The Handmaid's Tale (2017) s03e13 Episode Script


1 Previously on The Handmaid's Tale You're fucking fantastic.
Billy's in.
It's happening, a week from today.
Marthas will bring the kids to the Lawrence house after dark.
Then he'll get them to the plane.
I want in.
Escort a kid.
The Waterfords are now in custody in Toronto expecting to get your baby back.
But they were ambushed.
They're in prison? Facing trial as war criminals.
You have to save yourself.
- What have you done? - My daughter needs me! Trouble? They may close the border.
Move up our departure date.
The plane is on a weekly schedule.
It has to look legit.
You need to convince them to keep the border open.
Where are you going? The Salengers' house.
There's that sweet little boy David.
We can get him out.
Lawrence, you don't have to do that.
But the children! What about the other children? Let's go back to that school Stop it! You cannot say anything! Do you understand? I I wasn't thinking.
In the name of God, we commit the body of Eleanor to the peace of the grave.
Eleanor, wake up.
May the good Lord forgive her sins.
Eleanor! For we did not save her troubled soul.
I kept the border open You convinced the Council? It's hard to argue with a man who's in mourning.
Give her, O Lord, Your peace, and let Your eternal light shine upon her.
The Handmaid's Tale 3x13 Mayday Let's go! Move it, ladies! Get in there! Move it, you bitch! Go on! Get in there! Get the fuck up! No! Let's go! Move it! Now! Move! Let go! Let's go! Keep moving! Move it! Come on! Let's go! Now, ladies! Now.
Move! Shut the fuck up! To the right! Forward! Once these are off, load the other ones on.
Yes, sir.
Under His eye.
No talking! Sir? Hey.
Shouldn't be too long.
Sir, please.
No, listen, listen.
You have to help me.
- No talking.
- Please.
They took my daughter.
Listen to me.
They took my daughter.
And I don't know where she is.
Could you please just tell me where she is? Please, no.
Please, no.
Load onto the truck! Let's go, come on.
Move it! Move it along! All the way in! Now! Move! Fuck off! Fuck you! I'm gonna sue all you motherfuckers for so much fucking money! I'm gonna buy a big fucking beach house! Fucking Stone Harbor! Shh.
Come on.
Ruthless, I remember thinking.
They are fucking ruthless.
Where does it come from, this talent for ruthlessness? It seems so easy for them.
For these men.
For men like these.
That's how they won, I suppose.
It isn't about being right, or having the people or God on your side.
It isn't anything that grandiose.
In the end, victory goes to the hardest heart.
To the ruthless go the spoils.
Fifty-two kids will be brought to the Lawrence House after sunset.
We will move in darkness.
We can hide in the dark, at least.
We have a chance, at least.
If there is actually a Martha network.
If this all isn't a trap, set by the Eyes.
I will get the children to the airport.
The plane leaves at midnight.
Because I am ruthless.
Blessed be the fruit.
- May the Lord open.
- A gift.
What was that all about? Just Janine.
I am sorry, Aunt Lydia.
Let me have a look at you.
I certainly hope you have not acquired too many bad habits at the Lawrences.
Ofjoseph, you do realize that the other girls look up to you, don't you? Yes, Aunt Lydia.
But popularity is not a contest, it's a responsibility.
You wouldn't do anything that would put your friends in danger, would you? Of course not, Aunt Lydia.
It's in your own best interest, Ofjoseph, because your next Commander will not tolerate any of your subversive nonsense.
I shall keep the "subversive nonsense" to a minimum then.
Back to your duties.
Watch yourself.
You got it.
How many soap tokens did she give you? They were on sale.
Hey, I've got it.
Where's Beth? She's barfing.
She better feel better.
She's not sick.
She's freaking out.
She won't let me help with anything.
She runs the house.
She said I should just take care of the Commander.
God bless your labors.
You know I was studying for the MCATs before.
I was gonna be a radiologist.
I'm not a fucking child! Then do something about it.
And stop waiting for someone to hold your fucking hand.
I'm not.
Sienna, could you unwrinkle this for me, please? Yes, sir.
Actually, I don't have time right now, sir.
Ofjoseph needs my help.
All right.
All that has to go in the basement.
On it.
Praise be.
Praise be.
Oh, she's a bit prickly, isn't she? No.
