The Heights (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 (SIREN WAILS) I'm alive Or possibly dead Could be stuck here inside my head Kamran! Keep up! That's it.
Good one! Yeah! Yeah, this one, this one.
- Yeah, back, back.
- (LAUGHS) - Mine, mine! - Mine.
Yeah! - Kamran! - Yep? Look out.
Score, score.
Shoot, shoot, shoot! - And finish.
Boom! - (LAUGHS) - That's a goal right there.
- That was a goal.
You bummed, Ryan? You're a star.
What are you guys doing after this? - What the hell? - Sorry, my foot slipped.
- Talk to you guys later.
- Hurry up.
Come on.
Who scored the two? Come on.
(ALARM BLARES) Here we go again.
Yeah, don't get up, you fellas! I got this.
OK, everyone, it's just a false alarm.
You can go back inside.
It's a false alarm.
Which one of you thought it'd be funny to pull the fire alarm? Figures.
False alarm.
Come on, let's go back in, Audrey.
Thank you.
BOY: Hey, hurry up.
Give him the ball.
Yo, wide man, go long, go long! Sorry! Lucky.
Hear that false alarm? Probably kids smoking in the stairwell again.
(IRISH ACCENT) Good day, Hazel.
I I just wanted to say again how how sorry I am about Bill's passing.
Your father was more than a publican.
He was a he was a pillar of this community.
It warms my heart to know how happy he will be looking down from above, watching the pub re-open.
- The pub's not re-opening, Watto.
- But, Hazel Last call after the wake tomorrow is last call for good.
Oh, come on, Hazel.
You know some rich bastard's gonna come in, knock it down, and throw up 60 floors of apartments.
It's the last place around here that'll serve me.
Not my problem.
Selling that pub's my lottery ticket.
It's going to the highest bidder.
My condolences, mate.
BOY: Heads up! Sorry, Pav.
It's alright, I'll go.
Hey! - (BABY GURGLES) - BOY: Thanks.
(BABY CRIES) Can I get some help? I found him in the gardens at the towers.
- When? - Just five or six minutes ago.
I just ran straight here.
Why didn't you call an ambulance? Well, it's just it was quicker to run.
Increased work of breathing.
OK, baby's in distress.
Let's get him on oxygen.
Where the hell's the mother? MAN: I'm supposed to believe there were all these people out here, no-one saw a thing.
HAZEL: Pav! You right? Yeah, I'm fine.
- How's the kid? - Uh, stable.
They wouldn't tell me much more.
- Hey.
- Hey, mate.
So much for your peaceful retirement, eh? Oh Any word on the mum? Doughnut patrol's sniffing round.
No-one's talking.
Guessing she pulled the fire alarm to get the people out into the garden, and then she shot through.
- Oh, right.
- Yeah.
You wouldn't mind asking around for us, would you? You know what it's like, uniform turns up and it's three wise monkeys.
- They'll talk to you.
- Sure, mate.
I'll see what I can find out for you.
Listen, beers soon, eh? - The boys'd love to catch up.
- Yeah, sure.
Your buy.
Should you see a doctor or something? Oh, I've got some painkillers upstairs.
- See you, mate.
- See you, mate.
Send it out On poison arrows Just let me know What you've done I will listen to you My head will turn My eyes will close And I'll be done Send it out (SIGHS) On poison darts I'll twist and turn Dodge every one Pav, it's me.
What time's lunch today? Also, if Kat's blue bathers are there, can you bring them? Apparently the green ones are lame now.
OK, call me back.
Kat! Mich! (KNOCKS) MICH: Grandad, I'm in here! Sorry, Mich, at my age, this waits for no man.
Giving yourself a facial, are you? (FARTS) Oh, there you go.
(URINATES) Oh, yeah.
This is a nightmare.
The client is gonna go crazy.
He's always kicking me out! I think he's forgetting it's my room.
Because we are months past the completion date and it's costing a fortune.
Scrambies? Yeah, OK, if I leave now I can do one hour.
Two hours tops.
If we don't find a way around this, they're going to freak out.
See you there.
Kat, I've got to pop into work for a bit before lunch.
- Dad, are you right with her? - Yeah.
Grandad's teaching me to play bridge so that we can fleece those old duffers at the rec centre.
Teaching her a trade.
