The Guardian (2001) s02e23 Episode Script

All the Rage

I did that to the wrong guy, and he didn't deserve it, and now he might lose his son because of me.
NICK: Well, if you're trying to ask me if I'm gonna tell anyone about it, l I won't.
No, what I'm saying I have to get right, with myself, with Taliek, with God.
You can't tell the kid.
ALVIN: Hey, you leavin' Yeah.
My cab's waiting.
- Good luck in Berkeley.
- Thanks.
LAVERN: Our hearing is in 20 minutes.
ALVIN: Nicholas Fallin will be your attorney.
Nick, this is Mrs.
I told you about the problems she's having with the township.
[Chuckles] Say hello to your lawyer, Theo bear.
NICK: Hold on.
ALVIN: Nick! [Car horn beeps] Hang on! Oh, that's the wrong one, Gerald.
That's Suzy.
She's not even dressed yet.
And it's almost time for the bears' Memorial Day poses Lulu, this is Nick.
When you get this message, can you call me on my cell phone, please? it's gonna be the Fourth of July, which is the bears' favorite holiday.
I smell that lady's perfume.
I don't complain when the Nedveds put their Santa stuff out.
I don't complain about Lulu, it's Nick.
I tried to find you downstairs.
You'd gone.
Now, can you please call me before you get on your plane? As I see it, the first amendment protects us.
That's how I see it.
What are you, a lawyer all of a sudden? Oh! Are you listening to me, young man? Oh, yeah.
Your Honor, the Laverns' bear display is a clear violation of Civil Code Section 412.
2, which governs the use of signs, ornaments, and other displays.
In addition, pursuant to Municipal Ordinance 301.
1, this is a public nuisance.
Nearly one dozen life-sized, stuffed bears in costumes Lulu.
I'm in court.
can't help but substantially diminish the value of properties.
Well, I went downstairs and looked for you, you were gone.
What's that about? Mr.
Fallin? Could I just have one minute, please, your Honor? Excuse me? This is a very important call.
Hang up and present your case.
If I could just have one minute, please.
Hang up and present your case.
Listen, can I call you back? No, I was it was a reaction.
Why are you on the phone? That's $100, Mr.
You saw me coming to the elevator.
- That's another 100, Mr.
Fallin! - Fine.
Hey, mister, you're on our time! Hang up! - What? No.
I did not Lulu! - Mr.
Fallin, hang up that phone or I will hold you in contempt! - Mr.
Fallin! Lulu, I'm losing you.
- Mr.
Fallin! - Damn it! [Gasps] Mr.
Fallin! I know.
We're talking about stuffed animals, OK, dressed up as soldiers or whatever.
I mean, is this important? Does that really matter? Mr.
Fallin, you are in contempt.
Bailiff? [Singing] Well, there is trouble in my mind There is dark There's dark, and there is light There is no order There is chaos and there is crime There is no one home tonight With the empire of my mind There is trouble in my mind All the chaos In my mind Do you want to tell me why you're here? Court-ordered therapy You've got my file.
I know what the file says, hmm? I was wondering what you thought.
Well, I think I threw a cell phone.
That's why I'm here.
Why'd you throw a cell phone? Were you angry? You don't know if you were angry? You just just threw a cell phone? OK.
You don't wanna be here.
I don't want you to be here unless you want to talk to me.
So Here's a book.
Here's a book.
Read the first 3 chapters, fill out the worksheets, and we'll discuss your answers at the next session.
- The book costs 30 bucks.
- Fine.
- 105 for the session.
- Fine.
I take checks.
[Knock on door] Taliek, it's James.
[Sports playing on TV] What's up? That guy, uh, Winston I can call Social Services about him.
Yeah? If it's true he deals drugs, um they'll remove Dante, hold another hearing.
Well, it's true.
Great, then you'll get another shot at getting your boy back if you want me to make the call.
You'd do that for me? Yeah.
Oh, man Yeah.