Maybe you've forgotten what a strong woman looks like, sir.
And Beth is sick? Nerves.
Well, she's afraid of dying, I'd imagine.
Something that doesn't appear to trouble you.
I am a woman of faith.
I called a Senior Staff meeting at the chancery.
It should draw security out of the neighborhood for a few hours.
Thank you.
Sorry You got that? Sir.
Beth! Sorry.
Can I get you something, sir? Me? No.
God guide your steps.
Go in grace, Commander Lawrence.
You all right? You get everything? Yup.
Okay then.
It's okay.
Come on.
But I have to get you inside.
Come on.
Check outside.
Wait here.
They're not supposed to move until dark.
I know.
It's okay.
Is this it? Mayday? Is it? Yes.
Is it time to go back in? Not yet.
You're fine.
Thank you.
The ICC prosecutors want to have another session tomorrow to go over your written testimony.
All right.
American intelligence debrief starts next week.
Busy woman.
Are there any invitations I can politely decline? I'm afraid you've surrendered that right, Mrs.
All right.
I will endeavor to answer any questions that they might have.
I know.
It's exhausting.
I could try to push some of the sessions.
No, it's fine.
I didn't surrender my rights, Mr.
I traded them for my daughter.
We should I do have something for you.
A gate badge.
Starting next week, you have permission to leave the facility.
That's overwhelming.
Thank you.
Well, the ICC is satisfied.
You've cooperated completely.
With that comes privileges.
I'll have to do some exploring.
They'll talk you through the restrictions.
But you can get to know the city a little.
Start thinking about where you might want to live.
Out in the world without an escort.
I'm sure you'll find your way.
Put your foot up here.
All right.
I'm gonna clean it off a bit, okay? You have to tell me if it hurts, though, all right? Here we go.
You're tough.
Went a long way in those woods, huh? All the way from Lexington, your Martha said? Pretty brave.
There we go.
Okay, I think we're done.
Bless you for your trouble, Miss.
You're welcome.
Do you know what it's like? Hmm? Out.
Well, it's like things were before Gilead.
I don't remember before.
You'll be free.
You can wear whatever you want.
No one's gonna hurt you for reading.
Or tell you what to think, or who to love, or what to believe in.
And, you know, you don't have to be a wife.
Or a mother, if you don't want to.
Then what would I be? You.
Will God still love me then? Yes.
You hungry? There you go.
For food in a world where many walk in hunger.
For faith in a world where many walk in fear.
For my family in a world where many walk alone.
We give thanks, O Lord.
Maggie wants to leave.
I've changed my mind.
We have to go! It's been too long! They'll find us! Get your shoes on, peanut.
We're going home.
She has a plan! Seriously! It's taking too long.
The plane will be waiting for us at midnight.
No, no.
Midnight? No.
We're going home.
Where's your coat? Where's your coat? My mistress is fair and forgiving.
She is forgiving and kind, and she will understand.
You drugged her and stole her kid.
She'll call the Eyes, you idiot, 100%.
She will understand.
I will tell her the truth.
She is fair and forgiving.
We can't let you go.
Hey, it's okay.
Don't fucking touch me! It's okay.
There you go.
Let's put these on.
We will be home in no time.
Kiki, hurry up.
I just wanna go home.
You can't.
June! Kiki needs to go home.
This is where she belongs.
No one belongs here.
Maggie, if you try to run, I will shoot you.
I swear to God I will.
I will.
I'm sorry! Let her go.
Maggie! Maggie! Maggie! Maggie! June! My God! Busy morning.
You have a meeting.
I made a regretful exit.
You have to be there.
It's all right.
Don't worry about it.
How's the child? She's fine.
She'll be fine.
'Cause we're gonna get her outta here.
We'll get her home safely.
Back to Lexington.
But she's not going back to Lexington.
Someone spotted a Martha with a child near Lexington.
They shouldn't have been moving in daylight.
District O.
set up a search.
They'll make their way over here eventually.
We have a few hours.
They'll be setting up roadblocks as soon as they can.
We'll find another way.
How far is the airport? You must have maps around here.
I'm pulling the plug.
Beth can get a message to the Marthas.
The girl has to go home.
So that she can get married off at 14? No.
I am not doing that.
I am not sending her back so that she can get raped and maimed in this insane fucking world that you helped to build.