I would start looking at the guarantee at this stage.
That's my next step.
Thanks, Dad.
Mum Mich, your footy shorts are on the dryer.
Don't forget them tomorrow.
- It's on the calendar.
- Grandad walked in on me again.
Well, you take forever in there.
Yeah, but he does it all the time.
Can I stay at Dad's? It's your weekend here.
So? Mich, calendar.
Here this weekend, at your dad's next weekend.
- What if I stay all week? - Through the week? No, weeknights are here.
- Come on, you know the deal.
- Hey, look! Dad's building's on TV! REPORTER: caused the baby to be found.
The resident is being hailed a hero, scooping up the child and running directly to hospital a move doctors say likely saved the child from serious danger.
Why would a mum ever abandon their baby? I don't know, sweetheart.
Lots of sad reasons.
The man was outside after a fire alarm I've got to go.
led to the evacuation of the building.
I didn't mean to wake you.
Oh, no, it's Um, what time is it? Oh, God.
I've got to go.
His oxygen requirements are increasing.
Name Patch? Yeah, that's what we called him because he was found in a vegie patch.
Oh, vegie patch.
I hear the towers send us a lot of business.
I live in the towers.
- Oh, sorry.
I I didn't - It's OK.
I'm used to it.
Any word on the mother? No-one's come forward yet.
I hope she gets to a hospital soon.
Are you are you one of the nurses? Sorry, I'm still learning the different uniforms.
Just an assistant.
New ED consult.
He gonna make it? Well, he's not out of the woods yet, but the oxygen's helping.
Lucky they breed 'em tough in the towers.
You should go home and get some sleep.
Yes, you're right.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
(KNOCKS) (CHUCKLES) Glad to see you've finally unpacked.
You truly are embracing the lazy teenage stereotype, aren't you? Indeed.
Well, don't get used to it.
New school tomorrow.
Hence making the most of the sleep-ins.
Trolls are going crazy over an abandoned baby at the towers.
They brought him in yesterday.
Really? Is he OK? Mm, I think he's going to be alright.
He's got some fight in him.
Just like you did.
You should see some of the things they're writing about the mum.
You look terrible, Mother.
I'm starting to think your life choices aren't agreeing with you.
Hey, listen, are you gonna be OK with all this? This new school's gonna be different.
Kids start new schools all the time, right? How hard can it be? I'm getting some breakfast.
Want some? Mm I think I might just rest my eyes for a minute.
Don't sleep in all day.
I don't want you embracing the lazy single mother stereotype.
Yes, daughter.
Home again, you old bastard.
(DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES) Wake's not till one.
I thought I'd come early.
Ryan? Hello, Hazel.
I just flew in.
Shannon texted me.
Told me that Bill had passed.
Your sister messaged you? A week or so ago.
I was hoping she might be here.
Didn't know you two were so chatty.
Well, I'm sorry about Grandad.
Did you two kiss and make up before he ? Not quite.
How long are you here for? Couple of weeks.
So, is Shannon around? Haven't seen her for months.
Maybe she'll grace us with her presence at the wake.
It's good to see the cigarette machine is still out of order.
Have you nothing to say to me? I came to pay my respects to Bill, not get into it with you.
12 years.
No letter, no phone call.
I had my reasons.
All I remember is an ungrateful kid who cleared out that till and disappeared without a word to anyone.
So unless you're here to pay back the $1,300 you stole from this place, you can take your respects somewhere else.
Good to see you too, Mum.
I've been away for a while I had to get away from my look in your eyes To know that you no longer want me Escape this nightmare of empty MAN: It's gotta be a towers baby.
It's yours and Courtney's, I bet.
You know we never Shut up.
Have you two discussed names yet? Don't jinx me.
God, if I knew I was having your baby, I'd definitely throw it in a garden.
Hey! Don't talk like that.
Sorry, Mum.
We're just joking.
It's nothing to joke about.
If you got this girl pregnant, do the right thing.
I didn't make anyone pregnant.
Oh, yeah, like she got herself pregnant, huh? I What? This I've got nothing to do with this baby.
(SCOFFS) People always leave the woman to handle things.
Yeah, well, it doesn't seem like you're that supportive of whoever SHE is.
I don't write the paper.
I just sell them.
Hey, he's got work to do.
You, out.
I'm a paying customer.