Hey, you know, I was about to get some food, man, and and watch the game, you know.
If you wanna hang, it's cool.
[Cheerleaders on TV] [Children's party music playing] [Doorbell rings] Hey, you made it.
Come on in.
Come in.
How are you? Oh, I'm good.
[Sighs heavily] [Chuckles] And they're all spending the night.
Uh, this is for Shannon.
- It's, uh - Oh, good, thanks.
- Put it over there.
- Nail polish kit.
You're kidding me? I've got that woman from the Persian place.
She's coming over to give them all manicures.
So, can you, uh, stay a while? Oh, I got a few things I gotta get done.
What about Friday night, that Symphony fundraiser? You and Lulu still on for that? I think so.
Shannon's gonna be my little date.
I think she'll enjoy that.
Hey, Shannon.
Happy birthday.
Well, OK, uh, listen, I better get going.
All right.
Thanks for coming by.
I appreciate it.
Come on, Burton.
Come on.
Let's dance.
Let's think about this, OK? No, come on.
I'm not really sure I'm up for this.
Let's wait a minute.
[Doorbell rings] No! Saved by the bell.
Come on in.
Don't tell me.
I'll bet you're Katey's dad, right? Burton Fallen? Fallin, yeah, how are ya? Hi.
My name is Roy Cantwell.
I'm Shannon's dad.
RO Y: Heck of a nice place you've got here, Sir.
- Thank you.
- Sweetheart? I got here as soon as I heard.
Hey, do you remember me? It's gonna be OK.
[Sports playing on TV] They're suckers! Man, did you see that? Oh! I quit.
SPORTSCASTER: With a technical foul for unsportsmanlike conduct.
Planning to coach I had a nephew good kid.
My sister's only child.
He ran with a gang around here.
Yeah? He wound up dead.
He used to live with me for a while 'cause my younger sister, she was all strung up on drugs.
I wish I could've gotten him outta here.
It's too bad he wound up dead, man.
And the way he died These kids, they shoved rocks in his mouth.
He choked to death.
All I could think about was findin' those kids that did that to him.
So what'd you do? I got a name.
I got an address.
[Sighs] I waited till it was late Called up some old friends I used to run with and broke into this house, uh I found who I thought it was.
You jacked him up.
I took a tire iron to his face.
I was full of so much hate.
L I just wasn't thinkin'.
I just wanted revenge.
Truth was, you know, I trusted someone who I shouldn't have trusted, someone who hates you, who set you up.
- Winston.
- Yeah.
But I'm the guy that hit you.
I'm the guy.
Hello, how are you? I'm Larry.
I'm new.
Hi, there.
Larry Flood.
So, Larry, where were we? Oh, you were talking about the team-oriented approach.
Right, we believe in a team-oriented approach to maintain a high level of legal representation we provide.
I can't wait to start.
Oh, good.
That's fantastic.
- Nick - Yeah? This is Larry Flood.
Nick Fallin, he works with us part-time.
How are you? I'm brand-new.
- He seems like a nice guy.
- Yeah, he's OK.
Um, James Mooney will be training you.
He'll help you find your way around.
Let me introduce you.
- Ok.
- Hey.
- Dad? Well, Shannon's father came by my house last Friday.
He wants to take her back.
Well, I called Social Services.
They set up a hearing for me tomorrow morning.
I was wondering if you could help me out.
Well, if the biological father wants the child, then he'll most likely get her.
he didn't want her back.
What changed his mind? I had Vince Lasker do a background check on this guy.
A background check? I'm sure that's colorful.
Read this file, and you'll see what I'm talkin' about.
Anyway, I was hoping you could come to the hearing tomorrow and, uh help me out.
I'll see you back at the office.
Hey, can I borrow your cell phone? I need to make a call.
What is it? What? You don't think that's funny? You got an emergency shelter hearing tomorrow morning for Taliek Allen's son Dante.
What happened? Anonymous call to Social Services.
