely not.
- Why not? Ted, could you just get me some brochures, please? You know, if we do something right now, today Ted, can it, OK? Double or nothing, my ass.
I want three c-notes in my hand by Friday.
[Coughs] Let me catch up with you later, OK? Yeah.
I transcribed the interviews and drafted the complaints.
So all you have to do is file it and send it to the process server.
The envelope's stamped.
Oh, we do have a postage machine, you know? Yeah, do you have any water? Yeah.
So, look, I spoke to Mrs.
Oh, good.
I might need some help with her.
[Coughs] What's wrong? This cough is killing me.
Uh, no, with Mrs.
Here's your water.
I got this friend at the "Post-Gazette.
" I want the Webbers to do an exclusive with him.
I mean, the press loves this teen sex stuff but she's balking.
Well, yeah, of course she is.
The only reason why she wants this money is so she can move to a place where she can hold her head up again.
Lulu, hello.
Litigation 101.
Public attention brings big, fast settlements.
I'm not gonna pressure her, Jake.
Do you understand the concept of leverage? I'm building a case here.
Wait, what case? The one where we argue that teenagers should be compensated for having sex? I'm getting there.
Look, don't worry about it.
Lulu, if you came into this thinking that PI was a breeze, you're you're wrong.
[Jake coughs] [Door opens] I was seeing Ben for a while till he got arrested.
So you could understand why I wouldn't want to involve Jerry in all of this.
Yeah, but why wouldn't you tell me about it? Because of what you were going through.
No, don't use the accident as an excuse.
I was referring to your divorce and Brian cheating and your judging me.
What you tell the prosecutor tomorrow is private.
It damn well better be.
This would kill Jerry.
So you're not gonna tell him? I certainly don't want a third divorce.
You know, I spoke to the cheerleading captain, Chelsea Royce.
We call it head cheerleader.
Of course you do.
She said there's no initiation and so did Shelly Donovan and so did Liz McCormick.
They're not stupid.
The school would freak probably disband the squad.
Well, without their testimony we're gonna need some other kind of proof that this behavior was going on.
Did you, uh did you write to anybody about the initiation? You know, like, passing notes in class? We page each other and sometimes send emails on our two-ways.
I don't save stuff.
Hmm, well, maybe maybe ex-cheerleaders won't be so protective.
Do you know any of them? No, I'm a freshman.
[Sighs] There's gotta be old rosters or something.
In the school library.
LULU: Poor mom.
We did a lot of prep on her testimony.
I'm sure she's fine.
Yeah, but still, she's in there telling twenty strangers that she had an affair with this guy and he's lying about her to save his own skin.
You know, I was thinking we could get you started on the SUV just on a short-term lease.
Try it out.
Do you like my hair short like this? Uh, it's cute.
Are you going to go to that boxing match tonight? Yes.
Can I come with you? Um, if it won't upset you.
Oh, come on.
You know what upsets me.
I'll give you Jake's ticket.
LULU: Ahem! How'd it go? Smooth sailing.
We should talk about what they asked you while it's still fresh in your mind.
Uh, no.
I need to talk to Jerry.
Mom Not now, Louisa.
This child suffered psychological damage on Johannsen Bus Line's watch.
This is bogus, and you know it.
County guidelines for school trips and off-campus events require one adult chaperone for every twenty students.
Now, on the evening of the event in question the only adult on the bus was one very preoccupied driver and twenty two students.
Blame the school.
The coaches shouldn't take their own cars.
They should ride with the kids.
No, no, the blame lies with your company because you contracted to follow county guidelines on all of your own buses.
I'd like to note this behavior on your bus line is commonplace.
This is the 2002 Madison yearbook.
Uh, " The sweetest thing about Madison Hoop "is the service on the bus.
" Now, do you really think this horny fifteen-year-old is talking about the smooth ride? In case you're not sure I've got three other references marked including one that creates a new verb Johannsening.
We still think this is crap but we'll give you thirty thousand to make this Webber girl go away.