She's a Commander's daughter.
She'll be protected.
So she's not gonna get her clit cut off when she falls in love? No.
It's too much.
Lawrence, Ofmatthew, Frances.
Too many.
The universe doesn't have a balance sheet, I'm afraid.
Yes, it does.
Yes, it fucking does.
I almost shot her.
For crying.
I almost shot a ten-year-old girl for crying.
My Hannah's ten.
This can't have been for nothing.
I've made my decision.
It's not your decision.
Fucking pathological.
You are not in charge.
I am.
So, go to your office and find me a fucking map.
Thank you.
You're still in my house! My house.
Young lady.
You really think this is still your house? Decisions about local affairs are determined by a majority vote.
How many Commanders sit on each council? A dozen, give or take.
It's based on the number of townships.
And did you preside over these council meetings? Were you in charge? I helped maintain decorum.
Kept the wolves at bay, so to speak.
Session concludes at 18:15.
Thank you, Commander.
Until next time.
Have you worked with Ms.
Murray before? Is there an issue with her you'd like to discuss? I find her very smart.
Thanks for your patience.
There's a lot to cover.
Then I'd hate to add something else to your plate.
I have some uncomfortable information to report.
Serious crimes committed by my wife.
Commander, Mrs.
Waterford has a plea agreement that gives her immunity.
Yes, I've been reading about that.
Your law library is excellent.
Anything Serena did in Gilead was under duress.
She had no power, she was subject to the state.
I can assure you, what Mrs.
Waterford did was far beyond the laws of Gilead and the laws of God.
How far is the airport? Five miles maybe.
We could take Lawrence's car.
Go back and forth.
It's too many trips.
We could walk.
If we go through the woods and follow the creek, it's a lot shorter than the road.
We'd have to mark the way somehow.
We could walk.
Thank you.
Okay, come here.
Come on.
Hurry! Okay.
It's all right.
Come on.
We've gotta go out this way.
Come here.
It's okay.
You're all right.
Come inside.
Hurry! Careful.
This way.
Come on! Hurry! Quietly.
Go, go, go.
Hurry! Shh.
Come here.
This way.
Come on.
Here you go.
Holy shit.
God bless you.
She killed them.
They wouldn't just let her leave.
We've gotta go.
Are you looking at the pretty lights? Yeah? Mrs.
Waterford? Mr.
Tuello? Take the child, please.
What's going on? Mrs.
Waterford, under warrant from the I.
and the Government of the United States of America, I'm placing you under arrest.
- On what grounds? - Crimes against humanity.
No, wait! I'm sorry! Wait a second! Sexual slavery.
The rape of June Osborn.
A religious Wait, wait a second.
Religious ritual ordered by the State under penalty of execution.
I do have immunity, Mr.
Please, stop for a second! This charge doesn't involve what you did with your husband.
Take the child.
No, please.
I'm sorry.
Can you please wait Wait, wait.
Please, stop! I don't understand.
What's going on? You forced your driver to impregnate Ms.
Osborn so you could claim the resulting child.
Nick and Offred had a relationship.
It's still rape, Mrs.
Take her downstairs.
Take her downstairs.
Mark, please! The light's out.
Chapter 32.
"The Treasure Hunt The Voice among the Trees.
" "Partly from the damping influence of this alarm, partly to rest Silver and the sick folk, the whole party sat down as soon as they had gained the brow of the ascent.
" This is more than 52.
"The plateau being somewhat tilted toward the west, this spot on which we had paused commanded a wide prospect on either hand.
Before us, over the tree-tops, we behel the Cape of the Woods fringed with surf.
Behind, we not only looked down on the anchorage and Skeleton Island, but saw clear across the spit and the eastern lowlands, a great field of open sea upon the east.
Sheer above us the Spy-glass" That's that's part of the map.
" here dotted with single pines, there with black precipices.
There was no sound but that of the distant breakers, the waves mounting from all around, and the chirp of countless insects in the brush.
Not a man, not a sail, upon the sea.
The very largeness of the view increased the sense of solitude.
Silver, as he sat took certain bearings - June.
- with his compass.
'There are three tall trees' said he" What else did he tell you? They know something's up.
- There are Guardians everywhere.
- Hi! Hi! How's it going? Talk.
Tell her what you told me.