Seems like Taliek's ex-girlfriend is living with some drug dealer.
They yanked him last night.
I tried to call on your cell phone, but It's broken.
[Sighs] Is there anything else I should know about this, James? What it says: Sharnell was living with a drug dealer.
You know who tipped off Social Services? Nope.
You? James Mooney? He's back there.
[Knocks on door] How can I help you? Craig Rolsky, Pittsburgh Police.
You got a minute to talk? Yeah.
Do you mind? Please.
You know a kid named Taliek Allen? Yeah.
Uh He's a client here.
He came in last week.
He needed some help with a custody problem.
He stopped by my precinct this morning.
Nasty thing what happened to his face.
You know anything about that? About his face? About what happened to him? Poor guy got attacked.
Ambushed 3 or 4 guys tire irons, bats.
- That's what I heard.
- He says you did it to him.
- What? - That's what he's sayin'.
Look, I'm just a lawyer tryin' to help him get his kid back.
It didn't work.
You know, maybe he's mad.
He's tryin' to get some revenge I don't know.
So you think he's blaming you for losing his case? He needs to blame somebody.
OK, well, appreciate your time.
[Door closes] You didn't really answer any of the questions.
Yes, I did.
"Was there a time of heavy grief in your life?" You answered, "yes.
" - That's right.
- Only "yes.
" Right.
"Are there things you do well?" You answered "yes.
" Right.
"Describe the happiest period of your life.
" You wrote, " It hasn't happened yet.
" Well, that's an answer.
It's a "no" to answering the question.
- Do you understand? - No.
The intention or the hope of the exercise was to get you to open up a little bit, explore your feelings.
Well, the book didn't ask me to elaborate.
Fallin, you're an educated man.
It's implicit.
You want me to take the test again? I don't care.
Good, 'cause I don't want to take it.
- OK.
- Great.
We done here? Read the rest of the book.
Keep up the good work.
See you Friday.
I look forward to it.
[Lndistinct chatter] Hey.
How was Berkeley? Uh, it was it was OK, I think.
You liked the clinic? Mm-hmm.
They have 30 lawyers, renovated warehouse, and the people are great, great cases.
So you liked it? And I loved San Francisco, I absolutely loved it.
- Have you ever been there? - No.
Really? Well, it's really beautiful, and it's much more interesting than Pittsburgh.
This Friday, my father has 4 tickets to this charity function for the symphony at Heinz Hall, if if you'd like to go.
- Well, I have a hearing.
- Me, too.
Well, maybe later, if you want to come by.
- Sure, if I can.
- OK.
Taliek? - James with you? - No.
Well, you keep him away from me.
Hey, I'm not playin', man.
I don't wanna see him.
Hell, you in on this, too? I don't know what you're talking about.
All right, you're gonna get my son back for me? I'm gonna try.
Based on the facts presented, my feeling is that neither Sharnell nor Taliek is an appropriate parent at this time.
I'm adjudicating Dante a dependent of the Commonwealth and placing him in the Allegheny County group shelter until a suitable foster parent can be found.
SHARNELL: What? What is she saying? What is she saying? You freak.
You freak! What did you do that for, huh?! What did you do that for? TALIEK: This ain't got nothin' to do with me! It's got to do with you and your punk brother Winston of yours! You tell him I'm comin' for him! You tell him now! I should kill you! I want you dead! JUDGE: Gentlemen, control your clients! NICK: Get the bailiff! My kid ain't got nothin' now no mother, no father nothin' How'd it go in there? Damsen sent Dante to a group shelter.
You couldn't do better than that? You stay the hell away from Taliek.
You're just makin' things worse.
RO Y: Look at you, practically all grown up.
- I'm 13 my birthday was - Friday.
I know.
That was your party, right? NICK: Laurie.
NICK: Shannon.
Nick, this is my dad Roy.
How are ya? Anyway, I, uh Ahem I got you somethin'.
Look inside.
That's you and me, 2 days after your third birthday.
