The Handmaid's Tale (2017) s03e07 Episode Script

Under His Eye

1 Previously on The Handmaid's Tale Do you know Commander Mackenzie? He has a daughter.
Her name is Agnes.
Protect her, please.
- Just love her for me.
- I promise.
Hannah would attend a school for domestic arts.
The one in her district is in Brookline, by the reservoir.
We need to look at starting a series of district-wide Salvagings.
One last measured push should roll up the last of the insurgent strongholds.
I've seen a lot of these reunions and it's not always a storybook ending.
I don't want to make things awkward for you.
It is awkward.
But who cares? Waterford asked to borrow you.
He's trying to force the Canadians to talk about repatriating his daughter.
You have to understand that seeing her changed everything for me.
Seeing her changed you it didn't change this place.
Here's to your bright future.
Perhaps here in D.
You know this is all gonna be over soon.
You're gonna get to go back home, and we're gonna stay here.
And you and I will finally be free of one another.
You will never be free of me until both my children are safe.
I should have put a ring in your mouth the day that we met.
I should have let you burn when I had the chance.
The Handmaid's Tale 3x07 Under His Eye Places! By His hand.
By His hand.
Heave! Heave! Heave! The Lord is calling on you, girls.
He is depending on you to be His holy instrument.
His charge is surely difficult, but he has special blessings for the strong and faithful among us.
Drop the ropes.
Let's go.
Come on.
I'm freezing.
I hear the woman mistreated her child.
Let him just cry for hours and hours, poor thing.
Yeah, it's a great reason to hang someone.
It certainly is.
His winnowing fork is merciful and necessary.
Clearing away the rotted chaff so the good can take root.
What's wrong? Nothing, praise be.
I'm fine.
All right.
Just breathe through it.
Come on.
In through the nose.
Out through the mouth.
There you go.
Thank you.
I've always loved being with child.
This time is difficult.
Did you tell the doctor? He said everything's normal.
I don't know what's wrong with me, I I wish it was over.
When I was first pregnant with Nichole, I was pretty scared.
I had some thoughts that I would be ashamed to admit now.
Well, I don't have any "thoughts".
My child is a blessing.
Notice of change.
Bee tokens are now usable for both honey and bee pollen.
Bee pollen no longer requires a separate token.
Ofjoseph, you walked right by the flour.
Blessed be the fruit.
May the Lord open.
I saw two other veils yesterday.
I hear they're popping up all over.
We should salute their devotion.
You do that.
Ofjoseph, they finally got a shipment of that fruit cocktail you've been looking for.
I'll show you.
I love fruit cocktail.
Actually, Ofmatthew, could you help me pick some avocados? I can never pick a ripe one.
I'm happy to help.
Fruit cocktail, really? I'm crappy at improv.
I'd hurry.
It won't last long.
Last week of wheat bread this season.
Last week of wheat bread.
Thank you for coming.
I didn't know if you'd got my message.
Mackenzie asked you to stop! I can't.
Could you? How's she doing? Agnes couldn't be happier.
She's doing so well in school.
A school that would cut off her finger for reading.
My Commander can get us out.
All of us.
You could be free.
She's just a child! To put her in that kind of danger is selfish! She should be with her real parents.
I'm not so sure.
Then ask her.
I won't put her in that position! Then I'll ask her.
You can't come back to the house! Her school.
In Brookline.
I just came from my fourth hanging this week.
Do you think it's gonna get better? Go to the gate.
Guardian Parker, he's a friend.
He's there today.
He'll help you.
Thank you for your patience.
Just a few more details to go over.
What does all this have to do with protecting the baby? Gilead has provided us with an account of Dr.
Malek's criminal activity.
Criminal? In their opinion, yes.
Last autumn, I understand you stole a government vehicle? Yes.
They say you drove recklessly, and intentionally struck a guard.
You ran him over? Yes.
On the night of your escape, did you stab your supervisor? Aunt Lydia? Yes.
And you stabbed her in the back? Yes.
And then you threw her down a staircase? Don't you know what that monster did to her? - I do.
- Syl, please I do.
And I don't enjoy asking these questions.
Believe me.
Malek, did you take any other actions that Gilead would see as criminal? Probably.
You know I don't care what you did there, right? You don't have to deal with this on your own.
I'm fine.
I know you're not officially looking, but I think you both could make a home here in D.
I'm not even sure where my home is anymore.
Let me show you something.
This is one of the few, unrestored houses left.
Just waiting for the right owners.
We can take all this stuff down.
The light is beautiful.
Who lived here before? I think they were Baptists? The master's next door.