Like you paid for that drink, eh? This come out of Sully's wages, you know.
I'm out.
(SHOP DOOR ALERT BUZZES) He's taking advantage of you.
- Hey.
You saved that baby, eh? Oh, no, I just dropped it off.
The doctors saved it.
You haven't seen any girls round here - that might be pregnant, have you? - Pregnant? No.
Hey, hang on.
I heard there's a collection box at the tower.
- These are for the baby.
- Oh! - No charge.
- Wow, that's nice of you, Iris.
- Thanks a lot.
- (SHOP DOOR ALERT BUZZES) I'll take these and some papers, thanks.
- Those you can pay for.
- (LAUGHS) Hey, Leonie.
How are you? Oh, you shouldn't have.
Oh, no, they're for for Bill's wake later.
You take flowers to a wake? Sure you do.
Don't you? Iris, I'll I'll skip these.
You should come here more often.
For the kid they found? HE found.
Oh, YOU'RE the local hero.
I got your message.
We can have lunch later if you like.
I just have to swing by the office for a couple of hours.
Oh, a couple of hours.
I know what that means.
It's just a couple of hours.
You get the kids down there, go for a swim and I'll meet you there.
- Sure.
- Uh-huh.
Hey, has Mich mentioned anything about staying at yours through the week? No.
Look, Dad's crowding him a bit.
He's finding it challenging.
- What about you? How are you going? - It is what it is.
I get it's hard sharing a room with your sister but it's only temporary.
Well, would it be so bad if he stayed with me? Give you both a break.
I appreciate it, but I think we need to stick to the routine.
He needs structure and discipline through the week.
What is it you think happens when they come to my place exactly? Not I didn't mean look, will you just back me up today? Yeah, of course I will.
We'll talk to him about it at lunch.
I'll see you in a bit.
See ya.
Hey, Max.
Hey, is that is that for the kid? Yeah.
All this stuff's from Iris.
- Hang on.
- What? I'll go in and pretend I missed you.
- See if I can double down.
- (LAUGHS) See ya.
(TRAIN HORN HONKS) Knew I'd find you here.
Ana? I've just come from the pub.
Word's out you'd come back.
- Had to see it to believe it.
- (LAUGHS) So why aren't you there? I'll give you three good guesses.
Uh, Hazel? I wanted to pay my respects to Bill, but she's still pretty angry about that $1,300 I stole to leave.
Wasn't exactly loose change.
Was Shannon there? I didn't see her, but it's still early.
The, uh the park is so nice now.
What happened to the climbing castle of death? - (LAUGHS) It literally collapsed.
- (LAUGHS) They redid this whole park now that rich kiddies live here.
- Nothing you can fall off.
- Huh.
Where are teenagers meant to smoke and drink and learn to pash? They'll find a way, I guess.
- Are you still in the towers? - 604.
- Same flat? - Yeah.
No way.
I took it over about six years ago after Mum passed.
Ana, I'm so sorry.
So, what are you going to do? I don't know.
I was meant to be here for a couple of weeks but now that feels a little bit optimistic.
I guess I could change my flights if I You're gonna tell me what to do now, aren't you? You say you've come all this way to pay your respects to Bill.
Maybe you should pay them.
I can't wait to tell everyone at school.
Usually my stories about you are boring but this one's awesome.
Thanks, honey.
Were you scared? Yeah, I was scared for the baby.
Hey, Mich, any of the girls at school been acting weird lately? - Like off sick or anything? - Why? Like they might be pregnant? Ooh, gross.
(PHONE BUZZES) Hey, your lunch is getting cold.
You're going to have to eat mine.
We're not making any headway here.
Well, that sucks.
BOTH: That sucks.
I'm really sorry.
I know this time with all of us is important.
Oh, no, that's alright.
I'll drop them home on the way to Bill's wake.
You speak to Mich? Uh, no, not yet.
Mind doing it alone? Sure.
No worries.
- OK.
- OK.
See ya.
- Say, "Bye, Mum.
" - BOTH: Bye, Mum.
Bye, my loves.
Hey, Mich, so, I spoke to your mum this morning about you staying at my place more.
Yeah? What'd she say? Well, we both want to stick to the routine.
You mean SHE wants to stick to the routine.
No, we both do, mate.
It makes no sense.