I just want you to know that I never wanted things to turn out like this.
But your mother, she wouldn't let me see you.
Your grandma, too.
I called and I called.
- Really? - All the time.
I know we don't have a lot of history, but it's not too late, you know, to be, uh father and daughter, if that's what you want.
Your hearing's about to start, sweetheart.
"Strip club bouncer, hairdresser, "assistant manager, Rick's Roast Beef, "sales rep for Coral Springs Bottled Water.
" - That's just 1999.
- We all need a job.
My point, your Honor, is that Roy Cantwell has not been able to keep a job for more than 3 months.
For the record, your honor, my client is currently self-employed.
He owns a beauty supply warehouse.
And operates 4 separate pornographic websites.
Your honor, there are Federal and State tax liens on Mr.
Cantwell's salary and assets.
He declared personal bankruptcy in 2001.
He's been arrested 3 times for embezzlement, grand larceny, and conspiracy to commit fraud.
My client's professional career is not indicative of his parenting skills.
Parenting skills? He hasn't seen his daughter in over 10 years, barely even talked to her.
When Social Services asked him about custody, he said no.
Cantwell said he needed to think about it.
He never said no.
NICK: Right now, Shannon is living with a respected member of our community, someone who has led an exemplary life, someone who wants to be a good father to her.
At least give me a weekend every month.
Roy, you heard the judge.
It's one hour a month.
She's my daughter.
I understand that, but it's not, uh it's not my place.
Listen, I could come by a couple days a week after school while you were there, or, hey, I could baby-sit her or somethin'.
You wouldn't have to pay me.
It's gonna be a win-win.
Roy, look, if she's gonna have a chance, she's gotta start all over: New rules, new people.
Are you sayin' I'm bad for my own daughter? - I didn't say that.
- Yes, you did.
You think I'm a piece of crap, don't ya? No.
Hey, they wouldn't let me see her, her mother or her grandmother.
And, yeah, when they called the first time, I didn't think she'd be so good with me on account of my lifestyle, but then I got that call about what your nephew did, tryin' to rape her - Hey.
So don't you tell me I'm not good for my own daughter, not after what you let happen.
You be a good girl, OK? Are you OK, honey? Yeah.
I'm sorry if you heard any of that.
Can I still see him sometimes? Well, we'll see, honey.
We'll see.
[Pounding on door] Come on, Taliek.
Open the door, man.
Come on.
Let me in.
You you called the cops? Look, Taliek, I'm sorry about what happened, why it happened, but me goin' to jail isn't gonna change anything.
They took my son away.
Well, look, you know, you get a job, you keep it together, you keep goin' to counseling, the judge will give the baby back to you.
It'll be good, you'll see.
I talked to some friends.
I got a job for you workin' at the courthouse, nights, cleanin' up.
Uh About a thousand bucks for rent, maybe get a better place.
You need to bounce, man.
All I'm trying to do is help.
Look, man, you just need to roll.
All right.
[Opens and closes door] - Lf you get this job - I'm not gonna get it.
You'll get it.
Are you gonna take it? [Lulu Sighs] I mean, wouldn't you if, uh if a job came up in Los Angeles and they wanted to make you senior partner? I hate Los Angeles.
Yeah, but if you got the job? I can't leave Pittsburgh.
I mean, if you could, you know, like when your probation was over.
Well, that would be a different story.
If you could.
That depends on what's going on here.
What do you mean? What do you think I mean? Right.
Heard you threw a cell phone in court the other day.
Why'd you do that? Well, apparently, I'm an angry person.
[Chuckles] [Sighs] What are you doin' I'm getting dressed.
That company I was telling you about, Advent? The C.
Is coming to town tonight, would like to sit down with us tomorrow.
Oh, great.
I'd love to have their business.
I told him 11:00.
[Knock on door] Mr.
Fallin, I just got a call from the secretary at Thurmond Academy.
Shannon never showed up at school today.
Uh Yeah.
Thank you.