So you can hear everything.
And the other rooms already have bunk beds so, when the kids are older I'll think about it.
Let's go look at the master.
Fred! George! Just got word.
Canada's willing to talk about a general extradition treaty.
Oh, that's great.
Early days, but you should be very encouraged.
Well, my initiative wouldn't have gotten very far without your support and expertise.
We make a good team.
Extradition is delicate business.
It's gonna take time.
Well, once Nichole's returned, we'd do our best to move the others along quickly.
So much leverage comes from the child.
With her back home You want me to keep her there.
Just for a bit.
It's your vision that's brought us to this point.
In the end, Gilead will know whom to credit.
Think about it.
- Where's the Commander? - I don't know.
In some Commander place doing Commander things.
I have to get to Brookline by three o'clock to see my daughter.
Good luck with that.
I can't go alone as a Martha.
Well, I'm not hauling my ass all the way to Brookline.
Not with all the Guardians out there.
What if I take this up to Mrs.
Lawrence for you? Cool.
Oh, thank you, dear.
That's okay.
I've got it.
You can set the tea on the table.
It's a beautiful day.
Would you mind if I opened the curtains for you? Would you like to go for a walk? Joseph wouldn't like that.
Oh, I'm sure he wouldn't mind, if he knew how much you'd enjoy it.
I really shouldn't.
There's so many people But I'll be right there with you the whole time.
I'll make sure nothing happens to you, okay? Promise.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Go get your coat.
Praise be, Mrs.
I haven't seen you out in ages.
Blessed day, Mrs.
I'm always asking Warren, why haven't the Lawrences come over for supper? Ah, well, you know how the Commander can be.
Oh! Oh, she's gotten so big! Hi, Button.
We thought you were gonna die.
But you didn't.
You didn't die.
She's beautiful, Mrs.
Thank you, Ofjoseph.
It's nice to see you getting along so well with your new mistress.
That's a ripe Handmaid you have there.
I'm sure she'll give you a healthy child in no time.
She's such a pretty baby.
Such a miracle.
I'm so glad she didn't die.
Lawrence, don't you think we should be going? Oh, yes.
Have a lovely day, Mrs.
You too.
Lawrence? It's hard not to imagine what my own daughter might have looked like.
Or little boy.
You and the Commander tried to have children? Before? I wanted to.
He he disagreed.
I was teaching full-time but it was a struggle.
They were always adjusting my dosage.
I wish we could've.
Being a mother in Gilead must pose its own challenges.
Maybe maybe we did the right thing.
Lawrence, I lied to you.
My daughter's school is in Brookline.
Today may be my only chance to see her.
So I'm sorry.
I really am.
I'll take you home if you want.
Let's go.
The T stop's only a block away.
I think I'm keen on an adventure.
Canada needs to grow a pair and tell Gilead to fucking go to hell.
You know, I think it's tricky.
Yeah, but Nichole is a refugee under their protection, just like us.
They need to protect her.
They do.
Do you miss your old job? Sometimes.
I guess I miss the people mostly.
Yeah, that makes sense.
So, okay.
Before Syl, I'm guessing you were you a Sommerville girl? Did you hit, like, Club Cafe? Machine? Me? No.
I, um, basically studied.
I hit up club bio lab most of the time.
Uh, okay.
Where'd where'd you go? Harvard.
Oh I know a few Harvard girls! Um God, what's Ah, oh! Diane McKenna! She's brunette, uh law school? The law school was kind of separate.
Um Ooh! Erica Biers? Tina Sosa? Sorry.
I went out with a firefighter from Charlestown for a while.
Um But she wasn't out and she had a boyfriend.
Uh, Pina Delvaglio? No, God.
How can we not have any gay in common? Jeez, I'm pretty sure that this is the first time this has ever happened in all of lesbian history.
Oh, I met Syl and that was it.
I know the feeling.
Oh, crap.
I gotta, um I gotta go.
Gonna go bird dog the Canadian Minister of Border Security.
"Bird dog"? Yeah, it's like protesting but like, right up in their faces.
Can I come? If you want to.
Minister! Minister! Why has your department refused to declare Gilead refugees safe from deportation? The safety, safety of refugees is our greatest concern.
Canada's doors are always open to those in need.
Are you gonna talk to us? Stay on him! Minister! Why are the Swiss here? Huh? How can you even consider negotiating with Gilead? Answer the question! It's in the interests of all Canadians and Canadian refugees that we keep peace with all our neighbors.
There is no peace with Gilead! Yeah.
Hey! Move back.
Why won't you just refuse Gilead custody of Baby Nichole? Birth mother's already surrendered her rights.