We do make these decisions for your own good.
It might not feel like it but it's true.
Sure, whatever.
(MUSIC PLAYS, PEOPLE CHAT AND LAUGH) Ahh! I missed this place.
It's only been closed two weeks.
Longest two weeks of my life.
Just a draught, thanks, Hazel.
Hey, I need a building inspection done on this place before I can sell.
- Can you sort me out? - Yeah, sure.
I've got an attic conversion tomorrow.
I'll come by mid-week.
- Here he is.
Local hero! - Ah! - (CHUCKLES) How are you, mate? - On the house.
- Oh, thanks, Hazel.
- Thanks, Hazel.
- No, not you, smart arse.
- (LAUGHS) Any word on baby Patch? Uh, yeah.
Last I heard he was doing OK.
Any word on the mother? Bev on the first floor said she saw a woman in a black cap hanging around the corridor about the time of the fire alarm.
She also called me Barack Obama and told me the earth was flat, so I dunno.
Hey, let's drink to the baby! (ALL CHEER) To the baby! Ryan? Is that you? He's not staying.
RYAN: Hang on.
You can count it if you like.
Are we square? Suppose I can ignore the interest.
Well, that was weird.
Let's get this young man a drink.
- Please.
- Good to see you.
- Oh, g'day.
- Ryan.
Nice to meet you.
You're a little trooper alright, aren't you? Hey? Walk into the big blue Ooh! Sorry.
Wrapped in silver Falling down the Have you seen a girl with a cap on? Call the police.
(PEOPLE CHAT AND LAUGH) Ah! Somebody should say a few words for Bill.
- Hazel? - You're dreaming.
What about you, Ryan? Uh, sure.
Yeah, I've got a few words.
Alright, alright, listen up.
Shh! Uh, when I was nine, I used to get bullied by this bigger kid than me, and when I told Bill that I was afraid, he told me a secret.
He said that the people in the pub were never afraid to fight because they were full of whiskey.
Too right.
Too right.
So, Bill gave me his cherished hip flask, full of whiskey, which he said would give me courage, and a few days later when that bully came for me again, I took a swig and it worked.
- I laid the kid out.
- (LAUGHTER) Here's to Bill's liberal view to underage drinking! (CHEERING) It was cold tea! That's right.
It was, but I didn't know the difference.
Look, Bill wasn't perfect.
In fact, he was a pain in the arse.
(CHEERING) BUT sometimes he did good.
He helped me get through my divorce.
Oh! Wasn't drinking here the reason your wife left you? Anyway to Bill! OTHERS: To Bill! Nice one.
Quite the little speechmaker.
Whatever keeps the punters drinking.
- Another? - Sure.
G&T? So, what is it you do over in London? I work for advertisers that make viral videos.
Did you see the video with the cat on the skis? You like that kind of work? It's OK.
What are you going to do when you offload this place? Are you still planning to move up the coast? I'll be back in a minute.
Make sure no-one nicks anything.
Through here.
That bastard! I'm sorry he didn't discuss the changes with you.
A third? I'm his only child.
I worked here for 30 years, half the time without pay, and he leaves me a third.
I'm sorry.
We had a deal.
This place was to be my payment for everything he put me through.
My retirement fund.
Who gets the rest? You snake.
- You knew, didn't you? - Knew what? After 12 years, you travel all this way to pay your respects? I knew something stank on you the second you walked in! - What are you talking about? - Bill's will.
- What about it? - He's split the pub.
You, me and your sister.
A third each.
- Hang on - All my life I've worked here, day and night until my hands bled, and the deal was I'd get the pub.
- WATTO: Now, why don't we j - BOTH: Shut up.
You get in his ear, did ya? The pub is my only It's mine, and you can't have it.
- Oh, listen to yourself.
- You listen to YOURself! Oh, my God.
- Shannon? - I'm sorry, Mum.
I'm sorry.
But she'll be OK? And the baby? I'm with the Department of Children's Services.
Haven't got much right over the years, have I? Mich, this is my boyfriend, Dane.
Nice boots.
When are you going to tell her the truth? You know what she's like.
I'm waiting for the right time.
- Hey.
- Oh, hey.
She's out of your league.
Need to live a little more But I give much more than I can take Oh, oh, oh Oh, you bled me dry, my dear Trying to soothe