They arrested the Martha, two miles from here.
I heard my Commander.
She was the one from Lexington.
Now they're looking for a little girl.
The Mistress woke up and reported her missing.
Must have been bad Rohypnol.
They said "house to house.
" We have to go.
We have to go now.
Get everybody out.
Get the bags.
Use both doors.
Let's go! Good job, girls.
Guys, keep quiet and go.
Quick as you can.
Let's go! There we go.
Nice and quiet.
It's okay, sweetie.
Let's go.
It's okay.
Come on, come on.
Hurry, hurry, hurry! Come on.
Go, run! That's the last of them.
You said you weren't gonna be any trouble.
I lied.
Come with us.
You can get out.
Eleanor would've wanted that.
I'm not a big fan of flying or children.
Eleanor would've wanted me to stay, clean up my own mess.
Well, may God grant you peace Joseph.
And you, June Osborn.
Over there, over there! Come on! By the hill.
Hurry, hurry.
Over here.
Get down Get down! Get down! Keep your head down! Quiet.
Okay, let's go.
Go! Let's go.
Get down.
Come on.
Get down.
Get down.
Here's what you're going to do.
You're gonna take them, follow the fence, find a safe place to get them across.
- All right? - They'll see us.
I won't let them.
Go! - Okay.
Let's go.
- Go.
You okay? Yeah.
I'm sorry that it's been this hard.
It's not fair to you that it's been this hard.
It's okay.
Sometimes you have to do the things that you have to do.
- All right.
Come on.
- Okay.
Come here.
I need you to take care of her.
All right? Get them on the plane.
Okay? Don't Don't do this.
Promise me.
I promise.
Are you sure? Yeah.
May He in His mercy protect you.
Okay, okay, let's go.
Let's go.
Help! Five-six to Ella West.
Send some help! Go, go, go, go.
Get down.
Come on, come on.
It's okay.
Don't worry.
No, no.
Hands up! Stop! Stop! Don't move! Tell them it's all clear.
Go on.
Just tell them it's all clear.
It's okay.
Go ahead.
Here you go.
Go ahead.
All clear.
False alarm.
Roger, five-six.
Thank you.
We need to be ready for anything, guys! All right.
Let's get those stretchers out.
Hey! Uh, you think I need to call for more? More volunteers? No, they're coming in on their own.
We're putting 'em to work.
All right.
All right.
Need some space, guys.
Come on.
- Hi.
- Oh, hey.
We've got a few more doctors.
Okay, great.
Um, when they get here, you're going to send them that way.
Medical's in the northeast corner.
Stand by.
My God.
My name is Moira.
I'm here to help you.
Miss? This is the place where I can wear what I want? Yes, it is.
Come on.
Let's get you out of here.
Come on.
Just go and find the lady over there.
It's all right.
Come on down.
They're gonna help you out with some blankets.
Come on down.
Let's keep you warm.
You've gotta be cold.
What's your name? - I - Rebecca? - Rebecca? - Do you know him? Daddy! Come on, Hannah.
Can I ask your name? - Amelia.
- Amelia.
Thank you.
Yeah, you got it.
You got it.
Can you take that? Can I Can I take the baby? Okay.
Thank you.
Let's get you warm.
Rita! Emily.
Oh, praise be.
It's okay.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Luke! - Luke.
- Yeah.
You're Luke.
It's really good to meet you.
She did this.
Your June.
She she did this.
She did She did everything.
It's I hope everything's okay.
Hey, look.
What do you think? You like it? Is that funny? Will Daddy join us? - Come on.
- Come on, Dad! Daddy's busy on his book.
- His book? - Lot of words.
Yeah! Come here.
Get it, get it, get it.
Ah! I'm gonna get you! Gotcha! You're fast! - Ooh! - Wow! Good job! Got him! Don't worry, okay? And the Lord said, I have seen my people in bondage, and I have heard their cry.
I know their sorrows.
And I am come to deliver them from the hand of evil men, and to lead my people out of that sorrowful place to a land flowing with milk and honey.
She's got paraplegia, epilepsy.
And she's allergic to sugar.
Have you been able to confirm the medical history? - Which part? - Any of it.
I'm with Children's Division of Missouri Social Services.
Open! I'm so trapped.
And I can't tell anyone.
You can tell me.
What are you hiding from me?