- Forty.
- Agreed.
So this is a complaint for Tyler Griffin.
What? The kid who got the hummer? Excuse me.
Straka, you can't be serious.
Sexual trauma's very real for both genders.
And this boy was traumatized by what I could only dream of until college? Mr.
Griffin is a closet homosexual.
[Sighs deeply] This incident was It was a nightmare for him.
He's taken a leave of absence from school.
He's seeing a psychiatrist three times a week.
His mother fears suicide.
That bus was a virtual peer pressure cooker.
We'll match the Webber deal.
See, I'm looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars.
We can't discuss anything close to that without informing our insurance carrier.
I understand.
Well, gentlemen, you have my number.
I'm late for my doctor's appointment.
Archer will show you out.
Nice work.
RING MASTER: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Pittsburgh Auditorium and our first match of the evening.
In the blue corner, weighing 145 pounds, from San Diego Horatio Sanchez! [Cheers and boos] In the red corner weighing 146, Pittsburgh's comeback kid Tim "The Mechanic" Dohanic! [Cheering] Timmy! LULU: Travelmaster? I can't escape my mom.
She's everywhere.
That's a good idea.
Oh! Oh, sorry.
[Crowd shouting] Go, Mechanic! Go get him, Timmy! Get him! Hit him! Jab, Timmy! Ooh! Oh! Oh, no.
It's his rib.
- REFEREE: 1, 2 - Get up! - Let's go, Tim.
- Get up! REFEREE: 5, 6.
You OK? Fight.
[Bell rings] NICK: He's hurt.
Come on! What are they saying? They don't want him to answer the bell.
He shouldn't come out.
- You OK? - I'm good, yeah.
Can he go on? I'm good, I'm good, I'm good.
I'm good.
I'm good.
[Cat calls] [Bell rings] REFEREE: Fight! Go! Oh! Jab, Timmy! Oh! Oh, no.
Break! Break it! Break loose.
Break loose.
Oh! Oh! - Oh! - BURTON: Damn it! REFEREE: 1, 2 REFEREE: Back to your corner.
They're going to stop this now, right? REFEREE: 7, 8 The fight's over even if he doesn't get up.
He's not going to make it.
That's it.
[Bell rings] LULU: Is he going to be all right? [Knock on door] BURTON: Hey, Tim, how you doing? Hey.
Oscar, how are you? - Hey.
- Good to see you.
Yeah, I wait another hour doctors say on account of the concussions.
Yeah, I heard.
Hey, Oscar, you want get yourself a can of fruit juice from that machine out there? No, thank you.
No? Will you get me one? Go ahead.
Thank you.
So you went into the ring with a broken rib, huh? Well, you should've postponed.
Look, I know I know I can't count on any more Waters fights for a while but I'll pick up some others after this heals.
The doctor says you have ocular damage.
I happen to know a little bit about that.
When it involves the nerves like your case it doesn't heal.
If I listened to everything that doctors ever told me You might be better off.
When the boxing commission gets this report they're not going to let you fight.
I have to fight.
No, you don't.
There are other things, Tim.
A man with your guts and heart There's nothing else.
Not for me.
Thanks, Oscar.
Well, I just hope you'll think about what I'm saying.
I better get going.
I'll check with you later, OK? Yeah.
Why don't you save that for later, OK? OK.
Take care.
OK, kiddo.
Oh, hey.
We need to talk about what you pulled yesterday.
Well, I got waivers from both clients and I got Mrs.
Webber ten thousand more than she approved.
We just cut your check for six and a half grand.
Considering what you've got with Griffin I think LSP should get the entire fee.
Well, the oral agreement was that you'd split the Webber fee.
Yeah, but that kid could half a million.
Where's your good faith? Good faith? You know, I have a very strong sense of justice.
Oh, just take the damn check.
I think I get it from my mother and I think she'd feel the same way about this whole situation.
Wait, wait.
Are you going to tell your mommy on me? Considering she's one of your biggest clients, yes.