I'm sorry, Clay.
Could you excuse me for one minute, please? Sure.
[Door closes] RO Y: So you happy with your CDs? SHANNON: Yeah.
See ya.
- Get in the house, Shannon.
- Burton Get in the house.
Hey, Mr.
Fallin, just took Shannon for a burger and a coke You know I could have you arrested for this? Hey, easy, old guy.
I just spent a few hours with my kid is all.
- It's not against the law.
- This is illegal.
I didn't know that.
I mean, she is my daughter.
This is the way it's gonna be from now on.
You stay away from Shannon.
You don't talk to her.
You don't come by this house.
If you do, things are gonna get very bad for you.
Very quickly.
I'm glad we could be friends.
[Loud rock music playing] Shannon? [Knocking] Shannon? SHANNON: I'm getting dressed! Get out! BURTON: You just sit down here SHANNON: Let go of me! Do you know how worried I was? Get out of here! Get out! Get out! Shannon, you're living with me now.
I'm taking care of you.
That means you follow my rules.
You understand that? No phones, no TV, no music.
And I'm coming back up here in one hour.
I want your homework finished.
I lov I love you.
BURTON: We're a full service firm.
We did more corporate deals than anyone in town last last year.
He's been doing it for 40 years.
Jake, just say a long time, OK? [Laughs] He's the best lawyer in the city, and Nick and I will give you attention day-to-day, and Burton will oversee everything we do.
I'm here if you need me, but the real reason we're all meeting is because of Mr.
- Burton Fallin? - Yeah.
Sorry to disturb you, but we need to talk.
About? Well, if you don't mind, I'd rather do it in private, down at the station.
Roy Cantwell made a complaint with our special victims unit alleging inappropriate sexual behavior between you and your foster child, Shannon Gressler.
What the hell are you talking about? Burton We spoke with Shannon earlier this morning.
W-where's Shannon? We can't tell you that.
This is ridiculous.
Her father Hey, hey.
Is my client under arrest? No.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
- Dad - Wait a minute! - Dad, let's go! - Wait a minute! Get up.
Let's go.
He did walk in on me.
And I was undressed.
He did.
And he grabbed me by the shoulder and sat me down on the bed.
It's OK.
He was yelling at me.
And he came into my room.
I told him not to.
You don't have to tell me anything.
He was drunk at my birthday party.
And he kissed me good night, and he was dancing with my friends.
Roy Your dad wants to visit you here.
Is that OK? Sure.
When did you last talk to him? This morning.
I'll set up a visit.
I walked into her room.
She was changing, so I turned around and walked out.
This is ridiculous.
Right now it's just an investigation.
But if this girl changes her story, makes it any worse, then they can arrest you.
So what do we do? Well, if we're gonna fight this, first thing you do is take a polygraph.
Then you have to take this test that entails looking at graphic images of children and monitoring your sexual response.
What else? See a shrink to show you don't fit the profile of a pedophile.
[Exhales] Right.
Pay him off.
What? Find the bastard, give him some money and shut him up.
Clearly, the guy is broke.
Give him a few grand, he'll change his story.
That's ridiculous, Nicholas.
I didn't do a damn thing.
What you did was take in a street kid.
Yeah, she's very cute, and she acts real sweet, but she's screwed up.
Now, if you pay the guy, he will go away.
Thank you.
What the hell's wrong with you? Nothing.
Where did you learn this crap? When someone lies or does something wrong, you don't reward him with money.
You fight him.
A charge like this the stink will never wash off you.
Nicholas, I want that kid back.
You gotta let her go, Dad.
Believe me I know these kids.
This is just the beginning.
I want her back.
[Door opens and closes] [Romantic music playing] [Knock on door] - Hey.
- Hey.
I'm drunk.
[Laughs] Hold on.
Hold on.
What do you mean, hold on? - Not right now.
- Why? Just I had a long day.
OK? What's wrong with you? Well, this court order thing and my father.
I got the job.