She didn't surrender anything! June gave Nichole to me! She wanted her baby out of that sick, twisted place, you fuck! Don't touch me! Yeah! I risked my life to get her out! - I did my part! - Hey, get off of me! Now you do yours! You Fuck! Get the fuck off me! Get off of me! Get your hands off me! Front gate clear.
Any movement there? Guardian Parker? Sorry, ma'am, Parker's not here today.
Can I help you with something? Yes.
I was promised a tour of the grounds.
I'm Commander Lawrence's wife.
I'd be happy to arrange that for you.
All clear.
Baby? Hannah! Hannah.
Hi, baby.
My baby girl.
Miss! Miss! I was promised a tour - of the grounds! - Ma'am! I need to see the children! I've already explained this to you.
Please show me the children! I can't have you like this in front of the children.
You told me I could see the grounds! Step back, Ma'am.
- Eleanor? - You left me.
I'm so sorry.
She won't stop asking about the children! - Why is she talking - She's confused! She has health issues.
I'm sorry.
Do you want me to take you home? Yes.
Come on.
Here we are.
Just Forgive me, Ofjoseph.
I tried.
I really tried.
I want you to rest.
Lie down.
Lie down.
Just rest, my love.
I had no intention of putting her in any danger, sir.
You should've seen her out there.
She came alive.
You should have seen her.
Thank you.
I'm not late, am I? Never.
How was the gallery? It was extraordinary to see all those pieces in such an intimate setting.
And such a blessing that so many were recovered from the Art Institute.
Do you remember when we were there last? You skipped out on your cousin's baby shower.
You skipped out too, remember? Fishing trip to Lake Michigan? Killing helpless creatures or looking at art with my wife.
Not a hard decision.
Speaking of creatures, this all looks delicious.
Liv would never say anything but I know that she appreciates having a night off from us.
The Winslows have been very kind to us.
And you've been so very patient.
I know that we'll have a home of our own again someday.
We will.
All of us.
I'm gonna bring Nichole back, Serena.
Just as soon as I can manage.
What happened? I'm good at my job is what happened.
I was becoming afraid that it was more politically expedient to have her stay in Canada.
Well, that's what some believe.
Not me.
I I don't have a timeline yet, so please don't push me for one.
Of course.
Thank you, Fred.
Thank you.
So, Luke will probably be cool.
Uh, he might freak out.
It's unclear.
How 'bout Syl? I honestly have no idea.
Well, um you're a prison bitch now.
She might like that.
No, if Syl is mad, she won't tell me.
She's trying to give me space.
There's a lot she doesn't know.
I killed a Wife.
In the Colonies.
I poisoned her.
I'm not sorry.
I killed a Commander.
I didn't have to.
He was asleep.
But I did it anyway.
Look at what they've turned us into.
You killed anybody since you've been out? No.
You? Nope.
So I think we're good.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Happy news.
- Fred! - George! I have a group of skeptics waiting for you to charm them.
Serena, so lovely.
If you'd be so kind, that way.
If you'd be so kind.
Serena! There you are.
You look beautiful.
Oh, hardly.
But thank you.
Come this way.
Serena Joy, this is Evelyn.
- Hello.
- Blessed evening.
- Gabrielle.
- Blessed evening.
- And Ticona.
- Blessed evening.
Blessed evening.
Well, the space looks amazing.
Evelyn transformed it.
Thank you.
Although my Dennis will take all the credit.
Isn't that what they all do? Every man needs a safe space to strut for the other peacocks.
That's why we have our own peacocks to strut for us.
Enjoy yourself, Serena.
You're among friends.
You look stunning.
May I? What happened? The Mackenzies are gone.
Gone where? I don't know.
Not even my Commander knows.
Why the long faces, girls? It's a glorious morning.
Take a moment to abide in the sunlight of His grace.
Today we purify that most grievous of sins the endangerment of a sacred child.
By a Martha, of all people.
Conspiring against the child she was trusted to protect.
No sin is more vile.
By His hand.
By His hand.
No one escapes her sacred duty.
Heave! Heave! Heave! By His hand.
Let that be a lesson to you.
You should be thankful.
Your temptation's been lifted.
What did you do? I saw you at Loaves and Fishes talking to that Martha.
Aunt Lydia told me to watch you.
To try and protect you.
What did you say to her? I saved you.
We saved you.
You "saved" me? What did you do? What did you do? Do you have any idea what you did? Do you? You fucking bitch! - Do you? - June, stop it! Do you know what you did? Do you? You fucking bitch! Let me go! Let me go!