And that's exactly why I didn't take this to every other ambulance chaser in town.
I really do understand the concept of leverage.
All right.
Make out a check for thirteen thousand.
Nice doing business with you.
Hey, uh, listen.
Why don't we both celebrate our wins and grab a hot dog or something? OK.
Only if you're buying.
And just for the record, I don't feel great about this whole thing.
What? Profiting because teenagers think that oral sex is a game.
The whole thing gets to me, too.
It does? Yeah.
Why the hell wasn't I born later? Hi! How you feeling? Like I got dropped off a building.
I'm sorry about that fight.
You were doing really well.
I thought you were going to win.
Yeah, me, too.
Hey, Nick, can I talk to you? Sure.
Let's go in here.
Are we still going to the park? I got to talk to Nick for one minute, OK? A minute's a long time.
Not between rounds.
Play your game, OK? Appreciate everything you did.
Uh, but I got to send him back.
Can't fight, I can't work at the moving company with my injuries.
Well, what about the pizza place? Tino said he needs another investor, not another worker.
It's not that I don't love my son.
You know, he's real good for me.
Um This ain't no good for him.
Have you told him yet? No, you're the first one I told.
I got to call the grandparents now.
Well, just let me call their attorney first.
I can get you favorable terms.
Just let me let me let me just get this over with.
Tim, just for once, take some advice.
[Crying] Yeah.
How'd it go? Nick hasn't heard from the prosecutor yet.
No, I meant with Jerry.
Uh he wants to work it through.
That's great.
He actually blames himself for working so much.
He must really love you.
Yes, he does.
So how was your first week back? Um, it was fine.
You know, I'd feel a whole lot better if I stayed with you a little while longer.
Don't you think you should go back to Philly and spend some time with Jerry? Please.
All I can think of right now is my dry martini and a nice hot bath.
Let's plan that shopping day, huh? Ms.
Hi, Mrs.
I just want to come by and thank you for referring us to Mr.
What a godsend.
You're welcome.
He fought for us like you wouldn't believe.
Ashley and I are moving across the state.
I even have enough for a house down payment.
I'm glad it all worked out.
I wanted to get Mr.
Straka a little something.
Is there anything in particular that you think he'd like? Snakes.
Snakes? Snakes.
Yeah, he collects them.
Anything with a snake on it.
That's unusual, but to each his own.
Thanks for the tip.
No problem.
Yeah? Listen, I want to tell you because I know you were worried.
Budget crisis averted.
Really? Yeah.
Fallin and Fallin sent over a check.
How much? Thirteen thousand dollars.
Odd amount, isn't it? Well, you know what they say about gift horses.
Think Nick had anything to do with it? Probably.
But you know him.
He'd never admit it.
NICK: It's a nice car.
Thank you.
So Jake told me about your civil suit.
Oh, yeah? You know why I didn't come to you on that, right? No, I don't.
I didn't want you to get involved if I got caught.
Well, you know, it doesn't matter.
Don't lie to me.
Here you go, Ms.
Whee! Congratulations.
Thank you.
Thank you.
So Where to, sailor? Are you sure you feel fine to drive? Are you kidding? Well, I just get a little scared that you're going to hurt yourself.
Is that what you're afraid of? You really should take it easy.
I'm ready to drive.
All right, great.
Let's go.
No, you know what? I can do it on my own.
No training wheels.
Are you sure? LULU: Yeah.
Hey, grab that door for me, buddy.
OK, little dude come give your old man a kiss.
You got hugs for Manny, all those gym rats in there and you ain't got nothin' for me? Come on, buddy.
We're gonna see each other real soon.
I don't want to see you.
You know how to get to the highway from here? I can manage.
We'll take good care of him.
Yeah, I know.
If you run into any resistance with the terms of the custody give me a call.
You know, the kid didn't mean it.
He's just upset.
Oh, I know.
Need a ride home? No, I'm just gonna walk.
You live across town.
Well, what do I got to rush home to, huh? Hey, Nick thanks for fightin' for me.