You did? They just called an hour ago.
So congratulations to me.
And you're off the hook.
What? Cheers.
[Lndistinct conversation] OK, then.
Anything you wanna say? No.
You've still got another 30 minutes left.
If you want, you can split now.
I'll sign the certificate.
Oh, you really take this seriously, don't you? Is that your way of saying you actually want to talk now? I didn't think so.
Ok, you know what? For what it's worth, I'm gonna tell you a couple of things.
You're shut down.
You can't even write down your feelings in a simple worksheet, let alone voice them, so my guess is, the majority of your problems are coming from your fear of communicating emotionally with the people in your life.
I'm just saying Might wanna try to let your feelings out see where they take you.
Um Can can I send you a check? $315, plus 30 for the book.
All right.
- Morning.
- Hey.
- Good news.
- What is it? Roy Cantwell withdrew his complaint.
Told the police that he misunderstood what Shannon was saying and feels he may have unduly influenced her statement.
That's great.
- So there it is.
- Thanks, Clay.
How much did you pay him? Oh, Roy just changed his mind? Evidently.
You picking up Shannon? That's the plan.
All right.
So we on for tonight? Yeah, you, me, Shannon, Lulu.
Just can't wait.
[Knock on door] Hey.
So, good news.
You can go back to Burton's.
What happened? Your dad told the police it was all just a big misunderstanding.
Was it? Yeah.
Um probably.
I mean I never said he did anything gross.
I just answered their questions.
Well, then you can go back.
If that's what you want.
Is it what you want? No, thanks.
No? No, thanks.
I want to be with my dad now.
That might not be so easy.
Well, that's what I want.
You got a second? Sure.
You tell Alvin about the job yet? Uh, no, not yet.
When are you gonna tell him? I don't know later today.
Or Monday.
I don't know.
You're really going? Yeah.
L I think so.
What? Don't go.
Nick Because, uh Because l I think that we have have a chance a-at something here, and if you go, then then we won't.
What do you mean? What I'm trying to say is that, um l I have certain feelings for you.
Some feelings? What what are you talking about? What kind of feelings? I love you.
- What? - You heard me.
Did you just say that because of the job? - Because - No, I'm not.
I wasn't trying to force you to say something to me.
OK, just forget what I said No, and the job is I'm not going after Nick Just forget forget what I said.
I'm glad that you said what you just said.
I guess I don't know really how to respond.
[Elevator dings] ALVIN: Hey, heard from Berkeley yet? LULU: No, not yet.
Did you talk to your friend out there? No.
No, I haven't heard a thing.
- I bet they'll want you.
- Yeah, well, we'll see.
LARRY: Can you hold the elevator? JAMES: I'll wait.
We're kind of full.
You know what? I'll wait, too.
Outstanding first week, Larry.
Thank you, Alvin.
[Larry sighs] Pretty exciting first week for me.
It's amazing what you guys do around here, you know? You'll get used to it.
You got any plans for the weekend? Uh Pirate game, maybe.
- Just clean around the house.
- Oh.
I actually have a date.
I met her on the internet.
She comes from Wyoming, of all places.
Hey, what are you doing here? [Gunshot] JAMES: Hey! Taliek, put the gun down! [Phone rings] [Gasping] Too bad Lulu couldn't make it.
You know, you just missed a spot back there.
There'll be another one.
You can just back up and take that spot.
There'll be another one, son.
You know, Dad, uh You know, sometimes maybe we should we should talk.
About what? Uh I don't know.
Just I don't know.
Ah, there we go.
[Tires screech] What the hell? Did you see that? Yeah.
Excuse me.
You took my place.
- Hello? - Dad - You took my place.
- Dad, just let it go.
Dad [Closes car door] Excuse me.
Excuse me.
You took my place.
[Nick sighs] What are you talking about? Well, I was waiting here for this spot Dad, just let it go.
It's a parking spot.
Back off.
- Hey! - Hey, man.
[Choral music playing] Hey!